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PIANO - CONDUCTOR'S SCORE NYTHING GOES [BEAUMONT THEATRE VERSION) Music and Lyrics by COLE PORTER Original Book by Guy BOLTON, P.G. WODEHOUSE, ! Howarp Linpsay and RUSSEL CROUSE New Book by TIMOTHY CROUSE and JOHN WEIDMAN Piano Reduction by Dale S. Kugel Copyright © 1934 Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse; Copyright © 1977 Guy Bolton, Estate of P.G. se, Anna Crouse and Howard Lindsay Trust .d.t dated March 2, 1967. 3k - Copyright © 1988 Timothy Crouse and John Weidman, and Lyics - The Gypsy in Me, 1 Get A Kick Out Of You, You're The Top, Amything Goes, Slow, Gabriel, Blow, All Through The ooriaht © 1934 Harms, Ic; Bom Voyage, Be Like The Blucird, Publi Enemy Naber One - Copyright © 1936 Hur les Be A Lady Falr- Copyign 9 1936 (Reanwed) Warner Bren, 17a Lane Googe, Lite Dream Goodin, Bude, Brware= 1 © 1936 Chappll’d Con ne Cogn sewed, nt pilation and Arrangement - Copyright ©-1987 Robert H. Moalgomery, J. Trusts (of Literary and Musical Property Truss walt by orter dated July 6, 1961, as amended). Property of: ‘Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc. 560 Lexington Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022 (212) 688-2525 Musical Numbers Q Act One 1. Overture Orchestra 5 2. Underscore: Buddie 19 _-31 1Get A Kick Out Of You Reno... 22 _-4. There’s No Cure Like Travel Girl, Sailor, Captain & Male Chorus ... 27 5. Bon Voyage Sailors & Passengers - SATB Chorus 32 “6. You're The Top Reno & Billy .. 41 “6a Playoff: You’re The Top Orchestra 54 _/1, Easy To Love Billy ... 55 7a Reprise: Easy To Love Hope 61 _-8. The Crew Song Whitney .. 62 8a Crew Move #1. Orchestra 66 8b Crew Move #2 Orchestra 66 _. There'll Always Be A Lady Fair Male Quartet) 67 AD. Friendship Reno & Moon. .... Nn 10a Chaser: Friendship Orchestra 82 iL. It’s De-lovely Billy & Hope 83 2. Anything Goes Reno & Chorus . 93 Two 13. Entr’acte Orchestra ae 14, Public Enemy Number One Captain, Purser & Chorus 121 15. Gabriel Entrance Orchestra 127 _16. Blow, Gabriel, Blow Reno & Chorus . . 128 16a Dance: Blow, Gabriel, Blow Reno & Chorus . 138 16b Playoff: Blow, Gabriel, Blow Orchestra 153 _17. Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye Hope 154 17a Scene Change: Goodbye Orchestra . 156 _ 18. Be Like The Blue Bird Moon .... ee 157 ~ 19. All Through The Night Billy, Hope Male Quart 161 19a Scene Change: All Through The Night Orchestra 171 20. Gypsy In Me Evelyn . 172 20a Playoff: Gypsy In Me Orchestra 183 20b Scene Change: Bon Voyage Orchestra 184 .“21, Buddie, Beware Erma & Male Quartet 185 22, Wedding March Orchestra 194 22a Little Plum Blossom Orchestra 194 23. Finale Reno, Evelyn, Billy, Hope & 195 24. Bows Full Company as SATB Chorus 201 «75. Exit Musie Orchestra ‘Vocal Ranges RENOSWEENEY === BILLY CROCKER /uoreuarcourr $= MOONFACE MARTIN ERMA = ELISHA WHITNEY Solo lines from chorus: EVELYN OAKLEIGH GIRL (Soprano) SAILOR (Tenor) PURSER (Tenor) CAPTAIN (Baritone) MALE QUARTET [TTBB} MALE CHORUS (TTBB] (CHORUS [SATB] Instrumentation Reed I Piccolo, Fate, Clarinet & Alto Saxophone Reed If Flute, Clarinet, Soprano & Alto Saxophone Reed IIT Oboe (or Clarined), Englis (or Carine), Clarinet & Tenor Saxophone Reed IV Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone & Baritone Saxophone ‘Trumpet I and Flugethorn ‘Trumpet II and Flugelhorn ‘Trumpet Mit ind Fugelhor ‘Trombone I (Tenor) ‘Trombone IT (Bass) Violin (One Player) Bass Guitar (also Banjo & Twelve String Guitar) Piano and Keyboard Synthesizer Drums (Trap Drum Set) Percussion (Mallet instruments) NOTE: The orchestration requires sixteen players. Measure ruenbers may no! be consecutive due to changes made during the tryout pried. No.1 Overture (Orchestra) “Anything Goes” Tena! Tete, ne, ‘ea. I, Be, Pro. uit, Dr's. Tine” Fy: To. Il, B.D, Pro. Gut ss ly: Ton. i, Bs. OF, Pro, Gu. Fy: Be, Des. Pre. i, Ses. (cued on Tots) saoym.F “You're The Top” 108) ye. (afte boat Re Gut) (Ors. Time") vw Li. Pro, “Ste™ Ba, Ay: 82.0, Pho, Gu $e, Tt Ton | Moderato (J-126) Von ‘oll F o ‘All Through The Night” sir, Tora We mp ‘Ay Bs. Dr's, Pro. Gut. &: 2 24 la, Toner vb ? Foci Fi, Oe. Pros a Vi. Po. Se Tore. B a. | Seam yi Peo Py, gna vm om, Tren ios = —| 10, Tor, Ton. Trea Tok. t, To. Pr. P| Fy pat | inf Fay. oT. he. WB Moderately “Friendship” Ch Be, ‘ny: Be., WB. Pro, Gut » os z r or gr 16 cman” ly: LH. Pho. Be. Ore, Gut Fy: Cl 4M, Be. C2. Be., D's. Pro. Gut. coym. oy, Fy: Be. Dr's. Pro. Gut Ten 14 ple, Vn, {FE Sr, Vibes, Fy: Ton. lB, Dr, Pe. Gut Ten. Televi, Fy To. Il, Be, Dre. Pre. Gu. No. 2 Underscore: Buddy Beware (Orchestra) Cue: (Segue from No. 1 “Overssse”) Andante (Under Dialogue Act I, Scene 1) WHITNEY: You sure Crocker hasn't called? (etc.) oe. Plano soo ate Tpaaaeosaeae: ee ol se 39-31 35 (ee0r Pore antag (BJF gor) oF Cue sop: WHITNEY: Boot te Yale boat home Cueto continue: WHITNEY: Where te het nave you been? (Cue to finish bar 31: WHITNEY: Yes, but e's a Yale man! 2 1 2p 2 a t o bes [Dialogue] a — ard iy £2 a - 7 Tf ti eer ee Molto rubato ad P as P 2 > be (Cue: BILLY: You won't miss me over there, so AN 2 o se Anacca 2 No. 3 I Get A Kick Out Of You (Reno) ae: (Attacca from No, 2 “Underscore: Buddie Beware”) fe. RM. Po, RENO: (spoken over vamp) Why are the cute ones always so dumb? Moderato vamp - last time voice 1 RENO My sto - ry is much too sadto be told, 200 Piano prow (Orch tact bar 9) The on - ly ex. cep-tion I know is the — case. mito Tete, Fm r-onrm oa Fr 7 7 But prac - tic’-ly oP 2 3 When I'm out on a u 3 3T) os 1s 33 o T qui - et spree— Fight - ing vain-ly the old en- nui, And I sud-den-ly "eet Tr i a a ‘Tempo [lite swing two] » 20 7 ” is > aa = Syour fab-u-lous face. = Fin Tas, RH, Pro. De r ? as a Ey 3—7_ in 4 2s T get no kick from cham - pagne,——____ Mere al-co- FA, Vin, dt Tot, RH, Pro, ° P hol does- n't thrill meatal, So tell me why should it be 7 2 Eo Bs 2s <<< out of you? ELM. Tote, Fit Bro 6 ‘s r fy <8 rm Fry: Bs. Dr's. LH, Pro. Gut Ey 3——-_» 0 get a kick Cre. Be Ca. Pre 2. 