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Sibika 2nd Grading Test

A. Matching type—Match column I to column II


1. National Heroes Day a. Luneta

2. Labor Day b. Corregidor

3. National People’s Day c. Every last Sunday of August

4. Independence Day d. February 25

5. Araw ng Kagitingan e. Know /united Methodist church

6. Where Dr. Rizal was shot f. Barasoin Church

7. Many Filipinos were imprisoned here
Where Dr. Rizal wrote “My Last
Farewell “ g. May 1
8. The first constitution of the
Philippines was written and approved
here in Malolos Bulacan h. Fort Santiago
9. One of the First stone churches built
by Christians in Manila. i. June 12
10. The place where Filino and American
soldiers made their last defense
against the Japanese Forces. j. April 9

True or False—Write T if the statement is correct and F if it is incorrect.

1. We celebrate Araw ng Kagitingan in remembrance of our dead loved ones.

2. Filipinos hate their heroes, there we do not respect their memories
3. May 1 is the day we celebrate Labors day. We honor all Filipino workers on this day.

4. Independence day is the time we commemorate the patriotism of our heroes to attain

5. Philippines do not have many historical places.

6. The house of General Emilio Aguinaldo is in Visayas.

7. Dambana ng Kagitingan was built in remembrance of the Filipino and American soldiers
who bravely fought the Japanese.

8. The peaceful People Power Revolution took place at EDSA.

9. The Edsa shrine was erected to remember the peaceful event when President Cory Aquino
was removed from the office.
10. Aguinaldo shrine is the place where the flag of the Philippines was raised and the national
anthem was first placed.


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