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CaroO Driving Recorder

User Manual
V3.0.0 alpha

About CaroO

Driving Recorder

CaroO Driving Recorder is an Android application recording all driving data including video, track, car
status, etc. Drive smart with CaroO Driving Recorder!

CaroO Driving Recorder is available in Google Play Store.

Go to Download Page!

Notice: Operating this app while your car is moving can cause accidents. So DO NOT
operate this app while your car is moving for your safety.
We have no liability for any damages and financial loss at all while using this app. If
you do not agree, please do not use and uninstall this app.

Check followings Before Using CaroO Pro.

Check the memory space available in your smartphone

CaroO Driving Recorder uses one of SD memory on your smartphone, either internal SD memory or
external SD card. If your phone does not have internal SD memory, you must install an external SD
card into the external SD slot of your phone before using this app.

CaroO Driving Recorder uses cyclic memory management and old files shall be overwritten
automatically with new recorded files when free memory space is not available.

But event data files shall not be overwritten automatically unless you enable auto-delete option of
event video data. It is recommended for you to delete old event files manually once in a while in
order to maintain sufficient memory space for CaroO Driving Recorder.

Notice: Users with Android 4.4 KitKat or higher devices

If you update your device to Android 4.4 or later and use an external SD for storage for CaroO,
please read the following guide carefully. If you use the internal memory as storage for CaroO, the
following guide is not relevant.
Because of a change in terms of security of Android 4.4 (KitKat), apps cannot access the root folder
of external SD. So CaroO cannot create, access, use CaroO folder on the root of your external SD
card. A new folder will be created on your external storage and CaroO can only use that folder on
Android 4.4 device. You need to delete or move the existing files manually.

Check the battery level of your smartphone

CaroO Driving Recorder uses camera, GPS, G-force sensors, memory, Bluetooth, etc. So battery of
your smartphone could be consumed out if battery level of your smartphone is not high enough.

We recommend for you to use a battery charger while you use this app.

Check the GPS of your smartphone

CaroO Driving Recorder uses GPS in order to record your track and the GPS of your smartphone
should be enabled in advance.

If GPS is not enabled, CaroO Driving Recorder will request you to turn on GPS of your smartphone
as soon as you start to use it.
When you update your device to Android 4.4 (KitKat), you need to turn on location as well as choose
location mode to either High Accuracy or Device (GPS) only.

Check the Bluetooth of your smartphone

CaroO Driving Recorder uses Bluetooth in order to connect with an OBD-II device. In order to start
CaroO Driving Recorder automatically in your car, you need to turn on Bluetooth before placing
your smartphone into smartphone holder.

Certified Devices (April, 2015)

CaroO Driving Recorder officially supports Android smartphones with Android 4.0 or higher, but
most of smartphones with Android 2.3 or higher can use CaroO Driving Recorder as well. But
some phones might not work well with CaroO Driving Recorder because this app uses lots of
hardware APIs and resources of your smartphone.

Notice: CaroO v3.0.0 does not support devices with Android 2.2 or lower. In order to use CaroO
on smartphones with Android 2.2 or lower, please use CaroO v2.2.2.

Before your purchase, please check the free version, CaroO Free Driving Recorder in advance.
Go to the download page of the free version

1. First thing to do for using CaroO

When you start CaroO Driving Recorder, you can see the following intro and check the version
of CaroO.

Guide for settings

When you start CaroO Driving Recorder, you can see several pop-up instructions for setting
CaroO. Please read the pop-up instructions carefully and choose proper settings for CaroO
Driving Recorder.
The first pop-up instruction is asking whether using car monitor function with an OBD dongle

or not. If you want to use car monitor function, press Yes. Otherwise, press No.

If you choose Yes, CaroO will lead you to car monitor setting menu and you can adjust
many options of car monitor function. For the details of each option of car monitor,
please refer section 2-2.
The next pop-up instruction is asking whether using video blackbox (car dashcam) function of
CaroO or not. If you want to use video blackbox function, press Yes. Otherwise, press

If you choose Yes, CaroO will lead you to video blackbox setting menu and you can adjust
many options of video blackbox function. For the details of each option of video
blackbox, please refer section 2-1.

