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After Reflection- Feedback Instance #1

I really appreciated both Searra and Davids feedback when they suggested
informing the audience about my inquiry product, a smart phone app, in the introduction
of my paper. Aside from explaining my product early in the paper, I wish I had gotten
more feedback, specifically areas that they thought were weak and could use some
tweaking, phrases that couldve used some re-wording, any structural issues, etc. I also
wish I couldve asked Kevin where my paper needed more organization.
Feedback Instance #1:
My peers were very helpful in giving me feedback. Searra had suggested that I
discuss and explain the my inquiry product in the beginning of my paper and
recommended that I separate the original works cited from the new works cited as it was
one of the requirements listed in the portfolio. I took her advice and tried to inform the
audience of the app that I was designing in the earlier part of my paper. In doing so, I had
trouble fitting it into my paragraph without making it stand out from the paper and sound
awkward. I also separated the different works cited and included that at the very bottom
of my work. David also agreed with Searra on introducing the app early on. Kevin had
also commented on my paper and said that the paper wouldve been nicer if it was more
organized. I wish I had known where exactly my paper needed more structure and
organization. I actually did not see Kevins comment until the last minute and wouldve
liked to ask him where I couldve been more organized with my