0e8,Po. ci iG a 2, Bers om em Eg oer ae ge oe fm sure that if 1 took ev - en one sniff That would bore me ter - Cte, Be. Cl suet Tre r Primos. Pra cot hy Be, Dr's, Pro. uit hy: Bs. Or., Po. Gut oe me. Ch, Pgs, LM. Pro. Vin, OF oy aI P8408 Po, 26 plane, —_________ Fly - ing too high with some ¥ , ly: 8, Pro, Gu, D's. time-out a ss a3) e + guy in the sky Is. my i - dea of noth - ing to do, —____ Yet I get a kick out of Fy: Be., Dr's, Pro. Gut a No. 4 There’s No Cure Like Travel (Girl, Sailor, Captain & Sailors - Male Chorus) (Cue: RENO; I'm not used to men treating me lke that, (idusic starts as Reno & Billy ext, Girl, who has been drinking witha Sailor, comes downsiage and sings:) di198) vamp - last time voice 1 GIRL, My dear, you're sail - ing off ‘with - out Che. Be Ct ——_ | 2@ seem to give a damn. fear- ful of me not + ful, But thank heav-en I am 1) You mean to say you're glad 10 (Un. cota voce bar 24) aa Can 1. “be - lieve that's what you mean? —— Why, don't be — fun-ny, I'm just wild about you, hon-ey, But I'm — oh_—____ fs. (Rn. Pro. ele voce, steady tts) ‘The hum-drum of my dai - ly rou — 2 ny * ‘CAPTAIN & SAILORS, (The set changes transforming itself into the aperdeck of the ocean liner S.S.American,) ‘And there's (Male Chorus) “5 Fy To. I Be, Pro. Bp, Or 0 fea cl Ay: To. Ba, Pn. Bo. Or, 2 The hum-drum of my dai- ly row tine, —____ ‘CAPTAIN & SAILORS (The set changes transforming sel into the afterdeck ofthe ocean lner SS. America.) ee +r. fz (Mate Chorus) = ‘ 4s Ay: Ten Be. Pr, Bo, O's. 0 st wor-ries of _liv- ing ‘Ay: Tb. Be, Pro. Bf. Or 30 cracking There’s noth: ing like pack-ing A suit-case and saibing a - way. Take a ‘round Vi - en + ni Gra - na - da, ,Rav- en- ma, Si- Wl: tae; > ted, > feds ) Fy Be. Cl Bs, Pro. Bi. D's. = round Rome.— Have a high wwe pb ¥ tow time and in no time You'll be sing- ing, “Home. 1 (SFX: Blast from Ship's Stack Whistle, then dialogue.) BILLY: Excuse me, Captain. (e1c.) 3 17 se Vn, BOL A fal oi PP ou Ayr plz. Ba. Pr. Bf, (Br, Dr's, tet le) (Cut om cue: CAPTAIN: Wait a minute -- (Segue to bar 10! on cue) Ey u ss bi b Play On Cue: CAPTAIN: “Then we've got nobody! "Fade out on cue: REPORTER # ... where's all the celebrities? oa vi 102 13, ow 2 No. 5 Bon Voyage (Sailors & Passengers - SATB Chorus) (Cue: MOON: Forget about Snake Eyes. ERMA: O.K. PURSER: Final call. (Dialogue continues) Listesso Tempo (1-135) pe TEP | CaP oP Be BE Be cu ~ r rity r fyb Pro, ou | Fi Thi : z q ? : ? ( i i i if i 7 Ty as n w *h it BY Ban! PE TRE (Billy exits midst great hubbub as Passengers and Crew prepare to sail.) fee z 2 » YAW, Vbou, Vin, LH, Pro. Gut b, Mf erese. Tet Be, Gi.Ga, —eTon IT Chie ngpeeameneeneneereeenaaee, PASSENGERS (Soprano & Alto) x asi 3s 36 ‘Ves. Vin. cla voce SAILORS (Tenor & Bass) You mean, Bon Voy- “Good - bye,” sweet 7 You mean Surla Pla - ge. : a a SS ru ~ By the —sea- shore. = T Cala ee eat oes 55 Ton. 1A Wang 35 Eng - lish or Eng - lish or aoe ore _. Bea WW. Vin. feco To's, To. I, AH. Pra, Gut, & "Ten. A Tots. XY. ry. Bs. cl, Ton Il, Bs, Pro. Dr. Gut es 1 hate to say “Good-Bye,” sweet - heart. un + ray-el ‘The wor-ries of _liv-ing to - day. = When 2h co ‘Till you come back to me, Tm yours for life. 1 - en-na, Gra-na-da, © Rav - en- na, a, 8s.CL, Tha. Gs, Pro. O's, Gu 38 @—_S kdss me, pretty wench. en-na And then a- round Rome.— Have a high time, A en in See ws a (toot) Eng - lish or in French, “Bon ‘Voy- age.” — Jow time and in no time You'll be sing- ing, “Home. Zodl De oe Sweet Home. a Cl. Tove r 2 Playoff a Little Faster () of previous tempo) 39 im 2 3 help you up - rav-ei | help you un - rav-el ©The wor-ries_—of_liv- ing to - day. © When the ; eid . =. (i There's noth- ing like pack- ing ¢ poor brain is crack-ing There’smoth- ing like pack-ing A suit- case and ne 129 10. a 192 == sail- ing a+ Way. Take a run ‘round = Vi_s-sen-na, Gra na-da, Rav- sail-ing a - way, Take a mun ‘round =Vi_ = enema, Gra-na-da, Rav- Bec. Bs Si-en-na, And then a- round Rome. Have a high en-na, Si-en-na, And then a- round Rome. Have a_ high time, A Wn. wor]? PP no time You'll be “Home —_— low time and in sing- ing, Jow time and in no time You'll be sing-ing, “Home m (Immediate Segue to next Scene} 41 You’re The Top (Reno & Billy) Ne Cue; RENO: ...iny fraction of your brains, your looks, your... your. Moderato (4-104) RENO aA” ane At words povet - ic [’'m so pa-thet - ic that I al- ways have found. it ww, Vin, mp Ay: Pro. plzz, Gu, De, (te HH, : bes, In- stead of get - ting ‘em off—— my — ches4___ to et ‘em rest o NL Dr. fvaious Cym's) ° = 0 u = + ana SS un- ex - pressed. — I hate pa-rad - ing my ser - e- nad - ing As TR La | pe, Ve 7 = SS = ¢ =F 7 SS Fy: Pro. B¢,Gut Dr's, (ot in ht = « 8 e SS SS SS SS prob - a - bly miss a bar, But if this dit- ty Is unis. Tot. Vibe. De (Ha) not so pret-ty = At_—=—sdeast_— it’ tell you how great -you are You're the top! You're the col - os - se-um, A) hy: Poo. Bs. Gu. Drs (tm in wo) ‘Note "Reneaisal Pano play cue se bass notes when no percussion is present) z 2 u 2s You're the top! You're the Louvr’ Mu - se - um, Pa a =» = & = + = = SS You're a mel - o-dy— Froma sym - pho-ny— by Strauss, ‘You're a i, Tet Von. Ben- del bon- net, a Shake - speare son - net, You're Mick-ey Mouse.