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"Kingdom" [king + -dom] or "Domicile of the Kings"

Latin "domicilium" from domus "house" (root of domain, domestic) + colere "to dwell" (root of
colony). The Kingdom is the HOUSE OF KINGS or Domicile/Dominion of the Kings.

Etymology: "study of truth in words"

from Greek [ἐτυμολογία] etymologia, from etymon "true sense" + [-λογία] -logía "study," from
[λόγος] lógos meaning "word"

"Alma Mater" means "Soul-giving Mother" or "Nourishing Mother" from alma, feminine of
almus "nourishing" + mater "mother" & is a title for the "Queen of Heaven." "Alumni" means
pupil, a novice meaning young boy or girl; "pupil" is where you get the word "puberty" from.

Ancient Spain was called Iberia or the Iberian Peninsula from the Hebrew word (‫ )עברי‬Ibaryath
[meaning Hebrew] & Greek (Ιβηρία) Ibēría. The first people in Spain were the Carthaginians
(Hebrews). The Roman Empire changed the name to Hispania after they defeated us in the Punic
Wars. Bareclona was named after a black man Hamilcar Barca (‫ )ברק‬Baraq meaning “blessing.”
Carthage is a Hebrew word [‫שְּת‬
ְ ‫ ]ַקְרְּת ַחַד‬meaning "New City."

Madrid traces its name & origins to the Moors (Israelites following Islam). In the 9th century
AD, the Moorish leader Mohamed I, Emir of Cordoba, built a military fortress on the bank of the
Manzanares River called "Magerit or Majerit" on the site of what is now modern day Madrid.
"Magerit" comes from the Arabic name "al-Magrīt" meaning a place of abundant water, a
source of water, streams.

The letter "J" was the last letter added to the English language, & first published in a book in
1634. SOURCE: "The Cambridge History of the English Language." Cambridge University
Press; vol.3, 5th edition (2000), pg. 39, ISBN: 0521264766. The English [Jesus] is only 376
years old & comes from the Latin [Iēsous] from the Greek [Ἰησοῦς] from the Hebrew [‫]יהושע‬.

Similarities between Arabic & Hebrew, the MOORS-ISRAELITES Connection:

Israelites call a king (‫" )מלך‬malak," Muslims say "malik"
Israelites call a father (‫" )אב‬ahba" (or abba), Muslims say "abu"
Israelites call a son (‫" )בן‬ban" (or ben), Muslims say "ibn"
The Moors or Blackamoors (Black "as" a Moor) were Israelites following Islam.

The Latin word for woman is "femina," which is interpreted as meaning "without faith" or
"minus faith." [fe-, Spanish for "faith" + -mina, Latin for "minus, minor, less"]. Acting feminine
is acting with "minimum or minimal" faith. The Hebrew word for female is naqabah [‫] נקבה‬,
from naqab [‫ ]נקב‬and the ha [‫]ה‬. Naqab [‫ ]נקב‬is "curse" and ha [‫ ]ה‬is to "look or
behold" ...“Behold the curse".

The "gym" was created in ancient Greece, the Greeks who used them were homosexuals
(Alexander the Greek was a faggot, & he died from syphilis). They would watch men exercise &
train naked. The "gym" comes from the Greek word gymnos which means naked. Greek word
gymnasium [γυμνάσιον] means a "place to be naked."
Vatican City means "City of the Serpent Prophets or Sooth-Sayers," from the Latin word "vates"
meaning seer, prophet, sooth-sayer. For all you Roman Catholics out there, especially you

In the film "300" you'll see the Spartans with the "L" or the Greek L "λ" (Lambda) on their
shields for Lacedaemonia, the Lacedemonians or Spartans were Jews (1 Maccabees 12:1-21).
The Spartan kings of the Agiad line were "of the stock of Abraham" (verse 21) & brothers to the
Jews (verse 6, 21). Leonidas I (main character) was an Israelite.

