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My Timeline


St. Augustine Academy of
Floridablanca, Pampanga


Pre College Department,

Mother of Good Counsel Seminary,
San Fernando, Pampanga.

2003- 2006

College Department
Mother of Good Counsel Seminary

2006- 2007

Holy Rosary Academy,

Lubao Pampanga


St. Augustine Academy of

Floridablanca, Pampanga.

I graduated from this school and began to
inquire about the seminary. I took
examinations from different congregation.
(Society of St. Paul, University of Santo
Tomas, Mother of Good Counsel Seminary)
I passed the written exams plus the live-in
interview and decided to enter the seminary at
the age of 15. These formation years were
preliminary years for assessing the individual
to prepare for major courses in the seminaryJuniorate(Formation year) and the First Year
It was 3 years of extensive formation about
philosophy, Human Formation, Prayer life and
Community -Taking up different disciplines in
critical thinking. After 3 years, I finally
graduated from philosophy with community
service award coming from our formators.
Finally, I decided to apply for regency not a
guided one in order to view myself outside the
seminary. I dedicated myself to a parish
apostolate where Rev. Fr. Rudy de Guzman
helped me to assess myself for priesthood.
From there I stayed for about 2 years.
I worked in as a high school teacher in this
institution. However, the school was only
beside of the parish church (St. Augustine
Parish) wherein I dedicated myself in being an
acolyte and assistant of Rev. Fr. Rudy de
Guzman and at the same time he was my
spiritual director that time in my regency.
My residence was too far from my work so as
a result; I decided to teach in the nearby
school where I graduated (St. Augustine
Academy of Pampanga). During that time, my
mother was working there as a high school
teacher and I dont have any plans to teach
but I tried to give chance to myself in teaching.
Rev. Fr. Eduardo de Leon had helped me in
my application to be a teacher. At the middle
of the semester, my director of formation at the
seminary was appointed as the New Director



Graduate School of Theology,

Mother of Good Counsel Seminary,
San Fernando Pampanga.
Graduate School of Theology,
Mother of Good Counsel Seminary
East Central Colleges
San Fernando Pampanga

2011- 2014

Gourmet Farms Inc.

2/f PCPD Bldg. 2332 Pasong Tamo
Ext. Makati City

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of the school; he was Rev. Fr. Elmer G. Dizon.

From that we have worked hand in hand
regarding the policies and other concerns in
the School. During the 3 months stay, it was
difficult yet meaningful on my part. From this
stage, I decided again to enter the seminary
and sought advice from my recent formator.
I entered again the seminary then took
theology subjects and same apostolates.
Cycle Class 2nd Year and 3rd Year Theology
Instituted as Lector and Acolyte( Archdiocese
of San Fernando, Pampanga.
Elected as President of the Community
President and co- founder of Magnificat
Seminary Choir, Mother of Good Counsel
I was also a college professor at East Central
Colleges teaching Theology 1, 2,3,4,5,and 6.
I asked again for unguided regency and
applied for corporate work outside the
Im currently working as Sales Executive
North and South Area. I was also assigned as
Sales Executive at the retailing or the
SUPERMARKET Accounts. Now, Im dealing
with North Area Accounts. However I applied
for resignation to go back again in teaching