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Maintenance & Reliability

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Course Description:
Modern equipment is now so complex and the consequences of failure are so serious that it is no
longer possible to develop viable physical asset management strategies using traditional
approaches. An array of proven analytic techniques and management processes are now
available to deal systematically with the most pressing issues confronting the managers of
physical assets. Many of these techniques overlap and therefore need to be applied in a
coherent and efcient manner.
Companies today are facing competition and decreasing margins. If you really want to
compete you must understand how to make your work and operating process more efcient
and effective. Your equipment must be reliable and safe to operate. It must be ready to
operate at peak capacity at short notice and production output must be of high quality.
This course will teach the basics of what it takes to be a world class organization. Mr Harris has
worked for Fortune 500 worldwide companies and he understands how to do the right things
to move your company to higher levels of reliability. This course will show you how to reduce
equipment failures by 50% and increase the life of existing equipment components by 3-8
This course is aimed to create leaders in Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Management sectors
who are recognised all over the world.


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Course Outline for Reliability Training

Day 1 (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Day 3 (8AM to 2PM)



Previous Day Exam Review

What is happening around the world in

Maintenance & Reliability?
The RCM PF curve and where you t on the curve
The Business of Maintenance
The Cost of Failure
SMRP Body of Knowledge areas and
Benets of CMRP/CMRT certication

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems)



Predicting failures
Review of the seven major predictive technologies
When to use on what equipment
Justifying the technology for the failure mode
Details of each technology
Day 1 Multiple Choice Exam

RCD (Reliability Centered Design)

Training programs
Written Procedures
Planning and Scheduling Principles

RCM and Failure Modes training

Sample RCM database review (database available for purchase)
PM Strategies/PM Optimization
Available Databases and training
RPS RCM database process
Asset Risk Ranking database process

Day 2 (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Previous day Exam Review
Finish Predictive training
Proactive Maintenance Techniques
Lubrication Excellence
Lubrication Failure Modes
Lubrication of components
Developing world class lubrication programs

CMRP Exam (2.5 Hrs.) Starts by 2PM

Certied Maintenance & Reliability Professional
(CMRP) is a n ANSI-accredited program and is the
number 1 credentialing program for the knowledge,


skills and abilities of M&R professionals. Assessing

Precision maintenance techniques

Alignment, balance, vibration, resonance
Select suppliers (reliability versus price)
Metrics and goals
SMRP metrics examples, OEE, TEEP, MTBF, Etc.
Equipment Ranking methods/tools
TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
People Skills
RCA (Root Cause Analysis)
Day 2 Multiple Choice Exam

more than just textbook knowledge, the exam tests

and validates the skills and abilities of maintenance
and reliability professionals.
Earning this qualications means earning a coveted
credential recognized across all industries in the
manufacturing world.
Validated by the Society for Maintenance and
Reliability Professionals.

2014 DexNova Consulting Limited, All Rights Reserved

CMRP Certication Proctor

Teri Haris, CMRP/CMRT
Teri Haris Mr. Haris is a Cer ed Maintenance & Reliability Professional,
cer ed through The Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals. Mr.
Haris worked in the manufacturing/process industry for 26 years. He had
devoted the majority of this me to maintenance area eorts with most of his
career being devoted to improving the reliability of his plant and other US and
European loca ons. Mr. Haris has been a reliability consultant for 10 years and
has performed training in the US, and 15 other countries.
Mr. Haris has developed many Proac ve maintenance programs to bring
maintenance opera ons to a more ecient and protable stage. Many of the
training programs teach companies how to make equipment last longer. These
methods have been proven to extend equipment life by 3-8 mes.
Mr. Haris has developed one of the most eec ve and ecient RCM databases
for performing and repor ng RCM analysis. It is also the most cost eec ve
RCM in the world.

Suggested Reading Materials for CMRP Exam

Business and Management
Maintenance Strategy by Anthony Kelly
Toyota Way by Jeffery Liker
Manufacturing Processes
World Class Manufacturing by Richard Schonberger
Jurans Quality Handbook by Joseph Juran
Maintenance & Reliability Best Practices by Ramesh Gulatti
Equipment Reliability
Making Common Sense Common Practice by Ron Moore
Gateway to World Class Maintenance by Anthony M. Smith
People Skills
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Successfully Implementing TPM by Edward Hartmann
Work Management
Planning & Scheduling by Doc Palmer (rst 3 chapters)
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems by Terry Wireman

2014 DexNova Consulting Limited, All Rights Reserved


Enhancing students skills & knowledge to improve business performance
Over the years, DexNova Consulting has delivered practical, hands-on courses to help you
learn how to implement a wide variety of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety
methodologies into your organisation.

Our courses are interactive and our

teaching approach is to promote learning
by experience. Students leave our training
courses empowered with condence,
educated with valuable insights and equipped
for effective decision making to reduce risk
and maximise the reliability and availability of
their assets.

Our students come from all levels:

graduates, operators, experienced
technicians, planners, engineers,
supervisors, managers, project
managers and subject matter experts,
and our training progresses the
student through the learning curve,
from ignorance to expert.

We offer training courses through either public or

in-house delivery in the following subjects:

Condi on Based Maintenance/Predic ve Mgt.

Autonomous Maintenance/Operator Maintenance
Maintenance Job Planning and Scheduling
Preven ve Maintenance
Rota ng Equipment Reliability Training

Copyright 2014 DexNova Consulting Limited. All rights reserved.

Lubrica on Excellence/Tribology
Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)

Lagos: April 6 - 8 2015
Port Harcourt: April 13 - 15


3 Days (Certication Exam on the last day)

Training with Dexnova Consulting Ltd for

Maintenance and Reliability course gave me
the condence to approach the CMRP exams
which I passed at rst attempt. Big ups for
Dexnova Consulting Limited Maintenance &
Reliability training.
Victor Bassey Ekpenyong, CMRP
Reliability Engineer,
United Cement Company, Calabar

LAGOS: No 149, Herbert Marcauley Way,
Opp. 3rd Mainland Bridge,
PORT HARCOURT: Plot 303 Sanni Abacha
Road GRA Phase 3

$3,500 ($3,000 discounted fee)

Am happy to inform you that I passed the

certication exam and now ofcially CMRP
as seen in my signature below. It's a cause to
celebrate for Dexnova Consulting Ltd and I am
happy to have taken this step with you. You
can now pop champagne!

(Get a discount of $500 when you register
and make payment of minimum of $1,500 on
or before February 15, 2015)

Mallam Ibrahim Lawal, CMRP

CCHellenic - Nigeria

Fees covers training, study materials,

certication exams, Tea break and Lunch.

Additional 15% Discount for group

registration of minimum of 5 Participants..



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