Hypocrite comes from the Latin "hypocrite," from the Greek "hypokrites" [ὑποκριτής] meaning
a "stage actor, pretender."

Mortgage literally means "DEATH PLEDGE" or "death payment" from mort "dead" (mortal,
morgue, mortality) + gage "pledge" from gauge (meaning measurement, wage) because the deal
dies either when the debt is paid or when payment fails, and many people die trying to pay off a
mortgage or pay the mortage until they die.

The "hoody" or "hoodie" came from Robin Hood (during the Middle Ages) robbing the rich of
Sherwood Forest & giving to the poor. Even today when thieves rob you they throw on the
hoody. The hoody still is the apparel of choice amongst thugs.

WHO IS ESAU-EDOM? (Genesis 25:25)

Edom (‫ )אדום‬or Ahdawam in Hebrew [Idumea in Greek] means "red"
Esau (‫)עשו‬, Ishashwa or Ishaw in Hebrew means "wasted away is he"
‫( עשש‬Ishash) means "to waste away" in Hebrew
‫ = עשו‬ESAU = "wasted is he"
‫ = ו‬Hebrew character (wa) = he
Esau does not mean hairy, Seir (‫ )שעיר‬or Shaiyr means hairy.

Edom, Ham & Ishmael sold Judah, Benjamin & Levi into slavery off the West Coast of Africa.
We had forts in West Africa: Fort Judah, Fort Benjamin, & Fort Levi. The French named the Fort
of Judah, "Quidah," (French) which was finally destroyed in 1726 by the army of the King of
Dahomey. Why the name "Fort of Judah?" Because Europeans, Arabs & Africans knew it was
the House of Judah (Jews) being sold as slaves bound for the New World:

The Lacedemonians or Lacedaemonians also known as the SPARTANS were Jews (1 Maccabees
12:1-21). This documents that Areus I king of the Lacedemonians or king of Sparta of the Agiad
line was "of the stock of Abraham" (verse 21) & brothers to the Jews (verse 6, 21). The Spartans
in the movie "300" should have been accurately portrayed as a black men. Areus I descended
from Leonidas I; Leonidas I was an Israelite.

The word "abode" comes from the Middle English word "abod," meaning home, body, & is
where the word "body" comes from b/c it's your home where you reside at. Abode (meaning
body) is also where you get the word abide from meaning to dwell, live, bide, remain.
1 Corinthians 6:19-20
[ ‫ ] יהושע‬is "Jesus" Hebrew name, READ & PRONOUNCED from Right-to-Left:
YA [‫ ]י‬HA [‫ ]ה‬WA [‫ ]ו‬SHA [‫ ]ש‬I [‫]ע‬
The letter "J" was the last letter added to the English language, & published in a book in 1634.
"The Cambridge History of the English Language." Cambridge University Press. pp. 39. vol.3,
5th edtion (2000), ISBN: 0521264766. “Jesus” comes from the Latin [Iēsous] from the Greek
[Ἰησοῦς] from the Hebrew [‫]יהושע‬.

The Most High's NAME given in Exodus 6:3 IS Yahawah or ‫יהוה‬

in Hebrew TRANSLATED from Right-to-Left:
Ya(‫ )י‬ha(‫ )ה‬wa(‫ )ו‬ha(‫)ה‬
SPELLED (English) & PRONOUNCED: Yahawah

January (Janus) ROMAN god of the doorway

March (Martius, from "Mars") ROMAN god of war
April (Aprilis/Aphrilis, from GREEK Aphrodite) GREEK god of fertility
May (from GREEK goddess Maia)
June (from ROMAN goddess Juno)
July (from Julius Caesar)
August (from Augustus Caesar)

The occultic Gregorian calendar is the reform of the Julian calendar, a reform of the Roman
calendar, which is a reform of the Hebrew calendar or LUNAR calendar. The word "moon"
comes from the Greek "mene" meaning moon. "Mene" comes from the Greek "men" meaning
"month." The Latin "mensis" means "month." The Lunar calendar is correct & each month
should be based off the new moon.

