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VEHICLE TAX / INSPECTION/REGISTRATION FINE* HRS 291C-36 Display of unauthorized road signs, signals, markings 72. ROH CHAPTER 15 - TRAFFIC CODE FINE*
HRS 249-2 Delinquent vehicle tax 70. or cones ROH 15-4.5 Obedience of persons using carts or rickshaws 70. NOVEMBER 2009 DECEMBER 2009
HRS 249-7(b) No license plate; obstructed plates, unclean plates 70. HRS 291C-37 Interference with traffic-control devices 72. ROH 15-4.6 Use of bikes, skateboards, roller skates, etc. (Waikıkı) - - 55. S M T W T F S S M T W T F S
HRS 249-7(c) Tax/emblem not at top right of plate 70. HRS 291C-85(b) Signal lamps required-vehicle specifications 72. ROH 15-4.11 Motorized Devices (Razor-type scooters w/motor) 55. X 2 3 4 5 X X 1 2 3 X X
HRS 249-8 Illegible vehicle plate, tag or emblem 70. HRS 291C-121.5 Unattended child (<12 yrs old) in vehicle 237. ROH 15-6.5 Obstruction of traffic sign by building, trees, etc. 72.
HRS 249-11 Fraudulent use of plates, tags or emblems 280. HRS 291C-125 Unsafe opening/closing of vehicle doors 72. ROH 15-15.2 Boarding/alighting from vehicle/opening door unsafely 72. X 9 10 X 12 13 X X 7 8 9 10 11 X
HRS 249-14.5 New bicycles and mopeds 70. HRS 291C-130(a) Emblem required on slow-moving vehicles 72. ROH 15-17.6 Sitting, standing or walking on railings of highway 70. X 16 17 18 19 X X X 14 15 16 17 X X
HRS 249-17 Fraudulent removal/use/counterfeit bike & moped tag 110. HRS 291C-132(a) Littering from vehicles (HRS 708-829(1) crim littering) Crt bridges/overpasses by person X 23 24 25 X 27 X X 21 22 23 24 X X
HRS 286-25 No current safety check/Expired 70. HRS 291C-133 Waste material from motor vehicle 130. ROH 15-17.7 Fishing/crabbing from certain bridges by person prohibited 80.
HRS 286-41(a) Failure to register a motor vehicle by owner/corp. 110./1030. HRS 291C-135(1) Tow Trucks; signage and insurance requirements 87. ROH 15-17.8 Bicycle riding on pedestrian overpass/underpass 50. X 30 X 28 29 30 31
HRS 286-44.5 Salvage certificate 70. HRS 291C-172(a) Refusal to provide I.D. upon lawful order of 110. ROH 15-18.3 Bicycle obedience to traffic-control devices (HRS 291C-31) 72. JANUARY 2010 FEBRUARY 2010
HRS 286-47(3) Registration not in vehicle 70. police (See HRS 710-1027) ROH 15-18.4 Bicycle riding speed greater than reasonable & prudent 72.
HRS 286-47.2 Certificate of trailer registration 70. S M T W T F S S M T W T F S
BICYCLES & PLAY VEHICLES ROH 15-18.6 Bicycle parked obstructing pedestrian traffic 55.
HRS 286-47.5 Registered owner to give notice of address change 55. HRS 291C-134(c) Neighborhood Electric vehicles - restrictions 72. ROH 15-18.7(a) Bicycle riding on sidewalk in bus. dist. (HRS 291C-148(b)) 72. X X 1 2 3 4 X X
HRS 286-48 Registration for salvaged motor vehicles 70. HRS 291C-134.5 Electric personal assistive mobility devices 140. ROH 15-18.7(c) Bicycle on sidewalk to yield right-of-way or signal to pedestrians 72. X 4 5 6 7 X X X 8 9 10 11 12 X
HRS 286-50 Registration of vehicle outside the state 70. restrictions; (Segway) ROH 15-19.2 Lights required 1/2 hr before/after sunrise/sunset; In tunnel 57.
HRS 286-52(b) Register vehicle ownership transfer within 30 days 70. X 11 12 13 14 15 X X X 16 17 18 19 X
HRS 291C-143(a) Bicycle operator must ride on attached seat 57. ROH 15-19.3 New motor vehicle to have rear reflectors and/or properly mounted 57.
HRS 286-52(j) Seller to submit notice of transfer within 10 days 70. HRS 291C-143(b) Passenger of bicycle must sit in designated seat 57. ROH 15-19.5(a) Bus/Truck - reflectors & stoplight required 57. X X 19 20 21 22 X X 22 23 24 25 X X
HRS 286-52.5 Procedure when title transferred; notice 70. ROH 15-19.6 Improper color of clearance, marker lamps & reflectors 57. X 25 26 27 28 X X X
HRS 286-52.5(i) Notice of transfer of trailer within 10 days 70. HRS 291C-144 Clinging to vehicle/prohibited by rider 72.
