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AUIcontents of this document are tOl;l'yright20D'2 by 'Irrationa:1 Gam,9s, LILC'" This document is Intended f(ltt' PfiYiil~ed eXC!1i1anges Qnly.

Things grow inside you" Were

part ofyCJ.q now, yotl think ,you, Ilea:r them say.

screen p~fl'tS<a rE!vo~tirngb~for'E:!

You s~ep aWay'from the med t;u~f1Qh. The diagnosti!3 and after. On tihe left side, the bewre£ide, And o'n·the right slde".what 'tfreQnly way: 'you11.. you see YOlJrse'lf. .

What you welle. Human.


yo:ua~e. What

you've become" The Qn~yway you~llsurvive

From dmwliI the corridor, by t:he power grid: a v,oJce. A sound tilnat floats througlh the.atr as if swimming on ~hie~,s:altybrine: . Prepare ye ...pfrJpare yel the way of the

\corls.ent.Chitin9\Js plates slide. over your torsQ, your groin. furehead like knitting! needles, releasing a salty gl~ein liquid

You tense ,~rldlfe~lthe unfamiliar dh~micals movirrg wi'thin ytllJ, unfamiliar mwsd.es tightening, unramI~iar org'c;lnS working. Your new body cernes [0 life ,without your

your aj@..s.

Bulbo,us s:miks b,rea.ch your that stin!::js.what were once

You Q,rabtiile rifre tliia,t you!lie modified througn a -direct" nianUJereed. The weapon is, ,a~twf1:e!3i the' jellfed mass slitbel'lngl thfiOl;lg:!1 "the eorrlder, i~ amme designed to to pe:netra!te thecreature's molecular, makeup and burn it from the Inside. 'i'Qli're glad yOU! dropped 1J~e s_Ulface humidity by half in Y01.!f last: envlro system ~aGk...trat '$holJl~dSbllW the Mall e War down .. You GaRtell by tlle cr~tuFe's musky/seaw~d .sten(,:h that irs: ready 00 fteed. You can :bell 'by the maaning qualil:y of its pra,ysrs that the mass is c;woulS,ed y your sC.e~t b And part

of you ...",the pmt

~hat is aHEm and new,.Js drawn to it in turn.

Overview .-"" .BjoShock will:


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n ••••••.

;, •••• ,


" " , ,.., , ,, ,.., ,~ , "

"; ,, "

'."., .,

arein Control

r ..·


» ••••"

I) ($,

Make your Own Wea.pons. Hacking security, .., Mod. the. WorldL Genetic Enhancements

., ,

, ,. ~

,..' ,

,.7 S 9



r~·Ii"",.";.,,J,iio.'Iil-."'lli"ii ••
Io ••

-li ..


liil ..... · .,liio....• "'IiIli •••• •

,. 10
a Ii+.iol 'I iio.~;tli.io



"' •......

li"f .1"'.1..

h"' ....

''1".,. •••



s a-....

>Ii ..




The Interface Commandments The Bad Guys Backstory Multiplayer" Balance ';,.., '.. " :., ,
t •• ,. , ••.•, n

"..,,, ,' , "' , ,' "


'"" :' , ', ,

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16 " 16 18 18

" " "",''''''

Why In:ational?



K~y PeI'$Dl'l,ne:ID ." .. , "

Poos~s " "

" "

" "


Pmise·foF Irrational





a fO!)gh $(!f1/)tou$materia! With ViSible mineral sttfatir:Jrlj ... sitnllar to V(ltat YOlJt:ffind in 8 barnacle .., n' - A~ repoJt. Is/_a de SaIIiBe/on, April J2;. 2'0117

"Most-of his teeth were' gone •.,on/y



tfont and

they were covered With

IrriltiiWIal~9ames! the, creators of Shod< 2 and Freedom Foroe are about to introduce the
definitive intefadiive world simulation. Harnessing the key minds behind Thief, System Shock 2. and Freedom Force, as wen as the rendering powerh@use that Is the Unreal Warfare 'engin~t Ill"ational is poisai to re-invent ~ first person action RPG. BioSh;uck tsa rnedern day nightmare Gfthe' terrifying ne~4s between religious fanaticism and unooundoo scIence. The play,er must eemeto grips with the remnants of a dangerous cult ar:lG the technological and biological horrors they'v.e created in their giant, underground and undersea complex that' lies beneath the sands of iii seemingly deserted island. While building on the tried .and true first person shooter gameplay, BioShc;ck,lnneVQtes ina, number of key areas: • Game Design- BioShoek. Qllves tine player absolute control; of their enllironmen!;S.as weU~s in the ci~tiQ'n "Of their own weapons and bio~ modifications. The only limit Is their imagination. BioShoc::k is the spirKual sue::cessorttl System Shock 2, :1999's game of the year.

