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Cg C MIMUATURES DESIGNERS: Bin elon, Hat Bedford, Herman Swales& Alan Pery Ca eee eet ere Gene ecceec c e eeeg oad poco ‘Phoplicr cone: 60 oa 1 68002 Gaines Workanop Won comes wonahopcom (setae Werboss, woloome to Codex: Orks, a book Hdedicated to collecting, painting and gaming with an ‘Ork warband in the Warhammer 40,000 battle game. The Ork way is brutal and savage, using sledge-hammer tactics coupled with the ferocity of a bag of wolverines. If you're looking for the Warhammer 40,000 equivalent of a barbarian horde you're in the right place! ORKS Orks are the most widespread and warlike race of aliens in the bloodstained galaxy of the 41st millennium. From the depths of the core to the distant ghost stars beyond the galactic rim burgeoning Ork empires rise and fall, In terms of sheer numbers and planets Orks occupy more of the galaxy than any other single race and were they unified they would soon crush all opposition. However the Orks’ passion for violence is so unquenchable that they spend most of their time warring amongst themselves and any Ork leader worth his followers’ respect would never dream of voluntarily following another. But once in a generation an Ork leader will ‘emerge who is powerful enough to defeat his rivals and dominate their tribes. His success will draw others and soon a great Ork Waaagh! is underway, a movement of millions; part migration, part holy jihad as the Orks seek ew worlds to conquer and races to enslave, The violence of Ork warriors unleashed is truly terrifying and the ferocity of the Ork Waaagh! evokes fear even amidst the holy spires of Terra WHY COLLECT AN ORK ARMY? First off because Orks can fight anyone, even other Orks! No matter who your opponent is you can fight them with no qualms about whether you've got a realistic match-up. In the Warhammer 40,000 background Orks are the classic antagonists, a constant threat to all other races and are in a permanent state of war. Orks are also an ideal army for the player who wants to field everything at once. Individual Orks are tough, capable warriors and mercifully cheap in points, so an (rk force can field a solid body of troops and still have Plenty of room left to include warbikes, big guns, Dreadnoughts and other nasties. In battle the Ork army is a real horde, a solid mass of troops and vehicles which will make even the most hardened Space Marines player balk. The Orks themselves are excellent hand-to-hand fighters. Even the most basically equipped Ork fights better in close combat than many races’ assault specialists, and a whole mob of Orks can overrun most ‘enemy units with ease. Better still, the Orks’ confidence in their own fighting abilities means that mobs have to be decimated before they even think about retreating and (Orks which do fall back are likely to join up with another mob and renew the attack. This makes the Orks' brutal style of combat easy to emulate on the tabletop, and even if they lose you can win a moral victory if you have the right sense of bravado and mutter things like "You haven't heard the last of us, medaling Space Marine!” Ork barbarity is also highly entertaining in itself. If you ‘want a straight laced army that takes itself seriously try the Eldar or Sisters of Battle! A good Ork player can have a laugh at the expense of his Gretchin slaves getting blown to bits when they're sent into a minefield, or when ‘one of the Mekboyz' insane weapons blows up or a supercharged vehicle smashes into a wall The crude, barbaric style of an Ork army lends itself well to painters more interested in fielding a big force than an immaculately painted one. By using basic painting techniques an Ork force can be easily assembled, with its sheer mass of warriors compensating for their individual simplicity. Nearly everything the Orks use is hand built and heavily personalised, be it weapons, armour, vehicles or bioniks. This offers modellers a vast range of possibilities for converting and scratch building, making Ork armies the most varied, individualistic creations in the Warhammer 40,000 game. Gis si sad lor aig ster cmd eh mig fm he Alcth, Redwold and Tyr systems no ston has heea wadeaken. Nol scouting forces hive ed 2 sharp increase in the build-yp of Oc ships withio thee syste nd the ect lose of the Flhion cls cuter Tempest inthe Tye system his rendered Curtherrconasissnceinponible Tris imperative that farther information i gathered by whoever scans posible ao cxsue the ootiued seurity of the K Date: 763994M41 ‘Sit, my thnks forthe eeceat intelligence on Ork sctvty in the sub-actor Thx. combined with ny own sources, makes it clr tht an Ork Waragh i imaceat The cata figure apps to e Warlord. Corb of the Redskalls tbe Gorbud has conqcted all eighbouring tribes 08 Redwold. Tye and Alcath over the st foor yes and is now building bexy armameots and invasion ships Romocre sbosnd of to (or more) space hus beng sighted inthe Redwold sytem td the Emperors Tarot produces ever more dre portents of stile I woud suggest. my, request that» pre-captive strike be made on Redwold to cripple the Ork’s shipping an climinste their leader before this diogeoosstetion gets ferther out of hand I would abo ote thatthe Angels of Abroetion have recently fought on Besa and would make ay eniseatly siuble sike force Date: 2800994 Si I find it inconceivable that saying the Oxk’s leader would aot esata the disipution of the Waagh Yoo see et other Waslord would singly tke his place. but surely 2 period of| intrnccine ware woold occor as his rials fought to tke cost? Toaly pay thatthe Angels ‘of Absolution wll undertake to nid on our behalf. >>>5>>s550505: Date: 2851994 The outer cay waning beacons hive dtcted an alien fleet moving ito the Kolekis system Patol ships hive Been disputed to investigate and plseary defence frees hue been pliced op fll att >>>ps>ososno ppaonona naanaanaananaanaasaanasa BSNS Date 29679944 The Ock feet of Whagh Gorhnd his briched our orbital defeates and cies sow Ok ack ds hae apt from the over ines. Ealy estiutesplice the stacking ground fores st the equlent, noted the ships and asaolt hosts ae nding forces om the laser. Fist-movng spe of sites ecgimeats, with one hl, fosrerisrs sed twenty plas atc ships supporting from bit s>>pooosesomosoonesnnosnannnnnnansamnnaaas Date: 2093995MAl All outer defences overtun, Orks are capgtd in street fightiog throwghout the capita. Soplice ruosig low ad fighting forces siteed, Colas of all esisunce estimated a six days maxinum Commend out souls to the Emperor, 225255505555: INTRODUCTION Tans: Koleis Recched Byes Tekpic Doce Ascopst-Ternins, Sood Alec Coamde Heys Dire 25S994M4 Toi intercepted a Inquisition sation 574363/6/NI3. ‘Adds: Pll seit pps for recs of Ser eee by ke Tagistor Mies Fal tig anil vin ike Ken ‘An/sis/ 7 is Sci Ce eee re Angel of Abolition eet Gorka. Wats Gord Rebeold Alaa Ty ya, fee lene Mul The cite of oki fas gen yas 22 deele ea! ieee ‘ha the pind eee by Sale Hoss bt gree el roll bes ped eae oes) ihe Wang by king ei. Eshetion of the IE sstinated within tere pace NO FURTHER 7 ISSIONS >>>>5> 7st the brazen god of war Cea era eet acer cry cca his section of Codex: Orks contains information on the different troops and vehicles an Ork Warboss (ie YOU!) can use. The list allows you to fight battles using the scenarios included in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, but also provides the basic information you'll need to field an Ork army in scenarios you've devised yourself, or that form part of a campaign. The army list is split into five sections. All squads, vehicles and characters in the army list are placed into one of these sections, depending upon their role on the battlefield: Headquarters (HQ), Elites, Troops, Fast Attack and Heavy Support. Every model included in the army list also has a points value, which varies depending ‘on how effective itis on the battlefield. Before you can choose an army for a battle you will need to agree with your opponent upon what scenario to play and the points each of you have to spend on your army. Having done this you can proceed to pick an army as described below. USING A FORCE ORGANISATION CHART The army list is used with the force organisation charts from a scenario. Each chart is split into five categories that correspond to the sections in the army list, and each category may have one or more boxes. Each light-toned ox indicates that you may make one choice from that section of the army list, while a dark-toned box means that you must make a choice from that section. Note that unless a model or vehicle forms part of a squad or a squadron it counts as a single choice from those available to your army. ‘STANDARD MISSIONS ‘coMpuLsoRY OPTIONAL. Ho Ha) MEATY SUPPORT TROOPS TROOPS FAST ATI The Standard Missions force organisation chart Is a good ‘example of how to choose an army. To begin with you