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Employee Benefits and Services

Benefits are indirect financial and non-financial payments

employees receive in addition to their regular wages or salary for
continuing their employment with company.

In Bangladesh, employees get different banking companies such

as government bank, non-government bank and multinational banking
companies. The employees who get different benefits form different
banking companies are given bellow.

Employee Benefits

Government Bank Multinational Bank Non- govt Bank


1. Annual leave 1. Festival bonus 1. Accommodation

2. Festival leave 2. Paid leave allowance
and bonus bonus 2. Conveyance
3. Sick leave 3. Transport facility allowance
4. Maternity leave 4. Car loan 3. Medical facility
5. Pension 5. Sundray loan 4. Provident fund
6. Gratuity 6. Home loan 5. Insurance benefit
7. Lunch facility 7. Flexible working 6. Promotion facility
8. Housing arrangement 7. Loan facility
allowance 8. Marriage leave 8. Festival bonus
9. House building 9. maternity leave 9. Leave with
loan 10. Sick leave payment
10. Promotion and 11. Vacation 10. Bonus facility
11. Rewards 12. Sport and club 11. Subsistence
13. Provident fund allowance
14. Gratuity 12. Reward
15. Communication 13. Scholarship
16. Learning and benefit for the
development children by the
facility and welfare fund
17. Promotion 14. Sick leave and
15. Pension
The above benefits are described bellow

Employees benefits of Government Bank

(Janata Bank Ltd.)

An employee of a government bank (Janata Bank Ltd.) gets some

benefits form the government, these benefits are discussed in following-

1. Annual leave

Government provides 10 days casual leave to the employees of “Janata

Bank Ltd.” each year with out public holidays.
2. Festival leave and bonus

The employees of this bank enjoy two time’s festival leave and bonus
each year equal to their basic with six days.
3. Sick leave

Employees get minimum 2.5 months and minimum 4 months sick leave.
4. Maternity leave

The employees of this bank enjoy 6 months maternity leave

5. Pension

The employees of “Janata Bank Ltd.” Enjoy the pension facilities.

Pension depends on the last basic. It is given after retirement.
6. Gratuity

Gratuity is provided on the basis of employees’ will. For example, if an

employee wants to deduct 10% of basic, after his or her retirement will
get 10% gratuity with interest.
7. Lunch facility

The employees of this bank also enjoy the lunch facility. The
government provides tk. 150 per day for lunch to the employee.
8. Housing allowance

Government provides housing allowance to the employees’ basis on the

place. Such as an employee who works in any branch of Dhaka he will
get 60% housing allowance of basic, an employee who works in outpost
he gets 40% housing allowance, an employee who works in district
branch he or she will get 55 housing allowance of basic and any
subordinate or lower level employee gets 60% housing allowance form
the government.
9. House building loan
Housing building loan also is provided to the employees. Housing
building loan depends on the time and basic. An employee gets such
loan in a specific rate of basic at a lower interest rate. Employee can
take this loan when their need.
10. Promotion
Promotion is given after three years each. It depends on the banking
diploma, computer literacy and employees’ performance. By promotion
any employee can take higher position.
11. Rewards
Rewards is provide basis on the working performance. An employee
who performs his works properly he will get such facility. It is provided to
the employees so that they can perform their job properly.

Md. Shamim
Janata Bank Ltd.
Rayarbag Branch
Dania, Jatrabari, Dhaka.
Employees benefits in Multinational Bank

An employee of a multinational bank “The Hongkong and Shanghai

Banking Corporation Ltd. (HSBC)” gets the following benefits with basic
salary given by the employer of the bank, these benefits are given or
discussed in following.

