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Pop Culture
and Creative Est. 1995
Expression Article
Mating Page 4
Dating, Pt 2

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Standards &
Homeschooling Magazine In This Issue Homeschooled Entrepreneur

6 22
I Thought I’d Be Taller – Demonstrating the independent
thinking so familiar to
Letting Go of Picture-Perfect homeschoolers, Connor Bernstein,
– Ann Lloyd, Ph.D. shares her thoughts on how life –
14-year-old science whiz, has
including homeschooling -- is not what we dream as
created his own line of science kits, built from the young
children, and that adult life can be downright difficult, but that we
person’s perspective and about to be marketed nationwide!

can and should still dream, realizing that life can be great.

Mind the Gap Weapons of Mass Instruction
Veteran homeschooling mom Diane Flynn Keith, In this excerpt from his new book, John Taylor
uses the warning of London’s Subways to watch Gatto brings us more vivid information about
for the spaces between the car and the platform as a focus mass education and its shadowy agenda for
point for avoiding the “holes” in your child’s education. social control.

Homeschooling, Pop Culture

and Creative Expression
Elizabeth Michalak, a homeschooled 10 28
young woman of 21, relates her childhood unawareness of
pop culture icons and how that “shelteredness” has been a
College Experience for
Gail Lewis, of College Goals, discusses the
valuable experience of high school-age homeschoolers enrolling
boon to her creative life as a songwriter and musician. in college early, rather than wasting time with high school subjects

they may already be knowledgeable of.
Christian Classical Education

– Is It for You? Making Homeschool Work Better with Field
Marlin Detweiler, founder and president
of Veritas Press, provides an in-depth explanation and Trips
discussion of one of the most popular and effective Dawn Hauff, experienced
homeschooling styles – Classical, also known as the Trivium. homeschooling mom and field

tripper in Idaho offers an excellent article about
Mating Without Dating, Pt 2 planning and fulfilling field trips, including some
Moira Bell, homeschooling mom of unusual ideas for great supplemental trips.
six, continues with her own daughter’s

story and the experience of observations
and ideas about sidestepping the pitfalls of dating, and Lessons From the Road
actually seeking a life-mate instead. and speaking of “Field Trips”

Lauren Brenner Katz recounts her
Measuring Handwriting Fluency experience making a field trip out
Rand Nelson, handwriting expert and owner of a rock concert in San Francisco, demonstrating
of Peterson Directed Handwriting, provides that homeschoolers can think quickly on their feet!

detailed information and suggestions for aiding your child in
improving handwriting, while eliminating much of his/her
frustration and resistance to this still-important skill.
The Link Reviews
this issue we offer information on three great

products that every homeschooled family should
Defending Teaching Standards & Corrections consider.
Frode Jensen, grammar teacher and owner Wilder Museum 8/14/09 12:47 PM Page 1

of Jensens’s Wordsmith Publishing, provides

an intelligent defense of “the red pen” as Why Teach Laura Ingalls Wilder
opposed to avoiding “damaging” a child’s self-esteem by Amy Ankrum, of the Wilder Museum, presents
not correcting his errors and not making him accountable to the why’s and how-to’s of using this great set
certain standards of excellence in learning. of American “history” books to youngsters as
an entertaining supplement to regular academic study.

20 Good Beginnings to Good Endings

for Handwriting
Nan Barchowsky’s advice to effectively teach
handwriting is, “Let children play!” Her Fluent
Handwriting method begins with playful activities long before
Elementary GrammarLaura Ingalls Wilder
here, Robyn Martijena offers
guidance through the scary dark
330 Eighth Street • Walnut Grove, MN 56180
Home of “On the Banks of Plum Creek” in Southwest Minnesota
forest of English grammar. She Toll Free (888) 528-7298 • (507) 859-2358
Enjoy learning the history of the
clarifies some of the terms andIngalls
definitions that are
practicing letters. This almost-lost art needs to be kept alive among
& Wilder families. Exhibits
include: Laura owned items, TV
so daunting, but necessary in helping our children
homeschoolers, who someday, may be the only people in developed countries series memorabilia, and life-size

learn not only English, but to building

ensure ease
Visit thein
dugout structure all within a multi-

who can still write by hand! complex. Plum

learning foreign languages as well.

Creek Dugout Site and Pa’s Bell.
Visit our Museum Complex:
June, July, and Aug.

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Dear Readers: I was talking to a teacher the other day who made an odd remark. She
said: “There is no such thing as homeschooling in the state of California” I asked what
she meant. She said, “The state of California does not recognize ‘homeschooling’ as a

legal choice.” I thought that seemed like a funny thing to say and very strange. The state
does not recognize the act of keeping our children at home and raising them ourselves, as
a legal concept? I am not sure if that is true or not, but I have been thinking about it ever
since. I do not believe homeschooling needs validation from the state.
I hope that mainstream acceptance of homeschooling as a viable educational alterna-
Homeschooling Magazine
tive does not take away from the reality that homeschooling is really more about home
than school. Learning from books and whatnot is fine, but real life is the way to actually
learn about everything. Charlotte Mason and John Holt both had this point of view – that
if a child lives a full and real life, the academic part of learning – which is a very small
part, after all -- comes right along, without a great deal of hair-pulling and anxiety by
I have known families who began homeschooling with “school at home” or working
through a public school ISP and stressed themselves out early on, trying to “keep up”
with the workload. Once they met other homeschooling families and discussed the ways
Editor-In-Chief: Mary Leppert
and means of child-raising-teaching our own, they quickly realized what was important mary.thelink@verizon.net
and what was not. . . life is important; family and home are important; raising a child who
lives a whole life is important. M anaging Editor: Michael Leppert
Does homeschooling need validation from the state? Do newcomers to homeschool-
ing need government validation to even consider it as a choice for their families? I hope
not. My hope is that new families will become more independent from all styles and P ublishers: Modern Media
systems and enjoy the freedom that self-reliant homeschooling brings. Thank you for
“homeschooling” and thank you for reading The Link. A d Design: Lennon Leppert

Mary Leppert Our Mission
L ayout & Design: Lennon Leppert
The Link’s mission is to provide information and resources to anyone interested in homeschooling,
regardless of religious or non-religious beliefs, teaching philosophy or any other agenda. While we do our L ink Staff Writers:
best to scrutinize all ads and material submitted, we cannot make guarantees; therefore, we do not accept
responsibility for ad content or product quality. We reserve the right to refuse any and all advertising at Michael Leppert • Emerson Sandow • Linda Foster
our discretion. The entire contents of this publication, including artwork and all editorial, are copyright
2008 by The Link Homeschool Publications. All rights are reserved. L ink Staff Photographer: Lennon Leppert
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W i l d i n g Wa l l b e d s - S a v i n g S p a c e Chemistry with Charisma By Terrific
Beautifully................................................24 Science...................................................... 76 Ann Lloyd, Marlin Detweiler, Frode Jensen, Rand Nelson,
Drake Institute’s Home Program - Safe Homeschool Mom Turns Author By Tammy
Alternative for ADD, ADHD & More.......38 Raden........................................................77
Nan Barchowsky, Connor Bernstein, Gail Lewis,
Sylva n Dell Book s - Revolut iona r y Kid Scoop cartoon By Kid Scoop..........90 Lauren Brenner Katz, Moira Bell
Fun/Learning Products............................40 Woodshop for Kids By Jack McGee...... 91
R o s e t t a S t o n e , I n c r e d i bl e Fo r e i g n Respecting Our Children By Lynn M. A dvertising Sales: mary.thelink@verizon.net
La ng u age Homeschool Ve r sion By Griesemer..................................................92
Michael Leppert....................................... 41 Freedom-Based Education By Kathy Customer Service:
Magnificient Monologues for Kids 2 By Richardson................................................94
Emerson Sandow...................................... 42 Turn Knowledge Into College Credit By Mary Leppert
S i l p a d a D e s i g n s: O p p o r t u n i t y f o r UExcel . .................................................. 113
Homeschooling Moms by Sasha Rusk... 45 Writing Strands By Writing Strands.... 114 mary.thelink@verizon.net
10 Subjects You Can Teach While Creating a Giant Campus High School: Prepping
Yearbook By Memory Book Staff.......... 59 Students for Global Econ Online By Giant Editorial & A dvertising Offices:
How To E n c o u r a g e Mo t iv a t io n B y Campus................................................... 116
M a r i a e m m a P-W i l l s & V i c t o r i a Dig It! Games’ Archeology Computer Game 587 North Ventu Park Rd. Ste. E911
K-Hodson.................................................. 62 -- Roman Town By Michael Leppert... 118
Am I Qualified To Teach My Own? By Gary Motor & Sensor y Skills Boost Brain
Newbury Park, CA 91320
Grammar...................................................63 Development By Cindy Roth Pahr.......124 M ain Number: 805.497-3311
Enjoying the Process By Mary Hood, PhD What Type of Learner Is Your Child? By
64 Mary & Michael Leppert......................125 Fax: 805.492-9219
Stop! In the Name of Life By Richard J. T he 5-to -7-yea r Sh if t By Web: www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Prystowsky, Ph.D.....................................65 Dr. Marcie Zinn......................................126
Teton Science Schools By The Link Staff.66 Music Theory Software - Ear Training -
Notes on the Charlotte Mason Method By Practice Tools By Music Goals.............129
E-mail A ddresses:
Catherine Levison.................................... 67 The Developmental Potential of Music By Editorial: mary.thelink@verizon.net
Kay’s Kareer Korner By Kay Miller......68 Music Together.......................................130
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Janice Campbell....................................... 70 Keystone School..................................... 133 Subscriptions: subscriptions@homeschoolnewslink.com
Grammar & Creative Writing By Daniel Gram mar: The New Black Dress By
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Patterns in I Thought I’d be Taller...
Arithmetic Letting Go of Picture-Perfect
A series of
3 books for By Ann Lloyd, Ph.D. lege. I met my dark-haired prince endless overtime would rile any

home school and married him that same year. teacher’s union. Often we must
and classroom y sister is 5’ 9” – tall
Our castle, however, had a few work for days with little sleep,
teachers about and thin. My mother
problems. For starters, it closely support, or recognition. Yet, as
how to teach is 5’ 8”; my father, 5’
arithmetic resembled a two-bedroom apart- adults, we are inevitably called
11”. Unfortunately, I stopped
using an in- ment in Jersey. I had three chil- to do things that we’d rather not.
growing in 8th grade. It’s not that
quiry method. dren in four years, and wasn’t able Things that aren’t easy. Things
I’m short, it’s just, I thought I’d be
to have any more. In addi- we don’t enjoy. But the truth is,
taller. Granted, I also thought I’d
tion, my prince gave you don’t have to love
be an Olympic gymnast, but that’s
no indication that every aspect of ho-
beside the point. As a child, I’d
he wanted to
The meschooling to
planned to marry Prince Charm- truth is,
stay home to be a successful
ing and live in the castle. My
dark-haired, brown-eyed prince
raise them. homeschooling, like homeschooler.
“Unlike a lot of educational My beauti- dieting or exercising, It’s OK to get
would raise our six children (three
activities these are as much fun ful gowns frustrated. It’s
for me as for my daughter.” boys, three girls), while I worked. is not always fun.
are night- OK if you oc-
–Joyce Fetteroll, homeschool parent I would be tall, of course, and thin. In fact, it can
gowns, and casionally feel
I was to be graceful, well-educat-
(760) 728-3731 ed, and fabulously dressed at all
the ultimate be downright like giving up.
blow? I really difficult. It doesn’t mean
Pattern Press times. It goes without saying that
thought I’d be that you’re a failure.
P.O. Box 2737 Fallbrook, CA 92088 we would live happily ever after.
PatternPress@aol.com taller. It doesn’t mean that
In 1986, I graduated from col-
http://members.aol.com/patternpress/ Women don’t grow up you are a bad wife, mother, or
dreaming of housework. My Christian.
castle, in fact, was spotless. Not The truth is, homeschooling,
Bring This Incredible because I had a maid; on the like dieting or  exercising, is not
Resource Into Your contrary, housework simply always fun. In fact, it can be
Child’s Learning Life! didn’t exist. Likewise, many of us downright difficult. Being re-
dream of children, but deny the sponsible for every aspect of your
reality of diapers, noise, illness, child’s care and education is a
Kid Scoop covers and insomnia. In fact, perhaps the daunting task. There will always
many subjects! hardest aspect of homeschooling, be days when nothing goes right.
or staying home with children in The days when you wake up late,
Downloadable Weekly Activity general, is letting go of what you the children are cranky, and the
Packages on a variety of thought your life would be. Not dog throws up on the rug. Clearly,
fascinating Themed Topics! that we, as women, should give the  routine  of a homeschooling
up our dreams. Certainly, we can mother is often a far cry from the
make them reality. But we cannot glamorous life most women envi-
Brimming with live out every childhood fantasy. sion for themselves. It is far from
illuminating puzzles There will always be housework, picture perfect.
and games on so homework and hassles. Children Too often as homeschoolers, we
many fun activities. require sacrifice. And in the pres- allow ourselves to falsely believe
ence of a screaming toddler, there that others are achieving an ideal
Kid Scoop believes learning is fun! is little room for fantasy. that we can only dream of. We
To be happy as a homeschooler, know their houses are clean; their
Created for: Kids Parents Teachers we must accept, and learn to en- children gifted and well behaved
joy, the realities of a homeschool- at all times. We look at our neigh-
Easy to use and Website: www.kidscoop.com ing life. Homeschooling is admi- bors with children in school and
reasonably priced! rable. The rewards are great. But cannot help but wonder what this
Just pay and
Telephone: 707-996-6077
the process is far from glamorous. life of leisure would be like. Even
download! E-mail: thescoop@kidscoop.com The long hours, low budgets, and continued on page 83

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©2009 Rosetta Stone Ltd. All rights reserved. Patent rights pending.

It starts with Rosetta Stone Homeschool enhancing and accelerating

31 languages available
language learning. It becomes a new voice for them, where they are RosettaStone.com/link
able to put their language skills to use immediately, courtesy of our (888) 232-9245
immersive solution. They live and breathe the language every day, and
open up a world of career possibilities for years to come. Rosetta Stone
Homeschool satisfies their communication needs for a lifetime.
TRAVEL Mind the Gap –
buddies Watching for “Holes” in Your
Supports sleepy heads Child’s Education with “Mind the Gap” — and
on planes, trains, and
automobiles. By Diane Flynn Keith

to go! few years ago my fam-
it’s not just the tourists who
ily took a field trip to
wear them. There was a movie
England. I didn’t say
made called “Mind The Gap”
“vacation.” We didn’t take a
in 2004. I’ve never seen it, but
single vacation in all the years
the Internet Movie Data Base
we homeschooled — but we
describes it this way, “Five
took lots of “educational field
seemingly unrelated people
trips.” Calling it that helped to
Little decide to take huge risks in
justify the cost.
Bag Buddies their personal lives in an ef-
pals can tag One thing my sons found
fort to find happiness.” Hey!
along on particularly amusing in Lon-
That description could apply
backpacks or suitcases! don was the sign “Mind The
to just about any group of ho-
Gap.” It is somewhat synony-
2008 Creative Child Magazine meschoolers I know.
Seal of Excellence Award! mous with “Watch Your Step”
Yet, happiness is elusive,
in the U.S. You see it most
and taking risks by reject-
often in subway stations when
Check out all of the Travel Buddies at ing conventional
noodleheadfun.com you must step
schooli ng
from the
c a n

the sta-
o n e f e a r-
tion platform.
f u l. How m a ny
You have to step across
times have you heard home-
a gap or a divide, a hole or a
school parents, who have re-
space — hence, “Mind The
cently decided to step off the
Gap.” Not only is the warning
linear school train, anxiously
posted, you hear it in recorded
say with a straight face, “I
messages announced through
want to make sure there aren’t
loudspeakers inside the trains
any gaps in my child’s educa-
and the station, “Mind The
National Standards
T he sloga n has i nspi red
Fear of gaps causes them to
those who see and hear it.
slavishly and unhappily adhere
Songs and video games con-
to a school model, scope-and-
tain references to “Mind the
Gap.” T-shirts are imprinted continued on page 60

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Homeschoolers Understand
The Value of Music Study...
Frederick Harris Music offers you
ALL THE TOOLS you need to bring music Your Choice:
education to your child and yourself! Piano
* Books * Workbooks * Online Resources
* Cds * Handbooks for Teachers Guitar
Featuring our comprehensive
program of study for the piano student:
presents a kaleidoscopic
overview of keyboard music Violin
from the last four centuries.
The series includes Repertoire, Studies / Etudes, Workbooks, CDs,
Handbook for Teachers and an Answer Book for Student Workbooks.

Supplement your course of study with: •Technical Requirements

for Piano
•Four Star Sight Reading
and Ear Tests
•Comprehensive Ear Training
•Sound Advice: Theory and
Ear Training
and more!

Please visit our website at:

www.frederickharrismusic.com Music Theory
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music resources for your family!
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Frederick Harris Music, 60 Industrial Parkway, Suite 882, Cheektowaga, NY 14227

Homeschooling, Pop Culture
A HOT NEW S R FOR 2010 and Creative Expression
By Elizabeth Michalak into their own hands. They also

her? Who’s that?” chose not to follow a strict cur-
I asked this un- riculum, but instead decided
fortunate question to trust their own -- and our
as a twelve-year-old spending -- natural instincts about what
Halloween with my mother’s and how we needed to learn.
This is not to say that they

– 12 M O NTHS! family in Port Richey, Florida.

As a last-minute addition to subscribed entirely to the view

12 BOOKS my satin-and-lace Princess

costume, I had added a wig
of child-based learning; they
were very clear that certain
of long black curls that fell to subjects were not negotiable,
my waist. My uncle’s casual especially English and Math.
comparison of my appearance Their main concern was that
to the well-known pop singer the acquisition of this neces-
prompted my clueless and sary knowledge left time and
rather embarrassing question energy to explore, create and
-- a question that clearly illus- discover what we were pas-
trates my childhood insulation sionate about.
ch 2010
2010 Book 3 – Mar from pop culture. I grew up During my early childhood
Book 2 – Feb.
Book 1 – Nov
. 2009
in a home that lacked a T.V. we were blessed to be a part
iracy36 5us.com of an established homeschool
and computer for a number of
years and that only acquired a group in Ft. Collins. Composed
high-speed Internet connection of families like ours, this group

D C H E C K O UT THESE more recently than I care to offered support, information

AN R N E TITLES: admit. But my educational en- and plenty of “field experi-
GREAT U S B O vironment was still more sig- ence” for my parents to draw
nificant in contributing to my from, and for my sister and
social insulation -- I never saw me it created a social network
the inside of a classroom until I outside of the standard school
sat in on a few college classes system. However, the year I
as a teenager. Homeschooled turned six our family relocated
from the beginning of my edu- to Crestone, Colorado, a small
cation, I was spared the daily town offering limited social
barrage of input from so-called opportunities in general and
“popular culture”, and I believe nothing at all in the way of a
this has shaped the course of homeschool community. I was
my vocation and career choice, slightly distressed at finding
namely the development of a myself in this new environ-
personal creative voice as a ment, but in retrospect it simul-
musician and songwriter. taneously allowed and required
My experience as a young me to look to myself and not
homeschooler started in my my peers to decide what was
childhood home 17 miles out- interesting, impor tant and
side of Ft. Collins, Colorado. valuable.
Unwilling to leave my educa- As a child I wasn’t excep-
Contact your Independent Consultant today for over 1,500 tion, and that of my older sister, tionally musical, nor did I have
other fun and educational books from Usborne & Kane/Miller! Katherine, to the standard edu- a burning desire to become so.
To find a Consultant in your area call 800-611-1655. cational system, our parents In fact, as a preadolescent, my
chose instead to take things continued on page 110

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We’re Still the One!
Same $1.00 Bar. Same 50% Profit.**

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Christian Classical Education –
Is It for You?
grammar stage and seeks to help
By Marlin Detweiler

the learner understand how and
’ve written and spoken fre- why they relate. Just how was the
quently on classical Christian War for Independence related to
education and I never tire of the War Between the States? Or,
doing so—it’s that important. what was the connection between
However, it’s a bit tricky to ad- Alexander and Socrates? The
dress both folks who are new to rhetoric stage builds on the factual
the idea and those who are veter- mastery of the grammar stage and
ans in the same effort. Let’s give the logical connections made in
it a try. the dialectic stage. It is character-
I was first introduced to this ized by taking this mastery and
educational model when R.C. teaching the learner to be win-
Sproul recommended I read Re- somely articulate and persuasive
covering the Lost Tools of Learn- when discussing a topic. Listeners
ing by Douglas Wilson. This book are more easily persuaded when
impresses the reader with both the material is presented to them in an
superiority of the classical model enjoyable way.
and the necessity of a Christian Classical education should also
education for children of Christian be understood to include certain
parents. It was both convicting content. Today, as was common
and motivating. in classical education of the past,
Calling something superior learning Latin is very important.
today is both bold and politically Here we must understand that we
incorrect so an explanation is in are not primarily learning Latin
order. as a foreign language instead of
The term classical when used Spanish or French. A large ma-
in education has become quite jority of our English vocabulary
popular. When an idea becomes comes from Latin. So, knowing
popular, many seek to use and Latin helps us master English
even redefine the term to vari- vocabulary. Additionally, Latin
ous ends. Consequently, defining helps master English Grammar,
the strain of classical education Latin is logical and teaches us
promoted here is necessary. The how to think, Latin is the key to
definition pertains to both method many modern languages, and,
and content in education. pragmatically speaking, Latin
Classical educational method students perform exceptionally
(pedagogy) makes use of the first well on standardized tests for col-
three of the seven liberal arts -- lege entrance. Summarily, Latin
grammar, dialectic (or logic), and is a tool of leverage for mastering
rhetoric. In times past it was un- our own language -- a key to the
derstood that the learning of every grammar stage.
discipline or subject involved first In addition to making connec-
getting the basic facts (grammar). tions, the dialectic stage should
As an example, the Who, What, include the study of logic as a sub-
Where, and When of history ject. Studying formal and informal
would be the “grammar” of his- logic results in the student’s learn-
tory. Notably absent, for now, are ing to think clearly and error-free.
the How and Why. The second You’ve no doubt heard it said, “We
stage, the dialectic stage, takes just don’t teach children to think
the mastery of the facts in the continued on page 54

Page 12 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Mating Without Dating
Get Into Shape!
as seen on NBC’s
- Part Two
“Finding a Suitor to Suit Her”
By Moira Bell

“The Today Show” Warning: This article addresses an emotionally-

charged issue and is designed for those who
realize modern dating practices are a snare. It also

Rebounding Benefits the presupposes the presence of a caring father figure in

our young people’s lives. If that is not the case in your
Body in 30 Healthy Ways! family, don’t be discouraged, you and your students can
still avoid the dating trap.

his summer we joined 25 clear of dating before this story
teens and parents who did unfolded, I might be now, simply
a book club together on on the basis of the deep bond that
The Dating Trap by Martha Rup- resulted from our son-in-law’s
pert. The youth were surprised dating-free approach.
that every parent in the room, to From the outset, know that we
a one, did not look back fondly are not interested in arranged
on their dating years. In the same marriages, nor do we think the
way that many of us realized issue is one of dating vs. not
something was amiss in modern dating. More fundamentally, we
education and began to explore long to see young people raised
home schooling, we are finding in an atmosphere not of rules
young people and their parents (such as “against dating“), but of
across the country are seeing love, respect and acceptance, so
something is awry in modern they don’t go looking for those in
dating and wondering if there all the wrong places. Our goal is
isn’t some better path toward that they see for themselves that
marriage. dating, rather than fostering love,
My last column in The LINK promotes false fronts, broken
was entitled, “Mating without heartedness, and rejection.
Dating Part 1 - Why Dating Allow me to set the stage. At
Great for the entire family Doesn’t Take Us Where We Want
To Go.” I unmasked the dark side
age 20, Crystal had finished her
homeschool studies and gone

A fun exercise for all ages of dating (which modern media

conveniently fails to mention)
three times to Costa Rica to as-
sist a jungle doctor there. She
and explained how it can so eas- returned and worked in the home-
ily damage our hearts and work based office of a remodeling
Call Today against forming solid lifelong company. She lived at home, paid

1-800-232-5762 bonds with a well-suited mar-

riage partner.
I promised readers that this
her own bills, such as cell phone,
car insurance and wardrobe, and
a proportionate amount in “rent”
month I would share the real-life -- all part of our overall parenting
Or Order Online romance that our family watched goal -- that our children learn to
firsthand as our daughter, Crys- handle freedom well.
www.needakrebounders.com tal, was sought for marriage,
completely without dating. If
She had evaluated the dating
scene and agreed that was not
I hadn’t been a fan of steering a promising or wise course to

Page 14 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
follow. Not that it was easy, but Five months after we met them,
she decided she would trust God Ian called my husband, Greg, and
and continue to grow as a person, asked to get together to discuss
waiting until the right man came his interest in Crystal. “Whoa,
into our lives. She had the chal- Nellie!” I thought, “Where did
lenge of fending off unwanted that come from?” Ian had never
machismo from some fellows divulged an interest in Crystal
while she was in Costa Rica. This around any of us (her included)
experience reinforced that requir- and we had no indications of
ing a man to go through her father something special between them. Lightning Literature and Composition
for “clearance” before landing in Perhaps his being several years
her life was a protective and intel- older than she made us assume
Guides for Grades 7-12 by Hewitt
ligent decision. It would separate there wouldn’t be any interest.
the men from the boys, the lusters Ian had carefully guarded him- The difference between the right word and the
from the lovers. self, not to awaken Crystal to his almost right word is the difference between
Our family began hosting and interest before speaking to her lightning and a lightning bug.
attending family “vintage” danc- father and receiving genuine per- —Mark Twain
es, such as those from the Civil mission to pursue her. I use the Writing is critical to so many aspects of our lives—
War era, where period clothing term genuine permission, since finding and keeping a good job, expressing our beliefs and
was worn and many types of it is so rare that a suitor humbly passions, communicating crucial information. We may not be
formal dances were enjoyed. submits himself to a father’s novelists or journalists—but most of us will write a report for
our boss, a letter to the editor, or kind words to a friend.

We wanted our children to cherish being Help your children prepare for a life of writing, to say
exactly what they mean in a way that others will note and
married, not getting married (something remember.
which greatly impacts wedding planning). He knew everything about literature except
how to enjoy it.—Joseph Heller
Do you want your children to read good literature but are
The family who came to do the scrutiny before he gets the girl’s afraid they won’t enjoy it? The Lightning Literature Guides
dance calling at our first one of emotions stirred into the mix. were written by teachers with extensive home-schooling
these events included a daughter Once a guy and gal are openly experience who love literature passionately and
and four sons, the eldest of which attracted to each other, her father communicate that passion in their prose.
was a 29-year-young man named can either rubber-stamp the deci- Literature can transform our hearts and our lives. Dig
Ian. Interest in these dances grew sion to pursue a relationship that deep into authors like Dickens, Twain, Chaucer,
quickly within our homeschool has already been made, or run the Shakespeare, Melville, Whitman, Dickinson, Austen, Kipling,
circles and we participated in risk of alienating his daughter (as Eliot, and Achebe. Your student will read full books and
about one-a-month. well as the young man) by voicing plays, not just excerpts. Learning about literary elements
Concurrently, our family began any concerns he has or trying to such as character, conflict, symbolism, tone, meter, and
theme allows students to appreciate these great works in a
seeing Ian’s family socially with put on any brakes.
more mature fashion.
no awareness of unique interests Ian’s request was to meet with
between any of the 12 young my husband and I and his folks Each guide includes brief
biographies of the authors,
people in our combined fami- at a restaurant. We agreed to do
comprehension questions and
lies. Throughout these times our so a week later. That night, when answers, literary lessons,
children were “themselves” - no asked what he was thinking, he writing exercises, weekly
one flirting or seeking to impress described Crystal in detail ac- schedules, and discussion
anyone. Dinners in each others curately and admiringly. When questions.
homes, ultimate Frisbee games, asked, “When did you first notice ➤ Reasonably Priced:
air-softing, movie nights and her?”, his startling reply was, Guides: $24.95–$35.15;
discussions - a variety of activi- “The night we met your family at Complete Book Packs with
ties amidst friends - brought us that first dance.” Guides: $41 - $85
many intersections with his fam- Having never been down such ➤ Grading Available
ily. This practice of socializing as a road before, we didn’t have any
families is a key in a dating-free map to follow, but simply began www.hewitthomeschooling.com
approach… more on that later. asking about his spiritual life, his- 1-800-348-1750
continued on page 48

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 15
Paradigm Accelerated Measuring
Curriculum (PAC)
* Perfect for Imaginative Homeschooling
Handwriting Fluency
* Rescues at-Risk Teens By Rand Nelson

learning how to control smooth
* Great for Under-Achievers s your child frustrated by movements as the rate of travel
handwritten assignments increases. We can move slowly
Email: Learn@pacworks.com
because they take too long to through the steps at first and then
phone: 325-649-0976 complete? If your answer is “Yes”, faster as rhythm is established.
your student needs to improve Children begin by drawing the
When everything else fluency, correct letter formation letter shapes they are shown using
fails, PAC WORKS! and speed. The problem is far too the visual feedback system. But,
common and yet it is rarely men- the brain guides fluent movement
Home school students are
tioned in most handwriting pro- with a different system. None of
usually college bound.
grams. Your first question should us can use this fluent movement
That is why hundreds
be, “How long does it take?” Have system until we have established
choose PAC textbooks!
you ever timed a writing activ- some movement recordings that
Please visit the PAC ity to find out? Has there been a can allow it. The challenge to
change when you measure the learn how to move fluently is
website for many FREE same activity a second time? Is the most valuable thing offered
resources, tools and there a simple way to measure and by handwriting instruction. The
purchase information: track handwriting fluency as an brain responds to the challenge by
indicator of progress? changing the way it is processing
www.PACworks.com Handwriting fluency has been the symbols. A child who can
buried in the curriculum closet write the letters with fluent move-
since the invention of the hand- ment no longer has to look at mod-
writing workbook. It is a shame, els to draw the pictures. However,
because fluency should be one of if children are never challenged to
the most important goals during use the fluent process, they may
handwriting lessons. Fluency is well continue to draw out of habit.
the forgotten link between hand- Does the child have to write very
writing and the other language carefully to create handwriting
skills that are needed for proficient that others can read?
composition and reading. Early efforts to write with
“The correlation between read- rhythmic movement often result
ing skill and fluency at printing al- in a product that is not very close
phabet letters in kindergarten and to the model provided. This tends
first-grade is readily apparent.” – to push the child back to visual
The Writing/Reading Connection guidance. However, it is true that
by Robert V. Rose, MD a letter shape can be distorted
Legibility is also a necessary considerably before legibility is
objective. It does little good to lost. This small truth is important.
write rapidly if the handwriting It means that in the beginning, we
cannot be read. The coaching can focus on good movement. The
job is a bit like a circus tightrope child is challenged to demonstrate
act when fluency is included as a several skills simultaneously.
goal. We must balance our effort How do I hold the paper and
between fluency and legibility in pencil? Which way do I move
order to make progress. That bal- across the paper? Where does the
ance is constantly challenged by letter start? Which way do I move
motor development. But fluency to form the letter on the line?
1.877.230.6853 is not only about speed. It is about
continued on page 85

Page 16 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Accelerated Christian Education has a unique homeschool
curriculum specifically designed with you and your child in mind.
White Logos
Three ways you can run your homeschool:
Manage your own homeschool administration.
For more information about Accelerated Christian Education
homeschool curriculum, please visit www.aceministries.com
or call 1-800-925-7777.

Maintain records with Lighthouse Christian Academy.

Allow Lighthouse Christian Academy to work as your school
administration office. If interested in Lighthouse Christian
Academy, please visit www.lcaed.com to download an
application, or call us at 1-866-746-6534.

Meet with a local church school.

A.C.E. curriculum is being used in schools all over the world.
Many schools are equipped with homeschool outreach programs SCHOOL OF
in which your child can become involved. To locate a school in TOMORROW®

your area, please call 1-800-470-8991.