.Visua'Js~ The Unreal Warfare engine leverages both the power of todaY's ,compl,lters .. .and tomar,rows,. Using a highly modified version of this engine, lBio5hock fe:erure:? some of the most stunning vtsualsever seen lna tJrst-person sholJter.
. .-

Pliysies- BiiOShcd:. utilizes-the industry proven Karma physics engine to provide unprecedented in game solid body: and "rago doUt' support


Bio;$hoc,iI( all{iW$ Rl'ayerSl ttl face one an(lthet in SftJryBe$ed

story- .Bio5hock~s dad~r sapliisticatedand rel.en·tlessstolY Js Pein,g written by K:~n Leviner t,mew,ft~er behind System Shock 2{Threi and FreEdom Fqme, .

Bi.QShtr~k is a h'Qrrifying, SOph]sticatQc, l/iS1,Jeiillystunnirng, 9pern-'Emded expetiencE)' that will leave :players ,gaspin~ for breatil. It is ~he first person action ni!;Jhtmare that only Iftatio!1~1 EQu'ld !leli~'r. .

matter whiJryou see: ..iJr what you l1eiJr. I'm no l6Jtlflw·yauF tllls.:tlimd. 1m flQ longer Bernardo. I'\te become: .. something else entirely; ft
~MP3 Log file oflfJeplado

1~[Jfsetterif yfJ'lI are' heafln,g this, do nat, I repsaedo..not come looking far me; Nt!)
Castillq,. Isla lie $,IV8Ci01Pt APl'i19" 2007'

BioShOGIl will;

-. •

PrccNide_all atcessil!ll:e and transparent iftterfi:!CI!. Ten a rneture, terrifyijJ,gJ;Eory. • Scare the nEil out of people.

Redefilne-the first person shooter on console ami PC by immersmg the player in,a reactive and! moolitiableworld. li3ethe most visually stunning Unreal game ever created. Unparalleled ~hys[GSsupport via the Karma physics engine. Establish a new frananise that has strong, potential as a film and television proll~rty (Irr.atTenal's most reG-el1llt game, The Lost has just been sold afeabure tUm to BBCfilms).


mfiJIdle of the.5ifl{:1il7.fl of the Kjtrle, ,animals ,(;egan to bear;h themselv.es nesroor gro/:Jp~ wriggling [n the iSi1Q ,aslfth'iay t.tylng tr) !!Ifoffu::r Elias. i-@wldnt let'lJ£. 'stop singing no matter what (if"aw/8(/ (Jut QIi the wqter to meet us, - .MP31.·fJIIFile'of BlIOtber timothy, .ISlg de salrtaci6n:, Mar$b J.g", 2807

·'IfE flad a setvlte@n the l2€ad1thiS' morning an(ttne.$l:nmg~sttfjiJ19 f1appenrir;/. (n tIle




The plii!ye.r tak:e.s~on:the role Of qarlQ,s Cueil0, a. down andeut n'oeprogrsl1Qmer" agstgned to ~l1filtl7ate,Hll'eliglolJs·c.ult on a remote, island and "rescue" a wealljily' heiress from the )Clutches of the cultrs-es., Once on the'island" hdwever~ YOl! find out tllat alJ is not 0';5 it
seems. BioShQck features an unplieoodentedlevel of player custcmization and jnteracth~n during th.e tQt.(tse of play. This cl)sttlmiza'l;ion is a;ccessed through three'd'iffe'renr: a)(,es ~ Weap'e;rms;, .Environmerntal manipulation,arld Gel'1~tic morJifif8:tions.

Iou 8'8 in DOnl'Ol

Plaiye~rsWill be able to uSe their resources 10 pOilteive aAd c:o:nstn,icj:their own w@apoHs,

thetr surrO:u~:djngs even mutate'me ve,ry nawre of their ,cellula'r'structure! arid

~akelour Own Weapons

bl most ffiliSt-pet~Qn shooters p~:ayers"can expect therstandaro 'array of rnedern and! sci~fi weapons including a pi.Sto~'i sl1e:l;gun, chain!llun, arid sniper rifle. In these games youJind the 6~10 weapons during the courss of ,the game and what you see is wllat you get. In B[QSfiQC~~YOlif weaRoh~'are'limitt!d only tty YQ~(imagm~tfonJ . ~.

