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Submitted in the partial fulfillment for the award of degree of


Pt.Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur (C.G)
Session 2007-2010

Submitted by



To whom may ever it may


This is to certify that abhishek kumar

student of B.B.A 6th sem of shri
shankaracharya mahavidyalaya , bhilai
has carried a research project on the topic
to hero Honda under my supervision .
This report is original and data collected
by the researchers him self are true
authentic up to my knowledge.
We wish success in his
professional career .

I abhishek kumar student of sixth

semester at ‘
shri shankaracharya mahavidyalaya ‘ her
by declare that these research report
under the title is the record of my
original work under the guidance of Mr.
Sandeep Jaswant (H.O.D ) B.B.A . These
report has never been submitted any
where for award of any degree or diploma.



Department of BBA
Shri shankaracharya mahavidyalaya sector-6
bhilai (CG)

This is to certify that abhishek kumar
a student of B.B.A sixth semester at
our institute under my guidance and
supervision he had carried out the
research project under title

“ “

This research report is the original



Date :

Project guide
Department of
SSM Bhilai

Perhaps the most awaited moment of any
endeavor in its successful competition of their
project report cases study having worked on
her project for the whole academic session. I
would like to express my sincere gratitude to
all those who made it possible.

Firstly I am humbly and respectfully to my

Mr. Sandeep Jaswant (H.O.D) of the B.B.A
department under whose able guidance. I had
the privilege to work and who guided at every

I take this opportunity to express my

sincere gratitude to our principle for being
guide of philosopher throughout B.B.A

I shall be failing in my duty if I don’t

express my deep sense of gratitude to all my
friends and the relatives who have share their
valuable time and helped me directly or
indirectly in the preparation of their project .
At the end last but not the least, I would like
to thanks the other staff and non staff member
the of this college.

B.B.A sixth semester)

The topic chosen by me for my project is
customer relation
In reference to hero Honda automobiles
the two wheeler especially in the stylish
motorcycle. At present hero Honda is
market leader in the Indian market.

Today there are various companies

coming in Indian and these certainly will
exist a cutthroat competition in these field
. I have chosen a hero Honda as a topic
essence of my project .today two wheeler
consumer due to new manufacturing
entrant has started getting a wide choice
while buying one these gave to
considered the facility provided by the
two wheeler the price mileage ,
maintenance and service etc. while buying
a two wheeler .

A normal customer is quit puzzled and

faces for an uneven some time huge
problems in deciding which vehicle to buy.
I realized the problem and decide to take
these up as the challenge and provide
answer to as the requirement of the Hero
Chapter (1) Introduction
Chapter (2) Company profile
› History
›Two wheeler in India
› Company profile
›Our brand
› Product profile

Chapter (3) Public relation Chapter

(4) Research methodology

›Definition of buying behavior

› Introduction
› Customer buying behavior
› Research design
› Customer buying decision
process › Source of data
›Characteristic of buying behavior
› sampling plan
› Problem definition
›Data collection
›Scope & limitation of study

Chapter (5) Data analysis and

Chapter (6) Customer response

Chapter (7) Company promotional

strategy techniques

Chapter (8) Findings

Chapter (9) Suggestion and


Chapter (10) Bibliography

Chapter - 1

Satisfaction is the persons feeling of pleasure
(or) disappointment resulting from comparing a
product perceived performance (outcome) in
relation to his/her expectation. if the
performance fall short of expectation the
customer is dissatisfied . if the performance
matches the exception the customer is
satisfied if the performance exceeds the
expectation the customer is highly satisfied ( or
) delighted many companies are aiming for
high satisfaction because they are much ready
to switch. ]
Buyer’s expectation formed on the basis of
past buying experience,
friend and the associate advice and the
marketers and the competitor’s information
and promises. if marketers raise expectations
two high , the buyer is likely to be disappointed
. Even if the company sets expectation should
match the performances.

≈} A customer is the most important

person even in
any company
≈} A customer never depend on company,
but the
company depends on him.
≈} A customer is the person who bring
company his
≈} A customer is not a interruption of
Work he is the purpose of it.

Two wheelers in

In 60 decade several vehicles were

running in the Indian roads those are the
sun beams, AIS, BBA and Royal Enfield.
From these motor cycles only the Royal
Enfield has existence in the motorcycle

After 60 decade some other motorcycles

and scooter had been launched in Indian
two wheeler market those are the
Rajdoots, Java, Vespa and Lamrata .
Indian witrossed the first spate of
modernization in two wheeler industry in
1978-79 during that period Piaggio
sauntered the Indian market in a joint
venture with the Lohia machines and our
major Japanese motor cycle manufacture
set up joint venture companies to produce
50cc two wheeler for the first time.