— & i tr 1 F ms ww vm ue, 8, Vibes, wm ‘You're the Nile, ‘You're the Tow'r of Pi-sa, You're the smile on the Mo- na Lis-a; v 2 T'm a worth-less check, ato tal wreck flop, Buti, > 5 vn Tas Too | ——— Oy | 2 r I = ‘ i fr. BILLY Ba-by, I'm_ the bot-tom, You're. the top! Your We, Marna. 2 2 ° Fy: Pre. 8, Gut Or (fou) ‘0 Bee omer Fy: Pro. 8s. Gu, D' (g im shot) 2 = = can feel aft- er ev’ - Now gift- ed hu - mans like Vin - cent You - mans Might Gl, See, le. Fy: Pn. Ba, Gut D's o is what I'm go-ing to add:— tema, YOU'RE the top! You're Ma- hat- ma Ghan-di, tote /* 5 r r Riv. bo 2 2 n SS —— | ‘You're the top! You're Na - po-leon_ bran- dy, 9 rg pte = SSS = eo a a re —s You're the pur- ple light. Of a sum-mer night in Spain, You're the Ct, i, E. SS + ae Na tion's Ga’ = 1y, You're Gar - o's sal" - 19, You're oel-a- phane.— feb! 4 A at. ‘ ; ‘You're a tur-key din-ner, You're the time of the Der- by winner, j T'm a toy bal-loon— that’s fat-ed soon. to pop; Syst if, Ba-by, I'm— the bot-tom, You're the top! ais Tors, van” oe (foun an Dr's. (into) 48 You're the top! You're the nim - ble ted of the feet of Fred AS- tare, se. Fy Po, BG, r 7 % w im 0 im BILLY ,,, RENO us us ©” Neil dra - ma, You're Whist-ler's ma - ma, You're Cam-en- bert — A 49 BILLY 7 a 118 19, 120 You're In - fer- no's Dan-te, a RENO You're the nose > A On the great Du - ran- te @ T'm just in the way,— as the French would say, “De trop," , But if, ia, Sea. To, 90. Ti Py: Pro, Be. Gut, Oe 129 120 3 12. <« | Ba-by, I'm— the bot- tom,You're— _the top! i, Sx, ‘You're the top! = 7 A You're a Cool- idge — dol- lar. 2 = w “ _ fe =H 5 => = : SSS SSS és 3 You're the nim - ble ted of the feet of Fred As - taire,— + To, Or T 7 wt Sits, Vi nie oct, +H BULLY ue RENO us us Neil dra - ma, You're Whist-Jer’s ma - ma, You're Cam-en-bert.— A You're In - fer- no's Dan-te, or — I'm just in the way,— as the French would say, “De trop,” «But if, en, 8, To's : : we, Ba-by, I'm— the bot-tom,You're— _the top! vn. om, ni. S's, Ses z Ba-by, Tm— the bot-tomYou're—__ the top! A Wal-dorf sal- ad. Ls Fy: Pro. Bs. Gut, Dr's. (now leamon up) ve, aw sa 12 rs (ee wo) ‘You're the boats that glide on the sleep-y Zui - der Zee, ch, vi. oem, A 3 BILLY RENO 8 o old Dutch mas - ter, You're La - dy As - ‘tor, You're broc-co- li— “oe a i 6 —— _ = aS SSS You're the steppesof Rus-sia, 4 ba: 4, —, ‘ty: Pr, Ba, Gul. De, 19 196, 91 198. ‘You're the pants oy i Des (satu) = = a bro- ken dol, a fol - de-rol—_ a A ds, 8390. Rae. Tots. Vn a= ar BILLY 206 Ea a0 Applause - Segue No. 6a Playoff: You’re The Top (Orchestra) Cue: (Applause for No. 6 “You're The Top”) C109 pes. iy: Pro. Be, Gut, Dre See, Mn, 5 35 No.7 Easy To Love Gilly) Cue: BILLY: Yeah guess you're sight. (BILLY continues) Me and you - - who am Tkidding? Andantino (1.112-120) i 2 2 “ Back r Just wast- ing pre cious time TO am think- ing such a thing could be, That you could ev-er care for me, | I'm sure you hate to hear That I a- dore you, dear, But ee ee . —S=S= Cl grant_me, just the same, T'm not en - tre - ly to blame, For ——_———— . Easy two (/=60) Ay: Pro. plz. Be. Gut BP omodln be, ao rai Fy: Pro. Bs, Gul D's. 7 wak-en with, So nice to sit down to eggs and ba - con with.— | Tot. Tos, (suing foo vcs. foceves) = = We'd be so grand at the game, So ny: Pr 8s, Gut, Dr T's, 85-01, Pro see your fu- ture with me, "Cause you'd be oh, so es - oy i Vows. cola ace Saye 58 love! ‘open Tel ola joven eighth) 2 Dance 9 (mn cole voce they bar 74), a e 3 to keep ev’- ry home - fire bum - Oh, how we'd bloom how we'd thrive, In a me, ‘Cause you'd —{=——— = —_—_—_— 2 WoW, Vibes ay Tots. = Ln Segue No. 7a Reprise: Easy To Love (Hope) Cue: (Segue from No, 7 “Easy To Love.” HOPE & BILLY embrace then she plls back ) HOPE: Billy this i ll wrong. (ete:) (58) 9 Ca 390 0 LL [he Vib. Vn, sco Baie << S 2 = a eq. —— Bsr. ae oe oe Cue: BILLY: You're going to marry me. (He exits) Colla voce a 2 HOPE Tod (Pro, Gut. sat) Vives. 2 z 2 24 4 & « = — ov T +t oF oh, so. es - y to love!. | > se, Blackout - Segue No. 8 The Crew Song (Whitney) (Cue: (From Blackout - Music segues as lights come up on Whimey's stateroom.) ‘Tempo di Valse (/|-72) Ta re 004 i AP oe > ‘i = ff, = : Fry: Ton. Il, pizz Bs, Pro., Gut, Dr's. 2 ‘That's the thing {want to do, ma-ma. © To be known through-out Yale a . - £ Bs. fay. 3 walk a-bout it, — Get a boil on my tail and then talk a-bout it oi 4 x Tons. Ay. Repeat under dialogue ‘ill cue: Your face alone would stop a clock. (Then segue to bar 57) a5 Ms Drnkonty ag a = 2» x0 P Fy: Ba, Pro, Gut (Or. oat) Cue 10 continue: WHITNEY: ...Must be on her way! a 8 3 WHITNEY 0 oo : 2 Td ike to be a big bloke, f #8 Fy: Tn. plz Bs. Poo. Gut. Dr os ea 6s es o oo Jeam that new — Ar-gen-tine stroke, ma - ma, You'll see your slim son put-ting t - is t : WM, Pro. ~ poco rall. crimps in the crim- son When I Fy: Ton, iz Be, Pro. Gu, Dr . r (Lights down on Whissey’s cabin, up on adjacent cabin for MOOMVERMA dialogue.) 