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az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language Lesson-1 Byheartthese 19 words - & 19 Scred arr Sodio Tabod. t.am-aarya 2are- dry S9,G00°26, 6829 3.18 earydo,aSO 4.was - A0B,00850 S.were— God8dh.GoA0,do88D 6.willbe - Boers Goersn,crotsrd Goer hoev0d T.have been - rer S808 B.has been -ereroesooe 8.had boon -crex iy 10. will have been - rer Dy 11.have walked (v8) ig eb Sdbere> 12. has walked (v3) - i908 Serco 13, had walked (v3) - 89304 SBere> 14, will have walked (v3) -@ SsoaSrO$ SADIE. 15, walk- Besrraty ye SCOTS 16. walks ~ Caring ach Seogreto 17. walked (v2) - (KSOS') SAIL, 18, shall walk (Ute ) -(SDSsEOS\SCHYS 419, wll walk ( youthey;boys,he.she, itRama Sila) - (cag Sehogroo. Lesson - J Vocabulary - oe 1-So, We -adan, You -Addo/doeys, They — add, Boys -2rend. He - ee, She — esa, It- ©, Rama—orsnd Sita— 0% Here — 282d There — e982,¢8 Where - 8,2 am = Gays are - GAA) O/SD is = BAP) C/GSO lam - I'm,(90) Weare - We're (0% ) You are - You're ( 0375) They are - They're ( GE) He is - He’s( ope) Sheis - She's ( oF, . . Itis - Its (a) Affirmative Sentences — APqrSed ars*sen btptwwuerlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 1199 ‘azote Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Lngiage 4. 1.am (I'm 90 ) here, + Be a8z6 warjpe&. 2.We are ( We're D086 ) here. - ocd QS, crag Soo. 3.You are ( you're O35 ) here.- Dodo Qkz,.c cvasry So/Soay 5 KY. Cb cary. ). 4.They are ( They're G6 ) here.- Sd 287.6 cary dd. 5. Boys are here. - epend 2876 car) dd. 6. He is (He’s £728 ) here. - wo QEZC8 evar) Cho. 7.She is(She’s 2.2 )here- ad B8Z GSS. 8. It is (It's @@ ) here.- 08 282.6 GSA. 9. Rama is here. - orcsaadio 82,66 carry Cho. . 10, Sita is here.- 6 a8,6 as) 8.Interrogative sentences- (p32. OSD SPSLOD Anil there? 82.0 BOL? 12. Are We there? Socio e082,.¢8 Gary Sr? 43. Are you there? Dodo e98y.68 ArT? Loss 984 Garr? 14. Are they there? ard 982.03 GaP] O°? 15. Are boys there? aed e587, 65 Co") O"? 16. Ishethere? Sd 08 Goya? 17. Is she there? ess) 82.0 SO"? 18. Is it there? 8 082.8 SO? 19. Is Rama there? SrSwe 08).0 GIT? 20. Is Sita there? Seb eo8z,cb ce yar?, 21.Where aml? Bek DEY. Cb Geary? 22. Where are we? aocSoo 83.66 evary S00? 23. Where are you? Dodo D8Y-CS Gray G7 S DEY cvArYS)? 24. Where are they? ado D826 Gear) Ho? 25. Where are boys? zed 826 Gear) Ho? 26. Where is he? eeScSo D836 cra) ho? 27. Where is she? ea) D876 cS) 8? 28. Where is it? 208 D82. oS 2.8? 29. Where is Rama? Orssoodo 52.5 Gear) Cho? 30. Where is Sita? £65 D¥3¢8 e587? btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language 2. 8 sesmex-One Word Sentences Imperative Mood - Lo 2 @ 3 4 5 6 o BSD we, rhyes, 8S Bawew asarnoeeb. - Come. - Go - Eat. - Sit. - Stand. - Steep. - Play : Sing - Write - Talk - Escape. - Take - Give - Converse - Convey, - Travel - Anrest - Release - Many. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language Sots Soe a¥yive2-Iwo Word Sentences Please come (or Gogar srciesehyy. 1 Gotide Bod, - 2 Babin ago’. - 3 Sabdn 508. - 4 cabde aviod. - 8 conde srohos. 6 cabin aeadod. — - 7 Gotiln nesee, - 8 sade ex, - @ - 10. - 12 Kabde 468. - 13 Gabde or - 14 Gabdn s%y 18 Sasde sox. 2 16 Satde eds, 17. sobdda det 18 Satde sre. - 19 Gabdn mnow. —- 20 Sabde siren - DL Sabie ty - 22 sande Bax - 2a sat - 2 at - 25 Sat - 28 Said - 28 abd - Come please si 3 Toth arsySu ie Please is used to express politeness. Please come. (or) Come please. Please go. (ot) Go please Please eat. (or) Eat please. Please drink. (or) Drink please. Please sit. (or) Sit please Please stand. (or) Stand please. Please sleep. (or) Sicep please Please play. (of) Play please. Please dance. (or) Dance please Please sing. (or) Sing please Please write. (or) Write please. Please read. (o*) Read please Please jump. (or) Jump please. Please laught. (or) Laugh please. Please read, (or) Read please Please cry. (or) Cry please Please awake. (or) Awake please. Please see. (or) See please. Please observe. (or) Observe please. Please talk. (01) Talk please. Please escape. (or) Escape please Please take.(or) Take please Please give. (01) Give please. Please convey. (or) Convey please. Please travel. (or) Travel please. Please unveil (or) Unveil please. Please arrest (or) Arrest please Please release. (or) Please relese. Please Converse (or) Converse please. Please marry. (or) Marry please Come here. No matter Very well Go now. Excuse me Get out. Ipvaen eison eoaringivleer-trou inden anges az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language = Shut up. - Beat me = Sit down. - Go swaight. = Speak loudly. = Speak slowly. - Keep quiet - Readwell - Workharé. - Listen carefully. 47, 680er Sects, - Beregular 4. odes, = Well done. 49. Sanday, - Doit 50. ReXgorr aot. - Besilent SL ates, - Bad ink, 62 Se Girces mers. - — Lapologize. 68 ouD. = Good tuck. bk Oe - Happy Diwali. 65 bbb exstarg. - Nevermind. 56 Dos woeigs - How lovely! (or) How beautiful! How chariming! 57. Dod Sahosepsa! - Howterrible! 58 Dod SSNs! - Howtall! 59. - Howugly! 60. - Howgreat! Veeabulary Ty focabu! dare We aay not - Bd /seeSo is not — is't (Gs205) are not — aren't (e065) lam not —I’'m not (90 ar)Negative Sento Sentences- Ss8USY asso 4.1 am (Pm 90) not there ks 2.We are not (aren't 85065) there. aysiu 0% zc Bao. 3.You are not (aren't e601 there. And 02.6 Bo. 4, They are not (aren’t e506) there. ardo @8z.¢6 dd. 5,Boys are not (aren't 3506) there, arendo 0 SU Bo, 6.He is not ( is’t Sa2s065) Spthere. wdsco 0826 Seo. 7.She is not ( is’t 6223065) there. esado 28 Bd. B.lt is not ( is't 223065) there. 