Objectives of the

≈} To know the customers

towards hero Honda.

≈} to find out the customer

opinion regarding
Various aspect of the bike.

≈} To give the appropriate

suggestion to the
company regarding he

Our brand

Our brand identity:

 Our brand is the visual
expression of the ought and the
action it conveys to everyone
our intention two constantly
inspire the confidence.
 Our customers are the primary
audience for our brand.
 Indeed, our brand identity is
shaped as much by their belief
in hero Honda as the as it it’s
our brand.
 We can do this by the living on
the brand essence and by
continuously seeking to enhance
our customer experience.
 In doing so, we ensure a special
pace for our self in the heart
and in the mind of the customer.

Our brand essence

 Our brand essence is thje
soul of our brand
 Our brand essence
encapsulates or mission at
 It is the singular
representation of our terms of
endearment with our
 It provies the basis on which
we grow profitability in the
 Our brand essence is
 Hero Honda strives to inspire
the confidence through te
excitement engineering.
 Blending together youthfull
creativity and competitive
technology to exceed the
spoken and the implict
expectations of our customers.
 By challenging the given . by
exploring the unknown and
thereby stretching ourself
towards tomorrow, today.

 Learning is how we insure
our proactively
 It is the values that embraces

knowledge’s as the plat form

for the building well informed.


 It is how we can create the

 It is that which provokes us to

reach beyond the obvious in

per suite of that which exceeds
the ordinary.

 It is how we convey clear
 It is the value that keeps us

sharply responsive , mirroring

our commitment towards our
goal and process.

India has the largest number of two
wheeler in the world with41.6 million vehicles.
India has a mix of 30 percent automobile and
70 % two wheeler in the country. India was the
second largest two wheeler manufacture in the
world starring in 1950’s with the British
automobiles product of India (API) that
manufactured the scooter. API manufacture the
lamberts but, another company Bajaj
automobiles LTD. Surpassed API and remaining
through the turn of the century from its
association with piaggio of Italy
(Manufacturer of Vespa)
The license raj that exist between the
1940s to 1980s in India , did not allow the
foreign companies to enter the market and
import were tightly controlled .these regulatory
maze , before the economic liberalization ,
made the business easier for local player to
have a seller market . Customer in India was
forced to wait 2 years to buy a scooter from
Bajaj. The CEO of Bajaj commented that he did
not make a marketing department, only in
dispatch department. By the year 1990, Bajaj
has a waiting list that has twenty six times of
annual output for scooter.
The motorcycle segment has the same long
wait time with three manufacture; Royal
Enfield, ideal Jawa and Escorts. Royal Enfield
made a 350cc bullet wit the only four – stroke
engine at that time and took the higher end of
the higher end of the market but , there was
little competition for there costumer . Ideal
Jawa and escorts took the middle and lower
end of the market respectively.

In the mid-1980s the Indian

government regulation changed and
permitted companies to enter the
Indian through minority joint venture.
The two wheeler market with for indo
Japanese joint venture: Hero Honda
TVS S Suzuki, Bajaj Kawasaki and
kinetic Honda. The entry of these
foreign companies changed the Indian
market dynamics from the supply side
to demand side with a large selection
of two wheelers on Indian market
customer started gain over the
product they bought and raise the
higher customer expectation.

 Hero entered the joint venture for

technical and financial participation with
one of the largest automotive makers

 Honda motors company limited of Japan,

in 1984 for the manufacturing of 100cc
motor cycles in India.

 Group companies Hero corporate service

limited – Hero mind mine –munlal

In 1984-1985 HHML came in existence by

collaboration of hero motor limited and Japans
Company Honda motors limited for the first
100cc with four stroke motorcycle is made by
Hero Honda motor limited in India.

Hero is the brand name used by the Munjal
brother in the year 1956 with the flag ship
company hero cycle’s .the two wheeler
manufacturing business of bicycle component
had originally started in the 1940’s and turned
in the world largest bicycle manufacture today.
The Munjal run their own steel make free wheel
and other critical bicycle component and and
have diversified in to different like product
design. the Hero group philosophy is;
“ to provide excellent transportation to
the common man at easily available and
affordable and to provide the total
satisfaction in all its sphere of activity “
he hero group has a passion for setting the
higher standard and engineering satisfaction is
the prime motivation way of life and work
culture of the group .