will need at least one H@ unit and two Troop units (dark shaded boxes Indicate units that must be taken for the mission). This leaves the following for you to ehoose from to make up your army's {otal points value: up to 1 HO unit, 03 additional Ete units, 0-4 additional Troop units, 03 additional Fast Attack units oF (03 adaltional Heavy Support units. USING THE ARMY LISTS ‘To make a choice, look in the relevant section of the army list and decide what unit you wish to have in your army, how many models there will be in it, and which upgrades, you want (if any). Remember you cannot field models that are equipped with weapons and wargear not shown ‘on the model. Once this is done subtract the points value of the unit from your total points, and then go back and make another choice. Continue doing this until you have used up all your points. Then you can get on with the serious business of unleashing your deadly Ork Waaagh! ARMY LIST ENTRIES Each army list entry consists of the following: Unit Name: The type of unit and any limitations on the maximum number of choices you can make for that unit type (0-1, for example, indicates that only one unit may be included in the army), Profile: These are the characteristics of that unit type, including its points cost. Where the unit contains different warriors, there may be more than one profile. Number/Squad: The number of models allowed in the unit, or the number of models you may take for one choice from the force organisation chart. Often this is a variable amount, in which case it shows the minimum and maximum unit size. Weapons: These are the unit’s standard weapons. Options: Lists the different weapon and equipment options for the unit and any additional points for taking these options. It may also include the option to upgrade one mob member to a character. If a mob is allowed to have models with upgraded weaponry (such as big shootas or rokkit launchas), then these must be given to ordinary squad members, not the character. Special Rules: This is where you'll find any special rules that apply to the unit. Coos ORK SPECIAL RULES “The following special rules apply to all Ork units except where noted. MIXED ARMOUR Due to the wide variety of wargear and the Ork Mobbing Up rule its entirely possible for some units to include models, with diferent armour saves. Because of this the normal Casualty removal and armour save rules are altered slightly. ‘The opposing playor rolls to hit and wound for whichever Unit he is fiing with as normal. However, when the Ork player makes armour saves before removing casualties from a unit that has mixed armour saves he uses the best ‘armour saves as long as the Orks wearing that type of ‘armour are in the majority ((e, they outnumber Orks with Worse saves in the uni), This represents the heavily ‘armoured Orks making more obvious targets and the lighter ‘armoured Orks using them as cover! Any casualties removed after saving throws have been taken must come from amongst the most heavily armoured Orks first (le, the ‘ones with the best saving throws take the hits). If heavier armoured Orks are in the minority use the worse armour saves and take the casualties from the lightly armoured Orks instead. For example: A Warboss and his bodyguard of fve Nebz suffer ‘6 wounds from enemy fire. The Warboss and three of his ‘bodyguard are wearing mega armour so the Ork player cols his ‘saving throws using the 2x mega armour save (as the models with mega armour outnumber the other models in the mob). Unluckiy he fails two saves and 2 wounds are. suflered, Because the Nobz have 2 wounds each, one mega armoured Nob is removed as a casualty. Ifthe enemy fie had an Armour Penetration of or better, three mega armoured Nobz would be removed as casualies (oush!). ORK MOB RULE! ‘An Ork mob has to check morale and test for pinning from barrages and snipers in the same way as any other unit. However, if the mob fails @ test it wil immediately ‘check size’ by rolling 206. Ifthe score is equal to or less than the ‘number of Orks (not including Gretchin) lettin the mob then the Orks cary on, confident in the belief there are enough of them left to win. Their courage is bolstered by their ‘comrades, spurring them on to battle. This means that an rk mob of twelve models or more will always fight on, regardless of any casualties it might have recolved. Mobbing Up tks fang back can attempt to regroup as normal if there ‘are enough of them lt, but this arly happens as Orks wil ‘nly witheraw once most of thom are dead. However, an ‘xk unit of any siza can aterpt to join another mob orn other words mob up When Orks fall back they can move towards any Ork mob that lies behind their own position. it any withdrawing Orks {get within 6" of the new mob once moves are complete then the withdrawing mob can attempt to join up with the new ‘one, Make @ 206 roll against the Leadership value of the ‘mob which is faling back. If successful the two mobs ‘combine together (mob up) and the previously withdrawing ‘mob can immediately move up to 6" so they are in proper formation Only Ork foot troops will mob up in this way ~ Slavers and Meks in charge of Grot mobs or Big Gunz, Stormboyz and ‘warbikes may not mob up. Victory Points after Mobbing Up. ‘A mob of Orks which mobs up counts as destroyed for vietory points purposes. An Ork mob which gains additional ‘Orks from another mob joining up with them is not worth any more victory points than it was before, it wil stil use its Starting strength and points value for working out victory THE POWER OF THE WAAAGH! When a big mob of Orks charges they form a solid mass, blazing away with their shootas and screaming Waaagh! at the top of their lungs, The sheer momentum oftheir char is stunning and opponents are in dang ing bowled over by a scrum of Orks all trying to get into combat first ‘To represent the Power of the Waaaghi, when an Ork mab ‘charges into close combat check its size by rolling 206. If the score is equal to or under the number of Orks left in the ‘mob they charge in with a rousing "Waaaaaaaaagh!". Al the rks in the mob double their Initiative characteristic fo rest of the assault phase. In future assault phases the Orks revert to their normal Initiative values. If the 2D6 rol is Greater than the number of Orks left in the mob the Orks charge in as normal and attack with their basic Initiative value (Orks who make a sweeping advance into the enemy also use the Power of the Waaagh! The test for this is made at the beginning of the assault phase so any casualties from, ‘of them managing to n their momentum, He was an avalanche from an unexpected quarter. eS eit ounce cues: Coen rear GRETCHIN MOBS Gretchin are notoriously cowardly by Ork standards so in battle they are led (or rather driven forward) by am Ork ‘Saver. In the case of these units Morale checks are made against the Ork’s Leadership value ~ but there is no Mob Rule for Gretchin, Grotz don't count when it comes to ‘counting heads! Gretchin are attected by Morale checks forlosing an assault justlike normal troops, However, Gretchin who fail a Morale check caused by enemy shooting or tank shack or which fal to regroup after falling back from close combat, ‘go to und! and hide with almost pretematural ski inthe blink ‘of an eye they disappear under rocks, behind foliage, and whatever else they can hide in. The Greichin mob is removed and the Slaver is left in place to indicate their position (as he stars the thankless task of rounding them Up again). Ino Slaver is present (le, he ha: ain or ‘Was not included in the mob for some reason) the Gretchin ‘mob may not regroup and counts as being destroyed. Gretchin can attempt to regroup each turn as long as the Slaver is sill alive, even if the Gretchin mob has been luced below 50% of its original strength or the enemy within 6% Ifthe Gretchin have gone into hiding, when they regroup they are replaced on the tabletop in coherency with the Slaver but not more than 6" from him. Whilst they are hiding Gretchin cannot be harmed. ‘Ork Slaverz tying to regroup Gretchin can be attacked as. ‘normal by shooting and in close combat. The Slaver may ‘not move, shoot or initiate an assault (although he can still fight back i attacked in close combat). If the Slaver is kiled the Gretchin mob counts as being destroyed, Cor dag ORK ARMOURY Inmost cases characters are upgraded from ordinary Boyz. Where this isthe case the character keeps the basic weapons ‘and wargear of the mob he's part of - for example, a Stormboyz Nob has a slugga, choppa and jump pack. This doesn't prevent you from picking extra weapons for him from the Armoury althiough the restrictions on the number of weapons that can be carried always apply. (rk characters may have up to two single-handed weapons, or one single-handed weapon and one two-handed weapon. You may also pick up to 40 points of extra wargear for each character from the Wargear ists (80 points for an Ork Warboss ‘and 60 poiats for a Big Mek or Painboss). The ful Wargear rules are en pages 34-37. You can not take duplicate items forthe same model with the exception of Grots or squigs and all wargear and weapons must be represented on the model ‘SINGLE HANDED WEAPONS: Choppa, Power claw Slugga 'Unty syringe (Mad Doks only) ‘TWO-HANDED WEAPONS Big shoota: Burma (Mekboyz only) z Grabba stk (Slaverz only) Kombi weapon: shoota/rokkit tauncha Kombi weapon: shoota/skorcha- Kustom force field (Mekboyz only) Kustom mega-blasta (Mekboyz only) Fokkit launcha, Shoota 'Uge choppa ‘RK VEHICLE UPGRADES Any Ork vehicles (apart from warbikes) may be fited with the following adaltianal equiament, Any upgrades chosen must be shown on the vehicle model. Dreadnoughts may only choose upgrades marked with an (7. No duplicate upgrades may be taken for the same vehicle. Armour plates. 