3s vn so 16. an a 7 Fi Pra 00k rw 3 Cue to fade out; ERMA: T don't wanna play cards! Pro. Gut s By : Bs. Pro., Gul 66 8a Crew Move #1 (Orchestra) Cue: BILLY: ...you're one hell of a Chistian (MOON exits into the corridor. Lights up on Whimey's cabin, fe ‘down on Moon's cabin. Music out a MOON knocks on Whitney's door) 72) 1 Mn sob Draken i 2 3 66. Pro. Gut 8b Crew Move #2 (Oreestra) Cue: MOON: That's what I wanted 10 know. (Music to cover and out: ale) ‘MOON exits Whimey’s cabin and re-enters his own) 1 Vin. 2080 unkenty 2 a ar aheate.: or No. 9 There’Il Always Be A Lady Fair (Male Quartet) Cue: ERMA: You wast 3 salar suit? No problem, (ERMA stars for the door, Blackout. Immediate segue to next scene - mid-morning, On Deck) Vivace . at =~ WW, Tat, Xo. Pro Be. cL, Tho, ‘ied Bay Pro, v \y_ Riv sab Pv. Gut. Ors. V y 5 ‘ 1 « TY BASS (Salo) 4 < yu Vv — 7 i2___TENOR II (Solo) ‘Yes, but sail- or's life is sup- posed 0 be, A hell of a lot of fun v subito pp when you're a Bive us jobs of c= sail - or take it from me, You work like a son of a gun. BARITONE (Solo) They TENOR I (Solo) But sweat a- way sail-or, ev'-ry kind And chores of ev'-ry sort, QUARTET you don’t mind, ‘cause you © mow when we reach 2 2 Allegretto la-dy fair A Jen- ny fair, or_a Sa- die fair, There'll + 7 Ay, Pro. pizza. Bio, D's al- ways be la - dy fair Who's wait- ing there for you, There always be la - dy fair to smooth your trou-bles and to muss your hair. There'll al- ways be a la- dy fair Who's wait- ing there for you. — ———— : 2384 SS SS SS t always be ca-ress To change your ans-wer from a “No” to “Yes,” There'll try: Ba, Pen he, 2°, rm) 1 Ba bum bum bum ba ba ba — bum bum bum. L bum bum bum ba bum bum bum, Ba n No. 10 Friendship (Reno & Moon) Cue: RENO: We'te two of kind, alight. MOON: Partners (Music) RENO: Through thick of thi. | MOON: ign or aay | | RENO: Right or wrong! : | | soon In tempo, moderato Twiownvea AA If you're ever. A Ve ina jam, here Yam. Fx Fg: Bs. Pre. Gui, Dr's. RENO, div 61. Seg soo n feel so hap-py you land in jail,-— I'm your bail,_— as Ol. ses MOON RENO friend - ship, — friend - ship,— Just. a per-fect blend - ship, — When en b_ yo» — » + SSS ‘oth- er friend - ships have been for - got, Ours will eS = ; fe — = =F still be hot Lah dle + ak-dle- ah-dle dig, dig, og a = . $ $ = x gan = i ¥- + = c + =< ——— 7 = — 3 Se Or (stm shots) 4 Interlude MOON x 2 » » Pe Fe If you're lean eee I eS SSS = = po ve * 9% S* es |ga gop Fe | ~ A asi ==> = ——— = = SS = 28 RENO a 7 7 = f = SS ie Pa Fie oe eves down a well, ring my bell — 01, ges. sav gee ee yo Vn. ow Pa Ria ae eee Tent catch on fire, send a wire. ever. lose your teeth and you're oot to dine, Bor - row mine, It's See aes ass. r FF ? ? re ne 15 When friend - ship,— friend - ship, — Just a per-fect. blend - ship,. seem on. ; Tos “Fitter ¢ oth- er friend- ships 1, Se, in a Lah- dle - ah-dle-ah-dle hep.hep, —_hep.—~ r ome sp Mterlude RENO fo black your eyes, put me wise, Ten’. (sub-tone) cook your goose, z F Tone. (sub tone) put 2 —bul-let through your brr- ain, il com-plain.— dt 4 2 Pe ede iy Tone. Just a perfect blend - ship,— + ah-dle-ah-dle goof, goof, goof. as/nterlude Dre, swingin TH be Kind. — tyre, (quasi cyte Macon) nett ‘es. (stan) fy: Ban Sx Pro, Gut, Ors. (Kay 7 78 “ ss a MOON * = pe = => Se z = e ev-er. lose your shin, I'l be hun. If you're eth th ev-er. in a mill and get sawed in half, 1_won't laugh. It's Weg + i 2 77 & Set. When other friendships have been _for- gate, Vin sng fo! p ev-er-—— crack your spine, drop a line If they cut your throat, fin ‘Ton ty ev-er——— make a can-ni-bal stew of you. In-vite me too. aT tn ya yd I= yo Ses. gh) r Fy: Bs, Pro, Gut, Or. awa 15 s re —74 y blend - ship,— When other friend - ships Ve, mp See Tens, a Prof 1m still be slick Lah- dle - ah-dle-ah-dle quack, quack, quack. Ses. will | r —— wep muna vem 3 RENO 1m __ MOON na fet — = — = i a os - Quack, quack, — quack? Quack, quack, quack!___ Vives. (octaves) Vamp When oth-er friend - ships have © been for - got__— Tut Vin, Vibes. a & RENO Woof, woof, woof! Quack, quack, quack! AR 7 Blackout Applause - Segue Playoff (Orchestra play for Scene Change) Ta: Sx, 8290, Vi v8 os 0 No. 10a Chaser: Friendship (Orchestra) (Cue: MOON: You keep away from me or I'l shoot! (Blackout) (Orchestra play for Scene Change) Tut: See. Be, Xe. Vin Ova ie 1m 30 : oa Fy: Be. Pro, Gut. Drs vn, ‘See, Tots. Fm 7 * amet = gee No. 11 It’s De-lovely Gilly & Hope) Cue: HOPE: And now it’s raining! ‘OLD LADY: (BILLY in disguise) Things don't look that bad to me. Freely BILLY ‘The night is young, The skies are clear And if you want___ to go Vibes. Dictated - colla voce (0b, O78, Vibes., Bra Vin, F mp act In Tempo (Easy nwo J.50) ‘ 5 * pS ete = ¥ y—¥ ¥ i“ x ¥ ¥ walk-ing, dear,___—iIt's de - light - ful_ it’s de - li - ciovs— it's de- =F RH. Po, try el cba a tr bar 8) 7 a — ‘os i oS 7 Ba. Pr, Gu, Vos —— ®, 1 ee, F aga F | wate aon Tae Se bthrofentine a Vivace, in one emma Wee uo ja go a = ae a = mf | = Mat Co = > + => + ¥ (Gre, B.C. SyretvCa Or (fl on smal Tio bar 122) = ‘Tempo de Beguine 1% aon Ts. fo Be, (6. Cl sus) 121 Marina Pao, Siar br, 139 (vaViny _ S¢8. Tons _ 3. 1 Se, Tota, Ova 1, Vin . — we oo —— Te. 71 F373 oF 2 9, Doe m1 Ee ts 1s LH, 4 ‘np Gut, Be, narmonie Fa 2 BILLY So please be sweet, my _— chick - a- dee, And fF BYBCL eneakiny F F Ves. Po, Gt. when I kiss— you, just say to'me,— “It’s de- light - ful. it's de -li - cious, ve. Fi. Wn. Pcp te, 586.8 Pre. a (HOPE & BILLY kiss) hy: RM. Pno.. Gul (Te, Vibes, pop. n uarers) 1 170 Da m1 m. ap Tat Pranic ee re OL Cts, cup Tot 93 Anything Goes (Reno & Chorus) Cue: PASSENGERS: (Three times) Hip, nip. hooray! (Passengers freeze and a spotlight picks up RENO on the upper deck.) Moderato (J. 438) : j 4 REN (hetsieton ne ear 9 : & 5 SS e Fe FE And we've of- ten re - nf Fy: arco Bs. Pro, Gul. D's fe eies =F z ——— + 5 ip = = fe rad =£ wound the clock 3 Since the Pur - i-tans got a shock 3 z | An-y shock they should ty to stem,— "Stead of land- ing on 2 Ses iy = ae! = = wa] iE, f Freely Slowly (in four) SS Rock, Ply- mouth Rock would land on them.