The "Boule" is a peon black secret society & umbrella organization of the Skull & Bones society
(Brotherhood of Death). The word "boule" comes from the French word "brulé" or "brûlée"
meaning "burnt." Ironically, they were literally making fun of you black uncle-Toms.

The gentiles are called heathen or "profane." Profane literally means "out in front of the temple"
or outside the temple. Pro- "before" + fano- (ablative of fanum) meaning "temple" because the
gentiles were not allowed inside the temple, & stood outside of the temple in the ancient world.

The "mano cornuta" or "Baphomet" hand sign signals/depicts the horns of the "Goat of Mendes"
or Baphomet, an androgynous demon that is synonymous with Satan. "Baphomet" literally
means "both ways," & presumably why he/she is androgynous, androgynous meaning
indistinguishable between male & female, hermaphroditic.

The Native Indians spoke corrupted Hebrew, wrote in Hebrew, wore garments to the foot, wore
blue fringes, kept land sabbath, etc. Not to mention the account in 2 Esdras 13:40-46 depicting
how the Northern Kingdom of Israel came to the Americas following Assyrian captivity in the 8th
century B.C.
The word "fame" comes from the Latin word "fames" & Italian word "fame" (pronounced fam-
meh) meaning "hunger." It is where you get the word "famine, famish" from again meaning
hunger. In the Latin/Italian sense of the word "fame" has a negative connotation. These people in
Hollywood seeking "fame" are hungry for, in hunger of attention.

Britain means "covenant land," England means "land of the angels."

The "Anglo-Saxons" is corrupted "Angelic Sons of Isaac" & they were black people, Israelites.
Saxon derives from the Hebrew name "Isaac," the affix means "sons of." Anglo means Angelic
or Angel-like. Read "The Origin of Anglo-Saxon Race." Ch.7 entitled "Our Darker Forefathers"
pg.104 & "Judah's Scepter & Joseph's Birthright" by J.H. Allen, pg.293

The word "human" comes from the Latin word "humus" meaning "the earth, soil, ground"
plausibly because the first man "Adam" was formed from the "dust of the ground." (Genesis 2:7)

"Superman" was created by so-called Jew Jerry Siegel. Though Superman was raised in Kansas
as "Clark Kent," Jerry Siegel gave Superman the Hebrew name "Kal-El" while on his birth
planet Krypton, "Kal-El" meaning "All-Powerful."

The word "lawyer" comes from the Hebrew word ‫( לוי‬Lawaya) or "Levi" who was the 4th son of
Jacob later renamed ‫( ישראל‬Yasharaahla) or "Israel." "Levi" is where the Book of the Levites or
the Book of Leviticus comes from as they were the priests of Israel. Why are lawyers not
teaching the 613 Mosaic laws found in the Torah, & why have the Holy Bible in your

The so-called Jews call the Ethiopian Jews "Falasha Jews" meaning "false Jews." Falasha is
derived from the word "fallacy," meaning false, a fable. It's ironic the Ashkenazi Jews would call
someone else false Jews.
Revelation 2:9,3:9

Witches & magicians created Hollywood; historically witches & magicians used to use a wand
or "magic stick" made out of hollow wood. That's where "Hollywood" comes from the "hollow
wood" that is used to create a fantasy, wonderland, illusion, or imaginary realm.

The "official" Latin version of the Holy Bible pushed by the Roman Catholic Church,
specifically by Pope Damasus I in 382 was called the "Latin Vulgate." "Vulgate" b/c Latin &
derived romance languages are considered a "vulgar" tongue, as opposed to the "holy tongue"
(Hebrew). It is beneficial to study & learn the Greek & Hebrew when reading scripture.

