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Submitted by:
La Verne Ryan Carlo A. Abad

Submitted to:
Atty. Tang

Court Observation


Regional Trial Court

Branch 150, City of Makati
Hon. Judge Elmo M. Alameda


November 10, 2015

This report is created to state general and specific observation on the

lawyers appeared before the Court stated above.

Case 1:

People of the Philippines v. Ma. Cristina San Jose

For: Estafa under Art. 315 par. 315 2(D)
Re: Initial Pre-Trial


The pre-trial only last for half an hour. They only had a
stipulation of the facts and marking of evidences.


1. He seems to be in control of the situation in the court
2. He has a very strict demeanor in court.
3. Arrived early
4. Has asked if the Defendant's lawyer is considering a
Plea Bargain.

1. He is ready with the pre-trial.
2. Prepared all the exhibits to be marked.
3. Quite experienced with the processes.

Respondent's Lawyer
1. He came in late.
2. Objected on the jurisdiction of the court over his

Case 2:

People of the Philippines v. Benzon Arellano

For: Carnapping
Re: Initial Pre-Trial


The Defendant was present in court. He was brought by the

BJMP authorities of Cavite where he was detained.


1. He asked if the Defendant's lawyer is considering a
Plea Bargain.
2. Assisted the Defendant's through the process.

1. Not ready with the witness.
2. Stutters when trying to explain to the Judge.
3. Seems to have low self-confidence.
4. Ready with the exhibits.

Defendant's lawyer
1. Has good command of English and has excellent
communication skills.
2. Guided by the Judge on the stipulation of the facts.
3. Seems to be a new lawyer.

Case 3:

People of the Philippines v. Froilan Delos Santos

For: Violation of RA 10591 SEC. 28(A) in rel. to
SEC 28 (E-1)
Re: Continuation of presentation of prosecution's evidence


The case was reset due to time constraint and to the

request of the prosecution to have it re-scheduled
because the
prosecution have not yet conferred with their
witness before


1. Agreed with the resetting and gave the prosecution
time to confer with their witness.
1. Ready with his evidences.
Defendant's Lawyer
1. No appearance.

Case 4:

People of the Philippines v. Irene Araza

For: Violation of RA 8484 SEC. 9(D)
Re: Continuation of direct examination of Prosecution with


The case took about 2 1/2 hours to finish. The prosecution

conducted a continuation of the direct examination.
was ready with her evidences. No interpreter was




1. He was asking the defendant's lawyer of any

objections, which hinted the lawyer to object
some questions.
2. He assisted the defendant's lawyer at times during the
course of trial.
3. He still maintained a strict demeanor and at times
would ask the witness some questions.
Public Prosecutor
1. The prosecutor seems to just have taken over the
case. (private prosecutor withdrew

2. He is very confident and forceful.
3. Pinpoints issues.
4. Dissects information from witness.
5. Notices discrepancies in the evidences presented.
6. Conducts direct examination while seated.
7. Extracts information from the witness easily due to
good questioning.
8. Overcomes objections.

Defendant's Lawyer
1. Timely objects.
2. Has few good objections.
3. Objections are usually denied by the Judge.