— In Dictated Ply-mouth ‘Win, opan Tan's, Pao, Gt P ‘ast, Tort, Pr. In Tempo (Relaxed two J=108) 8 1s old-en days a glimpse of stock - ing Was looked on aS some - thing shock - = 2 + Ese $——t z =f —$—— = > $ ———— Any 2 Be, Pra. Gt rs (te) bt 2 » eee SSS = * — ov T ing, But now, God knows,. + thing, anda 95 auth - of too who Any. (mn, cola voc tru bar 32, sore stac. swing eights) 2 2 29 once knew bet - ter words Nowon - ly use four- let words, writ - ing — FP Pre, Fe Pra uk Or r ‘And good’s bad to-day, And black’s white to-day, And day's ibe. iy. va vi | 1 wu “ ein 8, LH. Pro 96 : + A night to-day. When most guys to-day— That wo-men prize to-day, Are just e = sil-ly gig - 0 - los: trie se So though I'm not a 3 3 Marimba o = Too. ty. in ? Fy: Bs, Pro, Gui Dr. fas 4 45 great ro-manc - er I know that I'm bound to an - swer when you pro - Tots, _— ‘0 fone, unis. Tots. KT = Py: Ba. Pra, Gut, Ors Be fart Pe Pe he 5 a = SSS L an s =< ve eee ge sO ro rs ume, in four) ia a (Ors. eaty rm spos) Tot LG. ova Vin ——= Le Teil bs by od 1. (ime onty waa 98 grand-ma-ma's, Whose age is eight - y In night clubs are get- ting ma - ty with gig-o- xs. vey titty Fy: plz. Bs. Pre. Gul, Dr's ete) fn » Be SSS SS SS SS SS SS SS moth-ers pack and leave poor fath - et Be -cause they de - cide they'd rath - er be ten-nis 1,58. Sas as Fy: Bs, Pro, Gui, D's ros, —____ ‘An-y-thing Goes. If civ - ing fast m A cars you like, If low bars you like, If old hymns you like, If bare West you like, Or me un - dressed you like, Why, no - + + = * bod- y will op - pose. Toes, Ay. ia, Ay: 8a Pro. Gut. Or set that's sme In - trad - ing ‘Tee's, Be, Ds, + in mu - dist par me! Gul R ae ties in stu- di - eesakteea * 01, See. Poa. ova Vn 144, Voss) Bots 01 = S 3 : ug Toy a a Sp psa et a SF > Teas git. 18 Vn re BF ™ ™ Gi ie. 00 Sr Pe A reise DE, ‘ar, Pro, A A ; To oe oe = a Ss: Tree Se - geen ar EL cet puen dae yA ph ; qd SSS SS SS as toiesm 7? Tape irre opt peseraa (Panes aia eo + _id + “— i = 102 New Tempo (Slightly faster) “Diaie -a litle raucus” b, eatp. ‘ este on. a Pm are) aa be ‘Se. ys Ben tant agro) o Sin ee . Th 1 o Tau lo a, MI sb3 | ‘Su. Be stan), iy, pan 160 ‘Subito Brassy Disie ToL (Chad Ay: Pro. Ore. (Ba 1. act) ee mm. osm ee ae Tota € = tee pea ‘Tons, o15ma WW, sus B.C Sfp ry, su y oF Ore ving ro + wo I —2 iat = ewe Fy. (too beat) —— a, te ABE EN rat Stop Time (2olash Oym) => aiaists if ‘tape: foot stamp. hands cap an Tos Po. OF A | fr SSS SSS = E sE wef? ae aa Sel lage ee eens) a 106 ats. Pro, Gut X70. > mo Bart, Tons, Bs. Pro, F's | ns ne be 2 20 | (Ss. moo) 208 Ss. (sPro, Hal, BvaVin) 26, a as ww ™! A. (@e Be. Gun, wos Ten. Marna Pa 7 28 Ten. 8 ‘avi, Tet, Gut ay Ton ge5 pg Poe ad eee eee a Ly — 2 ba ee ae > = ve T—F fF F oo 109 (Soprano & Alto) ‘The world— has gone mad to-day, And good’s bad to-day, And black’s enor) _ wero bad to-day, And_black’s ‘The world has gone mad "to-day, And good’s Bass = SH 4 A 2% 3 fe TP rons, Vi. = = = + me a3 y v ” sn a And day's night to-day. When most guys to-day, That_ wo- men $ = ? white to-day,— And day's | night to-day. When most } guys to-day, That wo-men ef SS = He — SSS f F i 4 4 : = Ss = = 3 | ss == == ra = 2 => 7 we —F : v v v 110 ey T v though I'm not a great ca-manc - er I know that I'm bound to an- ae | 9 a2 2! h 4 == SS S55 SSeS SS SS SSS FSS mi reer - z r 329_RENO 33 If say - ing your pray'rs you like, If green pears you like, If old chairs you like, If back Sa, Fy. ;, Stop Time ; 2 | PSubite (OF. easyrim shots) ma mm aS SS o = SS dae top stairs you like, If love at fas: you Like With young bears you ke Why.no- bod-y will op- pose. Jes | ms oudaeeeeteceeiateeetge dl ————=— SS SS i m i e 330 (saFano & Aro) S° gra 0 - real TO (enor) a a know that I'm bound to an - swer when you pro- pose, An- y-thing us Ad lib, a tempo 2 yo so. sa, oa Olle End of Act One No. 13 Entr’acte (Orchestra) Act Two (¢-404) nis. To's, eave, Ay: reo 8. Po. +0¥b, So, Dr “Mie ETE) (om) (Om) om) fs A Tee Ton aw | <3 (om) = Be. Pho. tam, Ton H&M = 5 Bote See, “You're The Top” hy. “Blow, Gabriel, Blow” 8 rs. (ui LG 9 |, oo. 6L a |. oe " maT f fe « SSS =—— 2p Sas #3 Foe Ss fy, Tin. .n Pr, at te us iy, BR zl mow wel T il : a a x tw rr re rr? aL = my. r 2 a f ~ = - wm ro 1s ged ME a erieoy 7 = sen ane, z / a a * ft we Pe ca lag 3 e ft. Meee peo r j—_%. | on = “unis. Sx. i I j . Tot. 290 7 r Tne ie 10 3 TF, ci aa Sean. Hy. Fy: Be. Pro. Gut, D's. (four) = 2 Ay: Be, Pro, Git, OF. A SS ; ea SSS aaee A > Ton. |i, von. tl, Bani ~ ff | ( ‘om * r3* ET v r + yi a — —A~ a N 14 Public Enemy Number One (Captain, Purser & Passengers - SATB Chorus) Cue: (Opening Act Two, the ship's nightclub.) Allegretto, in two 1 2 3 4 5 ME, Tp WH, To. Ms, ie iy: BoC, Pro, aco Ba, CAPTAIN @ a To- night there's go-ing to be some fun. (Soprano & AKO) 122 Pub- lic En-e-my Num- ber One, En-e-my Num - ber = Bs. ct, pz. Bs gal - lant Cap-tain has bvaVin. Cre, Pro 3 It’s time for Kill-ing the fat- ted calf, As he’s sia - 0, the staff - 0. staff - 0, the | staff - throw- ing a par-ty om be-balf Of Pub-lic Enemy Number One. Pub- lic En-e- my Num - ber 14 ‘Num - ber One, C ._—— ‘Num - ber One, all. Thank thee for Maestoso ev’ = ry - thing thou hast done,__- 05 a2, Bless- ings on thee, thou No - ble chap, Bless- ings on thee, thou Mo - ble chap, For} put-ting this boat of ours = , = ss + Fee 3 S55 . = on =the =map. ‘Thank thee heart-i - ly ho - ly man,__—________ For Ep * ; J = eee ae —"s Ss _.. 