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A ½ Chest 50 cm
B Total Length 71 cm
C Sleeve Length 20 cm
D Back Neck Width 18 cm
E Armhole 26 cm
F Sleeve Rib Width 3.3 cm
G ½ Bottom Width 49 cm
H Neck Rib 9 cm
I Slit Length 5.5 cm
J Bottom Hem 2 cm
K Fabric Patch Bottom Width 9 cm
L Fabric Patch Upper Width 14 cm
M Fabric Patch Length 11 cm
N Placket width 4 cm
O Placket Length 17 cm
P Buttons 3 at 5 cm distance

Measure straight across front body, 1͟ below armhole, from

edge to edge
Measure from shoulder seam at neck (High point shoulder)
Total Length
straight down to the bottom edge of garment.
Measure from sleeve cap at shoulder point to top edge of
Sleeve Length
Back Neck Width Measure opening back neck from one side of HPS to the other.
Measure straight from joint of shoulder seam at armhole to joint
point of underarm seam at armhole.
Sleeve Rib Width
Measure horizontally just above hem from one side seam of the
Bottom Width
garments to the other.
Neck Rib
Measure the length of the slit from top of slit to bottom of them
Slit Length
edge, along seam it is slitting.
Bottom Hem Measure the hem from bottom edge to the top stitch line.
Fabric Patch Bottom Width Measure the patch from one edge to the other edge.
Fabric Patch Upper Width Measure the patch from one edge to the other edge.
Fabric Patch Length Measure the patch from top to bottom edges.
Measure the width across the placket from one edge to the
Placket width
Measure the length of the CF placket, from neckline seam to
Placket Length
bottom edge of placket.