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Trapps Top-Rope List

Lead Climb Top-rope Climbs Comments

Walk up or Black Fly Nice 5.9 Climb (5.9) Big tree for anchor and easy walk-
(5.5) or Nice Crack Also can toprope off from top
Climb (5.7) numerous easier
nearby climbs
Bunny (5.4 or 5.6) Retribution (5.10b) Bolts, super easy to set up
Nosedive (5.10b)
Double Chin (5.5) Something Scary Should work so long as there’s a
(5.10a/b) way to place gear above or a
Eyebrow (5.6) Double Clutch (5.9+) Tree for anchor
Gill’s Boulder Problem
Dirty Chimney (5.0) Apoplexy (5.9) Bolts above Coronary, directional
or Pony Express Coronary (5.10b/c) (small cam) needed for Apoplexy.
(5.6-) Junior (5.9+) Higher up Dirty Chimney for
Laurel (5.7) Junior/Laurel bolts. Birch would
Birch (5.10d) have to be set up with gear from
the top.
Squiggles (5.4) or Low Exposure (5.10d)? Big dirty ledge probably needs long
Crowberry Ridge Dislocation (5.9) runners or static rope to set up
(5.5) Squiggles Direct
Devine Wind (5.12a)
Jacob’s ladder (5.10b)
Uberfall (4th class), Hudson’s Boulder Definitely good trees for Charie &
Ken’s Crack (5.7), Problem (5.11a) Fitschen’s. Good gear plus block
Boston (5.5-), CC Susie A (5.10d) can be slung above Phoebe. The
Route (5.7-) or BB The Hoax (5.11b/c) others might need more creative
Route (5.8+) Phoebe (5.10b) gear from the top.
Charie (5.10a)
Fitschen’s Folly (5.8)
Alphabet Arete (5.10d)
DD Route (5.10b/c)
Harvard (5.2) or Stirrup Trouble (5.10b) Good tree for P38, but directionals
Trapped Like a Rat P38 (5.10b) needed. Stirrup trouble would need
(5.7) or Radcliff (4th Badcliff (5.10a) gear from the top and directionals.
Roddy (5.3) Slightly Roddy Might not be worth it
(5.10b/c) or variation
Jackie (5.5) or Pink Laurel (5.9) Gear anchor or use the bolts atop
Classic (5.7) or Jackie and a directional at the top
Classy (5.8)
RMC (5.5-) Ape Call (5.8) Gear anchor—should work fine for
Ape and Essence Ape Call and with a directional or
(5.9+) two for Ape & Essence
Baby (5.6) or Fetus (5.9+) Can set up Fetus from bolts with
Twisted Sister (5.8) Queasy O (5.10a) directional. Queasy O would be set
or Easy Overhang up on gear from the Son of Easy O
(5.1) or Son of Easy belay.
O (5.8)
Frog’s Head (5.6-) Hether (5.9) Easy to set up, multiple bolted
Pas De Deux (5.8) stations on huge ledge. Might need
City Lights (5.8-) gear placement for directional
Nightfall (5.9) above Hether.
Sundown (5.8+)
Kama Sutra (5.12a)
Maria Direct (5.9)
Maria Redirect (5.11a)
Bloody Mary (5.7) Drunkard’s Delight Needs gear to set up. Can set up
(5.8-) Morning After and Arc of a Diver
Five Tendons (5.10b/c) from top of first pitch of Bloody
Morning After (5.8-) Mary. Drunkard’s and Five Tendons
Arc of a Diver (5.8-) from traverse at start of second
pitch of Bloody Mary.
Ribless (5.6) or Ribs Vicious Rumors (5.11d) Bolted station + directional
Strictly From Revenge of the Relics Bolted station
Nowhere (5.7) (5.10a)
Epiclepsy (5.10b/c)
Gaston (5.8-) Splashtic (5.10a) Both P1s end at same threaded rap
station. Will need a directional for
Glyptodon (5.7) Nemesis (5.10a) Shared rap station. Glyptodon has
a 5.6 R section.
