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& frie David W. Hann LL Senate Republican Leader 147 State Ofice Building St, Paul, Minnesota 55155 Office Phone: 651-206-1749 June 27, 2015 Senator Sandra L. Pappas, Chair Senate Rules Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct 3205 Minnesota Senate Bldg. St. Paul, MN 55155 Dear Sen. Pappas: | am writing today to once again call on you to reconvene the Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct in order to resume consideration of our complaint against Sen. Jeffrey Hayden. The subcommittee passed a motion on November 5, 2014 to reconvene within thirty days of the Department of Commerce (DOC) completing their investigation of Community Action of Minneapolis (CAM). Even though the DOC completed and made public their investigation on June 29, 2015, Commissioner Rothman wrote to you in November 2015 that his investigation “remains open pending the conclusion of the receivership and the criminal cases relating to this, mater.” (See attached letter from Commissioner Rothman) Since then, an extensive federal investigation into Community Action of Minneapolis has resulted in former CEO Bill Davis pleading guilty to 16 counts of fraud and theft, which could result in over 100 years of prison time. The court appointed receiver has completed its work, closed down CAM, sold their building, destroyed their files and paid back the DOC and the Department of Human Services. There is nothing left for Commissioner Rothman or the DOC to investigate regarding CAM. Any attempt to continue down this path can only be viewed as stalling to protect. a DFL political ally. Remember, Commissioner Rothman was already accused of protecting Mr. Davis and CAM when he told his staff "the political ramifications” of voiding CAM’s contracts were “greater than staff would understand." (See attached article from MPR dated December 11, 2014) Since we last requested the Subcommittee to reconvene, Sen. Hayden all but admitted guilt when he reimbursed CAM $3,486 for what the court appointed receiver called Committee: Rules and Administration E-Mail: sen.david Serving Eden Prairie and Minnetonka “improper expenditures.” (See attached article from the Star Tribune dated December 11, 2015) When the subcommittee does reconvene, we will address our supplemental complaint against Sen. Hayden first communicated on April 13, 2015 that you rejected in a May 6, 2015 letter. In your letter you stated your decision would “allow the subcommittee, in the event it determines that discipline should be recommended to the Senate, to further determine whether the Senator defending claims of ethical misconduct was sufficiently candid with the subcommittee in any dealings related to the complaint.” Our supplemental complaint alleges Sen. Hayden lied under oath about his ethical misconduct, and since he has now reimbursed CAM for the improper expenditures, we look forward to the opportunity to bring this matter before the subcommittee. (See attached supplemental complaint dated April 13, 2015) ur original complaint against Sen. Hayden was submitted to the subcommittee on September 24, 2014. There has been a cloud of suspicion hanging over Sen. Hayden and the Minnesota Senate for almost two years. That cloud of suspicion now also hangs over Commissioner Rothman and the DOC. Moreover, as voters head to the polls this November, Sen. Hayden’s constituents deserve to know if he was involved in unethical, and potentially illegal, activity as a board member of Community Action of Minneapolis. It is time to reconvene the subcommittee, determine probable cause under our rules, and decide on the appropriate punishment for Sen. Hayden. Please let me know when the hearing will be called. Sincerely, Det Senator David Hann Senate Republican Leader