In year 1984 Mr. Brijmohan lal munjal , the

chair man and managing director of hero
Honda motors , headed an alliance between
the Munjal family and Hero Honda company
LTD HHM mission statement is :
” we, at hero Honda , are continuously
striving for synergy between technology ,
system and human resources to provide
product and services that meet the
quality price and aspirations of the

Product profile
Price list


CD-Dawn 32900 1699 845 35444

CD-DLX(MAC) 36650 1850 918 39467

PLEASURE 36740 1850 912 39502

SPL.NXG 39550 2050 999 42599

SPL.PLUS 41250 2099 999 42599

PASION PLUS 43750 2105 1005 46905

SUP.SPL.(RING) 44150 2199 1024 47373

SUP.SPL(MAC) 44900 2399 1109 48408

GLR.(MAC/SELF) 46250 2250 1055 49555

GLR.(DISK/SELF 48250 2350 1086 51686

CBZ.EXE (SELF/DISK) 57500 2750 1218 61468

HUNK 57000 2725 1216 60941

KARIZMA 73900 3400 1446 78746

CD-DELUXE(RING) 35400 1800 899 38098

Colors in Vehicle
Candy blazing red, cloud silver metallic,
tornado metallic grey, impulse
orange metallic, excellent blue metallic.

Candy blazing red, cloud silver, candy Tahitian
blue, amaranth maroon, cool mint grey.

black candy red , blaze , boon silver, metallic,
sierra metallic, granti blue metallic.
Orange , Candy blazing red, grey silver,
Tahitian blue metallic.

Black, maroon, red

 CD 100SS
Candy ruby red black , amazing blue
metallic, green metallic.

Moon yellow, cloud silver, amaranth maroon,
Tahitian blue, Candy blazing red, black with
purple strips.
Green, sky blue black metallic, yellow shade.

The main aim of marketing is meeting and satisfy

Customers need and wants buyer behavior refers to
the peoples or organization conduct activities and
together with the impact of various influences on
them towards making decision on purchase of
product and service in a market. The field of
consumer behavior studies how individuals, groups
and organization select, buy, use and dispose of
goods, service, ideas, or experience to satisfy their
needs and desires understanding consumer behavior
and knowing customer are never simple.
The wealth of products and service produced in a
country make our economy strong. The behavior of
human being during the purchase is being termed as
“Buyer Behavior”. Customer says one thing but do
another. They may not be in touch with their deeper
motivations. They are responding to Influences that
change their mind at the last minute. A buyer makes
take a decision whether save or spend the money.
 To promote the 3 new HERO HONDA bikes, viz. KARIZMA

 To create awareness among the respective target audiences.

 To build up brand image,with different promotional strategies.

Definition of Buyer Behavior:-

Buyer behavior is “all psychological, Social

and physical
Behaviors of potential customers as they
become aware of evaluate, purchase,
consume and tell others about product &

Consumer Buying Decision Process

There are following five stages in consumer buying

decision Process.

1.Problem identification:-
The buying process starts when the buyer
recognizes a problem or need. The need can be
triggered by internal or external stimuli.
Marketers need to identify the circumstances
that trigger a Particular need. By gathering
information from a number of consumers,
Marketers can identify the most frequent
stimuli that spark an interest in a product
category. They can then develop marketing
strategies that trigger consumer interest.

2. Information Search:-
The consumer tries to collect information
regarding various products/service. Through
gathering information, the consumer learns
about completing brands and their features.
Information may be collected form magazines,
catalogues, retailers, friends, family members,
business association, commercial, chamber of
commerce, telephone directory, trade fair etc.
Marketers should find out the source of
information and their relative degree
importance to the consumes.

3. Evaluation of alternative:-
There is no single process used by all consumers by
one consumer in all buying situations. There is
several First, the consumer processes, some basic
concepts are:
First, the consumer is trying to satisfy need.
Second, the consumer is looking for certain benefits
from the product solutions. The marketer must know
which criteria the consumer will use in the purchase

4. Choice of purchasing decision:-

From among the purchase of alternatives the
consumer makes the solution. It may be to buy or not
to buy. If the decision is to buy. The other additional
decisions are:
Which types of bike he must buy? From whom to buy
a bike? How the payment to be made? And so on.
The marketer up to this stage has tried every means
to influence the purchase behavior, but the choice is
properly consumers. In the evaluation stage the
consumer forms preferences among the brands in
the choice set. The consumer may also form an
intention to but the most preferred brand.
5. Post Purchase Behavior:-
After purchase the product, the consumer will
experience the same level of product. The Marketer’s
job not end when the product is buying must monitor
post-purchase satisfaction, post-purchase action,
post-purchase use and disposal.

