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05 SEPTEMBER, 2010


SYED MOHSIN (syedmohsin2k2@hotmail.com)

In January 2001, Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML), a wholly owned subsidiary of
PTCL, started it operations under the brand name 'Ufone'.

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) was privatized in 2006 by the

Pakistani Government and since then ufone has become a part of the Emirates
Telecommunication Corporation Group (Etisalat), since Etisalat has acquired 26% of
PTCL‟s shares.

Mission Statement: To be the best cellular option for U

The company employs more than 3,850 people and operates with a network of more than
375 franchises and 26 company-owned customer service centers along with a distribution
network of 150,000 outlets nationwide. Ufone has network coverage in 10,000 locations and
across all major highways of Pakistan. Ufone currently caters for International Roaming to
more than 260 live operators in more than 150 countries. Ufone also offers Pakistan‟s
largest GPRS & BlackBerry Roaming coverage available with more than 150 Live Operators
across 105 countries.

Since the beginning, Ufone has focused on the people of Pakistan especially youth,
empowering them with the most relevant communication modes and services that enable
them to do a lot more than just talk, at a price which is highly competitive. Along with the
claim of lowest call rates, clear sound and best network, Ufone offers its customers
simplified tariffs without any hidden charges. The brand is youthful, attractive, vibrant and
high on energy

With a strong and uniquely humorous communication direction that has now become
Ufone‟s signature across all advertising media, Ufone gives its customers many reasons to
smile. As the world of telecommunications advances and matures specially in Pakistan,
Ufone promises its customers to stay ahead, developing and evolving, to go beyond their
expectations, because at Ufone, it’s all about U.

Ufone was also nominated as Best Brand of the Year at the Telecoms World Awards
Middle East in 2009. Recently the esteemed „World Communication Awards (WCA)‟
committee has nominated Ufone for the Best Brand Award in 2010. Ufone is one of seven
companies worldwide, and the only one in Pakistan to have been shortlisted
The print ad which we have chosen to review is about the latest Ufone Offer Minute-per-
Minute free and its key highlights are as follows:

This tag line place at the top left corner which is creatively designed by
showing two half piece of rate that reflect the most significant aspect of
the package. This slogan depicts a clear message that “CALL POORI
AUR RATE AADHA”, that the user can now avail a call just in half

Apart from the slogan another phrases which occupies a central position in the
advertisement has been used. The phrase is:

The pull is the desire to stay connected and make long talk time calls in cheaper rates. And
this message is given in the above elaborated heading which further clarifies the message in
the mind of their target customers. And the message is that after every minute of call you will
get a free minute. It‟s basically describes the offer in a few words.

The text also contains a major part of the offer.

The text on the right side shows that this package has been
introduced for a limited time period. This Ad is published in the
starting of the month of Ramadan and generally it has been find
that people avoid to make long duration call. So, basically Ufone
tries to benefiting from this occasion sought and engaging people
towards their offering.

To add a personal touch to the ad, and to direct customers to their website the below
mentioned text is apparent at the bottom end of the advertisement. It specifies that how can
customers contact them.

It also shows the brand name (logo) and its tag line.

The rest of the text at the bottom half of the ad in relatively smaller fonts, describes the
details of the offer and how to avail it. It also identifies the different packages upon which this
offer can be subscribed. Here it is also specified the ending date of this offer.
The advertisement is based on the television ad of the same offer. A couple is shown in the
advertisement which are Meekal Zulfiqar and Anum Khan. Both individuals are in state of
happiness and adoration. This state of love & enthusiasm depicts freedom from all worries &
surrounding noise. The male model is resting on a heavy motorcycle in a funky and vibrant
look with a smile on his face and the female model is standing against a lamp post dressed
in a jeans and leather jacket, which is giving her a very cool and modern look.

Call Poori Aur Rate Aadha (Complete call and Half Rate) is the main slogan demonstrated
on top of the couple, which are engaged in a calm and happy conversation through the new
offer on their mobiles.

The bottom one fourth of the advertisement, carries the Ufone logo below which the time
duration of the offer is mentioned, along with that the details of the package and every single
information is given on the hallmark orange color of Ufone.