5/10 pts Big grabber Spits Boarding plank : Spits Grot riggers 2pts Bolt-on big shoota (wartrukks only) 10 pts Red paint job. ...eee cece cere Bits Reinforced ram. : Spis Searchlight" tpt Spikes ‘n blades (not wartrukks) Spits ‘Stikkbomb chucka’ 3pts Turbo boosta Spits Wrecker ball Spits WARGEAR ‘Ammo runt ‘Attack squig Big hornsiron gab (Warboss & Nobz only) Bionik arm Biorik bonce Bosspole (Warboss & Nobz only) ybork body Dok’s tools (Mad Doks only) "Eavy armour: Frag stikkbornbz Grot oiler (Mekboyz only) Grot orderly (Mad Doks only) Krak stikkbombz Kustom job: More Dakka Blasta Shootier Mega armour (Warboss & Nobz only) Mega boosta (mega armour only) Mekboy's tools (Mekboyz only) Squighound (Slaverz only). Stikkbomb chucka (mega armour only) Super stikkbombz (Mekboyz only) Tankbusta bombz, Waaagh! banner (max. one per army) 4 pts 6 pis 6 pis 40 pis 10 pts Spis TO pis Yet Bpis tpt 6 pts 6 pts 2 pts 4 pts 3 pis 2 pis 20 pis 10 pts 2 pis Spis, tpt Spits Spis 20 pts Mega Armoured Warboss and Bodyguard Iran Onk Warbo3s i equipped wih mega armour any members of his bodyguard Nobz tht aro also cauipped wah mega armour willbe able choose up to 4 total of 80 ports of wargoar each fincuding the eer Grots and Squigs Some Or wargear takes the for of Gretchin slaves or squigs (shor for squegly Boas’ ~ animals that Onks eat or tran for simple tasks). Grot slaves and sauigs must bo represented bya separate modo! and become part of whichover mob the character they are wih botongs to They must also say within the 2° coherency distance of the unt Note that the special rules for Grot morale only apply to mobs of the litle green biighters, not to any Grots, that are chosen as wargear. An Ork charactor may choose up to a maximum of three Grot slaves andor squigs. HEADQUARTERS & J] As the monstrous © | anda powertt leader ofthe warband the Warboss gets first pick of any wargear and the best fighters to make up his bodyguard with, Some Warbosses also include Mehboyz and Mad Dohs in their bodyguard — often with th coun small entourages of Grot slaves and squigs. Others just get in thes warruks with select band of hard nuts and lead their Boy by the simple expedient of careerng inte the aiddle of the enemy force first HEADQUARTER Points. Warboss 60 Your army must include a Warboss. Options: A Warboss may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury. Bodyguard: The Warboss may be accompanied by a bodyguard (see entry below). Ihe has a bodyguard then the Warboss and his bodyguard are treated as a single unit during battle. Note that the bodyguard does not count as a separate HO choice (it dees not use up a HQ ‘slot) Wartrukk: If the Wartsoss and his bodyguard number ten madels or less (including squigs, Grots, ete) they may be mounted in a wartrukk at a cost of +30 pts. See below for details. SPECIAL RULE Independent Character: Unless accompanied by his bodyguard (see below) the Wearboss is an independent character and folows all the rules for independent characters as given inthe Warhammer 40,000 rulebook WARBOSS’S BODYGUARD Pointsimodel | WS BS ST W 1 A Ld sv Nob) 20 Gore [Numbers The Warboss may be accompanied by between five and ten Nobz. ‘Options: The Nobz may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Amouiy. Pointsimodel | WS _8S ST W 1 A Ld sv Mekboy 40 as ae [Number Ifthe Warboss is accompanied by a bodyguard he may also be accompanied by up to two Mokboye Options: The Mekboyz may be given any equipment allowed rom the Ork Armoury. ES Pointsimodel | WS_BS ST W 1 A Ld sv Mad Dok 10 dea? 3, 4 Sige emeaznaraner Numbers fhe Warboss is accompanied by a bodyguard he may also be accompanied by up to two Mad Dok. Options: The Mad Ooks may be given any equipment alowed fram the Or Armoury, The wartukh isa lightly ammeured, fast transport vehicle used by Orks for getting the Boye info battle auch. Ir allows them to trust deep into enemy lines and capture feruard position. BOS Points | Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour Wartrukk 30 10 10 10 ‘Type: Fast, open topped. Crew: Orks. ‘Weapons: The wariukk is armed with either a big shoota at +8 pis ora rokkit launcha at +5 pts. Points 25 ‘Options: A Big Mek may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury for Mekboyz, ‘and also any equipment that can normally only be chosen by the Warboss and Nobz. Bodyguard: The Big Mek may be accompanied by a bodyguard as detailed below. If the Big Mek has a bodyguard then he and the bodyguard are treated as a single unit during the battle Note that the bodyguard does not count as a separate HQ choice (it does nat use up one of the HQ ‘slots. Wartrukk: The Big Mek and his bodyguard may be mounted in a warttukk at an addtional cost of +30 pls. See the wartrukk entry on page 8 for details SPECIAL RULE Independent Character: Unless accompanied by his bodyguard the Big Mok san independent character and folows all ofthe rules for independent characters as gwven inthe Warhammer 40,000 rulebook BIG MER’S BODYGUARD Number: The Big Mek may be accompanied by betweon three and fvo Mokboyz Options: The Mekbayz may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury. MeKboyz are highly individualistic and have a violent aversion to ‘slandardsed’ weapons, For this reason no Mekboye inthe bodyguard may be equipped wit the same combination of woapons. CESS HEADQUARTERS Occasionally a SOF | Metbow will exhibit the hind of ambition, usually only seen amongst Nobz. Although he can never aspire te lead a whole warband the Mehboy will gather other Mehboye as followers and ga in power and stature. tis, «omimon for a Big Mek to leave his warband or be outlawed by its Warboss for getting too big for his boots. Outlaw Big Mehs and thei fllowers will ire cut ther Services to warbands, searching fora war big enough fo satisfy their obsession for building the biggest, shootiest ‘war machines around. Veteran Painboyz become increasingly Points| WS BS ST W 1 A Ld sv Painboss 25 Geren) 37 6+ ‘Options: A Painboss may be given any equipment allowed for Mack Doks from the Ork Armoury. Bodyguard: The Painboss may be accompanied by a bodyguard as detailed below. If he has a bodyguard then he and the bodyguard are treated as a single unit during battle. Note that the bodyguard does not count as a separate HO choice (it does nol use up a HQ slo), Wartrukk: The Painboss and his bodyguard may be mounted in a wartrukk at an additional cost of 430 pts, See the wartrukk entry on page 8 for details ‘SPECIAL RULE Independent Character: Uniess accompanied by his bodyguard the Painboss is an independent character and follows all of the rules for independent charactors as given in the Warhammer 40,000, rulebook PAINBOSS’S BODYGUARD Points/model | WS_BS_S_T W 1 A Id sv Cybork 13 (aia aac eae ae oar ise Number: The Painboss may be accompanied by between four and nine Cybors. Weapons: Siuggas end chopnas. ‘Special Rule: The Cyborks have an inv! ble saving throw. obsessed with perfecting their own methods of ‘sejery’ and eventually drift away from their Warboss. Lett fo their oun devices, they wil indulge in ever more extreme cisperiments. Any Or brave/stupid enough to venture Into a Painboss's lab has to be ful otherwise it may wahe Up fo find itself with anew set of mechanical lungs that allow it fo breathe underwater even though i probably only went info get a bad tooth removed! Stommboye are fierce Ork wartors whe are illing fo gamble swith ther ves (and thei -sanity) by strapping on crude ‘Oth rohhit packs to Bast them Aowards the enemy. =S5] Hommandes are the ell most slippery, = cunning and untrustworthy Ors in any ‘warband. On the other hand they are the best at slithering closer fo an enemy battleline or sneaking around a flank without raising the “Ard Boye wear heavy armour pieced together from steel plates and equipment scavenged from defeated foes. Their thick armour combined with the natual roughness of Ochs means that "Ard Boye ae able fo wade through the fiercest fire Fights with barely