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1.the filesystem /opt/lms is 99 percent full for hostname sf10s03nnp04----ais pr

od svcs - mq admin
comments from Rick:this is application space. osa's have nothing to do with appl
ications and cannot delete/clean-up within an application area.
reassigning to mq group since this is the directory taking the most space - note
: if this is not the correct group, (i think it is), then please reassign it to
the correct group. do not send it back to the osa group.

2.the filesystem /opt/prodplan is 100 percent full for hostname sf09s03xxd03----
bss retail ops 1.

comments:team, please do cleanup (we have reassigned similiar tkt earlier - pm67
3.the filesystem /var/local is 99 percent full for hostname sf21s02xxp02---- AIS

reassigning to ais tsm team to check this, it is occupying more space and thie f
ilesystem is almost full..
[/var/local/tsm/logs]# cd /var/local/tsm/tmp
root @ sf21s02xxp02
[/var/local/tsm/tmp]# ls -ltr
total 1088968
-rw-r--r-- 1 root system 557546083 aug 06 07:31 tsmsrv1.tsmstatus.serv
4.Zulkhanain Osman: we have large files in sf04s01xxd07 that cause /opt/gmw is n
ow at critical level 99%. owner of these files is Marketware Application, any id
ea how to find them.
Rick Combs: checking
Rick Combs: bss supply chain 3 - dist
Zulkhanain Osman: ok tq.
Rick Combs: hold on a sec
Rick Combs: let me in the ticket pls
Rick Combs: k, ticket is on its way back to them

5.PM6794029----the filesystem /opt/tools is 100 percent full for hostname s0adct
ibco1--ais esm team
server owner ---tibco team --contact Rajith Muthyala---09000803417---serv2
Tibco team group----ais esb --- mail id is ---aisesbsupport@aholdusa.com--tibco
6.PM6793023---filesystem /opt/app/oracle is 99 percent full for hostname sf17s04

its oracle application log files

Spoken to Imran Shaikh (Wipro Vendor), He accepted below mentioned files are bel
ongs to them and as per him compressed the 2 files and now file system is belo
w threshold level, hence resolving the ticket.

/opt/app/oracle/product/1013/oasj2ee_2/opmn/logs]# df -gt .
Filesystem GB blocks Used Free %Used Mounted on
/dev/apporaclelv 25.06 21.08 3.99 85% /opt/app/oracle
root @ sf17s04xxd05