The last inch of the ad contains the famous Ufone logo “Tum Hee To Ho” (Its all about U!)
and contact information (website and contact numbers) are mentioned.

The overall demonstration of the ad depicts a clear message in a soothing yet engaging

Message Execution
The main idea is to incorporate integrate communication marketing into this print ad to
deliver a consistent message for this offer through all the communication channels (TV,
Press, Radio etc). This idea has been turned into an actual ad execution that will capture the
target audience‟s attention and interest.

The creative team of Ufone and its ad agency has discovered the best approach, style, tone,
words, and format for perfectly carrying and executing the message.

Following styles have been adopted in this print ad:

Slice of Life
Here a normal daily life couple is shown in the print ad which is happy and contented by
using this offer (however the tv ad has a complete story and theme behind it).

Mood or Image
The youthful couple builds a mood or image around the benefits that are offered by the
minute-per-minute free offer.

The Tone of the ad is very positive, and it reminds of the humor and wit of the same tv ad.
The advertiser has used attention-seeking and memorable Words in the ad, such as Call
Poori Aur Rate Aadha. The Illustration of the couple and the Headline are immediately
noticeable in the ad. The Copy is the main block of text in the ad is simple yet informative
and it provides complete details about the offer including its limitations.
The Product
Ufone‟s brand has grown leaps and bounds and it‟s continuous presence and unique humor
has elevated its perception and equity drastically. The Brand has found its way into the
hearts if the people and the message of “Saaf Awaz, Fauri Raabta, Behtreen Network
and Sastay Tareen SMS / Call Rates” is now strongly associated with Ufone.

The product in this advertisement is Ufone Pre-Pay under the brand of Ufone GSM and the
offering is about the sales promotion regarding the minute-per-minute (limited time) offer
for Ufone to Ufone calls.

The minute-per-minute offer gives the pre-pay callers a free minute on every minute‟s talk-
time throughout the day, means if you call your friend through this offer, who owns a ufone
no as well, you will get an extra free minute after one minute of call. The offer is valid from
the start of Ramadan to 7th September, 2010 and it can be availed by dialing *26# from
Ufone with one time subscription charge of Rs 20/-.

It is offered for the pre-pay customers subscribed to the following packages:

UWon Public Demand
UWon+ Josh
Tension Free

Some of the Terms & Conditions defined for this offering are as follows:
It is not valid for calls made on Friend & Family numbers, free & short code numbers.
Calls made using Voice Buckets (Value Added service) will not be eligible for this offer.

Apart from focusing this offer in the ad, it has also keep focuses on other offerings not to be
get disturb or cannibalize with new short time offer.

Stage in the product life cycle

Ufone has seen it all! Since it beginning in 2001, facing tough competition from
Mobilink etc, Ufone slowly but gradually has build upon its position strongly in the
past ten years, trying different tactics such as starting as a low end brand, calling
itself “Awami Connection” (Connection for the Masses), then focusing on the
youth, their campus & social life, “Everybody Loves to Ufone Prepay “ , and then
finally they rejuvenated and revamped their image by changing the visual identity “Ufone
tum hi toh ho! “ or “It’s All About U”, by achieving a more fresher, vibrant look and
aggressive media campaign mostly based on humor and wit.
Over the last couple of years, Ufone has reached the end of its Growth stage – which was
the period of ufone‟s rapid market acceptance and increasing profits, into the initial era of its
Maturity Stage – where there is a slowdown in sales growth because Ufone has achieved
acceptance by most potential buyers. Now it‟s the time of gaining competitive advantage to
increase & hold market share and to attract non-users/ex-users of Ufone.

All the signs of Maturity Stage are evident, such as:

Slow sales growth.
Competitors begin marking down prices.
Increase in advertising and sales promotion.
Ufone is looking for ways to increase usage among present customers.

Market Share
Market share of ufone has been constant over the years, although the total number of
subscribers have increased but the overall percent is relatively constant.

Ufone is having a tough competition with Telenor for grabbing the 2nd spot of largest cellular
network (as per subscriber base). The Market share as at 2008-09 reveals Ufone to be at
the 3rd spot with 21.2% of the total market, after Mobilink at top with around 31% and
Telenor at 2nd position with 22.1% of the market share.