B1QSbock features an increctl.bly deep wea:po.ri system, which is unlike anylliing ths shQ.oter genr<e has ,eVerc.:seen;, mospireCil by thle sup-etpower l:;:!reatibl1 tool inkll"atianal's hit Freedom force,. pIa,yers can create any weapon they want from a setofattribute5 and (om.pornents. FOi instance" player'S may stalt \l!Jith a $ttJt~ slug tJ1iliGwer. Th(ough the fantastic technology in the CiJl~facility~. the pJa)!l€r could ,add romponellfus'such as an '~Xfe!1ded lt1all"re:~ magnifYin'g s~bpe, to oreat~ a snipj2r tifle. and Players can modify thei'r- weapons to fit the cLlJI1ent situation. Are you having tro:upte with the hard~shetl.ed lobster muttant? ModifY your base shotgun to I1re acid filled pellets ih' addition to ,ttle' normal buckshot. Still ndt getting enouqh st~ppingPQ.we(frQm your shotgun? Add a few more oorrEllsto makfl! ill qlladruple-b,aFPel€d monstrosity.

'Vanilla" w.eapQr:'I rchetypes (e'.g, slug thrower! missile'launcher-" c~emical projector, a

etc.) 1I:harare found 'around the island can be molded into. more powerful, customlzecl versions (e.g,. fully aut0matic acid tipped armored pi8l'Cing assault rifle, etc.) These upgrades may improve.the weapon in several aspects, but the more a weapon is upgraded, the more unstable it can ~ome. P!ayers((lfl' t'wea~and m0difY 'I,lariabl€S on all of their weapons including;

.. rate oHlre
• accuracy

• • •

range severity 'Of recsil. u$able amrne types

• •

clip siz.e·
reload tlme reliability - affects how often the weapon jams

These modifications wont 00 cheap though. Players have to wisely Lise their resources to c;;reare a good variet¥ of w~pGns t00 de~1 with the various terrors of the is!8ind, Th~e additions will·also modify the visuals oHhe tn.game representations of the weapons to

create weapons never-berore-seen

in a first person sl'ioote:r.

Wei!lpon examples: • Triple barrel'ed, fully~auto shatgun • Magnetically powered, silent rail .QUO • Magnetit:; field greAades(The 9rE!flad.e el<PoIOOe5 creating a powerful magnetic; field pulling robots into i1S field. It ean even cause, bu!iets to change directionl) • Laser sighted sllJpet' rifJe...that tires .at:id coated roundsl • Ch.iilin lightning tazer pistol.

Uke in~:vstem Shack 21 BioShock players will be challenged by the island's highly sflphisti:cated -seCurity system. Players will halle to deal with cameras that am sound a~arrns, :stationary turret emp1atements, seeunty robots" and regular seGurity sensor swe@~s. Play;ers are not helpless against these systems, though. They 'can dool with them in a vari'e.ty GJ wa~ Including cfi~y ~ttackIng the systerrns, Quietly shUtl:illg, tHe.m down f<or a period, or cernmandeerlrq them for their own uses. For instance, players can access security termlnpts and hack into them. onee into-the system the player eijn do a variety Qf :ttl IFIgs: • • • • Shut down tihe 6amera,~uritv system. Shut: down (Of take oontrol of) security ttlrrets. Setoff'false slarrns.te divert ~e .el1ern;ts ettenticill. Commandeer ~rity robots and controll them and tmeir powerful arsenal remQtely! P~;ayerslose ,ool1!tr::oll;:iftheir avatar but get a 'fj.rst-pers,on lM.rSpect:ive from the Fo:bot and now control it directly. But be careful" your i1watar ts helpless while in ((lntrol of the robot. '' ,



"Frank don?: like it when I move' thlngs witb my ttea4 but then afjalt?,. Fsnk was never much help around the house. SO 1 toJilFranly if you start moving things WI[h YOUF

nantis, 111 510P m(!Jl~iiJg ttkm wit/J my mitTd. ,~ • MP3LQg File: alAlberta Bennett Is/a de'Salvadon December $." 2006

Mod liB -1I.rldcl

aesthe'tic. In BiQ5h9Ckl Irrational is taking hackillg to the next level. piayers will nat only be ableb;l do all of the aforementioned ha.cking, but will also be able to hack the behavior of the environment itself! FOg will thic.ken as the! humidity goes ~Pt heat blurring will distort the players vfsion as tne ~etc;

In System Shock 2, Irrational el:lowed YOlJto manipulate theel1vlrcmment

ways.. In most games, elements like fog and advanced lighting ate

in a few minor

By ha~king Into speda I terminals distributed areund the mysterious complex; players are ab:!e tog(!ina~ to the env~ronmental Controls. Using these CQntrols; tlhe player will be able to change the 'V:ery nature of the game space. Imagine:

• •
• •

Increase/ decrease oxygen content

explosives to

have larger

blast radius and deal more d~mage.

