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Learn about the e Uae tice era fayorite ingredien PUM ear cate] Simply irresistible These ingredients have almost a “cult” like following. With so many different flavors, varieties and uses—it's difficult to choose just the right one. Whether you're using the ingredients in your next recipe or serving them alone as a dip or sauce—these two favorite ingredients can perfect any meal. Find out how to use and store oil and vinegar, and how recipes can be enhanced in delicious ways. Sametimes oil and vinegar ean play the lead role, other times a few drops are enough, but in either case, they are sure to add that certain something to any dish. Try it out, be inspired, and learn how to improve your cooking, using oil and vinegar! IMU A Oil & Vinegar Recipe Table 2 ‘Vinegar—The Sour Favorite 4 Favorite recipes, and tips on flavor, preparation, and storage. In addition: The principal of vinegar production 4 Balsamic vinegar 6 ‘Wine vinegar ‘Vinegar jelly 10 Sherry vinegar 11 Apple vinegar 12 The morning drink 12 Raspberry vinegar 13 Lemon vinegar 13 Aromatic vinegars 14 International vinegar specialties 15 Homemade spice vinegars 16 Variety of Oils 18 Background on different varieties, nutritional infarmation, storage tips, harvesting, flavors, and use. In addition: Oil production 20 Cold pressed oils 20 Olive oi! 22 Sunflower oil 28 Cor oil 28 Soy oil 29 Rapeseed oil 29 Wheat germ oil 30 Safflower oil 30 Linseed oi! 30 Pumpkinseed oil 31 Grapeseed oil 31 Nut oils 32 Aromatized and special oils 33 Fat composition of oils (table) 33 Homemade spice oils 34 ‘Sauces and Salad Dressings 36 From vinaigrettes and tasty dressings to mayonnaise—and everyone's favorite, pesto sauce, ‘Vegetables marinated in various coils and vinegars, makes a nice accompaniment to a main dish, Marinated and Preserved Cheeses 48 Cheeses like feta cheese, goat cheese, and mozzarella all make great hors d'oeuvres or spreads on fresh baguettes. Vinegar is the perfect companion to fish, Chicken and Meat 52) All you need is some fresh herbs and a little oil or vinegar—and your next chicken or meat dish will be complete. Breads 54 ROR: Learn how to make fresh spicy olive cake and flat cakes, Make preserved fruits and vege tables, and serve as a special sauce or topping, or select a nice jar and give as a gift. Chutneys60. 0 This special sauce will add flavor to any dis. from rice and lamb to meat and chicken. Index 62 Credits 62