Universities/colleges are corporations (institutions of business) for the international bankers. The
1st corporation chartered in the western hemisphere was Harvard College [Frederick Rudolph,
The American College and University (1961) p.3], now known as Harvard University. Your
Alma Mater calls you a "wise fool" when you enter your 2nd (sophomore) year of college: Greek
sophos “wise, wisdom” + moros “moron, foolish.”

Christopher Columbus sailed for Spain in 1492. He spoke Spanish & called the Native American
Indians "una gente En Dio" or a "people in God," "En Dio" later corrupted into English "Indian."
Present-day India at the time was known as Hindustan, where Hindu & the Indus River comes
from. The British East India Company wasn’t founded until 1600, over a hundred years after
Columbus in 1492.

Norway: "Nor" comes from the French word "noir" meaning "black."
Scotland: "Scot" comes from the Greek word "skotia" meaning "black."
Switzerland: "Switz" derives from the German word "schwarz" meaning "black."
Germany: named after Saint Germaine
England: Land of the Angels
Europe: named after a black woman Europa, Europe: named after a black woman "Europa," a
Phoenician/Canaanite woman/goddess
Africa: named after Scipio Africanus, white Roman general
Asia: named after Scipio Asiaticus, white Roman general & younger brother of Africanus
America: Amerigo Vespucci

Faggot(s) or a group of faggots are a bundle of sticks. In the ancient world men would gather
faggots together and burn them (Leviticus 20:13), they would be put to death by fire, firewood if
you will. Even to this day society refers to homosexuals as “flaming” faggots. A “fag” is also
another term for a cigarette, & also “lit.”

"Lucifer" Hebrew [‫ ]הילל‬means "light-bearer, shining one or morning star." The elites play on
this throughout history, i.e. in the Olympics they have a "light-bearer" or forerunner carrying the
torch. French freemasons created the Statue of Liberty [originally called "Liberty Enlightening
the World"]. Lucifer is implied in the name Illuminati [from L. Illuminatus, & the Spanish sect
Alumbrados or "lighting systems"].

"Football" or "American football" began as a rugby-like game played with the scalped,
decapitated heads of the Native American Indians. They "reenacted" this for 40 years [1969 to
2009] in the NFL on Thanksgiving during the annual Cowboys-Redskins rivalry.

"Brooklyn" was named after the Dutch "Breukelen or Breuckelen" in the Netherlands. "Harlem"
is Dutch & named after "Haarlem or Harulahem" in the Holland section of the Netherlands. This
"Harulahem" was corrupted Dutch for "Jerusalem." Haarlem/Harulahem was named, inspired &
built/based off the ancient plan of Jerusalem. “Harulahem” means “place higher or exalted above
the others.” The Dutch word “haar” means height.” “Haar” or “har” in Hebrew ‫ הר‬means

During slavery, the largest, strongest & rebellious slaves were given heavy chains known as the
"cuban link" chain known for containing large amounts of metal. This is where the phrase "Only
Built for Cuban Links" [Only Built 4 Cuban Linx] comes from meaning a "strong slave."

"Clubbin'" came from slavery. Slave owners would allow slaves on Saturday to go out and have
"jamborees" or "jams" where they played banjos, danced & acted a fool. The slave owners would
take the best artists & dancers on tour & make money off them known as "Bojangles"
UNIVERSITY from Latin "universitas," from universus, "to turn into one"
From uni- [one] + versus -passive participle of "vertere" [to turn].
The "tie" or "necktie" is a phallic symbol, it represents a phallus (so does an obelisk),
& probably why it is often seen as inappropriate for women to wear ties.

The word "leisure" meaning an opportunity to do something, comes from the French "leisir,"
from the Latin "licere" meaning to permit (& where you get the word "licence" from). It is also
where you get the Spanish word "leer" from meaning to read, because you are supposed to be
reading & studying in your leisure or spare time.