GPS usage
CaroO Driving Recorder needs to use GPS of your smartphone. If GPS is not enabled in
advance, you can see a pop-up to request you to turn-on GPS. Depending on the Android
version of your device, different pop-up windows will be shown as follows:

(Prior to Android 4.4 KitKat)

(Android 4.4 KitKat)

On Android 4.4 devices, you cannot turn on or off GPS directly. In order to turn on GPS,
you need to turn on location first and then choose a location mode to either high
accuracy or Device (GPS) only. If you chose battery save mode for location
mode, GPS is not enabled and CaroO will be terminated immediately.
If you dont want to see this pop-up, please turn-on GPS before starting CaroO Driving
Notice: CaroO Driving Recorder DOES NOT use any information in other purpose but
use in a purpose for saving and displaying your location information within this app.

Home Menu Page





On the Home Menu Page of CaroO Driving Recorder, you can see four buttons and three
Start Button
If you press the Start button at the center, CaroO Driving Recorder starts its operation
depending on your settings.
Video Button
You can check video files saved on your memory by pressing this button. By selecting a file on
the list, you can play, share, archive or delete the selected file.
Trip Button
You can check trip summary saved on your memory by pressing this button. By selecting a trip
summary on the list, you can check all the details of the selected trip.
Settings Button
You can configure and change the settings of CaroO Driving Recorder. You can disable video &
track recording, or disable vehicle monitoring functions. You can also change other options in
Settings according to your preference.
Log Button (New)
You can send log files when you experience any problems for using CaroO. By using the log
files, the reasons of your problems can be easily figured out.
GPS Status Indicator
This indicator represents the status of GPS on your phone. It shall be always on while you use
CaroO Driving Recorder.
Bluetooth Status Indicator
This indicator represents the status of Bluetooth on your phone. CaroO Driving Recorder shall
turn on Bluetooth automatically if you enable car-diagnosis function in Settings. If you dont
have an OBD-II device and not to use Car-diagnosis function, this indicator shall be off.

OBD-II Connection Indicator

This indicator represents the status of a connection between your phone and an external OBDII device. If CaroO Driving Recorder detects an OBD-II device you registered, then this
indicator shall be on. If you dont have an OBD-II device and not to use Car-diagnosis function,
this indicator shall be always off.

2. Configure CaroO Driving Recorder

The Settings of CaroO Driving Recorder consists of video blackbox settings, launch/termination
settings, car-monitor settings, general settings and application information.

2-1. Video Blackbox Settings

Pop-up for checking color mapping (Only for Android 4.1 or higher)
The continuous recording mode provided for devices with Android 4.1 sometimes causes
problems in colors of recorded video depending on the devices. So it is highly recommended
to check the color of recorded video by recording files first and checking color while playing
the recorded video. For this purpose, this new pop-up is shown for devices with Android 4.1 or
higher, and it is completely disappeared by checking the Do not show again checkbox.

Notice: This pop-up window will not be shown on devices with Android 4.0 or lower.

Video Blackbox On/Off

You can turn on or turn off video blackbox operation using this checkbox.

Video Recording Type Setting (Only for Android 4.1 or higher)

CaroO Driving Recorder uses a low-level recording engine (Continuous Recording Mode) on
Jelly Bean devices which records video continuously and splits video data into files. In this
case, there are no unrecorded gaps between two consecutively recorded files. By using this
engine, CaroO Driving Recorder provides as reliable results as hardware video blackbox.
For devices which do not support the Continuous Recording Mode, we also support a
conventional recording mode using internal video file recorder on Android devices (File
Recording Mode). In this case, seconds of unrecorded video gaps always appear while
creating a new video file. This is a limitation of the internal video file recorder on Android

The default value is Continuous Recording Mode but if CaroO Driving Recorder does not
work properly on your Jelly Bean device, please try the File Recording Mode. We will keep
trying to support more devices to use the Continuous Recording Mode.
Color Mapping On/Off (Only for Android 4.1 or higher)
Depending on the manufacturer or devices, the recorded video might have a problem of color
mismatch, and the recorded video will not look natural. In order to solve this problem, we
add this color mapping option.
If the color of the recorded video on your device does not look natural, please turn-on this
option and then you will get the natural colored video.
The default value is off.
Video Resolution Setting
CaroO Driving Recorder supports 640x480, 720x480, 1280x720, and 1920x1080 size of video
depending on device capability. In File Recording Mode, the first three resolutions will be
supported on most smartphones, but the full HD (1920x1080) resolution will only be supported
on smartphones with HD display (1280x720 or higher).
In Continuous Recording Mode, part of the first three resolutions will be supported depending
on device capability.


