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Financial highlights

2009 2008
Revenue - continuing operations £916.2m £911.1m
Profit before tax - continuing operations before
exceptional items £106.4m £96.3m
Profit before tax - total before exceptional items £101.3m £103.1m
Profit before tax £89.2m £96.3m
Earnings per share - continuing operations before
exceptional items 53.0p 48.0p
Earnings per share - total before exceptional
items 50.2p 51.7p
Earnings per share - basic 17.6p 45.3p
Dividends per share 21.50p 19.75p

Sales by market 1999

n Consumer Care 39%
n Industrial Specialities 61%

Sales by market 2009 *

n Consumer Care 51%
n Industrial Specialities 49%

Sales by destination 1999

n Europe 52% In order to show underlying
n Americas 30% business performance, throughout
n Asia 10% the Chairman’s statement, Chief
Executive’s review and the Financial
n Rest of World 8% review, sales are stated for continuing
operations. Operating profit and pre-
tax profit are stated for continuing
Sales by destination 2009 * operations before exceptional site
n Europe 47% closure costs of £17.2m. In 2008,
the exceptional costs related to
n Americas 32% discontinued operations. Further
n Asia 16% details of discontinued operations are
n Rest of World 5% included in Note 7 of the Notes to the
Group accounts.
* Continuing operations