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SULIT 2 1119/1 Section A: Directed Writing [35 marks] You recently attended’a-seminar-orrInfluenza“A-(HINI). As the Chairperson of the Health Club, you have been asked to. give a speech during the school assembly about the symptoms and prevention of the disease. Use the information in the poster below to write your speech. INFLUENZA A(H1N1) HILLS body ache © high fever ami Flo use a face mask dink plenty of water avoid crowded places cover mouth with tissue throw used tissue into dustbin wash hands with soap ~ atimicr Wa) cca? see the doctor keep up with the latest news nt aon Y coon PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE ive we [Lihat halaman sebelah TLI9/L © 2010 Hak Cipta Jabatan Pelajaran Selangor SULIT