a seatch, ELITES A SOE Pointsimodel_| WS BS _S oT W 1 A 1d Sv Boyz 15 Aare eae ira ioe eta Nob a Soe te tee aay ee Mob: The mob consists of between five and twenty Ork Stormbayz. Weapons: Sluggas and choppas. Options: The entire mob may be equipped with frag stikkbombz at +1 pt per model and krak stikkborbz at +2 pts per model Character: For an adsitional cost of +11 pts one of the Stormboyz may be upgraded to a Neb. The Nob may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury, except mega armour. ‘SPECIAL RULE ‘Jump Packs: The mob is equipped with jump packs. See the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook for ota, Pointsmodel_| WS BS S$ T W 1 A Ld Sv Boyz 10 2-3 2 ee Nob an 42 8 4 eee ‘Mob: The mob consists of between five and ten Kommandos. Weapons: The models in the mob may be armed with either a shoota or slugga & choppa (you may have a mixture of weapons within the mob), Options: Up to one model in the mob can be armed with either a big shoota at +8 pts, rokkit fauncha at +5 pts or buma at +6 pts, The mob may have frag stikkbombz at +1 pt per model, krak stikkbombz at +2 pts per model andlor tankbusta bombz at +8 pts per model, Gharacter: For an additonal cost of #11 pts one of the Kommandes may be upgraded to a Nob. The Nob is allowed to have any equipment allowed from the Grk Armoury, except for mega armour. SPECIAL RULES. Infitrators: Kommandos are infiators and follow any special scenario rules for Initators Slippery: Kommandos sneak through cover quickly and easly, so they roll an extea D6 when they ‘move through dificult ground, Pointsmodel_| WS BS ST W 1 A Ld sv Boyz, 12 aa! ai 7 ia Nob +16 2s 4 gee 7 ae ‘Mob: The mob consists of between five and twenty ‘Ard Boyz Weapons: The models in the mob may be armed with either a shoota or slugga & choppa (you may have a mixture of weapons within the mob), Options: Up to three models in the mob can be armed with either a big shoota at +8 pts, a rokkit auncha at +5 pts or a bumna.at +6 pts. The entire mob may be equipped with frag stikkbombz at “+1 pls per model, and/or krak stikkbornbz at +2 pis per model Character: For an additional cost of +16 pts one of the Boyz may be upgraded to Nob. The Nob may be given any additional equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury. Points/model 1 49 Mob: The mob consists of between five and twenty Skarboyz. ‘Weapons: The models in the mob may be armed with either a shoota or slugga & choppa (you may have a mixture of weapens within the mob). Options: Up to three models in the mob can be armed with either a big shoota at #8 pts, a rokkit launcha at 45 pts or a burna at +8 pis, The entire mob may be equipped with frag stkkbombz at “+1 pt per model, krak stkkbombz at +2 pts per model Character: For an additional cost of +9 pts one of the Boyz may be upgraded to a Nob. The Nob may be given any additional equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury. Points/model eres Sharboue are veteran ‘warriors who bear the sears of dozens : of batles, These Oris have ‘grown exceptionally big and strong and have brawny, gnarled arms bulging with slabs of muscle from fighting Jn numerous conflicts. SFT] Some Orks are 30 obsessed with guns J that they will srape 9 mn ‘Mob: The mob consists of between five and twenty Flash Gitz, Weapons: Shoota. ‘Options: The entire mob may be given one Kustom job for their shootas chosen from the \Wargear section: Shooter: +2 pts per model, Blasta: +3 pts per model and More Dakka: +4 pts, pper model. Up to four models can have either a big shoota at +8 pts, a rokkit launcha at +5 pls ‘ora bua at +6 pts. ‘Character: For an additional cost of +11 pis one of the Gitz may be upgraded to a Nob. The Nob ‘may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury. together al the wealth they can fo get the best hustom shoota they can afford. Other Ors call these overequipped nuttas ‘flash Gita’. Points/model Boyz, 9 Nob “ Mob: The mob consists of between ten and thirty Boyz ‘Weapons: Slugga and choppa. Options: Up to three models can have elther a big shoota al +8 pts, a rokkit launchas at +5 pts ora burna at +6 pts. Character: For an additional cost of +11 pts one of the Boyz may be upgraded to a Nob. The Nob may be given any equipment allowed by the Ork Armoury Sg Points/model_| WS BSS ‘Slugga Boy2 are the bheart and soul of iostOrh warbands. They are normally formed into huge mobs and are armed for close comb with hefty, razor. edged choppas and the bighore (1h pstos hnowm as shuggas. Boyz 8 i a8 Nob +12 a he mob consists of between ten and thirty Shoota Boyz. Weapons: Shoota ‘Options: Up to three models can have either @ big shoota at +8 pts, rokkitlauncha at +5 pts or burma at +6 pts. Character: For an extra +12 pts one Boy may be upgraded to @ Nob and given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury. The deafening 9) | cameur ota me of Shota Boy opening fc is legendary. Each Ork wl ‘ry fo utd his neighbour by letting fy withthe most ammo and the loudest gun. Hitting the target i ess of an objective than ferrorsing the enemy! TROOPS | Stihh Gommas are 1) | special among ork society for one reason — they know that when you pull the pin out of a sfikhbomb, you throw the bomb and not the pin! rk bums are powerful cutting = torches used in battle to met enemy armour. ‘When he is within distance the uma Boy can crank open the nozzle and unleash a forent of flame to incinerate foes, even those shulhing in woods or behind walls. | Tankbusta mobs are 1 | formed tom arts | whe have survived tank attacs and learned how to beat them. Small mobs of Tankbustas work among the larger mobs of Boye to hunt down enemy tanks or bunkers. Pointsimodel | WS 8S ST W 1 A id Sv Boyz 10 MSDE Sosa may ae ae aT Nob at Ae 2A cae st 87a ‘Mob: The mob consists of between ten and thirty Stikk Bommas. Weapons: Slugga, close combat weapon, frag and krak stikkbombz. Options: Up to three models in the mob can be armed with either a big shoota at +8 pts, @ rokkit launcha at +5 pts or a bumna at +6 pts. The mob may be equipped with tankbusta bombz at an additional cost of +2 pts per model. Character: For an additional cost of +11 pts one of the Boyz may be upgraded to a Nob. The Nob may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury Peo Points/model Boyz 8 Mekboyz 9 ‘Mob: The mob consists of between five and ten Buma Boyz. Weapons: Slugga and choppa. ‘Options: Up to four models in the mob can be armed with @ uma at +6 pts. The entire mob may bbe equipped with frag stikkbomibz at an additional cost of +4 pt per model and krak stikkbombz. at an additional cost of +2 pts per model. Character: For an adaitional +9 pts the Bua Boyz mob may be led by a Mekboy. The Mekboy may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury, Pointsimods! | ws 8S ST W 1 A Ld sv Boyz, 1" 12e, 3 fam Bema) aeae. Nob Ht eee 4 Sede fares 7, cs ‘Mob: The mob consists of five and ten Tankbusta Boyz. Weapons: Slugga, close combat weapon, frag stikkbombz and tankbusta bombz ‘Options: Up to three models in the mab can be armed with a rokkit launcha at +7 pts each. Character: For an adkitional cost of +11 pts one of the Boyz may be upgraded to @ Nob. The Nob may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury ‘SPECIAL RULE ‘Tank Hunters: The mob always passes Tank Shock tests and adds +1 to all Armour Penetration rol he ilding shook as the Leman Russ approached, dust and fragments of musobry sind dowo ee ee ee oe eer Se ee eh ke a ee ree ch eT et ee ee ee ee tank was right outside, cutiog down the Inst of a mob of Cretchin with its heavy bolters sad ee ee ee et a a ee a ee eee eee eee eee ee ee ene ed the ground, one was a dud which-rcocheted off with a clang, but the other tore a great chuak out of the vehicle's side armour and seat tack whipping away like + wounded python. Krug and his a nr renee eer en eee ee eee ee ee ee ae lew with + tccth-rat ene oe ere no ‘TROOPS RECs a a ie, Points/model_| ws pss TW 1 A td sv bah Grotchin 3 PeeceemnEEm: 5 = the heap In Or society his Slaver 9 Ces ee eae? position is most definitely held Mob: The mob consists of one Slaver and between ten and thiy Gretehin Weapons: The Gretchin are armed with grot blastas. (Character: The Siaver may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury. SPECIAL RULES Living Shield: Orks are adopt at using Grots to draw enemy fie. Any Ork mobs which are shot at through’ a Grot mob can claim a 8+ cover saving throw. Each save made by the Orks means one ofthe Grots must be removed as a casually. Better Footing: Orks are also adept at using Grots to clear @ path through dificult ground, sometimes by the simple expedient ol stepping on them! If'@ Grot mab is in dificult round any Ork ‘mobs moving through the same dificult ground may re-oll the Gice for how far they move. Mega, ‘armoured Orks may not use this benefit (the Grots would just go ‘splutch). Mine Clearance: Grots are sometimes charged across minefields to make the mines safe(!) before the Orks have to cross. I a Grot mob moves into a minefield take off 306 Grots as casualties and then remove the minefield marker. If there aren't enough Grots in the mob to satisfy the casually quota the minefield remains in play and the Grot mob is wiped out by the Grethin, or Grot2 they are also known, They are often enslaved against their will and forced to serve their brutal Ork masters» Quite literally downtrodden (and hice and beaten), the Grotz are aluays atthe wrong end of ‘things — including the food chain! Points/model_| WS BS S$ TW Aid sv Boyz, 9 rae aia oa eT oir tee Nob mn eeeouees «4 2887 Ge Mob: The Trukk Boyz mob consists of between five and ten Ork Boyz. Weapons: The Boyz have either a shoota or a slugga & choppa. The mob may contain a mix of differently armed Boyz. Options: Up to one of the Boyz can have a big shoota at +8 pts, a rokkit launcha at +5 pts ora urna at +6 pts. Character: One of the Boyz may be upgraded to a Nob at an addtional cost of +11 pts, The Nob may have any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury. Wartrukk: The mob must be mounted in a wartrukk at an additional cost of +30 pts. See the wartrukk entry on page & for details ‘SPECIAL RULES Ballin’ out: Trukk Boyz have plenty of experience in jumping on and off trukks (and landing on thelr heads), 50 they will only suffer a wound on a D6 roll of 6 instead of a 4+ if their tukk is destroyed WARBUGCIES/WARTRARS Points | Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour_BS. Warbuggy/trak 30 10 10 10 2 ‘Squadron: The squadron consists of between one and three Warbuggles/Wartraks, ‘Type: Fast, open topped. Weapons: Each vehicle may be armed with one of the following: twin-linked big shoota at +16 pis, twin-linked rokkit launcha at +10 pis, a mega blasta at +20 ps or a skorcha at +8 ps. ‘Truk Bouz, or ‘trubhers as they are Also called, have Invested loads of time and ‘nergy in getting a wartrubh a their own personal transport. ‘They are much envied by the foot-slogging Boye for their ability f get into the fight quichig. Most warbands are accompanied by a ramshachle band of chiles that hurtle around the batleield basting at anything they cam. The most crazed brews ate hnown as Speed Frees as they have completely succumbed to the Ork predilection for going {ar to fast FAST ATTACK th Warbies are one of the strange miracles of Or technology, possessing an immensely powerful armament for ther size. Oth Bikers love nothing mere than to rear around the batteeld, unleashing hails of shots in all directions. Often they will ide straight info the middle of ther enemys Fei fingers fcrnly on the rigger, riding ver the bodies of those who {all to thelr murderous advance. TTS TT Pointsmodel_| WS BSS TW 30 4 2 3 46) 1 422 4 2 4 48) 2 Squadron: The squadron consists of between three and ten Ork warbikes, ‘Weapons: Twinsinked big shootas. Options: Some warbikes are stripped of their big shootas and their riders fight as pure assault {tops instead. In this case the warbikes cost 20 pts and the riders are armed with sluggas ard ‘additional close combat weapons (chains, tyre irons ec), Character: At an additional cost of +22 pts one of the bikers may be upgraded to a Nob. He may be given any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury with the exception of mega armour. SPECIAL RULES Short Ranged: The bouncing, rattling progress of warbikes is not conducive to hitting accurately at long range. Theretore the warbikes' big shootas are limited to a maximum range of 18" Hard to Hit: As warbikes career across the baltlefeld they kick up vast quantities of dust and ily ‘exhaust fumes. This gives thom a 5+ saving throw as if they were in cover, Furthermore if an ‘enemy shoots through a unit of warbikes to hit another Ork unt behind i the Ork unit behind counts {sin cover too. The warbikes' pollution cover has no effects in close combat. ‘Speed Freeks: Ork Bikers are the worst kind of speed.crazed loons there are. They are unlikely tw even notice casualties over the roar of engines 60 they are completely immune to the effects of ‘morale and pinning Psycho Blastas: In an assault Bikers use their big shootas to blast the enemy at point blank range, ‘breaking through thei nes ina storm of shrapnel. This means that warbikes that charge into close combat strike frst and make a shooting attack on the enemy inthe first round instead of fighting ‘normally (fe, roll three: DB, hiting on a 5+ but with a re-all to hit, any hits are resolved with a ‘Strength and AP of 5). Once the warbikes have resolved their shots their oppanents may fight back, aca orhish arillery manned by a swarm of Grot slaves. They are used fo pound enemy lines into sub and knock out tanks from a distance while the ferocious obs of Boye elose in to butcher the enemy infantry handtohand combat. Cay a Points/model_| WS BSS T W 1 A Ld sv Big Gun Krew 30 2) 2g 2 eee Slaver/Mek 49 Bo 2s 4 Mob: The battery consists of between one and three big gunz and two Gretchin krew perbig gun Weapons: All of the weapons in a battery must be of the same type, either lobbas, Zzap guns: or kannon. Fules for these weapons can be found in the Wargear section Options: You may include up to three additional Grot krew per gun at a cost of +3 points per model. Character: It is common for a Slaver and/or a Mek to accompany a battery of big gunz. You may include up to one Siavar and up to one Mek at an adeitional cost of +9 points each. The Slaver or Mek may have any equipment allowed from the Ork Armoury. ‘SPECIAL RULE its on the Battery: When a battery of big gunz 's fired at, candomise any hits between the Krew and the gunz themselves by roling a Ds; 1-4: Hits the Krew; 6-6: Hits a big gun, Hits against the Gretchin krew are resolved as ‘normal, Gunz count as vehicles with an armour value of 10, any penetrating or glancing hits destroy them. Pointsimodel 10 an ‘Mob: The mob consists of between five and ten Lootas, Weapons: Shootas plus see options below. Options: Lootas are allowed to use the options of one of the folowing squad types as detailed in the army lists in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook: Space Marine: Tactical squad, Devastator squad, Scout squad (note that Orks with sniper rifles hit on a 4+ not a 2+): Imperial Guard: Infantey squad, Fire support squad, Antitank squad. For example: You might choose to use the weapon options for an Imperial Guard Infantry ‘squad for your Lootas. This would give them up fo one plasma gun (+5 pts), melta gun (+8 pis) or flamer (+8 pls) and one heavy weapon which could be either a heavy bolter (+5 pts), missile launcher (+10 pts), lascannion (+15 pis), autocannon (+10 pts) or mortar (+10 pts). ‘Alternatively, a squad's options from any one army list entry may be used as long as both layers agree. Character: For an additional cost of +11 pts one of the Boyz may be upgraded to a Nob. The ‘Nob may be given any equipment alowed from the Ork Armoury. SPECIAL RULE Looted Weapons: If you roll a1 to hit wth a looted weapon, a hits scored on the unt shooting with the weapon, instead ofthe target. The opponent gets te roll To Wound etc. Template weapons score a single hit But do not place the template, The Ork player gets to allocate any wounds, and they don't have to be allocated to the model who fited the weapon that rolled the ‘(the ‘Ooops. Sorry Mate!’ rule). Cee Armour Points | WS BS _S_Front_Side_Rear_1__A Ork Dreadnought | 70+wpns | 4 2 510) 12 12 10 2 23) Krew: The Ork Dreadnought has a crew of one Ork. ‘Weapons: Its armed with two Dreadnought close combat weapons (power olavs usually), and two chosen from among the following: rokkitlauncha at +5 pts each, big shootas at +8 pts each, ‘mega blastas at +15 pts each, skorchas at +5 pis each. You may have two of one weapon type if you wish oF two different weapons. Options: The Ork Dreadnought may replace one or both close combat weapons with extra ‘weapons for the additional cost shown above, Each extra weapon chosen must be the same as. ‘one of the two main weapons and makes one of the main weapons twin-linked. If one close. ‘combat weapon is replaced the Ork Dreadnought is reduced to its basic 2 Attacks, if two are: replaced the Ork Dreadnought is reduced to its basic Strength of 5. ‘Armour Points | WS BS § Front Side Rear_1 A Killer Kan 45 eee Krew: The Kan has a crew of one Ork. Mob: Your mob may consist of between one to three Kans, Weapons: The Kan is armed with a Dreadnought close combat weapon and a big shoota. Options: A Killer Kan may replace its big shoota with a rokkit launcha or a skorcha for free. HEAUY SUPPORT Tp Oth Lootas scavenge ‘the battlefield after C81 the fight is over and strip weapons, armour and ‘equipment from their enemy's dead. Most of the gears sold on to Mcks or other Orhs but the Lootas hep the few prize working weapons