2 y T v4 + + —— tf 2 on the map, Tank mee neat ay— | ho = ty man, or , + a ———e see es = Saar 3 Pa 5 ti == ; Se "I | a J | =» PS Sa 126 nm m2. > na tak-ing this lin-er, “A- mer - i- can,” For hence - forth, we'll be crowd-ed, on ss . tak-ing this lin-er, “Ay mer - i- can,” For hence | forth, we'll be crowd-ed, 2 M4 a= us ue SS ct ev - ry mn-(na), Due to thee, Pub-lic En-e-my-— | Num cee thee, Pub-lic En- e~ my— a Num > vey De (foe Tom 8) Dr. ($0. O.o) No. 15 Gabriel Entrance (Orchestra) (Cue: Hope, wait - - ‘Armowncenent: CAPTAIN: And now ladies and gentlemen, . “Miss Reno Sweenyi” Reno ener.) Maestoso ran) peta z y . Se D) Lt 128 No. 16 Cue: RENO: Blow, Gabriel, Blow (Reno & Chorus) but I feel much better now. ALL: Hallelujah! (Reno cues band for Trumpet call) (RH. Pre s! Ga ‘aco Be. Or, i | win i Poco agitato RENO (spoken) Do you hear that play-in"? RENO, A CHORUS , Do you know who's playin"? cal voor) 1 . bri-el, Ga - bri-el play-in’ Ga - bri-el, vy you be read-y to go when I blow my CHORUS (spoken) ‘Yes, I hear that play-in’! No, who is that play-in"? Why, it's Ga = bri-el —say-in’ eA Tempo (J-120) hom?"__________Oh, RENO (sug) (Sie ete ene tteearcactccccctae cease csc _ csc nO 129 Fy: Ba. Po. Gut, Os, etme, nto) Tve been a sin-ner, T've been a scamp, But Ten. F = Fy: Be, Pro. Gl, Or. now I'm will-in’ to tim my lamp— So blow Ga - briel, blow! — _ i i (omit, cal oe a4) 2 2 » » 130 = = = = Po SS seen the light, I'm good by day and I'm good by nigh So blow,— Ga__- br-el, i @iilibiettimeeac en when I got to Satan's door, I heard you blow-in’ on your hom once more, So so TH. evan. Cb (44.CL, Ss. (oaramely otity con vB.) Pi J] od og. 12 Gee ore | 132 n eg ane een eres 16 gone— through brim- stone. (ver lt, con wb. not canto) And I've been through the fire ——_______ And I've = j | | o purged my soul and my heart too, So climb up the moun - tain-top—__ And start to Ci Vos. fp P RENO 2 © “ blow. (Soprano & Alto) Blow, enor) ¥ Blow, Bass) (pad, bar 08) Ay r ; Or. aye iii mn. 133 blow, Ga - bri el, blow! RENO your hap~ py band, And play all day in the Prom-sed Land, So <4 ys Gut, Or. grr) Come 134 on you scamps, get up you sinners, You're all too fullof ex - pen- sive din-ners, Syintarmonim (cued on VOW) Chorus (Soprano & Alto) 105 ae w 108 Blow,— - breed, (Bass) — < 5 SS Se SSS SSS a} a sin-ner I've been a scamp, But now I'm _ will-in’ wo tim my lamp,— So _ » » - = SSS been a simenee I've [been a scamp, But| now I'm will-in’ 0 Nia SSS ae pS PISS TS 2S | Sema - , £ : . = got ee o wi P+ 1 I 4 it 4, a £ = aa | = Tt 2 eee r aa j 136 a Wa, Win, 1 git +1 P = zee ou ore inka ty: Be. Syrtvam., Gut, Or. good by — night. So blow Ga good by night So = blow, (@. ct o8any + bri-el, Anacca 138 No. 16a Dance: Blow, Gabriel, Blow {Reno & Chorus) Cue: (Attacca from vocal.) ‘New tempo, slightly faster (/.192) 1 CHORUS _ 3 ‘ biow! se try ‘OIROTE Rebeasal ine play se ie sus ‘ie LH. only when 90 percussion is present Boor tT = form) Tot. (quasi Coote Wier Horak wah heb, [cance = ae Seoul | f a (om) (AS) Be, re, Gok. Ben. To, Pre 7 g a au Tons. Fro. ut New tempo (J: 200) a3 NOTE: rum sol is conducted!) A ‘Ten. Bas, Te. See. ‘Bas, Ton. I Ba. Pra. Or. oe Perc. (W.8KC) (3) Bs..LH. Pro. Or. (sna) Fehythmically energetic, “dynamically restrained a 8x00 101 BS 8s, Pro. Gut, Ors, timel ee a aS | c = CS « jan 1a = a we © ses. Di ite fy Dr. dte nN i es, 34 rr Slow, just under half time (J.92) ins ® Si it ‘Tens. Ton. St. (quasiLawrence Brown) = af 4p r rr if ; fy : | Pre. Fm sta may re vane we eee SONNE aes 143 a A —='h Say op an PF eno: gon B ah a a ‘a Vibes. $x (open voicing) A os ni Sx = WI “I ee ‘80. (o8) us, us ee em 70b5) & oat af ‘Ton, Ha pow 1 Bar. Ton Bs. Gui Bari, Ton's. = o- Ors. ‘fa Toi. Pro. Gb re (tp fatto) Bright strict four (conducted in two /.128) 156 157 (Sie. tcetforchangeto WI) poco. Tots 145 RENO was head == ed for ‘he, —______ Once 1 JCBORUS (soprano & Alto) een en eee oh. (enor) Ooh. 7 got to Sa-tan's door heard you blow-in' om your hom once more So ¥ ee heard you blow-in’ on your hom once more. heard you blow-in’ om your | hom once more, Fv: Be, Gut, Dr ‘Ton. Bs. i siti 17 all rad - y fly, —________ Yes, to Ww. Tete a i. Bec] Toe Fy Bs. Gu. rs. r r F 7 a7RENO 3 —3—_ as fy_— high et and high - er and high - er, WW Tote ve. F ? we 3 1% aa =" 5 Ss oS —— | 7 “Cause I've gone through brim- stone__—_ And I've been through the : in yg Ss { = — = € ye $ | ——— { A Fy: Bs, Gu. Drs ugar (Cla voce ty 276) too, So climb up eg RENO m0 m me © Soprano & Alto) Blow, — Ga - bri-el, bl ¢| H]|_, (enon 9 a R ——S——S= s — Blow, Ga Go on and (Bass) — RH. Syttvor, Pr ea LS, Tn r o want to join your hap - pyband_ And play all day inthe Prom- ised Land, So Ves. Vin, vies, irs cee Fay: Br. Gut. Ore. cen {Bynncionoj ON) Ses, Pre. va Vn f mp subto a a SS aa eee = ee (46 8s. Pro. Gut, Ors. (st lang bul bar 295) 150 21 aay) TH St, Tes, Pa. Vin 2 Come Ce ‘Soprano & Alto) Come enor) ‘Se. (ery ty cn i.) (2m) (ym) (ym) Ay: Bar. Bs. Pro. Gat. Dr (8, tw ba) 151 = Go on and blow Ga = bi-el, blow.. want to join your hap-py band, and play all day im the Prom-ised Land. So, A eae ao > Fry; 8a. Pre. Gut, Dr's. eo blow! tl slo Tot rw, i NZ or. tmne on ey oreo CLT GF 12 RENO & CHORUS as pe 7 ‘aco Bs, Pao. Gul, Dre vo) 20 vol | i Gatien. CHORUS em) aN ae Applause - Segue No. 16b Playoff: Blow, Gabriel, Blow (Orchestra) Cue: (Segue on applause) RENO: Vallelujah they've seen the light! (Fade and stop for dialogue to continue.) Listesso tempo | 1 2 4 4 = 1 6 =F E ad oy aes =e nf ope pay | = = = = = Fy: Sar. Be. Pe, Gu, Pet. (amb, backboa), Ds. (hat r ‘tl 5 2 = (13 = SS SS : SSS SSS SS - Bari, Guit., Pro. Z No. 17 Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye (Hope) ‘Cue: MOON: There's definately something wrong. (itoom and Bly are hauled of Sage cles of everyone but Hope.) made my mo-mance sub-lime,__ now it's time to fly. Ve J Fa ta ‘o., 155 stars have fled from the Heav-ens,— The moon's des-ert - ed the hill And the ww pe@—”™”™—™—™—C — wr o — | sul-try breeze that sang in the trees,___—is-—-sud-dem- ly strange - ly _ stil. Its Wt, ova i em