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Miracles of Mudras Your Health in Your Hand -Acharya Keshav Dev People fold their

fingers in various Mudras (Gestures). It is little known, however, that Mudra Science is
Tatva Yoga-Yoga based on science of elements. And, believes Acharya Keshav Dev,
these mudras can help cure many diseases.

In the case of severe heart

attack, this life giving divice
Mudra provides instant relief
within a few seconds.

Helping hand for Cardiacs.

First Aid for Heart Problems.


Provide relief in urinary

problems Facilitates
discharge of waste
material from the body.

Cleanses & purifies the



Energy Bank - Improves

Vitality of the body &

Practice the Mudra and

get rid of Frequent Cold,
Congested Chest and
Incurable Infections.


Yogic Tranquilizer. Its practice

ensures Mental Peace,
Concentration of the mind and
Sharp Memory, Spiritual
enhansment develops


Cures ear aches in just a

few minutes.

• Mudras can bring about miraculous change and improvement in our body.
• Mudras generate Powers to provide all round development of mind & body which
brings peace and happiness.
• Mudras look like miraculous remedies. They provide instant relief in many
• Mudras can cure almost any ailment from simple earache to heart attack.
• Mudras help in moulding the Physical, Mental and even the Moral aspects of the
• Some Mudras can balance the elements of the body within 45 minutes while some
are fast enough to act within a few seconds.
• Practice of some of the Mudra's regularly can cure Insomnia, Arthritis, improves
• Mudras have extra ordinary powers, practice of mudras brings about a quick and
fundamental reversions of the destructive changes in the human body. They also
develop virtuousity, social amiability, non-violence, piety and courteous
• All Godly and superhuman persons like Lord Mahavir, Gautam Buddha, Lord
Shankaracharya and others used to remain in these Mudras.
• Mudra helps in Kundalini Yoga to awaken the Cosmic Energy and to unite
consciousness of inner Supreme Soul.
• Mudras are significant and simple yogic function by which one can develop
internal and external dispositions.
• Detailed description of Mudras are found in Tantra Shastra, Upasana Shastra,
Nritya Shastra, Art of Sculpture etc.

The Sanskrit word mudra is translated as ‘gesture’ or ‘attitude’. Mudras can be

described as psychic, emotional, devotional and aesthetic gestures or attitudes. Yogis
have experienced mudras as attitudes of energy flow, intended to link individual pranic
force with universal or cosmic force.

Mudras are a combination of subtle physical movements which alter mood, attitude
and perception, and which deepen awareness and concentration.
GYAN MUDRA : Touch your Index finger to the
tip of your thumb. The palm should face the sky
(upwards), keeping the remaining three fingers

Benefits : It removes all the negative thoughts and

makes you positive. This mudra develops your I.Q
and sharpens the memory. It helps to keep irritation,
anger and anxiety away.

VAYU MUDRA : Touch your Index finger to the

root of your thumb and press it gently.

Benefits : It instantly relieves pain of the joints and

paralytic attacks. This mudra also helps alleviate
any sort of problems concerned with the air (Vayu-
Tatva), as it controls all the Vayu-Tatva we have in
the body.

Note : Not helpful for ear-ache and stomach-ache

(colic). For ear-ache and stomach-ache, shunya
mudra and apan mudra are recommended.

SHUNYA MUDRA : Touch the root of the Middle

finger’s nail with the thumb and press it gently.

Benefits : It relieves ear-aches instantly. It is good

for deafness if not by birth. It also helps in ear-
discharge and other ear problems. Time to be spent –
at least 40 minutes for chronic diseases.

PRITHVI MUDRA : Touch your Ring finger to the

tip of your thumb

Benefits : It removes the deficiency of all the

vitamins and nourishes the body. It also helps in
developing positive thoughts, thus filling one with
freshness and happiness.

VARUN MUDRA : Touch your Little finger to the

tip of your thumb.

Benefits : It controls the lack of the water element

(Jal Tatva) in the body, as well as dryness and
SURYA MUDRA : Touch the root of the Ring
finger’s nail with the thumb.

Benefits : It is excellent to check obesity and

heaviness of the body.
How do these mudras work?

The hand mudras presented above are meditative mudras. They redirect the prana
emitted by : Touch
the hands, backyour last body.
into the two fingers
(Ring and Little finger) to the tip of your thumb.
Also each finger represents a Tatva (element). Thus the joining of different fingers
regulates : Practice
the energy of this mudra
of different Tatvasawakens
flowing the
in the body.
dormant prana shakti, vital energy, and distributes it
Thumb the body, increasing resistance, strength,
Agni Tatva (Fire element)
health and confidence. It also instills an inner
attitudeIndex Finger
of peace and equanimity. ItVayu
solve (Air element)
many eyeMiddle Finger
problems and works as a Aakaash Tatva
catalyst for (Ether element)
mudrasRingwhen done after the mudra.Prithvi Tatva (Earth element)
Little Finger Jala Tatva (Water element)

LING MUDRA : Inter-lock your fingers and

straighten your right thumb as shown in the diagram.
The thumb collects the FIRE element from nature,
thereby increasing the heat in the body.

Benefits : Good for cough, cold and the abuses of

winter, as it increases the heat in the body

APAN MUDRA : Touch your Middle two fingers

(Middle and Ring finger) to the tip of your thumb.

Benefits : It controls your Apan Vayu thus

regulating your excretory organs (Intestines, Urinary
tract and Ovaries). Most gastric problems can also
be cured.

SANJEVANI MUDRA : It is a combination of two

mudras (Vayu Mudra and Apan Mudra). Bend
your Index finger and touch at the root of your
thumb (at the Venus mound). Then touch both the
Middle fingers (Middle and Ring Finger) to the tip
of your thumb.

Benefits : Good for heart ailments. Relieves Angina

(chest pain) instantly.