"Wall Street" began as a slave auction. Slave auctions were held at the foot of
Wall Street when ships carrying slaves arrived to Lower Manhattan.

Leprosy is called "raw" [‫ חי‬chaay] flesh in Leviticus 13, "raw" meaning "uncooked, bloody" or
not well done.

APOCRYPHA "sent away hidden" from Greek [ἀπόκρυφα] apokryphos meaning "hidden"
Greek apo- [ἀπό] "away" + Greek -kryptein [κρυφα] "to hide."
Included in the 1611 Authorized King James Version completed by the Church of England at the
conclusion of the Hampton Court Conference.

"Race" comes from the French & Italian word "razza" meaning gene from the Latin word "gens"
or "genus" meaning birth, descent, origin, race, stock, family, people. Your race or gene, &
generations (common people) comes from your genealogy (study of the fathers) found in the
Table of Nations in the Book of Genesis (Origin, Creation) [Greek Γένεσις Hebrew ‫בראשית‬
literally “In The Beginning”] Chapter 10.in, Creation) [Greek Γένεσις Hebrew ‫ בראשית‬literally
"In The Beginning"] Chapter 10.

"...with their backs toward the temple of the LORD, and their faces toward the east; and
they worshipped the sun toward the east." - Ezekiel 8:16
Ever heard of the EASTERN STARS, &/or Freemasons?

The word "pale" comes from the Latin "pallidus" meaning pallid, pallor, pale. The
painter's "pallet, or pallete" derives from this root from the Latin "pallidus" to the
French "palette" b/c the artist or painter would use a pale or white pallet to strike,
lay & mix colors. "Pigment" comes from Latin "pigmentum" meaning coloring matter,
pigment or paint from the Latin root "pingere" meaning to color, to paint.

The Catholic Church recognizes Mary depicted with dark or black skin in over 500 statues
& paintings all throughout Europe created during the Byzantine/Medieval period, dating
from the 11th to 15th century commonly known as the "Black Madonna."
However, when it comes to the Lord (who also was dark-skinned) they promote Cesare Borgia's
image [2nd son of Pope Alexander VI], who Michelangelo (C.Borgia's lover) painted during the
Renaissance to be the new image of Christ.

Whites were calling blacks n*ggers for centuries [using it publicly & on public signs], but when
black men began using the word as a term of endearment & hip-hop exploded, they felt the need
to begin to make movements & create laws to "abolish" the "N-word."
[Act 13:1]

The dollar sign [$] is really the "Caduceus" consisting of a serpent entwined around a pole,
representing the Greek god Hermes "god of the underworld." The Caduceus is also the sign of
the American Medical Association & World Health Organization which "supposedly" is linked to
Numbers 21:6-9.

Leviticus 21:5
The Hebrew word for "shave" is ‫( גלח‬galach) which means to make
baldness, nakedness or smoothness upon the face.
Leviticus 19:27

Jay-Z's "Blueprint" trilogy represents the 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree in the "blue" lodge in
becoming a master mason. "Hova" corrupted "Jehovah" literally translates [‫]הוה‬
"Hawah" meaning "to be, to exist" from Exodus 6:3, or [‫" ]היה‬Hayah" meaning "I AM"
from Exodus 3:14

"Crown" from the Latin [corona], Greek [στέφανος] stephanos, Hebrew [various words for
"crown" in Hebrew], originally meant a wreath, garland, circlet or diadem [to bind across],
something wrapped around the head. The first crowns worn by Christian monarchs were called
"open crowns" [with the top of head exposed to God...] due to 1 Corinthians 11:7 stating men not
to cover their heads being the image & glory of God. The "closed crowns" was a imperial
privilege reserved for few kings, the most important kings wore crown jewels, & also wore the
tallest crowns, for example the Pope [Latin, meaning "papa"].

September is named after an Israelite, Septimius Severus [by his son Caracalla] who took
down the Roman Empire. "The Truth About Black People & Their Place In World History" by
Dr. Leroy Vaughn, MD, MBA.