dream, it's done, one, ______ lit - He bid me a fond _ fare- well. ‘We both had our fun,. —— ‘Was it ==>, : Ca Afoelel #2 oo) SS SS SS a 5 3 i a | ] ‘eo : 156 Ro-me-o-— or u-liet, Who said when a - bout 2 ww. Noa not all peach-es and cream, _—Lit- tle dream, good-bye.” Avie Ae No. 17a Scene Change: Goodbye (Orchestra) Cue: {Segue on applause for #17 “Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye.) mf WoW 40a, BH. Pre. in, ‘Toei, LH. Pro, Be, Drs, +8 Vin, Pre. wd FT Faotn —e No. 18 Be Like The Blue Bird (Moon) Cue: MOON: It's like Dillinger once told me: “Remember, it's always darkest just before they turn on the lights.” Andante Po. (quast Harp) MOON i ‘There’s an old Aus- tra-lian bush song (0b. Ch, Pro e.ct That Mel-ba used 10 sing, 197 A Baran {Bs Shea mek wprotar 20) 3 — —— = _——— SS Ss SS =—- eo — seen song that al - ways cheered me, when I was blue. Ev- en ‘ : x: Sa ; ¥ 3 =3 ¥ =e : 7 if Ft | erst Ez = => = x 3 = = \ SS Pe —————— x 158 Is ap~ proach-ing you, fast in stinct tells you that dis - ba FL.ci Me ad lib. a tempo A a of —- Le = — pea ee ==> v v sing, “Tweet, tweet, tra -Ia- Ia-la - la-la”” When you know you're head-ed for the > as p42 py Ss 4S Se Fre = | ESS z= ——— Se = SSS SSS SS SS SS jail - er Don't al -low the old face to.—‘look_—oppall- er. But wa: la-la-la-la” Be like" the bluebird who Y be. Pro. cut O's (Oy ro bar 30) fe be fo 20 nev- er is blue For he knows from his up - bring - ing What sing-ing x TN 7 ee FET Ts ‘Tempo I° i 7 7 =a — sites = = z= SSS SSS I SSS = bird-ies in the boughs he May be told that his ef-forts are. oth - er Fi, Ero. Hn, Ch. a Pro Be. Cl, Gut 3— per-fect-ly lou- sy. He sings on and an. ‘tl his trou - bles are i te see ean ee === _ * = oO stig > WW, Pro, Gut, in © = — give = = = SSS SSS SF ie . (Dictated] through, “Tweet, tweet, ta -la - la-la - la- la” A | x re 5 ren pis SS et 4 oe ¢ i + Fr delicate = pp 1 ‘Tutt Orch, a = seni aes = = £ = =—— 162 Moderato (In Tempo ¢=126) 21 BILLY eZ through =the = night__________ I your love, __. fa Fy: Bs. Pro, Gut, Ortime) pe ay ny: Be. Pro. Gui. Dr ye: 85. Pr.. Gut, O's. tT. sound) gts = = he: A, - be = 2 2 = ne Yoon - er thereat all por to 25 = pa I ree Te PEF, Laat by r Be. Ton. een be sha : Sows: ae But — then,_________ once - a- ni. Thee, | se WW, va Vi gain Ts can_dream—________ I've the right. (Hope enters, upstage, on deck.) HOPE 165 2 “ spt vee + 9g] $A ri, or, on Ww, Te Poo. ei, a vi. ma \ Tove, Py. = a Fy: Bs. Gut, Dr's (ete, in wo) a “dF. te, smocth ine) I de - light —______ in your | Jove. ______ All_____ through the night. ni. Tote, div Tons Bs CL (Soilors - Male Quarter enters.) : ~You're so close to) me. oe een cn ea os & a a a So frat 5 ae ¥ 1 t# [= [ke E a=] 5 —_ + | , = za SS “ Mm mv BILLY & HOPE us me 7 vs = =z « SaaS EH = Au—_________ through the night from a SAILORS (tenor 1 & I) } ‘Baritone & Bass) WLW. Pty: Bs, Cl Bs. Pro. Gut Dr's WW, Te your love. as 168 “BR i Mt r HN fe A Hg td 169 (va Vin, Cole voco try bar 116) 2 24 as 26 170 Py: Be. Cl, Be. Pn. Gut, Dr's a Rubato, colla voce & Ue W.W, Gut. Pho, Ova Vin BILLY: (spoken) Doc, she loves me! m 20 wa yl four 7 All through the night. a Through pe (Dicrated “Button” is ue or Blackout) a In four + Be. pre Segue No. 19a Scene Change: All Through The Night (Orchestra (Cue: (Segue on blackout.) Moderato (J: #26) oom {aon : Ht ‘up Br. can vo. ova Vi Fy: Be, Gl. Bs, Pro, Git, Or m No. 20 Gypsy In Me (Evelyn) Cue: EVELYN: I've never told this to anyone before, (music siarts) Ils the Oakleigh family secret. There's something dark and savage in our blood, In mine, especially Andante con moto (J=138) Ves. .. 2g 12 ing Gut mf Be, Ore, (Safety vamp, voice last time) s__ EVELYN fe 2 Long, long a - g0, so long a- go I hard- ly know when, Gut Be..Drs, My — great, great grand-moth- er Now and stepped out with a < oF 4 a . 3 e hy ‘Of course you will say she was pot! 2 » Ss Ee =e Sl = J i f tip-sy, m0, no, of their Jove there was - n't a doubt phe 5. A “= eS = ———— = = $ $ TNE Sar ot aT ? 3 = Vien Se — == = == f S=S= —s = i =e => = Be.Ors. & z = F , - 3 ee 3, Colla voce s & SSS —— SS = == FS > + So Ts can't wait to get the ef So 1 ocan tet ie (Dictated} 5 = : oe ae 8 rs Peo. Guit, Cyn. het: m No. 20 Gypsy In Me (Evelyn) Cue: EVELYN: I've never told this to anyone before, (music starts) It's the Oakleigh family secret, There's something dark and savage in our blood. In mine, especially, Andante con moto (1-138) Vie. 1. =. as. 12.8tng Gut mf Be, Drs (Safety vamp, voice last time) EVELYN Long, long a - g0, so long a- go ut 3 great, great grand-moth-er Now and stepped out with a 174 Ad lib. 2s Tempo di Rhumba dt), minb Fy, A HE BYP sy in subio $F {e, LHL Ph.Ds. (Rhumba tine) cI v Hid - ing a - way. Pro ors. FR Fay: Be. Pro. Gut, Ore 2 2 2 3 it~ ing its day. selves. CL femal Daal r rt” rrr} a lit- ue dit of (@2. C1 cote woe tu bar 58) mag - ic - al night When the stars by their light Vin. Cts. 4 6, Vn, =—— =r eer Te Fy. (ee) ror i r r i oe oS Ay: Ba, Pro, Gu. Ors, mys - te - ry——____________ To the sleep - ing a - goon. — 2 crs. tots. m, gm. bat 84, am Fe r 176 While the open ah. Tes. P me near, not too far, Bets, Vi. not too ti-til-Ja-ting tune. vn. ore acway a haat «ing. gui ha Che. in. Gut a —_= a 3 « Ce 3 a ——_- = ——- i there in that dream. With the one inthe 3 ‘fa. Ton I, Vibes. a" F open Tots. au ene pas ert met r os a f mo ax 7 tr vo RA AOA A MLL Will be shown wor = ship pas - sion - ate - ly. 3 (Ge. Cl, Vn cote voce hy bat 73) 3 a, ‘mo - ment Gut, Pro. rot, Ts the uz - known supreme. (Tam) A Gut. Po. Vinh, gg mH Co 178 Dance Interlude: Oval bll ih ps 0011 Ifans Rae! Mende) Dre, Pe. (Felt