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Ad dress : Near GGS School P/O Chamkani District Peshawar

Cell Nu mbers : 03339327467
Email : saeed_g7@yahoo.com./saeed.tcom@gmail.com

Professional History :
Experien ce: Over One years experience in Telecom sector,
Currently working in
External HUAWEI Technologies Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.
Position: RF Engineer
For Radio Network Planning of Warid Telecom in Central Region.
About four months

RF Planning Department, Nokia Siemens Networks, Peshawar.

(With ACE Telecom)
Position: RF Engineer
For Nominal Planning (Almost planned 50 sites in central
region), Walk testing for IBS Planning and Technical Site Surveys
(Metro as well as Ultra Sites, almost visited 100 sites) .Traveled
the whole central region. Over 10 sites of DT & EDGE in
About 2 months

Transmission Department,Ufone, Islamabad.

(With Sub Con. Interesys Engineering Systems)
Position: Transmission Engineer
For LOS Path surveys, Transmission planning of BTS & BSC’s.

Professional S kil ls:

Drive Test
Checking Handover, Rx Quality, SQI (speech quality
C/I carrier interference, Rx levels, TA (time advance),Hopping
(Checking MAIOs), Ciphering Algorithem, Channel Codecs,
Rehoming test, Coverage tests, Cluster test, Customercomplaint
Test. Swapping Reporting .

Sta tic Connectivity, FTP (File Transfer Protocol), GPRS
Dynamic Intrusive, Interstice, Handover, Connectivity


TSS (Techni cal site survey)
Searching the site for maximum coverage, Obstacles,
Sectorization , Reporting.
Nominal su rvey
Searching different areas for nominal, Reallocation of
Track report
Writings: Msc.Thesis, The general architecture of GSM
History of cellular system, GSM network ,signaling &
of GSM,radio transmission aspect of GSM, Operation
& maintenance of GSM, Future of GSM

Skills & Tools: MapInfo, Map source, GPS,

Mat lab, Autocad, C++, Windows & Linux Environments
MS Office. TEMS 5.1, TEMS 7.1

Educa tion : M.Sc (Electronics ).

(University of peshawar)

Extra courses: MCSE (Microsoft system engineer)

Networking in different environment (workgroup & domain)
PC interfacing
Operate different equipment through PC, Serial port
Configuration, parallel port configuration