Defending Teaching
Standards & Corrections
By Frode Jensen to mark an error with a red pen,

t has been popular for some it is necessary to help prevent the
time to decry the use of the student from making the same
red pen on student papers. It’s mistake again. What a defense for
all about self-esteem and how the correcting mistakes. While the
children don’t need such negative student’s ego may take a bit of a
influences pressed upon their hit for the moment, if the student
tender consciences. Such poor learns from his mistake, he won’t
teacher behavior might indelibly be taking future hits in that de-
influence the child to grow up partment.
recognizing less of his full human Tammet’s statement is a ra-
potential. The educational psy- tionale for quality teaching and
chologists would have everyone clear materials. The teacher’s job
believe their pronouncements as is to teach, to put the information
truth. forward in such a fashion so as to
As a youngster, I remember the help the student learn the material,
new system of every participant to master it. After having taught
getting a ribbon. At the time it was the material, the teacher is then
called the Danish system. Every- to assign and correct the student’s
body was a winner; nobody was a work over what has been taught,
loser. Well, it all sounded good in and hopefully learned. In the
theory, and all the children were process of reviewing the student’s
supposed to be happy, but practi- work, the teacher should praise
cally speaking, the system did what can be praised and note the
not work or prove helpful in the errors that occur.
long run. When dealing with objective
The following quote is from facts, the process is straightfor-
Daniel Tammet, who is autistic. ward. In math, for instance, the
He has some handicaps, but he has student either gets the right an-
made his way in life and offers the swer or he doesn’t. Content-driven
following: “Obtaining guidance subjects lend themselves to objec-
from experts in the subject you tivity. It is the same in English to
are learning helps you to both some extent.
develop the conceptual frame- Let’s take writing as an ex-
work necessary to master a field ample. The student has read a
of study and avoid many of the piece of literature and has been
potential discouraging pitfalls that asked to write about it. Hopefully
can lead to discouragement. Get- the assignment has indicated the
ting feedback on wrong answers structure of the response, a five-
allows the brain to eliminate them paragraph essay perhaps. The as-
from its bank of possible future signment should also have given
responses. Consequently, learners direction on what the focus of the
can ignore poor choices and focus response should be. Maybe the
their attention on good ones.” (p student is to discuss the plot and
33 Embracing the Wide Sky). explain the movement of the story
He’s talking about teachers and through the problem to the resolu-
students here. He’s saying that it is tion. Perhaps the student might be
the teacher’s job to tell the student directed to describe three char-
where his mistakes are. He’s say- acters from the story, the hero,
ing that not only is it acceptable continued on page 83

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American Cap & Gown Call Drak
late morning / early aft
Serving Homeschoolers Now!
• Gowns • Stoles
• Tassels
• Cords
• Diploma Covers
• Medallions
Does yo
Graduate Gifts
Difficulty Sustaining
We Have focus on
It All For The Homeschooler
Easily distracted if “it” is not in
THE DRAKE help with
INSTITUTE... homework
It can change your life.

Underachieving in school
Drake is the Leader specializing in non-drug programs
for ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Stress and Learning Disorders.
"We would like to thank all of the people at the Drake Institute.
The program designed for our son was really helpful and gave
our son a confident feeling. At the beginning, we had so many

issues that we wanted Drake to deal with – hyperactivity, focus,
following instructions to name a few. With the programs of-
fered by Drake, our son developed tremendous improvement
as he moved forward in his daily life. We recommend Drake
Institute to everybody who has a similar struggle that we did
with our son. Try it – it really works!!"

Call Drake today or visit our website to take advantage of Significant Savings for
late morning / early afternoon treatment sessions, AND, to schedule a private consultation at NO CHARGE!!

Does your son or daughter struggle with any of the behaviors listed below?
Difficulty Sustaining focus on academic work Difficulty following through on instructions Difficulty writing thoughts on paper

Helping familie
Easily distracted if “it” is not interesting Does not seem to listen Impulsive or lack of self-control
Needs help with homework Needs to re-read information Fidgety or difficulty sitting still
Underachieving in school Poor reading comprehension Lowered self-esteem

1-877-603-7253 www.drakeinstitute.com •
Helping families in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and San Bernardino Counties
Introducing... “Comet® GOOD BEGINNINGS to GOOD
The Fast Path To Learning”
An exciting game 11 - Adult
By Nan Barchowsky

that promotes on’t start with lowercase Their hands need to first develop
learning in a fun letters. Don’t start with the strength to hold the tools in
capitals, or even with a relaxed manner. The goal is
and engaging way! numbers. What then? Let chil- fluency. For that the hand and
dren play. What??? fingers must relax. Tense muscles
Family Game Edition Yes! Barchowsky Fluent Hand- do not move easily or effectively
writing, or BFH begins with for any task.
Build your vocabulary, aid your reading comprehension, improve
your writing skills, and promote confidence in school and work. playful activities that relate to HAND AND FINGERS
alphanumeric formations before Here are a few suggestions.
visit our website at: brought to you by the actual characters are learned, Let children make patterns in the
www.activemindsonline.com as well as while they are be- sand, or even mud. Let children
(702) 759-6138 ACTIVEMINDS® ing learned. BFH gives young help in the kitchen. They can
children the rock-solid base they knead dough, and peel potatoes
need to develop legibility and and carrots. If they grow impa-
Hewitt’s Early Elem fluency for handwriting that will tient, cover your ears and let them
Complete Curriculum serve them well throughout the bang old spoons or pans on the
� Hands-On school years, and into adulthood. floor. (That helps with rhythmic
� Based on Parent- Too often handwriting pro- movement too.)
Child Interaction grams start with the replication String beads. Children pick up
of 62 different shapes. Instruc- the beads with their forefinger
Home of Lightning Lit � Biblical Character
Building tion is visual. Some programs (call it the “writing finger”) and
introduce circles and sticks with thumb.
� Daily Lesson Plans
which to make lowercase letters. Collect small things, pebbles,
� Preschool $80
(Preschool Plus) Some use undercurves, over- pennies, etc. and put them in a
� Kindergarten $95 curves, loops and straight lines. box. Hang clothes or paper ban-
(Tell Me a Story) BFH relies on motor memory for ners with clothespins that clamp.
the natural, rhythmic movement Put a cotton ball or a tiny ball of
www.hewitths.com � First Grade $140
(A Bee Sees) of lowercase letters, those that yarn in the palm of a child’s hand.
800-890-4097 � Second Grade $120 should be taught first because The child holds the ball in place
free samples online (Across America) we need them more often than with ring and small fingers, leav-
capitals. They are designed to ing the writing finger and thumb
move easily. to hold a writing tool; the third
BFH is a well-planned program finger is a support.
taking into account that young If you have a chalkboard
minds and young hands need to or slate, this is a favorite. Cut
be prepped for the skill of writing a sponge into a small square.
•Offering courses for K-12 by hand. Help for hands is about Dampen it, and place it in the
students with an emphasis on posture and pen hold. Help for the palm of the hand with a short
Individualized Learning. mind is the development of motor piece of chalk as described
•Christian based home school memory. Activities that help with before. Then let the child draw
curriculum. both posture and motor memory or scribble. If the little artist/
•Academy enrollment Preschool should be introduced at the same writer doesn’t like the marks, the
through High School. time, but I’ll separate them for sponge is in the hand to erase for
•Accredited by the National the purpose of discussion. a new start.
Association of Private Schools. Young children are almost al- Markers, crayons, pencils
ways eager to comply with their should have the right tactile
The School for Home Schooling Families instructor, so they hold writing relationship to paper, meaning
www.american-academy.com tools in a death grip in an ef-
fort to get characters just right.
that marks are easily made, and
continued on page 73

Page 20 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Standard Shipping
On Orders Of $50 Or More
Just enter code LINK at checkout
online (hearthsong.com) or over
the phone (1-800-325-2502).
Offer expires 9/1/10.
Trouble with the Homeschooled Entrepreneur Connor
R Sound?
Does your child say
Bernstein and Kits for Kids --
wabbit for rabbit? Seeking To Increase Science Interest Nationwide
maw for more?
By Connor Bernstein eryday kids that science is fun.

reetings! My name is I want them to realize that one
Connor Bernstein, and doesn’t need to be a genius to
I’m the fourteen-year- have fun with science, to explore,
old owner of Connor’s Kits for and experiment. My approach is
Kids, a company dedicated to to provide a stress-free, complete
The only complete providing educational, afford- science experience so parents
program for the R sound
able science experiences for kids or teachers don’t have to worry
• Effective
and teachers. Kits for Kids has about prepping, or making sure
• Researched
• Easy-to-follow
come a long way since I started they have enough time to teach
• Step by step it in fourth grade. In this article, all of the material. For kids, this
• Complete I want to share more about my means providing an experience
•Award winning
science kits, as well as my expe- that encourages experimentation,
• Home school
tested rience with homeschooling and and is FUN, not a chore!
Developed by a
Speech-Language Pathologist how it has made my business Kits for Kids approaches sci-
for professionals, but clear and concise
enough for parents to use at home.
possible. ence from a different direction
To hear from the author go to: Most everyone now realizes than other science kits. What that
that the U.S. is falling behind in means, is that each kit includes
Check out
our program
science, math, and engineer- everything kids need to dive
for lisps
ing. Why? Many students didn’t right in and start having fun right
www.sayitright.org have a positive experience with away. There are enough materials
these subjects in school, so a to do all the experiments more
lot of kids simply aren’t excited than once, and with variations.
about science today -- many don’t The easy-to-follow instructions
even have a good understanding are written by a kid, for kids, and
of what a scientist does! Here explain (in a way that kids can re-
are some scary statistics: There late to!) how and why each exper-
are more foreign students than iment works. Not only that, but
American students studying the kits are allowance- friendly, at
physical sciences and engineer- only $14.95! My goal is to provide
ing in American universities. The kids with super fun, single-focus
U.S. produces approximately 18 experiments that they can do
lawyers and 50 MBAs for every themselves, learning while they
engineering researcher with a play. To find out more about my
PhD, and almost 30% of adults kits, please check out my website,
here in America don’t know that www.kitsforkids.com.
the Earth revolves around the I want to connect with Presi-
Sun. Twenty-two percent don’t dent Obama’s education team
Eliminate the mystery behind fractions know that the center of the Earth at a national and state level, and
is very hot, and over half of don’t spread my message to parents,
• What Is - Invert and multiply • Hands On know that electrons are smaller homeschool and classroom teach-
• What Is - A Common Denominator • Engaging than atoms. ers. If I can raise enough money,
• What Is - An Abstract Algorithm • Fun We urgently need to address my goal is to kick off a “Have
• Why - Doctor Loyd’s? this problem! Homeschool- Fun With Science” tour in the
ing families are especially well fall, where I will visit underprivi-
Fax orders to: 314-275-7657 placed to help take on this issue, leged schools in North Carolina
Mail orders to: Dr Loyd c/o Pegasus Publications Ltd because they have infinite teach- and hopefully around the coun-
ing flexibility. With my science try, motivating the students and
PO Box 410193 St. Louis MO 63141-0193 teachers to embrace science
kits, I want to show basic, ev-

Page 22 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
education. At the end of 8th grade, I had to
So that’s where I want to take decide what to do with 9th grade.
Kits for Kids. Now I’d like to It seemed as though I had two
tell you a bit more about myself. options: I could go back to public
I’ve always been intrigued with high school full time, or I could
science and discovering more homeschool full time. However,
about the world around me. I also I knew I would not have enough
have a passion for teaching oth- time to work on Kits for Kids if
ers. When I was younger, I did I went to a regular high school. I
countless experiments at home liked homeschooling, but needed
and went through a bazillion sci- more time with kids my own age.
ence kits. In third grade, I taught My mom and I decided to think
my class about polymers, and outside the box, and I ended up
in fourth grade taught my class attending a charter high school in
about siphons. Let’s not men- the morning and homeschooling
tion the hours my friends spent the rest of the day. This is a great
playing with me and my science schedule because I have time to
“discoveries”. be with other kids my age in the
Frustration with the science morning, but I come home and
kits I purchased drove me to I have time to focus on Kits for
create my own when I was nine Kids and other educational ac-
years old. Most kits on the market tivities that I would not normally
didn’t (and still don’t!) include be able to do. For example, one
even half of the materials needed outstanding opportunity I had
to complete any of the experi- was taking a General Biology
ments that the boxes described. class at a local community col-
The instructions were generally lege, which I loved. I completed
hard to follow, and lacked a kid- the class with three college credit
friendly explanation of how and hours. Thanks to a homeschool
why the experiment(s) worked. connection, I was able to take a
These kits were expensive for class called “Launch the Venture”
what I got, and I always felt let at the University of North Caro-
down when I didn’t see the value lina’s Kenan-Flagler business
in what I had just purchased! school and received 4.5 college
I started homeschooling full credits. This course really gave
time in 8th grade because the me the knowledge I needed to get
public schools weren’t able to pro- my business off the ground. The
vide the kind of science education workload was intense and fast
I craved and was ready for. My paced -- I had to learn to work at
teachers made their best effort, a much higher academic level. If I
but accelerated science was just hadn’t been homeschooled, there
not available. Despite all the ben- is no way I would have been able
efits I could see, the decision in 8th to take this class. Homeschooling
grade to start homeschooling was has been an inspiration to my
a tough one. I didn’t know what to mom and me.
expect, and I don’t think my mom I’m so glad I have had the op-
did either. I hesitated to give up portunity to share my experiences
my friends and everything I was and goals with you all through
used to at a regular school, but I The Link, and I hope you have
knew I wanted to scale up Kits enjoyed my story! I love to hear
for Kids. It was pretty clear that from people! Please feel free to
I would only have the time to do visit me website (www.kits-
that if I homeschooled. My mom forkids.com) to connect with me.
and I decided to take the jump. C.B. L

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 23
- Saving Space Beautifully
Toll Free: 866-877-7803 beds take less overall height, less
Career Coaching www.wallbedsbywilding.com overall width and project less into
College Counseling By Linda K. Foster the room. Even children are able

Homeschooling to easily open and close the side
hen I decided to move mount beds.
Tutoring my home office from
my bedroom to the Wilding Wallbeds is more than
guest room, I was presented with just a wallbed company. This
a three dilemmas: First, the exist- customer-friendly company offers
ing daybed was under the only a variety of cabinets designed to
Exclusive Education
window providing natural light. meet your specific family needs.
Second, if I moved the daybed Cabinets to house your wallbed
www.ExclusiveEd.com | 866-592-1475
to another wall, there would not are available in a variety of sizes
be enough room for a functional in virtually any combination you
work station. Third, if I removed want. Wilding Wallbeds covers
For Homeschoolers, By Homeschoolers!
the daybed, I would no longer the gamut from computer cabinets
have a guest room. Fortunately, to bookcases to wardrobe and
there was a simple solution to all secretary cabinets. You can mix
of these problems…a wallbed. and match any of their exquisite
Simple installation of a basic wall- cabinets with any style of bed to
bed unit into what was originally create the perfect fit and look for
designed as a closet area, provided any room. Simply contact one of
a bed for guests when needed and the company representatives at
plenty of space under the window their toll-free number and they can
for my desk unit. quickly assess your space con-
For over 10 years, Wilding straints and help with your design.
Wallbeds has provided handcraft- Wilding Wallbeds is an envi-
ed wall beds and innovative space- ronmentally-friendly company,
saving products designed to solve too. Wilding complies with the
problems such as mine. Wilding Zero Emissions standard by using
Visit Us Today for Clothing and Unique Personalized Gifts Wallbeds are easy to install, all-wood products and no particle
multi-functional units that allow board – which commonly pres-
you to reclaim floor space to use ents the problem of formaldehyde
as a computer room, den, sewing emissions in the industry. And,
room, home office or classroom. 100% of each and every product
They are real beds with real mat- offered through Wilding Wallbeds
tresses. They are ready to use at is compliant with the Sustainable
a moment’s notice and beautiful, Forestry Initiative (SFI).
out-of-the-way, custom pieces of Wilding Wallbeds has so much
furniture when not in use. Perfect to offer on so many levels. Wheth-
for any home, condo or cabin, er you are in need a wallbed only
Wilding Wallbeds take up to five or a home office, let the represen-
times less space than a daybed, tatives from Wilding Wallbeds
futon or sleeper sofa. make your dream a reality. For ad-
In addition to the traditional ditional information, please visit
vertical wallbed, Wilding offers them at www.wallbedsbywild-
twin, full and queen size side ing.com or call their toll-free num-
mount beds especially useful for ber at 866-877-7803. You and the
lofts, dormer ceiling, low ceiling environment will be happy you
and children’s rooms. Side mount did. L.K.F. L

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Homeschool parents know the ARTS are one of the most important subjects. For
years, Art Instruction Schools has helped homeschool students become more
skilled, confident and creative with their art.

We are recognized as the premier distance learning art school in the country -
largely due to the success of our graduates. Enjoy learning from home, on your
own schedule and at your own pace while receiving one-on-one instruction.
Everything is provided from personalized textbooks to all the materials and

An affordable art curriculum - with flexible terms is available. Open the exciting
world of Art with proven techniques that are fun and easy to understand!

Partial to full scholarships are awarded monthly and are based upon your
demonstrated art ability. Art Instruction Schools awards over $250,000 in
Scholarships annually. If you are 14 years of age or older - it’s easy to find
out if you qualify - simply request a Scholarship form. There’s no cost or

Request Information by Calling:

Request Information Online:

Accredited Member Distance

Education & Training Council
Weapons of Mass Instruction
exalted condition education can epic of Europe and its inexhaust- zens were literate under a system
We are pleased to bring you
an excerpt (p. 145 to 151) from offer, where money and fame ible bounty, Salter is able to see where schooling was voluntary
the much-anticipated new book don’t matter very much, as long as how far “the lessons of school” and of short duration, than ever
by one of America’s foremost you remain content to memorize are from education. Look around they have been under the long-
social and educational observ- somebody else’s definition of the you at America, as he did Europe: term compulsion scheme in place
ers/commentators, John Taylor thing, but reflecting seriously on Did you own schooling teach you right now.
Gatto, entitled “Weapons of Mass what someone else says about it how we got this way? Whether it will ever again be
Instruction”. isn’t worthless. It can bring you The next two offerings are my possible to take an education eas-

hat is Education? closer to your own truth – as Su- own. On October 23, 1991, I got ily, in Massachusetts or any other
Kant’s Questions preme Court Justice Potter Stew- an invitation to give testimony state, will depend upon political
and the Epic of Eu- art said about pornography, “I to the U.S. Senate Committee on decisions made by those – like
rope can’t define it, but I know it, when Labor and Human Relations. The yourselves – who hold power in
The great German philosopher, I see it.” With that in mind, I’m subject: Speculation what schools trust for the rest of us. I mean
Immanuel Kant, posed four ques- going to offer you no comprehen- in the year 2000 were going to no disrespect, only to signal my
tions he believed were are the sive definition, but three “probes” look like. Although I’ve polished personal sadness when I say I
hearf of any educational quest: into the mystery: One from an un- prose, grammar and syntax a little don’t think those decisions will be
What can I know? usually acute travel writer named to spare myself embarrassment made. My reasons for pessimism
What may I hope? James Salter; one from a state- that an old English teacher would stem from knowing that failure is
What ought I do do? ment I gave to a Senate committee write so sloppily, the argument built into our political system be-
What is Man? seventeen years ago; and one from remains as I delivered it. And the cause it forces our political leader-
It’s surely one of the great iro- a free verse scribbled on a legal reader will note that the future, ship to depend for its election on
nies of modern life that Germany, pad while I was wrestling with the as I foresaw it a decade down the the same financial interests which
a national culture which revered idea for a letter I intended to send line, happened right on schedule. profit from schools staying the
Kant as the ultimate ubermensch, to my granddaughter, Kristina, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massa- way they already are. Schools are a
created a form of youth training which you’ll find as Chapter Nine chusetts was the committee chair: most lucrative source of contracts
which virtually extinguished phil- in this book. “Senator Kennedy, distin- and an enormous jobs project with
osophical curiosity at home, and James Salter was looking for a guished committee members, sinecures for friends and relatives
aggressively exported its system way to capture in words the admi- guests: What we should most fear of your campaign donors. Don’t
throughout the world in the nine- ration he felt for the continent of is that school in 2000 will look ex- chalk that up to cynicism: Un-
teenth and twentieth centuries. Europe and its history. He began actly like school in 1990. School less you acknowledge why your
You need only Google Horace by saying that Europe helps to in 1990 is almost exactly like hands are tied in regard to school
Mann’s famous “Seventh Letter to clarify Kant’s questions: school was in 1890. Keep in mind, change, you’re certain to make the
the Boston School committee” to “The thing it finally gave me however, that if we moved back same mistakes year after year in
dispel any lingering illusions that was education, not the lessons almost another hundred years, to counterfeit reforms.
American compulsory schooling of school but something more 1790, the echoes would vanish. Change isn’t likely to be pos-
is a home-grown product, or that elevated, a view of how to endure: In 1790 it was still possible to sible from any political center for
it aims to transmit “basic skills” as how to have leisure, love, food become educated in America be- the same reasons, but it can come
those are generally thought to be. and conversation; how to look at cause school didn’t preempt all the from defiant personal decisions
At root, it is German. nakedness, architecture, streets, time of the young, nor did it act made by simple men and women
All of Kant’s questions must all new and seeking to be thought as a leech upon family life then; who won’t stand still for their kids
be grappled with before a useful of in a different way. In Europe it didn’t impose servile habits being outraged any more – like
curriculum can be set up to reach the shadow of history falls upon on the growing up time; it didn’t the revolution of homeschoolers
the ends you wish. But if you duck you and, knowing none of it, you indoctrinate young minds with a taking place nationwide. This
this work, or are tricked into ced- realize suddenly how small you burden of too many pre-thought system has had a century to prove
ing it to an official establishment are. To know nothing is to have thoughts. itself, that’s enough. It didn’t work
of specialists (or coerced into do- done nothing. To remember only It was still possible to take an at the start except in house-gen-
ing the same thing), it shouldn’t yourself is like worshipping a dust education in 1790 because too erated fairy tales; it doesn’t work
surprise you to find yourself and mote. Europe is on the order of many people weren’t around pre- today, and it won’t work better in
your children broken on the wheel an immense and unfathomable tending to give you one, forcing the future.
of somebody else’s convenience, classroom, beyond catalogue or you to accept what they offered But if we can pry the boot of
someone else’s priorities. description.” under penalty of law. In your own the political state off our necks, by
You’ll never come close to the Confronted with the mighty Massachusetts, Senator, more citi- the year 2000 here’s what might

Page 26 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
begin to emerge. First we’d have compelled to bet on schoolteach-
a long, loud national, regional ers, principals, superintendents,
and local debate whose purpose college professors, etc., every
would be to establish the range of day without being given access
acceptable definitions of an edu- to this “valuable” information.
cated person. What kind of lunacy is that? High
Professional pedagogy has standards and standardization are
never done that except in the two very different things, but you
airiest generalizations because have been deliberately led by the
it knows better than to have its rules of Newspeak to regard them
hands tied to commitments it can’t as the same, just as you’ve been
deliver. At the most arrogant end conditioned to think of education
of the institutional spectrum we and schooling in the same breath.
have public enemies like James The long, loud, angry na-
Bryant Conant, the WWI poison tional debate I’m calling for,
gas specialist and longtime presi- Senator, would settle school’s side
dent of Harvard, who announced of the bargain by producing a list
in 1959 that education is “what- of valuable human competen-
ever a school delivers.” Dr. Co- cies schools would guarantee to
nant was annoyed that any mere enhance – or lose their ability to
citizen might think he had the command attendance with the
right to question decisions made police power of the state.
by experts like himself. What he That said, let me give you my
demanded for himself, in essence, own list:
was the right to say, “Education is • Educated people are seldom
whatever I say it is.” at a loss what to do with time; be-
But a public definition of the ing alone is often a blessing to the
goals of mental and character educated because they like their
training can’t be avoided. If we, own company. Time doesn’t hang
the people, don’t agree on ends heavily on their hands.
there is no way on earth to make • Educated people can form
beginnings – would you set out by healthy attachments anywhere
car on a 12-year journey whose because they understand the dy-
destination was “out there some- namics of relationships.
where”? • Educated people are aware of,
The principal target of school accept and understand the signifi-
time at present, a target many cance of their own mortality and
self-satisfied men and women each of its seasons. They learn
congratulate themselves upon from each moment, they gain
knowing, is the production of high insight all their ages, even to their
standardized test scores – which last minutes on earth.
correlate with almost nothing of • Educated people possess a
value. Every president of the Unit- hard-won personal blueprint of
ed States, since such testing was value. They accept no prepack-
launched, has had a mediocre to aged marching orders without
poor standardized test score; the passing them through the test of
same is more true than not among critical review. But they are also
corporate executives. If the scores aware of a larger, human com-
had any meaning wouldn’t they be munity and its values; are knowl-
a common piece of data demand- edgeable about values in different
ed by consumers? Would you bet cultures.
on a horse without consulting its • Educated men and women
past performance charts, reduced enjoy power to create new things,
to mathematical data? Yet you are continued on page 78

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 27
College Experience for
Homeschooling High-School
Students. Why It’s a Great Idea
By Gail Lewis cated environment of college.
“If you want a place in the It is important, however, to
sun, you must leave the shade recog nize that the college
of the family tree.”1 environment itself is a very
In our sunny tropical state, valuable place in which to de-
we regularly remind ourselves velop the vital skills of an in-
of a common pidgin saying: formed and thinking citizen:
“Lucky we live Hawaii!” I The ability to make informed
believe that homeschoolers decisions, to acknowledge and
can reflect in a similar way on appreciate a range of perspec-
their good fortune not to have tives, to manage conflict con-
to waste time in high school, structively, to contribute pro-
learning things they already ductively to one’s society and
know or developing views of maintain a sense of personal
k nowledge-acquisition that and civic responsibility.
they will have to unlearn once “Lucky I homeschool!” Not
they get to the more sophisti- only are homeschoolers free
from the constraints of rigid
1 O s a ge s ay i n g. ( T h e
schedules and petty school
Osage Nation is a Native Ameri-
can tribe in the United States) rules, they are in a position
to develop more intellectual

perspectives than their high
school-attending peers, and
thus prepare better for what

Let me help you set your
will be expected of them in the
college setting and beyond. I
made some interesting discov-
eries during my background
goals and achieve success. academic literat ure search
for my research project on
College is a Lifetime the Running Start Program of
Investment... dual credit college/high school
courses that I did as part of
my Masters in Education (UH
College Admissions Consulting
Manoa ‘06). I came across
College Student Coaching
the work of Marcia Baxter-
Experienced - 14 Years as Ivy League Dean Magolda concerning what she
Parent of five homeschooled college grads
ter ms “self-authorship.” In
Caring counsel & guidance for
students & parents
my view, “self-authorship” is
another way to define home-
schooling – gaining the ability

to develop one’s own balanced
and meaningful perspective
and act accordingly.
faster • for less • for sure Baxter-Magolda asserts that
self-authorship requires the
continued on page 47

Page 28 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
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Group Crafts For
Making Homeschool Work
Make unique leather items for
SAVE ON Better with Field Trips
fun, or to give as momentos K12 ONLINE
By Dawn Hauff, Kingston, ID

COURSES. hen our son was born, arrived, we were rewarded with
twelve years ago, I a wonderful experience! The kids
SPECIAL SAVINGS was already thinking learned about fire-fighting, tree
Adventure Craft DURING THE MONTH of homeschooling. I spent time re- planting and identification; they
Coin Pouch
ABC’s of Leatherwork
8 projects per
pack, assorted OF MAY searching and talking with others tried on the clothing and gear that
Book Learn to use a colors. Finished
swivel knife, stamp, coin pouch is 3-1/4”
about home education. I went to fire-fighters wear. They got to
dye, finish, lace hand-
stitch, skive, gouge,
x 3” ONLY $21.24 a public school to ask about dual take turns going in a fire shelter,
set snaps and more. education, books, and curriculum a heat deflecting “tent”. They saw
ONLY $5.99
requirements in Idaho. I went the trucks and equipment that are
Award Fob Kit
Complete basic key online to check out our State’s used for fighting fires, and learned
fob kit, perfect for
new leather crafters
Education web site in Idaho to about the organizations that help
and youth projects.
ONLY $33.99
look for laws and regulations on take care of our National Forests.
Home Schooling. However, I still The adults had as much fun as the
felt inadequate when it was time students. We were given posters,
505-281-5822 to start school. and other educational material to
info@wylieleatherworks.com We joined a homeschool group take home.