Post Purchase Satisfaction:-

The buyer, S satisfaction is a function Of closeness
between the buyer, S expectation and the products
Perceiver performance. The larger the gap between
expectation and performance, the greater the
consumer dissatisfaction.

Post purchase Action:-

The Consumer, S satisfaction or dissatisfaction with
the product influence subsequent behavior. If the
consumer satisfied, he or she will exhibit a higher
probability of purchasing the product again.
Dissatisfaction consumer may abandon and return
the product.

Post-Purchase Use or Disposal:-

The marketer should also monitor new buyers use
dispose of the product. If the consumer store the
product in a close, the product is probably not very
satisfying. If the consumer throws the product away,
the marketer needs to know how they dispose of it;
especially it can be hurt the environment.

Characteristic of Buyer

The chief characteristics of the buyers behaviors are


(1)It consists of mental and physical activities

which consumers undertake to get goods and
services and obtain satisfaction from them.

(2) It includes both observable activities such

as walking through the market to examine
merchandise and making a purchase and
mental activities-such as forming attitudes,
perceiving advertising material, and learning to
prefer particular brands.
(3) Consumer behaviors are very complex and
dynamic to
constantly changing. And therefore,
management need to adjust with the change
otherwise market may be lot.

(4) The individuals specific behaviors in the

market place is
affected by internal factor, such as need ,
motives, perception, and attitudes, as well as
by external of environment influences such as
the family social groups, culture, economics
and business influences.





To know the best consumer buying behavior and

demand into the minds of consumer of Phagwara city
because always consumer say something and does
something. There are many companies
manufacturing motorcycles into the market, at the
same time as there are many companies
manufacturing motorcycles, idea about thinking of
customer on whether, what, how, and for whom to
purchase the motorcycle.
Therefore, research is required to measure present
consumer buying behavior at the purchase of Hero
Honda bike. so the researcher problem is to identify
what are the criteria that prospective customer takes
into consideration before buying the motorcycles.

(1)The main scope of the study is limited to

Phagwara city.

(2) It also analysis the benefits accruing to the

company as a result of those service.

(3) This study has been made to find the level

of satisfaction the Customer has regarding the
service provider by bike place.

Limitations of study

(1) When the buyers are busy we can’t

get accurate data from them.

(2) According to the time limit of our

project we can cover only the some

(3) During survey some respondents

may not give answer in proper

(1) To know market position of Hero

Honda bike in the market.

(2) To know consumer behavior for

purchase of two wheeler bike.








Marketing research is the function which links the

consumer, customer and public to the marketers
information used to identify and define marketing,
opportunities and problems, generates refine
marketing action; monitor marketing performance;
and improve understanding of marketing as a
Marketing research specifies the information
to address these issues; designs the method for
information manages and implements the data
collection process; analysis the results and
communication the findings and their implication.

(B)Research definition:

“Research is careful inquiry or examination to

new information and relationship and to expand and
to verify exiting knowledge,” Research always starts
with questions or a problem. Its purpose is to find
answer to questions through the application of the
scientific method. It is a systematic and intensive
study directed towards a more complete knowledge
of the subject studies.

(B) Research design

“Research design is the plan, structure and

strategy of
Investigation conceived so as to obtain answer
to research question and to control variance.”
From definition it is evident that research design is
more or less a blue print of research. At the outset
may be noted that there are several ways of
Studying and tackling a problem. There is no signal
perfect design.

The research design can be classified in to true broad

(A) Exploratory
(B) Descriptive
(C) Casual

Exploratory research is focus on the discovery of

Exploratory research is carried out to define
problems and
developed hypothesis to test later. An exploratory
study is
generally based on the secondary data that are
reading available. It does not have to change his
focus of direction, depending on the availability of
new ideas and relationship among variables.
Descriptive studies are undertaken in many
circumstances. Descriptive studies can be complex,
determining a high degree of scientific skill on the
part of the researcher.