The word "Arab" comes from the Hebrew word [‫" ]ערב‬Irab" meaning evening & also
mixture; the same Hebrew word [‫" ]ערב‬Irab" means evening &/or mixed, mixture or mixed
people because the evening or "twilight" was a mixture of day & night. Arab means mixed
people, but are commonly known to descend from Ishmael [‫ ]ישמעאל‬Genesis 16:11.

Notice the black conquistador (in Moorish dress) behind Hernando De Soto on a horse
(Mississipppi circa 1541).
Israel or Yasharaahla [‫ ]ישראל‬means:
"Prince of the Power" or "He is a Prince of the Power"
Ya [ ‫ ] י‬- "He"
Shar [ ‫ ] שר‬- "Prince"
Ahla [ ‫ ] אל‬- "Power or God"

You don't "own" your house [you continue to pay taxes on it even after you've paid
off your mortgage]
You don't "own" your car [you're issued a "certificate of title" instead of the "title"
CERTIFICATE (root "certify"): document which "attests" to the truth of
something; a document serving as evidence or as written testimony, as of status,
qualifications, privileges or the truth of something. The international bankers own car,
because they have your title, you have a "certificate" TO your title, but not the actual title
itself. OWN means "to possess.” You don't possess the TITLE, you posses a certificate to
or of your title. The TITLE is LEGAL right to the possession of property.

Freedom [Free + “dom” or dominion, because the only people free are the people ruling,
the people in power]: Freedom means exempt from external authority, interference,
restriction; exempt or released from something that controls, restrains, burdens; not
subject to charge or payment; enjoying personal rights or liberty; able to do something at
will without obstacle/obstruction, having immunity [exempt from service or obligation], not
subject to special regulations, restrictions. Liberty is from French "liberté" meaning freedom,
from Latin "libertatem or libertas" meaning freedom, ROOT word "liber" meaning free or liberal.

"Mine heritage is unto me as a speckled bird, the birds round about are against her; come
ye, assemble all the beasts of the field, come to devour." - Jeremiah 12:9
The Hebrew word for "speckled" is [‫ ]צבוע‬tazabawai meaning "coloured,
variegated, speckled." "Variegate" means to mark or diversify with different colors
from the Latin "variegatus" meaning made of various sorts or colors.

"Crown" from the Latin [corona], Greek [στέφανος] stephanos, Hebrew [various words for
"crown" in Hebrew], originally meant a wreath, garland, circlet or diadem [to bind across],
something wrapped around the head. The first crowns worn by Christian monarchs were called
"open crowns" [with the top of head exposed to God...] due to 1 Corinthians 11:7 stating men not
to cover their heads being the image & glory of God. The "closed crowns" was a imperial
privilege reserved for few kings, the most important kings wore crown jewels, & also wore the
tallest crowns, for example the Pope [Latin, meaning "papa"].

"The sceptre shall not depart from Judah..." - Genesis 49:10

Scepter or sceptre [Latin "sceptrum," Greek (σκῆπτρον) "skeptron," Hebrew (‫" )שבט‬shabat"] is
the "staff, rod" used as an emblem of regal or imperial power, authority &/or sovereignty.

Yes, Israelite men wore earrings [Exodus 32:2], but historically male slaves wore earrings as a
sign of bondage to their master, this was in our law [Exodus 21:6, Deuteronomy 15:17]. When
the Hebrews were led out of slavery in Egypt Aaron told us to take off the gold earrings. Nose
rings were also a sign of slavery, as well as branding [Leviticus 19:28]. Earrings, nose-rings &
branding was public indication or sign of permanent slavery.