HRS 291C-145(a) Failure to ride near right-hand curb or edge 72. ROH 15-19.7 Improper mounting of reflectors, clearance & side marker 57. X
HRS 286-53 Unauthorized use of dealer’s plates 70. lamps
HRS 286-53(e) Expired or invalid temporary plates 70. HRS 291C-145(b) Bicycle operator to ride in single file on roadway 72.
HRS 291C-145(c) Bicycle operator to use bike path where provided 72. ROH 15-19.8 Visibility of reflectors, clearance & marker lamps 57. MARCH 2010 APRIL 2010
HRS 286-54 Register out-of-state plates within 30 days 70. ROH 15-19.10 Visible red light or reflector required on parked vehicle 57.
HRS 286-63 Shape/size/color of special plates & affixing - FCC 70. HRS 291C-145(d) Bicycle operator give signal when leaving bike lane 72. S M T W T F S S M T W T F S
HRS 291C-146 Unsafe carrying of articles on bicycle 72. ROH 15-19.12 No more than three auxiliary driving lamps permitted 57.
HRS 286-64 Regulation plates to be surrendered - FCC 70. ROH 15-19.13 Stop, signal & hazard lights required 57. 1 2 3 4 X X 1 X X
HRS 286-65 Surrender/transfer/disposal of special plates - FCC 70. HRS 291C-147(a) Bicycle lights required at night 47.
HRS 291C-147(b) Reflector required on bicycle at night 47. ROH 15-19.14(c) Back-up lamps on when vehicle in forward motion 57. X 8 9 10 11 X X X 5 6 7 8 9 X
SAFETY EQUIPMENT ROH 15-19.16 Failing to meet multibeam headlight requirement 57.
HRS 286-81(a)(1) MC/MS operator/passenger protective devices 70. HRS 291C-147(f) Brakes required on bicycle 47. X 15 16 17 18 19 X X 12 13 14 15 16 X
HRS 291C-148(b) Riding bicycle on sidewalk in business district 72. ROH 15-19.17(a) Failure to lower high lights within 500 feet of oncoming car 57.
HRS 286-81(a)(2) Lease or rent MC/MS without protective devices 70. ROH 15-19.17(b) Position of light to avoid glare required 57. X 22 23 24 25 X X X 19 20 21 22 X X
HRS 286-81(a)(3) Sell MC/MS protective devices not meeting specs 70. HRS 291C-149(a) Bicycle racing 72. X 29 30 31 X 26 27 28 29 X
ROH 15-19.19 More than 4 driving lamps, spotlights or headlights 57.
HRS 286-81(b) Under 18 required to wear helmet with chin strap 70. HRS 291C-150(a) Bicycle helmet for operators under 16 years of age 62.
ROH 15-19.22(b) Use of red, green, or blue lights in/on MV prohibited 57.
HRS 286-83 Sale and/or use of unapproved MV equipment 70. SPECIAL RULES FOR MOTORCYCLES/MOPEDS MAY 2010 JUNE 2010
(See HRS 291-31.5(a) - Blue lights prohibited)
(i.e., tinted glaze glass-approved label, etc.) HRS 291C-155(a) MC footrests required for MC passenger 72.
HRS 286-85 No reconstruction permit/invalid permit 70. ROH 15-19.23 Sell/use lamps/devices improperly 57. S M T W T F S S M T W T F S
HRS 291C-155(b) MC height restriction on MC handlebars 72. ROH 15-19.26 Faulty brakes 72.
DRIVER LICENSING HRS 291C-196(d) 3-wheel moped restricted to roadway speed limit of 97. X 1 2 3 4 X
HRS 286-116.5 Failure to give notice of address or name change 62. ROH 15-19.27(a) Unnecessary use of horn 72.
35 mph ROH 15-19.27(b) Unauthorized use of siren, whistle or bell 72. X 3 4 5 6 X X X 7 8 9 10 X X
HRS 286-117 Illegible driver’s permit or license 112. HRS 291C-200 Moped lights required for night driving and tunnels 57.
HRS 286-135 Failure to keep records of vehicle rented out 55. ROH 15-19.28 Loud/defective muffler 72. X 10 11 12 13 X X X 14 15 16 17 X X
HRS 291C-201(a) Moped renter/seller to provide copy of rules/regs. 112. ROH 15-19.29 Rear vision mirror required 72.
MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY LAW HRS 291C-202(a) Moped equipment requirements for sale and use 112. X 17 18 19 20 21 X X 21 22 23 24 X X
HRS 286-202.5 Driver improvement programs 72. ROH 15-19.30(a) Material obstructing driver’s view 72.
HRS 291C-203 Moped seller must provide certificate of compliance 112. ROH 15-19.30(d) Windshield wipers required 72. X 24 25 26 27 28 X X 28 29 30
HRS 286-202.6 Marking of Motor Carrier Vehicles 87. HRS 291C-206 Modifying moped motor (more than 2 horsepower) 112.
HRS 286-202.8 Mudguards protective devices required 87. ROH 15-19.30(e) Defective wipers 72. X X
HRS 291C-207 Moped for rent or lease (liability insurance required) 112. ROH 15-19.31 Windshield, fenders and bumpers required, except MC/MS 72.
HRS 286-204.5 Vehicle identification card Crt
HRS 286-210 Safety check regulations (Motor Carrier Vehicle) Crt
PEDESTRIAN OFFENSES ROH 15-19.32 Mudguards required 72. Judiciary Furlough Days from July 2010 - December 2010
TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS HRS 291C-32(a)(3)(D)Pedestrian entering roadway on red signal 130. ROH 15-19.33 Safety glass required - door, window, windshield 72. To Be Determined
HRS 291-8 Freight load projection beyond width of vehicle 72. HRS 291C-33(2) Pedestrian obedience to “Don’t Walk” sign 130. ROH 15-19.34 Flares or other warning devices required on trucks/trailers 72.
HRS 291-9 Freight on running board, prohibited 72. HRS 291C-71(a) Ped. obedience to traffic control devices & regs. 130. ROH 15-19.35 Display of warning devices when vehicle disabled 72. JULY 2010 AUGUST 2010
HRS 291-11.6(a)(1) No seat belt; Operator/Passenger 4-14 yrs old 92. HRS 291C-72(b) No pedestrian to walk/run into vehicle path 180. ROH 15-19.36 Warning devices/interior lights on bus when disabled 72.
HRS 291C-73(a) Pedestrian to yield right-of-way to vehicles 130. S M T W T F S S M T W T F S
HRS 291-11.6(a)(2) No seat belt; Front Seat Passenger 15+ yrs old 92. ROH 15-19.40 Lift tailgate not in vertical position & locked while MV in motion 57.
HRS 291-11.6(a)(3) Seat belt required for back seat passenger 15-17 yrs old 92. HRS 291C-73(c) Jaywalking - Crossing other than crosswalk 130. ROH 15-19.41 Safety (stay chain/cable) & tow bars required on trailers 72. 1 2 X X 2 3 4 5 6 X
HRS 291-14(a) Pickup trucks; Passenger restrictions - standing 62. HRS 291C-73(d) Unauthorized diagonal pedestrian crossing 130. ROH 15-19.43 Permit required for vehicle using amplifying sound 72. X X 6 7 8 9 X X 9 10 11 12 13 X
HRS 291-14(c) Persons under 12 years in pickup truck bed 87. HRS 291C-75 Pedestrians to use right half of crosswalk 70. ROH 15-21.2 Weight, size and load - limitation of weight and wear 72. X 12 13 14 15 16 X X 16 17 18 19 X X
HRS 291-21.5(a) Tinted glaze glass (sunscreening)(MV owner) 287. HRS 291C-76(a) Pedestrians in roadway/bicycle lane 70. (see HRS 291-34/35/36)
HRS 291-21.5(b) Tinted glaze glass (sunscreening)(Installer) 537. HRS 291C-76(b) Pedestrian to walk on left, facing traffic 70. ROH 15-21.3 Weight, size and load - load projecting beyond width 72. X 19 20 21 22 23 X X 23 24 25 26 27 X
HRS 291-22 MS - excessive noise, modified exhaust/muffler 72. HRS 291C-77(a) Soliciting rides/business or attention of motorists 70. of passenger vehicle (see HRS 291-34/35/36) X 26 27 28 29 30 X X 30 31
HRS 291-24 Moped/MC - excessive noise, modified exhaust/muffler 72. ROH 15-17.2(a) No ped. in marked/unmarked crosswalk if immediate 130. ROH 15-21.5 Weight, size & load - improper towing of trailers & towed vehicles 72.
