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Classification of


Rural advertising
70% of Indias population resides in rural
Huge potential market for many products.
Hence many companies are going rural as
part of their marketing strategy.
Rural advertising:
- Mass media like TV, print, radio
- Traditional media like melas, jathras,
word of mouth

Rural advertising strategies

Influencer strategy
- Convincing power of influential people
- Eg: Sarpanch, teachers, doctors,
Panchayat leaders
Participatory strategy
- Events where high participation is there
are used.
- Eg: Local sports events, festivals

Show-N-Tell strategy
- Educate rural consumers about brands and
their usage using different shows and events
- Creates huge awareness
Product demonstration strategy
- Product is actually shown alongwith how to
use it
- Trained and tactful people who are know the
local language.
- Free samples may be given

Green Advertising
Green marketing initiatives undertaken by
both business and non-business companies.
Refers to promotional campaigns relating
to eco-friendly products.
Gained importance because of increased
consumer interest in protecting the
Firms can not only gain by capitalising on
green products but also be able to give
something back to the environment.

Common Green
Marketing/Advertising claims

Free of claim

2. VOC free & Non toxic

3. Ozone friendly

4. Biodegradable

5. Recyclable and recycled products

6. Carbon offset claims

7. Renewable claims

Political advertising
Advertising by political parties, local govt
bodies, State govts and Central govt.
Main purpose is to create a favourable
image in the minds of the public by
highlighting achievements and to get votes.
- Achievements
- Development
- Special schemes introduced
- International agreements signed
- Increase in economic growth
- Number of jobs created

Retail advertising
Undertaken by businesses in local areas
even to the extent of a suburb within a
Main features are:
- Purpose
- Area covered
- Media used
- Audience
- Budget
- Expected response
- Direct action advertising

Advocacy advertising

Corporate advertising presented in

aggressive manner.
Argumentative and controversial in
Ranges from govt policies to employee
related issues.
Largely, newspapers are used.

1. To counter unfavourable reporting.
2. To counter rumours that may adversely
affect the companys image.

Financial Advertising
Advertising in respect of financial matters
by firms, banks and financial institutions.
Eg: Issue if shares, bonds, debentures, etc
Largely newspapers and magazines are
used. Some large firms may use tv and
outdoor media.

Role of Financial advertising:

- Educates the public
- Reminder to investors
- Assists brokers
- Benefits underwriters
- Builds goodwill
- Develop savings culture
- Generates employment