Visit K12.COM,
or call 866.609.9578.
Leather Crafting Tools, Patterns, and Kits

The Principle Approach® Noah Plan® . . .

a complete K–12 Biblical-classical curriculum

Based on a methodology that

makes students productive
It teaches them to reason, to
take ownership of their learn-
ing, and to stand confident
in life.
They become not only good
students but life-long
learners. about thirty miles away that met This was the first of many fun
once a month. Our family still felt field trips. It was a little awkward
Order online and get
The Noah Plan® instills: isolated. I took a chance on what at first -- to call strangers and ask
15% OFF*
with coupon code TL29! >> Critical thinking skills
I knew, and what I wanted to do them to share their knowledge
>> Christian scholarship with making education fun and with kids and adults of various
Request your FREE DVD, >> Reasoning skills enjoyable. I wanted to incorporate ages for homeschool. Most were
“You’ve Decided to
Homeschool—Do it Right!”
>> Biblical life principles
field trips into our education. I very willing and excited to share
at www.face.net knew two other families nearby what they knew.
that homeschooled and contacted We went to our local museum,
Request your FREE catalogue at www.face.net
them. Then, I called our local where we were given a guided
Foundation for American Christian Education Ranger District for a Forest Ser- tour at a discounted price. We
Forming Christian Character in Children . . . Since 1965!
800.352.3223 vice Field trip. learned so much about items from
*All terms and restrictions apply. See Web store for details. Offer expires April 30, 2009
When the day of our field trip a hundred years ago, and about our

Page 30 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
local timber and mining history. I A publishing company gave us
didn’t recognize or comprehend
what some of the items were in
an amazing field trip, where the
children learned about marketing, Treasure Blending
the museum, so it was nice to have editing, and writing books. They Box at
a guide that interacted with us gave us free books, and did a slide Toys
and explained things. There were show visualizing the steps that go We have carefully the
butter churns and washtubs, meat
grinders, and ice-cream makers,
into publishing a book. The kids
really enjoyed it.
created an offering Beginning
of educational toys
kitchen utensils, not in use today, A mining company gave us a designed to foster:
that looked a mystery to us. There lecture on mining, and showed ORDER ONLINE
was steam-driven equipment for us the different types of minerals • Creativity
mining, and a room with black that are mined. They told us about • Enrich the Mind DIRECT PHONICS
light and rocks that glowed. It the antibacterial qualities of silver, • Spark the Imagination INSTRUCTION FOR
awed the kids and parents alike. and how silver is extracted from EARLY READERS
We went to a bowling alley, ore. We were informed about the
Visit Us Online:
where we had a free lesson on uses of silver, zinc and lead. The www.treasureboxtoys.com
bowling from the owner. It was kids received samples of pyro-
an old-fashioned alley that had morphite and cerrusite.
manual score-keeping cards. We A man who was active in setting Your children are unique.
learned how to keep score, and up field trips for the Boy Scouts Their toys should be
use our adding skills. helped us set up an exceptional too.
Eastern Washington University field trip. He arranged for us to
Mention this Ad and
at Cheney, gave us several field visit a lookout on Silver Mountain, Receive an
trips. We went to their Planetari- at the top of the World’s Longest Additional
um twice, and to the Archaeology Gondola. We rode the Gondola, 10% Off
Department, where we had a very then took chairlifts to the top of Your
interesting day. We pieced togeth- the mountain, and hiked a short Order! BlendingAtTheBeginning.com
er, like a puzzle, the fragments of trail. At the top was a lookout
the past at a workstation, finding a person. Since he was the summer Homeschool the Montessori Way! ages

marble, barbed wire, canning lids, lookout at Silver Mountain, we got 2 1/2 - 12
Indian arrowheads, bone awls, a tour and were informed of the
mortar and pestles. They gave us
a map of where an old farm was,
work of a lookout. He had Smokey
the Bear meet the kids and tell Educational Software
a hill, and a river, and had us de- them about fire safety in the
termine where the items had been
found and what the story was
woods, and handed out “Smokey”
water bottles. We went back down
88% OFF! ...SAVE up to $1,211
Montessori Phonetic reading
behind them. They showed us that the mountain for a nice lunch, and
cd1 $99 ($600 Value) 6 Modules!
Anthropology and Archaeology had a “real” fire fighter tell us his
cd2 $99 ($708 Value) 15 titles!
take some guessing on how things adventure stories, about some of cd4 Free ($108 Value)
might have happened. It was a the wildlife he met, and about the spelling/typing -
unique experience. dangerous trees that can fall on a sister Programs to reading
We visited our local Post Office. person in a fire if s/he isn’t careful.
The Postmaster had us address He showed us what he carried in Mecs PrograMs sUPPort:
letters and send them off to see his backpack, and what kinds of *Spalding
1st Place Software Award *Montessori Method
how the process of mail delivery scientific instruments he had and See website for review
*Orton Gillingham
works. She gave us a little his- what they were for. “Very highly recommended!” *Modern Brain Studies
tory lesson and let us cancel the Then a tree planter gave us HHHHH — Mary Pride
stamps. It was a reinforcement, in seedlings to plant, and told us that “Practical Home Schooling Magazine” “Self-Paced Lessons”
third grade, on how to write and when he was a boy, he loved the Visit our website 30 Programs for the
address letters. And why writing outdoors. He always wanted to FREE DEMO and Whole Family!
OnlinE catalOg
clearly for others to read is so im- have a job working in the woods.
portant. Misaddressed mail and He loved tree planting, and see- neWLY reLeased!
Call for even
more extras! 800-995-5133
unreadable mail doesn’t always ing the new trees grow. He was Modules 1 & 2 www.mecssoftware.com/home.htm
get where it’s going. continued on page 32 Gifted, Average, Remediation

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 31
Making Homeschool Work Better
M A G A Z I N E with Field Trips
Helping Families Explore the Wonders continued from page 31
inside the dam, and see the power
of God’s Creation Since 1983 blessed with the ability to do what
turbines. They had a circuit board
he loved, and wanted to share that
that allowed us to flip a switch
experience of watching some-
Readers participate many ways. and see how power was produced
•  Stories thing grow, by giving each of us
and brought to people’s homes.
•  Experiments a tree to plant. What a wonderful
After this field trip, we requested
•  Art lessons thing to share! We took our trees
•  Puzzles a “teaching trunk” from Idaho
home and carefully planted them,
•  Poems Power, which they so generously
and are still enjoying watching
•  Photos sent to our home for free, and
them grow.
Save $2.00 let us learn about electricity and
We also went to our local fire
w/Coupon Code magnetism with cow magnets,
station. It was more than just a fire
LK912 videos, and a circuit board, along
station field trip. It was real people
with some videos, and instruction
$34 sharing real stories and useful
books for hands-on learning about
12 issues/yr. information. The firemen “suited
Call for foreign rates power.
up” to show the kids what they
We use a wonderful full cur-
Nature Friend Subscriptions might look like if they came to
riculum for teaching, but these
4253-LK Woodcock Ln. their house if there was a fire. They
fieldtrips have been hands on,
Dayton, VA 22821 told them not to be afraid, though
visual learning experi-
they sounded like
877-434-0765 ences with real
Please share with a friend!

people doing
Darth Vader, and
real jobs, using their
looked scary, with their shields,
knowledge to make our world a
reflective tape, axes, masks, and
better place.
oxygen tanks. That was a good
When planning a field trip, you
thing to know, I wouldn’t have
should have an idea of how many
thought that a fireman could look
will be going, what age groups
scary to a child!
are welcome, how much time is
They let the kids sit in the
allowed. I made some mistakes in
equipment and they sounded
planning, when others came with
their sirens, and slid down their
us. Not all field trips are friendly
pole for us. Later we took a CPR
toward families, and prefer a cer-
course for only five dollars, and
tain age for learning. Make sure
we learned life-saving skills.
you know what will be taught at
The last field trip I will mention
the field trip, as for instance, a
was a trip to a dam. We got to go

Page 32 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
university may give a world view of water on fires and retardant
instead of a Christian view. Try planes drop their red retardant
to always remain polite, as you over hot areas to cool them down,
are a guest, and are making an so the fire-fighters could go in and
impression of who homeschoolers put them out. It has been an unfor-
are. Try to get, and relay as much gettable experience, that I am now
information as possible, and try able to share with others, and try
to keep your group small, with to “give back” some of what we
people who are dependable, espe- have received.
cially for field trips that are time- We see owls, deer, elk, moose,
sensitive. Don’t let your group get bear, and mountain goats up on
too big, speaking from experi- the mountain during the sum-

Make sure your

child’s skills stack up!
ACT research reveals that the most important step
parents can take to improve their child’s college
and workplace readiness is to make sure he or she
has acquired the foundational knowledge and skills
in math, English, reading, and science.

EXPLORE ® informs you

about the skills that your
8th and 9th grader will need
for success in high school
and college.
ence, as with more people there mer. It has been a very rewarding
is less dependability and more experience that takes some hard
PLAN ® informs you about
frustration. Some of our field trips work and dedication, but the result the skills that your 10th
required a minimum number of is priceless! grader will need to be ready
people; others happily accepted Project Learning Tree, Project for college.
as many as were able to come. If Wet, and Project Wild offer work-
you want more out of your home- shops to homeschool educators to The EXPLORE and PLAN assessments will help you:
school experience, don’t be afraid help teach about our environment; ■ Evaluate your child’s level of academic
to reach out to others and try some www.plt.org, www.projectwet. achievement
field trips together, or just as indi- org, and www.projectwild.org. If
■ Identify and address skill gaps
viduals. They are well worth the you visit www.fs.fed.us you can
effort! find out all about the Forest Ser- ■ Make coursework adjustments
One of the things that happened vice and some of their volunteer ■ Prepare for college entrance exams
as a result of our trips, was that we opportunities.
Visit www.act.org/advantage/link to learn more.
volunteered to be Fire Lookouts Fish and Game Departments
as a family. For two summers offer educational material. Check
we have worked on a mountain,
taking weather readings, look-
with your State for some fun
things to do. Go to www.volun- ACT ®
ing for smoke sightings, relaying teer.gov and find out how your
important weather and smoke in- family and you can volunteer for
formation to fire fighters and dis- many exciting, rewarding, and
patchers. We have watched smoke educational jobs. Life is an educa-
jumpers parachute into fires; tion. It’s a daily adventure if that’s
watched helicopters drop buckets what you make of it. D.H. L © 2009 by ACT, Inc. All rights reserved.

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 33
Lessons From The Road
By Lauren Brenner “educational” if there’s a writ-

all it ‘temporary in- ten assignment, right?)
“Probably the most comprehensive sanity’, but when my “For the record, let’s make a
teenager asked if I’d list of what you learned on this
tool for teaching expository writing
take her and a friend to San trip,” I said. After a few min-
at the lowest price!” -Cathy Duffy utes of deliberation, the girls
Francisco to see their favor-
ite singer, Regina Spektor, in unanimously agreed on the
most educational and positive
Why Are People concert, I said “Okay!” and
aspect of the weekend. Surpris-
bought concert tickets for my
Making Such a Fuss two kids and their friend, Gina, ingly, it had nothing to do with
the concert, nothing to do with
telling myself that these days
About This Book? of maternal inclusion are surely touring the city, nothing to do
numbered and not to be taken with shopping, either. (Note to
a. It’s a top 100 pick lightly. teenage girls: The “Forever 21”
by Cathy Duffy. The road trip from Los An- store in San Francisco is three
stories high!) On the contrary,
b. Students are writing Supplemental geles to San Francisco was four
it related to something not
DVD Now Available! hundred and some-odd miles,
better because of it. planned, not desired, and not in
and I wasn’t even sure I liked
c. Teachers love the analytical keys. Regina Spektor. But I agreed our budget, either. Yet there it
d. Ever yone recognizes its practicality. to do it with the understanding was, top of the list:
e. All of the above. that we justify this indulgence “DON’T PARK IN A
by referring to it as a “field TOW-AWAY ZONE!”
*Correct Answer: “e. All of the above!” trip,” and that we make the Gina was the one to first blurt
obligatory visits to the Golden it out. We all yelled “YES!”
•Paragraphs • five paragraph essays G at e Br idge, Fishe r m a n’s and literally rolled on the floor
• Research Papers • Resumes Wharf, China Town, Lombard laughing, realizing that our
•Business Letters • Book Reports Street (“the crookedest street towed car had indeed been a
• Answering Essay Questions: in the world!”), Haight Ash- positive (although overpriced)
bury, and other notable “Points exper ience, t ha n k s to ou r
It’s All Covered of Interest.” “field trip” perspective where
everything is grist for the edu-
and put to work in.. The girls were surprisingly
cational mill.
cooperative. Then again, they
Jensen’s Format Writing! knew on which side their bread We’d been in San Francisco
was buttered, and this resulted two days when we decided to
in my willingness to wait with have lunch in China Town.
them two hours after the con- After driving 20 minutes in
cert to catch Regina Spektor as the wrong direction, (my car’s
she exited the back stage door at navigational system misguided
1:00 a.m. The girls were beside us to a beautiful field of red-
themselves with glee, and were woods) we finally arrived, and
certain that this face-to-face took great pains to memorize
meeting with their latest musi- the name of the street so we
We also carry other books and writings on: wouldn’t get lost again. After
*English Fun Stuff *Journey Into Grammer Land cal idol would forever remain
the highlight of their lives. a big lunch and a little shop-
*Sound Spelling *Writing to Change the World... & More ping, we easily found the street
I knew I had to do something
fast to prevent this trip from be- where we’d parked.
call: 541-476-3080 ing filed in the “vacation” sec- But we couldn’t find the car.
or visit our website: www.jsgrammar.com tions of their memory banks. That’s when we read the
So on the final night of our stay, “No Parking After 3 P.M.”
I asked them to humor me with sign. And that’s when I forced
Schools, libraries, and resellers:
a little homework. (It has to be myself to remember my “field
institutional discounts are available! trip” perspective. Instead of

Page 34 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
moaning about how badly I navigational system takes you
messed up, how stupid I felt, in the wrong direction (enjoy
how much money this mistake the view!).
was going to run me, and how As we worked on the “What
I hoped Gina’s mom wouldn’t We Learned” list, we all real-
think I was unfit to chaperone ized the memorable lessons
three kids on a trip . . . came not from our pleasant, Thousands of
Science Products for
I focused on the learning planned sightseeing activities, Home & School
opportunities within the situa- but rather from the unexpected
tion. And suddenly, the towing bumps in the road. In the fu-
fee felt like a bargain, (well, ture, we probably won’t recall Over 2000 science products for all ages can
be ordered on our web site. Popular products
almost), because it bought the what we had for lunch that day including: Astronomy, Biology, Books, Botany,
Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science,
kids some priceless, personal, in China Town (though we’ll Lab Equipment, Microscopes, Physics, Physiology,
Technology, Telescopes, Videos & DVDs and Weather.
confidence-building lessons, surely remember the menu in- Schoolmasters Science has been supplying science edu-
delivered through experience, cluded “chicken feet”). But we cational products schools and individuals since 1964.
Visit our website today!
the best teacher of all. will remember to read street Order Online at
Within an hour, we’d hailed signs. The kids will always www.schoolmasters.com
a cab, paid the towing fees, and know that towed cars and other Schoolmasters 745 State Circle Box 1941 Ann Arbor, MI 48106

were back on the road. In the daily glitches aren’t the end of
process, the cab driver gave the world, even in a strange city
us some expert tips on which miles from home and family.

roads to take to avoid traffic And I’ll know that it’s a good
when returning to Los Ange- idea to pack ear plugs when SPEEDY SPANISH BECHTEL BOOKS
les, and we discovered a great sharing a motel room with 22 years of circulation and low costs have made
sushi bar on the way back to three night owls. this one of the best Conversational Spanish
the motel. So all was not lost, Yes, we’ll all know these
courses for all ages. Learn vocabulary, sentence
and a lot was actually gained, things from the inside out, be-
structure, Bible verses and songs.
because now the girls know cause we learned them through
• Primer, tape or CD worksheets • Speedy Spanish I &II
how it’s done if their cars are experience rather than from • CD’s or Cassettes • Sing-A-Long with tape or CD
ever towed in the future. lectures or books. As William • ABC with tape or CD • English materials — Puzzle books,
I n a d d it io n , d u r i n g t h e Hazlitt, the literary critic and readers, storybooks
three-day excursion, they also author wrote, “You know more • Christian Ethics for Youth Workbook, tests, and key
learned what to do if they get of a road by having travelled it A Bible study of wisdom for youth from the book of Proverbs.
• School Days Devotional Praise Character building, inspiring
locked out of a motel room than by all the conjectures and every-day devotional for the whole family.
late at night (call the front desk descriptions in the world.” To • Inspiration for Education Lots of ideas for Moms and teachers.
from your cell phone), if they that, I’ll add, you know even A reprint of a 1922 book that must not die.
lose a camera (look under the more of a road after getting For prices, catalog, and more!
sofa cushions), and if the car’s towed from its curb. L.B. L
www.speedy-spanish.com 888-621-3293
www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 35
Words & Art for Home,
Office & School Walls

ub-on transfers and banners
for walls! We also have trees,
vines, animals, logos and
monograms. We can even digital print
your dog or kids photos then cut them
out so you can stick them to a wall.
Preview your phrase, check the
lengths, colors & fonts before buying
at our website
For a FREE Catalog (888) 422-6685

Above: Artistic Images style, or as a high contrast one color finish.

Imagine taking that favorite photo of You decide! We will email you a proof of
someone special, a family occasion, a place your banner to make sure you are
or even a pet, and making that photo into a thoroughly pleased with it before we print
banner. We can take your high resolution it. What a unique and one of a kind
photo (at least 300 dpi) and print it in full wedding gift, birthday gift or “just because”
color or black and white on a matte gift this will make!
surface, 13oz banner!
Order your Artistic Images in time for
We can print your photo exactly as you that hard to buy for person on your
Full Size Classic Cars submit it, or we can process your photo
with a paint brush effect, in a polarized
Christmas list!
They will LOVE it!

ur p
owers; pray

for Cars

Do not pray for tas

ual to your tasks.

Trees &

Words in
For 15% off your online order, enter 73108567
Paren ck out the
ts spe
Drake Institute’s Home Treatment
page & Homesch cial
Science and Math through Literature
on ou
r web oolers
site Program – the Safe Alternative for
ADD, ADHD and More

rainmapping malfunctioning. For example,
QEEG (Quantitative if the frontal region of the brain
Electroencephalogram) shows excessive slow brainwaves
Adaptation of “Green
Grass Grew All Around”
Mother and daughter care
for loggerhead sea turtles
Sun upsets the moon -
bullying and lunar phases
Try on new tails with
Little Skink or Brainmapping is an essential and the patient has attentional dif-
 35 beautiful picture books with science, math, and nature themes diagnostic procedure used in ficulties, then we have a “match”
 Each book has a 3-5 page educational section with fun facts & activities evaluating ADD/ADHD, Autism, to help him/her with Neurofeed-
 eBooks with English and Spanish text and audio
 Stuffed Animals to match each title
Learning Disorders, Anxiety, and back to train the frontal lobe to
Free Online Resources: 30-80 page Teaching Activities, English and
Depression. It tells us if the symp- regulate more normally.
Spanish Audiobooks, Interactive Reading and Math Quizzes toms are neurologically based. If As another example, the right
Great Holiday Gifts! neurologically caused, then there temporal region is involved in
Select wrapping preferences during online checkout
is a high probability of treatment emotional regulation, so if it is
www.SylvanDellPublishing.com success using Neurofeedback malfunctioning, we would expect
and our comprehensive treatment the child to have difficulty with
program. emotional regulation or frustra-
by Coni L earn or T each Nineteen sensors are placed on tion tolerance. Again, here we can
S ewing F rom T he the surface of the head and brain- help this child with Neurofeed-
SUPPLIES & CLASSES e xperT wave activity is recorded over back to normalize this region to
N EW S T UD IO SEWIN G SKILLS those 19 areas. It is noninvasive improve emotional regulation.
DVD and painless. Much like a ther- QEEG is very similar to a
Sewing programs are evolving. mometer which only records your physician doing a throat culture
In a time of busy schedules and limited
budgets, Connie Crawford’s Sewing
temperature but does not affect on a patient with a sore throat
and Fitting DVDs save the day. This your temperature, the Brainmap and fever to determine which
is the ideal solution for today’s new only records the electrical activity antibiotic would best eradicate the
sewers or experienced sewers looking of the brain; it does not do any- infection.
for a convenient way to brush up on
thing to the brain. Without a Brainmapping, a
their skills.
The Brainmapping will detect clinician cannot truly know if
if any area of the brain is mal- the symptoms are neurologically
WWW.FASHIONPATTERNS.COM functioning or misfiring. The based, or simply psychological/
PO Box 370 Hansville, WA 98340 patient’s Brainmap is processed behavioral. If neurological, the
PH: (360) 638-2629 FAX: (360) 638-0296
and compared to a “normative Brainmap pinpoints which brain-
database” that was developed waves are abnormal and which
through funding from NIH. The location. Having analyzed thou-
Mama’s Minerals normative data base we use is sands of patients’ Brainmaps in
FDA approved and is the best in our institute, we have an extensive
“Hands-On Learning”
the world. It shows how the pa- clinical treatment database unique
Rock tient’s brain should be functioning to the Drake Institute from which
Books Hammers at that age. to draw.
With the assistance of our Our Medical Director, David
Posters Mineral neuropsychology staff, we know Velkoff M.D. and his neurop-
Kits what cognitive or emotional sychological staff, develop the
Materials functions each area performs. individualized Drake Institute
Fossil If one or more of the locations neurofeedback protocols for each
Kits shows reduced activity (either patient.
from too many slow brainwaves NeuroFeedback
Meteorite or not enough fast brainwaves), Your brain weighs about 2
UV Lamps Kits then we can predict what type of pounds, yet it utilizes almost 50%
ENTER COUPON “LINK09” FOR 10% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE symptoms the patient may be ex- of all of your body’s blood glu-
MamasMinerals.com 1-877-WE-ROCK-U periencing as a result of that area cose. It utilizes all of this glucose

Page 38 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
to create electrochemical energy, Normally, we cannot accurately
or simply, electricity, to enable influence our brainwave patterns ENCORE INK Celebrate
your brain to carry out all of its
functions, including learning and
because it is beyond our level
of awareness. But when you see
SAVES YOU $$$ Accomplishment!
emotional regulation. your brainwaves on a computer

Photo © 2006 National Recognition Products

This electrical activity can be screen in front of you, almost in-
recorded in the form of brain- stantaneously as they occur, you
waves by placing passive non- can influence them in a positive
invasive electrodes (sensors) on direction.
the head. Brainwaves occur at For example, your brainwaves
different frequencies, from the are converted into a computer
slow brainwaves, Delta and Theta game of a car driving down the We’re a large homeschool family
to the fast brainwaves, Beta, as highway. The moment you cause with plenty of printing needs. Sound
familiar? Are you constantly
measured in cycles per second. your brainwaves to shift to a spending money on new ink We have everything
Slow brainwaves (Delta) reflect faster, healthier frequency, the cartridges? We’re Here to Help!
for your graduate:
that the brain is under-aroused or car begins to speed up on the •Ink Refill Kits
• Quality Diplomas
functioning at reduced capacity computer screen and an auditory •Compatible Cartridges
• Personalized Covers
for mental efficiency. This occurs tone goes off. The auditory tone •Fax, Laser, MICR Toner
• Caps & Gowns
during sleep and daydreaming. is triggered every half second you • Class Rings
You can save 70% to 90% on the • Honors Items
When your brain is producing sustain this “response”. cost of cartridges by refilling the • Invitations
predominantly fast brainwaves There is a new awareness the ink. Or save 50% to 70% by using
top-quality compatible cartridges. Serving individual families,
(Beta), it is more fully aroused; patient develops as this occurs, We specialize in providing these Homeschool Groups
we are alert, focused, and net- almost like learning “the feeling products to help save you money on Christian & Charter Schools
works of neurons in the brain are of balance” on a bicycle. Though all your printing needs!
engaged to fully process informa- the disorder may be biological or HomesCHool
www.encoreink.com diploma.Com
tion. The faster brainwaves (Beta) neurological in nature, you can
need to be dominant for control- retrain your brain to normal or 866-48E-INKS 877-466-2563
ling attention, behavior, emotions, improved functioning, whereby
and learning. If one is producing symptoms decrease or resolve. learn grammar in just 10 minutes a day
too much of the slow brainwaves What the patient learns in the
(Delta or Theta) or too few of the clinic during the treatment ses-
fast brainwaves (Beta), then the sions are practiced or integrated
brain will be operating at reduced into their everyday life situations
capacity. until it becomes their natural
Neurofeedback training/treat- state. Drugs can be harmful and for High School and 5th-6th Grades
ment is simply brainwave bio- sometimes even dangerous with Sentence Combining improves students’ writing
feedback. With neurofeedback only temporary improvement quality while at the same time enhancing syntactic
training a patient can learn to im- for conditions such as ADD/ skills and has been found to be an effective
alternative to traditional grammar instruction.
prove and strengthen brainwave ADHD. However, neurofeedback
patterns to the more dominant is safe and can lead to long-term Thinking
faster brainwaves essential for fo- improvement, unlike the drugs, Through Math
cus, organization, follow through, because neurofeedback uses a
and basic learning functions. learning process that strengthens Word Problems
A QEEG is conducted first, and develops the synaptic connec- Great practice with
which records brainwave patterns tions in the brain. active response for
from all over the head and it de- FullCare Program 3rd to 5th graders.
tects if any regions are malfunc- The Drake Institute’s FullCare
to order visit drwhimbey.com
tioning. Then 1 or 2 electrodes Program is the key to our un-
(sensors) are placed on the scalp precedented success. FullCare
For Information Call:
over the abnormal area and the is a comprehensive, medical,
patient’s brainwaves are recorded non-drug program that employs BGF Performance Systems, LLC.

and displayed in front of him on a synergy of Brainmap Guided PO Box 256643
a computer screen in the form of Neurofeedback, Cognitive and Chicago, IL 60625-6643
a game. BOOKS 1-800-481-3495 • Fax: (773) 539-8099
continued on page 87

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 39
Sylvan Dell Books –
Revolutionary Fun/Learning Products!
ylvan Dell is a publisher of a book and its subject, it greatly
Imagine the
12 45 wonderful, beautifully-
illustrated children’s books.
“enhances the opportunity for
parents to build on that interest
COURSES. More importantly, every one of and to strike while the learning
Instruction these books has been developed iron is hot!”
SPECIAL SAVINGS to stir great excitement and a pas- Once you are on the Sylvan
DURING THE MONTH sion for reading in children, while Dell website, simply click on a
ATELIER teaches:
♦ Art Elements & Principles
♦ Artist Appreciation
OF MAY simultaneously providing parents
with the tools to turn every story
book cover. The book opens in
“manual” mode on your screen,
♦ Creative Self Expression
♦ Cultural Appreciation
time into a cross-curricular, won- allowing you to read to your
♦ Drawing Technique derful learning adventure! child or the child can read on his/
♦ Media Exploration
♦ Art Criticism
Sylvan Dell’s mission is to bring her own, while manually flip-
♦ Art History science and math to children ping the pages. Or, even more
Order Online through literature, and the books exciting, these E-books can be
to Receive a 10% Discount!
Coupon Code: cahs2010
are developed with a serious edu- viewed in Sylvan Dell’s new for-
Good through 12/10 cational component. For parents mat “autoflip”, where the book
who want to engage the math, is automatically read to the child
VISIT science and other learning objec- in either English or Spanish,
to learn about pricing & how our 8 tives found interwoven into each whichever you choose! The auto-
age-appropriate levels provide the
and every story, the back of each mode capability was designed
Visit K12.COM,
right options for your
family. book contains a 3-5 page section and developed to improve reading
(888) 310-ARTS – “For Creative Minds” -- filled comprehension and improve read-
or call 866.609.9578.
with educational activities. These ing speed, as well as to be used as
www.homeschoolart.com activities include crafts, fun facts, a phenomenal tool for teaching or
vocabulary and games to enhance introducing foreign languages. At

their educational value and to sup- any time while the book is being
port National Science and Math read, you may flip the audio and

Standards. text back and forth from English
Finally, each book was careful- to Spanish! This makes it perfect
ly reviewed by experts in the field, as an elementary vocabulary
FOCUSED including scientists and educators
from NOAA, NASA, SeaWorld,
source for Spanish learning.
The Sylvan Dell website, loaded
ON THEIR the Houston Zoo and various na-
ture centers and aviaries.
with wonderful print and e-books,
is a wealth of additional educa-
WORK Exciting Line of E-books tional resources including:
Launched • Interactive learning games &
To make reading and learning quizzes – i.e. crossword puzzles
NOT THEIR even more fun and interactive
for children, Sylvan Dell recently
and word searches
• Teaching activities
COMPUTER launched its new generation of • Related websites
E-books! The company’s entire • Crafts for story time events,
PROBLEMS collection of fabulously illustrated and more!
books can now be viewed on your • Sylvan Dell’s e-newsletter,
computer screen or projected onto Book Beat
A Campus Computer Catering Service a large screen, creating an even Although these books have
more fun-filled, interactive activ- been designed with simplicity for
ity for the kids. the user, Sylvan Dell has also cre-
Student Computer and Campus IT Solutions
As Lee German, president of ated a short tutorial and a sample
Taking the Burden Off Your Shoulders Sylvan Dell, believes, an integral e-book.
part of the company’s philosophy These books -- both print
www.creekbedtech.com is that by exciting a child about and online - are affordable! A
continued on page 88

Page 40 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Rosetta Stone
Incredible Foreign Language AIgebra I
Course Homeschool Version 3.3,
Level 1 (Latin American Spanish)
Fairfield Language a large part of immersion in the
Technologies Available on language. The interaction takes
the Internet and in fine retail place in pronouncing back words Angle 1 = x
stores nationwide (through the microphone/headset
that is provided), as well as click-
By Michael Leppert ing on the appropriate picture of a

Angle 2 = x + 30

y now, Rosetta Stone’s word or phrase pronounced by the

language learning prod- program. The program enhances
ucts are known as the the total immersion atmosphere Angle 3 = 3x

benchmark of foreign-language by not having any translation dur-

programs. Their “dynamic im- ing the lessons. Solving for x has
has never
never been
been more
more fun
mersion” approach has won Just for Homeschooling fami-
Engage your Algebra I student(s) with an animated, interactive
kudos from users of all ages and lies, RS offers the Homeschool textbook from Kinetic Books.
for all languages. Obviously, the Dashboard, which allows the
parents to set up the users and "This is the most amazing program I have ever used. I am gaining
company knows how to success-
such a great understanding of the subject from using it."
fully teach foreign languages. choose from a wide variety of
Student, WI
More good news is that they also variations of the program. To
are aware of homeschoolers and begin with, there are four Place- Kinetic Books' digital textbooks are comprehensive, conform to
have developed a special, value- ment Tests (General, Listening, state requirements, have already been adopted by the state of
Reading and Reading & Writing) California, and cost much less than printed textbooks from
packed, multi-user module to ac-
for students who may already pos- traditional publishers.
commodate those of us who teach
our own children at home. The sess some knowledge and need to Pricing starts at $49.95 Using FOIL to multiply binomials
RS Homeschool Version goes far pick up at their own knowledge and printed copies are Multiply using FOIL: First
beyond any other course available level. The customizable portions available to supplement First, Outer, Inner, Last

for a full and sophisticated grasp include two Full Year Curricula, the digital text. Inner
of a language. a 36-week and a 45-week choice, Imagine your student Simplify and combine
Rosetta Stone has solved the for those using the program for interacting with an like terms

problem of “immersion” distance educational credit; the Standard engaging textbook

learning, where the student can Curriculum for those learning the that contains the following elements:
hear the language spoken all language new, but possibly with
Whiteboards: introduce students to the fundamental ideas of
around him/her and pick up pro- accelerated abilities, as it does not Algebra. Hundreds of sample problems provide clear step-by-
nunciation and imprint vocabu- repeat skills that might have been step explanations with animation and audio narration.
lary quickly. RS offers what it slightly less-than-perfect, which
the Full Year section offers. The Activities: demonstrate to students how to apply algebra skills
calls “dynamic” immersion, using
Standard With Reading Intro sec- to solve problems presented in hundreds of real-life
five elements of sensory intake of
simulations. Examples include: writing an equation for a
information: Images, instruction, tion offers letters of the alphabet
give-and-go soccer play, using quadratic equations to create
intuition, interaction and immer- and letters sounds preliminarily, art, and solving equations to play a collaborative game.
sion itself. The program provides for student who need this work.
pictures and spoken pronunciation There is also a Reading & Writing Quick Checks and Kinetic Homework: assist students with
Focus section that trains attention audio hints and one-click access to relevant examples as
of vocabulary words, offering the
on those who need to know how they work through thousands of interactive problems.
user the opportunity to intuitively
tell at what some of the meanings to write and read their chosen Scoring: helps students in tracking their progress, with
are – just as one learns his/her language of study. The Dashboard real-time feedback on attempted problems and the
native tongue. The more one prac- tracks the performance of each overall rate of success.
tices this skill consciously with lesson, its completion and elapsed Try a sample at:
an additional language, the easier time, allowing the parent or older www.kineticbooks.com/support/algebratrialonline.php
it becomes and this represents continued on page 88 www.kineticbooks.com

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 41
EvErything Magnificent Monologues
KIDS & TEENS for Kids 2
offers 13 Rules to improve
NEED To KNow To By Chambers Stevens
Published by Sandcastle
one’s monolog ue auditions
and 8 Rules to avoid. They
SuccEED IN TV aND ThEaTrE! Publishing, POB 3070
South Pasadena, CA 91031
for m a n excel le nt outl i ne
(with some re-shaping) for
practice in a number of other
Back-to-School Special Offer: www.childrenactingbooks.com
endeavors as well. These 13
(79 pages; $14.95)
Magificent Positive Rules include many
By Emerson Sandow on how to memorize (Rule 5

is especially ingenious) and
for Kids Pack omeschooli ng af- how to characterize. The 8
fords children a tre- “Never” Tips include things
$23 (save $5.90)
use code BTSS09 mendous oppor t u- like do not storm off if you
offer expires 12/31/09 On Sa nity to succeed at the arts, blow you r lines; f inish as
Written by LA’s with plenty of time to study best you can -- and demon-
Premiere Kids and Also available...
Pack-N-Act for Teens a nd pr a ct ice a nd t he a r t s strate your professionalism.
Teens Acting Coach
- Chamber Stevens (3 book set) present an excellent way to That is great practice advice
develop a broa d r a nge of in most undertakings in life.
skills that aid in other aca- Next, Magnif icent Mono-
Great Deal... demic pursuits and life skills logues 2 gets down to provid-
Our Best Seller and Our On S development. T he T heat re ing 30-second monologues,
Award Winner Together! Arts offer some of the most 5 for boys and 5 for girls;
interesting ways to develop then 15 Magnificent Come-
NEW Top Accents a broad range of skills and dic Monologues for boys and
Pack for Actors enjoy it at the same time! 17 for girls and f inally, 10
only $122.70 (reg $144.70) Chambers Stevens, a ver y D r a mat ic Monolog ue s for
successful and experienced both boys and girls. Af ter
helping Kids and teens Hol ly wo o d a c t o r, t h e a t r e the monologue section, Mr.
actor and acting coach, has Stevens’ book offers a four-
Act Out their Dreams! written seven books in his page Glossar y of Indust r y
se r ie s, cove r i ng Mag nif i- Ter ms, both theatrical and
We offer a full selection of effective cent Monologues for Kids, film, and a four-page Bibli-
Guides, Books, CD’s and more! Magnificent Monologues for ography of Mr. Stevens’ fa-
Teens, Sensational Scenes vorite T.V. performances by
• Commercial Guides and The Ultimate Commer- children. Magnificent Mono-
• Scene Study cial Book. T h is book, the logues 2 is an excellent book
Items second of Monolog ues for for serious acting students
• Monologues and Plays Many rately
S e p a
Sold oney Kids and the seventh in the to focus their attention on
READ-N-ACT ALONG BOOKS: or in M Kits! series, provides continuing these impor tant pieces for
For Pre-K to 8 yrs. - on CD or cassette Saving
serious g uidance to young auditions or for those who
LEARN DIALECTS AND ACCENTS: actors in choosing, practic- want a perfect supplement to
We have 25 different accent programs available! ing and perfecting the art of their “fun” acting endeavors.
• Voice Overs • Production Aids • Public Speaking monologues for auditions. The entire set of Chambers
Acting provides an excel- Stevens’ books are available
Order online or call for more information lent way to develop one’s from Sandcastle Publishing
memory, literary awareness and belong in the library of
800-891-4204 and verbal com munication every serious acting student.
www.ChildrenActingBooks.com skills while also learning a Please visit the website for
sk illed t rade. M r. Stevens complete information. E.S.