HRS 291-24.5 MV - excessive noise muffler 72. hazard/traffic signs forbid (see HRS 291-34/35/36) SEPTEMBER 2010 OCTOBER 2010
HRS 291-24.6(b) MV alarm - over 5 minutes 112. ROH 15-17.2(b) No ped. in roadway w/in any business/residence district 130. ROH 15-21.8 Width & height of vehicle restricted (see HRS 291-34/35/36) 72. S M T W T F S S M T W T F S
HRS 291-25 Driving without headlights (MV,MC,MS,MB) 47. w/in 200' of any intersection, except at crosswalk ROH 15-21.9(a) A.A. Wilson Bridge - vehicle over 15 tons 72. 1 2 3 X 1 X
HRS 291-25(a) Defective headlight (MV) 47. ROH 15-17.2(c) No ped. shall enter upon/cross any roadway closed 130. ROH 15-21.10(a) Vehicle over 8 tons on Tantalus Road 72.
HRS 291-25(b) Defective headlight (MC,MS,MB) 47. to ped. traffic ROH 15-21.11(a) Truck over 7 tons on Ka- ne‘ohe Bay Drive 72. X X 7 8 9 10 X X 4 5 6 7 8 X
HRS 291-26 Altered headlights 47. ROH CHAPTER 12 - PEDICABS ROH 15-21.13(c) Loads of excessive width - red flag required 72. X 13 14 15 16 17 X X 11 12 13 14 15 X
HRS 291-28 Red flag or light required on rear out more than 4' 47. ROH 15-21.13(f) Loads of excessive width - lamps required at night 72. X 20 21 22 23 24 X X 18 19 20 21 22 X
ROH 12-5.7(a) Failing to obey applicable traffic laws under 87. ROH 15-21.13(g) Loads of excessive width - flashing amber lights at night required72.
HRS 291-29 Lights for other vehicles 47.
HRS 291-30 Driving with spotlight in driver’s eyes restricted 47. ROH Chapter 15 by pedicab operators ROH 15-21.13(h) Loads of excessive width - lighting under ROH 15-19.5(d) 72. X 27 28 29 30 X 25 26 27 28 29 X
HRS 291-31 Defective tail, brake, or license plate light 47. ROH 12-5.8(a) Operation of pedicabs prohibited on sidewalk 87. ROH 15-21.14 Vehicle over 6,000 lbs on Moanalua Hwy. 72. X
HRS 291-31(a) Defective tail/license plate light (MV) 47. ROH 12-5.8(b) Backing pedicab from public highway into fixed stall 87. ROH 15-21.15(a) Vehicle over 10 tons on Āhuimanu Road 72.
HRS 291-31(b) Defective tail/license plate light (MC,MS) 47. ROH 12-5.8(c) More than two passengers in pedicab prohibited 87. ROH 15-24.1(a) Climb upon or into another’s vehicle prohibited 72. NOVEMBER 2010 DECEMBER 2010
HRS 291-33 Vehicle wheels w/ cleats, spikes, etc. 72. ROH 12-5.8(f) Pedicab violating pedestrian’s right-of-way 80. ROH 15-24.1(b) Tamper or manipulate levers, brakes w/o consent 72. S M T W T F S S M T W T F S
HRS 291-34/35/36 Vehicle weight, size, length, load etc.(See schedule at weigh ROH 12-5.8(g) Operating pedicabs side-by-side or abreast prohibited 80. ROH 15-24.6(a) Obstruction of intersection (walls, fences, trees, etc.) 72. 1 X 3 4 5 X 1 2 3 X
station for fine amount) (except passing) ROH 15-24.8(a) Animals/livestock straying onto or blocking highways 72.
HRS 291-39(e) Refusing to submit to weighing Crt ROH 12-5.8(i) No pedicab bell/other warning device 80. ROH 15-24.22 Carrying animals in vehicle improperly 57. X 8 9 10 X 12 X X 6 7 8 9 10 X
(except siren/whistle) ROH CHAPTER 41 - REGULATED ACTIVITIES WITHIN CITY X 15 16 17 18 19 X X 13 14 15 16 17 X
ROH 41-29.1(a) Vehicle alarm over 5 continuous minutes 87. X 22 23 24 X 26 X X 20 21 22 23 X X
(See HRS 291-24.6(b))
ROH 41-31.1(a)(1)Prohibited noise in or on public property Crt X 29 30 X 27 28 29 30 X
FCC - Federal Communication Commission ROH 41-31.1(a)(2)Stereo or similar device in or on MV - audible > 30' Crt
*Mandatory court or monetary assessment (including fees) 1D-P-057 O‘ahu Move (Printed October 2009)
(Prohibited noise) X–Denotes No Court
HRS 286-102.6(b)(1) Provisional license not in immediate possession Crt HRS 291C-102(a)(1) Speeding 1-10 mi/ over posted speed limit $5/mi + $47 ROH 15-24.3 Tracking mud or dirt on highway prohibited 97. HRS 291C-195(e) 3-wheel moped liability/property damage insurance 112.
