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Lesson plan

Date: April 22th, 2010 Level: 8th grade, Primary School

• Reading
• Listening
• Writing
• Speaking

Expected Outcomes:
• Practice the use of “have got”
• Identify the present simple tense
• Identify the present continuous tense
• Practice the use of “Can and Can’t”
• Give personal information
• Whiteboard
• Notebook
• Book
• Worksheet
• Radio/cd

Time Comments

Introduction 15 The teacher greets in English students and asks them the
min. same.
Pupils pull out their notebooks and books, and then they sit
down in their posts.
Core of the class

Pre-stage: 45 The teacher reviews the homework with the class.

min. The teacher reviews the unit and students work with the
book and a worksheet.

Oral test: giving personal information (in pairs)

While and post-stage: 50 Writing test about the unit.

Closing 15 In order to strengthen knowledge, the teacher creates a
min. feedback about the class.
The teacher gives oral questions asking students to raise
their hands to respond and picks one by one in order to
answer questions such as:
o Topic of the class
o What they learned
o The most difficult topics
o The easiest thing
o What they liked most