Page 42 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
10% oFF

1-8 0 0 -c h r i s t i a n

To Ta k e a dva n Tag e o f o u r s p e c i a l d i s c o u n T o f f e r o n l i n e o r b y p h o n e ,
p l e a s e u s e p r o m o T i o n c o d e 289114Lh. o f f e r e x p i r e s a u g u s T 1 , 2 0 0 9 .

Our huge selection of Christian books, Bibles, music, and gifts is always up to 50% or more off the retail price.
But now the savings are even bigger. Just enter this code to save an additional 10% with your purchase
of $35 or more. And see how easy it is to get everything Christian . . . for even less!
The Center On Congress at Indiana University
Silpada Designs: A Sterling Opportunity for Homeschooling Moms
By Sasha Rusk of my boys is up with the chickens (we ing journey, with Silpada Designs you can

hen someone asks you why you have four!) and the other one sleeps in. I change direction at any time . . . after all,
homeschool your kids, what’s love that my kids’ individual rhythms are you’re working for yourself!
your answer? Is it that you love accommodated by the fact that we make Homeschooling compels parents to
how free and family-centered your days our own schedule. Working from home evaluate our goals for our children, and
are? Do you bust out a John Taylor Gatto extends that same freedom to me; I decide to help them set goals for themselves. As
quote and reply that you’re raising future what days and times I want to work my a Silpada business owner, I love that I’m
entrepreneurs, not employees? Or maybe Silpada business, rather than my day cen- modeling entrepreneurship right here in
you explain that your definition of “social- tering around a nine-to-five job. our home. My boys help me put labels on
ization” isn’t thirty-five same-aged kids There are as many ways to homeschool catalogs and print out invitations. When
sitting in a room full of desks. These are as there are homeschooling families; I’m leaving for a party they cheer me
my answers, and they’re the same reasons whether you’re unschooling or working with an enthusiastic, “Sell lots of jewelry,
that I work from home. After researching with a charter, following a curriculum or Mama!” As I drive, I contemplate my good
several direct-sales business opportuni- making it all up as you go along, it’s up to fortune -- I’m going to work and ending
ties, I joined Silpada Designs, the original you! Silpada Designs offers the same kind up at a party! Now that’s socialization!
and fastest-growing sterling silver home of flexibility. Some women want to earn So why did I choose Silpada Designs?
party company. Having my own business an extra $1,000 per month to help out with The income is great -- 30% of my sales
with Silpada gives me the same freedom, expenses; others see Silpada as a viable go straight into my pocket, no waiting
flexibility, and family-centered lifestyle career, providing full-time income. I’ve for commission checks. The jewelry is
that I want for my children . . . it’s a per- met Silpada reps that single-handedly sup- gorgeous . . . so there’s no need for a pre-
fect fit. port their families and reps that are selling sentation or pushy sell. Silpada’s Lifetime
One advantage of homeschooling is that Silpada jewelry to help them reach a spe- Guarantee backs each handcrafted piece,
our days don’t revolve around school. One cific goal. Just as with your homeschool- continued on page 101
College Experience for Homeschooling
High-School Students. Why It’s a Great Idea SAVE ON
continued from page 28 What I discovered, though,
following quite complex as- both through the focus groups
sumptions about the nature of I conducted for my Running COURSES.
knowledge, that: Start research and through my Make your homeschool
• Knowledge is constructed own experience as a parent record-keeping simple SPECIAL SAVINGS
by individuals in the context of a college-course-attending
of relevant evidence •Store data for multiple
homeschooler, was that the
• Evaluation of the evidence benefits were indeed as great school terms OF MAY
is necessary in order to decide •Preview your reports before
or greater in the affective area
what to believe printing
as in the cognitive area. The
• Each individual has the •Automatically average grades
affective domain includes the •Calculate GPAs and print
capacity to make these deci- range of personal qualities transcripts
sions needed for adults to function •Keep a lesson planner up
• Individuals need to have most effectively in the world. to ONE YEAR long for
a strong sense of identity as “Affective growth” is an emo- each course!
people who ca n const r uct tional process of developing
knowledge for themselves Easily record, organize and print:
such attributes as emotional
• Interaction and engage- st abilit y, self-suf f iciency, Attendance • Books • Borrowed
ment with others is necessary self-discipline, motivation & Loaned Items • Courses •
to gain access to other per- Expenses •Field trips • Friends
spectives and make meaning
and asser tiveness. In fact,
my research conclusions on
& Contacts • Games • Goals • Visit K12.COM,
Grades •Lesson Plans • Notes •
of one’s own experience. high school students attend- Software • Videos or call 866.609.9578.
Most homeschooling fami- ing college indicated a greater homeschoolsolutions.com
lies would probably concur significance for the degree of
with these asser tions. Cer- affective development than
tainly, they reject the common that of cognitive development,
experience of many schooled though the two were closely
students who are ‘forced’ to interlinked in the experiences
accept the teacher’s choice of of college by high-school-
what to believe, in order to get aged students, as they are of
the best grades. The school course in college students of
setting has a more limited def- traditional age. Naturally, the
inition of knowledge than one Running Start students made
finds in homeschooling, and huge strides in their cogni-
of course in the college en- tive skills but more important
vironment. I began my study were the leaps in progression
of the Running Start Program in terms of their readiness for
in the belief that early college new challenges, the growth
experience would have great of a personal identity and the
cognitive benefits for students beginning of a commitment to
ready for higher intellectual ‘self-authorship.’
challenge than they could re- I chose to conduct my re-
ceive in high school. A desire search study on the experi-
to move ahead faster and gain ences of students in the Hilo/
these cognitive benefits are Puna area of the Big Island of
probably also the main rea- Hawaii who were taking part
sons why many homeschooled in concurrent enrollment in
students begin taking Com- college/high school through
munity College or four-year the Running Start early ad-
college courses during their mission program, attending
high school years. continued on page 50

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 47
Mating Without Dating - Part Two
continued from page 15 He was also realizing he really
tory, beliefs, goals, perceptions enjoyed a woman who challenged
of married life and how it works, and sharpened him as Crystal
employment, and spending hab- did.
its. Several key questions had Greg and I both felt a bit over-
already been answered inadver- whelmed and wanted time to
tently over the months of family pray, think, and talk. We gave
friendship - such as his perspec- Ian some further questions we
tive on dating, home schooling, wanted to talk about at a future
family planning, and whether his date. We did not go easy on him.
wife would be expected to work Our daughter had entrusted to
outside the home. her dad a list of things that were
Our evening together spanned important to her in a future mate.
four hours and it was appar- We owed it to her (and to Ian)
ent this young man had looked to screen him well and not open
closely at our daughter and found an emotional gateway between
her lovely inside and out. It was them, if he lacked major elements
also clear that he was ready for of the things Crystal had decided
marriage and shared Crystal’s she needed in a husband.
core values. We drove away from He had obviously been studying
that meeting struck rather silent. her for months and made it clear
My husband and I were in deep that he was not asking permis-
thought. Finally he asked me, sion to evaluate her up close and
“Are you thinking he might actu- decide if he liked what he found -
ally be the one?” “Yes.” I replied that assessment was behind him.
- although I had not gone into the He had the boldness and fortitude
evening with any such thoughts, to say that he knew he desired to
and we both knew the decision marry her. What he wanted was
would be Crystal’s to make, not to give her a chance to evaluate
ours. him in detail and determine if she
Ian had impressed us greatly. would have him. That he was man
It was apparent that much of his enough to put himself in the place
depth and maturity had been of vulnerability and risk spoke
honed in the painful years of volumes about his character and
waiting and wondering if he ability to lead lovingly.
Self-paced study. Anytime. Anywhere! would ever find that special We met again a week later and
woman. In the months of our tackled more tough questions -
budding friendship with his fam- asking about his health history,
ily, we had had many discussions his experience with pornography
Enroll anytime! exploring matters of religion vs. (something we know all young
actually intimate friendship with men in our culture are exposed
Complete in one year or less!
God. Unbeknownst to us, this to due to the nature of modern
Over 100 online courses was all dovetailing with things advertising and the internet), his
in more than 25 subject areas: that God had been doing inside tastes in entertainment, and his
Health Care Administration
him. There were some conversa- sense of responsibility to his par-
Anthropology Journalism & Mass Media tions that Crystal thought bor- ents and to his younger siblings
Participating schools Business Library Science
accredited by the Northwest Business Law Mathematics dered on arguments where she in the event that his parents died
Child & Family Studies Microbiology, Molecular
Commission on Colleges and Computer Science Biology & Biochemistry assumed they would have left our or could no longer care for them.
Universities Economics Music History
Education Philosophy home thinking “those people are We did not hold back or go easy
Register online:
Environmental Science
Political Science
whacked.” Ian later told us that on him. Crystal was a treasure
www.uiweb.uidaho.edu/isi Family & Consumer Sciences Psychology he left those conversations feeling and we were not going to expose
Finance Real Estate
Toll-free: (877) 464-3246 Foreign Languages & Social Science spurred on in the internal trans- her to any unworthy suitor. We
Literatures Sociology
formation he was experiencing. shared honestly about aspects of
Page 48 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
her upbringing, experiences, and portant questions, and racked up
needs in a spouse. As much as
possible, we sought to uncover
a serious cell phone bill! Within
a month, Crystal knew her heart Marva Collins
Seminars for
and remove anything that could wanted to say “yes” to this man’s
be an obstacle to the growth of pursuit of her and she found a
a deep friendship maturing into quiet moment to tell him so.
love between them, if Crystal de-
sired to pursue the relationship.
The sense of having two pre-
Several more family times to-
gether were arranged, affording
them time to talk. They chose
cious young people’s lives in the to avoid private “alone time” as Consultation services to homeschoolers are
palms of our hands called for hormonal attraction was adding now available! Be sure to also inquire about
extreme care and seriousness. on top of spiritual, emotional,
We wanted to do all we could to intellectual unity and they both
our time-proven educational products.
prevent them from being hurt un- knew that premarital physical in-
necessarily. timacy fractures trust and respect
After much prayer, and with later within marriage - two keys
the growing sense that this was of lifelong love that they had seen
a divinely ordained approach, we so many others surrender and
asked Ian to put the crux of all he regret.
had shared with us into a letter Another month later, Ian
that we would share with Crystal surprised Crystal with a tender
when we felt the time was right romantic proposal and ring. We
(since she knew nothing of our had told Ian before we shared his
meetings, emails, or conversa- interest with Crystal, that if she
tions with Ian). We felt a letter was said, “yes”, we would encour-
a good approach because she was age them to plan and progress
going to need time to come up to toward a wedding date. We saw
speed on all he had conveyed to no benefit in long engagements -
us without the awkwardness of an it is not the season for exploring
initial face-to-face meeting. the relationship (that should have
After that letter was received, happened before a proposal) and The Marva Collins seminars have
Greg arranged a quiet time for there are no deepening connec- been well received by the education
us to speak to Crystal alone and tions to be plumbed during that community and parents. Call today
share that someone we had in- time either (those occur within
terviewed in depth and prayed marriage and for the rest of a
before our schedule fills up!
about was seeking her hand. We couple’s life). Our observation
gave her the letter and told her was that long engagements were
Her graduates have entered some of the
there was no pressure here. If she tortuous and sometimes only nation’s finest colleges and universities.
wanted to pursue this, we would existed so an elaborate wedding Some of her awards include:
facilitate that. If she had a “No could be planned. We wanted our •The Jefferson Award for Benefiting the Disadvantaged
go” in her spirit, then the matter children to cherish being married, •The Humanitarian Award for Excellence
would be put to rest quietly with not getting married (something •Legendary Women of the World Award
a minimum of embarrassment. which greatly impacts wedding •Many honorary doctoral degrees from universities such
I shed some tears as amazement planning). as Amherst, Dartmouth, Notre Dame, and Clark University
and disbelief washed over her. A simple elegant wedding took •The prestigious National Humanities Medal from Presi-
She assured us she would pray place three months later, followed dent Bush in 2004
and we told her we would con- a month after that by a large pot-
tinue to do so as well. luck dinner reception and outdoor
Initially, she responded to Ian
with a “Let’s enter a time of in-
As of this writing, they have 800-724-6650
tentional friendship building.” A been married for a year and now
P.O. Box 6598
rash of get-togethers between the have a newborn daughter. I’ve
Hilton Head Island, SC 29938
families were held. Hours on the never known a more well-bonded customerservice@marvacollins.com
phone enabled them to cover im- young couple - radiantly in love,
continued on page 57

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 49
Introducing... “Comet® College Experience for Homeschooling
The Fast Path To Learning” High-School Students. Why It’s a Great Idea
For ages
An exciting game 11 or older continued from page 47 ally situated to participate in
reg ula r cou rses on site at such opportunities if they live
that promotes Hawaii Community College within commuting range of a
learning in a fun and UH Hilo. The 16 students tertiary institution. On-line
who participated in my study college courses, while valu-
and engaging way! reflected a wide diversity of able, do not offer the extensive
backgrounds: Cultural, socio- affective development possi-
Bible Game Edition economic, rural/urban, and bilities which I believe are the
personal lifestyle. Comments most helpful to students taking
A fun, new way to learn the Bible! Discover amazing from the three focus-group early college courses. One of
facts about characters, angels, events, and scripture. discussion sessions were tran- my students commented: “At
visit our website at: brought to you by scribed and analyzed accord- college you’re actually doing
www.activemindsonline.com ing to themes, both affective stuff worth doing . . . People
(702) 759-6138 ACTIVEMINDS® and cognitive, that arose out will like discuss what’s going
of a comparative data analysis on. You can actually talk to
process. The themes of affec- them about stuff in your class
SPEECH, MOCK TRIAL, tive development identified
through the students’ com-
and they’ll have interesting
things to say – they’re not just,
DRAMA & DEBATE ments were: Expanded person-
al vision; sense of legitimacy
like, bored.” Other students
agreed, noting: “It’s more of a
•Texts •Videos and CDs and ref lections on identity choice learning environment
and perception by others; per- than a forced one, you know.”
•Summer Camps •Free Samples spective on individual choice “Yeah, if you want to choose
and personal responsibility; to do a lot of work, then it’s
Request a free catalogue engagement with the college there for you.”
toll-free at environ ment, st udents and Coming to a recog nition
1-575-751-0514 or email faculty; recognition of ability that the student himself or
to negotiate for better learning herself had to take responsi-
Bennett@cdedebate.com opportunities; adaptability to bility to seek help if studies
age-diversity in the academic weren’t going well, seemed
setting (range of ages in UHH to be an epiphany that all of
college classes can be from 16
Visit us today at www.cdedebate.com to 80+ years); and a recogni-
the students I interviewed had
experienced. Perhaps the need
tion of the differing roles of to take the initiative on one’s
Alger Learning Center & college instructor versus high
school teacher.
learning path is more likely
to be a surprise to students
Independence High School The comments of my focus from a school background, but
“Where learning goes beyond the classroom”
g roup st ude nt s cor relat ed learning to speak up and take
• 25 Years of Experience
• Custom Curriculum tailored to your needs
very closely with the affective steps to seek help from pro-
• Offering both Local and Distance Education, as well as our benefits of college attendance fessors and college resource
new Recognition and Satellite School Program by young adults (post-high- centers is not a guaranteed
WE OFFER A VARIETY OF PROGRAMS: school) documented in the ac- early achievement of those
• K-12 Education • High School completion ademic literature, leading me from the homeschool setting.
• SAT Preparation • Homeschool assistance to conclude that high school Homeschooled students are,
• Credit Analysis • Annual assessment
st udents should be offered by definition, likely to be in-
Come see how self-directed learning tears and should take advantage of dependent learners who might
down the walls of the traditional educational opportunities for enrollment
method, and turns the World into a classroom. take longer to realize the ben-
in courses on college cam- efits of co-operative study and
Alger Learning Center & Independence High School puses during their high school
121 Alder Dr. Sedro-Woolley WA 98284 office hours. One of my Run-
http://www.independent-learning.com years. ning Start study participants
(800) 595-2630 orion@nas.com Home s cho ole r s a r e ide - continued on page 55

Page 50 www.homeschoolnewslink.com

Joyfully teach and learn the BFH way!

ECONOMICAL: One purchase! The BFH Fluent Handwriting Manual with its CD-ROM has
everything you need for everyone of every age: movies with teaching suggestions, and lots of lesson
plans. Most lessons can be edited before you print them to use. Make lessons relevant and fun!
EASY: One easy-to-write, easy-to-read alphabet! These same letters join up to form a flowing
cursive for a lifetime of legible, fast and pleasurable writing.
BFH IS A PROVEN METHOD: Adults who, as children learned this method retain its principles in
their own distinctive handwriting.
PLEASE VISIT TO SEE MORE: Come to www.BFHhandwriting.com or call Nan at 410-272-0836.
Why Teach Laura
Why Buy Ingalls Wilder to
Tooties? Boys and Girls
Educational By Amy Ankrum, curator of the Wilder Museum
Magical for ages 1 to 10

au r a’s how-to chap - Ingalls hoped for a better life
Self-teaching ters on molding bul- for their f r iends and their
lets, making cheese, children. They sacrificed and
Used by millions digging a well, decorating
shelves, making homemade
worked hard to ma ke that
d rea m come t r ue. We a re
butter, drying plums, framing all, when we are at our best,
Over 40 years in use a house, and smoking a ham,
among dozens of daily activi-
drawn to give of ourselves to
make life better for others.

Great for kids & adults ties fulfill the “Little House”
book series’ purpose to en-
It was an oasis in the tall
grass prairie. Walnut trees
Best for ages one thru college tertain and to educate. The grew and thrived on a little

Effective treatment for: books also instill wholesome

values that are easy to agree
stream that was home to a few
trappers and a resting place
with and conform to. for travelers. This small dot
• Vision problems The adventures and hands- on the plains would eventually
• Hyperactivity on experiences th roughout become Walnut Grove with
Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little the meandering Plum Creek
• Attention deficits House” series can be used to i m mor t ali zed i n t he w r it-
• Coordination teach children of all ages his- ings of Laura Ingalls Wilder
tory, science, home economics some sixt y years after her
• Dyslexia and how hard work can bring family worked the land and
• Behavioral problems forth happiness and survival made friends with many other
in the harshest circumstances. pioneers.
• Improve normal children in On the Banks of Plum Creek, The stor y of the Charles
Math, Reading and Science, etc. comes to life off the pages Ingalls’ family began long
while visiting Walnut Grove. before they arrived in Walnut
• Self-Esteem & Much More!! Visit the museum, walk the Grove in the Spring of 1874.

TOOTIES? banks of Plum Creek and re-
member Laura’s past.
Charles was born on January
10, 1836 in Cuba Township,
Visit our web sites or call to get answers and Laura’s stories parallel the New York. Caroline Quiner
obstacles and triumphs that was born December 12, 1839
personal suggestions for your children.
every family faces at some in Brookfield, Wisconsin. The
Search Google for other websites such as point in their lives. The train United States was growing
NetSuyo.com or Baby2T2.com. whistle beckoned Pa west- rapidly. The territories to the
ward. That distant whistle west were rich in game, furs,
www.Tooties.com Call Today: resonated with a mix of ex- farmland, and open range.
310-643-9882 citement, memories, a few
regrets, and a strong hope for
Charles and Caroline were
married February 1st, 1860 by
Creative Ideas a better tomor row. Laura’s Reverend Lyman in Concord
books can also resonate in Township, Wisconsin. Civil
5328 W. 142nd Pl.
us, br inging for th images, War er upted the following
Hawthorne, CA 90250 USA
thoughts and feelings. The April. The Homestead Act of

Page 52 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Wilder Museum 8/14/09 12:47 PM Page 1

1862 sent thousands westward a Norwegian settler, Anders

with hopes of free land and Haroldson (Laura’s Mr. Han-
more opportunity. The Civil son), who lived about a mile
War raged through 1865. north of town, wanted to sell
Mary and Laura were born his land. Charles bought the
ne a r Pe pi n , Wiscon si n i n 172 acres of fertile land along
the Ingalls’ log cabin. Mary w it h t he d u gout o n Plu m
Amelia arrived on January 10, Creek. Charles’ plans were
1865 and Laura Elizabeth on solid. Charles began working
February 7, 1867. In the fall of his plow and ox team, turning
1868 the Ingalls family moved up the sod for wheat fields.
to Montgomery County, Kan- With a large crop, their future

Laura Ingalls Wilder

sas just 13 miles outside of was assured. Caroline kept
Independence, where their house in the dugout with Mary
daughter, Caroline Celestial and Laura’s help.
“Carrie” was born on August During the summer of 1874,
3, 1870. Hearing a r umor
that the government planned
Charles and Caroline helped
organize the Union Congre-
on retur ning the land they gational Church with the help 330 Eighth Street • Walnut Grove, MN 56180
were living on to the Native of Reverend Edwin Alden, a Home of “On the Banks of Plum Creek” in Southwest Minnesota
Americans, Charles moved traveling Home Missionary, www.walnutgrove.org
back to Wisconsin. Charles who was in charge of bring- Toll Free (888) 528-7298 • (507) 859-2358
had unknowingly settled three ing new churches to various
miles into what was called the pioneer towns including Wal- Enjoy learning the history of the
Osage Diminished Reserve. nut Grove. On December 20, Ingalls & Wilder families. Exhibits
The man who bought their log 1874, a new bell rang out over include: Laura owned items, TV
cabin could not pay for it, and the prairie, announcing the series memorabilia, and life-size
the Ingalls moved home to dedication of the newly-built dugout structure all within a multi-
Wisconsin. church. In Spring of 1875, building complex. Visit the Plum
In October of 1873, Charles Charles moved the family into Creek Dugout Site and Pa’s Bell.
once again sold the family’s a new house that was built of
Wisconsi n home a nd la nd yellow pine lumber brought in Visit our Museum Complex:
June, July, and Aug.
to a Swedish farmer named by the railroad and purchased Daily 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
A nd e r s on for $10 0 0. T he on credit. The wheat crop was May & Sept.
family moved in with Uncle lush and green, and Charles Mon-Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sun. 12 p.m.-5 p.m.
Peter and Aunt Polly Ingalls. thought a house would be a April & Oct.
On February 7, 1874, Laura’s wise investment. Eleck Nelson Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
7th birthday, the two families assisted Charles in building Sun.12 p.m.-4 p.m.
November – March
crossed frozen Lake Pepin. the new home. Because they Gift Store Open Only;
They stayed at the Lake City were close neighbors, Caroline Museum Closed
Hotel until Charles and Peter and Olena Nelson also spent a
located an abandoned cabin. lot of time together with their Admission: Adults $5.00,
Children 6-12 $2.00
T he fa m ilies waited u nt il children. A new school was 5 & under Free
spring to continue by wagon. built in the spring of 1875.
Gift Store also available on-line
Peter chose a far m on the Mary and Laura would have New exhibits every year
Zumbro R iver but Charles attended this school.
continued west. Laura heard Swar ms of g rasshoppers
her first train whistle on this (locusts) devoured all the area
jo u r n e y. C h a rle s b r o u g ht crops and gardens in 1875. “I
the family to a new pioneer have lived among uncounted
town called Walnut Station. millions of grasshoppers,”
This town had a railroad and Laura later wrote, “I saw their
several businesses and resi- bodies choke Plum Creek. I
dences. Charles learned that continued on page 58

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 53
Christian Classical Education – Is It for You?
continued from page 12 influence because he can exert sense of rhetoric, all-the-while
anymore.” Teaching logic is the power and influence. having no moral scruples nor
most important aspect of teaching Finally, classical education being willing to submit to the
clear thinking. Some examples should include reading the “Great Lordship of Jesus Christ. What a
Our Money Management might help. Formal logic is fairly Books.” Mortimer Adler popular- disaster. That is why the purposes
System is an all-in-one mathematical. “‘A’ cannot be ‘A’ ized the idea of “participating in we promote at Veritas Press are
money storage and and ‘not A’ at the same time and the Great Conversation.” Learning classical Christian education.
tracking system to set in the same relationship” is a basic from and building on the past, en- Furthermore, it’s important to
your children on a course axiom of formal logic. Informal joying the time-proven works, and see education as one of the most
towards nancial success logic is the study of logical falla- identifying good and bad ideas in religious things we do. The popu-
and responsible living. cies. One popular fallacy is the “ad the present, are all results one can lar myth that education is morally
hominem” fallacy. Ad hominem expect from this kind of study. It’s neutral is a lie. It matters who tells
Only $12.95!
is Latin for “to the person. “You quite a shame that much of educa- the story of history, who writes the
can’t believe him, he’s a cat-lover” tion today fails to learn from those science book, and who describes
would be an ad hominem fallacy. who went before us, dooming us how things came to be. By what
Rhetoric becomes the capstone to repeat their mistakes. standard do we determine what
discipline in classical education, What’s even more amazing in ought to be? This “oughtness,”
and it is taught, naturally, during classical education is that it neatly as C.S. Lewis calls it in Mere
the rhetoric stage. This discipline coincides with child develop- Christianity, is a God-given sense
focuses on teaching the learner to ment, making it the perfect tool that needs to be accompanied by
communicate so as to move the for teaching our children. Gram- knowing the God of the Bible.
Available Now! listener to action. Much, much mar school age children (kinder- Anything else is less than the
more than public speaking, an ex- garten – 6th grade) are naturally complete truth. We cannot hon-
pert in rhetoric will find he is able inquisitive and need little reason estly expect our children to be
www.SticktoitCharts.com to assume positions of power and why they should learn something. educated by the godless and then
Make it fun and interesting, and to turn out godly. Christian chil-


they will devour enormous quan- dren need a Christian education.
tities of data. At this age, they’re One last concern. It’s the idea

to Spelling and Reading naturally geared to memorizing,

and classical education hits them
that classical Christian education
can be easy or rigorous and good,
at their strength. As they get older, but not both. I must admit that
say the junior high years of 7th – 9th some time ago this was a tradeoff
grade, they become more pert or one needed to consider. Not any-
argumentative. That is the natural, more. Along with many other
albeit a dangerous, time to teach purveyors of tools to educate your
them to argue well through the children classically, we have made
mastery of logic. Thankfully, they it our mission at Veritas Press to
continue to mature and become help you give your children the
more image conscious in the high best education available without
school years, say 10th – 12th grade. compromise. Online education,
They are then ripe for the learning planning tools, curricular options,
of rhetoric. and consulting all contribute to
Thus far, I’ve sought to make making classical Christian educa-
Complete K-4 curriculum: the case for continuing the recov- tion not only the best option but a
ery of a very rigorous and time- very easily executed one. M.D. L
spelling, writing, reading, grammar, proven approach to education. Yet
composition, and intro to Latin the most important part of this Mr. Detweiler is the president
great educational model is still and founder of Veritas Press
For a FREE brochure/sample packet: missing. Imagine a person with (www.veritaspress.com). He
www.thephonicsroad.com an extraordinary grasp of the facts and his wife, Laurie, have four
Schola Publications, 1698 Market St. #162, Redding, CA 96001 in many fields, an ability to argue boys (ages 19 – 24) and a border
530-275-2064 flawlessly with regard to his logic, collie. They live in Lancaster
and a winsome, highly-developed County, PA.
Page 54 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
College Experience for Homeschooling
J o in tho u sa nd s o f parent s and
High-School Students. Why It’s a Great Idea K -12 s tu d e nts a ro u nd t he worl d
continued from page 50 calls “intelligent confusion.” w ho ha v e re dis co v ered t he
A student’s experience of col-
summed it up well: “It feels
lege, both affective and cogni-
jo y o f le a rning.
like the teachers, the profes-
sors – they support you being tive, parallels this change in

Oak M ea do w
there and stuff, but it’s not the world-view rather well. For
same as, like, if you’re in high most, the sense of confusion
school and, like, you’re failing eases over time through the
or something, or you’re get- process of increasing maturi- Inde pe nde nt Le a rning Si nce 1 9 7 5
ting a bad grade, the teacher ty, as the individual learns the
will come and talk to you and skills of evaluating evidence
tell you, like, you’re getting rationally in order to come to
a bad grade; . . . you have to an independent point of view Choose from our renowned, creative
keep track of that for yourself in which the individual feels homeschooling curriculum materials
at the college. If you need help confident in confronting the or our internationally accredited
and you go to the teacher [pro- issues of the world, issues that
s/he discovers to be far more distance learning school.
fessor], they’re, like, totally
willing to help you. From my complex than they at first may
experience, they’re not go- have appeared.
ing to tell you that you need It is my content ion t hat Curriculum
help, so you have to have the students, homeschoolers par- We offer a creative, well-rounded and academically
initiative for yourself to go ticularly, stand to gain a huge
complete curriculum designed for
talk to them, go to their office, advantage from early partici-
homeschooling families.
whatever you have to do. It’s pation in college courses of-
like a little bit of a different fered on the college campus,
dynamic.” interacting as though with
And because it’s a different their peers of regular age. To
dynamic from the relaxed and me, taking college courses
inherently supportive environ- (either full or part-time) dur-
ment of the home or unschool- ing high school represents for
ing setting, that’s exactly why homeschooled students the School
I recommend it as an option option to begin the process
of self-authorship. College Our accredited K-12 program provides all of the
for homeschooled high school
classes provide them with the benefits of learning at home with teacher support
students. Disjunctive experi-
ences such as these are well chance to “leave the shade of and full academic credit.
documented by educational the family tree”, enjoy some
academics as very important sunshine and plan for that
because development is often “place in the sun”, without
stimulated when a person’s getting sunburnt in the pro-
experiences do not match his cess. Early college attendance
or her expectations; the indi- offers homeschoolers the best
vidual is forced to seek new of both worlds, including the
ways to understand and func- option to go in and out of the
tion within the experience and shade of the family tree.
grows in the process. “Each man must look to
Epistemology is the study of himself to teach him the
the nature of knowledge. One meaning of life. It is not
researcher, Kroll, sees the pro- something discovered: it is
cess of intellectual maturation something moulded.” An-
as a movement from a belief toine de Saint-Exupery, Wind, Brattleboro, Vermont 802-251-7250
Sand and Stars (1939, p.29)
in what he terms “ignorant
certainty” towards what he J.R. L www.oakmeadow.com
www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 55
Mating Without Dating - Part Two
continued from page 49 protector/provider father in order
enjoying making their nest, and to ask for her hand. The father
functioning as a team. All their knew his daughter’s needs and
romantic dreams and longings had every right to evaluate the
have found their outlet in one man’s suitability (same root word
chosen and deep unity.
Looking back, we can see that
as suitor). You could liken it to the
progressively tough interviews
Bring Learning to Life with
the same reasons that lead many one might undergo on the way Brain Noodles®
away from the damaging peer dy- to landing a corporate executive
namics of public education also position today. Would a father Brain Noodles® stems are a big twist
factor into leading families away who loves his daughter be any
from recreational dating. The less rigorous interviewing a man on an old favorite! These giant pipe
pressure to conform in the dating who wants to marry her? cleaners are 18” long and 1 ¼” wide.
scene feeds defective thinking in Dating and getting hormonally
young people - “ I need a boy- excited about someone takes no
friend because everyone else has brains or foresight. Submitting
one“, “I need to have sex so I’m to serious scrutiny in pursuit of
not viewed by myself or others obtaining a lifelong treasure takes
as defective or a nerd“, “I have a maturity that only a real man
to flaunt myself to play the game will possess. Which kind of guy
and beat out other girls” or “No would any of us want our daugh-
one will ever love me.” “I’d be ter to marry? And even more to
better off dead.” “If I can’t have the point, which produces better
love, at least I can have attention results? Look around you and
if I prostitute myself.” count how many healthy roman-
It is incumbent upon parents tic marriages you see. We know
who hope their children will the dating practices that have
escape the dating trap, to create contributed to this grim statistic.
alternative family social outlets I’ll take my daughter’s experience
or children may feel gypped. over these, any day. +
Ian’s parents had begun a home Voddie Baucham writes in his
school softball league involving new book, What He Must Be, If
hundreds of young people and He Wants to Marry My Daughter,
did Civil War re-enacting as about a father grilling a young
ways of networking with other boy who has come to take “her” • Great for tactile and
quality families. We have dinner out. The man’s obvious care for visual learners
with other families several times his “baby” is made abundantly
a month, hosted family park days, known to the sweaty-palmed boy, • Promotes kinesthetic
poetry nights, camping trips, as the father makes crystal clear learning
dances and community service how “she” is to be treated. When • Model concepts as simple as letters,
projects. the young man conveys that he numbers or complex geometric shapes, DNA
Some have questioned us, fully understands, the father fi-
“Didn’t Ian and Crystal need to nally hands over the keys to his
• Lesson plan ideas online at www.brainnoodle.net
date (spend lots of time alone to- pricey sports car.
gether) to figure out if they were The reader is rightfully hor- Email us to request a sample
right for each other?” I would rified having believed the man
Brain Noodles stem at xbrainmal@aol.com
answer - look back in human his- spoke of his daughter. We under-
tory. It is only in the last century stand a man giving such careful
that men pursuing young ladies attention to how his car is treated,
Brain Noodles LLC, 10 Clapp Road N, Windsor, CT 06095
were even allowed to be alone and yet most dads let pimply-
Phone 303-941-7829 Fax 860-688-2967
with them premaritally. Men of faced teenage boys take their
past generations knew that they daughters out for the evening Email: xbrainmal@aol.com www.brainnoodle.net
had to pass muster with a girl’s continued on page 86