for themselves and set about figuring out how to-use theme TTB 8th Dreadnoughts possess the three ‘main elernents of Ork ‘warfare — they're big, shooty and sfompy! They are often created by the combined sills of ks and Doks because the pilot Is ‘wired.in’ fo the eonttol systems so that the huge armoured vehicle moves sf ‘were his own body. Other Dreads are not so sephistiated and are controlled by a wild aray of levers, buttons and eas. J] Killer Kans are ‘smaller and less 4 sophisticated Or DOreadnoughts. Although ightly armoured, they retain the deadly power claws of their larger cousins making them dangerous foes at close quarters, HEAUY supPORT ‘Neko build all ‘ort of variants on 3:8) the basi Battewagen design but they al bristle with guns and have plenty of space for carrying a mob of Boy2 into battle, Any caprured vehicle that finds its way into a Mekboy's hands will be cannibalised into a Battlewagon onc its weapons start fo break down and run out of ammunition, controlled Imperial factories. In modifications will tum most looted vehicles into creations ‘that are the equivalent of a Battlewagon. @eisantral cen eae focus. A crude eth ramp rere en eas erry er rs ereneee yy arround Coenen San rd tres | ao Ere een cee ee ina nes tara Pao aay ee ee ceed eee) nas ok ee Sor ns pens Coenen Pn ee cae Cees eee the grcaskias salaged Perera) eee RS) Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour_BS Battlewagon 13 12 10 2 ‘Type: Tank, open topped. Weapons: The Battlewagon is armed with three twin-linked big shootas. You may upgrade any of the twin-linked big shootas to a twin-linked rokkit launcha or a skorcha for free. (One of the twin-linked big shootas may be replaced with a big gun — either a lobba, Zzap gun or kannon at +15 pts. Options: In addition the Battlewagon may mount up to five bolt-on big shootas at +10 pls each. These must be fired by the Ork mob onboard Transport: The Battlewagon may carry up to twenty Orks. CeO sey ASU TE You may include a one looted vehicle worth 51+ points or one to three vehicles worth 50 points or less. Even though you can include more than one vehicle they count asa single Heavy Support choice. Type: A looted wehicle may be chosen from one of the following army list entries in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook: ‘Space Marines: Rhino, Razorback, Predator Annihilator, Predator Destructor, Land Raider. Imperial Guard: Chimera, Heltound, Gitfon, Leman Russ battle tank, Leman Russ, Demolsher, Baslisk Although the cost for a looted vehicle remains the same as it was in ts ‘arent army lit its Belistc Skil is reduced to 2 because ifs crewed by Orks! Also note thatthe model fora looted vehicle must be converted andor painted appropriately to show itis being used by Orks; simply borowing a Leman Russ fom an Imperial Guard army isnot alowed! Weapons: Variable, see below. Options: The looted vehicle may be given any weapons options permitted from its army lst. For example, a Leman Russ battletank may be given a heavy flamer or heavy bolter sponsons at a cost of +10 pts each. A looted vehicle may use Ork vehicle upgrades. ‘SPECIAL RULES Looted Vehicles: Make a Breakdown test for each looted vehicle atthe start of each turn. Roll @ DB, om a 1 roll again on the table below. D6 RESULT 1 May not move tis tum, rol again on this table next tum: 23° May not move this tum 46 Don't press that — Waaagh! The vehicle Iurches forward 206" straight ahead. Mako Dangerous Terrain, Tank Shook tests etc as i the vehicle were moving normally. The vehicle ‘coumts as moving the distance rolled on the dice and may not make any further moves this turn. oman are pink and sof, wa ough and gren ke da Boyz. Hy’ al te same size too ~ no big ins or ite "uns, 29 ‘they'z always arguing about whe's in charge, "cos there's ne way felling ‘ep fer badges an eonitorms and fins, Anavoe ing Seen ir tie ie re) else to confuse everybody, When one of them wants ofr it ‘over the wvers, says “Tm very ses oz you gotta worship eee a ret at ee ete ted Sake ee ct td SE te ee cd Se Tn ris challenge when you are first mobs to make your warband a force to be reckoned with can be tough! To help out we’ve help get you started on building your first Ork army. WHERE TO BEGIN? rhe first objective of any Warhammer 40,000 gamer is to collect a force that can be fielded in battle, The Ork army list gives details of all the different mobs you can get in a warband — their size, armament and so forth. Although there are several several ways to bt army, by far the most commonly used is the aptly named Standard Missions force organisation chart. Use this and you won't go far wrong. ‘As you can see from the Standard Missions chart shown on this page, one HQ and two mobs of Troops are ‘compulsory (dark-toned choices have to be included in your army). These form the basis of your whole army and so make a splendid starting point for collecting and painting. Once you have built up this core force you'll be able to fight a standard scenario, albeit a fairly small one. The photo below shows a fairly typical starting force of Orks. For our HQ choice we have included a Warboss as the all- conquering leader and for the two Troops choices we've selected a mob of Slugga Boyzand a mob of Shoota Boyz. Each of these mobs can be from ten to thirty models strong, but we've gone for mobs of sixteen models each as a good compromise between these extremes. If “An Ork force made up ofa Warsoss (HO), Shoota Collecting an effective Warhammer 40,000 army is a big starting out. Picking the right le to provided this handy g' ‘STANDARD MISSIONS you wanted to start fighting as soon as possible you could just paint twenty Boyz and a Warboss and have a ‘legal’ army ready to use in your first battle, xvacrdinanly huge and powerful, the Warboss isthe {toughest warrior in the wiole Ork army. ‘Boyz mod (Troops) ane a Sugqa Boy2 mab (Troe). Whoote her mob “Adrian Wood's Wasagh! Grishnak. Pe ares evel wast en eo oe tes ree army. However, you'll soon want to expand it by adding new units, though deciding exaclly what to add can be a tough choice. The approach | find best is to add in one unit from each category which you don't already have — a Fast Attack unit, a Heavy ‘Support unit and an Elite unit. At this stage it will be useful to try out these different parts of the army and see which suits your tactics best. Later you may decide to add more choices from one or other of these categories based on your experience in games, or you may want to add more Troops instead, but having a bit of each to begin with will bbe a useful way to start learning how your army works. To give you some helpful pointers we've included two armies collected by experienced Greenskins, Adrian ‘Grand Warlord’ Wood and myself. As you can see, both armies include a powerful core force of Boyz, but there the similarities end. Adrian has a lot of, Wheelz in his army (Fast Attack choices, that is) because experience has taught him to move quickly to pin down the enemy. |, on the other hand, have gone tor more Big Gunz and ‘Ard Stuff (Heavy Support) to try and land a ‘knock out punch’ which will send the enemy reeling if it connects! The mark of an Ork army is the endless variety of miniatures, so both armies contain loads of great conversions. “Andy Chambers’ Biz Boyz On this page are some different battle plans for an Ork army. These are just the basic ideas, and leave plenty of room for you to tailor these tactics to your own forces and different opponents. WARTRAK RUMBLE ‘The Wartrak Rumble works well if you have a lot of Wheelz ~ trukks, wartraks, buggies and warbikes — in your force. Mass all of your Wheelz on one side of the battlefield, preferably one that has lots of terrain to block off the ‘enemy's lines of fire to them, As Da Boyz advance, Da Wheelz race around to attack the rear of the enemy battle line, catching the enemy forces between the hammer’ of Da Wheelz and the ‘anvil! of Da Boyz (Adrian Wood calls this the ‘Gorka Morka’ after the Orkish gods of violence and cunning). DREAD BASH The Dread Bash uses a powerful force of "Ard Stuff ~ Ork Dreadnoughts and Killer Kans — to give an armoured spearhead to Da Boyz’ attack. Deploy your 'Ard Stuff along a short part of your battle line, backed up by your toughest mobs of Boyz. As with the Wartrak Bumble, try to use any available terrain to cut down on the amount of incomming enemy fire as your foree advances, but don't hide or dawdle, close in quick! Use your ‘Ard Stuff to tear a hole in the enemy forces so that Da Boyz can pour in and start destroying their battle line. SWAMP ’'EM When you Swamp ’Em you need a force made up mostly of Da Boyz and loads of Gretchin slaves. Deploy Da Boyz across a broad front and place the Gretchin out in front as cannon fodder, but have one or two Units of Boyz behind the line so that other Orks which fall back can mob up with them. The enemy