98 e836 Seo. 9.Rama is not (is’t 4823069) there. ss 087. Sebo. 10. Sita is not ( is’t 6823065) ther eS e0Xz.ch Negative Interrogative sentences — Ss USS (HF SH Issen. 11.Am Inot here? Sea 282.0 Gar? 12.Aren’t (e850¢5) we here? addon a8. GSr? 13.Aren’t (e850¢5) you here? Dod 82.6 Sor? 14.Aren’t (egos) they here? S>do Q8z.6 Gor? 15.Aren’ tedos }) boys here? avends aX; ( Sor 16.lsn’t (322065) he here? exeao QZ bepitwe erisonlielerringivlearthrough-nder langues eas Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Langage 17.1sn’t (Ss23065) she here? e#ad A826 Sar? 18.1sn’t (4223065) it here? ©8 Q¥ze Gar? 19.Isn;t (823065) Rama here? OS QSz Gar? 20.1sn’t (823065) Sita here? Heb SZC Sar? 21.why am | not there? Sao Doco¥o 82.65 SS? 22. Why aren't (e85065) we there? soso JocoSo e936 Ss? 23.Why aren't (@850¢5) you there? DBodio¥o e087. c SO? 24.Why aren’t (e860¢5) they there? S*Boco So e082. Gb? 25.Why aren't (e850¢5) boys there? arent DocoSo e0¥7.c5 G&o? 26 Why isn’t (8823065) he there? wSMoGoSo e987.6 Seo? 27Why isn’t (682305) she there? es DocoSo e987. Seo? 28.Why isn’t (682305) it there? 08 Joco¥o SS Ba? 29.Why isn’t (4823045) Rama there? orsoci Dodo¥o 0983.66 Seo? 30.Why isn’t (#23065) Sita there? £5 DocoSo e¥z. Seo? torts Yere amdysces-Three Word Sentences aD rgrtmom aubve? Sy 2% mye. b40 Sxye od. 1 Bi ay aipseert. s like you 2 Sm oy bao, - Hove you. a Bk Dik Aubcarnotbtootr ke, - Losyen: 4 Bo akg Po = Theat you. 8 Sm ON Erodes = I praise you. 6 am bo ew = Igive you. 1 Bm aig BE Heotbotoss. s Imary you. a Sm bo ara - Idiverce you. a 36 dna rem. - ‘tis summer. 10 int err Deters. = Rama sings well a “ Keichaa spoke angrily 12 = Sita likes coffee 13, z Venkatesh likes tea. 14 aPQS Hoare tabi — Nagarjuna seems happy 1B & Gio BR dom - Post this letter 16 eas mB. s He is lazy. 12 86 Barrow = Beis clever. 18 et HYD SoH - Asjusa killed Karma 19 Sie Hoskin Sos. = Krishna killed Kama 20 nat oem SOAS. = Ramabilled Ravana 2 © Gon comet = Catch the tain, 22 Bats. = I shall play. 28 68 SOO So. = ‘Usha must sing ea janaio Sa cio. - ‘Wait a minute. 28 Bony SHS See = Do ordie, Sp Dong SBM exbat Sots s Work or starve Bib wer exatbotrs = I think so 8m ox tigers, z Thelieve so 22 Boe tiie, = Thhope so. 30 Bib oer ettitbers - Lexpect so aL Sao se sefoins. = I think so. pac edison nsearingivleer-twrouginder anges az0r6 76 7. woo tot titers FS koSAiKo eSotor Soo0. BaD Doda. a dgren. Sitio pebatbein sh ose Ss Decario. Smee, Soin eta oso 288s wet em hs ers em toss, o> oom 30 DAK 0 nites. 0 cobs 60 sire, tb ttinige wo ete wo oso Sm spine? 29 Somes. = of. so rreben. so Steage. women 0 Sor 0 Merb, soa eo Bipeen 9 axgcor me amg. eb gen srt Besoin a bot. so Storey brs ectyigen, boo reo Sat Bebe sw osm, shan Stitpetin, Asso Dagiyetin, in esmgitbote sie atschyoors. ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language west uty All the best Happy new year ‘This is Chiranjeevi, ‘These are books. We are Indians. They are soldiers. Jam tall She is prety We are hungry ‘Tat is Balakrishna. This is Sita ‘That is Radha, ‘That is Soundarya That is Anushka ‘These are pencils These are cups Those are balls ‘Those are buildings. They are mes. Thay are boys They are gies. This is Miana ‘These ace plates These are dogs. These are doakeys. ‘These are heas. Those ae Sowers ‘Those are fits Those are umbrellas. ‘Those are houses. Those are sparrows. Those are bullock carts They are students. ‘They are children ‘They are paseate They are players They are workes ‘You are employees ‘You are house-wives ‘You are farmers Weare women. Weare men. We are students Weare lecturers We are unemployees. btptwwuerlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu ml 7199 az0r6 95, 97 8 100. 101 102 108. 108 108. 307. 108 102, a0. a 12 113 a8 a, a6. aut. 18 119. 320. aan 8% 69. ot &. 88% ro. 68% Bor. wm erm. Sb Bab, eo Si 60 3? 36 2008? fase? faaw? Bike 2867 waste? 8086? eb os? wrsinsts? wads. ao ase? wax asking? exp asumys? Dit sents? Daya dae? sg S008? #80 48 906? em yg dD8? eo content wx bt KodrAoords. ete GSSotitoing. £86 Sosortany Sto NER ASth Heat ree? ane ap dm 36g? dos eSsniae! aot ett 08 Smeg somes = swocorr SRO. = Sos a etato. BB Schosvo. a egre. ir Sm. sr a ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language = Heis Ravi = Heis Sriau, = Heis Vasu. x He is Murari, - Sha is Tabu. = She is Seiya = She is Kushbhu. = ‘What is that? x ‘What is this? - ‘Who are you? = Who amt? cs Who are we? = ‘Who are they? x ‘Who is he? - Whois she? = Who is Rama? = Rama is God. - Who is Krishsa? = Who arethere? + ‘Who is there? “ Who is peaking? = ‘What are you? - ‘What are we? = ‘What is be? “ ‘What is she? “ He got tred, - Hebecome famous - Hebecome rich. = He grew old. “ He fell asleep. “ ‘Who are apseat? 2 ‘What is wrong? - What a tee? = ‘What a shame! x Shat a pity! “ ‘What a fool! = It is tate - Its eaty zs Its noon. x Itis moming a Itis evening. 2 It is midaight - It is hot. = Tris cold btplwwuerlishonintearring.inaer-through-indan-languaestelugu tml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language Lesson —3 Present continuous tense — adtoioroS) S8SrS srercoo Affirmative Sentences - GrSe9 IS sOd Jam (11 80 walking Ae SaoiooraS. 2.We are (we're Daw ) walking, Avcioo Seioiiyary So, 3.You are ( You're G06 ) walking. Dod Scoxpary do is Seoarrs. A-They ate (They're BB ) walking. ard SeoSnara. Boys are walking. anent ScoSvarge 6. He is (He's Sra ) walking. apealo Scioiinary cho. The i (She's ue) walking. S208. a.tis (i's @S9) walking, 8 SeiYS26. S.Rama is walking. Soc stoiary do 10.Sita is walking. eb Scio%}SO. Interrogative Sentences — (D8) 6PH arsrsen 11.Am | walking? Mao Saar? 12.Are we walking? Sos Sdompary sr? 13.Are you walking? Soe Sehosparyor7/ dos Seosparyar? Are thay walking? art ScSDIrIO? 