Fortune-tellers & soothsayers are sometimes called "gypsys or gypsy" meaning "Egyptian" from
the Greek [Αιγύπτιοι /Aigyptioi].
"Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel..." -
Numbers 23:23

Reincarnation is in the scripture; Matthew 19:28, the Greek word "regeneration" is παλιγγενεσία
[paliggenesia] & means to reproduce, renewal, recreate, new birth. For example, Elijah came
back as John the Baptist [Malachi 4:5; Matthew 11:14, 17:11-13].

The word "repent" comes from French "repentir," from Latin "repenitire or repoenitire," from
Greek [μετανοέω] metanoeō, from Hebrew [‫ ]נחם‬nachaam meaning to be sorry, regret. The
Greek [μετανοέω] metanoeō also means correction; & the Latin poenitire from Latin root
"poena" is where you get the words penal & penitentiary from meaning correction, pertaining to

The Illuminati formed a committee entitled the Biblical Destruction Group in 1776, which
infiltrated its way into positions of prestige in leading universities of Central Europe. This
committee disbanded 50 years later, & in 1826 the Apocrypha [14 books of the Bible] was
removed from the protestant editions of the King James Bible.

The word "math" or mathematics comes from the Latin "mathematica," from the Greek [μάθημα]
"máthēma," from the Hebrew word [‫" ]אמת‬ahmath" meaning truth.

Leviticus [Book of the Levites] ‫ ויקרא‬or Wayaqaraah

Deuteronomy [2nd Law; deuteros "second" + nomos "law] ‫ דברים‬or Dabarayam
"These are the statutes and judgments and laws, which the LORD made between him and the
children of Israel in mount Sinai by the hand of Moses." - Leviticus 26:46

"Theater" means "to behold or view God," from the Latin "theatrum," from Greek [θέατρον]
"theatron" meaning "place of viewing, seeing" from the Greek root from theasthai "to behold"
(theas, feminine of theos, meaning "god" + theates "spectator") -tron, in Greek [θέατρον]
"theatron" is a suffix denoting place.

A "fiend" is a demon or wicked, evil spirit [look it up]. A "drug fiend" has got demons on
him/her, & a drug dealer is a witch. The Greek word "witchcraft" is Galatians 5:20 is
[φαρμακεία] pharmakeia, meaning the use or administering drugs, poisoning or sorcery.

"Fire" in the Greek is πῦρ (pyr) or (pyro) & is where you get the word "pyro" from, as well as
the word "purify" from the Latin "purus," because fire is a purifying agent.
2 Peter 3:7,12
A "nomen omen" literally means a "name prediction;"
Israel or Yasharaahla [‫ ]ישראל‬means "Prince of the Power" or "He is a Prince of the Power:"
Ya [ ‫ ] י‬- "He"
Shar [ ‫ ] שר‬- "Prince"
Ahla [ ‫ ] אל‬- "Power or God"
Jacob [‫ ]יעקב‬or Yaiqab means "supplanter" or to overthrow, defeat, takeover, usurp or supercede
[2 Esdras 6:9].

When Moses' sister Miriam was cursed with leprosy, or white skin (vs.10) [Numbers 12:10-12],
Aaron described her flesh as being consumed (vs.12), using the Hebrew word [‫ ]אכל‬ahkal
meaning "wasted flesh."

Lev13:19 says is the leprosy is "WHITE & somewhat REDDISH" & Lev13:24 says the plague
of leprosy can be "somewhat REDDISH or WHITE." [‫ ] אדמדם‬Ahdamadam Strong's H125 means

Day of Atonement; a day set aside to "afflict your soul" by FASTING [No food or water for 24
hours], this is a fast [Acts 27:9, Isaiah 58:5], the Greek word for "fast" is νηστεία [Latin nēsteia]
meaning voluntary abstinence from food &/or water.