should rave too many targets to be able to stop them all with shooting, so. you will start to overrun his battle line in several places. The mobs furthest back ‘will then arrive, reinforced by rks which have mobbed up with them, and finish off any pockets of resistance. So your head’s full of cunnin’ plans on how to crush your foes, but what about painting all those greenskin warriors? In this section we'll impart some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to painting Orks. ORK SKIN of Green ink will PAINTING METAL add instant ainting Ork skin is radia novela py Use Boitoun ‘most important thing in Boyz! wAnoinert LUMA Mota! 10 paint creating an impressive ce Sia ee Ork army, Gobin Green washedwin drybrush on a We Na bok Gobin Grean There areas many ways Steen nk then dngnshes lighter green to ied alae dybushed over of painting Ork skin as “naam cr cenin Green highlight the: fe clukioas | there are Ork gamers and ae detail, We've ea ae byamixof Gobin C8Ch one has their own included some | wit Chainmal. A wash of Rust Brown ink “imixof Gebin vie. Some like to paint examples of painting Ork flesh on this | wi iake your guns ook weathorsnorn. In aieached Bore their Orks simply, so they Page, but you can use all sorts of | comparison, Tin lizis a much darker and sdyrashed on 23 can paint lots at the same combinations of Green ink wash and | Mower mou colou: Used as a baso ene diferent colours for highlighting. Feel ree | Sleurena ianlaniea win Gotaun Metal ime. Others prefer to ighlighting, sol Gs avon Alef iookid Gi, carefully highlight and shade their models, to experiment for maximum effect. Whichever way you Gretchin and Nobz canbe painted TEETH paint your Orks, bear in mind that you will iforenty to Ork Boye Ths Grot be painting dozens of them, so choose a hes Deon pats ite a icok roe, can pain style that allows you to paint lots of sa Goes andi S| cet efor models easily. A gftpneess weaker-looking than Da Boye. x Bone ~ a couple single coat of il ota Goblin Green on ek wer pak amass of Ork Boyz Many painters eeedee looks fine. eee Peet lok ‘teeth to fook more discoloured, use a aera wash of st Brom i You cn aeo ise akin Geen his ine THOTE area few Ren oyz 0 sly buon Bron or Codex Gry as a base ‘panied over bak simple tricks you can Met age and, colour forteth. We painted the horns on ‘Angels Green and then use to add more jeawottihe ee ee ‘ighighted with a mix of detail to your models. highighting stage or se cher were palllad oowa sag eon cnaradeere oy 5 ae eens Brown and then Bleached Boe. cabin ean ard For example, a as Thesin of neo Ora nae Aan Veo) a boon dyed DRYBRUSHING = the muscles particularly suit this style of painting. The skin was first no way opt Oi ody —parid aban caret rk Ano teh and en yeuched them cs way 0! Mohatieg ‘nana ox of a Angas ra ard Gel Goon Aa an modo paiclary Hey have Syosea th ole mol wih Gln Gite lowed bya io tere co, Start yourbase Goin roo Rotng Fash ly to moe! do oe Cabur er eta io twa ict nah a ot sh Exot, uae oe! ie oe choose a lighter version of it (eg, Bleached Sone «lar Vo of Bene Bo) Ws evay os fe par ona tsi Woe al cer tp eo pd eae Cn deta nothing The moe ye cpio ers fe les ir ee ‘tts ou cin sai ay to ok of a hae aan eee ‘Wities tn On no ay hyo a This ie 0 ond result ofAdtian mistrust of vehicles sed mechinisms, ‘TRIBES WITH A DOMINANT CLAN CHARACTER, COFFS Sill Clene. Whe Fn Bek Spr BLOOD AXES: Ret Kron Md, Suen DEATHSKULLS. Wren. Ki, Bl Fe SNAKE BITES. Wie Spilen Spin Kaen, VILSUNZ Dash Wiel Hssen Sos FREEHOOTER TRIBES 6 WAREANDS ood Hike ob) Gree Dash (ue) Red Sle Asis ly Ox (ito) "You know aot the valour of the Orks: they believe xe the more glory they will ‘win and the more plunder they will score” that the more ceemy th “Tie Oils ate the pina of ce vole scity whith Keows no sacs or seg. Who ae we 10 ‘ie led o the Hom ere ie peepee eee them? We Elias iy eee om the roid 0 in i their tr0 A suotions tht in| Osk wont een othe to sid We ae elute at eee oe :i* is, what follows is a report fled by Genetor-Major Lukas Anzion, based upon observations conducted in the Appelor system. | have taken the liberty of abridging this report down to its fundamental facts — in some areas Anzion has indulged himself in such a degree of speculation in the original as to render it highly suspect. To vaderstind the Orkoid species, one must first be awate of ther, s0 far, unique enological tits. When I cefer to the ‘Otkoid species, I refer to all aspects of the sgrcen-skinoed society, from the dominant “Orks", through the smaller "Gretchio” *Saotlings” andthe sub-soimal “Sqvigs” Although physically and anatomically divers, these diffrent species all shire 2 common genetic bise Every Orkoid is 2 symbiosis of two biologies within a single structure. As well as a stindatd gene-spinal (See fig. 453/6) very Orkoid also posseses 4 spinal of an algal/fuogal base, The standard genetée structure of aa Orkoid temsins essentially the same 2 that of Mao, in that it dictates the majority of the creator's form and Biological. processes. However, it is. the phiot-like secondary structure, which gives (Otks their resilience to damage and is the hey to understanding theie procretive cycle The algal cellule sub-system is comparable jin many ways to the human bloodstream, theie structure at a molecular level and. works It is bound withio anatomical Gated frm Ork oh lh sloogside the iological proceses. The Ohoid algal responds to damage in ‘combination with blood clotiog sad so forth, This means tht even large wounds will be covered with 3 had, skia-like yer within + fw hours of the injury occuring 2s the algal cell apaly eeplcate 10 cept the damage standard genetic and We found that however serous the inary if the Orkoid did sot die immediately from shock it was unlikely 10 die from This regenerative process is aided by the Orks crude medical Knowledge - whole limbs can be grafted on, organs freely swapped. Joss of Mood or ongsn travis swoveds stipled shut and so forth with only (00023% chance of tissue rejection. The Orkoids ability to withstand such usually mortal featsome prospect wounds makes them such a [Note to Fibrictor-Generat: Please have ove Imperil Commanders examine the dedication conduct battlefield cleansing techniques. No- mater how mortal 1 wound looks, a live Ork aust be dispatched in a conclusively lethal manner such as beheading and disemnbowelling. Ferre Cum Ubio} with which we ‘SPORE DISPERSAL ~ fig 9045370 Proweat Wind é SS Prity = Teiny Despite the symbiosis of the two. cll structures, ech his its own unique. geoe- strand. [See {ig 9453/2]. The Orkoids! standard striod defines what type it is {Ork, Gretchia te} while the algal gene strand. remains consistent, whatever sub- species of Orkaid. This common heritage is remarkable and leaves me with 90 othee thao tht of geactic rmanipolation and re-structuring some tine in the Orkoids’ distant past. conclusion source of this increased resilience. However, the algal sub-strand dangerous thet, du to the strange manncr in which Orkoids proceste is a much more ‘The algal matter within an Otkoid contains the genetic make-up of all the Orkoid species, not just the codes of fife for the species carrying it. Throughout an Orkoid’ lie it sheds spore-like cells containing the cntire genetic code of the Orkoid races. These are shed ia an unconscious mann much as a human ceplicates skin cells and sheds the dead realising it. These spores ate microscopic in nature and fulfil a oumber of functions Firstly. they can be detected by the highly sensitive nasal organs of the Orkoids, sonveying 2 variety of information such as status, age and 59. on Orkoid to locate other Oskoids over quite 2 wide distnce (sever miles, given. wind streagth, ditection and so oa} The spores are reproductive iechiism of an Orkoid. When they stile in the cortect conditions. the spore will evolve into the species whose genetic structure it costs. Orkid spores requie dank. datk locations to activate, much like other algies and fungi. Caves and forests are the most suceessul spuwing sites (or Orkoid spores, but even ia the most arid conditions, 1 proportionate spores will still lad within 2 site suitable for development The spore grows downwards first, with tiny rootlets tha seek out outriton and moisture just like any other phot. However. once the alge stage is established, Orkid eels are gcocnated in tandem development. and the tissue them without It also ceables an also the umber of Anzion goes on to elvcidte st some leagh [= regarding is theory of | (S#) Orkoids being 3 = genetically engineered “survivor race, something 1 find hard 10 credit in fight of Mankind’: manifest destiny 10 rle the galaxy. Nations We hive long koown direiy DS, ck enti Otkoids to be tougher sorbed ae thas humans, we now wah have the evidence to exphin the nature and ‘ORKOID COCOGN, Sure re} Orkoid fierlly grows like any vegetative tumour, I's