Referring the device capability information, we do not recommend some resolutions even
though they might not cause any problems in actual operation.
The default value is 640x480 or 720x480 (depending on device capability Info.).
Video Quality Setting
CaroO Driving Recorder supports three levels of video recording quality. If you have enough
free space on your storage device, you can enjoy nice quality of recorded video by setting the
video quality by Superfine quality.

The default value is Normal quality.

Normal Video Length Setting
Now you can choose the length of normal video files among 1, 3, and 5 minutes (In HD
recording) or 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 and 30 minutes (in SD recording, New), and the recorded video
will be separated according to this time setting.

The default value is 3 Minutes.

Event Video Length Setting (New)
Now you can choose the length of event (emergency) video files among 20, 40, and 60

The default value is 20 seconds.

Reverse Landscape Mode On/Off Setting
If you need to place your smartphone in Reverse Landscape Mode because of car holder
position, car charger connection, etc., this setting is useful to see the display with 180 degree

Notice: The recorded video files will be played well when using the internal video player of
CaroO Driving Recorder, but they may be vertically reverse when using some PC players. This
vertical reverse issue will be avoided by using QuickTime player or YouTube.
Auto-start Recording On/Off

If you want CaroO Driving Recorder to start video recording as soon as you press the start
button at Home Screen, you just need to turn on this option. Then whenever you press the
start button, video recording will be started automatically
If you do not turn on this option, a manual record button will be provided at the center of the
preview screen. Without pressing this manual record button, video recording will not be

(Auto-Start Recording Off: Manual Start)

(Auto-Start Recording On: Auto-Start)

Audio Recording On/Off Setting

You can turn on or turn off audio recording using this checkbox. Please be careful not to share
the recorded video when you enable audio-recording for protecting your privacy.

The default setting is audio-recording off.

Delete Event Video Files Automatically On/Off Setting

The normal video files will always be deleted automatically when storage space becomes
almost full. But the event video files will not be deleted automatically without enable this

The last 24 hours of event video files will not be deleted even after enabling this option for
secure latest event video files.
The default value is off.
Location to Save Files Setting
CaroO Driving Recorder uses internal SD memory or and external SD card for saving recorded

You can select either internal SD card or external SD card, and you can find Caroo folder in
the root folder of the selected location.
But if you use a smartphone with Android 4.4 and choose external SD as well, CaroO cannot
create or use CaroO folder anymore due to Android system restriction. In this case, you can
see the following pop-up which shows the path of a folder provided by Android system.

If you upgrade your phone OS up to Android 4.4, please copy all files in CaroO folder and
delete it by yourself.
If your phone does not have internal SD card or external SD card, you cannot change the saved
file location. And if your phone has neither internal SD nor external SD, CaroO Driving
Recorder operation will be automatically terminated. So before using CaroO Driving Recorder,
you MUST check whether internal or external memory is available on your phone.
Max Space Setting
CaroO Driving Recorder uses all of the free space in your SD card to save recorded files.
Sometimes it may cause problems while you use other smartphone applications. So you can
set the maximum amount of memory space which CaroO Driving Recorder can use on your SD

By setting this max space, you can prevent CaroO Driving Recorder from using all of your
memory space. CaroO Driving Recorder will automatically start deleting the oldest files and
creating a new file when it gets to the max limit.
The default value is Full space.
Event Detection Sensitivity Setting
CaroO Driving Recorder uses smartphones internal G-force sensor to detect collision event.
The lower this sensitivity setting is, the less frequently collision event will be detected. You
can set one of 5 levels of event detection sensitivity or disable event detection.

Emergency Report On/Off Setting

When the Emergency situation occurs, you can give a call, send an SMS or share event video
files via YouTube automatically by using this emergency report setting.

If you enable this option, you can preset phone number of the person who will receive a
phone call or an SMS, or YouTube account for uploading video.
When you send an SMS, you can also edit the messages in advance and the default message is
Emergency happens to me.

Notice: If you do not set the phone number in advance, you will not be able to give a call or
send a message even though you enabled this option.
If you want to use video sharing via YouTube account, you need to enter the YouTube account
and privacy setting for uploaded video in advance.

The last step is setting Emergency Default Action for making a phone call, sending an SMS
message or uploading video to YouTube automatically.