1. Festival bonus
Employees of HSBC enjoys the festive bonus form the bank authority.
Employees get one time festival bonus equal to their one basic.
2. Paid leave bonus
They also enjoy the paid leave bonus at one time equal to their one
basic with 14 days.
3. Transport facility
Transport facility is also provided to the employees. Employees who are
in ‘branch-4’ they get provided car facility.
4. Car loan
Employees get car loan 8-10 time basic. Specially, about 3% of basic is
provided as a car loan.
5. Sundray loan
Employees of HSBC get surdray loan this is paid maximum tk.
6. Home loan
Home loan is also provided by the authority of HSBC. Employees home
loan depends on the cost of fund.
7. Flexible working arrangement
Flexible working arrangement benefits mean that the employees can
learn any time about any thing their needed.
8. Marriage leave
The employees of HSBC gets 7days marriage leave.
9. Maternity leave
The authority of HSBC provides 4 months maternity leave to the
10. Sick leave
Employee enjoy sick leave until they come round fully.
11. Vacation
Employee of this bank enjoy 24 days to 30 days vacation without
holidays each year.
12. Sport and club
Sports and social club depends on each departments.
13. Provident fund
About 10% of basic is provided to the provident fund.
14. Gratuity
Gratuity is provided basis on the employees work time. For example if an
employee works 10 years and gets tk. 1,00,000 each year then the
gratuity will be tk. 10,00,000.
15. Communication
It is the most important benefit of employee that is provided by HSBC
authority. Employees can communicate at any time with their boss or
with other employees about their problems and needed.
16. Learning and development facility and
If employees want to learn any difficult things they can go to the learning
and development center.
17. Promotion
Promotion is given basis on the employees performance so employees
performance is evaluated on time each year by the higher authority.

At last we can say that the above benefits differ from one employees to

Hasnain Mamun
Manager, HR Projects and Development
Human Resources
The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.
Dhaka main office,
Anchor Tower, 108 Bir Uttam C R Dutta Road.
Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh.
Employees benefits in a Private Bank
(Pubali Bank Ltd.)

An employee (Senior or Principal officer) of a private bank (Pubali bank

Ltd.) enjoys the following benefits with basic salary given by the bank
authority, those are discussed as follows.

1. Accommodation allowance
A senior principal officer of Pubali Bank enjoys 60% accommodation
allowance of his or her basic salary.
2. Conveyance allowance
Conveyance allowance also is provided to the senior officer of this Bank,
the employees get 3.75% of basic salary as the conveyance allowance.
3. Medical facility
About 10% of one’s basic remuneration is given to a senior principal
officer as the medical facilities.
4. Provident fund
An employee enjoys the provident fund facilities. For this an employee
has to pay 10% of his or her basic salary to the provident fund and the
employer also has to pay 10% to the provident fund.
5. Insurance benefit
Insurance benefit is given to each employee by the authority of the bank.
Insurance facility is totally offered by the bank authority when an
employee dies during his or her job period.

6. Promotion facility
Every employee enjoys the promotion facility in the Pubali Bank.
Promotion facility is provided basis on the employees job performance. If
an employee can perform his job properly he can get or enjoy such
facility form the bank.
7. Loan facility
The employees of Pubali Bank also enjoys the loan facility from the
bank. Generally the employee has the opportunity to get 75% loan
facility against his or her deposited money to the provident fund.
8. Festival bonus
Every employee gets two bonuses facilities in every year for two
religious program. These bonus are equal to one month’s gross salary.
9. Leave with payment
A senior principal officer gets the two types of leave with payment. He
enjoys the 20 days of a year as casual leave and 33 days of a year as
privilege leave.
10. Bonus facility
Employee also gets two types of bonus facility from authority. One is
festival bonus that has been discussed previously and another is
incentive bonus. Incentive bonus is given to every employee when bank
earns huge amount of profit. The main purpose of this bonus is the
encourage and motivate the employee so that every employee perform
their perspective job with interest.
11. Subsistence allowance
An employee gets the subsistence allowance for the time being, it is also
paid to the employee when the price of daily necessary things increases.
12. Reward
When an employee is able to achieve the of the bank and can take vital
rule by his job performance in his working time,. The bank authority
gives his or her some money or maintenance promotion as the reward of
his or her extra performance.
13. Scholarship benefit for the children by the welfare fund
If any boy or girl of an employee makes good result in the public
examination, an employee gets tk. 20,000 for his or her children for
better education. But for this facility an employees ha to become a
member to the welfare society and he has to pay the fixed monthly
14. Sick leave
Sick leave is provided to the employee until he or she comes round.
There is no specific time for sick leave.
15. Pension
Every employee gets the pension facility when an employee goes to
retirement he or she gets a large amount of money at a time. That
money is deposited by the bank authority at 10% rate of basic
remuneration in the provident fund.

Md. Mukul Hossain

Asst. Manager
Pubali Bank Ltd.
Wari Branch, Dhaka.

N.B. It is mentionable that the above benefits differ from employees rank
to rank.