15.Aro boys walking? arent SesAor yO? 16.|s he walking? edb SeoSoar yar? 17.18 she walking? @a ScoSS2or7 1s walking? @& ScoSoSaor7 19.8 Rama walking? OvSwdio Sdosyary ar? 20.1 Sita walking? es Szoi9Ser7 21.What am I doing now? Mo wiyae DO> Agra? 22.What are we doing now? Soasw wiyytho DDo Bayary S007 23.What are you doing now? Sd azy yeh Dob Ayan doridowys ay co Dd Taj? 24.What are they doing now? ard @iyado NE Bayary 0? 25.What are boys doing now? ares aint D2> Agar c7 26.What is he doing now? eb wip eho Dad Tayary cho? 27.What is she doing now? eb aiy3éo Db FHSS? 28.what is it doing now? @& miyjeo DD Bays? 29,What is Rama doing now? orsoodio wisp do DD Bapary cio? 30.whatis Sita doing now? H&S aiyyeh DOs SS? A few sentences — SQ) ars*sen 21, He might be coming here. abe wivot mkySB SAiracerd, 22. He sable to walk now. So ant SBS Kenta aarydo 33. Its raining now. ayo rs Seloeos8. 34, Ibis raining cats and dogs, Sood (5% SotASIO. ‘34. What you are doing is wrong.coas THO Sp. 25. What am telling ie corect a BHO Dao 236. What she Is saying ls proper es%> THO Ssoaso 37. What are you? 8 uy D2068? 28, Whats he? © HB DDL? 39. What are your parents? ) SQSolehoen 22d eAoerto? 40, Where is your lover residing? © atworen O8},.4 NSHAYSIO? ‘41, He is beating about the bush. edo ZOLA dove Havgrso Biyjcoarz co. 42, What are the to and fro charges? ow i angen Does? 43, What ar the ins and outs of tis ase? & $05" DANG BirOrgen DD? 44, Ho Is born with siver spoon in mouth, wis errr chang arey wots" wdzorc 45. He is walking slowly. ee$e%o BaoyOrr ASehomATp dbo. 46, She Is running fast. 39 Stor SERSDSO 47. The cury is taste, 68 SODLODSO, 48.You are as strong as Bhima.aocys Hand SB nosoddd. 49, Besides helping me, ‘50, As the king so the people, oarSOS Save. 1s he ing my brother a Sitco BAF aod Sih mYOSS w ASHAS Bre drao aan db. Lesson -4 btpitwwuerlishoninteerring inser through-indan-languaestlugu tml eas Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Langage Present continuous tense - aidoiorSoS) SSS SOs Negative sentences- Ss3US% arsrsen. am not (im not 90 ar} walking. 89 SSH. 2.Wo are not (aren't 85065 ) walking, Hao SASH. .You ao not arent e565 walking. Dot SESH iss SESH. 86068 ) walking. re SASHA. ‘Boys are not arent aBod ) walking arent SASH G.He is not (isn't See 065) walking, webs SSBC. 7She is not ont S065) walking. 62> S58, Bitls not dant Srfo65) walking. © SESH 9.Rama is not (isn't Sra 065) walking, ose SESH, 10.5ita isnot (ont uso) walking, BS SSCS. Negative Interrogative sentences — SsQB¥8 [HIGH Isseo 1.4m | nt walking? Se SEE? 12.Aren't we walking? Soo SSSOo°7 12,Are't you waking? Sot SebaSter? Soshs Stor? 14.Aront thoy walking? a8 SBSQer? 15.Aront boys walking? arent SASber7 AGlenthe walking? wed SSHEr? AT sit she walking? a2 SSH? aan ttwalking? © SASH? 18, ant Rama walking? ond SSS or? 20. Isn't Sita walking? 4 Sc Gor? There are 23 helping verbs — OB®o¥ (Sckoen 23 GSD. 1. Am «| am running. Sao SOTA eSAy. wD. 2s Ie He ie walking, aso ScrSoAr eo. 3. Are -We are laughing, iso S39 g80072. 4. Was «Iwas waiking in the morning. Sa eco Sci eoed. 5. Were - We were walking in the morning. Saw» @daoo Sdoir coed, 6. Being - | am being advised today.& Bars arso Sos air aan cv. 7. Been -|have been scolded S93 aipstt BEPC. 8. Be = shall be eating a mango tomorrow. Bx Ba a SrDG Soc Boar aoers. 4 Have -|have eaton a mango, Be ipa a8 SDs Sod Barr, 10.Has - He has writen a letter. exeS8 ay 2 a8 eho rare 11.Had -1 had eaten a mango yesterday before you came there. DS2 Adah s 4S SPSwors a a8 SrA Soc BAwa. 12.009 you gothere? Dap (aise) SHOE DET? 13.Does - Does he read here today? wba Bar why c Sco jeror? 14.Did-Did he go thre yesterday? 5S D3 HAS Serger? 15:Shall «Shall take 1 Bao eda Beoslow? 16.Should - You should come here now. ays BAY ICo BILGE SSIS ard. 17. - He wil come here tmrrow, aba By wycS8o SC. ‘$8.Would- Would you mind opening the window? «a 838 BSSErOE Soho ws"'tomr? 19.May - He may help me, deo HS SiFatvo Babsepas. 20 Might - He might be coming here. ei (airo#) a8, SP aoerd. 24.Must- You must go there. Sip. SiS gVSOM eH Sh Bory? 22,Can «| can beat him alone Ba ZOW8TA SDA TQKoard. 23.Could -1 could write my exam well. ar SOS Aa avr |ratsiDrrso, 4.They are not Lesson - 5 ‘Simple present tense - TAPS; SATS SOSo Affirmative sentences — Grea aPs*sen. 1. Haugh. - Sad (wiygcbo/Gar) Sap sere. 2.We laugh oan (ay eo/S") Say senso. 3. You laugh, ~ Doe (aizy coi) SiS sero Sas (asp C/G) SH se. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 1088 ‘azote Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Langage 4, They laugh. are (aig ncoiBear) ap 50°, 5. Boys laugh. arent (ai yGo/O2™) 55 sar. 6.He laughs. eb (ai )cSv/Biaar) x sere. 7. She laughs. - ab (aay )v/S2s) Sz good, 8. Itlaughs. 8 (as jciu/Ber") S39 52008. 8. Rama laughs. ovSancts (ay ycho/Saa) Sap ger, 10.sita laughs.- eb (axypco/Sar) Say geS00O. Interrogative Sentences - (Oa OS ars*sen 41.00 laugh? - Seo (aip GIS") $9 5S? 12.Do we laugh? ~ aii (xy An/B'2™) Say ger? 13,.Do you laugh? ~ Sve (asp Gover) Sap error 71059 § (Ady HITE") S50? 14 Do they laugh? ~ ave (asp toiBery) Say seen? 15.Do boys laugh? - arent (aig doidar) Sa 5807 16.Does he laugh? - 6a (aip eS) ap serr? 17.Does she laugh? ~ ei (aidyse/O2") 8:9 geo? 18Doesitlaugh? - 98 (aip oir) Sa Sor? 19.Does Rama laugh? - Crawreo (iy VEZ") SG Serr? 20,Does Sita laugh? ~ 8 (aadg ed/SFarn) Sa sebooor? ‘Simple Present Tense - PSPS s SHSKS SOS. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 19 az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language deinknos® syysmeo He is brave/courageous. She is beautiful. It is big. He is benefited. It is cheap. It is costly. He is clever. It is cold. It is curved. She is careful. He is cheerful. It is changeable. It’s clear. It is difficult. He is dangerous. It is dirty. It is easy. It is eatable. He is foolish. It is fine. You are faithful. He is famous. It’s far. oS Biginresrt, EH oosHse. @8 BYOB. Sx eration Brome, © BSS. 8 p6BS8. OSH BOS, © Sesss. ©0 Sore 40. SD HLS SHB. SSH SeRsorr SaALS. ©8 Srty) Sotirfers, 90 SyAswre SHO. 8 SOSDSO. wd orrabssprrrd. ©B SnO8P SO. @O weNBsa © BS6ASO, oS BASLYSsrth, ©O ares. dH Deysso Kosr&d. @d% Leo Gee hoard. 60 BroSorPsosyO. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 289 az0r6 24. 25. 26. It’s good. It’s great. He is gifted. It is heavy. It’s hot. It’s hard. She is happy. He is junior. He is luckless. He is lucky. It’s long. It’s little. It’s light. It’s lower. It’s lengthy. It’s loaded. It’s large. You are late. It’s much. It’s new. It’s noble. It’s near. It’s old. It’s pale. ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language 68 Hod. ©O FPSO. eS Sy Koartd, © aire GO. © Sérr axyo. ©6 Sire SHO. em Sos orr BHO. wb DLsrtd. wade wth QoBd art. OSH Cty Sotiosrtd. 6 &saso. OH Sey. ©6 SOE. 8 (Bo SO. 66 &easo. 0h artes Sabaasa. © BO. Sot esexigsin Sarto, © dey. 8 (SO. ©B &HsQs0o. © SHOP SHO. OB S6, 6 saSowsG. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 1380 az0r6 48. It’s proper. 49 It’s round. 50. It’s strong. SI. It’s small. 52. He is sad. 53. He is bad. 54. It’s straight. 55. It’s superior. 56. He is senior. 57. He is talkative. 58. It’s thick. 59. It’s thin. 60. It’s tall. 61. He is timid. 62. It’s ugly. 63. He is virtuous. 64. He is vicious. 65. He is very proud. 66. Time is valuable. 67. It’s wide. 68. You are weak. 69. He is quick. 70. It’s worthy. 71. It’s well. 72. He is young. Lesson~6 Learn English Spoaking Trough Telugu Language 26 X850. @O Mo[sorP BO. 66 noBsa. ©O DHB. OSH IPSSarP SW. ws Barco. 60 BSP xO. 0 Egnso. ede DGart. ee Swept xkgrSo Moat. 66 Lodswrr exy6. © Seve BHO. ©O Svasa. weSx HOS, ©6 DeSHSA. ed% SaXoatd, SS% Stag Koa, SS 08 Ngo Koare, Sthabsin Devssa, © Steyr eso. b% avfeSsnre eam. sdk Fostrr sagt. 90 Erify foo. 60 Erbrr GHO/6O Hol HHO. So Iwo. Simple Present Tense - PArSs SOAPS SOS. Negative Sentences — SsQUS°G Isrsen. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml a0 az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language 41.10 not (don't) walk, ~ Sao (ay eB) SES. 2.We do not ( don't) walk — sain (Rip nco/Sa) Sebo 3You do not (don't) walk— Soe (assy reiBlar) SSCs (a CGI) SSS. 4 They do not (don) walk — 3° (ip eG") SSO. 5 Boys do not (don't) walk — arendo (asp coven) Ses. 6He does not (doesn't) walk— eeba (iy ychiBesr ) Seco, 7-She does not (doesn't) walk— ED (zy C/A") SSD. 8itdoes not (doesn't) walk @4 (Ri oT") SSC. ‘9.Rama does not (doesn't) walk — crsandlo ( iy cies ) aebsto 10.Sita does not ( doesn't) walk Se (zy yuiBes ) Seco. Negative Interrogative sentences - Ss36S [O¥] GoD awssen 11.Don't walk? ~ eo ( ip 3eo (Ber) SS? 12. Don'two walk? ~ Haw (sige Ban) Sedsar? 13. Don't you walk? ~ Doe ( iy ne (Bam) SSO? / HHS ( BSI Ta) SST? 414, Don't they walk? — arto ( 289 6 (Bes) Sebo"? 18.Don't boys walk? — arent (aiyyco Ber) Scbasor? 16 Doesn’the walk? — e985 (asp yeho/ Oa) SSP? 17.Doesn't she walk? — a3 (aig yco/ Ba) Seer? 18 Doesn'titwalk? ~ e2 (aignco/ Ba") Sosa? 19,Doesn't Rama walk? - orSundlo (sig eb) Bar) Sehcser? 20,Doesn't Sita walk? ~ eS ( wixygew/ Fa") Sado? A few sentences — 8) as7sed 21. go- Bed ing - cor am- ear) Lam going there — a$ab e828 SHO LD. 22. Can - teas d0- os» lean do. Se Battle. 23, Could - fay write - erat I could write a totter - i 2.6 aS San raiAOms. 24, able to —( Tab ) femtbese am - aaa lam able to write alove letor- Sx 2.8 (hay asm wrarrients cary. 25. was - &o8d yesterday 2383 Iwas able to write a leave letter yesterday? - Sx M2 H% BB larcdotientoetr oes. lesson —7 Simple past tense Affirmative sentences 1.1 walked there yesterday - Sab Dy e98yG8 Serger. bp:twww.erdishonieleerring.ivierr-through-indar-languaestlugu ml 1580 ‘azote ‘Lan English Speaking Through Telugu Language 2. We walked there yesterday -absiw D8 e8y8 aiwryso». 3.You walked there yesterday - Sato Dy 98,068 Sery6b. 4They walked there yesterday - rd D3) 8,08 Serpe. 5 Boys walked there yesterday -2rends OS G8,GE Beye. 6 He walked there yesterday - esebao DSy e848 Seryebo. 7 She waked there yesterday - ea Dw) «98,08 52706. walked there yesterday 8G DS) 848 3208, 9.Rama walked there yesterday - OwSorebo 2Sp e98}d58 Sey. 10.Sita walked there yesterday - a8 O8p 983.8 3206. Interrogative sentences 11.Did 1walk there yesterday? Si DSy 8},68 BVO? 42.Did we walk there yesterday? abiSw 2S) e982058 Seyso"? 13,Did you walk there yesterday? Sado Dy «08,8 Deyo? 14Did they walk there yostorday? arcs Da e58y068 BeryOr? 18.Did boys walk there yesterday? arent 2S] 8j08 Sw VO? 16.Did he walk there yesterday? eho Dy 0983058 Sony? 417.Did she walk there yesterday? ei OS) e288 B20cr? 18,Did itwalk there yesterday? 66 D5 68346 32j00? 49.Did Rama walk there yesterday? onSmeh NS) SAAS SeYO? 20.Did Sita walk there yesterday? 9 D5) 8,8 B20? bp:twww.erdishonieleerring.ivierr-through-indar-languaestlugu ml 1889 az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language SIMPLE PAST TENSE 1. Tadded. 2. Tadvised. 3. agreed. 4. Laccepted. 5. Labsented. 6. Lattended. 7. I bathed. 8. T buried. 9. I brought. 10. T beat. 11. We bit. 12. We believed. 13. We came. 14. We called. 15. We crushed. 16. We cursred. 