Market Share 2008-09

Total Subscribers 94,342,030
Mobilink 29,136,839
Mobilink 6,386,571
Ufone 20,004,707
Telenor Telenor 20,893,129
22% Zong Warid 17,886,736
Ufone InstaPhone 34,048

The Market share of Ufone has been ranging from 20% to 21% from the year 2004 to the
year 2008-9. Market share in the month of May, 2010 has slightly dropped to 19.55%.

Year Ufone Users Total Users % Market Share

2003-4 801,160 5,022,908 15.95%
2004-5 2,579,103 12,771,203 20.19%
2005-6 7,487,005 34,506,557 21.70%
2006-7 14,014,044 63,159,857 22.19%
2007-8 18,100,440 88,019,812 20.56%
2008-9 20,004,707 94,342,030 21.20%
May-10 19,161,118 98,001,022 19.55% Source: PTA
Communication objectives
of the advertisement
The core communication strategy which is evident in all the advertising campaigns is to
make the overall cellular communication of Ufone, a „fun‟ and „lively‟ experience. Ufone
emphasizes on enriching the lives of its consumers by offering the best of services at
amazing and affordable prices along with fun and energy. Humor is often used by Ufone to
highlight particular benefit(s) by exaggerating it.

It keeps on communicating the cell phone users to adopt new offerings in the cellular market.
Ufone always communicates its latest packages, value added services and offers through its
promotion on TV and in Print media. Earlier it introduces innovative packages like U-th
Package, cheapest call rates, SMS packages, etc. Similarly in this ad Ufone introduces “Get
a free minute on each one minute call made to the ufone user”. The purpose of this ad
is to direct the behavior of the ufone users towards making more calls during this short time
period offer. The message of the ad also urges ufone users and potential users to
accumulate as many free minutes as they can, since this offer is only valid for short period of

In accordance to the above presented explanation, let us technically appraise the objectives
through some of the key consumer Response Hierarchy Models.

Hierarchy of Effects Model

If we talk in terms of Brand, we will directly conclude that it seeks the last stage of the model
which is Purchase.

However in terms of the Minute-per-Minute free offer, the target audience is aware of the
brand Ufone, but not about the latest offer which they can use in the month of Ramadan,
therefore the advertisement focuses on giving the required information about the offer in the
Knowledge Stage to the user. It also focuses on developing customer favor in Liking Stage
by providing value proposition so that they choose this offer and subscribe to it.

The target audience of current users are using prepay packages but why would they avail
this offer? Therefore to answer this question, the advertisement continues to communicate to
the audience in the Preference stage, where it builds preference for the users and even
new customers by comparing value.

Even if the current users might prefer the offer, but not develop a conviction to subscribe to
this, for this reason in the Conviction Stage, the advertisement further persuades to move
the users and also to encourage non-users of Ufone to come to this offer and hence become
a part of Ufone family.
Finally, some users and non-users of the target audience might have acknowledged all the
above mentioned stages of the communication, but yet they are not quite get around to
subscribing to this offer, or purchasing a Ufone Sim and then getting this offer for new users
/ non users, for them the advertisement comes the final communication stage of Purchase,
after providing all the information and building upon the conviction and liking.

Innovation-Adoption Model
According to this model, Communication objective of this ad focuses on the transition of
stages from Trial to Adoption. Since the cellular market has reached its maturity stage
therefore chances of rapid growth is very less.

In view of the above details, we can conclude that this offer is focusing on the Affective
stage, by informing users to create interest, desire, liking, preference, conviction,
favorable positive attitude, intention of buying, and it moves the customer to the
Behavior Stage, for an action, purchase, adoption or a behavior that will result in
subscription of the offer for the existing users and purchasing of the Ufone Pre-Pay Sim
because of this package for the new or non users. The information and awareness provided
in the ad addresses the Cognitive Stage.

