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Positioning of Power User Academies:

There are a number of ways to position depending upon who is buying the course and what
they want to use it for..
As a pre-cursor to TeamSAP academy training, usually these will be queries by
individuals, as opposed to companies, directed to SAP customer service staff, who want
Go on TeamSAP academy to acquire configuration skills, but are starting from a zero
base level of skills. IE, they first need to learn how to navigate within SAP R/3 and
need the business background and integration knowledge per functional area,
provided by Power User Academies, before they can attend the TeamSAP Academy
Training. At the end of the Power User Academy, they will be assessed to
determine whether they have acquired the correct skills transfer and application of
these skills, before being able to attend the TeamSAP Academy courses. This
process is called CERTIFICATION
Enhance their business and SAP knowledge to make themselves more employable
could be for a position as a business unit holder or power user within an organization
Where education for Power Users fits into a companys education strategy or a special
project initiative, such as, continuous business improvement, total quality management
drive, a SAP Implementation, SAP Upgrade / Enhancement. Power User Academies
would usually be sold to a client as part of a total SAP educational solution could
involve KW, STT, other role based courses, project team training (TeamSAP, stand
alone). Typical sellers would be SAP Educational Consultants, SAP Account Managers
and / or partners such as Computer Services, or a combination of both
Typically your company buyers in an implementation or major upgrade would be the
Project Manager, the Project Training Co-Ordinator, or a Steering Committee. In an
install base environment buyers would be @ Executive Level, HR / OED / Training
Directors, IS/IT Directors, FDs, and / or Business Unit Holders or Divisional Managers.
Position to implementation / upgrade teams as project team training, without the
configuration aspects, for those project team members (usually Power / Super
Users) who will be:
1. Responsible for delivering SAP training to users
2. Responsible for supporting users after the system has been implemented
Can also be used to train departmental heads who are:
1. project committee members
2. business strategists responsible for achieving organizational strategy
OR to train line operational supervisors who have responsibilities for supervising a
wide range of staff performing a number of different roles

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FAQs Power User Academies

Assessment / Post-Test (ie: Cerfication):

What skills are assessed and certified, per functional area?

How long is the post-test, how many questions, what type of

Kerry awaiting confirmation from CDM's on skills assessed and certified.


Test per functional area, is 1 hour with 30 multiple choice questions

Who conducts post-testing assessment?

Who issues certification?

When should post-testing occur in relation to attendees wanting to

Certificates are issued - still to determine how this will be managed

Certificates are issued - still to determine how this will be managed.

continue onto the Academy?

Certificates are issued - still to determine how this will be managed

Where (location) is assessment conducted?

Testing will be conducted at either the franchise and/or SAP subsidiary
where they are run. For South Africa, if the course is run at CS, then
tests are done at CS, if they are run at SAP SA then they are done at

What tool will be used to run assessments?

At present a paper-based test is used, we are in negotiations as to
whether SAP Learning Solutions (previously AsseT) will be utilised.

What is the pass rate? I.E.: how is pass / fail worked out?
Pass rate is 70% overall.

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FAQs Power User Academies

Assessment / Post-Test (ie: Cerfication):

What process does SAP follow if attendees do not obtain

certification the first time round? What do we do to support users
who fail and want to try again? For example, retraining in areas
they did not pass etc?

Delegates who do not pass have to re-write the entire exam, and cannot
just write sections of the exam

How many times can certification be written for those who don't pass
first time?

To be confirmed.

Pre-Testing / Screening:

Will there be a pre-test in place for user's wanting to attend the

Academy, to see whether they need the business info and sap
overview skills of power user academy first, before going onto

The pre-test for a person wanting to do the Academy, but not attend the
Power User Academy, will be the PUA certification exam

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FAQs Power User Academies

Whom can I contact to analyse my companys educational needs and

recommend suitable training & education initiatives?

For S African clients - Refer to Elize and Ben from CS, telephone (011)

For Southern African clients contact Lorna Cook (011) 235 6279

How do I book courses?

Computer Services (CS) is the official SAP role based education partner
in South Africa, and delivers all role based courses / workshops within
South Africa. CS offers an established training division and training
centres with 13 branches and satellite branches nationally.

Contact Kirsty King from CS on the following telephone number (011)

802-2182 for all course enquirys and bookings nationally.

For Courses outside of South Africa, contact Jeanette Prospero on (011)


How do I get more info?

See the Power User Academy flyer, per functional area. Contact Joanne
Swan @ (011) 235-6249, for additional copies.

Web address www.sap.co.za

Refer to role based brochure, that lists courses including Power User
Academy with target audience. Contact Joanne Swan @ (011) 235-6249,
for additional copies.

Whats Available?
5 Power User Academy Courses (release 4.0 only, from Q1 2000)

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