17. We congratulated. 18. We drank. 19. We dug. 20. We did. 21. You dreamt. 22. You doubted. 23. You ate. 24. You encouraged. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml PSPS: grdsoio Sx SOS, Sx Sox gaye. Sx. wofivcoar®s, Sk SSyBorre, Sx stardede. Si Basar. Sx aysso dex, Sw SODEpS. Sm SHEoye. Sx Sepa. sbin SOsrin, didn Sinxsm, absiw Sapo. abso BOarcin, abso Sonrrepsn, so sborrsn. thé wOSoborsn. adm (eerrdo. dodo Saysn. sbSin ders, Sate Soret. Suto Sodtrome, Sot Baw. dnt Ba sroare, 789 az0r6 49. You fought (5), You filled, You forgot. You feared. You went. They enjoyed. They gave. They guessed. They gained. They greeted. They hanged. They held. They invited. They irritated. They imitated. Boys intimated. Boys jumped. Boys knew. Boys kicked. Boys killed. Boys looked. Boys left. Boys led. Boys liked. Boys laughed. ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language Sot Sreperty, dnt Dod, Dot OIA ative, Dov gatdssereo, Sot Saath. art eSoboarts, art samt, arty Gstromree, ant engiin Brocrth, st wOSobomrt. ath Geotidats, SPO SeSrAVo, FH SD, arth So Shoat, arth wXkomrts, erent BOS. epentd cient, epent BOA, arent Say. epento Sods, pent sat, erent SODDEBL. erent mrOcirart. amends SEienes, erent Same. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 1880 az0r6 Si; 2. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71: 72. 73. 74. 75. He lived. He loved. He married. He promised. He paid. He proved. He pained. He prepared. He pushed. He preserved. She read (@&)7. She ran. She respected. She rent. She sat. She stood. she spoke. She slept. She spent. She sold. It sang. It shook. It stole. Tt sent. It smelt. ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language ws DSVOSAD. wd Moss. dm WOSWTS\. eS arpso Seg, wx BDoerty, SSD ABEHoarcd. wade andsssegth. edi Saimwsrx. SX Foert, OSH amis Sdx. ed SOSx, > Sons. e@ab ddd, ea 5d)00. eB Krtyod, wap NonGos. eS Aimepod. SD ISEan06. Sa Ht) Troe. ea) AYO. © ar0O, © S200. @0 Gohdo208. 8 Sonos. © aidcirhod. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 1380 az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language 76. It swept. 6B HBD0B. 77. It said. 9B Bey. 78. It sought. ©8 A808. 79. It swore. ©6 (SsirG0 BHOG, 80. It swam. © S606. 81. Rama studied. wand shart, 82. Rama showed. ws sax. 83. Rama started. went achesidx. 84. Ravi starved. 62 e8os* Goa. 85. Rama took. wins Sxpsrsio. 86. Rama threw. wine DOSax, 87. Rama taught. waned 503%, 88. Rama thought. wine esFDod%, 89. Rama told. orints Dayo. 90. Rama trained. wrint S¥dayo. 91. Sita tried. HS Bovaose. 92. Sita understood. AS e¥Sm Twess. 93. Sita wrote. 4s wan. 94. Sita walked. AS SAB%\, 95. Sita washed. dS SOND. 96. Sita won. 48 ROSS. 97. Sita wore. 48 S03dx. 98. Sita wanted. £5 SHOPS. 99. Sita warned. AS Bwehoods. 100. Sita worried. OS Sorrhsar, Lesson - 8 Simple past tense Negative Sentences - SUSY srsen btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language 1.did not (didnt) walk yesterday. Sia Oy SSSA. 2.We didn't walk yesterday, 3.,You didn't walk yesterday. 4 They didn't walk yesterday, 5 Boys didn't walk yesterday, 6 He didn't walk yesterday. 7She didn't walk yesterday. Bultdidn’t walk yesterday. 9.Rama didn't walk yesterday, 10.Sita didn't walk yesterday, Negative interrogative 41.Didn.t| walk yesterday? 2.Didnawe walk yesterday? ‘3.Didn'tyou walk yesterday? 4 Didn't they walk yesterday? 5 Didn't boys walk yesterday? 6 Didn.t he walk yesterday? Haw OSy SGSTS. dot 8) HASTE. TAS) SESSA wend d81 SASSO. Sa NS) SST. 8) NS, SASSO 86 8) SSB. crinds 2Sy SSB, HS OSy SHSSA0, sentences - Ss BUSY (HFS Irsrseo dS) Sh SASSar? Sy Shs S65Sa? DS) Dot SSO? DS ar SSB? DS rend SOS? AS oS SASa7 btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 21188 az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language 7Didn't she walk yesterday? DS) ws SSTer? Didn'titwalk yesterday? NS) © SASSO? QDin'tRama walkyesterday? 8) vane SASIa? 10.Didn'tSita walk yesterday? 8 Ses SST? A few sentences - SQ) Fs*sed 1. May — 260 Sep Imay go there tonight 3c Eeor1BS 8, c589 SHVSeD. 2Must- 530800 Imust go there tomorrow - 639 Sad 53NHO @8z.c5H0 SYD. Bshould- SSIOSOM I should eatit now - iy 3G Seba DA SH 8 Boers, 4. ought to - DO You ought to respect your parents - Sais DOr & SOSolewom TSD0erD. 5. Might- (20704) 2OMSEY He might pass the examination - (QAr) dav S6ES aeeoy cho repay, 6. Might be - (28 5D ) adore aoasey bp:twww.erdishonieleerring.ivierr-through-indar-languaestlugu ml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language Ho might be sleeping there - eseba (iro) en8zc5 SAT Boers? 7. dunior (o)- DSyareo He is junior to me - 8a arSo¥ Sra Senior (to)-DGareo lam senior to him- Soo SSAVOH BHAA. 8. Inferior (to) - Soy Sarco He is inferior to me - eS wo SHYSare 10. Superior (to) -DSareto 1am superior to him - @eSQ8ob Seo DOIG 11, He has superiority complex - 8828 era rer jrASS arSo God, 12. She has inferiority complex — esab¥o ers rer SsoySoVST erSo GOO. 13, Have to - Sard Ihave to go there - Sab e588 Be"2O. 14.He has to give me money - eda wrSo Gan) war sO. 15.Had to - SasvD) SQ0O I had to eat there last night - eScr1B His e08},¢5 Ber] SQOS. 16.Will have lo - dodSe% aoewod bp:twww.erdishonieleerring.ivierr-through-indar-languaestlugu ml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language | will have to go to Vijayawada tomorrow — diy Nv Darabares SeySO% soenod 17. going to - Baws%yes |.am going to give you money- aio O80 ciany as sSt Dar. 18. About to - atoesgeo lam aboutto give you money - Saxo AS Geng ad sSYD TS. 19. Shall ltake leave of you? - Sa AdDOD DOS Basler? 20. Shall | go there? - Sao eo8z, cho BEV”? 