The default value is Cancel which do not give any action automatically.
Notice: If you choose YouTube upload, this action may consume the mobile data budget a lot.
Please check your data plan and choose this option carefully.

2-2. Car Monitor Settings

Car-Monitor On/Off
You can turn on or turn off OBD-II connection and car monitoring as well as car diagnosis. If
you dont install a Bluetooth OBD-II device (ELM327 compatible) into your car, then turn off
this function.

OBD-II Device Setting

If your car has an OBD-II device which is already paired with your phone, you can select it for
monitoring your car data in Car Monitor function. If you do not pair your OBD-II device with
your smartphone in advance, then go to Settings app of your phone and fair your devices in
Bluetooth setting menu first.

This list of OBD devices firstly shows one class of devices which most OBD dongles are
included. If your device is not listed on, please press View All button and you will see all
Bluetooth devices which are paired with your phone.
Car Info. (Fuel Type & Engine Displacement) Setting
CaroO Driving Recorder provides a set of calculated statistics of your car. In order to get more
reliable statistics, you should set your car information properly before using CaroO. You can
set the Engine Displacement and Fuel Type of your car.

Notice: From CaroO v3.0.0, hybrid (Galsoline-battery) car is also supported. Please choose
Hybrid car when your car is a hybrid type car. (New)
Fuel Consumption Adjustment Option (New)
Even though CaroO successfully estimates the fuel consumption by using standard OBD data, it
cannot provide enough accuracy in some cars. If you feel the fuel consumption and the fuel
economy from CaroO are too much or too less, please use this option for adjusting fuel
consumption and fuel economy.

If fuel economy is too high, please adjust this ratio higher than 1.0. And if fuel economy is too
low, please adjust this ratio lower than 1.0.
Secure OBD Connection Option
If you have problems to connect a registered Bluetooth OBD dongle with your smartphone,
please check this option and retry.

2-3. Launch/Termination Settings

This menu supports options for automatic launch or termination of CaroO which was mixed up
in General Settings of the previous version.
Auto Launch (Driving Detection) On/Off
This option is provided for launching CaroO Driving Recorder automatically as soon as you
start driving.

Enabling this option allow CaroO to be launched and not start its operation automatically. If
you want to start the operation of video blackbox and car monitor, you need to enable Auto
Start option and Auto Record Start option too.

You can set four detection options separately, Check the connection of car battery charger
Check vehicle speed with GPS, Check the connection of OBD device and Check car
ignition on.

Notice: In order to reduce the possibility of false activation of CaroO Driving Recorder, we use
the G-sensor and proximity sensor on your device to check whether it is placed into your car
dock properly or not. If your smartphone is put into your car dock or car holder properly, then
checking the selected auto-start option will be started.
The OBD device check option is the fastest option and the car ignition check option is the
most reliable for auto-start. If you want to use these two options, you must turn on Bluetooth
manually in advance.
In order to reduce false start of CaroO, we also provide a pop-up window for 5 seconds on which you can
cancel auto start manually.
Auto Termination (Driving Detection) On/Off
This option is provided to stop recording and terminate CaroO Driving Recorder automatically
when you finish your drive.

You can set three detection options separately, Check the disconnection of car battery
charger, Check OBD device disconnection and Check the car engine off. Only if you use
Car-Monitoring function with an OBD dongle, you can use the 2nd and 3rd options.
Notice: When you use Check OBD device disconnection option, false detection might happen if
using multiple Bluetooth devices. Even though we make it not happen while you drive, please take
care of this unexpected termination.

In order to prevent unexpected termination, we also provide a pop-up window for 5 seconds
on which you can cancel auto stop.
Auto-start On/Off
If you want CaroO Driving Recorder to start its operation as soon as CaroO Driving recorder is
launched, you just need to turn on this option.

Then whenever you launch this app automatically or manually, video blackbox operation and
car monitoring operation will be started immediately depending on your setting.

In order to prevent unwanted start of its operation, CaroO shows a confirmation pop-up for
you to be able to cancel it.

Pop-up Setting during Start and Stop

By using this setting menu, the confirmation pop-up with waiting time shown at app
start/stop can be enabled or disabled. In order to hide those pop-ups, please unselected the

The default settings for both start pop-up and stop pop-up are ON.

2-4. General Settings

This General Settings consists of non-necessary option such as unit setting, quick launching
app selection, over-speed warning, floating launcher button, and using default language
(English) options.