HRS 286-102.6(b)(2) Provisional licensee restrictions: seatbelts/child Crt Speeding 11-29 mi/ over posted speed limit $5/mi + $57 ROH 15-24.4(a) Driving thru funeral or other authorized procession prohibited 72. required
passenger restraints required ROH 15-24.5(a) Riding on portion of vehicle not designed for passenger 97.
HRS 286-102.6(b)(3) Provisional licensee restrictions: passengers under age 18 Crt HRS 291C-102(a)(2) Noncompliance w/speed limit (under posted limit) 72. HRS 431:10C-104 No motor vehicle insurance Crt
HRS 291C-104(a) Speeding in school or construction zone 297. ROH 15-24.14 Transportation of explosives thru tunnel prohibited 97. HRS 431:10G-102 MC/MS liability insurance required Crt
HRS 286-102.6(b)(4) Provisional licensee restrictions: between 11pm-5am Crt
HRS 286-105 Under age 13 operating farm equipment on highway 97. HRS 291C-122(a) Unsafe backing 97. ROH 15-24.15 No unlicensed mobile equipment permitted on freeway 97. ODOMETER ACCURACY & RECORD
HRS 286-110(d) Instruction permit (no licensed driver present) 147. HRS 291C-123 Driving upon bikeway 97. ROH 15-24.16 MC/MS/motorized vehicle on ped. overpass or underpass 97. HRS 486-75 Driving w/o properly functioning & calibrated odometer Crt
HRS 286-110(e) MC/MS permit – no passenger/no night driving 122. HRS 291C-124(a) Obstruct driver’s view by overloading of persons 97. ROH 15-24.23 Mobile electronic device prohibited 97. HRS 486-77(a)(1) Tampering with passenger car odometer Crt
HRS 286-116(a) No driver license / insurance card on person 122. HRS 291C-124(b) Holding person/animal/object on lap 97. ROH 15-25.1(a)(1) Operating vehicle on portion of Union Street 97. HRS 486-77(a)(3) Operate passenger car with disconnected/ Crt
HRS 286-116(e) Registered owner permit uninsured MV on highway 122. HRS 291C-126 Riding in house trailers while being moved 97. between Bishop and Hotel Streets nonfunctional odometer
VEHICLE SAFETY RESPONSIBILITY ACT HRS 291C-127 Coasting (driver of vehicle) 97. HRS 486-77(a)(5) Misrepresentation of mileage Crt
HRS 287-4 Report required after accident Crt HRS 291C-128 Following emergency vehicle 97. CITATION FOR TRAFFIC CRIME ARREST ROH CHAPTER 12 - REGULATIONS OF COMMON CARRIERS
HRS 287-20(a) Driving while license suspended for failure to post 122. HRS 291C-129 Vehicle crossing over fire hose 97. HRS 249-13 Nonuse of commercial plates Crt TAXICABS
HRS 291-11 Riders/passengers under 7 years on MC/MS 122. HRS 291C-148(a) Driving vehicle upon sidewalk 97. HIGHWAY SAFETY ROH 12-1.4(a) Backing out of and into taxi stand Crt
STATEWIDE TRAFFIC CODE HRS 291C-222(c) Restrictions on use of HOV lane (graduated fines) Crt HRS 286-8 Use of traffic-control devices at work sites required Crt ROH 12-1.4(b) Carrying liquor in taxi not belonging to passenger Crt
HRS 291C-14 Accident - duty to give info & render aid 247. INSPECTION OF VEHICLES ROH 12-1.4(d) Adding passenger w/o consent Crt
HRS 291C-15 Accident - duty upon striking unattended vehicle/property 247. HRS 431:10C-108(1) Fictitious or altered card Crt
HRS 431:10C-114 Failure to surrender registration certificate & Crt HRS 286-29 Improper representation as official inspection station Crt ROH 12-1.8(a) Failing to have calibrated taxi meter in taxi cab prohibited Crt
HRS 291C-16 Accident - immediate notice of accident 247. HRS 286-30 Makes/issues/uses false certificate of inspection Crt
HRS 291C-24 Persons riding/driving animal drawn vehicle 97. plates upon termination of insurance ROH 12-1.8(c) Driver, owner or operator failing to allow inspection Crt
HRS 291C-31(a) Obedience to traffic-control devices 97. MOTORCYCLES MOTOR VEHICLE DRIVER LICENSING of taxi meter prohibited