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Why Teach Laura Ingalls Wilder to Boys and Girls
continued from page 53
Reverend Leonard Moses was ordained minister of the Congre-
saw them destroy every green thing on the face of the earth.” gational Church. Laura earned the treasured reference Bible by
Charles walked 200 miles east to find work. His crops had been participating in the afternoon ministry at the Methodist. Later
destroyed and the family needed money. This would be the first that spring, Charles opened a butcher shop. Charles became a
of several grasshopper plagues. On return to Walnut Grove, trustee in the congregation. Mary, Laura and Carrie enrolled
Charles moved his family into town to avoid the harsh blizzard for both the spring and summer terms of school in 1878. Still,
weather and to allow the girls to still attend school. On No- for many, each day was a challenge for survival. The people
vember 1, 1875 the Ingalls family grew. Charles Frederick was of Walnut Grove were a hardy lot. They had survived raging
born. Laura and Mary fondly called him Freddie. prairie fires, frigid winters, hard births, plagues of grasshop-
In the spring of 1876 the Ingalls moved back to their frame pers and the loneliness of isolation and separation from their
house by Plum Creek. Charles planted a small field of wheat. He families.
was unsure what nature would bring. The grasshoppers once March, 1879 Charles helped organize the village of Walnut
again covered the area, destroy- Grove and was elected Justice
ing vegetation and the clothes of the Peace. Mary fell ill with
off the line. William Steadman, scarlet fever in the spring of
a friend from church, purchased 1879. By July, 1879, Mary was
a hotel from William Masters entirely blind. Laura became
in Burr Oak, Iowa. He asked Mary’s eyes and described the
Charles to bring his family back world to her sister. Charles
east to work at the hotel in the loved to play the fiddle. Laura’s
Fall. On July 10, 1876 Charles books are filled with referenc-
sold the 172-acre farmstead to es to religious, patriotic and
a new settler named Keller. The children’s songs. It provided
Ingalls family once again loaded a release and a way to express
up the covered wagon and trav- joy and share time together.
eled east to live the rest of the Cha rles was restless a nd
summer with Charles’ brother, wanted to move further west.
Peter Ingalls. Baby Frederick His sister, Docia, arrived and
was ver y ill. On August 27, told Charles of a job working
1876, the “awful day” as Laura Ingalls Wilder later wrote, baby for the railroad. The pay was good, at fifty dollars a month.
Freddie died. It is said he is buried near South Troy, on land He left Caroline and the girls in Walnut Grove while he earned
Peter Ingalls owned. enough money to bring them to Dakota Territory. In September
The family moved to Iowa. Burr Oak was an older town that of 1879, Caroline and the girls said goodbye to their friends.
was a crossroads for travelers. The family lived on the first They took the train from Walnut Grove to the end of the line
floor of the Burr Oak House (now known as the Masters Hotel). in Tracy. They traveled to Dakota Territory where more adven-
Caroline cooked, cleaned and laundered with Mrs. Steadman tures awaited. They did not return to Walnut Grove.
and a hired girl. Charles worked odd jobs at the hotel. Dur- Milking cows, schoolyard games, vanity cakes and lemonade
ing the winter of 1877 Mary, Laura and Carrie continued their are but a few of the activities Laura describes in her book On
schooling. Grace Pearl, the last Ingalls child, was born on May the Banks of Plum Creek. Historical events such as the Home-
23, 1877. No matter how hard they worked, they were not able stead Act, the building of the railroad west and the start of new
to make ends meet. In the Fall of 1877 the Ingalls returned to pioneer towns allows children to research new subjects. What
Walnut Grove. is a badger? How do you make homemade butter? What else
They lived with the Ensign family until Charles could build a can you use a coffee grinder for? These are all questions an-
new home. Charles continued to work at various carpentry jobs swered within the pages of Laura’s “Little House” series. Her
and manual labor to support his family. On November 4, 1877, books are timeless and can be read by all ages. A.A. L

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10 Subjects You Can Teach While Creating a Yearbook

s a home educator, you have the option to teach your portant. This can also spark a conversation about time manage-
children through unique experiences. Why not utilize ment with your children. To ensure that yearbooks are delivered
a yearbook as a way to introduce new subjects into by the date you set, forms and materials need to be turned in by
your curriculum? Creating a yearbook will give your predetermined deadlines.
children or homeschool group a chance to learn about photogra- 6. Sales
phy, computer skills, graphic design, journalism, time manage- Once you decide to produce a yearbook, your children will
ment, sales, business, advertising, budgeting, and teamwork. need to sell all the copies you’ve ordered. They can practice sales
First, you need to select a yearbook company. You can count on techniques by selling yearbook copies to other homeschool chil-
Memory Book Company (www.memorybook.com/homeschool), dren in the group, family members, or clubs that will be featured
a homeschool yearbook specialist with more than 20 years of ex- in the yearbook.
perience, for quality, value, and performance. Plus, they offer an 7. Business
easy online design program that allows you to create yearbooks The yearbook can be treated as a business project, and children
from your home computer. And they’ll provide help and tips to can manage the operation from start to finish.
guide you every step of the way. 8. Marketing/Advertising
Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate new subjects A great way to offset costs is to sell advertising space in your
your children can use while creating a yearbook. yearbook. Children can visit local businesses to sell ads, or ap-
1. Photography proach homeschool families and ask them to purchase space to
Pictures are an essential element of a yearbook. Your yearbook publish words of encouragement for their children. Overall, it is
pages should be filled with individual pictures and group activity a great way to learn how to sell, create, and produce advertising
pictures. Have children practice their photography skills by tak- materials.
ing the pictures. They should learn how to take a quality picture 9. Budgeting/Economics
with either a traditional or digital camera by considering the Teach children how to manage a budget. Start by analyzing all
subject matter, lighting, shadows, background and composition yearbook costs, and determine how to create revenue while re-
to ensure they all work together. maining profitable. Have them monitor expenditures and report
2. Computer Skills periodically on their progress.
Creating a yearbook also requires computer skills. After the 10. Teamwork
pictures have been taken, children can learn how to transfer The yearbook is a team effort, and your children will learn
the images to the computer or how to scan images. Then, teach to work with others to accomplish a goal. They can also learn
children how to upload pictures, re-name files, locate files on the effective management techniques to engage and motivate their
hard drive, and more. teammates.
3. Graphic Design What can a yearbook mean to your family?
Designing a yearbook gives children the opportunity to ex- For some it can serve as a way to look back on childhood
press their creativity. And they’ll learn important design ele- memories and friends. For others, it is a chance to show relatives
ments such as page layout techniques, bleed requirements, back- achievements and accomplishments. Regardless of whether you
ground and image placement, and the organization of pages with pull out a yearbook twenty years from now or if you proudly
the yearbook ladder. And don’t forget the yearbook cover – have present it this year so grandparents can see what their grandchil-
your children create a cover design and hold a contest to pick the dren have done, a yearbook is a tradition that brings people to-
winner! gether. Your children should have a yearbook to remember their
4. Journalism homeschool experience.
Aspiring writers can showcase their talent by creating stories What yearbook company can you trust?
and captions for activity pages. You can also have your children Memory Book Company is the most dependable yearbook pub-
write an introduction or dedication for the beginning of the year- lishing team. With experience preserving memories for schools
book. and homeschool groups like yours, they know what it takes to get
5. Time Management the job done. Call 1-800-247-1526 or visit www.memorybook.
Meeting deadlines to get the yearbook produced on time is im- com/homeschool.

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Mind the Gap – Watching for “Holes” in Your Child’s Education
continued from page 8
gaps in education from one person to the next are a social engi-
sequence curriculum that satisfies “national standards.” They neer’s nightmare. If the majority of the population isn’t indoc-
think it will ensure their children won’t have any “holes” in their trinated with the same agenda and curriculum, it is difficult to
education. Or, they sign up with a charter school home study predict and manage their behavior.
program believing that reporting to a teacher-facilitator every 20 Standardized Curriculum
days or so will guarantee their child has a “complete” education. Let’s imagine, for a moment, that a presidential proclamation
They may have begun to get off the school train, but they are decreed that every student must build a Mission out of sugar-
trapped in suspension over the gap, too fearful to land firmly at cubes in the 4th grade. Now let’s suppose those fourth-graders
the homeschool station where educational freedom awaits. are all grown up. If you were to hand those adults a box of sugar
Can following a curriculum guarantee there won’t be gaps in cubes and ask them what they could do with it, what do you sup-
a child’s schooling? Is a transcript from a public charter school pose would be their first answer? Duh, build a Mission? Would
proof that there aren’t any cracks in a child’s education? any of them first suggest adding a few drops of methyl salicylate
No! And if you think so, you’re delusional! No one has a com- to the cube and then hammering it in a darkened room to dem-
plete education. No one ever has, and no one ever will. You can onstrate triboluminescence? Heck, would any of them suggest
learn some of the curriculum all of the time, and all of the cur- using a sugar cube to sweeten their coffee or tea?
riculum some of the time, but you can’t learn all of the curricu- The point of standardized curriculum is to standardize people.
lum all of the time! You can’t learn everything there is to know. They are much easier to manage and control if they think and
And I certainly don’t mean to imply that any “curriculum” is act alike.
even worth knowing. As Albert Einstein said, “Education is We hear a lot from politicians about closing educational
what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in achievement gaps. Depending on which special interest group
school.” they are addressing, you’ll hear rhetoric about closing the gen-
I’ve noticed that the parents who are fixated on minding the der gap, racial gap, economic gap, and opportunity gap as they
gap in their child’s education are usually relatively new to home- all (we are told) negatively impact the goal of public education.
schooling. Those that have been around a while seem reconciled Lately, the government tells us that closing all of those gaps be-
to the fact that there are gaps in everyone’s education. Compare gins with preschool.
your own education to anyone else’s and you’ll see that it’s true. Our government isn’t the first to suggest it. Political regimes
Building a Sugar Cube History (the Nazis and Communists, for example), have come and gone
Did you know that if you went to school in one state and your knowing the meaning of Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the
spouse went to school in another state, you didn’t have the same way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
history lessons? One of you has a “gap” in their education. It’s The absorbent minds of young children are highly susceptible to
true! I was conducting a workshop on homeschool resources at a government control. Indoctrinate babies with the state pablum
Link Homeschool Conference and mentioned that fourth graders of social and political philosophy wrapped up in standardized
in California public schools study California history. Students curriculum and they will be loyal to their Government Nanny
learn about the California Missions and, for some reason, build forever.
sugar-cube facsimiles. So, why are you minding the gap? What is it exactly that you
One mom interrupted and said, “I’m from Pennsylvania, and are afraid your child will miss? Reading? Writing? Arithmetic?
we studied Pennsylvania history and built sugar-cube steel Building Missions with sugar cubes? Face your fear. Give it a
mills.” A dad spoke up, “I’m from Alaska and we built sugar- name. Make a list. Then really look at that list and determine
cube igloos.” Someone else said, “We didn’t study Missions what is most important in order to give your child the educa-
either, we studied Egypt and made sugar-cube pyramids.” tional foundation that will allow him or her to become an au-
As you can see, it isn’t studying history that matters, it’s build- tonomous, self-directed learner. If that is your goal, following
ing something with sugar cubes that seems to be of universal a curriculum and agenda created by the state (or anyone else) is
importance across national curriculum standards for fourth counter-intuitive.
graders. Learning to Read
If you keep thinking along these lines, you can see that the We’d probably all agree that learning to read is important.

Page 60 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
John Taylor Gatto, the author of “Dumbing Us Down,” who community.” If this free-style method of learning works so well
taught in New York schools for 30 years, reports that it only for third-world children, perhaps more homeschoolers should try
takes 100 contact hours to teach a child to read. If that’s true, is it. Abandon the school model. Quit worrying about gaps and get
it necessary to have “reading” as a required subject for an hour a on with the joy and adventure of learning.
day, for 180 school days each year, for fourteen years, from pre- Learning Math
school through high school? If not, why would you insist upon it As for arithmetic, the majority of people need to understand
in your homeschool? enough consumer math not to be cheated, fooled, or kept perpet-
We’d also concur that writing is an important skill to learn. ually impoverished in a credit-card world. In a consumer culture
In our society you must have the skill to communicate your it’s interesting that we don’t think kids need lessons in how to
thoughts legibly to someone else, in writing. The debate rages spend money. It’s mystifying (and oh-so-telling) that we don’t
about what to teach first — printing or cursive. In 2003, I con- give them lessons in how to manage money, either.
tacted Dr. Steve Graham of the University of Maryland, who has Once your child understands elementary math processes, then
conducted research studies on handwriting, and he said there teach your kids to review and balance bank statements. Show
isn’t any conclusive evidence that shows one style is preferable them how to decipher financial statements. Learn to calculate
over the other, in terms of legibility and speed. If that’s true, why compounded interest on credit card balances and loans. Show
do some homeschoolers -- who can opt out of school agenda -- them how to invest their money. Take Robert Kiyosaki’s advice.
insist on teaching both? Rather than learning two ways to write, He’s the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and encourages parents
it may be more productive to learn one way to write along with to give their children a financial education. Help them under-
typing. Keyboarding will be a more useful secondary skill, over- stand that it is far better to have your money work for you, than
all. Your child is more likely to learn it quickly if you don’t turn to have to work forever for money.
the activity into drudgery with compulsory, schoolish lessons. Next up, what would happen if your son or daughter never
In fact, take a page from Nicholas Negroponte’s book. A for- built a sugar-cube Mission or anything at all from sugar cubes?
mer director of the MIT Media Library, he founded the non-prof- Would their lives and ability to learn be stunted? Of course not,
it organization, One Laptop Per Child. Their goal is to provide that’s ridiculous. Let go of your fear and quit minding the gap.
every child in the third world with the XO Laptop computer for Homeschoolers have embraced the idea that school is not the
free. Acknowledging that traditional schooling is too slow and only place where one can learn socialization skills. Perhaps
ineffective, their mission statement includes this: more should question whether following schoolish curriculum is
“Any nation’s most precious natural resource is its children. the only way to get a “complete” education.
We believe the emerging world must leverage this resource by As you disembark the linear school train, don’t spend all of
tapping into the children’s innate capacities to learn, share, and your time minding the gap. You may miss the wonderful sights,
create on their own. Our answer to that challenge is the XO lap- sounds, and learning opportunities that abound in the liberated
top, a children’s machine designed for ‘learning learning.’” and abundant landscape of your homeschool destination.
In a recent interview on the 20/20 television program, Negro- D.F.K. L
ponte reported that children in emerging nations learn to use
the computer with very little instruction. They aren’t required About the Author:
to take endless lessons in computer classes. They are simply Diane Flynn Keith homeschooled her two sons for 14 years in
provided with a computer (the XO Laptop) and intuitively figure the San Francisco Bay Area. She produces Homefires.com an
it out, or are mentored by friends who quickly show them how online journal and resource center for homeschool families. She
to use it. Negroponte claims it opens their world to unlimited offers support and encouragement to thousands of homeschool
knowledge while expanding their creative and problem-solving families through her numerous free e-lists at Yahoo Groups. (To
potential. The reporter who interviewed him double-checked join the lists visit: www.homefires.com/support.asp.)
with a professor who insisted hours of instruction and supervi- Diane is the author of the book, “Carschooling: Over 350 En-
sion should be given. I guess he’s afraid of the potential this tertaining Games & Activities To Turn Travel Time Into Learn-
project has for informational gaps among the laptop learners. ing Time,” published by Random House. (www.carschooling.
Nevertheless, Negroponte says that children in the most re- com) She is also the publisher of ClickSchooling (www.home-
mote regions of the world are being “given the opportunity to fires.com/free.asp) - a FREE daily e-service that provides rec-
tap into their own potential, to be exposed to a whole world of ommendations for great educational websites on the Net.
ideas, and to contribute to a more productive and saner world Copyright, 2007, by Diane Flynn Keith. All rights reserved.

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How To Encourage Motivation

ear Learning-SuccessTM Coaches: about ten more years to learn the academic skills that he
What can I do to motivate my eight-year-old needs. Let him progress at his own pace. Not only will he
son to learn? Although he asks a lot of questions enjoy the learning process, he will make steady progress.
and is very curious about reptiles, animals, and Dear Learning-Success(tm) Coaches:
insects, he’s not interested in school subjects. I’ve tried all My daughter is seven years old and is not reading yet. She
kinds of rewards and punishments, but I’m tired of think- is very interested in books, loves looking at the pictures,
ing of new ways to get him involved in his studies. Isn’t he likes to listen to stories, and she is very good at retelling
ruining his future? and discussing them. Would I be able to help her with her
Thanks, Cathy reading if I knew more about her learning style? Thanks,
Dear Cathy, Kris
The truth about motivation is that kids have it in abun- Dear Kris,
dance. It is their nature to be interested in the world and Reading is a developmental skill. Some people are ready
motivated to learn about it. at four years old, some won’t be ready to learn until they are
There are several ways to encourage and enliven a child’s eight, nine, or ten years old. There is nothing that we can
natural desire to learn. Over and over again, we find that the do to make someone learn a skill that they are not ready for.
eager learner is revived when a child’s strengths are accen- The incredible stress we put on our children to start to read
tuated and when they have freedom to pursue their interests. at four, five, or six years old is counterproductive as well as
This is a wonderful opportunity to turn your frustration and damaging to their self-esteem. and blocks further learning.
confusion into learning success for your son. Until we learn this as a society and start to work with the
Here are a few suggestions: developmental readiness and learning styles of each child,
Stop relying on rewards, punishment, threats, and lec- more and more children will continue to be left behind.
tures. They aren’t working for you, and research shows that You can help your daughter become a good reader by:
they won’t work. 1. backing off
Find out your child’s learning style and yours also. The 2. reading to her often
more knowledge you have about what works for him and 3. providing tools that work for her learning style
what works for you, the more understanding and f lexible Your daughter is giving some clues that she is a Visual-
you can be. Picture learner. This means that she needs to have pictures
You and your son can choose a curriculum based on his integrated WITH letters to learn phonetic sounds.
learning style, especially his interests. The curriculum that If she likes to draw, she can draw pictures, tell you the
looks interesting to you isn’t likely to appeal to (or to be ap- story about the picture, and you can write it for her. She
propriate for) him. might want to experiment with typing the story from what
Suggest that your son “major” in things he enjoys. This you have written or write part of it herself.
means that he will spend more time doing the kinds of ac- What is most important is that you provide her with many
tivities that he enjoys and less time doing the activities that opportunities to have successful, fun experiences with print
aren’t as enjoyable. It sounds as if reptiles, insects, and ani- and pictures in relationship to one another.
mals are his major interests right now. We know of many students who did not read until they
You and your son can determine daily schedules together. were 13 or 14 years old. Within a year or two there was no
You will be surprised by how creative and receptive he is difference between their abilities and those of children who
likely to be when he knows that he has a say in the things began reading at ages five or six.
that affect him most. c o py r ig ht 2 0 03 V K Ho d s o n & M PWi l l i s / L e a r n i n g-
When You Talk About His Future, Please Use Caution Success(tm) Institute, www.learningsuccesscoach.com
When you talk about an eight year old ruining his future Email questions to info@learningsuccesscoach.com or
because he isn’t interested in school studies, your fears are fax to 805-643-8633.
clouding your perceptions. The truth is that your son has

Hands On Learning Games

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Page 62 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Am I Qualified To Teach My Own?
By Gary Grammar
[Ed. Note: This article is a number of years old, but we feel I do not wish to demean the work involved in such an un-
the underlying reasoning is still relevant. It is possible that dertaking. (I do not believe that I could do it.) However, I
all states have higher standards for teachers than was the wish to point out that this work is not particularly intellectual

case in 1998.] in nature. This sort of teaching is more crowd control and
n July 2, 1998, a story out of Massachusetts was schedule maintenance than it is Plato strolling through the or-
carried by the Associated Press describing the chards of Greece switching on the cranial lights in the minds
failure of 56% of the aspiring teachers of that of his students.
state in the reading and writing portion of the When it comes to teaching one’s own child, love enters
teacher exam. into the picture. The loving parent teaches her child anyway,
The governor referred to the failed test-takers as idiots and tying shoes, eating with utensils, dressing, etc., why let an
the state head of education suggested lowering the standards intrusive government program interfere when it comes to
for prospective teachers. (Somewhat like intellectual limbo academics? Massachusetts’ 56 Percenters prove the folly of
dancing: “How low can you go?”) The teachers’ unions con- Mass Ed. Unless one has more than three children, there
sidered this music to their ears, while much of the state legis- is little crowd control to consider, and at home, time is on
lature fumed along with the governor. the parent-teacher’s side. You have a full 16 hours in which
Most of the reason for the hubbub was that this exam was to switch on the cranial lights of your students and bring
not particularly difficult. The “56 Percenters” missed spell- to them an abundance of wonderful information! Although
ing words a nine-year-old is expected to know, could not some times of day are more suited to brain activity than oth-
write in complete sentences and failed to correctly define a ers, the home-teaching parent has the clear advantage over
noun or verb. No matter how sympathetic one might want to the school teacher.
be, this really is inexcusable! These college grads are sup- When do you suppose school teachers are going to read the
posed to become teachers —having completed the degree same newspapers as the rest of us, realize that we are very
portion of the certification process, the remainder should aware of the 56 Percenters (and other aberrations of institu-
be a cakewalk, intellectually. Many homeschooling parents tional teaching) and come clean that “Yes, of course, parents
can attest to the fact that members of the teaching occupa- are just as qualified as school teachers to teach their own.” If
tion strongly question (and doubt) if parents are capable of you, or any homeschooling parent you know, has a problem
teaching their own children. I have never met a homeschool- with f lak from a school teacher I suggest you visit your local
ing parent whom I thought could not spell on the level of a newspaper’s morgue and obtain the July 2, 1998 story about
nine-year-old. Nor have I ever met one who could not write the 56 Percenters in Massachusetts. Clip it out, photocopy it
in complete sentences —even if simple sentences —at least and distribute it to every homeschooling family you know.
they are complete. Also I am confident that every such parent The next time a school teacher asks you if you are qualified
I have ever met would be able to define a noun and a verb. to teach your own child, hand him a copy of the article and
This is very poignant because one often overhears prospec- ask “How could I not be qualified?” Then — right before his
tive homeschool parents expressing, with worry lines creas- eyes — perform a demonstration of your ability: Spell four
ing brows, “What if I am not qualified to teach my children?” or five words your nine-year-old can spell. Write a paragraph
This statement takes on new meaning in light of the Massa- composed of three short, but complete sentences (with a
chusetts 56-Percenter performance. What exactly is “quali- subject and a predicate) and then write out the definition of
fied to teach your children”? a noun: (A word that names a person, place or thing.) And
A teacher’s job in public school is to move a group of 30 to then a verb (A word that shows action or being.) Hand him/
40 children through time, on time. If the school administra- her the sheet of paper demonstrating that you have English
tion has decided that the 5th grade classes must be on page skill enough to pass the Massachusetts exam and await his
65 of the math text by Thanksgiving break, then the teacher’s response. G.G.
duty is to have her class on page 65. Copyright, 2010 by AMNI. All rights reserved.

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 63
Enjoying the Process
By Mary Hood, Ph.D.

n the early childhood profession, there is a distinction to get more and more upset, contemplating the garbage can
made between “process” and “product” when work- with a huge wad of uncooperative dough in my hand, it sud-
ing with kindergarten students. In an arts and crafts denly dawned on me that I was being ridiculous. What was
program for preschoolers, one popular project is shav- the point of this whole project, anyway? Was it really to wind
ing cream art. In this project, the teacher gives each of the up with a beautiful plate of heart-shaped cookies, made out
children a metal tray, a can of shaving cream, and some of white f loor, white sugar, red sugar and butter, in order
powdered paint. The children smear the shaving cream all to clog the arteries of the adults in the family and send any
over the tray, shake on the paint, and use their hands to swirl visiting children into sugar fits so I had to scrape them off
the colors throughout the shaving cream, making a very at- the ceiling? No. The real reason I was doing it was because
tractive mess. As soon as they are finished, the trays are I missed the experience of making cookies with my children
washed off, and nothing remains to show their parents at the now that they are grown up, and wanted to recapture that
end of the day. The emphasis is on the creative process, and feeling. I went back to the process, enjoyed the experience of
is an example of the purest form of art. On the same day, messing everything up, and wound up with cookies that were
the children may make pictures of snowmen, using pre-cut somewhat less photogenic and holiday-appropriate than I had
shapes that were actually created by the teachers. Each pic- planned, but eaten with gusto just the same.
ture comes out virtually identical and the parents are handed Of course, this leads to the next process we all should learn
a product suitable for hanging on the refrigerator at the end to enjoy: Weight control. Again, too many adults get focused
of the day. on a specific product they want to create: A slimmer, young-
There is a place for both types of experiences, both in early er-looking body, a particular Hollywood-created image, a
childhood education and in life. Too often, however, we place certain number on the scale. We try to stay on diets, exercise
more emphasis on the ultimate product, and forget to value like crazy for a few days, and then, too often, give up when
and enjoy the process itself. For example, when children are the scale starts to head the other way, despite our sporadic
learning to read and write, too often parents and teachers efforts to stay on track. What if, instead of focusing on the
emphasize the grade levels they have achieved on a standard- product, we found a way to enjoy the process, instead?
ized test, the number of vocabulary words they have learned, I have finally found something I actually enjoying doing on
or the number of books or pages they have read in a par- a daily basis, trotting through the woods with my dog. I can’t
ticular week. It often isn’t until a mother is raising her fifth really call it running because I’m just not as fast I was in my
child, or has become a grandmother, that she finally learns to younger days. It’s definitely more cardio-friendly than walk-
fully appreciate the experience of sitting next to a child and ing, though. The process looks just silly enough to make the
watching him or her struggle to fit together sounds, know- younger runners smirk and yet attract admiring looks from
ing that all too soon, that child will be off to college, writing the elderly folks who are out for their leisurely strolls. It
term papers. Many potentially joyful moments are lost when doesn’t matter to me what any of them think, because I have
the product is assigned a higher priority than the enjoyment found the exact pace that is right for me. Because I am genu-
of the process. inely enjoying the process, I have stuck to my exercise plan
I started thinking about this idea of enjoying the process for several years now. Even though my weight still f luctuates
when I was making Christmas cookies for Valentine’s Day. a bit, it really doesn’t bother me anymore because I am much
I was planning to use the recipe for Christmas cookies, cut more focused on the health aspects of weight control and the
them into heart-shapes and decorate them with red sugar. Un- enjoyment of being in the woods with my dog than I am on
fortunately, at the crucial moment, I couldn’t find the heart- the image I present to the outside world. If I had attempted
shaped cutters. They eventually wound up as red gingerbread to create the same product through a process I didn’t enjoy,
men, without the gingerbread. At the start of the process, the such as going to a gym to use exercise equipment, I would
dough was too sticky, and kept clinging to the rolling pin. At have given up long ago.
one point I started to get so frustrated I almost threw away The other aspect of weight control is diet. This has been
the whole batch. As I was standing there, allowing myself continued on page 98

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Stop! In the Name of Life
By Richard J. Prystowsky

he other day, I was sitting with a younger colleague of his love song to Sean.
mine at an end-of-the-school-year social gathering. She had As did John Lennon, many of us homeschooling parents desire to
brought along her two-month-old baby boy, her first child. stop running through life so that we can spend extended amounts of
At the same gathering, my 17-year-old son, who attends the meaningful time with our families. But sometimes I wonder if, as
college where I work, was socializing with his classmates. Thinking Shakespeare’s Hamlet might say, we honor this desire more in the
about my son when he was an infant, I told my colleague that I recall breach than in the observance. I wonder if, for example, we often place
being able to place my thumb at the nape of my son’s neck and reach more importance on our children’s academic success than we place on
his waist with the tip of my pinky. I was tempted to ask my colleague our families’ just being together, enjoying each other’s company.
if I could try doing this with her baby, but I decided simply to enjoy the Whatever our reasons for homeschooling, we need to understand
memory of my son’s infancy. that even the best curriculum, workbooks, book report projects, lesson
The week before this gathering, my wife and I attended our older plans, or, at the other end of the spectrum, unschooling (in)activities
daughter’s graduation from the University of Alabama, where she are of secondary importance. Of primary importance is our ability to
received a PhD degree in social work. At a celebration party held in take advantage of the daily familial miracles that present themselves
our daughter’s honor, I had a flashback: I recalled a beautiful spring to us in each moment of our daily lives.
afternoon when my daughter was perhaps nine or ten years old. She When a mother takes her ten-year-old son for a walk, for example,
and I had impulsively decided to take a car ride together, heading no- she might want to show him a tiny flower growing in the crack between
where in particular. We spent much of the car ride repetitively playing two slabs of concrete sidewalk. She could ask him to look closely at the
a game in which she would ask me first what my favorite animal was, flower so that he experiences the miraculous wonder of the universe
then what my favorite color was, and finally what my favorite number that is contained in that tiny flower. Just by sharing this experience
was, and then would proceed to tell me that I was (for example) a blue with him, she will help him to understand that the entire cosmos came
horse with 17 legs. together to help grow the flower, whose life has no beginning and no
Both of these flashbacks serve as a reminder to me that life is always end, “because,” the mother might say, “nothing in the world comes
in transition and that, as parents, if we are not present with and for into being out of nowhere, and, when this little flower dies, it merely
our children, we will miss the many opportunities offered to us to be becomes mixed into the ground and the air and therefore continues
fully there with them. I recall that, when I stretched my hand across its existence elsewhere.” The mother might also say, “Look closely at
my son’s back, I experienced an awe at his miraculous being that this flower, whose appearance is itself the miracle of life,” a miracle
remains with me to this day and that I was able to experience again that the mother, herself fully present for this experience, understands
as I watched him mill about, chatting with his friends. I also recall is helping us to grasp the notion of life’s continual state of being and
that, when my daughter and I took our drive, I played the guessing becoming. If the mother has a spiritual life and wants to teach her son
game with her with fervor, carefully considering each choice that I about God, she could do no better than to have her son be fully there
made, game after game. Every moment was a miracle. Each moment with the flower and to be there herself, fully, with and for her son.
we were fully alive, greatly enjoying each other’s company. I felt this The Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, teaches
intense “aliveness” again when we celebrated together her recent aca- that we ourselves are like flowers. To help our children grow, we need
demic achievement. to nourish them as we would nourish seedlings that we hope will
An old Jewish proverb states that “man plans and God laughs.” John manifest into beautiful flowers: By watering our children’s seeds of
Lennon has given us a trenchant modern version of this wisdom in his happiness, joy, compassion, and other positive qualities and attributes.
famous line “Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making Thich Nhat Hanh refers to this process as “selective watering,” in
other plans.” Fittingly, this line appears in the song “Beautiful Boy which, in ourselves and others, “[w]e water only the good seeds and
(Darling Boy),” John’s beautiful love song to his then-young son Sean. refrain from watering the negative seeds,” such as fear and violence
When John took some time off from what had been an extraordinarily (Peace Begins Here, p. 45).
demanding musical career, he didn’t hide the fact that he wanted to Life is always in transition. Our children are always growing. We
spend time being with his family. As he always did when he wrote cannot stop these processes, whether or not we would want to. But we
from his heart, John deeply understood what he was writing about in continued on page 101