Units Setting
The values of weight, temperature, fuel economy, distance/speed and volume, shown on
CaroO Driving Recorder can have their own units by this Unit Setting.

We provide five options for changing units of the following values. By pressing each value you will see a
pop-up for choosing a unit for each of them as follows.

Quick Launcher Settings

While you use CaroO Driving Recorder, you may want to use a music player, a navigation app,
etc. at the same time. Since CaroO Driving Recorder supports multitasking and background
operation. You can choose apps you want to use simultaneously with this option.

You can choose two apps in this version and the activation buttons of them will be placed at
the top of main page.
Power Saving Option (New)
If you feel battery consumption is too much, you need to lower down the video resolution and
quality in order to reduce the battery consumption by CaroO. Another way for saving power is
to enable power saving option. This option controls the brightness of your display in order to
reduce batter drain speed.

You can choose two power saving condition, always or as if battery level is lower than 30%.

The default setting is Off.

Overspeed Warning On/Off Setting
If you enable this setting, you can see over-speed warning on the main screen as well as
alarm sound (New) when you drive faster than a specified speed.

The default limit is 110 km/h but you can change the other speed limits as follows:

If you select mile for distance unit, different four values, 60, 65, 70, 75 mph will be

Floating Launcher Button On/Off Setting

With this option, you can see a floating launcher button on the display when CaroO is running
in background mode.

First time, you can only find a button with CaroO logo, but if you click it once, you can find an extended
buttons displaying speed, emergency button, trip summary, etc. as well as driving indicators for harsh
acceleration/brake, idling, over-speed, fuel cut, etc. (New)
If you want to move this launcher button on your screen, just press and drag it. The position
of the launcher button is limited to the left and right side of your screen. (New) The final
position will be saved as default position and this button will be placed at the same position
next time.
Use default language (English) Setting
With this option, you can view all menus in English. Depending on your locale, the translation
results are not complete and not good for use.

The default setting is Off.

2-4. Application Information

This part will show brief information of this app and provide a link of Facebook Page of CaroO
Driving Recorder.

If you have any requests or questions, please visit the Facebook page and leave a post to us.
This list shows the voluntary translators of CaroO messages.

3. Start Operation

Starting Video Blackbox & Car Monitor

When you press the Start button at the bottom-center of the Home Menu, the operation of
CaroO Driving Recorder will be started and the display page will be changed to the Main Page.

If you use both video blackbox and car monitor function, the preview screen will be displayed
for 10 seconds and the screen will be moved to the eco driving screen automatically.

(Automatic screen switching to eco driving screen)

But if you only use video blackbox without car monitor, the preview screen will be displayed
and you can only move to eco driving screen by pressing the screen switch button at the topcenter of screen.

When you use car monitor function only with no video blackbox, eco driving screen will be
displayed instead of video preview, and moreover, preview screen will also be disabled.

(Eco driving screen for car monitor with video blackbox disabled)

Video Blackbox Function

The Preview window shows the input of recorded video, and you can change focus mode
and brightness on this window.

This Preview window is displayed when you start video blackbox operation and will be hided
automatically in 10 seconds. If you want to see Preview more, you just need to press the
Preview button. And if you close the Preview window, you also need to press the car
monitor button, vice versa

If you disable video blackbox function in Settings or there is no available space for new
video file, then video recording operation will not be working at that time. In this case, you
can see disabled video preview button too.
Focus and Brightness Control
On the bottom of preview window, there are focus control button and a slide bar for
brightness control. Considering your environment of using CaroO, please change the focus
mode and brightness level on this Preview window.

Notice: Depending on devices, focus control and brightness control are not working properly.
And on some devices which do not support brightness control, the slide bar will not be shown
on Preview window.
Emergency video recording
CaroO Driving Recorder provides event video recording function as well as full-time normal
video recording. When an event is detected by using the G-sensor or user input from
Emergency button, a separate video file called Emergency Video is created and protected
by CaroO Driving Recorder. The emergency video file includes 20, 40 or 60 seconds of video
data according to your setting and for example, 40 seconds of video includes 20 seconds of
video before the event and 20 seconds of video after the event.

When an event happens, a pop-up for emergency report will be displayed while saving an
emergency video, and the selected option will be highlighted and activated automatically.
Even if you do not set an automatic report option, you can call or send a message by pressing
a button on this pop-up. Pressing a button will immediately start the selected emergency
report action.