To sum up, the communication objectives can be:

Creating Awareness
Generating Interest
Developing Desire
Initiating Action
Brand and Offer Purchase Intention

Target Audience
In this advertisement Ufone is mainly targeting its existing users of pre-paid packages, it also
focuses on attracting the consumers of the competitors. Apart from focusing on the youth,
the print ad will give new opportunities as the mature readers of the newspaper will also get
exposure to this offer, which is an attempt to maximize customer base.


Current Users Ufone users on those pre-pay packages who can avail this offer.
Non Users of mobile or Non-users of Ufone / Switchers, who might want
Potential Buyers
to have ufone for their cellular communication needs.
Deciders / Influencers Friends and Family, Parents etc.
Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Warid, PTCL Landline, Wireless telephones of
Worldcall, V-fone etc.
Publics Media, Government, Critics, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, etc
message design
The print ad is based on the T.V Ad for the same offer, in which the male model tries to save
the girl who is roped on a railway track by the villains in front of on-coming Train. The hero
tries to save her, but due to shortage of time, he wanted an extra minute so that he could
save the girl, but later on, in a humorous way, the train is announced to be one minute late
and therefore he gets the extra time to save the girl.

In accordance with the Integrated Marketing

Communication, Ufone wanted to deliver the same
message through the communication channel of a print-
advertisement, which has its own reach and
advantages, so keeping in mind the appeal of the tv ad
of the same offer, this print ad has been themed.

The ad is themed upon Ufone‟s new special offer of

providing consumers with 1 minute free after each
charged minute, which is also their USP. Since, the
theme is very appealing it is of utmost importance that
the ad should complement the theme, which it does
successfully. The young group of audience will certainly
be attracted by the young, good looking, smiling faces
of the two models as well as by the bright colors.

As the print ad reminds of the tv ad, therefore appeal in

this ad links back to the Emotional Appeal of Humor in
order to claim more attention and create more liking and
belief in the sponsor, which is Ufone in this case.
Ufone has been incredible in using humor to capture attention, make people feel good, and
give a brand experience.

The print ad also conveys an emotional message, as the notion of building relationships is
represented and leverage is given to the increased talk time due to cheaper call rates, which
is also enhanced by the attractive heading of „Her 1 minute k baad 1 minute bilkul muft‟. The
comforting idea for the consumers of talking more with their loved ones erects the base for
this ad, so that ufone can capitalize on the idle time of users in Ramadan.

The message structure of this ad is in a conclusive style. The basic theme of the message
is to provide information about the new offering of Ufone that enables the subscriber to talk
for 1 minute free after every 1 charged minute, the message is also used to communicate
the procedure of subscribing for this offer. The message portraits a special offer to the
consumers and the message therefore fosters a cognitive response from the audience. It
provides details to the television ad.

The strongest argument has been placed first at the top left corner in a
beautiful specially designed tag, that clearly proclaims the term – CALL
POORI AUR RATE AADHA (Full Call and Half Rate).

The third noticeable thing in the message structure is that Ufone has presented two-sided
argument, i.e. touting the product offer‟s strengths such as one free minute per every
minute; while also admitting its short comings as it only utilizable on UWon, UWon+, Tension
Free, Public Demand, Josh prepay packages, another short coming such as it is not for
Friends & Family No.s, it is only for ufone to ufone calls and that the offer‟s ending date, etc
are available in the end.
To attract attention, ufone has used novelty and contrast; eye-catching model and
background and headline, and positioning on the front page. The ad is easy to read,
understand and follow, starting with the headline, it gives a beautiful illustration and then the

The Headlines is the core of the print-ad and its offer which carries the
main benefit, which is complete call and half rate. The headline reinforces
the picture and leads the reader/viewer of the newspaper to go through the

The copy is engaging and the Ufone‟s brand name is clearly identifiable and prominent. Its
first line supports and explains the headline and the illustration.

The context of the message is very direct and positive, as „you approach‟ has been used to
communicate the message effectively, while making a deliberate effort to make sure that the
reader gets a feeling of comfort and friendliness when reading the message.

The illustration of the background selected portrays freshness and vibrance, and it supports
the headline, as the couple are happy with the offer so they are busy in communicating by
availing this offer, so does the expressions of the models both of whom are giving a large
smile and they seem contented. The colors used are quite bright, another notable thing is
that the day time has been chosen which makes the ambiance in the picture very bright and
lively, with the green trees around, everything in the ad is exuding youth.

