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Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is used as a consequence for students that are experiencing
behavior difficulties.
• The Quiet Room will be part of the discipline system at Indian Trail School.
• Teachers can add the Quiet Room as one of their consequences in their classroom
behavior system. For example, teachers may have the following behavior system
1. Verbal warning
2. Time out/removal from area or situation
3. Referral to the quiet room

Quiet Room
• Used as a consequence for students that are experiencing behavior
• The Quiet Room is not a consequence for students who have not
completed their homework. It can be used as a consequence for students
who have a habitual, chronic problem with completing homework.
• Takes place during recess
• The Quiet Room is supervised by assigned teachers.
• There is a schedule as to what room the students will go to each day for
the Quiet Room. The Quiet Room rotates based on the teacher that is
supervising that day.

Steps for the Quiet Room

• Staff member completes the Quiet Room referral.
• If the referring teacher is not the homeroom teacher:
o Referring teacher completes the Quiet Room referral and puts it in the
homeroom teacher’s mailbox.
• The homeroom teacher gives the student their Quiet Room referral before
• Students give their Quiet Room referral to the supervisor on duty.
o 1st, 4th, and 5th drop off their referral form and materials at the quiet room
before going to lunch.
• Students attend Quiet Room during their recess.
• Students should bring a book to read.
• At the end of the recess period in the Quiet Room the supervisor completes the
Quiet Room referral, providing information as to how the student behaved during
their time in the Quiet Room.
• The supervisor gives one copy of the Quiet Room referral to the homeroom
teacher and one copy to Ryan Phillips.
• Mr. Phillips will input the student data into a spreadsheet.
o The data will allow us to track how many referrals each student is
• After Mr. Phillips inputs the data the Quiet Room referral will be placed in the
student’s file.

Three referrals to the Quiet Room:

• Student meets with the principal
• Homeroom teacher calls the student’s parents