Cleopatra was a white woman;

"So Ptolemee went out of Egypt with his daughter Cleopatra, & they came unto Ptolemais in the
hundred threescore & second year: Where king Alexander meeting him, he gave unto him his
daughter Cleopatra, & celebrated her marriage at Ptolemais... with great glory, as the manner of
kings is." - 1 Maccabees 10:57-58
Ptolemee & Cleopatra are Biblical Edomites, they where white people. Ptolemmy I's forefathers
go back to one of Alexander the Greek's generals which were Edomites [Alexander had only one
negro general Clitus Niger, whom he killed]. Alexander the Greek was also an Edomite, his line
goes back [using the Apocrypha & scripture] to the Agagites, & to King Agag of the Amalekites,
who are Edomites.

The English word "ruddy" has multiple meanings & comes from the old English "rudig," from
rudu "redness," related to read "red," [http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?
search=ruddy&searchmode=none], which comes from Scottish-Gaelic... & Old Irish word "raudh"
or "ruad" which means DARK, brownish red:
This is maybe why some translations such as NLT [I recommend not to read], translated that
same word as DARK, 1 Samuel 16:12 "So Jesse sent for him. He was DARK and handsome,
with beautiful eyes."
"Ancient and Modern Britons," Vol. 2. by David Macritchie, pg.377 states: "Again, it was
noticed that the adjective ruadh, or as we pronounce it in English ruddy or red, signifies both
black or tawny [brownish-yellow, where the word tan comes from], & red or ruddy in the
Western Highlands."
Ruddy also means DARK-BROWN to LIGHT-BROWN YELLOWISH color. That was one of
its original meanings in Old English.
"Nature Knows No Color Line" by J.A. Rogers pg.73 states "mulattoes were called Tawny-
Moors.. or Tanimoors" A Mulatto is a person of color with LIGHT skin, Moor means black or
dark. Tawny, again means BROWNISH YELLOW. This is why black people can be called
Ruddy or Tawny, meaning red or yellow. They used to call light-skin black guys yellow niggas.
They also call many blacks down south REDbone, another way of saying they are ruddy.
"Ancient & Modern Britons" [same pg] called Tawny people RED people, the white man, called
Native Indians red, or redskins, but we know they are brown.

[‫ ]אדם‬Ahdama Strong's H119 ALSO means to be fair, to be beautiful, to be handsome.

http://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/Lexicon.cfm?Strongs=H119&t=KJV [READ LEXICON
Fair is an OLD English word from the word "fæger" meaning "beautiful, pleasant"
Ahdama is the ROOT of the word "ruddy" Strong's H132, used in 1 Samuel 16:12
Again, Ruddy has various meanings.

JOSEPHUS "WORKS OF JOSEPHUS", pg 164 "Antiquities of the Jews" Ch 8, Vs 63, says

King David "appeared to be of a yellow complexion."

GPS or "global positioning satellite/system" is a technology created to provide exact location &
time information at all times & anywhere on or near the Earth. It is maintained by the United
States government & is currently being used on phones, & tracking devices, & is the same
technology going to be used in the RFID or Veri-chip.
[Revelation 13:16-17]

Chemistry [derived from alchemy], comes from French "alkemie," Latin "alkimia," Arabic "al
kimiya," from Greek [χημεία] "khēmeia" or Khemet, plausibly derived from Hebrew [‫ ]חם‬Chaam
(Hebrew name for Ham, 2nd son of Noah) which signifies blackness &/or heat.

Evolution derives from the word “evolve” from the Latin evolvere "unroll," [from ex- "out" +
volvere "to roll or WRAPPER,"] & “volvere” is where the word “vulva” comes from meaning
“womb, the female reproductive organ, belly, uterus.” Thus “evolution” can be literally
interpreted as “out of the womb.”
So, who is the father? The Creator?
Denmark was named after the Danes or the Danites, from the tribe of Dan [5th son of Jacob,
Genesis 30:6]. Denmark literally mean's Dan's mark.

Argentina was names after the silver that the Conquistadors took, from Latin “argentinus” [of
silver], from Latin “argentum” [silver], from Greek ἀργήντος (argēntos), meaning silver.