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The Essence Of God

Isaiah 43:11-13

Defined as, “that which underlines all outward manifestation, the reality itself, whether
material or immaterial, the substratum of anything, that in which the qualities or
attributes inhere”.

In relation to God, essence and substance are synonymous.

Different Aspects of the Divine Substance/Essence:

 In Spirituality:

1. He is Immaterial & Incorporeal- Lk 24:39. Dt 4:15-19. The expression of

God as having bodily parts are anthropomorphic usages.

2. He is Invisible- Ex 33:20, Jn 1:18.

Saints will see Him one day. Ps 17:15; Mt 5:8.
All OT manifestations are but His reflections.

3. He is Alive- Josh 3:10; 1Sam 17:26; Psa 84:2. The spirituality excludes
any idea of inanimate substance. Experience of sons of Korah

4. He is a Person- Spirituality and personality goes together. Analogy is

human spirit. But unlike in man, God has personality without

 In Personality:

Self-Consciousness–Ex 3:14;Isa 45:5;1Cor2:10

Self-Determination-Job 23:13; Rom9:11; Acts 17:26; Heb 6:17.
Also Psychological Characteristics of Personality:

 Intellect Gen 18:19; Ex 3:7; Acts 15:18

 Sensibility Gen 6:6; Psa 103:8-13; Jn 3:16
 Volition Gen 3:15; Psa 115:3; Jn 6:38

Thus God:

 Speaks. Gen1:3
 Sees. Gen 11:5
 Hears. Ps 94:9
 Repents. Gen 6:6
 Gets Angry. Dt1:37
 Jealous. Ex 20:5
 God is Compassionate Ps 111:4

Self Existence – Ex 3:14 He is the ‘first cause, Himself uncaused’.

1. Immensity – God is not limited or circumscribed by space. He is

complete whole at every point everywhere. 1Kg 8:27; 2Chr 2:6; Jer
23:24; Ps 139:7; Isa 66:1; Acts 17:28.

2. Eternity – in relation to time. Always existed, and forever will be

Gen21:33; Ps 90:2; 102:27; Isa 57:15; 1Tim 6:18.

In the days of prophet Isaiah Isa 44.

Children born & grew up in Babylon were perplexed about God at home & gods in

Isaiah takes them to three shops to reveal & realize:

1. Black Smith’s Shop v.12
2. Carpenter’s Shop v.13
3. Lumberyard v.14
Know thy God v.19-21, Keep thyself from idols.
Let all glory be to His Name v.22-23.