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After Reflection- Peer Review Example #1

After going back and re-reading what I had wrote for my first peer review, I
noticed that I mostly focused on Searras minor grammatical errors. In the second
paragraph, I did mention that she couldve expanded the topic a little more as well as
provided her own thoughts/opinions in her writing.
When it comes to peer review and revising papers, I have a bad habit of solely
focusing in on grammatical mistakes, which can easily be fixed, rather than dig deeper
into the actual context of the individuals work. I can also occasionally hold back from
giving someone more feedback because I fear that Ill sound too critical and therefore
sound mean. Even though I tend to stay away from sounding harsh, I personally do not
get offended easily at any feedback I receive, knowing that it will only help strengthen
my writing skills and aid to improve my paper.
How I Changed as a Peer Reviewer #1:
After comparing my first peer review to the second, I was able to see a slight
improvement. I had complemented Searra on her revised work, as I believe she did a
really great job branching out her topic and provided the audience with a lot more
information, examples, and detail on the subject of bullying. Besides giving her some
additional grammatical error mistakes, I also gave her some feedback on a few areas
where she couldve paraphrased and informed the audience more on her inquiry product.
I could see an improvement in my writing just from how much longer the second
peer review is compared to the first one.
First Peer Review

Second Peer Review