an amazing process to observe! It takes quite + long time for a1 Ork 10 grow, while the smaller Squigs, Snotlings sed so forth take » proportionately shorter Fength of time t0 develop Orkoids do not emerge singly once they fave reached the required degree of maturity. Due to the auare of the spore proces, dozens ot Othoids will emerge within » short spice of time, The even hundreds of vid algal cells contain the gene strands Othoid species, nd so a single type of Orkoid cn sill propagate 20 catire community on its owe, Gretchio, Orks, Sootlings and Squigs can all be gener for the diverse from the sime source settle inthe and grow proportionately. The Squigs emerge fist and breed faster, creating 2 substantial food source followed quickly by Snotliogs who ate the area. Then the chin strive sod pave the way for the emerging Orks 10 establish 3 thriving Community. Perhaps within a year ‘of the spores landing the Ockoids will be thriving quite easily. Unus Cree mais ‘whole Laboratory tests show that lone spores. en if they hod within an agreeable avironmeat, generally will only evolve into 2 simple fungus. The rae few that evolve into one of the higher Orkoid forms and manages to hatch generally wither and die within s very. short period of time matter of hours rather than days] and show much regressed development compared with a sewly emerging Orkoid amongst its own kind Que studies of Qrkoid growth and migetion also prove that spores which Iund close to an existing settlement also suffer this fe We can find no decisive physical reson for this pattern, Together with some of my colleagues, I have formulated the Anzion Theorem of Psychic-Physial Crowih of Orkoids. In essence Antion speculates thit some sort of psychic resonance limits spore growth in proximity to established Ock settlements, casuring an even spread of colonisation. While may Head him to conclude this he is the Antion’s observations first to admit this is baseless conjecture Anzion goes om to discuss the generation of spores, concluding that Orkoids generate 2 greater number of spores in the hitter stages of their Hife span, with a final mass deth. IE this ase alter correct observation means that old battlefields and liberated Oks exceedingly wlacrable to reinfestation at = Inter stige. It is also. possible that ships could unwittingly transport spores from swotld to world. Anzion gets rather carted aeay with this concept and contemplates the dangers of infestition of Mats or Holy Texts by Orkoid spores ~ 4 farcical ids, although T have sways b reports of Orks killed io of Hive Tarsols worlds from the we ceo. puraled hy lower reaches and cities om Necromvads [Note to Fabricator General: Please inform cour Imperial Commanders that Ockoid bodies thoroughly dlisitegrsted or dumped into 1 must be burot ther) Thickeed bone Seal! oe sal cay fence spe Diagn of Ork Skull ~ Vast 453 To make matters worse, the dormant Otkoids ate almost undetectable with only 1 patch of common fungus of algal growth 10 indicte something is amiss. Emerging. Othoids are almost at their most mature state, almost folly grows, much like a human adolescet, Withio 2 short period the Orkoid will have all the characteristics fof 4 full adult, includiag the facility of speech as well as understandiog futly complex processes, Skills seem t0 be genctislly mechanics and automotive engineered ioto Orkoids. Their physicians, seats and other specialists have their Kowledge inhereat in them. Think of the posibilities for tintog our oe fighting forces if we could shee thee genetic make up +0 that they instinctively kacw how to strip and cle 4 weapon, fight in close melee aed hud s udimeoury kaowledge of aed Even genetilly egioesred Adeptus Aste, it strategy tactics, with the fakes almost ten years of iotensive therapy and physical alteration to perfect whit an ‘Otk knows instinctively! Belltor Nats. Lastly. by fighting Oks we make them stronger as it_ my sound, the Orkoids [Orks moze thin other sub species) telly thrive on warfare, Most Orks have similar physical dimeosions weheo they have folly. matured However, the more belligerent and. aggressive the (rk is, the larger it grows. Due to the way the Orks' hierarchy i structured, fighting to determine inking. 1 highly sankiog Orks ate the lye with . This Js not hecause they ate better st fighting but that beligereat, aggressive Ork ~ one who has besten his opponcat ~ will put on several pouods of additional muscle tissue over the next two to three weeks. Orks prepring to challenge 2 superior will also pot on weight as thee psyche develops the necessary aggression, and. so. the higher tanking Ork will be able to detect this and fight the usurper before it has reached fll development. Over extended fighting, the average size of fighting Orks has been Keown to increase by several inches in fight and almost a stone in solid muscule Is is aot withio my purpose to speculite fon ways to combit these bests, but to provide information to dl myself am most alsrmed by these findings and ever again will 1 mock our green we who must. I skioned adversiries 0 matter how crude and seemingly stupid they ate [note is no evidence to suggest am Ork possese san intelligence any less thio 3 human cultural styles merely dictate 2 more straightforward approach to problem solving and 2 ck of theoretical aspect sad conceptslsing watil completion). Your obdt servant Genstor-Major Anzion aol oie koe eee ed Core ee ee Ces ee eee Paneer ern rey re peered ‘Aber Gator Like Anion Comte arnt ea end Pir PaeeneOet ay caer) Les pyebolgial aspects of + umsn i is pur, decomined by their society, Cerin. genotypes pee tieere eee pevorlsy sre which, ie toe erg oe eet anne te Orla ee oat ope ‘oop a Atlee td ces pound obs I apport pt eal apc ted cet sspets of the eave pret in the fener, acto sills and Faves sr a caode into the The bet sslogy se a thik of sare ge ch est ot Sale eee HMA bes al oo Bar fo be tight how to bre, how 1 make i bat bat or bow 10 play the many thos toe logic Inte dasa Sy ete ela ta simile oy, a8 Or predapned ee eee {Melo} ha am encoded knowledge of bescaetferres eller caging. they. However, ths oselee e a atbcetos te ibys ably to Brahe it is Recess coeieate rhs ek the individ! i cee for. bn the same oy hit» cid a eam 1 aller heir boctig. hold thie Ireth or hgh exec, inpove the pity OE tis nage and vaculr aye, 33169 cn a2 Ok Build upon thee inne ile through the noxmt process of teeing The 190 ase sll rope Settel eae tat, tov Dole aod Me Dols ike the Onkol enc ip wh hare» ooh ae fey, teavwlelge of Osloidaeoaoge Coarpositon Due to th brine (Oxk plysiogeomy. Ook surgical nd ‘medial tchigaes ae a cnde boi fective as the te of tethoology, Words cin be sched tht with wie or spl Se Sars proces Ital nai esl feet od the sulle cedandiocy of auny Ork ogi abo. proviles plety of span doors for those fs bee eich mesic [long THe domtinnsis not says ude volusiiy, piclily here the cony i a ports member of the sciey] Orks ae geeally Inthe to voangs medi teen, Ge tee eee many Orks capsids such an actiy Foe eee ti a Se Si Rey taal een aie ite Coane — the weak mot die ost fo that the spore of the tongs may thrive ad grow into sronger Onks Seely, she age cemiton of Dols imbues them with 1 Highly. tive ensiniy, auld with callow dep for the wellbeing of those they tet Many Dols sce snrgery and xproetition pon thir patio, tad oft Orks under. orresdons tad ete eaccemney sug procedures to stily the Deb's ES ee (reedare o> probe SER feels se ott teed net seeatlie Soe before. skce emplynct sed bowl sbi ines fom sch proteres Meks ae simitily dives 10 xpeimeritio,ahoogh i the fd of mechiwial ether tho medic) ae eerar eye Oe eect ei ee ed bul bythe Mek. As euch of ie nlcige i anbcontcot he vast jority of Meks never tly odetnd hatte ceig. ot the cant fooctnes for ‘work At Orks te poor soins, this cin fad) to atheralikely ‘Orkses is never beaten in battle: If we win we Pet et ee ee beat, If we runs fort we don’t die nether, so Ce ers reer Syeeieeery yk sates ek a solos opanr ist The telid pe tee only, Go aistareg Situation A Mek builds two vei Sich. 6 for 6 it ic awe af. ae atl the sae excep for the ft tht ei ited cad the ote yellow, Homers dae to se uses vation in Ck abiction or some thee Stor he ed vehicle i ct tine fe, To the Or the only conecinble eiplision for thie tha the sei tele faster Recase epee gee id eet thee “iets become te el Ok eH tape pepe Coter the ete Clete, ren ll oes ign pets ae erally the sm Si, ay Capiured Ork weapons snd tens of oipacat shold sot work, snd indeed donot work vals wielded hy an Oc belie this i lined tthe tong pychie ne developed the Anson Thesren of (Gel, Mcicepe ieee Kees Viere arteyion Seater ieee (Cate themes ahsk shat ey. sould ‘erk The seg cent aes oC the Ork sakcncions sonclow cosure thar the machisery or ‘woponry fractions x ded As stomdiog ss it muy be we canst me any ote onc based on th ieee to Bind