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PHYSICAL SCIENCE Objective Final Exam 09-10

1. CH 9: Heat and states of Matter

a. Compare and contrast thermal energy, temperature and heat.
b. What is the kinetic theory of matter
c. How is thermal energy transferred? KNOW THESE!! Convection, conduction, and
radiation. Be able to differentiate examples of each.
d. How is heat being transferred in each of the following pictures

e. What are conductors? Solids are

better conductors than liquids or gases (ex; metals).
f. What are insulators? Give examples.
2. CH 10: Waves
a. Find examples of compressional waves and transverse waves.
b. For the following two diagrams identify the crest, trough, wavelength, amplitude,
compression, rarefraction.

c. Which of the above is a compressional wave

and which is a transverse wave?
d. Define wave properties wavelength, wave speed, frequency.
e. How is amplitude related to the energy?
f. What are the behaviour of waves: define reflection and the law of reflection,
refraction, diffraction, resonance, standing waves, interference (constructive and
3. CH 11: Sound and Light
a. What kind of waves are sound waves?
b. Do sound waves carry energy?
c. Speed of sound through different mediums (which is faster solid, liquid, gas)
d. How is intensity and loudness related to amplitude and energy of a wave?
e. What is loudness measured in?
f. How many decibels will cause permanent hearing loss?
g. How are pitch and frequency related?
h. Doppler Effect and sonic boom.
i. Light is reflected off of mirrors and refracted twice in a prism. Lenses refract light.
i. Regular reflection produces images in mirrors, diffuse reflection = no image
j. Direction in which light is reflected in concave, plane, convex mirrors.
i. What images do each produce?
k. Direction in which light is refracted in lenses.
i. What images do each produce?
ii.Which is used to correct near and farsightedness?
l. Primary pigment colors and their combinations.
m. Primary light colors and their combinations
n. Define opaque, translucent and transparent objects.