After sending an emergency report, you will see a pop-up for showing the result of emergency
report shortly.

Notice: If you do not set the phone number for emergency call and message in advance, you
will not be able to give a call or send a message and will see the following error messages.

When you choose YouTube upload for emergency report, an event video file will be uploaded
to YouTube account you have registered. While uploading a video, a moving arrow will be
showed at the top status bar, and after completing video upload, a notification will be shown
on notification window too.

(A notification while uploading video)

(A notification after finishing upload)

Notice: The video upload might be affected by the mobile network status and it will consume
mobile data budget you have. Be careful not for overspending you mobile data considering
your data plan.
When you cancel emergency report, a short message will only be displayed on your screen. .

Car Monitor Function

The most car monitoring functions of this Eco-driving screen are working only if an OBD
dongle is registered and connected as well as car monitor is enabled. This screen has the
following display components.

At the top of this page, a button for displaying preview is placed and two indicators,
malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) and OBD connection lamp, are placed below.
Fuel Efficiency Panel
The fuel information panel in the middle includes average fuel efficiency, instant fuel
efficiency and fuel consumption of this trip.
Trip Info Panel
Below the fuel efficiency panel, trip information display are placed which shows trip distance
and time.
Vehicle Status Panel
On the left side of this page, vehicle status panel is provided which shows engine-related
information such as RPM, engine coolant temperature, battery level, fuel-cut, eco-driving
gauge, etc. This vehicle status panel is only working when no OBD device is available.
The two warning indicators, engine coolant temperature and battery level, give status
information with different colors depending on its value. And fuel-cut indicator turns on or off
whether fuel is cut off or not.

The eco lamp has four different colors, red, yellow, green, and grey depending on the ecodriving status. Please try to keep this color as green for saving fuel and CO2.
Driving Status Panel
On the right side of this page, driving status panel is provided which shows speed-related
information such as speed, harsh acceleration/brake, idling, overspeed warning, etc.
The all warning indicators, harsh acceleration, harsh brake, idle, overspeed driving, are
turned on with red-color whenever their corresponding events happen. Please try to keep
these lamps turned off for eco-safe driving.
Detailed Information Pages
If you press the Detail Info. button at the bottom center of main screen, you will see the
following pages providing more detailed information.
The first page shows real-time driving status such as RPM, engine load, battery voltage,
coolant temperature, MIL & DTC code, etc.

The digital meters in the third row of this page including batter voltage, coolant temperature
and malfunction indicator will have different colors depending on their status. If any of these
three meters are red-colored, please investigate those parts carefully for avoiding unexpected

The second page shows trip and eco-driving status such as average fuel economy, fuel
consumption, harsh acceleration and braking, ratios of Eco-driving time, fuel cut time, idling
time and over-speed driving time compared with total driving time, etc.

You can move between pages by swiping the screen left or right. If you want to go back to the
main screen, press the back button.
Quick App Launcher
If you select one or two apps in Settings for quick launching, the corresponding buttons for
the selected apps will be placed at the top corners of the main page. If you press one of these
two buttons, the corresponding app will be launched immediately and then CaroO Driving
Recorder will be working in background mode of operation.

Notice: Apps for recording video, taking a picture, augmented reality using camera will not
be launched properly while video blackbox function is running in CaroO Driving Recorder. And
apps using Bluetooth OBD device will also be working properly at the same time while Car
Monitoring function of CaroO Driving Recorder is running. Please be careful for choosing apps
for quick launching.
Terminating Operation
When you want to finish operation of CaroO Driving Recorder and move to the Home Menu,
press the Back button of your phone. In order to avoid unexpected termination, a pop-up
window for confirming the termination will be displayed on the screen. If you press OK or
Back button again, the Home Menu page will be displayed on the screen as well as
termination of operation.

If you want to terminate operation and exit this app, just press the Exit button at the
bottom right of the main page. If you press this button, the following pop-up will be displayed
on the screen and after 5 seconds, CaroO Driving Recorder will be closed after termination of

4. Playing Recorded Video

If you want to play recorded video files, press Video button on Home Menu page.

Video Storage
If you press Video button, you will see the following list on your screen to show the video
files stored in CaroO folder or system path (Android 4.4)

There are three separate folders storing normal video files, emergency video files and
archived video files, and on the list you can find three taps correspond to the three separated
folders. On this list, we provide a thumb-nailed video, recording time, video resolution and
file size in order to help you to find a file you want to manage now.