- Increasing the Ol in an 'are;a causes

Magnetize floor- causes robots fu move more slowly and metal projectlles to beattlGcted to the fiqor. Gren~at1es ew beeerne sticky bpmbs~ n
Ionize the air - In.creases range and damag.e of e!.octrital weapons. Gravitational

field manipulation· Increase or decrease the gravitational field the area. Decreased gravity allows players to jump higher and projectiles fly

farther befOA:!falling tQ the ground. Increa§et:i gravity slows down AIs arid the
player. .. Electrify the floor ,- causes elecb'lcal bolts to play. across th,e floor, damaging enemies but making a veiy'dangerous aJIBa fo:r YOll as well, -



Flood a room -(}an drown some enemlss, butgives,aquatlc

mutants a distinct


ICOASt. mare :slowly.

temperat.,.re -Increasing room temperature can r~ndef players to thermal secblrity sweeps, Dut gwes GoldHblOOlJledenemies a speed Dec.reaSil1g thealr tempE!rBturl;!OOUSes ,~t)lrj-lblooded enemies to: move

"~at/~~he measure (i.a man? ls It' the hands.an,61eet:~~ eyes and rears?C.Jt is It the Tne {:fo!y $p!tlt t/Jat lInimfJtes 111m? the Qody·is lose but: the Soul is saJl~ Is tbaf: liIny(;hiftg If iessthan 8 vlctoty,r
-Annals (if-the C'iJ17d.Uctor, ChfJPter ~. V~t;Se1,1.

Using the eutt'sfJ'i~fire Diagenetlc manipulation technology to modll'rtheir body to. ~urvive, thE! player can sacrifice their nl.lltlsnity to turn ~h~~rfls.elv~sil1to ultimate the
fighting machine. UsinQ 'ibioengineerin!i:ierminals 'fo.und arolJnd the facility, the player tan a('~ss advanced genotfPes>tll'ld m€lrg'e tIle;pn with bls hUfflclFl form. Thts,aIIGV!ls the player to, take on capabilitles"[lf various a'quatit'ZlfH:li amphibious creatures.

Genetic Inhancements

For instam~et the player might discover the Hydrozoan genoty~e (jeUyfish). ThiS' genotype win qlloV\l:ij:e player't0 turrr his skin ge'!CltjnOY~,j;lQi~n 'en;ernie~ with a OOtld'l and appear nearly In"'i'sible in the shadows!
Some other Genot;vpes:

,. Cnlstacean.:hard
• •

IElectfilc eel: echo~lectrrtal And much. more.!

,she.lls,claw based secendary atta.cK, etc. sel"lses/eleictrl~~11 atta'cks, etc.

lte,f:Qued,tlli~ pl.ayerlean muoo.t:e 'lilim'Self intflt diffie~l,)t ge~Qtypes .. IEilChQ#llatyp,ella!fi

liIle frtdivlldll,Cj!. ge;rfot}fJ!)e$ can be TndividJually improlled .spe.ctl1um ..•
different strerngtos an.d weaknesses and are apprepriate

AS the g~'me prO(;eed:$r ~e player can finp powerful gen~i€ sequences. Olle£;!~hege c;re for dflITeref'lt in §a:me.sibuations. (e,.g"trla~ingl 'tHe Hydrow~an' (Jellyfish),) gj;)riotype more trans:pareflt and therefore le~ vijOible ttl ~nemies amlsecl!l'ity sy~ms. 'Unle'ssr course, said enemy is a robet that Gnlyse'es in the il1lFraif1ed .


Ttie first ~e[SOA shoGt§:r market 'on PC and €s.pecially conso1e Is stfOl'lger than 'ever ..The race on tJO-figu re out wl10 is going '110be the next l1a'lo Half Cife. The staff at Irrational hQs demon·sl1.ated'(1uniqulO!',abilityto inlJovate in the first ~r.son marklO!~in both Thief and System Sho,ok 2 .. BibShQck will be- the reellzatton of the promise of those games.