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Managerial Communication-Presentation Skills (CGMG1008)

Term 1 Credits: 2
Faculty: Prof. Neetu Ganapathy

Course Objective

Business professionals spend nearly 70% of their time communicating. Thus, the
ability to communicate effectively is the most important skill that a manager should
possess. This course is aimed at helping would-be managers to hone their
presentation skills. This course will provide you with the ability to create and deliver
effective presentations.


Students entering the PGDM program are expected to have a certain degree of
proficiency in English and hence this course will not teach the English language or
the use of grammar.


This course will be taught using a combination of lectures, case discussions, videos
and role plays. You will be taken through various exercises to help improve your
ability to articulate your thoughts and thereby improve your business presentation
skills. Your presentations will be recorded and critiqued, allowing you to understand
the areas for improvement.


Session Topic
1 Importance of Effective Communication
2 Story Telling
3 Sell an Idea
4 Tips and Tricks 1
5 Tips and Tricks 2
6 Speech 1
7 Speech 2
8 Tips and Tricks 3
Mid-Term Exams
9 Final Presentations 1
10 Final Presentations 2
11 Final Presentations 3
12 Final Presentations 4
13 Final Presentations 5
14 Final Presentations 6
15 Course Wrap-Up
Course Evaluation

Class Participation 10%

Assignments 35%
Mid-Term Exam 15%
Final Presentation 40%

Assignments and Presentations

The assignments will be in the form of individual and group presentations. Your
presentations will be recorded and made available to you. Kindly copy it onto your
systems. Each student will be given feedback after each presentation. Please
maintain a record of the feedback provided. The schedule for the feedback sessions
will be announced and you are requested to adhere to the same. If you need to
consult the faculty outside of class hours, please take a prior appointment.

Recommended Textbooks
1. Lesikar and Flatley, Basic Business Communication, Tata McGraw Hill
2. Dona J. Young, Foundations of Business Communication, Tata McGraw Hill
3. Meenakshi Raman & Prakash Singh, Basic Business Communication, Oxford
4. M. Guffey, Business Communication: Process and Product, Thomson, South-
Western Edition
5. Joseph A. Devito, Essentials of Human Communication, Harper Collins