HRS 291C-32(a)(1)(B) Disregarding directional arrows 97. HRS 291C-152(a) MC operator/rider must sit on permanent seat 97. HRS 286-102 Driving without valid driver’s license Crt ROH 12-1.9(a) No taxi driver certificate Crt
HRS 291C-32(a)(3)(A) Disregarding red signal 97. HRS 291C-152(c) Carrying of articles while operating MC 97. HRS 286-122 Suspension of license; surrender Crt ROH 12-1.9(a) Taxi driver’s certif not mounted w/in 12" of taxi meter Crt
HRS 291C-32(a)(3)(B) No right turn on red (sign posted) 97. HRS 291C-152(d) Interference with control/view of MC 97. See also HRS 286-132/HRS 287-20(a) ROH 12-1.9(a) Alteration of taxi driver’s certificate Crt
HRS 291C-32(a)(3)(B) Stop before right turn on red 97. HRS 291C-153(a) MC entitled to full use of lane 97. HRS 286-130 Operating w/ foreign lic during revocation/suspension Crt ROH 12-1.10(c)(2) Current taxi fare/baggage rates not in view Crt
HRS 291C-32(a)(3)(C)No left turn on red (one-way street) (sign posted) 97. HRS 291C-153(b) MC overtaking/passing vehicle in same lane 97. HRS 286-131 Fraudulent use of license Crt ROH 12-1.12(a) Improper trip record - taxi trip record required Crt
HRS 291C-34(a)(1) Failure to stop at flashing red signal 97. HRS 291C-153(c) MC driving between lanes/rows of vehicles 97. HRS 286-132 Driving while license suspended or revoked Crt ROH 12-1.14 Soiled and unsafe condition of taxicabs Crt
HRS 291C-34(a)(2) Failure to use caution on flashing yellow signal 97. HRS 286-133 Permitting unlicensed driver to drive MV or Moped Crt ROH 12-1.16 No taxicab sign (dome light) Crt
HRS 291C-35 Lane direction control signals 97. HRS 291C-153(d) MC more than two abreast in same lane 97.
HRS 291C-154 MC rider clinging to motor vehicle on roadway 97. HRS 286-134 Employing unlicensed driver to drive Crt U-DRIVE MOTOR VEHICLES
HRS 291C-38(c)(1) Crossing broken white lane unsafely 97. MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY LAW ROH 12-2.3(b) U-Drive business license required Crt
HRS 291C-38(c)(3) Crossing single solid white line 97. MOPEDS
HRS 291C-194(a) Driver’s license required for moped 122. HRS 286-213 Improper representation as official inspection station Crt ROH 12-2.4(a) Renting/leasing U-Drive not from fixed stand Crt
HRS 291C-38(c)(5) Crossing double solid white line 97. HRS 286-214 False certificates (PUC) Crt ROH 12-2.5(a) Failure to have a written U-driver contract Crt
HRS 291C-38(c)(6) Crossing single solid yellow line 97. HRS 291C-194(b) Exhibiting moped license/permit on demand 122.
HRS 291C-195(a) No person under age 15 shall operate moped 122. COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSING GENERAL PROVISIONS
HRS 291C-38(c)(8) Crossing double solid yellow line 97.
HRS 291C-38(c)(12) Vehicle prohibited in bicycle lane 97. HRS 291C-195(b) Moped operator must sit on seat properly 97. HRS 286-232 No more than one driver’s license Crt ROH 12-4.1(a) Vehicle for hire not marked or numbered Crt
HRS 291C-41(a) Driving on left side of road - restrictions 97. HRS 286-233(a) Notification requirements Crt ROH 12-4.5 Permanent stands not registered Crt
HRS 291C-195(c) No passenger permitted on moped 97.
HRS 291C-42 Passing vehicle proceeding in opposite direction 97. HRS 286-234(b)(1) Employing unlicensed commercial driver Crt ROH 12-4.6 Refused blind persons accompanied by guide dogs/ Crt
HRS 291C-196(a) Moped operator to drive near right side of roadway 97.
HRS 291C-43(1) Overtaking at safe distance on the left 97. HRS 286-235(b) Commercial driver’s license required Crt charging fare for guide dog
HRS 291C-196(b) Moped operators to drive in single file on roadway 97.
HRS 291C-43(2) Failure to give way when overtaken from left 97. VEHICLE SAFETY RESPONSIBILITY ACT PEDICABS
HRS 291C-196(c) Moped prohibited on sidewalk/pedestrian areas 97.
