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Family Fortune Game

• One A4 sheet of paper for every two students
• One coin
• Two counters for each pair

Time: 10–15 minutes

Check students know the following vocabulary:

dream(s), first date, wedding(s), honeymoon, parents, grandparents, grandchildren

• Tell students to fold an A4 sheet into three horizontally and three vertically.
• Unfold and draw lines along the creases to make nine rectangles.
• In landscape format write 1 in the top left rectangle. Also write the following heading: The
man or woman of your dreams.
• In the top middle rectangle write 2. Also write Teenage years (13–19).

• In the top right rectangle write 3 and the heading Your first date.

• Under rectangle 3 write 4 and Chocolate.

• In the middle rectangle write 5 and Flowers.

• In the middle left rectangle write 6. Also write A party only for women or a party only for
men in the week before the wedding.
• In the bottom left rectangle write 7 and Weddings.

• The bottom middle rectangle is 8. Write the following: A beautiful place for a honeymoon.

• In rectangle 9 write Children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren.

Alternatively drawn the grid, numbers and headings on the board for students to copy.
• Tell students they are going to play a game. They need one paper board between two, a
coin and two counters.
• One player tosses the coin. If it’s heads move one space and talk about the (wo)man of
their dreams. If it’s tails move two spaces and talk about the subject in that rectangle.
• Continue until one player reaches 9 and talks on that subject.

Author: Robyn Bowman-Zayade

© Pearson Education 2008 PHOTOCOPIABLE