(D) Sources of Data

The sources of data collection methods are as

a) Primary data :-
The primary data is that which details we collect first
from the market and also used first time in the
research. We also say that the information is first
time in the research decision. To collect the primary
data questionnaire is prepared structure non disguise
questionnaire is prepared.

b) Secondary data :-
Secondary data are those data which are already
collected by someone for some purpose and are
available for the present study; secondary data are
already collected by the company’s records and
other library’s books. When the secondary data are
sufficient, the researcher has to be satisfied with the
primary sources of data. Secondary data can be used
as bases for comparison with primary data have
been collected by questionnaire.

The present study seeks to find out the

consumers attitude
towards buying of bike. The study also aims at
findings out the drawbacks of the marketing
set up of Hero Honda PVT. LTD. So this makes
the study a descriptive one.
Data Collection Method

Researcher instruments is the tool by which the

can do research on specific problems or objective.
The most
popular researcher instrument for collection data is
“Questionnaire” for a particular investigation. It is
simple for a
moiled set of questions presented to respondents for
their answers.
Due to this flexibility, it is most common instrument
used to
collect the primary data. During the pre- testing of
questionnaire, I seen the reaction of respondents and
suggestions required to make change in research

The questionnaire contains three types of


( 1)Open-ended question :-
It is helpful in knowing what is uppermost in the mind
of the
respondents. It gives complete freedom to the

(3) Dichotomous questions :-

It has only two answers in form ‘yes’ or ‘n’, ‘true’ or
‘use’ or ‘do not use’. So the respondent is offered
two or more choice.

Multiple-choice question :-
In this, the respondent is offered two or more

Sampling plan
Sampling is a process of obtaining. The information
the entire population by examine a part of it .The
effectiveness of the research depends on the sample
size selected for the survey purpose.

(A) sample Site:-

The survey was conducted in Phagwara city.

(B)Sampling Unit:-
It means “Who is to be surveyed”. Here target
is decided and it is who are interested to purchase
“Bike” and sampling frame is developed so that
everyone in the target population has known chance
of being sampled. So the survey is conducted
particularly in Phagwara City.

(C)Sample size:-
For the purpose of proper survey, there is need of
research instruments to find out sample size for
more accurate result about buying behavior of bike.
The sample size is 40 respondents.

Sampling Method:-
A Stratified random sample is one where the
population is
divided in to mutually exhaustive strata or sub-group
and then a simple random is selected within each of
strata on age groups, occupation etc. It may be
noted that stratification does not means absence of
randomness. I use a simple random sampling
Have a bike:-
Result No. of respondent(30)
Yes 28
No 2
2) Company name

Company No of respondent
Bajaj 11
Hero Honda 09
TVS 03
LML 07
3) Media

Media No of respondent
Newspaper 04
Television 09
Friends 14
Other 03
4) Knowledge before buying

Result No of respondent
Yes 18
No 12
5) Decision maker

Decision No of respondent
Father 16
Mother 02
Self 11
Other 01
6) Mode of purchase

Mode No of respondent
By cash 22
By loan 08
7) Features consider

Features No of respondent
Price 2
Style 9
Mileage 8
Easy diving 3
Color 4
Brand reputation 4

9) Time period

Year No of respondent
0-1 4
1-2 19
2-3 5
Above 3 2
10)Schemes attracts

Schemes No of respondent
Special offer 07
Exchange offer 04
Cash discount 13
Festival gift 06
10) Satisfaction

Result No of respondent
Yes 27
No 03
Customer response
Service feedback

Chauhan automobile
Near SBI bid., station road , Durg-491001 tell-
1 How do you rate overall service experience at the work shop.
Excellent very good good just ok poor
2 Where you attend promptly you came to the work shop.
Yes no
3 Do you think that our service supervisor could understand your
problem fully?
Yes no not fully
4 Did our service supervisor provide information on exact nature of
Yes no not fully
5 Was your vehicle ready at the date & time promised by the service
Yes no
6 How do you rate explanation given by service supervisor of work
done vehicle.
Excellent very good Good just ok poor
7 Are you satisfied of the work done on your vehicle?
Yes no not fully
8 How do you rate the quality of washing and polishing of your
Excellent very good Good just ok poor
9 Were the charge of service and repair?
Almost as per estimate more than estimate no
estimate given
10 Are you happy with basic amenities such as drinking water, toilet
Yes no
11 Will you revisit &recommend this service center to your friend.
Yes no
We will welcome your valuable comment & suggestion
Vehicle registration

- The search for the country’s best stuntman.