The size of the print-ad was very impactful as it took lower-left quarter portion of the front
page of the newspaper. The size was large enough to include all the details about the offer
and also showed the models from the T.V Ad perfectly.

The overall format of the ad is perfect for print media, as it is full of life even when it is
nothing more than a static image, the ad conveys all the messages perfectly to the target


Questions to be answered Answer
Is the message clear at a glance? Can anyone tell what it is about? Yes
Is the benefit in the headline? Yes
Does the Illustration supports the headline? Yes
Does the first line of the copy support or explain the headline & illustration Yes
Is the ad easy to read and follow? Yes
Is the product easily identified? Yes
Is the brand or sponsor clearly identified? Yes
The print ad‟s source can be identified on the basis Ufone Brand itself as a source and
partially by the male model Meekal Zulfiqar, who is a leading young model / actor, very
popular and likable in the urban modern youth of Pakistan and a known face in the
marketing campaigns of Ufone.

As this is an advertisement, there is an identified sponsor, Ufone. The source is credible and
trustworthy, as Express Daily is a widely read and respected newspaper. Ufone further
enhances credibility by using the Unique tag line “Tum hi to ho”. This makes the consumer
consider himself as the most important asset for the company. His trust and credibility about
Ufone automatically enhances.

The Likability factor moreover has been increased by the new face Anum Khan.
This colorful and glamorous ad was placed on bottom left side at the front page of Daily
Express – Urdu Edition. Daily Express newspaper was started in the year 1998 and it has
made its mark in such a short time. It is one of the top circulating Urdu daily newspapers in
Pakistan. It is the only newspaper that simultaneously publishes from 11 stations nationwide.

time / date / day

This advertisement was published on Monday 17th
August 2010 i.e on 5th Ramadan 1431 Hijri.

The publishing cost of this ad is about Rs 1.8 Million
Advertisement Area Covered = 108 sq. cms (27 cm x
4 columns)

Base Price = Rs. 5660 per sq. cm area on weekday

Front page Premium = 100% of base price,
Color page Premium = 100% of base price


Total Cost of Advertisement= (Dimension X Base rate) + Front page Premium (100 % of
base price) + Color page Premium (100 % of base price)

Total calculated cost = (5660X108) + 611280 + 611280
= 611280 + 611280 + 611280
= Rs. 1,833,840 or Rs 1.833 Million
The message is very clear and every information is provided about the offer. For
skeptical reader it is good that each and every aspect is clearly mentioned in the
advertisement, nothing is hidden regarding the offer.

The thing that captures your attention at first look are the beautiful models with very
positive facial expressions, hence appealing to the young target audience.

Use of very bright vibrant colors blended with the hallmark green and orange colors of
Ufone itself, makes it a very attractive viewing experience for the readers.

Establishes Ufone as the market leader for providing the initial and prime offer for its
Pre-Pay users in the month of Ramadan, letting the competitors to plan accordingly.

Co-ordinates positively as per Integrated Marketing Communication, as the same

message is delivered through the print advertisement in Urdu Press which has its own
followers and advantages.

Placed at a prime location, bottom left of the Front page of Newspaper, occupying a
distinctive quarter of the page.

The ad provides information of how to contact the service provider for further

Emphasizes on its customers & their importance with its “Tum Hee To Ho” tag line.

In the advertisement, the offer was so clear and had limitations, that the competitors
were quick to notice its weaknesses and announced packages such as Jazz Ghanta
offer, or Telenor‟s 5 paisey mein call.

The young and funky look of the models might not be liked by the older age-group of
Newspaper readers as well as mobile phone users, which believe mobile phone
communication as a root cause of various social problems of youth.

Since advertisements are amplification of expressiveness. It gets dimmed due to long

and complex list of terms and conditions mentioned in the ad.

The print ad reveals that the offer is very limited, not only for Ufone to Ufone calls but
also in terms of other Ufone packages.

Since this offer is valid for short period of time will not going to capture Cellular
service switchers.

Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group (Etisalat)



Pakistan Telecommunication Authority


Express Newspaper

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