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 65
Teton Science Schools

By Carol Sacher
eton Science Schools turns the word ‘science’ into a • Witnessing the effects of regional geologic forces.
verb by Actively Engaging Students in the Process of • Service-learning stewardship projects
Learning. • Hiking, skiing or snowshoeing in the Tetons
“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may re-
member. Involve me and I will understand.” -- Chinese Proverb According to Joe Petrick, Educational Programs Coordina-
Located near the wildly-beautiful environment of Grand Teton tor, Teton Science Schools has a strong focus on field research.
National Park in northwestern Wyoming, Teton Science Schools He continued by describing one ongoing field research project
offers groups of homeschoolers (and their families) an almost where the students are using GPS units (Global Positioning
indescribable opportunity to participate in the study of geology, Systems) to track and document the distribution of pica, a small
plant and animal habitation and ecology. Since 1967, Teton Sci- rabbit-like animal. The students are then encouraged to develop
ence Schools have educated and inspired thousands of children, questions and a hypothesis, collect data, synthesize the data,
youth and adults about the natural and cultural history of the create and share their presentation, which encourages asking ad-
area through place-based, field science experiences. ditional questions. The information gathered is actually used by
School & Youth Groups researchers in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystems and beyond.
Throughout the year, Teton Science Schools not only offer Summer Youth Adventures
a variety of outdoor educational programs for children of all Teton Science Schools offer nearly 40 summer adventure ses-
ages but they also custom-design three-to-seven day “hands-on/ sions, which provide a huge variety of educational activities for
minds-on” programs to meet the needs, interests and objectives individual kids of all ages. Six to seven-years-old kids can spend
of any group, whether the goal is to foster leadership skills or five days learning about amazing animals and their habitats, us-
create and build awareness of place-based education using the ing the tools of a naturalist and their own senses as they safari
Greater Yellowstone Geo-ecosystem as a classroom. across this incredible valley -- Jackson Hole.
“Whether studying elk migration, sage grouse populations, One of the many summer programs for older kids (12-15 years
wolf and bear behavior, wetlands habitat or wildflower produc- of age) offers a spectacular opportunity for future adventure/
tion, this area is a laboratory rich with wildlife and wildland nature writers by attending the five-day Adventuring Authors.
variety.” Using this area and its vast, natural wealth as its “class- By observing and absorbing outdoor life, these students will in-
room”, Teton Science Schools are able to provide an unforgetta- terpret, express and record their visions as poems, short stories
ble, educational, hands-on learning experience for youth groups or research papers.
of all ages and ability levels! As Nick Delmolino, Marketing Coordinator, points out, “Your
“The level of instruction at Teton Science Schools is phenom- child may not have graduated from high school yet, but this sum-
enal,” said, Martha Daltoso, a homeschool mom who has orga- mer they can join a university . . . the University of Nature at
nized groups of homeschoolers to attend Teton Science Schools. Teton Science Schools. With over 100 courses and multiple dis-
“Yet, they are able to customize the program to handle not only ciplines for students entering Kindergarten through 12th grade,
kids of all ages but also different ability levels,” she continued. Teton Science Schools offers some serious fun!”
“It is real-life learning. These kids return home ready to share Professional Staff
their knowledge because they are so ecstatic about what they’ve Whether students enroll in one of the school and youth group
learned and how they learned it.” programs or one of the summer programs, it is the mission of
With a wide array of existing programs and the custom-de- Teton Science Schools’ staff to ensure that all students -- kids
signed programs, the students may participate in a magnitude of and parents -- leave with a profound understanding and appre-
activities, such as: ciation for this area’s unique eco-system and how to apply those
• Ecological field research with plants transects, water quality lessons to their own local environment.
testing, or snow science With over 25 years of experience in environmental, outdoor
• Exploration of the effects of fire, glaciers and earthquakes and science education, Jack Shea, Executive Director since
on the land 1988, selects staff and faculty that not only have college degrees
• Wildlife tracking and animal adaptation studies and often advance degrees but have extensive experience teach-
continued on page 104

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Notes on the Charlotte Mason Method

By Catherine Levison
ature Study they need a name for it. So we teach them the correct term like pollen
Charlotte Mason wrote extensively on various educa- or antennae instead of “sticky-up-thing.”
tional philosophies and she held to an unusual emphasis Nature Walks
of taking children outside every day to be in direct contact One afternoon a week take the children out for a nature walk. These
with nature. She really means every day, and she lived with the less- are not instructive walks because we want them to observe with very
than-perfect weather of England. The objective is to help the child little direction from us. One reason is that science should be studied in
learn to be observant. The parent can relax, sit on a blanket, bring an ordered sequence, which is not possible with the randomness you
a project or a book along, and make this a leisurely outing, casually will encounter out walking. The parent may be asked questions, and it
point out scenery around your children. Charlotte suggests we ask is permissible to answer; that’s why it is recommended we adults work
them “Who can see the most and tell the most about . . .” any plants, on our nature knowledge somewhat. There is nothing wrong with not
insects, or anything nearby. This appears to be a form of narration to knowing and looking it up at home in a field guide. You can invite a
me. With as little talking as possible and absolutely no lecturing, at- naturalist to come with you, provided you can locate one and they
tempt to have them notice the geography of the area, the position of agree to follow the Mason’s method (e.g. , not lecturing the children)
the sun, the weather, and the clouds. to some degree. I have used private property for these walks, with
In order to foster the power of observation you need to take your permission, and often the owner enjoys supplying a little information
children to places where they will find things worth observing. Char- about the plant life or animal life of their area. Try to visit the same
lotte wanted children to have beautiful memories of their childhood area quarterly to note how the seasons have altered the life.
stored for their old age and thought too many of us have blurry memo- Tree Observation
ries due to the fact we did not slow down and really look at things. To A good time of year to begin observing trees, according to Ed-
remedy this, she suggests that on rare occasions we have the child take ward M. Tuttle, is in the winter when the trees are bare. He wrote
a mental photograph of some scenic landscape. Have the child look, an in?depth article for Charlotte Mason on how to study trees. This
then shut their eyes and describe the scene. If it is too blurry in their approach could be used on trees in your yard as well as trees in the
minds, have them open their eyes, look again, and make a second at- forest, I believe. You can sketch the tree, noting the branches and
tempt. the bark. Mr. Tuttle also wisely suggests we observe what birds and
Getting outside this often can be difficult, I know. I live with rainy insects live in the trees we are visiting. He suggests we find out what
coastal conditions, and I tend to not be an outdoor person. However, purpose trees are used for, such as syrup, nuts, or the wood.
there is refreshment and a literal re?creation involved that makes this Mr. Tuttle also suggests getting sample pieces of woods in length-
worth the effort. Living in an urban or suburban area is going to make wise and crosswise cuts and then comparing the natural state of it to
finding a natural setting more difficult. Our family has done a fair the “finished” state of being oiled and polished. You could try collect-
amount of nature observation in our cultivated suburban yard, and ing samples from your local lumberyard. One source I’ve found for
one advantage I can think of is that I know the names of the trees mail?order wood samples is a company called Woodcraft. They offer
we’ve planted. If planning regular trips out of the city seems impos- a Wood Identification Kit that includes fifty 4”x 9” samples (for under
sible to you, start small, and don’t be discouraged. Cities always have $30.00). It comes with a list of species, botanical names, and country
parks and arboretums. Maybe you can plan a family vacation with a of origin. You can write for their catalog at 210 Wood County Indus-
new outlook of getting to more natural places. trial Park, P. O. Box 1686, Parkersburg, WV 26102?1686 or call them
A side benefit of observation is recognition. Charlotte Mason wrote, at 1?800?535?4482. They have retail outlets in various major cities
“[in] science or rather nature study, we attach great importance to throughout the country, which you’ll find listed in the catalog.
recognition.” Some examples Charlotte provided are plants, stones, Other ways to Study Nature
constellations, birds, field crops, and leaves. On the other hand the Some other science ideas are pressing and mounting flowers on
schools using Mason’s philosophy say they were “extremely careful cardboard. Write their names and where and when you found them.
not to burden the verbal memory with scientific nomenclature.” How I recently saw a photo?album used to store pressed flowers. Having a
then does the recognition process develop? By being careful to “teach field guide to identify flowers and flowering trees is very helpful. A
the thing before the name” as an article in Charlotte Mason’ periodi- calendar devoted to nature observation could be kept with simple en-
cal put it. Children easily learn the name when the item is present and continued on page 145

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Kay’s Kareer Korner
Careers 4 Students - http://careers4students.com/contact

By Kay Miller, Career Counselor
s a career counselor, I talk to a lot of parents of high the customers the most? Or does she like to help display the
school (and college) kids, worried and frustrated merchandise? Would she like to help decide what the store buys
that they don’t have a clue as to what they want to to in turn sell, or is she interested in design? Would she like to
“be” when they grow up. Chances are, their parents have her own store?
didn’t know either, when they were their kid’s age! How can How she answers these questions will determine what type
kids possibly know what career they want to pursue, when their of further education or training she needs to develop the skills
knowledge of their options are limited to what they see on T.V. she’ll need to reach her dreams. It MAY be college in the form
or at school? of a Business or Marketing degree. Or it may be a vocational
Instead of expecting their kids to select a career goal, parents school in fashion design and merchandising. Either way, she’s
should instead help their kids identify their natural abilities and much more likely to pursue additional education if she sees how
interests, taking into account their distinct personality to dis- it will help her reach her (and not your) dream.
cover a direction, and not an end goal, to pursue. If you read the You may be thinking, that mom has nothing to worry about
stories of many successful people, you’ll see their path looks because her daughter has a job, and maybe even some very re-
more like a meandering river rather than a straight highway. alistic options. But consider this next question:
Besides adjusting your expectations of your kid’s career Q: My son only wants to do music and theater. What sugges-
goals, let’s also redefine “work.” Work is often seen as drudg- tions do you have regarding college?
ery, something you have to do, and certainly not something you A: Let’s set aside the college question for now and start with
like to do. Common expressions support this idea. “Work is a his interests in music and theater. Chances are your son likes
four-letter word.” “Thank God it’s Friday.” And these concepts to sing and act. He likes a lot of attention. He’s probably the
are supposed to inspire and motivate our kids? I don’t think so! “life of the party,” is very outgoing, and makes friends easily.
A better, more inspiring definition may be: His personality is going to be very useful, especially on a job
Work gives each individual the opportunity to use their best interview, but also in any career that requires leadership.
skills, doing what they love to do, in order to realize their full- But let’s discuss his interests and how to develop his natural
est potential. talents. Get him involved in his school’s choir and theater. If
I know what you’re thinking: “We need to be practical.” But he’s homeschooled, this may be more difficult, so you may
how practical is it to force your kids to do something they don’t need to involve him in a church choir, or community chorus
want to do, or for which they are not suited? Think of the kids or theater. These activities will help him learn technique, and
who went to college and dropped out without ever finishing. also provide him with valuable performance experience. If he
Think of the wasted time and money. In fact, look at one ques- doesn’t play a musical instrument, encourage him to learn gui-
tion I received from a frustrated parent: tar or piano. It will help him learn music theory and how to read
Q: I paid a fortune for my daughter to attend a 4-year uni- music. He’ll also be able to accompany himself.
versity. She did not finish because she is very interested in the I’m sure you’ve heard the of Marsha Sinetar’s career develop-
fashion world, landed a high paying job in a boutique in Bev- ment book Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow (it’s
erly Hills and does not want to return to school. What do you a good read and I highly recommend it). In it, she tells numer-
think I should do? ous real-life stories of people who followed their dreams, but
A: First, be thankful she found a job in these tough economic they all had to work very, very hard. In other words, loving the
times, and especially grateful because it’s “high-paying.” work wasn’t enough; preparation, planning and hard work are
Second, stop harping on college. Chances are, this was your also absolutely necessary to realize your dreams.
dream, not hers. Third, praise her for her job success. This Even if your son doesn’t pursue either interest professionally,
means asking and then REALLY listening to her talk about her training and participation in these areas will give him hours of
job; what she likes about it, what she’s learning, and where she enjoyment throughout his life. Performing will give him confi-
sees herself; what are her dreams? Does she like dealing with dence, especially if he ever has to give a formal presentation or

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lead a meeting. MUST go to college. But if he loves to fix or build things, then
But let’s assume that he actually wants to go to college and a trade or vocational school would more likely offer the training
major in Music or Theater Arts. At least he wants to go to he’d need to succeed. There are numerous private vocational
college! Choosing the right college is very important (and a schools, as well as training through adult education facilities.
specialty of counseling in and of itself – college counseling). Don’t forget community colleges, which not only offer transfer
Regardless of the college, he’ll be required to take general edu- to four-year colleges and universities, but also offer a variety of
cation courses such as English, psychology as well as courses vocational training programs.
in the arts. He may decide that he really doesn’t have the pas- I was intrigued with this parent’s question about her son’s
sion or the talent to pursue this professionally (especially as he future after college:
meets other very talented kids). He may then settle on another Q: My son is applying to graduate schools. The competition is
major, without losing much time in the process. His chances so fierce, I’m concerned with the emotional repercussions from
of actually graduating are greatly enhanced, because he’s had the grueling process. How do you think it can be handled?
a chance to explore his options and choose one that suits him A: My first thought is, you’re kidding, right? If you think ap-
well. And if he does have the passion and talent, wouldn’t you plying for graduate school is tough, try getting a job fresh out
rather he graduate with a major in Theater Arts than drop out of college, without any professional work experience.
and never finish at all? But, back to your question. The first consideration is: What’s
In case you’re not convinced, let me tell you the story of his goal? Is it to postpone entry into the real world and avoid
“Matt” (not his real name) whose parents sent him off to a four- actually proving his value to a business? Or is graduate school
year university right out of high school. He wanted to major in necessary to realize his dream?
music, but his parents wanted Let’s assume it’s the latter.
him to be “practical.” So he Going through “the gr ueling
struggled the first two years, process” of applying to gradu-
finally settling on Environ- ate school is great preparation
mental Science, perhaps in- for life: Working hard for some-
fluenced by Al Gore’s movie thing you want, dealing with re-
“An Inconvenient Truth.” He jection and disappointment, and
quit his junior year because persisting no matter what. Over-
he just didn’t like it, and was coming obstacles like this is the
failing his classes. He is now BEST (and possibly ONLY) way
back living at home, working to develop true self-esteem. It
at a pizza parlor and taking can’t be developed by receiv-
classes at a local community ing praise and awards just for
college taking - you guessed breathing or showing up. Some
it – music classes! He has a schools won’t give out awards
lot of catching up to do, but for good performance, unless
he loves going to school, even EVERY student gets an award.
though he has to juggle working with his class schedule. But Unfortunately by the time they graduate from college, a great
think of the tens of thousands of dollars wasted in tuition that majority think they are entitled to the best, high-paying jobs,
will never be recovered, not to mention the three years he spent without “paying their dues.” No wonder so many college gradu-
going to a university that his parents – not he – wanted. ates return home, unable to become independent, autonomous
College is not for everyone; so what about trade, or vocational adults.
schools? Consider this parent’s question: So, encourage your son. Tell him he can do it. But HE needs
Q: In this economic climate, it seems like a trade school to do the work. Do NOT bail him out if he isn’t willing to do
would be more advantageous and practical than a four-year the work himself. Give him ideas, but let him follow through
school. What do you advise? and do the work himself, or help him identify and approach an
A: Regardless of the economy, the type of education I rec- expert who can help him succeed.
ommend should be determined by your student’s interests and Do you have a question for Kay? Email them to: careers4stu-
natural abilities. If your child wants to be an attorney, then he dents@yahoo.com

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 69
Create Your High School Transcript in Five Easy Steps

By Janice Campbell
like to make things simple. There are few things sadder his or her learning style, plans for the future, and the resources
than a homeschooling parent who would like to home- you have available. Just as in earlier grades, you’ll find that
school through high school, but is considering giving learning happens more easily when information is presented
up because keeping high school records and creating a in a way that is appropriate for the student’s learning style.
transcript sounds like an insurmountable challenge. I’ve been Auditory learners do well with audio and video resources; vi-
through the process four times with my own sons, and I’d like sual learners do well with books; and kinesthetic learners do
to share the basic steps that helped make recordkeeping simple. best when they can move around and experience learning in a
If you’re like me and you’d rather spend time with people than hands-on way. Each of the required subjects can be covered in
paperwork, you may find this five-step process helpful as a way that fits the learner.
well. If your student is college-bound, or if he or she will be earn-
Cr e at e a Tr a n s c r ipt: Five ing college credits while in high
Simple Steps school (my book, Get a Jump Start
1 Understand the purpose of on College, explains how and why
the transcript and basic format- “Your goal in creating descriptive to do this), you must not only keep
ting guidelines. class names is to provide a clear excellent records, but you also
2 Create a plan that covers need to ensure that the classes
core high school requirements picture of your student’s academic you’ve planned meet or exceed the
in a way that is appropriate for interests and strengths.” admission requirements of the col-
the st udent’s lear ning st yle, lege your student hopes to attend.
abilities, and goals. Most colleges list these require-
3 Accumulate essential records ments, along with the academic
using Subject Worksheets and other organizational tools. profile of the average student admitted, on the college website.
4 Create a blank transcript form on your computer and fill it State graduation requirements are minimums — it is the col-
in, semester by semester. lege’s expectations that should guide your high school plans.
5 Calculate grades and record the grade-point average for Keep Essential Records
each semester as it’s completed. I suggest creating a Class Profile, with an outline of readings
The Purpose of the Transcript and assignments, as a plan for each specific course. You may
If you understand the purpose of the transcript, you can keep also record extra activities and readings by subject, on a form
exactly (and only) the records you need. A well-made transcript called the Subject Worksheet. In addition to Class Profiles and
is similar in form and function to a résumé. In just one or two Subject Worksheets, have your student keep reading and ac-
pages, it briefly summarizes knowledge and experience in a tivities logs so that you’ll be able to include extensive topical
way that allows an evaluator to easily compare your student reading and non-traditional activities on the transcript. Other
to others. A transcript can also be a marketing tool that helps items to keep, include representative copies of student work,
a college admissions officer see the breadth and depth of your certificates and awards, and test scores. Keep these organized
student’s experiences. in a notebook, and you’ll have easy access to everything you
Create a Master Plan need to create a transcript, and to provide supporting evidence
There are core subjects that need to be covered on every high for the grades you grant.
school transcript (see sidebar), and there are many ways to ful- Create and Fill In the Transcript
fill these basic requirements. You can choose traditional text- There is a children’s song that has the line, “Little by little,
books, a literature-based curriculum, satellite school, classes in inch by inch; by the yard, it’s hard; by the inch, what a cinch…”
a co-op or community college, or other options. As you create and it’s so true. If you fill in the transcript semester by semester,
your high school plan, be sure to talk with your teen to discover you’ll find that it’s quite easy. If you wait until the night before
special interests or preferences. You’ll also need to consider your student’s college application is due, it’s going to be harder

Page 70 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
(but you can do it). If you’re late in starting to keep records or C=2, and so forth. If the student is taking honors or college-
create the transcript, don’t waste time feeling guilty — just get level classes, the quality points assigned would be weighted, or
started! There’s a reason that Transcripts Made Easy begins have an extra half or whole grade point added, so that ‘A’ would
with instructions for exactly where to start in the process, de- equal 4.5 or 5 quality points.
pending on what grade your student is in—recordkeeping is a To calculate the cumulative grade point average, add together
job that is easy to postpone. all the semester grade point averages and divide by the number
When your student begins to fulfill high school requirements, of semesters. Do not add the current semester to the previous
create a blank transcript form on the computer. The three sec- cumulative grade point average, or your total will not be cor-
tions you’ll need to include are: rect. To make the process extra simple, you may want to visit
* Identification Section: Contact information for the student the free GPA calculator at www.FreeGPACalc.com. No matter
and school; how you figure the final grade point average, you can be sure
* Course Record Section: The main body of the transcript, that each college that receives your transcript will refigure it to
containing the list of courses studied, grades received, and ensure that all student transcripts they receive are calculated in
quality points earned; the same way.
* Basic Information Section: The grading scale, key to ab- Remember the Goal
breviations, and brief notes about important test scores and If you’ve been worried about recordkeeping through high
awards, and a signature line for the certifying parent. school, I hope you’ll find that these steps take some of the
There is no “one right format” — you may choose to orga- mystery out of the process. Remember that while recordkeep-
nize by semester or by subject. As long as all three sections are ing and transcripts are important, the ultimate goal of the
included, the format is clean and uncluttered, and standardized high school years is help your teenager grow into a mature,
test scores support the grades you have given, your student’s well-grounded adult with a
transcript will meet the goal of showcasing your student’s aca- solid academic and spiritual
demic history. foundation. As you include Minimum requirements
Grades and Credits your teen in the planning and for high school graduation
At the end of each semester, record classes and grades on recordkeeping process, you usually include:
the transcript. Rather than listing just “English” as the class can move together toward this
name, choose a title that offers specific information about what goal. I think you’ll find that English
the student has learned. For example, if you list “English III: homeschooling through high (including literature) 4
Survey of American Literature,” this identifies the class as the school can be a time of encour-
student’s third year of high school English, and clearly states agement and blessing for your
Math (Algebra I and
what was covered. Similarly, “Multivariable Calculus” is more entire family.
descriptive than “Math III,” and “Western Civilization to 1608” higher) 3-4
is more specific than “History.” Your goal in creating descrip- Bio: Janice Campbell is the
author of Transcripts Made History, Government,
Easy, Get a Jump Start on Col- Geography (also called
lege, Excellence in Literature, Social Sciences) 2-3
“State graduation requirements a classics-based, college-prep
are minimums — it is the college’s English curriculum for home- Lab Sciences (Biology,
expectations that should guide your schoolers, as well as Evaluate Chemistry, Physics) 2-3
Writing the Easy Way. She is
high school plans.” also Director of the National
Foreign Language 2-3
Association of Independent
Writers and Editors (w w w.
tive class names is to provide a clear picture of your student’s NA I W E .c o m) Vi s it w w w. Arts (Visual and/or
academic interests and strengths. Eve r yd ay-E d u c at ion .c om Performing) 1
Assign grades for each class as the student finishes the se- for more articles and a free
mester. Each letter grade has a numerical equivalent that is newsletter on homeschooling Electives 1-3
used to calculate the grade point average (GPA): A=4, B=3, through high school.

Get Into Shape!

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A fun exercise for all ages Online www.needakrebounders.com
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Grammar and Creative Writing

By Daniel Schwabauer

Should we throw out grammar, spelling, and rules you’ve driven a car.
during the creative process? We make the same sort of mistake as parents and teachers when
A: Yes. we ask kids to do too many things at once.
I was fifteen the first time I drove a car. Mr. We’ve trained our legs where the brake pedal is, and now we
McAfree, my Driver’s Ed teacher, slid into the vinyl-clad passen- don’t have to think about braking. As soon as we see a deer in the
ger seat as Craig Sulley, another student, buckled up in the back. headlights, we hit the pedal.
Even though McAfree was nearing retirement, he looked uncom- The same thing is true with language. We form words and sen-
fortable. I chalked it up to lack of self-confidence and revved the tences out of habits that are carefully cultivated over a lifetime.
engine before pulling out into traffic. We don’t realize, or we have forgotten, that children are at various
For ten minutes or so everything went smoothly. I followed his levels of habit formation. They have to think about how certain
instructions quickly and with perfect attention to detail. And then words are spelled, what sort of symbol to put after a question, and
it happened. We were charging along a busy four lane street in how to conjugate verbs.
Kansas City when Mr. McAfree made a rookie mistake so silly This is why creative writing assignments are often difficult and
that it still surprises me. discouraging for students. When we require good grammar and
“Turn right at the next street,” he said. creativity in an assignment, we’re essentially demanding that the
Clearly a mistake. He should have known that I would figure student be simultaneously creative and analytical. But the brain
“next” meant “very next” and not “the next one after the one that isn’t wired to do both at the same time. Now, it’s true that talented
is right there in front of you.” people can sometimes jump between both activities with the
Also, he failed to tell me to slow down. speed of an Intel processor, but this is a lot to ask of a student still
I yanked the wheel hard to the right and felt myself slipping the learning the complexities of the English Language.
surly bonds of earth as the school’s frost-blue Dodge Omni heaved Telling a kid to be creative and not have any spelling mistakes
itself sideways onto two wheels. For a brief moment I felt like the or punctuation errors is going to result in that kid concentrating
Captain of the Titanic just after hearing the word “iceberg.” on grammar. In most cases it will also make the kid think, “Writ-
McAfree clutched the door handle with both hands and dropped ing is boring.”
his jaw to scream. I am sorry to say that it wasn’t a very manly Instead, it is far more fruitful to teach creative writing as a
scream. He was making the same sound angry yaks use when two-stage system. The first stage is the rough draft. While your
they charge hyenas in nature documentaries. child is writing the first draft of a story, let her write however she
I figured by the color of his face that he wasn’t feeling well, so I pleases, without needing to worry about the mechanics of writ-
pulled over to let him out. But instead of throwing up, he pointed ing. Make sure she knows her rough draft will not be graded.
a finger at me. Once she’s finished, ask her to go back over the story, looking for
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” he yelled. It sounded more like any story problems, places she needs to add or subtract in order
an accusation than a question. to make the story more interesting. Once the story events happen
I wasn’t sure why he was yelling, but I could tell by the way he the way she wants, go on to the second stage.
fingered his rosary that he was unhappy. “Turning right,” I said. During the second stage, she should look for mechanical prob-
“WHY DIDN’T YOU SLOW DOWN!” lems: Spelling and punctuation errors, run on sentences, etc. This
A trick question disguised as a statement. I turned around and is an analytical process that’s quite different from the process of
looked at Craig, who was grinning like a well-fed dolphin. He just story creation. And that’s good news for you. It should be easier to
shrugged and twirled one finger by his ear. help her at this point, since the rules for grammar are fixed. You
“Um...” I said, “because you didn’t tell me to?” will be able to point out mistakes in need of correction. “Cat,” for
Mr. McAfree’s real mistake was assuming I would slow down instance, is always spelled with a “C”, not a “K.” And since her
reflexively, without needing to make a conscious decision to do brain is not trying to generate new, creative material, she may feel
so. But slowing down for a turn is only a reflex after you’ve done the revision process is a bit easier. Her mind can safely downshift
it a thousand times. It can’t possibly be a reflex the first time into revision mode.
continued on page 104

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continued from page 20
communicate more lucidly and eloquently with pen in hand.
leave a distinct trace: No dried-out markers, no crayons that are more It is simple logic. If handwriting flows well for students they will
wax than pigment. Save yellow for drawing blond hair; its mark is too enjoy writing. Too many students with great ideas are reluctant to put
wimpy for writing. pen to paper.
Always use short tools. Cut pencils in half or use golf pencils. Pens In practical terms, math problems are hard to solve if characters are
and pencils are designed to fit adult hands. They balance well for us, illegible. Notes that one needs to refer to later are useless unless they
but in a young child’s hand the weight is too great at the back end can be read. Also, note-taking must be fast enough to cover the es-
of the tool. This should give you a start, and inspire you to try other sence of a lecture. Technologies are out there to cover these problems,
play. but they are not always available and up and running. As adults, our
MOTOR MEMORY need to write continues. There are notes, forms to fill out, letters of
Motor memory is best developed with rhythmic exercises. Write congratulation, sympathy and more that are not appropriate for e-mail.
them in the air. Write them to music. Emphasize rhythm. Write them Most of us are careless when texting and sending e-mails, and we lose
with the eyes closed. When children close their eyes to write they can the subtleties of expression that work so much better by hand.
better feel what their minds are telling their hands and fingers to do. WHAT METHOD TO USE?
BFH uses three basic, pre-writing patterns: , and Below you see a typeface in the copperplate method. It’s beauti-
This is just four downstrokes with a light lift up between each ful. It is the ancestor of our modern conventional cursive. I include it
downstroke. The pattern controls letter size, slant, spacing and consis- for its history. It is not a method to teach or emulate unless you are a
tent letter formation. The pattern might be incorporated into a picture. calligrapher. Remember, Matlack was a professional scribe. Literate
Grass? Flower stems? Or, how about puppy fur? persons in the 19th century spent many hours practicing penmanship
This pattern and the next both support consistency. with copperplate styles, keeping journals and writing letters. In the
This one relates to the counterclockwise movement of half of the latter part of the 19th century Austin Palmer simplified handwriting,
lowercase letters and some numerals. and that is essentially the method used today for conventional cursive
This relates to letters and numerals with clockwise movement. writing.Who among you holds a pen like the image at the left? It is the
The patterns teach directionality too, especially if the child chants, proper hold for copperplate and Palmer. Notice that two fingers only
“Down and down and down…” while writing them. BFH letters and ride along as one writes. The wrist is off the table or paper, meaning
numerals all start at their tops and move down. that all the movement is in the arm. That is how one can successfully
Handwriting is a complex skill, more so than reading. Reading re- write with all letters in every word connected. Unfortunately, when
quires recognition of letters and their assemblage into words. To write, most of us write with the hold shown at the right, or worse with a tense
one must know how to form the characters, put them together into hold, letters go off slant, become inconsistently sized, and wander off
words and sentences (all with spelling, grammar, etc. in place). Then the baseline as we try to connect all letters within words.
the message can be transmitted from mind to paper. If characters are Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting complies with the way we hold
grouped according to directional and rhythmic movements, the task our hands now, especially if it’s the tripod hold. Movement is princi-
becomes easier and more efficient. pally in the fingers, and somewhat in the hand and wrist.
Of course, students should sit up in a comfortable position. The non- I developed Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting with elementary
dominant hand should steady the paper. Handwriting may be legible school children, always searching for the easiest and most natural
with a tight and poor hold, but it will never attain the speed one needs movements for them. The method has proved successful for those
for automatically committing thoughts or messages to paper. adults who learned it as children.
WHY TEACH HANDWRITING? There is no transition from print-script to conventional cursive be-
Do children need handwriting instruction when computers can be cause letter formations never change. Children can learn all the basic
used for communication? For several years many believed handwrit- letters and join them up by the end of first grade. They have learned
ing was becoming obsolete. Now, it seems that attitudes towards BFH italic cursive writing. They are happy with their progress and are
handwriting are shifting. In a recent article in “American Educator” well on the way to being eager writers. All that is needed is practice
Dr. Stephen Graham a professor of Special Education at Vanderbilt until handwriting becomes automatic.
University wrote, “…researchers …have found that, done right, early OLDER STUDENTS AND ADULTS
handwriting instruction improves student’s writing. Not just its leg- Many learn a form of print-script or manuscript first. Formations
ibility, but its quantity and quality.” Those are Graham’s italics. We continued on page 138

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Macaroni Kid – A Brilliant Money Maker for Moms Nationwide

ake Money Publishing Your Local Events Online money, thanks to the way Nicki and Joyce set it up. The Publisher
When Joyce Shulman and Nicki Hemby con- Moms keep all the money from the local ads they sell or trade for.
cocted the idea for a community- based e-newsletter As one Publisher Mom said, “I have two kids who take different
of kids events and family activities in their home- classes every day after school and I don’t pay for any of them,
town, they never imagined they’d be empowering moms all over thanks to Macaroni Kid”.
the country, but that’s exactly what happened when they founded The founders also wanted to make it easy for moms to start their
Macaroni Kid. own editions of Macaroni Kid, so there is no start-up fee and no
In the Summer of 2008, Joyce and Nicki started emailing and long-term contracts (they know life gets in the way sometimes).
posting a weekly listing of events in Southampton New York Publisher Moms just pay a small monthly hosting fee. That in-
where they live. Local newspapers listed only a fraction of the cludes the website, start-up instructions, personal support from
things going on, and they knew there had to be a better way. With Joyce, Nicki and Eric (Joyce’s husband who helps Publisher Moms
virtually no Internet experience, they found a way to inform other with their advertising questions), as well as membership in the
moms and the word started to spread. From mom to mom word of wonderfully supportive “club” of other Publisher Moms who share
mouth they found new subscribers and realized they were truly tips on making Macaroni Kid a success for all. Publisher
filling a need that they themselves had felt. And as their read- Moms also receive free care packages from various
ership grew, advertisers came on board and Joyce and Nicki companies with new products to review and
were thrilled to earn some extra money and trade for things write about.
they used to buy for their kids. The first questions the Founders are asked
Macaroni Kid reached something of a tipping point by women who are interested in starting
when one of their friends in New York City said “Hey, I their own edition is “Do I have to know a lot
want to do this for my neighborhood.” Then a friend in New about computers?’ and “How hard is it?” The
Jersey said the same thing. So Joyce and Nicki went to a answers are pretty simple, if you have figured out
web designer friend and together they figured out a way your Facebook account, you can publish Macaroni
for Moms all over the USA to publish their own edi- Kid. To be a successful Publisher Mom the most
tion of Macaroni Kid. important thing is to have the desire to do something
Since then, Macaroni Kid has that will make a difference in your community and
grown to a family of nearly 100 the ability to follow through with something you
editions in communities from started. That’s it.
New York to Knoxville, and While it was pretty apparent to Nicki and
Miami to Santa Monica. Joyce that they were filling a need of readers,
Each edition is written and after a while, they realized that they were
published by a local “Publisher Mom” filling a need of the Publisher Moms that
who lives in the community she covers. Each went way beyond the extra money and free
week, she gathers the latest scoop about events and goodies. For each Publisher Mom ,it’s
activities of interest to moms in her area and writes something different: For some, it’s the
them up via Macaroni Kids’ easy to use website. The need to hear “Great job” every now and
website also has a simple way to collect and store the then from the other Publisher Moms; for
subscribers’ email addresses that are collected by others it’s the need to accomplish some-
the Publisher Moms. thing and succeed.
Joyce and Nicki call publishing Macaroni Kid Joyce and Nicki are always happy
a “Wobby”, which is short for work plus hobby. It t o welc ome new P u bl i she r Mom s
is a hobby because it’s something that’s fun to do, into the fold. For more infor mation,
and creates mini-celebrities out of Publisher Moms, email them, nicki@macaronikid.com, or
and work because it is a great way to bring in extra joyce@macaronikid.com.

