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S.V. Deuikar Company Secretary 63, Ashoknagar, Pune~ 411 007. Report on the Voting Process of the Postal Ballots on the Special resolution relating to seeking approval of the members ofthe company under section 372A. 293(1) (a) of ‘the Companies Act, 1956. for providing security in connection with term loan facility given by Axis Bank Ltd, to Nandi Highway Developers Ltd. as per notice dated 13 June, 2010 issued by BF Utilities Limited. [TE Fosal namiber of Sharchoiders ~~] 33336] iT Tra Sarr wha POAT HATE ea 7230 TIL Total sive who exile es gd | Pow Bass | 1278 [Tot Rois i vm TW) Naar a Psa Ba eed 3] Number of sharholies 2s| 1 ‘Number of shares. 13,83,498 [¥- Toat Noor Vara Rosaria —— ‘Number of shareholders in favour | 1200 | Number of shareholders aginst i 3 Vi. | ‘Shareholders in favour of the resolution as a percentage of | 95.77% | votes who exercised ther votes ‘VII | Total votes (in terms of number of voting rights/shares) ‘exercised through Postal Ballots [Vil | Nanber oF voies in Ravour ofthe resoaton 3B ROT | | wT Number of votes against the resolution | Pn 1X | Wotes in favour ofthe resolution as a percentage of votes | q cast I 99.97% | S.V.Deulkar J CP. No. 965