Dum ro) Ciaenee) , b i a Moderato 2 ng Vin, Ob, Ov Tot ad) * wa ‘0.0%. Syaterpichos, Traess lo ss a a D' BT RMT r Pere (Sn. Dr. ral bar 95 accom gb Th 3 We Tore tte, Be >= A = gy let a ee | anf subito % 2s. ore Tne y= 180 ‘op. Se, va Vi. ny) Maroc 5 ee Hl 34 arene Aid Se pep A of pp wT? r r WW. Toh Vin. > iF ——P poco apoco accel. (try par 170) Tempo di Rhumba | ae Tol (quasi Rafat Mendes) ny F wy yn weit A e z Applause - Segue No. 20a Playoff: Gypsy In Me Cue: (Segue on applause for #20 “Gypsy In Me.") (Orchestra) ‘Tempo ai Rhumba WwW, a. yaa * ep Thee. Fy: Bal, Be, Kid, Gut De, Por. (astanets) 183 a if Deal (Fade and cu off on cue - lights Sor Act Two, Scene 4, The ship's brig.) Ci = 184 No. 20b Scene Change: Bon Voyage (Orchestra) Cue: MOON: Do you call pants? Cue to continue. BILLY: I call pants. ‘Moon: (3rd time) Calling alt pants! Allegro Weve, Tote, Vn Va Toe mp Fy: Ton I. Bs., Pro, Gut, Dre, Pee. Fan (Py i ate ot for opening daigue fae Wo Scene 5 On deck) a No. 21 Buddie, Beware (Exma & Sailors - Male Quartet) (Cue: ERMA: Who needsit? SAILORS: Wedo! ERMA: Yeah? Andantino, very slow 20 Te (aa, mt winger) mah} wah eh fy: pl: Be. HP... wonaes tin) beceelieed) ‘ 1 ee ot dit SS SSS SF — Thovgh at heats 'm a pear__— I'm a dif - fi- cult git SS S55 pe == = # FF 186 ~ So bud-die, be- ware. When I go to a show. I pre-fer the first row. Fy: Be Pro, Gut.Or, = ed to ding 1 can't eat with - out wine, op 7 — So, bud- die, be - ware. ( Aa r r er era msmnvcemy — So F jing ways, die 3. =F = ¥ ia 7 things San-ty——-_ brings from tas, Your de vo- tion 1 (Synth. to Pro) A _ ie Sis. ery Hai lh Se fy: te. Prancut.ore. FP = fi St rs Oth- er girls’ lux - = ua ? Fy: Pro. Gui b ee r 388 So bud- die, be~ ware.__— Tena F wha - fy Ba, Pro. Guit.Or._oxroemety ty SS Ten Wan e t pT Fre, Ct. Pro. Dr ——— Seeieetl! , sSesg pave. 5 = a = FT ERMA a bud- die, bet-ter take care,. SAILORS fenor I & I) Bah bah bah bah (Baritone & Bass) Bah a A = Since the day I was weaned I'maca - vi - So, bud- die, be- ware.— rs. ey 192 == ———s SSS While the twink - ling stars_ oo 193 When I'm mar- ried to you, my sweet, A cam “To. —— +m Sik, poco rall. om So, bud - die, be - ware, see. Tee, i 194 No. 22 Wedding March (Orchestra) Cue: ERMA: Wel, fellas? SAILORS: Well. (Sailors exit) (Captain leads the wedding procession on.) Maestoso SF, Sptmvcrucch Organ (Music out when Captain is ready 10 speak.) 13 1 1s 16 ” i 1 2» Trae a No. 22a Little Plum Blossom (Orchestra) ‘Cue: BILLY: This is litte Plum Blossom. (Reno enters in disguise.) solo Marmba 2 x be e On cue: MRS. HARCOURT: ...in the swimming pool? BAND: (in unison) The dog paddle! No. 23 Finale (I Get A Kick Out Of You) (Reno, Evelyn, Billy, Hope & Chorus) (Cue: RENO: ...all my life to be a lady. Allegro, thirti RENO 3 WW. gts, VR Pro, SO wren r ra o. d f Cte, Bs. Cl. agate P Be. Cl, Ton’, Bs. LH, Po, Gul, Bs O Fy: 88. Pro, Guat, D's. He 90) ‘ > 2 Mere al-co- hol does - n't © ote, Bs. Clog EVELYN & RENO 7 ‘That (coke Gym) Fy: Be. Pre. Gut, Dr re. emoath me) ar oo x3 Fi so__ BILLY & HOPE (poke cym) ‘ly: 86. Pho. Gul, Ors. cHorus 3s_(Soporano & Alto) 4“ oI 8 T get a Fv: Bs. Pro, Gut. Dr 198 2 Lio as “o so ee = BS == 3 ob - vious - ly don’t a+ dore me. CHORUS (Vin. Gota vocethra bar 54) «4 (Soporano & Alto) A 3: pane vf, Be. Cl (ay) Fy: Bs. Pno..Gut, Or ; ss so at Paes =z a o si Fly- ing too high ~—with_~— some. guy in the sky os my ee a mel 2. eel = = ? Sa ae Fly - ing too | high with some guy in the | sky bb my 3 —3——_ | e-3-3 Fae: — 2S ctv Pip =s = 3 F SS: == : SES SS oa Ti mp sabia eB 5 £ z = — = = = a ————— 3——> ——3-——_, Allegro maestoso [ictated} 2 Guay No. 24 Bows (Anything Goes) (Full Company as SATB Chorus) ‘Cue: (Segue from #23 “Finale”) 2 Toe. [CHARACTER ACTORS} BS ‘Tempo di Charleston 2 solo Te! sve, vm SAILORS - Male Quartet} 15 6 z iy: 8, Pha, Gul. Ore, 20 | te ‘xs, Tons zr ICHINESE - Luke & John} os |i 25 i 7 ICAPTAIN & PURSER} Sree 2 eet 4 Pry. Drs. qum around) {ANGELS} Ay: Bs. Pro. Gut, Dr's oe “4. P ges ) warner & MRS. HARCOURT, |r Ss ts === a = t ‘py PY. 4 Pra. Gul Dr = $8 ee === == r 6 =a | 1 bp gp td | ee 2! SSS re (hati, a ee oe [HoPE} n {58x con vb. Wn 4 TRE Ten. a ‘iy: Be. Pro, Gut. Or. (emocen time) n Tk wn [Moon] ate bbe a ni. Tp., tv To's. Vin (BILLY) Be om eS “2 — rere a) a3 Se = Torn. a __fe + — 4 = IF = SF ns = ~~ fy: Bee coho, a smo (RENO & cHonUS) ee se 2 Pp HE a 3 |F ar ye ag le ae =e SSS = SS ana buiktobar toa) * ‘I Im ooo) Pr er) ES = SSS Fr 7 ro ¥ 7? jf ef chorus sox (Soprano & Alto) ‘The world— has gone mad to-day, And good's bad to-day, And black’s enor) And good’s | bad to-day, And black’s > v hy. — — a 2S SS 2 2 white to-day, And day’s night ~— to-day. When most guys to-day, That wo- men Ss = = po Stte— tae ie 3 7s = Hig —— —— v white to-day, And day's night to-day. When most | guys to-day, That wo- men —— $$—$S3—-$—5-— SS = i SS ee 207 m7 us us. v vo ve Ee 7 ae prize to-day, Are just sly “gig - 0 - los; prize to - day,. 3 33 3 — ee Are just sikly gig - 0 ~ los; }— : a ® il l ie Ut 7s | He Hie ¢ “ ; xf it yA va Vin wi ~ = = 3553 | 447 + " 43 = eS et : = SS 3 : 7 though I’m not a great ro-manc - er I know that I'm bound to an - swer when you pro - 1 though I'm not a | great ro-manc - et I [know that I'm bound to an | - swer when you pro -/ An- y-thing Goes. Ts. Ten x Po. Gut, OF. womA AN 4 Pro. Be. su Applause - Segue (Orchestra) Cue: (Segue from applause for #24 “Bows”) (dated) Tots, Vibes. Vh. PS 10 r F cron ta astaor) fy To, Bs. Po, Gut Ore —_— | s | “crn. tn backooats) ‘Tl Be, Pro, Gut. | fae f ise au Ie Wn, aay 8 8 = Ay: Be, Pro. Gul, Drs, ? it 3 os ad a SS (Re ea = = o c f 25 s=== =é oe