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Connie Crawford Leads the Way in Bringing Fashion Design &
Sewing to the Homeschooling World

By Michael Leppert
n the world of fashion design, creation and sewing, there is a an important added asset for students, new start-up manufacturers, or
new wave of interest and excitement which extends to the ho- those with a smaller cottage industry.
meschooling world. Sewing has traditionally been a popular Another added feature of this new edition of A Guide to Fashion
“cottage” activity for homeschoolers and many homeschooled Sewing are the illustrations, which have been updated and colored to
students learn to make their own clothes and home décor items as help the reader more easily identify the sewing steps and show more
part of a well-rounded education. The new interest and attention to the precisely what to do at each step of the sewing process. A Guide to
world of fashion design is fanned by the T.V. reality show Project Run- Fashion Sewing continues to provide easy-to-read text with step-by-
way and a variety of spin-off shows that focus on the world of fashion step sewing instructions and illustrations. The information progresses
design and creation in all of its facets. from basic theory to simple sewing techniques, concluding with more
Homeschooling devotees of sewing and fashion design will find just complex techniques and applications. It assists students and those
the instructional assistance they need in the extensive line of books with sewing experience to create simple and more complex, fashion-
and DVDs by Ms. Connie Crawford. Connie Crawford, through her able, professional-looking garments. This text also provides a compre-
company, Fashion Patterns by Coni, is one of the leading experts in hensive sewing course of current fashion industry sewing methods.
the field of fashion design and sewing, having 23 years of teaching The first 5 chapters of Fashion Sewing provides basic information
experience at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchan- about sewing supplies and equipment, measurements, commercial
dising (FIDM) in Los Angeles; her pattern line with Butterick; her patterns, fashion fabrics, and fitting. Because fitting is an important
“Signature Collection” of patterns; her many textbooks and her lec- element in making successful garments, the fitting section in Chapter
ture/workshop programs in the consumer side of the market and her 4 has been expanded for this Fifth Edition. These fitting techniques
reputation for fit and design for women of all sizes. illustrate the method of fitting a design in the same manner in which
One of the cornerstones of Ms. Crawford’s teaching is that “When a designer follows in the fashion industry. Chapter 5 illustrates how
learning how to sew, a student needs to understand how to assemble to assemble any garment. These sewing techniques are also referred
a garment and how to sew each and every item within the garment.” to as “Unit Method of Construction.” The remaining 17 chapters of
This approach teaches the student to be methodical, stimulates ab- this book illustrate the step-by-step sewing instruction of the various
stract thinking and provides real-world insight into how “things” are items within any garment.
made. In this way, studying the art of sewing and design serves as the The new layout of the Fifth Edition highlights STUDIO TIPS.
instructional springboard for many other subjects. Math, hand-eye These STUDIO TIPS focus on the important features that are used
coordination, history of three different types -- the social history of within the fashion industry. A Guide to Fashion Sewing will interest
clothing, the history of the development of fabric making and dyeing anyone who desires to learn more about fashion sewing.
-- which is also geographic -- and high fashion. All are vital aspects Another great cutting-edge product offered by Connie Crawford is
of Man’s existence, growth and development and have as their center, her instructional DVD, Studio Sewing Skills, which provides students
sewing and fashion design. with efficient techniques to learn to sew in this fast-paced world. This
In keeping current – and actually being ahead of the curve – in June, DVD allows students to learn at their own pace. These sewing skills
Ms. Crawford is releasing the Fifth Edition of her popular fashion are designed to build knowledge progressively, while the student
industry book, A Guide to Fashion Sewing. This book outlines the learns the basics of sewing as well as how to assemble a garment in a
information needed to learn how to assemble any design of a garment. logical and time efficient sequence. Students will complete a project
With over 2000 colorful illustrations and young fashion drawings, that encourages them to sew more and more. A companion Student
the new seamstress will have no trouble in following this step-by-step Packet of practice exercises is also available.
book. Homeschooling families who are familiar with the broad value of
One of the goals in preparing this new edition was to include an up- sewing, as well as neophyte seamstresses, will rejoice at the tremen-
to-date textiles reference chapter. In addition, a big plus is Appendix dous resources and wonderful world of creation that Ms. Crawford’s
C, Fabric Resources, as well as entries for major fabric stores through- instructional DVD, books, patterns and materials offer.
out the U.S. This appendix is a resource guide of wholesale fabric Please visit Connie Crawford’s website, www.fashionpatterns.com
suppliers who do not require large minimum purchases! This list is and be inspired! M.j.L.

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 75
Published by Terrific Science Press
By Linda K. Foster

Middletown, OH.

he world of chemistry is a fascinating subject that nat- engaging activity, students explore and compare the behavior
urally causes awe and wonder. While often considered of water drops on spoons coated with Magic Sand and spoons
complicated, chemistry, simply put, is the study of coated with regular sand and then learn the contrasting behavior
matter and how it interacts. Chemistry With Charisma of Magic Sand in a non-polar substance such as hexane, veg-
shows how this can be incorporated into daily life and be thor- etable oil or mineral oil.
oughly enjoyed by students of all ages and backgrounds. Volume 2 affords 28 additional unique and exciting lessons
Many students might ask, “Why do I care? Why should I that are tied to the students’ world and meaningful to them.
study chemistry?” Chemistry With Charisma seeks to answer In “Fired Up”, students watch the teacher eat a small “candle”
this question by offering lesson plans that “capture and keep made from an apple cylinder and a nut sliver as a “wick”. They
attention”. It also poses a larger question, “Where would we be then explore the concepts of calorimetry, discrepant events, ex-
without chemistry?” and engages students in diverse experi- perimental design and heat energy. “Observing Candles” offers
ments designed to motivate them to investigate the world around a chance to collect evidence to identify the reactants and prod-
them. ucts when a candle is burned. In this lesson, students learn such
Both volumes offer well-organized chapters with engag- concepts as chemical reactions, combustion and conservation
ing, hands-on lessons that use toys and everyday materials of mass. Sounding like an episode of CSI, “Scent of a Mystery”
to encourage students to think like a scientist. Chapters are asks students to identify some unknown odors and the familiar
well-written and contain a succinct overview of planned experi- scent that results when they are mixed. Health conscious stu-
ments, key concepts, National Science and Education Standards dents will appreciate “How Much Sugar in Your Soda”, an ex-
met by each experiment, a list of materials, clearly written pro- periment involving construction of two types of hydrometers for
cedures and instructor notes. While a list of answers to student making density measurements. Perhaps one of the most popular
questions is included in each chapter, teachers are encouraged chapters in Volume 2 is “Micro-Rocket Challenge”, an oppor-
to challenge students to expand their observations beyond the tunity for students to find the ratio of hydrogen and oxygen that
basics. will propel a micro-rocket the furthest.
Volume 1 consists of 24 meaningful and inspiring lessons de- Since chemistry is a process, not just a collection of facts,
veloped to encourage the use of a variety of tools and teaching students should be encouraged to do what real chemists do:
methods to help students comprehend, process and demonstrate make predictions, design and modify experiments, make ob-
an understanding of abstract concepts and phenomena — and servations, and draw reasonable conclusions. Both volumes of
to have fun in the process. In “Syringe Investigations”, students Chemistry With Charisma convey the methodology of scientific
use a common gadget to illustrate the relationships of pressure investigation in a way that allows students to develop the funda-
and volume of gases. The effects of gas volume and pressure mental skills necessary for scientific inquiry and the scientific
are further examined in “Toys Under Pressure,” a unique expe- way of processing information.
rience investigating whoopee cushions and exploding straws. Chemistry With Charisma is a concise, interactive guide of-
In “Creaking Plastic Bottles”, students learn the difference fering a fresh approach to a fascinating subject. It is a “thinking
between what happens to a helium filled Mylar balloon that sits outside the box” approach to chemistry and a chance for stu-
in a car for hours on a very cool or a very hot day. Younger stu- dents to see that, through experience, the scientific method be-
dents are challenged to figure out how a hand boiler works in the comes more than a list memorized from a textbook; it becomes
appropriately title chapter, “Investigations with Hand Boilers”. a working system that is an integral part of their lives.
Older students continue the lesson to learn how the hand boiler For more information on Chemistry With Charisma, Volumes
can be used as a closed-system, mini-distillation apparatus. Fi- 1 and 2, please visit www.terrificsciencepress.com. L.K.F.
nally, who could resist a chapter entitled “Magic Sand”? In this

Page 76 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Homeschool Mom Turns Author
By Tammy Raden

ow many of us go through life letting the fear of at Moorpark College (California) and just made the dean’s list.
failure stop us from pursuing what we should or My twins are getting ready to graduate -- a year early I might
want to be doing? I know I did. That is until a add, and received perfect scores on their exit exams.
life-changing event happened to me. This one act I needed to find something to occupy my time. I decided to
changed the way I see others and myself in this world. take that same attitude I had toward homeschooling and apply
My son was having difficulty in school. He was a great kid it to turning my stories into books. I knew that if I could suc-
and tried extremely hard in his classes, but reading was dif- ceed at homeschooling I could succeed at anything, as long as
ficult for him. His teachers tried to help but each school year I was willing to give it my all. That’s when I decided to take
became harder. Finally we found out that he had dyslexia, but my stories and try publishing them. I figured I couldn’t ask
the school did not have the resources to help. I will never for- someone else to believe in me unless I was willing to believe
get the frustration I felt when I was told by the principle that in myself. So, I decided to self-publish my books. The hardest
they couldn’t help him. I found out on that day how the fear of part about this new venture was drawing the illustrations. As a
failure doesn’t seem that important when others have already child, I always loved to draw, but it seemed scary to illustrate
failed you. I also learned that it was okay to take the power of a book. So, I sat down and attempted to draw my first illustra-
what happens to my child from others and give it to myself. I tion. It took me several attempts but finally I had a picture
figured I could only go up, since they felt my child had already I was proud of. Once I got my family’s approval of that first
hit bottom. illustration I kept going and before long I had my first book
That day I awoke to the possibility there might be another ready for publication.
way of doing things. So I did the only choice I had left I pulled My Dog Blue is my first book. It is a rhyming story about a
all three of my children out of school and decided to try my little boy who can’t get his dog to follow his commands. But
hand at homeschooling. Sure, I was scared, but I figured I had instead of giving up, he decides to look for the uniqueness in
something the school didn’t have: The determination not give his dog, something that makes his dog special, too. I wrote this
up on my children. It was a lot of hard work and dedication, not story to show my kids you could take any situation and find
only from me but from my children and husband too. Before the positive in it. Sometimes you just have to be willing to see
long, we learned how to battle my son’s reading issues. We things from a different perspective. My Dog Blue was released
kept trying new ideas; some worked and some didn’t, but we in October, 2009 and Every Time I Want to Play, Brother and
never gave up. Eventually he learned how to work around his Sister Get in My Way was released in March, 2010.
dyslexia. It wasn’t just my oldest that benefited from home- All of my stories are written in rhyme because I believe a
schooling, all three of my children loved being homeschooled. rhyming story can better hold the attention of younger chil-
It made for a fun-loving, safe environment and they excelled dren. This allows them to get more out of the story. I have vis-
from the experience. The learning was not the only thing we ited over thirty local preschool and elementary schools, sharing
saw improvement in. The confidence they gained by constantly my books. It is so much fun to see the reaction of the children
being surrounded by a positive influence helped them to grow and how it compares to the way my own children related to
into strong, confident young adults. the stories. It is my hope that I am able to give parents and
Another positive that came from homeschooling was that I children a positive interaction through my stories. The most
spent a lot of time with them. This gave me a better understand- important thing I have learned from my experiences -- whether
ing of what problems they faced in life. I took these challenges it is homeschooling or creating children’s books -- is that we
and created stories for them. I did this so they could learn from all have the capability to be successful. All we need to succeed
the characters in the story how to handle the same situations, is the knowledge that not one of us is more or less capable than
but with a positive outcome. This became an entertaining way anyone else in this world. We just need to believe in ourselves,
to teach them important life lessons. Before I knew it I had writ- work hard at the goals we set and don’t let the fear a failure
ten over eleven stories. As time went by, I realized that making stop us from going after our dreams. I hope I have inspired you
the choice to homeschool my children was the best decision I to go after your dreams. I know I am happy I went after mine.
ever made. My children benefited greatly from it. My oldest is T.R.

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 77
g d o b
5 New Spring Titles!!
Hey, Andrew! w Weapons of Mass Instruction
Teach Me Some Greek! continued from page 27 needed for this work, the damage
Science and Math through Literature g z t d new ideas and new is great. There is a time and place
. . . the easy way to learn!
y g z t l experiences; the educated in life’s sequence when these ap-
en l
discover truth for themselves pointments must be kept; too-long
h a
Sev ailable e y
through the rules of evidence, delayed and opportunity is lost
r o l not by memorizing opinions of forever.
x g f others. • The complex possibilities of
• Educated people detect other association must be encountered
y q t u
people’s needs and in moving to and wrestled with – it won’t work
"Overall, this is an easy-to-use meet those needs, earn a living. to merely talk about these, or see
program for parents who have
bno background in Greek." e But unlike the ignorant, the edu- T.V. shows. They include family
Cathy Duffy
Christian Home Educators'
g Curriculum Manual 1997-'98 d
cated never become overly depen- relationships, friendships, com-
dent on material wealth for hap- panionships, comradeship, love,
g t
Also available from Greek 'n' Stuff:
piness, recognizing that the most hate, community, networking
k z a d valuable goods – love, curiosity, and more. Each has strengths and
reverence and empathy – can be dangers inherent in the form. Not
y g lz n u t x i
had without cost. to practice each early on is to risk
Six le
availa els
Four able
• Educated people actively seek becoming emotionally crippled.
g z d o variety and know how to master But confinement schooling is
r ur
it O toreg z t CatFarleoew it sufficiently for pleasure and en- designed to socialize children
Vis ne S
O n li g!
lightenment. Yet they are aware, into networks – the very weakest
g z t d
too, that without a home of their and least reliable of all human as-
b P.O. Box 882 d own and home responsibilities,
Free 1-year schoolwide and home
Moline, IL 61266-0882 sociations. Networks are certain
access to the most technologically
g d variety is hollow; experience, to betray your trust if relied upon
advanced eBooks available Phone: 309-796-2707
superficial. excessively.
877-958-2600 ywww.greeknstuff.com l
• The curriculum to become • Another major theme which
educated is drawn from great takes attention in the educated

Are you prepared for the life passages which have united
generations from the beginning of
time. First is the mystery of birth
mind is a thoughtful approach to
vocation – how does one contrib-

coming economic collapse?

ute to the common good and at the
and the mysterious emergence of same time, earn a living? Then we
self. To explore self requires inti- meet the theme of “growing up”
mate knowledge of one’s parents as a vocation of its own. How is
and ancestors – and of the specific that distinct from being a child?
cultures which helped form them. What complex of obligations ac-
There’s a growing consensus that the Global Economic Crisis will be a The local cultures, that is, much
worldwide catastrophe of monumental proportions, and what many cepted does growing up entail, ac-
top economists say could be much worse than The Great Depression.
more than the abstract entities we ceptance of which brings maturity
Are you and your loved ones prepared to weather the storm? call political states. Who am I? and independence?
Where are my limits? What are • And we can’t leave out a very
At Ready Made Resources, we offer a complete line of emergency,
self-reliant and homestead products. We are a family-based
my possibilities? What range do close study of Death, the last act
business nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains with over 15 the strange selves about me dis- of the dramatic cycle begun by the
years experience in the emergency preparedness industry. Buy from play? Exploring these things are mystery of Birth. Without clear
a company you can trust along with our tens of thousands of other like crucial appointments an edu-
satisfied customers. Here is just a sampling of what we carry:
awareness of the short arc of a
cated person must keep; without life, nothing means very much. If
• Long term food storage • Alternative energy products honoring these, only incomplete we lived forever, no choice would
• Manual grain mills • Books on self-reliance / adulthood results.
• Outdoor / gardening emergency preparedness ever be significant because endless
products • Medical kits, homeopathic • The physical world near and time would be available to choose
• Water purification products supplies & more far must be thoroughly exam- again and again. Time is strictly
ined, analyzed, tested. This is finite. Every choice precludes
Give your family the peace of mind by setting aside supplies
work which can’t adequately be another, that’s the reality which
NOW before it is too late.
done in confinement or through vests existence with meaning. We
Call our qualified staff at 800-627-3809 or visit our website at
www.readymaderesources.com blackboard abstractions. When need to realize that the dying owe
compulsion-schooling steals time continued on page 88

Page 78 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
It’s every home educator’s dream . . . to have all the skills
and resources of a qualified faculty within arm’s reach.
And now you can, with BJU Press Distance Learning Online!
• multigrade (K4–12) courses in all core subjects
• free
Teacher’s Editions (abridged, PDF format)
• internet streaming video classes
• award-winning teachers
• online chapter tests (Grades 9–12)
• progress-tracking features
• also available on DVD and Hard Drive bjupress.com | 1.800.845.5731
Elementary Grammar:
Meaningful = Memorable
By Robyn Martijena some more. I asked, “Have you to identify the subject in the sen- label into a comprehensible

ever heard about how police tence they are confused. So, put word. Now when they look for
any elementary age interrogate a suspect?” Sure she the workbook away and simply the subject of the sentence they
students resist gram- had. I encouraged her to tell me start a discussion about their understand that they are looking
mar because they feel what she knew about that and favorite T.V. show, computer for not only a noun, but what
overwhelmed by a flurry of un- she happened to know quite a game or book. Then follow up or who the sentence is talking
familiar words. Labels that they lot. All people, maybe kids even with a question like, “If I ask about.
are expected to use – subjects, more so, love to express what you what the subject of the show As we introduce our children
predicates, imperatives, and they know. We so often have is – what am I really asking?” to the fundamentals of gram-
as if pronouns aren’t enough, an opportunity to demonstrate They are likely to explain that mar, it is important to remember
we throw in complementary what we don’t know, that it’s a you want to know what the point that most of the terminology is
pronouns. It often seems like welcome change to reveal the is -- what it’s about. So then you new and is probably used in un-
a bunch of unnecessary fluff things we understand. So she tip-toe back towards grammar. familiar contexts. So dedicating
when all they want to do is write explained to me in detail how So the subject of the sentence extra time to reveal what they
down a simple thought. But I’ve the police interrogate a bad guy. is really what or who it’s about. already know and fostering con-
found that when we give these They have him in a room with Prepare yourself – you’ll prob- nections between that and this
fluffy words some substance a single lamp and a metal table ably get a big, “OOHHHHH” new vocabulary is well worth
or meaning, children are able and ask question after question because now it seems so obvi- the effort. It could very well in-
to make a connection between until they get to the truth. So, ous. By pointing out what they spire a confidence and accep-
these previously-misunderstood she not only knew what it meant already know, you’ve success- tance of grammar that will ben-
labels, and sentences that clearly to interrogate someone, but was fully translated a cumbersome efit them for a lifetime. R.M. L
express their thoughts. Kids in- able to conjure up a mental pic-
herently ask questions and want ture too! I eased back into the
more information. So creating a
link between the labels and life
labels asking her if she noticed
how “interrogative” sounds and
Largest 3-Year
is much easier than you might even looks a whole lot like “in- Propane refrigerator Warranty!
think. terrogate.” I see her eyes light up
I was recently tutoring a and the lyrical light bulb go on.
on the Market!
nine-year-old girl who attends “Oh, so interrogative sentences ~Refrigerate without Electricity
private school and was strug- ask questions, like the police.” ~Perfect for Disaster
gling with grammar. Her hurdle There you have it! There’s a
-- those wearisome labels. Her ~Living Off the Grid
back story to the word that ~Have Total Independence
goal was to indicate whether she can relate to and mentally
a sentence was interrogative, picture. The label is no longer For Information go to:
declarative, imperative or ex- just a label – it’s a word with www.diamondrefrigerator.com Available in:
clamatory. So first things first, meaning. To Order, go to:
White, Black,
Bisque and
we put the worksheet aside and Similarly, I’ve noticed that www.warehouseappliance.com Stainless
started to talk. It took just a when breaking down a sentence
minute to realize that she had into a subject and a predicate,
(866) 825-4013
no idea what the labels meant. students don’t make the link
The teacher had given them the Features Include:
between real life and the word •Sizes range from 10 Cubic feet
labels and explained what kinds “subject”. The subject suddenly
of sentences they belonged to, to 19 Cubic feet
becomes a hollow label and •Up to 4.7 Cubic ft. freezer space
but never explicitly discussed they’ve lost the definition or •Up to 14.4 Cubic ft. fridge space
the words. For example, the point of the actual word. Chil- •Glass Shelves and Clear Crispers
word “interrogative” had no dren will often understand that •Full-size freezer shelf
meaning to her – it was no more the subject is a noun and they
than a random word, chosen to know that a noun is a person,
label a sentence that ends with place or thing. But when asked
a question mark. So we talked
www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 81
Dishwasher Art
A Magnet for Your Dishwasher
to Enhance the Look of Your Kitchen

All Hand Painted Originals in Lots of Different Styles!

A Panel For Every Season...

You can change your panel to match changes in your kitchen
decor. It’s a snap if you want to replace your regular panel
with a holiday theme design or if you want to decorate your
kitchen for a party or other special event.!
Two ways to apply: • Magnetic Panel (or)
• Non-maring Removable Adhesive Panel
(Removal is easy with either application)
Log onto to our website to browse our designs by category:
vCountry/Primitive vThemes/Scenes
vFloral/Fruits vContemporary/Abstract
vAnimals vSeasonal
vCustom Panels (Your Own Design)
Call Toll Free: Shop
(866) 612-5678 Online: www.dishwasherart.com
Dishwasher Art size and specifications can be found online or by calling our customer service by phone.
I Thought I’d be Taller...
Letting Go of Picture-Perfect
continued from page 6 know that my efforts have been
the most dedicated homeschool- worthwhile.
ing veterans will occasionally As mothers -- and particularly
question God’s wisdom. As the homeschooling mothers -- we tend
saying goes “I know the Lord to put our children first.  Let’s face
would never give me more than it: Homeschooling  requires  sac-
I can handle, I just wish he didn’t rifice. We give up our time, our

trust me so much.” freedom, and, to a large extent,
But before you run off to put our own career desires. While
your children in school, take a our peers are off working, shop-
moment to examine the results ping, or meeting for lunch, we are
of your efforts. Look closely at home, taking care of our children.
the product, not just the process They attend aerobics; we chase
of homeschooling. I’ll be the first toddlers. They hunt for the perfect
North America’s #1 Tech Camp for ages 7-18 held at:
to admit that I don’t like grading
papers, hunting for workbooks,
outfit; we hunt for lost shoes. In
many ways such sacrifice simply Stanford University
or cleaning up projects, but I love goes with the territory.
what homeschooling has done for
my children. I love my relation-
Remember, it is the product, not UC Berkeley UCLA UC Irvine
the process that counts. Let go of
ship with them, and their relation-
ships with each other. When I see
the television fantasy of marriage
and motherhood. Let go of the
Cal Lutheran University
my children stop to help, to teach,
or to console each other, I love
perfect picture, because try as we
might, none of us will ever be
Santa Clara University
homeschooling. When I see them
reading or diving into a project, I
taller. A.L. L
UC San Diego MIT
Defending Teaching Sacramento State
Standards & Corrections Princeton Emory
continued from page 18 to improve the student’s perfor-
the villain and one supporting
character. I am assuming here that
mance on future assignments.
Tammet made another remark
Harvard & more!
the student has been taught about which is applicable here. “Taking
these elements. pleasure in a task is an especially
The teacher reads the assign-
ment and notes a couple of spell-
good way to learn.” What plea- Game Design
sure can a student derive from
ing mistakes, a punctuation error doing an assignment? It could be 3D Modeling
or two, and finds a poorly-worded getting a good grade or feeling
sentence. These mistakes are competency or getting praise for Web Design
mechanical; they are objective.
The teacher also looks to see if
his effort. The teacher needs to be
thoughtful about what comments
the student follows the directions are made and how they are made. Programming
posed by the assignment and how This makes a big difference to the
thoroughly the student expresses student, but the errors do need to Robotics & more!
his answer. This is a bit more be pointed out, hopefully along
subjective and generally requires with some encouragement to do REGISTER TODAY! Save with Code HN33
comment on the teacher’s part, better and some instruction as to
both positive and negative. Later, how to do better next time. Stan-
the teacher will confer with the
student about the assignment and
dards are needed, and the student
needs to meet them, and the
perhaps explain some things in teacher’s job is to help the student 1-888-709-TECH (8324)
more detail. All of this is designed achieve those standards. F.J. L
www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 83
Cottey College has helped me
realize that I can go anywhere
and achieve anything.

1000 West Austin Nevada, MO 64772 College

Phone: 1-888-526-8839 • www.COTTEY.edu

motherboardBooks.com Computer science Curriculum

teaches Computer savvy for Ages 8 and up
Curriculum consists of

For kids 8-12: For kids 12 and up: two spiral-bound soft-cover
books and a disk.

Logo Adventures Computer sCienCe

for a fun, creative pure And simpLe CurriCuLum
experience in Computer Science Pure and Simple with Logo software
animations and and your youngster will be computer savvy in no time!
drawing without
• Learn about office software--how to create a
dry mathmatical
newsletter, and how to use and program a spreadsheet
code. It’s personal-
• Simple HTML
ized instruction
• Simple Web site creation using free software
to the turtle...
• Programming drawings, animations, and games using
kids love it!
the Logo language
• Computerized
creative drawing, creating patterns Our curriculum provides a foundation to study further into:
and colorations • Easily learn common workplace programming languages
• Fun animations • Launch into Web site design and building
• How to program an animated
“board game” and greeting card
Beth Clifford, Brodheadsville, PA:
“I absolutely love this curriculum. It is very well-laid out for the student.
Actually, this is perfect for anyone who wants to learn about computer science... For your FREE Scavenger Hunt E-Lesson
or for more information visit:
“I am very thankful that she (Phyllis Wheeler) decided to share this curriculum
with the homeschooling world.” www.motherboardBooks.com
Measuring Handwriting Fluency Make History
continued from page 16
you can assign a word or word cused on improving their fluency
Come to Life
Where does the letter end? You
sequence. When you call “Stop” score using exactly this test. So- with Historical
will be pleasantly surprised to Newspapers
see that the child can come close simply count the number of leg- evik, N. and Teulings, H.L. (1983)
enough with the right approach ible letters on the page. The goal Real time feedback of handwrit-
to training. Practice of the correct is to express the fluency score as ing in a teaching program. Acta
process, including ìhow to move X Letters Per Minute (LPM). If Psychologica, 54, 285-2.
smoothlyî as a goal, will lead to you have allowed only 20 seconds “The crucial result of this study
both fluency and better legibility (one third of a minute) count the was that fluency feedback helped
as control skills improve. With letters and multiply by three. If improve handwriting speed
practice, the process that becomes you allowed one minute, the count without losing accuracy in the ex-
habit will control the product is all you need to express the LPM perimental group when compared
produced. With practice, fluency score and track the changes over to the control group. This experi- People are seen
is improved as controlled move- time. Incidentally, another impor- ment has been used as the model as living and real!
ments are automated. An anal- tant outcome stimulated by regu- for a software product which will Each series includes 27 to 33
issues of four to six pages
ogy is learning to play a musical lar participation is an increase in soon be available to parents and supplied in student sets and
instrument; practice leads to pace attention span. Each exposure teachers.” – Dr. Hans-Leo Teul- is supported by a thorough
and beautiful music. provides opportunity and motiva- ings, CEO, NeuroScript, Inc. teacher’s manual.