To promote KARIZMA ZMR, we are orgainizing a one day

event in leading Indian cities named KARIZMATIX, which is
an event providing platform for every stunt man in the city.
It is basically a competition where by contestants have a
time slot of 10 mins to show their best stunt ability. The best
man from the city then competes with other winners from
their respective cities to win the title of India’s best
stuntman and a brand new KARIZMA ZMR!!

To promote passion pro, we have made provisions for

the bike to be displayed at the leading malls, where
test drive facility will be provided. Along with that a
lucky draw competition is organized, where by the
shoppers just have to fill in a form and drop it at the
drop box provided at the mall display. The lucky
winners will win the new HERO HONDA PASSION PRO.
Our Mall Partners for the lucky draw promotions are,
1. GIRL UP! – Stay true. Stay brave. Stay you.

GIRL UP! Is the campaign taken up to promote HERO

HONDA PLEASURE. The idea promoted was that, a
bike is specially launched for the fairer sex, since
women today, are independent and at power with
The campaign is promoted by the medium of T.V,
where by women are asked to send write – ups on
how they have proved to be equal to men or any act
of independence or bravery. The girl sending the
best write up would thus get a chance to come on

Special discounts on spares and free services for

your Hero Honda motorcycle along with attractive
gifts at various milestones. This is our way of
making sure that every time you come to us for
servicing your motorcycle, you take away more
than just the benefit of world class servicing in our
automated workshops!

From time to time we will bring for you exclusive offers with
the best brands in the country for products that will keep your
entire family happy
To create awareness amongst the people of the country, all
the channels of media were used for effective
communication with the audience.


A large number of hoardings were put across the country
at prime locations in association with BRIGHT MEDIA
as our outdoor partner.

Print advertisements are being published in leading
automobile and women magazines viz. Auto india, auto
car india , overdrive, bike, femina, women’s era.

The first slot of 10,000 posters were printed and put up at
prominent locations like, cafes, colleges, trains, buses,
main street junctions etc.

Full page print advertisements were published in leading
newspapers viz. THE TIMES OF INDIA, DNA, MID –

A 4-5 minutes T.V. commercial, for each bike, is

aired on T.V. 30 – 35 times a day in association
with, M. T.V, Channel [V], SONY, STAR PLUS,

Prior to the launch of these 3 bikes, the
famous hero Honda jingle was never aired on
radio, which is now being aired 15 – 20 times
a day in association with BIG FM & RADIO

HERO HONDA KARIZMA ZMR, took over the title sponsorship
of IPL, defeating DLF in price and other deliverables. The 2
main deliverables offered by IPL besides the
usual, are as follows.
- 3 min advertisement of KARIZMA
ZMR, in every commercial break.
- Whenever a batsman hits a ‘6’, the
KARIZMA ZMR will ride through the
screen, along with the line “will he
continue to be the fastest cricketer and win the
The highest scorer of the match will be entitled to win the

KARIZMA ZMR sponsored MOOD-I, which is the best
college festival in the country as MAIN SPONSOR.
MOOD- I is an effective platform to communicate with
the immediate target audience, since it gathers a crowd of 20,000+ college

The study shows that 51 respondents are using Hero

The current trend is that respondents give

maximum no of point to price and mileage.]

The study show that 48 respondents are come to

know from “others” and 26 respondents are come to
know from “friends” about Hero Honda bike.

The study shows that 55 respondents are purchase

Hero Honda bike by Loan and 45 respondents are
purchase Hero Honda bike by cash.

The study shows that 31 respondents are give

point to mileage.

The study shows that more no. of respondents

gives more
weight age to price. The more no. of serviceman,
Businessmen, and others give more weight age to
the price when Professionals give more weight age to
the mileage.

The study shows that 46 respondents are father

take a
decision to purchase bike And 42 respondents are
self take a decision to purchase bike.
The study shows that 30 respondents are give rank
to available in show rooms and 35 respondents are
give rank to after service.

The study shows that 43 respondents are giving

excellent to festival offer and 41 respondents are
give poor rank to the
anniversary offer.
Suggestion and


1. Hero Honda should introduce a low

price moped

2. For the promotion, company show make

road-show that will Increase the sales.
The company should give more
concentrate on the advertisement.

3.Hero Honda Company should implement

a new strategy toreduce the competition
and lead into the bike market.
4. As people expect more mileage per
kilometer, company should increase the
mileage of the hero Honda bike.

5. Hero Honda should make a sports bike

like to Kawasaki Suzuki Hyabusa bikes
which can run with maximum speeds.

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