24. Shall we make a move ?- So.S5w Scoenersr? 22.You shall come here tomorrow - Say Ni S28 B8z89 TTD, 23, He shall go there tonight- Go BS Oda 5578 8,48 SHO. 24, Shall she marry me? - ed SIS Se) DP pesoewocr? 25. |wantitesd wr Sard. 28:0 you wantit? 690 80 saver? 27. Need - S260 Ineed i, 8 wr S30, 28, Idon'tneed ited argo 550 Bad. 29, Do you need a job? - N80 2.8 af stio @SHSLN? bp:twww.erdishonieleerring.ivierr-through-indar-languaestlugu ml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language 30, know nothing - ars DD. BO. 31. Idon'tknow anything - aro D4o Bae 32. didn’t go anywhere - Sia I8yci8Y SeySE. 33.1 went nowhere, Hao D8. 85 eB 34, He knows nothing - @O8 D4 BDawed, 35. He doesn't know anything - 828 DS) BOorS¢. 36. Imake you laugh - Sa Dey SD sAPAD. 37. Does he make me laugh? - ee Sa) SO 5TH? 38, He makes you laugh - ec Di} SD SQ 39, He went somewhere - eS. 2.8 Sod Seryeho. 40. can go anywhere - Ai OS,SBAT Seiyclow 41, He did something - eo DEISOS Sart, 42. Somebody came there yesterday - Bi) 8): 43, Everyone knowsit- «96 2.878 Bend. 44, Nobody took it, 7D] ISG Sx'Sar, 45. He went every where - cS (BST Serpe. Lesson - 9 bp:tnww.erishonieteerring.iverr-through-indar-languaestlugu-iml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language Simple Future Tense - PGrSea SNASS svercsoo Affirmative Sentences — Grea aPs*sOo 1Awill (11965 ) walk tomorrow. Bzy ao Sede. 2.We will (we'll 55) walk tomorrow. Bi asso SehoerSoo. 3.You will( you'll as'S )walk tomorrow, Sato Sx Sea. 4.They will (They'll ZS ) walk tomorrow. arto Bi SORTED. ‘5.Boys will walk tomorrow, erento Bay Seboayeo, 6He will (He'l £5 ) walk tomorrow. ee Big See. 7She will( She'll &S ) walk tomorrow. sav Oxy Seo%OO. Bitwill (It GES )walk tomorrow. 0 By Sed‘OO Rama will walk tomorrow. ond Bip Scoareo 10,Sita will walk tomorrow, 42 Bay ScMYOS., Interrogative Sentences — (O8]98 7srsen. 11.$hall walktomorow? 8x Ae SAPO? 12.Shall we walk tomorrow? zy saw SogQrar? btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language 13.Will you walk tomorrow? Gay Sod Scwaror? 14.Mill they walktomorrow? Bxy ard Sco? 15.Will boys walk tomorrow? diy axrends Seva"? 16Willhewaktomonow? Bi SHAD STrCH? 1T.Will she walk tomorrow? Oi esa» ScoxOC? 18.Willitwalk tomorow? zy 8B SHeDEOG? 19. Rama walktomorrow? Bi ose SesPor? 20.Will Sita walk tomorrow? Gay fe Seo om? IMPERATIVE SENTENCES : Sir, please explain the lesson, Do or die. Getinto the hell after your death Go to your grandfather. Make money with nothing, Krishna, recite this poem for me. Venut help me tomorrow. Lalithal solve this problem. Friends, listen to me. (0. Rank well in the examinations. Imperative Sentences Classified : 1, Commands i. Getout ii. Shut up. ii, Quit my room, iv. Sit Down, v.Go straight, 2. Orders i. Go and get me water. i Shoot the enemy. ill Bring my byele atonce. iv, Stand in a tne v-Keep quiet 3. Requests btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 2789 eas Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Langage i. Please sing a song. Kindly allow her in Please get seated 'v,Please listen to me. v. Kindly shut the door. 4, Pleadings {Advise me Mr Lawyer Help me get acquitted. ‘Allow me to plead please iv. Render Service tothe poor. .Help the needy. 5. Suggestions i Read well Work hard | Marry only once, iv. Be regular. v.Do not postpone your work ADDITIONS TO REMARKS WhsHardseo Statement -Apples are dear. Oranges are also dear. ‘Addition Apples are dear. So are oranges ‘Statement- James watt was an inventor Edison was also an inventor ‘Addition - James wattwas an inventor So was Edison. ‘Statement- She knows Tamil . Her husband also knows, ‘Addition - She knows Tamil. So does her husband ‘Statement She knows Tamil Her children also know ‘Addition - She knows Tamil. So do her children. Statement - She wrote poetry . He also wrote poetry, ‘Addition - She wrote poetry. so did he. Statement| can do it, You can also do it ‘Addition - I can do it s0 can you Statement - He hasn't any time. | have no time too ‘Addition - He hasn’tany time . Nor have | Statement -You did not pay him. to0 did not pay him Addition - You did not pay him , Nor did | Lesson — 10 btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml az0r6 ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language ‘Simple Future Tense Negative Sentences - Ss3BSY oregon A.lwon'twalktomorow- Bay a SSA. 2.Wewon'twalktomorrow- 89 saw SebdSu. 3. You won'twalk tomorrow.— Bay Se sSehaSoo. 4, They won'twalk tomorrow - Sip ard SeSeo, 5. Boys won'twalk tomorrow, Ba arent Seo, 6.Hewon'twalk tomorrow - i encha Sebo 7.She won.twalk tomorrow - dip esahy Scbaeo, B.ttwortwalk tomorrow = 8% 8 Saco. 9. Rama won'twalktomorrow— iy crane Schsebo. 10,Sita won'twalk tomorrow - day HS ASAD. Negative interrogative Sentences - 4) rd S:88s9 asyeo 1.Won'tIwalk tomorrow? Gy Sv SebSiar? btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml az0r6 2. Won't we walk tomorrow? 3. Won't you walk tomorrow? 4. Won't they walk tomorrow? 5. Won't boys walk tomorrow? 6, Won'the walk tomorrow? 7.Won't she walk tomorrow? 8, Won't itwalk tomorrow? 9. Won't Rama walk tomorrow? 10.Won't Sita walk tomorrow? ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language By shaw SASA07 By dot SASSO? 