The normal video files are stored into sub-folders separately according to the date of
recording. In contrast, the emergency video files and archived video files are stored in a
folder regardless of the recording date, respectively.
Even though the emergency video files and archived video files are not deleted by CaroO
Driving Recorder, the normal video files will be deleted automatically when available storage
is not enough in the order of recording date.
Managing Recorded Video
If you want to archive, share or delete files, select files on the list and press the action
buttons at the top-right of this list page. By using the Select Option button, you can select
or unselect all files on the current list.



If you select one or more files and press the archive button, the selected files will be copied
into the Archive Folder and these archived files will also be protected from automatic
deletion like emergency video files.

If you want to share a video file, select a file for sharing first and press the Share button.
Then, all available video sharing apps on your smartphone will be listed as follows.

By selecting your favorite app for sharing, the video file will be shared to the sharing folder
you select.
Notice: Depending on the video size, some video sharing apps will not be working properly.
Before using a sharing app, please check the largest size of video allowed by each sharing
Deleting files or folders
If you want to delete files or folders, select files or folders on the list and press the Delete
button (shape of waste basket).

Even though the normal video files are deleted by the order of creation date when available
space is not enough, it is recommended to delete manually normal video files in order to
reduce the computation burden for deleting files while recording a video file.
Playing Recorded Video
If you press a list item corresponding the video file you want to play, playing video will be
started immediately.

Driving Status

Change Mode

The default screen includes main video display, address, driving status as well as speed and
date/time recorded. But if you press the Mode Change button, then you can also see the
following display working with Google Map.

5. View Trip Records

If you press the trip button, you may check the details of your trip records stored in the

Accumulate Statistics
Accumulated stats are calculated from trip data within a certain period of times you set. You

can start accumulation by pressing the Reset button and pressing the reset button will not
delete the actual trip data on your storage.

Some data such as fuel economy, fuel consumption, CO2 emissions etc., will not be provided if
you dont use an OBD dongle and car monitor function.

When you press the reset button, you will see a confirmation pop up and press OK will
immediately reset and reset the accumulation logic.
By pressing the Trip Record button, you will see the list of trip data and view the details
and statistics of the selected trip or delete it. For easier selection of trip record, there are
start time of trip, trip distance, address of start point and end point on the list item.

Detailed trip information consists of trip summary, fuel economy and car-diagnostic
information is provided with much more simple interface.

If your car does not report any error code (DTC), the following results will be shown on
DIAG tab.

But if your car reports DTC codes, the detailed information of the reported DTC codes will be
shown as follows.

Some data including fuel economy and Diagnosis information will only be available if you
enable Car Monitoring function with an OBD device.

6. Sending Log Files (New)

If you press the log button, you send log file to us by email which includes CaroO version, your
phone model and OS version, your settings as well as internal operation logs.

When you press this log button you will see a pop-up for confirming your submission.

If any problems happen, please send log files with a short description about the problems.
This subscription of log files will be so helpful to figure out the exact reason of problems, and
we can easily help you to change settings or find a way to fix them.

7. Working with Android Wear (New)

From v3.0.0, CaroO officially supports Android wear watches for displaying information and
providing notifications.

Android wear based smart watches

There are three main components of CaroO wear, notifications, emergency button and CaroO
wear app. The emergency button generates the same emergency video files on your phone as
the emergency button of CaroO.

CaroO provides notifications to Android wear from the start to the end of its operation.
As soon as you start operation of CaroO (not launch of CaroO), you can see a welcome
notification first and trip summary notification after termination of CaroO as well.

The trip summary includes trip distance, trip time, average fuel efficiency and fuel
consumption if available.
While you drive, emergency and event notification will be provided with two different view
types as follows:

Caroo Wear App

Instead of a notification, you can check the status of CaroO and trigger an emergency event
on your Android wear device by using CaroO wear app. You can launch this dedicated app
through Android wear app list or through notifications.
If you launch the CaroO wear app, you can see the following status panel on your wrist.

The lamps on this panel will be turn on or off or have different colors depending on driving
The other three serious events will be notified by full screen warning, malfunction,
emergency event and overspeed driving.

Trip summary is also provided with two pages, trip and fuel, on CaroO wear app.

You can also activate CaroO on your phone from CaroO wear app if required.