HRS 291C-44(b) Overtaking vehicle on right - restrictions 97. HRS 287-41 Failure to surrender license Crt ROH 12-5.2(a)(2) Transferring, failing to mount, or not having Crt
HRS 291C-197(a) Moped to use bicycle lanes & paths where provided 97. business license visible
HRS 291C-45 Unsafe overtaking on left, facing oncoming traffic 97. HRS 287-44(c) Giving false information or forged accident report Crt
HRS 291C-46 Driving on left of center of roadway 97. HRS 291C-198(b) Speed restrictions on moped (35 mph max) 97. ROH 12-5.3(f) Operating without issued pedicab decal Crt
HRS 291C-199 Moped operator clinging to vehicle 97. HRS 287-44(d) Driving while license suspended or revoked Crt
HRS 291C-47(b) No-passing zones 97. CHAPTER 291 - TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS ROH 12-5.4 Pedicab bicycle license and tag required under HRS 249-14 Crt
HRS 291C-48(b) Driving on one-way roads 97. ROH CHAPTER 15 - TRAFFIC CODE ROH 12-5.5(a) No insurance - pedicabs Crt
ROH 15-4.9(a) Slow-moving vehicle on Kalākaua/Kūhiō/Ala Wai/ Kalia 72. HRS 291-2 Reckless driving of vehicle or riding of animals Crt
HRS 291C-48(c) Driving to right of rotary island 97. HRS 291-3.1(a) Consuming liquor by MV/moped operator Crt ROH 12-5.6(a) Pedicab operator’s certificate required Crt
HRS 291C-49(1) Unsafe changing of lanes 97. ROH 15-6.7(a) Disregarding traffic cones 97. ROH 12-5.9(b) Fares to be posted & visible to passengers Crt
HRS 291C-49(3) Disregarding traffic-control devices 97. ROH 15-6.7(b) Traversing/encroaching in transit bus lane 97. HRS 291-3.1(b) Possessing open container by MV/moped operator Crt
HRS 291-3.2(a) Consuming liquor by MV/moped passenger Crt ROH 12-5.9(b) Fares to be posted in English & Japanese Crt
HRS 291C-49(4) Obey direction of traffic control device 97. ROH 15-6.7(d)(2)(A) Operating a vehicle in bicycle lane 97. ROH 12-5.12 Soiled and unsafe condition of pedicab for hire Crt
HRS 291C-50(a) Following too closely 97. ROH 15-7.1(c) Excessive speeding in parking lot of parks/school grounds 97. HRS 291-3.2(b) Possessing open container by MV/moped passenger Crt
HRS 291C-51 Driving over/across medial strip space 97. HRS 291-4.6 Driving after license suspended or denied for Crt
ROH 15-7.4(b) Slow-moving vehicle impeding or blocking traffic 97. CRIMINAL - TYPE 4 - Use “MO” Tag
HRS 291C-52 Restricted access to controlled-access highway 97. non support
ROH 15-7.8(a) Speed of vehicle with solid rubber tires > 10 mph 97. HRS 708-829(1) Criminal littering (see HRS 291C-132(a) Littering Crt
HRS 291C-61(a) Failure to yield right-of-way at intersection 97. HRS 291-11.5(a)(1) Under 4 years old-child: passenger restraint Crt
ROH 15-7.8(b) Speed of vehicle carrying explosives > designated 122. HRS 291-11.5(a)(2) Child over 4 yrs old but under 8 yrs old: child safety seat/booster Crt from vehicle)
HRS 291C-62 Failure of vehicle turning to yield right-of-way 97. permitted speed
HRS 291C-63(b) Disregarding stop sign 97. HRS 291-12 Inattention to driving; lack of due care Crt HRS 709-908(1) Unlawful sale of tobacco to minors Crt
HRS 291C-64 Unsafe emerging from private road/driveway 97. ROH 15-8.2 Procedure at intersection (See HRS 291C-81or 291C-84) 97. HRS 291-31.5(a) Blue lights prohibited Crt ROH 7-7.2(a) Dangerous dogs Crt
HRS 291C-65(a) Yield right-of-way to emergency vehicle 97. ROH 15-8.3(a) Disregarding right, left or No-Turns Signs 97. ROH 10-1.2(a)(9) Animals prohibited in public park Crt
HRS 291C-72(a)(1) Vehicle to stop/yield right-of-way to pedestrian in Crt ROH 15-8.4 U-turns restricted 97. ROH 10-1.2(a)(12) Enter/Remain in closed park Crt
HRS 291C-12.6(a) Accidents involving bodily injury (LSA) Crt
crosswalk upon same half of roadway ROH 15-8.5 No left turns into & out of driveways (See HRS 291C-31) 97. HRS 291C-13 Accidents involving damage to vehicle or property Crt ROH 10-1.2(a)(13) Camping at public park not designated as campground Crt
HRS 291C-72(a)(2) Vehicle to stop for pedestrian in crosswalk approaching Crt ROH 15-8.6 Cutting corners or avoiding intersection 97. HRS 291C-18 Accident - giving false report (oral or written) Crt ROH 10-1.3(a)(2) Camping without permit Crt
from other half of roadway ROH 15-12.2 Blocking intersection, roadway or crosswalk 97. HRS 291C-23 Obedience to police officer’s direction Crt ROH 29-6.2(a) Peddling without license Crt
HRS 291C-72(d) No overtaking of another vehicle stopped for pedestrian Crt ROH 15-12.3(a) Fail to stop/yield right-of-way by agricultural/industrial vehicle 97. HRS 291C-103(a) Racing on highway Crt ROH 29-7.4 Handbilling in Waikı-kı- Special District 25.