63 wh S507 By erento SOS07 63 wd SSO? 89 eh S657 639 08 S6S07 8x wSncd Sasa? 3x hes SS0% bp:twww.erdishonieleerring.ivierr-through-indar-languaestlugu ml az0r6 Already Again Any where Also Always Abundantly Almost Accurately Angrily Anxiously Alone Artificially ‘Amazingly Awiully Before Byand by Backward Barely Badly Beautifully Brightly Binerty Boldly Bavely Certainly Completely Carefully ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language ADVERBS - (Sci? D8heaxioe0 ad so ste OSEse 6, dois, Sgiipeo DR osen/oeesor weet SQgsor Sisorr rs e0bOrr §8Siar S$GEur° Sabowtorr Sotore BoaSoed Beet sox Bere sotsiorr Gswirsor Store Beer Deoiorr eon egy Conveniently Clearly Closely Calmly Cheerlly Doubblessly Dangerously Duly Directly Dearly Ever Elsewhere Enough Evenly Eagerly Entirely Forward Foolishly Faithfully Fairly Fast Gratefully Ghaly Greatly Hore after Hence forth btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml mek ago Sere Geosore aegiSore Digosaisore eircbstorr SSeyr Bagger ecborr dgite Seagemors Osos ioisore Shir oor Soot sSordeigor SiySsorr wotsorr, esgée fo ‘Shore Seger eiotorr Raye iGo ‘aibos 3188 az0r6 Hence forward Here Here in Hither Hardly Hence Here with, Here by Here about Here of Here on Here to How Happily Hard Hopefully Instantly Indeed Indirectly Just Justly Jointly Late Loud Legally Largely Miserably Now Not yet ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language oe S08*Sorr gr erator Kec SrGs S8%¥or Sor Sosireorh apdotorr x08 eemgiorr Nay No Not Not at all Naturally Nearly Near Often Often times Openly Presently Plainly Properly Pleasantly Politely Perfectly Poorly Proudly Personally rae ly Quickly Quite Quietly: Really Richly Straightly Somewhere Slowly btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml Bm eS8 Soycbsn(eo) akrsonorr ape ygpoorr SASDSorn/ Sasege So*astorr Soogtire Sompgsiorr dsr Keésore S8rebshore ieSonorr Foster anargn Dgetorr deiorr Sayan Sore a8 Sasso Beyorr az0r6 So Scarcely Surely ‘Strangely Swiftly Sadly Sincerely Soon Skilfully Specially. Secretly Steadily Today Tomorrow Twice There Thence Thrice Thither Too Truly Then Therefore Thereby Thereof Thereto Therein ‘Thereon ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language Lesson - 11 Past Continuous Tense KOS" (28 SO) adie GOSS TOS. Affirmative sentences - O-GrSeo rss ‘L1was playing Cricket yesterday. 2.We were playing Cricket yesterday, 3.You were playing Cricket yesterday. 4:They were playing Cricket yesterday. ‘5 Boys were playing Cricket yesterday. S08, egiso, Sos | Therein wsotibnes mbrebos Thereupon e8y5 M08 Deets “Truthfully deo Biyor Dorr, etigSiorr | Thickly SiySorm S2rr, Storr Together Bem aire Upward Bs DEES Undoubtedly Sodievteaorr 656, Erion | Unjustiy empaisore Segre, eeegos* | Very 28S, DED dyson Verily esore caigsore Weekly Somes Restire When agp aoe Where axgs te Whither agp Botha, ‘Whereabouts Sess oss Whence 28808 8¥ySH08 Wherein defo Hodingt Whereat ong si Whereby Sothisess ws Wherefore doeses Sion Why Sotto Sipto Whether eae soar, 6 Baye / Soe wonisin wots Widely deesore Rao Wonderfully SheStorr eye Wavily Bobo ote? Yesterday my Cotes Yearly Hosehotnss ASy Sao BBS escheir aoe8d. Sy abso GSS echoes Goon, Sp dat 685 weds Gods. AS) aed SSS acer G80. DS) erentd E85 adder G08. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml ‘azote Learn English Spoaking Trough Telugu Language 6Hewas playing Cricketyesterday, Sy eb ESS wchoeiv Hoe. 7 She was playing Cricket yesterday. 8 ed EES ech GU. Biltwas playing Cricket yesterday. AS) OO EBS acer Goes, 9.Rama was playing Cricketyesterday, OS TSndd GBH exchoeir BOT, 10, Sita was playing Cricket yesterday. Sy eb (SBE eschoetsr HOw, Interrogative Sentences (Sw G¥ asso ‘11.Was I playing Cricket yesterday? Sy Nao [SBS acer Gordan? 12.Were we playing Cricketyesterday? 5) shan B85 acoder Goedair? 13, Were you playing Cricket yostorday? 08) Dé ES eacheir dosdor? 414.Were they playing Cricket yesterday? 28) arto E865 esos Godo? 15 Were boys playing Cricket yesterday? Dy arent S865 escivesor Godho? 16.Was he playing Cricket yesterday? Oy eweba ESS excods Goa? 17:Was she playing Cricket yesterday? Sy es ESS eschoebr oT"? 18, was it playing Cricketyesterday? Sy 4 BBS weedy Gort? 19, was Rama playing Cricket yesterday? Sp Crsmrc SSS exces Goo? 20. Was Sita playing Cricketyesterday? Oa) Ha ESS achar aoa? Be Table Present glo Cm Geis) | Future - GOGEP Cm oie) Past roe? Bo obo) Yer No Yer No Ys No Tam Tarent@oS) | twin(ripke | Twonthe | twas Twat (emai) | Lmnot Gs m6) Weare Wearen't(eot5) | Wewittbe | Wewowthe | Wewere | We weres' We'w 928) You are You went (@oes)| —Youwtlte | Youwonthe | Youwer — | Yeu werent Cow's 2 They are ‘They aren't (@o] They witlhe | They won'the | They were | Trey wernt (They 85) Beis Heist Got) | Hewitlbe | Hewon'the | He was Hewase't (He's) Sheis She isnt (&o] She wittte | she wonthe | stewas — | shewasne (She's &8) his (S005) | tewillbe was Twasn't avs 04) ADJECTIVES - D¥xcos000 Able Sigeito Envious Rigor Bad BO Fruitful Soxosps Brave BABS BegoKe Foolish aonsegs Beautiful mong Fine amity Boyish Rgdkizio Ke Faithful Aeyitiore. Biggish Eps Famous fgKo Bulky exorr Flowery Saswento, Big 24 Sones Benefited erento Fivefold tito Big, cons Cheap was Far indoor Costly BS Fore Sod Clever ‘BOBS Fast Sots Cold 5g0 Golden normismero8 Curved 08 Good Boo Carefal aigte Great rH ‘Cheerful, eerstionio Glorious (Sadr btptwwuerishoninteerring inser through-indan-languaestlugu tml az0r6 Courageous Colonial Ceaseless Changeable Cheerless Clear Clearly Carefully Difficult Dangerous biry Decisive Fasy Eatable Rarihly deps Gos mowers mugs nt dcbahs agen SAG QEBS BS wenxgiom, 56m dobasoro sotisiot SERN one ae SaDosenS seixirio ssodreorr ey mS Ks Be Boxe wdbts BadresEs Sedans some oeD Sovowtorte 2% spied sey08 me DORs ag Darts agaoms BOBS, sooner Bans arSomeOs Superior Senior ‘Smallish Talkative ‘Thick Thin That This Tall Timid Tireless Twofald Usly Upper Vigtuous Vicious Vainglorious Valuable Vilainous Womanly Wide Which What Whose Weak Q Worthy Wakeful Wavely witty Well Young, Zealous Learn English Spoaking Trough Telugu Language Gifted Gere Heavy eoEs Hot S26 Hard Sgson Happy soseseRs, Sostisiore 80 Ses Indicative wR m ag ageaxs expindo ethgsnrio regs Sos Inner Inferior Junior Luckless Lucky Long Little sees eas ogee Sree igre ewts0 send 28 a wraps DOES wossoda Bote Bows Derbi htputwwu erlishoninteerring.iniaer-through-indan-languaestelugu tml az0r6 Bay 10. ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language LESSON-12 PAST CONTINUOUS TENSE ‘NEGATIVE SENTENCES - 4885y aye Twas not going there yesterday, Bi diy atipith Bez dou We were not going there yesterday. diSe 4 egite Bee aotdes. ‘You were not going there yesterday. Sots Oty eeiysto See 2oudes They were not going there yesterday. srt Diy wtiyith See eoutde Boys were not going there yesterday. erent Di eifyith Bez doudic. He was not going there yesterday. ©S% DY eH Stix acrid. ‘She was not going there yesterday. cok Diy eriysth Bete oud It was not going there yesterday. 60 Diy erie Sex aot. Rama was not going there yesterday. iit Df eri Bex aoxide. Sita was not going there yesterday. £6 ng whit Stix aotids. NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVE SENTENCES - G88 48359 Toy@ 1 ‘Wasn't I going there yesterday? Bi Oy etpith Be cotter? Weren't we going there yesterday? hike Diy oxy Bee aottden? Weren't you going there yesterday? iy fade eniyith Sete eouitien? btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml az0r6 10. Learn English Spoaking Trough Telugu Language Weren't they going there yesterday? DS) art weit Bem aocder? Weren't boys going there yesterday? Diy erent eeyite Sex covider? ‘Wasn't he going there yesterday? BH Ny oy See dosder? ‘Wasn't she going there yesterday? Sy Oh wUyNh Sein aordier? ‘Wasn't it going there yesterday? DS) 08 ergylts Bey dovdor? ‘Wasn't Ramia going there yesterday? crtint Df ery Bee eovtder? ‘Wasn't Sita going there yesterday? BS 0) epi Ben aotiden? LESSON-13 FUTURE CONTINUOUS TENSE AFFIRMATIVE SENTENCES. 2rte S300 T'll C will) be going there tomomrow morning. 8% eticho Sx etipith Stix doers, ‘We'll (we will) be going there tomorrow morning. 8% At6cho thie wtiyite Sez aoemin, You'll (you will) be going there tomorrow moming, 8% eitiatho Bot wey Sein eotme. They'll (they will) be going there tomorrow moming. 8% At6aho pth wlyito Bein dotres. Boys will be going there tomorrow morning. ements By eticho wiftite Stix dotmes, He'll (he will) be going there tomorow morning Be RBoko OSD ety Se soire. She'll (she will) be going there tomorrow moming 8 eticbo wih wigits Stix dota, It'll (it will) be going there tomorow moming. Bi Aico 6 wxiphtd Sez eotno8. btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml 3789 az0r6 10. 10. Learn English Spoaking Trough Telugu Language Rama will be going there tomorrow morning. Pints SH aticho wit See acento. Sita will be going there tomorrow moming. £8 5% aticho weit See sotnoe. INTERROGATIVE SENTENCES Bays woe Shall I be going there tomorrow morning? Bw athabo Sx weytivs Sex sotrar? Shall we be going there tomorrow morning? Bid Etiabo Aha» wei Sein soemaiv? Will you be going there tomorrow morning? SiS Etiabo Sot weyeis Bex Gotror? Will they be going there tomorrow morning? Bw atabo arth ety Bex otro? Will boys be going there tomorrow morning? rents Bi) atiabo wey Ree coir? Will he be going there tomorrow morning? wai Bi Arico weit Sew Aotrm? Will she be going there tomorrow morning? SiS atiabo eH were Sex Goeworr? Will it be going there tomorrow morning? Bw atabo w& skit Sen otmorr? Will Rama be going there tomorrow morning? Bw atabo orimth eye See eosre? Will Sita be going there tomorrow morning? £8 BiH Addcho weheies Sete Aoeporr? LESSON-14 FUTURE CONTINUOUS TENSE NEGATIVE SENTENCES-S3985'% Soye0 I won't be writing my exam tomorrow moming. 8% Atco a BES Sx Erde Gosie ‘We won't be writing our exam tomorrow morning, By eBabo ae by Sw [erie doris. ‘You won't be writing your exam tomorrow morning. Bw atsabo & sb Sot riz corte btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml az0r6 10. i) 10. ‘Learn English Speaking Trough Telugu Language They won't be writing their exam tomorrow morning. BH Bticho 6 BEY art ERR sows, Boys won't be writing their exam tomorrow morning. erente Bs Gticioo arb SEX art [ESR Gotite. He won’t be writing his exam tomorrow morning, SY ticho wx BS SOE Eran dott. She won't be writing her exam tomorrow morning ea 8% dtbebo 55 KEK (erXey dotite. It won't be working tomorrow SH 8 SOdiiw sorsth. Rama won't be writing his exam tomorrow morning. win dy atiabo HS Sb Eri Sodied. Sita won't be writing her exam tomorrow morning. &d Bx atiaho 4S Sb Erin Boxtth. NEGATIVE INTERROGATIVE SENTENCES GAs Hoey oreo Won't I be playing cricket tomorrow evening? Sam By Sabosoo BSS esther soir? Won't we be playing volleyball tomorrow evening? BH Pchoroo diy whard wthSr covsin? Won't you be watching that movie tomorrow evening? Shits S3y Sechoseo @ HISwx tinvie dotio? Won't they be beating you tomorrow evening? BH Srooswo Niky arte thie dotioe? ‘Won't boys be coming here tomorrow morning? ements Sag atico atyite Ste dori? Won't he be playing chess tomorrow evening? OY Aico SS BA eidr soir? Won't she be playing tennis tomorrow evening? ed i aticho BOP ear socier? Won't it be working tomorrow? By sh SISKx doricr? ‘Won't Rama be killing Ravana tomorrow? BY WEmt riewd Soxeiw oti? Won't Sita be cooking curry tomorrow morning? 8 Sy Aticko Ext Sothiir doticr? Published in Upakari's Spoken English btptwwu.erlishon tearing iniaer-through-indan-languaestlugu tml