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° David Parsons ae Jun 15, 2016 After completing the raising consciousness activity, | realized that there is an extreme lack of differing viewpoints among the sources | have found so far. | realized that | have picked only sources that back up my viewpoint on the subject of context-dependent learning. All of my ‘sources are about the negative aspects that are the result of contexts that are not similar to the testing environment. When researching, | noticed sources that highlighted the positive aspects ‘of the same subject that | had chosen to leave out of my list because | thought they did not ‘support my project. After completing the exercises in class yesterday and the activity today, It ‘occurred to me that | need go back and find more sources that offer different ways of looking at the information. it would be very beneficial to me If i had information that | could interact with and discuss in my project. | also noticed that many of the authors of my sources compiled the information with a certain agenda they were trying to push, or it at least seems that way. It ‘became clear to me, through this activity, that | need to look at sources that may disagree with ‘my own opinions, so that | can have a better understanding of the reasons | have those: opinions.