at intersection ROH 15-16.3(f) Operate vehicle off paved roadway within public 97. HRS 291C-103(a),(b) Drag Racing on highway Crt ROH 29-13.2 Solicitation with animal in Waikı-kı- Special District Crt
HRS 291C-74 Drivers exercise due care to pedestrian in roadway 137. park/school
HRS 291C-78 Vehicle driving through safety zone 97. HRS 291C-103(a),(c) Racing on highway Crt
ROH 15-17.5(a) Pedestrians, scooters, mopeds & bicycles on freeway 97. HRS 291C-103(a),(d) Exhibition of speed/acceleration Crt DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST CIRCUIT
HRS 291C-79 Vehicle yield right-of-way to pedestrians on sidewalk 137. ROH 15-18.10(h) Operating vehicle on bike path (HRS 291C-64/94) 97.
HRS 291C-81(1) Improper right turn at intersection 97. HRS 291C-103(a),(f) Racing on highway 30+ mi over speed limit Crt
HRS 291C-81(2) Improper left turn at intersection 97.
ROH 15-18.10(r) Crossing bicycle path without full stop (HRS 291C-64/94) 97. HRS 291C-105(a)(1) Excessive speeding: 30+ mph over posted Crt STATE OF HAWAI‘I, O‘AHU
HRS 291C-81(3) Prohibited turn at intersection (sign posted) 97. ROH 15-19.39 TV in motor vehicle - visible to driver 72. HRS 291C-105(a)(2) Excessive speeding: 81+ mph Crt
HRS 291C-82(c) Prohibited U-turn on highway (sign posted) 97. ROH 15-19.42 Movement of forklifts upon public highway 97. HRS 291C-131(a) Vehicle load dropping, shifting or leaking Crt COURT DAYS TIMES
HRS 291C-83 Starting parked vehicle 97. ROH 15-21.6(c) Refusing to stop for vehicle weighing 97. HRS 291C-131(b) Load not entirely within body of vehicle Crt
ROH 15-21.9(b) A.A. Wilson Bridge-speed over 10 mph 97. HONOLULU Mon. - Thurs. 8:30 A.M.
HRS 291C-84(a) Turning movements & required signals 97. HRS 291C-131(d) Uncovered load; load escapes Crt
HRS 291C-85(a) Signals by hand or signal lamps 97. ROH 15-21.9(c) A.A. Wilson Bridge-approaching within 30' of vehicle 97. HRS 291C-131(e) Uncovered granular load Crt ‘EWA Mon. - Wed. 8:30 A.M.
HRS 291C-91(a) Stop required when approaching railroad crossing 97. ROH 15-21.13(a) Movement of loads of excessive width -non-permitted hrs. 97. HRS 291C-131(f) Overload of rocks, stones, boulders - height restriction Crt
HRS 291C-92 Failure to stop at certain railroad crossings 97. ROH 15-21.13(b) Loads of excessive width - > 25 mph 97. HRS 291C-204 Deface/destroy/alter moped serial no. or ID mark Crt Mon., Tues., Thurs.
HRS 291C-93(a) Certain vehicles must stop at all railroad crossings 97. ROH 15-21.13(d) Excessive width-escort vehicles & proper lights required at night 97. HRS 291C-205 Unlawful possession of moped with altered serial number Crt KĀNE‘OHE 8:30 A.M.
HRS 291C-94 Stop when emerging from alley, driveway or building 137. Eff. 1/6/10: Mon. -Thurs.
ROH 15-21.13(e) Excessive width-min distance & speed between escort vehicles 97. USE OF INTOXICANTS
HRS 291C-95(a) Overtaking & passing marked school bus 147. ROH 15-21.13(i) Excessive width-2 experienced workers required 97. HRS 291E-62(a) Driving after license suspended or revoked Crt WAHIAWĀ Tues., Thurs. 9:00 A.M.
HRS 291C-101 Basic Speed Rule 97. ROH 15-23.6(g) Speed > 10 mph in off-street parking facility 97. (DUI/DUID/OVUII)
ROH 15-23.6(h) Disregard official direction, instruction or restriction 97. WAI‘ANAE Mon., Wed. 9:00 A.M.
*Mandatory court or monetary assessment (including fees) on official signs in off-street parking 1D-P-057 O‘ahu Move (Printed October 2009)