Glypnod (5.7) Midnight Cowboy Shared belay station
No Recollection
Anguish (5.7-) or Ruby Saturday (5.10a) 1st pitch of all three end at same
Simple Ceilings (5.0) ledge. Gear anchor.
Three Pines (5.3) or Something Boring (5.9) Easy set up from bolts on GT ledge.
Something Could also climb Something or
Interesting (5.7+) Other, which is 5.7 to GT ledge.
More than 100 feet to GT ledge, can
belay from above.
Birdie Party (5.8+) Interstice (5.10b) Bolted anchor
Mother’s Day Party
MF (5.9)
Overhanging Tough Shift (5.10a) Another bolted anchor
Layback (5.7)
Co-Op (5.8) or Welcome to the Gunks More than 100 feet, belay from the
Credibility Gap (5.6) (5.10b) tree, not from the bottom.
Laughing Man (5.11b)
Blueberry Ledges Beatle Brow Bulge More than 100 feet, belay from
(5.5-) (5.10a) above. Needs a directional or two
Blueberry Wine (5.11a) for BB Bulge.
Beginner’s Delight Octoberfest (5.8+) Bolted anchor + directional
(5.3) or Snooky’s Friends and lovers
Return (5.7 or 5.8) (5.9)
Finger Locks or Hyjeck’s Horror (5.8) Rap tree for Finger Locks is directly
Cedar Box (5.5), Delusions of Grandeur above Hyjeck’s. Should be an easy
Twin Oaks (5.3) or (5.9+) walk on ledge over to the top of P1
Triple Bulges (5.3) of Delusions of Grandeur.
Unnamed (5.0) Dat-Mantel (5.10b) Use belay tree to set up
Dis-Mantel (5.10b)
Raunchy (5.8) Wild Horses (5.8) Big belay tree atop Raunchy +
Gory Thumb (5.9) directional for Wild Horses.
Badfinger (5.9+) Probably need a gear anchor above
Gory Thumb & Badfinger
V-3 (5.7) Galactic Hitchhikers Bolts and maybe a directional
Cakewalk (5.7) Nevermore (5.10b) I’m told you can traverse from
Triangle (5.9-) Never Say Never Cakewalk to the NNL bolts but I’m
(5.10c) not sure how easy this would be.
Never Never Land Can also swing over on rappel to
(5.10a) the NNL bolts from the top of
J’Accuse (5.10b) Absurdland (5.8).
Welcome to My
Nightmare (5.10a)
Wisecrack (5.6) Blunderbus (5.9) Tree anchor with a directional
should do it
Thin Slabs (5.6) Sente (5.9-) Set up from ledges midway through
On Any Monday first pitch of Thin Slabs, or from tree
(5.11a) at top of first pitch.
Hans’ Puss (5.6) The Feast of Fools Bolted anchor
50-50 (5.5) or Alpine Obstacle Delusion Tree anchor, may need a
Diversions (5.8) (5.9) directional. Big ledge midway up to
Teeny Face (5.10a) belay from or belay from top. More
Insuhlation (5.9) than 100 feet to ground.
Sleepwalk (5.7) Ent Line (5.10d) Bolted anchor
Ants’ Line (5.9)
Bonnie’s Roof (5.9) The Throne (5.12a) Set up from the optional belay
before end of P1?
Ursula (5.5) or Groovy Direct (5.10a) Fixed rap station
Groovy (5.8+) Space Invaders (5.10d)
In the Silly (5.3) Silly Groove (5.10a) Probably best to build gear anchor
in middle of In the Silly—or could
just do it from rap tree at top, will
barely reach
Bold-ville (5.8) or The Winter (5.10d) Bolted anchor above the season
Oblique Twique (5.8) The Fall (5.11a) climbs
The Summer (5.11d)
The Spring (5.9)
Walk on from start Wegetables (5.10a) Tree/rap station
of After the Prick