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OBOSS EXPANDABLE E = X MULTIPLE EFFECTS Se ee => Owner's Manual For he UK. IMPORTANT: THE WIFES IN THIS MAINS LEAD ARE COLOURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING CODE, BLUE NEUTRAL BROWN LIVE As the colours ofthe nies inthe mains lead ofthis apparatus may nol cartespond withthe coloured markings ideniying he ‘ermine in your slug, proceed as flows ‘The wire which s coloured BLUE musi be connected tothe tarrinal which is arked withthe lee N or colowtad BLACK, ‘The wire wnich s coloured BROWN must be connacied fo the lerminal which is marked wiht ater Lor coloured RED. or Germany Bescheinigung des Herstellers/Importeurs Hiesmit cd becchwiigt da devsercas Roland Expandable Multipl (Gore, Typ, Bezsichrung} Effects ME-X in Cbereinstimmung mit den Sestimmungen dat SMPT- ‘Damn Zentralamt tur Zulassungon im Femnmolsewecon wurde das inverkehrbringon distoe Gerates angezciet und aie ‘Sorechigung zur Uberprutung der Serie auf de Ehatungder Eastimmungen eingeraum!. Roland Corporation ‘AmisbiVig 248/T891 lunk-enitort ist, De verscitsmaige Betvieb mancher Gerla (2B. MeBsencer) kann alerdings (genissen Einschrinkungen umetiagan. BoschenSiedezna> da Hinwoise in der Beslonungeanotung, Fortho USA FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION RADIO FREQUENCY INTERFERENCE STATEMENT Jement has been Leste and found o comply wih he lr for & Clase 8 digaldevee, pursuant fo Pe 180 the FCO. ules, These imi are designed to provide reasonable protzcion agalnalharmfulitertorence ha resaerta station, Ts equipment generals, uses, end can radale rato Wequensy anergy and, I'rol stad and used in eevoraance wth te insiustons, may cause harmiulnteforance to adie communications. Hower tara ena guarantee thal nterfrarce wil ot {2curin a parieuar inition, ths equtsment coos case harm intreronce'o radio aralevslon acepton, wien Can be determined by ung ine eguipment of an on the vers encouraped toy to tomect ne Fetirance by oreo mse 8 "Rootes er raocaie te = erase the separation betwaen te equipment and recover Connect ine equipment ins an cull a crus iaren rom that to which the receiver is connected. = _Consut he deal’ or an experianced racho/TVtachran for hel. iving antenna, Uneuitonzed changes or modicalion to tis sys can vou te Users auihomy wo aparate thls equipment ‘Ths equipment requites sheloed interlace cables in oder to mont FCC cis 8 Link For Canada CLASS 6 Novice This digtal apparaius does not exceed the Class 8 tis fer fade noise emiasions set out in the Radio Inleterence Regulallons ofthe Caraian Department of Communication, CLASSE B AVIS Get apparel numérique na dépacse pases mites de a classe B au niveay des drissions de brute radiolactiques fb dans le Réclement doe cignaux parasies pr le minslere canaclen des Communications Before You Begin \We'd like to take a moment to thank you for purchasing the BOSS ME-X Expandable Multiple Effects. To ensure proper operation and years of trouble-free service, pleas take the time to read ths entire manual Features ‘Compact Pedals and Multi-Effects in a Sin- gle Unit “The ME-X isa stand-alone multi-effecs board which can beenhanced by adding external effects units. By selecting theexternal units of your choice, you can createa custom effects system Three Programmable Locps Each Patch in the ME-X can store settings related to the external effects units. This allows you to instantly access those effects through the Patches you have created Integrated Carrying Case “The ME-X is built ight into @ road-wvorthy carrying case Eight Internal Effects “The MEX contains eight of the most sought-after digital effects Simple Editing ‘The effect parameters are printed on the top panel of the unit, making the editing process quick and easy. Patch Storage You can store up to 25 Patches in the MEX’s internal memory, and thea recall them instantly using the foot switch pedals Copyright © 1993 BOSS Corporation Manual Mode (The “Stomp Box” mode) Inthe Manual mode, you can use the ME-X's pedals to switch effects on and off during play - much as you would with stand-alone “stomp boxes.” Set Delay Times to match the Tempo By depressing a special foot switch (optionall in time with, the music, you ean set delay times that match the tempo. Stereo Delay for Panning The delay section features a sereo output, lettin panning delays in which the sound mates irom left to fight Chromatic Tuner This convenient feature allows you to tune your guitar without having to unplug. Long Delays and Reverbs Delays and reverb trails will decay naturally - even when you switch to another effect that doesn’t use delay or reverb, Headphone Jack The headphone jack allows you to heae yourself without disturbing those around you - greatior late-night practice Allrightsreserved.. No part this publication may be reproduced in any form without the permission of BOSS Corporation, ee