It is both helpful and fun to tion for the child to attend to the For more information on teach- Only $65 or Less!
measure and track fluency over task for a longer period of time. ing skills to improve handwriting (Group rates are available; visit our
website for other product options.)

time. In fact, the simple act of col- A brief guide to tracking fluency fluency, contact the author, Rand
is available free from Peterson Nelson, mrpencil@peterson- www.ourlandofliberty.com
lecting a measurement regularly
will usually result in an improved Directed Handwriting. E-mail handwriting.com or visit www. 1-800-777-5292
score. The child quite naturally your request to the author: Rand peterson-handwriting.com Our Land Publications
4861 Chino Avenue
thinks that handwriting practice is Nelson mrpencil@peterson- R.N. L Chino, CA 91710
all about taking the time to copy handwriting.com.
the model as accurately as pos- High Tech Fluency Measure-
sible. The idea that we are practic- ment
ing to improve accuracy and the
production rate at the same time,
Thanks to Dr. Hans-Leo Teul-
ings, and the team at NeuroScript, Discover the Joy
is seldom presented to the child. there is now a tool for measuring
fluency on the Internet. It provides
of Teaching
Introduce the fluency test; a timed
writing exercise, and the child great fun and useful practice,
particularly if you have a digital
Your Child
begins to get the idea. The goal
to produce more rapidly is sud- tablet for your computer. If you Attend the
want to add a tablet to your sys-
denly understood. He or she will
tem, visit: www.neuroscript.net/
How To Multiply Your
probably want to try again imme- Baby’s Intelligence Course ®

diately to see if a higher score can wacomtablets.php. You can use

be achieved. your computer now for handwrit- You are the best and most beloved teacher
Conducting a Fluency Test ing practice with this special tool. your child will ever have. Learn How to
Explain the rules. You will say Soon, you will be able to purchase Teach Your Baby...
Parents come to The Institutes from all over
“Go!” to start the action. The a computer program offering the world to learn how to create an enriched • To Read Joyously
child will write until you give the much more. home environment for their children. • Develop Encyclopedic
“Stop” command. Depending Google: NeuroScript Fluency “ As A MoTHER, I think it was the best Knowledge

upon the age and attention span of Test investment I will ever make for my daughter.” • To Love Mathematics
the student, you can call “Stop” in Soevik & Teulings first used Caroline Gilbert, M.D., paris, France • Music & Foreign
as little as 20 seconds, or you can this handwriting fluency test For information or to enroll
allow a whole minute for writing. in 1983 when they pioneered call (800) 344-6684 or (215) 233-2050, • Physical Ability &
The writing task can vary also. computer-assisted handwriting or e-mail htm_registrar@iahp.org Proper Nutrition

For a kindergarten or first grade instruction using a digitizer and

child, you can ask the child to graphics display. Their research The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential ®
write as many of the letters of showed that children improved 8801 Stenton Avenue, Wyndmoor, pA 19038 u.S.A. • (215) 233-2050 • www.iahp.org

the alphabet as possible. Later on handwriting speed when they fo-

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 85
Mating Without Dating - Part Two we asked him confirmed to him
that he was being taken seriously,
good for kids. There is no formula
to follow. Every love story will be
continued from page 57 that, he engendered from her the and that we valued and esteemed unique, but there is a culture of
without any coaching or limits respect, admiration, and respon- him for showing us so much re- honor we can cultivate from the
being set, let alone the girl being siveness every man craves from spect. Having a strong love bond preschool years that will help our
imbued with the kind of value his wife. As explained in the last with your in-laws is another ben- children navigate the love canal
this man gave his treasured car. Link, the caliber of marriage you efit of approaching marriage the with less loss than we incurred.
As a teenage girl, I can remem- wind up with, correlates directly way he did. See my next column here in The
ber buying a used car. Regardless to whether a woman feels that she I’ve been asked, “Can’t we just Link for more on building that
of how cute the body was, I would did the alluring and captured a date, absorb some bumps and kind of culture in your home.
never dream of buying a car un- man, or if he pursued and chose bruises and wind up married? Some may still think girls have
less I had my dad check it out her apart from any trying on her Didn’t you and your husband to kiss some frogs, get hurt and
under the hood. If I knew enough part. If the man does the initiating date? My answer is, “Sure, you toughened up a bit before they
to have Dad evaluate a motor and the woman the responding, can just do what the average guy find their prince. We enjoyed
vehicle, why wouldn’t I utilize it’s going to answer questions that and girl do -- and you can expect having a real prince come to our
him to screen a cute guy “under arise throughout marriage. For the same lackluster marital out- door and treat his chosen princess
the hood”, to tell me what I was her - “Does he love me for who I come you see around you today. fittingly from the start.
really getting? am, not how I perform?” For him, Or, as with homeschooling, you Our counsel to our own sons is
Crystal says that, without a “Does she admire and respect can head off on a road less trav- now this: Prepare yourself to take
doubt, the fact that Ian closed the me?” eled in pursuit of much better a wife -- embracing expanding
door on abandoning the relation- Ian said two things stood out to ending destinations. responsibility at home and in your
ship before it even began was the him as he came seeking Crystal’s My hope in penning this col- work, knowing yourself spiritu-
key that enabled her heart to open hand: Greg‘s obvious care for her umn is that readers will apply at ally, intellectually, emotionally,
wide to a lifelong love relation- infused Crystal with great value least as much healthy skepticism and romantically. When a young
ship with him.. He made Crys- only adding to Ian’s sense that to the presumed normality of dat- lady begins to become noticeable
tal’s heart and its protection, his she was a quality woman. He also ing that they did to the assumption or desirable, talk to us and let us
number-one priority. By doing found that the level of questions that institutional schooling was help you get to know her fam-

eHarvey is the only online school backed

by 94 years of experience.
Yes—almost a century!

The Harvey School, founded in 1916, is a prestigious, grade 6-12, bricks-and-mortar

school, located in Westchester County, New York. Harvey’s mission provides quality
educational opportunities for students of varying abilities and learning styles. eHarvey,
begun in 2006, delivers the same quality education to students residing in the United
States and abroad.
Most online schools provide minimal support…
imagine trying to learn a Geometry proof through email!
eHarvey combines the flexibility of cutting-edge technology with the support of
exceptional teachers. Our virtual classroom provides a real-time, interactive
learning experience. We combine three complementary, user-friendly technolo-
gies to provide robust, flexible and supportive online learning.

eHarvey offers 3 distance learning options:

Online School: Summer Session: Credit Recovery:
A traditional school year, beginning in Seven week intensive study for full course Seven week customized curriculum
September 2010 and ending by June 2011 credit; Beginning June 28, 2010 for ½ credit; Beginning June 28, 2010

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www.eharvey.org – mchristie@harveyschool.org – (914) 232-3161 ext. 400
ily better before revealing your Respect yourself as a treasure
heart. Present your intentions to worthy to be pursued and sacri-
her father and wait for his permis- ficed for. Store up all your roman-
sion to seek her hand. When that tic ideas and longings to pour out
is received, commit yourself to over your husband within your
her and provide the safety of your marriage for the rest of your life.
dedicated love within which her Copyright, © Moira Bell 2009.
heart can open up safely.
To our daughters: Be yourself Greg and Moira Bell have three
and pursue the things that interest emancipated young adults and
you. Never posture or perform for three homeschool students still
a man’s attention. Let him notice living at home. They are finishing
and fall in love with the real you. the renovations on their 130-year-
Communicate your heart and old Virginia farmhouse. They
dreams with your father (or in hope to begin publishing a clever
some families, another trusted children’s book this next year.
father figure, willing to help you They welcome readers’ questions
in this) and trust him to screen and feedback at bellsofbed-
any man who expresses interest. ford@gmail.com
Quality Educational Products for Science Teaching, Learning & More

Drake Institute’s Home Treatment Program –

the Safe Alternative for ADD, ADHD and More
continued from page 39 improvements as they occur.
Language Rehabilitation, Be- Research has shown that 70% SlideWorks Beginner’s Slides
All products are delivered on CD-ROM in both Windows
havior Modification and Fam- of people suffering with ADHD and Macintosh formats and can be purchased online.
Shipping by UPS is free to homeschoolers if placed directly
ily Support and/or Therapy for also suffer from a Secondary to Science Works, Inc. by phone or fax. Special discounts
Neurophysical disorders such as Learning Disorder that may in- are available for bulk purchases. Call for more details!
ADHD, Autism Spectrum Dis- clude Language Deficits. In order
orders, Learning Disorders and to completely heal, you must iden-
Language Deficits. tify and treat all aspects of the dis- Discover the Elements
Rocks! & Minerals
Led by 21st Century Brain- order. Our diagnostic process will
SafetyWorks:Critical DissectionWorks CatWorks
mapping technology, our FDA- identify any Primary Disorder, Emergency Knowledgebase

approved diagnostics allow us to such as ADD or Autism, and will Visit Our Website for Information On Our Science Programs!
pinpoint the specific areas of the also identify Secondary Disor- toll free: 800.478.8476 / fax 336.712.0004
brain that are malfunctioning. ders such as a Learning Disorder, www.scienceclass.com / info@scienceclass.com
Our QEEG Brainmapping allows Auditory Processing Disorder or
us to treat, efficiently and effec- Language Deficit.
tively, only the areas of the brain We start by treating the Pri-
that require it, unlike medication mary Disorder, and once a certain
which treats almost every cell in amount of progress has been
the body. To assist families along made, begin treating the Second-
the FullCare path to recovery we ary Disorder concurrently. As
assign everyone a Program Co- part of the FullCare treatment
Over 7000
ordinator. program, we review the impact of Sports &
Your Program Coordinator these disorders on the family and Recreation
manages your treatment plan and provide family counseling and Wolverine Sports has been manufacturing and distributing
products for sports, safety and recreation since 1954. We are one
monitors progress so that the syn- other programs to help integrate of the largest and most respected school supply companies in the
nation. We have over 7000 products for a variety of sports and
ergistic elements of treatment can the newly-healed family member recreation activities.
be started at the optimal time for back into the family. •

Track & Field



Backyard Games
maximum improvement. Your These Neurophysical Disorders • Soccer • Golf • Street Hockey • Fitness Equipment
• Football • Basketball • Lacrosse • Children’s Games
Program Coordinator provides disrupt so many areas of the pa-
support and guidance to the tient’s life, FullCare is essential to Order Online at
family, to better enable them to maximize the chances of the pa- wolverinesports.com
reinforce their family member’s tient fully healing. D.I. L Wolverine Sports 745 State Circle Box 1941 Ann Arbor, MI 48106

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 87
Rosetta Stone
Incredible Foreign Language Course Homeschool Version
3.3, Level 1 (Latin American Spanish)
continued from page 41 plemental Materials disk which
student to monitor progress and contains printable PDF versions
evaluate areas that might need of the Student Workbooks and
more work. Exercises, Tests, the Homeschool
The general program offers an Parent’s Guide for using the
Audio Companion™ four-disk set program and Cultural Activities,
that provides practice and rein- such as visiting places that coin-
forcement of the basic lessons. cide with the culture and people of
This set includes Language Ba- the language being studied.
sics; Greetings & Introductions; Rosetta Stone Version 3.3.7,
Work & School and Shopping, Level 1 Homeschooling Edition
providing the student with all of will serve as the perfect spring-
the vocabulary, grammar and board for your family’s introduc-
phrase work needed to converse tory study and ultimate mastery
in the language in all phases of of Latin American Spanish. All
everyday life. The Rosetta Stone three levels are available individu-
package also includes two other ally, making it affordable to ulti-
disks of supplemental material. mately obtain the entire program
One is a practice CD of words, but the entire three-level set is
phrases and exercises that can be also available at a very low price
used after a lesson is completed on various Internet store sites. RS
and played in the car or other is easy to use in its daily lessons,
“informal” setting to reinforce the easy to track one’s progress and
material. The second CD is a Sup- fun to boot! Bueno suerte! MjL

Weapons of Mass Instruction

continued from page 78 tage (to the controlling parties), but
the oncoming generations a world over time it bleeds the common-
at least as good as the one they wealth of its vitality – as it bled
experienced while fully alive; if the once-powerful Soviet Union
possible, a better one. – and leaches from the economy
Give Up the Cathedral its ability to adapt to changing
Any school which hopes to edu- circumstances. In grabbing for
cate must surrender the safety of short term economic advantage,
the walled compound; must sur- schools are being charged with
render the security of employing preventing education – the signs
a priesthood certified for docil- of decay because of that proscrip-
ity and political correctness; must tion are everywhere.
give up the papacy of the political (Copyright, by John Taylor
state and its economic partners. In Gatto, all rights reserved.)
the short run, this conveys advan-

Sylvan Dell Books –

Revolutionary Fun/Learning Products!
subscription for homeschoolers details. And, for much more in-
is $49.95 per year and Sylvan formation in general, please visit
Dell also offers discounts to www.sylvandellpublishing.com,
homeschooling families! Sylvan and be sure to scroll down the
Dell books are aligned to state homepage toward the bottom and
curriculum standards for various view the sample E-book! C.S.
subjects. Please see the website for

Page 88 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Adventure in Liberty
Patriotic K-12

Social Studies/History/Civics

~ L e s s o n P l a n s ~
1. Includes elementary, elementary Spanish, Middle and High School Volumes
2. Supplements and enriches all curricula
3. Emphasis on primary documents
4. Aligns content with Advanced Placement and National Standards tests
5. May be modified or taught in segments
6. Provides activities and assessments from group projects and simulations to
individual tasks, essays, visuals and more
7. Develops civics skills in critical thinking, active listening and problem solving
8. Improves understanding of Freedom, Unity, Progress and Responsibility –
America’s key characteristics
9. Award winning design and presentation
10. Tested and proven to raise social studies test scores



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Vol. 24 No. 14
Name: The Link
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Woodshop for Kids -- 52 Woodworking Projects Kids Can Build
By Jack McKee, Illustrated by Rusty Keeler
201 pages, 8-1/2 x 11, soft cover (Ages 4-12) • Available from Hands On Books, 1117 Lenora Ct, Bellingham, WA 98225
360-671-9079 • E-mail: mchkee@earthlink.net
B elow i s o n e of t h e m o r e a d va n c e d of t h e 52 p r oje c t s c o nt a i n e d i n t h i s exc el le nt b o ok . M r. McKe e i s
keen on safet y and care in working his projects; ever y thing in this example is clearly explained in the book.

Project: THUMB PIANO MATERIALS stores) 4” long by 1” wide by 1/8” thick, to hold
TOOLS • A block of wood approximately 4” x 3-1/2” x the bobby pins down. Steel or brass would work,
• Handsaw 1-1/2” thick. A 4” chunk from a 2 x 4 may work, too, but would be harder to drill. Wood might be
• A countersink but harder wood, like maple or oak, is better worth a try if you don’t have a strip of aluminum
• Wire Cutters because the screws can be put in tighter without handy.
• Hammer stripping the threads out. • Four 1-3/8” screws to hold the aluminum strip
• Vice • Four large bobby pins for the piano keys down
• Eye protection • An aluminum bar (available at hardware • Oil or paint as desired
• Sandpaper
• Hand drill CONSTRUCTION to match each hole position on the metal bar. To
• Keyhole Saw wit h Number 1 – Cut the block of wood 4” long mark the position of these holes, set the metal bar
hacksaw blade Number 2 – Using the hacksaw, cut the on top of the wood block and mark through the
• A drill bit for the sheetrock aluminum bar to the same length as the block holes.
screw pilot holes Number 3 – Drill four equally-spaced holes in Number 5 – The following is an adult job. Wear
• A drill bit bigger than the the aluminum bar. Countersink the holes so the eye protection. Use the wire cutters to cut the
screws for drilling through screws will be flush with the top of the bar. bobby pins to the following lengths: 2”, 2-1/8”,
the aluminum strip Number 4 – Drill pilot holes in the wood block 2-1/4”, 2-3/8”, 2-1/2”, 2-5/8” and 2-3/4”.

ASSEMBLY around to get right. The screws need to be brought up tight to keep
Number 1 – Flatten the ends of the bobby pins (so they will fit the bobby pins from moving, but not so tight as to strip out the
under the bar) by pounding them with the hammer on a hard, flat wood threads.
surface. Number 3 – Bend the keys (bobby pins) up a bit so they have
Number 2 – Start all four screws and tighten until there is just room to vibrate.
barely enough room under the bar for the bobby pins. Place each Number 4 – Oil or paint
bobby pin about 3/8” under the metal bar and tighten all four to suit.
screws. This is easier said than done, and will take some fooling

If the bar won’t keep the bobby pins tight, the screws have probably been
put in too tight, stripping out the threads inside the wood. Try fatter screws.
Another alternative would be to replace the screws with 3/16” x 1-3/4” flat
head machine screws and nuts. If you choose this option, countersink the
screw heads (on the bottom of the block) so they won’t stick out and mar the
surface holding the thumb piano.
SAVE ON Respecting Our Children
K12 ONLINE By Lynn M. Griesemer The names are changing (i.e.,

s a homeschool i ng childhood development centers or
mother of 5 children assisted living communities), but
SPECIAL SAVINGS under age 12, I con- the fact remains the same: indi-
DURING THE MONTH tinuously encounter “adults with viduality is sacrificed for what is
attitudes” - negative attitudes. convenient or easier in the lives of
OF MAY Often blinded by the number of adults. The abuse (of individual-
children I have, men and women ity) starts with “assembly-line ob-
of all ages fail to see my children’s stetrics” and extends all the way
good manners or pleasant person- to the deathbed. How can parents
alities. The frowns, and negative teach children the true meaning of
or derogatory comments emerge sacrifice, service and love when
as they try to picture themselves many adults are self-absorbed and
with my brood. I certainly have unwilling to make sacrifices?
not asked them to consider a fam- Sending our children to schools
ily my size and am disappointed in which adults decide what they
that people feel a need to compare will learn and how they will
and compete with others. I assume learn is not only abusive and
Visit K12.COM, that what is running through their disrespectful to children, but is a
flawed assumption of what com-
minds is that children are incon-
or call 866.609.9578. venient - not necessarily expen- pulsory education is accomplish-
sive, but inconvenient. ing. Adults praise themselves on
Children are a disruption to a their fine curriculums and what
quiet, clean household and to a they think they are teaching, but
social schedule of adult activities. so much learning is never truly
Many couples who finally make imprinted or retained. How much
room for children in their busy of our 13 years of schooling (and
lives shower the best care upon approximately 13,500 hours in
them that they know - nannies, the classroom) do we adults really
trendy preschool programs, pri- remember? We can easily come
vate school or whatever clothes up with some of the emotional
The World’s Fastest Way to and gifts their child wants. Chil- experiences we had and very little
dren are often another possession. of the academic material we sup-
Teach Multiplication Science and technology can be posedly learned.
If we truly respect our children,
1-877-361-2912 dangerous when we use it to our
advantage to choose exactly when we will try to gauge what is im-
and how many children we want, portant to them and foster more
rather than viewing children as self-directed learning. Home-
special blessings or gifts. These schooling, and unschooling in
attitudes lay the foundation of particular, is a major step in the
how we Americans are raising our right direction in raising children
children. with respect, confidence, opti-
Children are born in institutions mism and a sense of entrepre-
(hospitals) and raised in institu- neurism rather than mediocrity
tions (day cares and schools). and apathy. L.M.G. L
Some adults work in institutions
(large corporations) , are sent to Lynn M. Griesemer has been
institutions when they are bur- homeschooling since 1994 and is
Order Online at: www.KidsTimesTables.com densome (convalescent homes), the author of Unassisted Home-
and die in institutions (hospitals). birth: An Act of Love

Page 92 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
©2010 Learning By Grace, Inc. and other copyright holders. All rights reserved.

A Mother's Thoughts on
Freedom-Based Education
By Kathy Richardson

to those who structure a few
wa ke t o sle e p a nd activities and ending with those
take my waking slow who have their children spend
I learn by going where structured time and lessons on
I have to go” each subject. It seems to me the
Theodore Roethke’s words terminology isn’t the important
are written on a 3x5-index card issue here. Instead, each fam-
and taped on our bathroom ily has to make decisions about
wall. The second line is circled their children’s education, based
in pencil and a note added by on the children themselves,
my 15-year-old homeschooler: family values and beliefs and
“Think about this, think about time and money available.
me.” The teacher teaches the learn-
Her words are meant to re- er . . . the learner teaches the
mind me, again, that although teacher. I taught my daughter
I call our method of education to use the word processor. She
“unschooling” and claim to taught me some sign language.
allow her freedom of choice A computer web page teaches
in what and how she learns, her tabulatures for playing
there is within me a history of certain songs on her guitar.
formal public schooling and a She teaches an acquaintance
strict family upbringing, both guitar-playing techniques. We
of which constantly threaten to are all teachers and we all have
topple my tower of good inten- to remain open to a lifetime of
tions. learning.
Patrick Farenga of Holt As- Public school requires seven
sociates and Growing Without hours per weekday of formal ed-
Schooling tells us in Schooling ucation. I offer my daughter the
At Home (John Muir Publica- opportunity to learn 24-hours
tions, 1990) of John Holt’s coin- a day, seven days a week, 365
ing of the word “unschooling” days a year. Our minds do not
to contrast home schools from operate like a store, open 9:00
public and private schools. a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Nowadays, those who teach An acquaintance told me of
their children at home are divid- his 10-year-old grandson’s re-
ed by some into the homeschool- peated failures in schoolwork
ing camp and the unschooling and his particular difficulty with
camp. I see the two terms as anything in worksheet form.
situated at opposite ends of a His beloved grandson appeared,
long line of families who love according to the school’s official
their children’s company and terminology, which Grandpa
want to be deeply involved in was taking as gospel, to be
their education. headed down a path to nowhere
In our area, we have about 20 unless they (the school) stepped
families who call themselves in with all kinds of special help.
unschoolers, but I have noted I asked the grandfather what
that they, too, range from fami- the youngster liked to do. Was
BOOKS • ART lies who give total freedom to there something he excelled at?
their children, through the line There was no hesitation - the boy

Page 94
LINK ad 2.indd 1
1/25/10 4:20:48 PM
loved assembling model cars. I frightens many people, so does
was intrigued and queried fur- the lack of a home computer
ther. Did he have any problems raise concerns about preparing
reading or interpreting the as- today’s young generation for
sembly directions? If you are not present and future technologies.
proficient in such endeavors, as I A homeschooler, particularly
am not, such directions confuse an unschooler, has a distinct
you. You have to wonder what advantage in being allowed the
frustrations and confusions this freedom of pursuits of his/her
boy was facing each time he own choosing, as opposed to a
worked on a model. school-determined, time-limit-
Was I surprised to learn that ed curriculum. Patricia Joudry
he did not need the assembly in And the Children Played
directions; he just figured it out (Tundra Books, 1975), reminds
in his mind and did it? No, I was us: “Some people think that if
not surprised. Thomas Arm- you’re going to educate your
strong leads you to “discovering children at home, you have to
and encouraging your child’s be constantly ready with black-
personal learning style” in Their board and pointer” (for the year
Own Way (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2000, substitute the word “com-
1987). He says that your child puter”). “Not a bit. You have to
may employ several or all of do something much harder than
these learning styles - never just that. Mind your own business.”
one. Schools tend to teach to one Joudry’s daughter Stephanie
or just a few of the seven learn- expressed the desire to make
ing styles: Linguistic, Spatial, a dress. When you are a hit-
Kinesthetic, Logical-Mathemat- and-miss seamstress, you hold
ical, Musical, Interpersonal and your breath, hoping no child of
Intrapersonal. The 10-year-old yours will decide to learn some-
boy sounds like he is highly kin- thing you typically approach as
esthetic. My daughter is mainly Joudry says, “with the throw-
musical. it-together-and-hope-method.”
Over the weeks following our Unschooled Stephanie read the
initial discussions, Grandpa and pattern directions and made the
I continued to debate education dress - the first of many - re-
in terms of learning what the quiring nothing more from her
schools require versus what you mother/teacher/facilitator than a
are truly interested in learning, quick drive to town and a bit of
as well as ways you learn best. cash for pattern and material.
The last I heard, his grandson Joudry admits she should have
had started in special classes known this would happen, since
where he was doing computer- a few years earlier she’d men-
ized worksheets and having no tioned to Stephanie her wish
problems at all. I see computers that someone else would help
as more hands-on, (kinesthetic) out with the family cooking.
and they often come with sound, Stephanie’s wordless response
which could also be a welcome was to immediately go into the
stimulus in this boy’s case. kitchen, get out cookbooks and
Is a computer necessary in start cooking. Stephanie became
every home? What about ho- an expert cook, specializing in
meschoolers who don’t have lavish birthday cakes.
daily access to them? Just as Until age 12, my daughter’s
a parent’s lack of training and contact with computers was
accreditation as a schoolteacher limited to what was offered at
continued on page 96

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 95
A Mother's Thoughts on Freedom-Based Education
continued from page 95 child is interested in learning, is
the public library . . . one with able to excel at, or even under-
few capabilities and no Internet stand. These facts and figures
access. After spending a time are, instead, what state educa-
in her older brother’s home tion bureaucrats decide students
•Offering courses for K-12 students with (a month-long vacation in the should know. Do these aptitude
an emphasis on Individualized Learning.
•Christian based home school curriculum. middle of the official school tests give accurate assessments
•Academy enrollment Preschool
through High School.
year), she returned home quite of one’s knowledge or intelli-
•Accredited by the National the computer expert. When she gence or do they actually show
Association of Private Schools.
needs or wants knowledge, she how much one does not know
The School for Home Schooling Families
www.american-academy.com gets it. about what is included in a par-
Recalling these earliest com- ticular test?
Tamanu Sun puter experiences, she simpli- As a prerequisite to kinder-
Common Sense Swimwear fied the matter: “There was a garten my now-grown public-
Fun styles, conservative values.
place on the screen with www. schooled son and his classmates
Constructed of 4-way And it said address, so I figured met individually with an evalua-
stretch spandex, Tamanu
Sun swimsuits are designed that was where I should type in tor. As he entered the small, cur-
for maximum action in or www.addresses. And when I
out of the water!
tained-off testing area, I noticed
saw SEARCH and a blank space there was a Fisher Price fast
PROTECTIVE after it, I typed in what I wanted food restaurant on a table. Af-
to search for. It was all common terwards, I asked if he’d played
Girls’ Sizes XS–XL
sense.” with it. “Yes,” he replied, she -
Other than two month-long the evaluator - had asked him to
Visit our website to see
all styles and fabric choices.
stays at her brother’s home, pretend to be going out to lunch
www.tamanusun.com she has only occasional access with one of his parents, pick up
to computers in the library or a tiny tray and load it with lunch
a friend’s house. At 15 she has for the two of them. “And what
recently started a part-time, did you get?” I asked. “Three
paid position in a non-profit hamburgers, three French fries
agency, where she spends the and two soft drinks.” he said.
majority of her three hours daily I cringed slightly, wondering
upgrading her computer skills how those numbers would be
and passing on that knowledge evaluated and, at the same time,
to adults who come in to access wondering why he’d chosen
the Internet and computer, GED three hamburgers and three or-
and typing tutorials. ders of fries for only two people.
Attending a school board I asked him. His simple answer:
meeting early in the school year, “So we wouldn’t have to go back
I couldn’t help but notice that a to the counter and wait in line if
large portion of the agenda dealt we wanted seconds.”
with student aptitude testing and Aptitude tests are cut and
comparisons of the students’ test dried, multiple choice, only one
scores within that school system right answer . . . no alternatives,
for the current and previous no options, no allowance for
years, as well as with students in thinking ahead.
other schools in the state, other When my daughter was two-
schools nationwide and with years-old, we installed a full-
state scoring expectations. length mirror on the living room
Prior to aptitude testing, class- wall near her toy shelves. On the
room studies are concentrated mirror was a picture of her hold-
on those facts and figures which ing a sign that read: Help me to
will be included in future test- help myself. K.R. L
ing -- not necessarily what every

Page 96 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
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Enjoying the Process
When Learning Happens...
Document the
continued from page 64 from listening carefully to
more of a problem for me

the ideas of others. No mat-
because I have always genu- ter what, each individual will
i nely enjoyed t he process need to process this informa-
of eating ice cream, cook- tion on their own, and arrive
ies, and large quantities of at t hei r ow n conclu sion s.
chocolate. However, as my Other than planting seeds for
s o n s a n d d a u g h t e r s h ave thought, there is little I can
become more and more in- do to speed up the process
terested in nut r ition, they for them anyway. There is an
have gradually helped me to old saying that “God doesn’t
learn to read labels, consider have any grandchildren.”
the fat content of the foods I And speaking of grandchil-
put into my body, and reduce dren, I am looking forward
the number of times a year to the days when I will be
I go on white sugar-baking able to put my new-fou nd
sprees. I am gradually learn- wisdom to work once again.
ing to enjoy the process of My mother used to say, “You
thinking through what I am get so soon old, and so late

Create Your
e a t i n g , a n d r el i s h i n g t h e s m a r t .” Fo r yo u yo u n g e r

days when my blood sugar moms, or moms-to-be, I hope
level helps me to concentrate you will make an effort to
instead of bouncing off the enjoy the processes you are
ceiling. sharing with your children

your way.
Thinking through deeper today. Don’t waste potential-
issues, including religion, ly joyful moments worrying
philosophy, and the ultimate about products which will
meaning of life and death, almost certainly develop in
is also a process. We should due time, when the children
all try to recognize that ev- are ready.
eryone needs to go through I n my favor ite musi-
these processes on their cal, “Fiddler on the Roof ”,
own. Once we believe that there is a song that called,
we have discovered the truth “ S u n r i s e - S u n s e t ”, w h i c h
for ourselves, there is a huge says, “Sunrise, sunset. Sun-
tendency to want to take that rise, sunset….Swiftly f ly the
product and hand it on a plat- years…
ter, pre-formed and suitable One season following an-
for framing, to everyone we other, laden with happiness
meet. While it is always fine and tears”
to share, it is much better to Learn to focus on and to
enjoy the process of listen- savor the processes you are
ing to others, while helping g o i n g t h r o u g h e a c h d a y,
them to think through their whether you are in the midst
own ideas on the subject. I of joy or sor row, and con-
figure that if I am correct in cent rate less on products,
my own view of the tr uth, e s p e c i a l ly t h o s e t h a t a r e
then that truth will be able to rooted in the expectations
stand up to analysis and criti- of others, and I believe you
cism f rom others. If there will have discovered one of
are areas where I am still the most important secrets of
in error, I may also benefit all. M.H.
Page 98 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
Activa Art Is...

For Homeschoolers
We Have Art For Your Family
Floral Art • Scenic Sand • Quick Sculpting Kit

Stop! In the Name of Life with your feet, but with your
eyes, your ears, and your mind.”
to smell the roses. But we will do
well if, on a regular basis, we help
He continues: “You touch every- our children understand both
continued from page 65 view. Talking about her qualifica-
can stop our relentless running thing that is there — the leaf, the how to be present for and thus
tions, the Old Woman had told
away from life so that we can be pebble, the little flower, the sound how to enjoy the deep mystery
the queen, “There is only One
present as much as possible for of the bird. You are completely of even the simplest of thorn-
who knows all. I seek that One,
both our own and our children’s free from the desire to run [from bushes.” R.P.
and I shall endeavor to share that
lives. Otherwise, when our chil- point A] to point B” (Peace Be-
search with your children.” And
dren become adults — or even gins Here, p. 59). Dr. Richard Prystowsky and
then she added: “Along the way,
young adults — we might experi- Ultimately, when we practice his wife, Charlie Miles, home-
perhaps we will discover together
ence feelings of regret as we real- being fully alive in the present schooled their two younger chil-
the wisdom of the One whose
ize that our children have grown moment, we understand that life dren, both of whom are now in
voice calls out even from the sim-
up and that we missed out on so itself is our curriculum and that college. Formerly a profession of
plest of thornbushes” (p. 93).
much of that growing up. being fully alive in the present English and humanities at Irvine
May your journeys with your
In his beautiful book The moment is our ongoing project. Valley College, Richard currently
own children also be filled with
Twenty-Two Gates to the Garden, If we cannot come home to this is the Division Chair for Math,
the joy of discovering life’s
Steven Rosman presents a story reality, then we will have missed Science & Engineering at Col-
miracles and mysteries, which
about a royal family living in a what Thich Nhat Hanh calls “our lege of the Redwoods. He is also
present themselves to us each
world of mystical teachings. One appointment with life.” the author of the college writing
moment but which we can expe-
day, the queen decides that she What better gift can we give text “Careful Reading, Thought-
rience only if we stop and then
needs to find a teacher for her ourselves than to keep this ap- ful Writing” and formerly was
look deeply. As Thich Nhat Hanh
children, who are homeschooled. pointment? What better gift can the editor of the education maga-
explains: “Touch the present mo-
An Old Woman becomes the we give to our children than our zine “Paths of Learning.” Dr.
ment as deeply as possible and
children’s teacher, having im- full presence? Perhaps during Prystowsky is also a popular and
touch all the wonders of life that
pressed both the queen and the our familial journeys we’ll not al- inspiring homeschool conference
are there in the present moment.
queen’s children during her inter- ways be able to stop long enough speaker and workshop presenter.
You can touch them not only

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this logical advancement from the basic 100 root
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the origin and denition of words. Kids
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words get excited about learning words
and their component parts. Using “Roots”
puts the emphasis on comprehension and
logical spelling
Both Volumes I & II Visit our web site to learn more about
Direct from the “English from the Roots Up,” download
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help your children master literacy.
Two Volume Set
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Teton Science Schools
Great Websites for continued from page 66
ing ecology, geology, and other
of the lands of Grand Teton
Yellowstone National Park,
subjects, in the great outdoors
Na t io n a l El k Ref u ge a n d
to students of all ages. Bridger-Teton National Forest,
Campuses and Accommo- Teton Science Schools offer
dations every student an enriching and
All programs take place on unique educational experience
one of two campuses -- Jackson that fosters a great respect and
Campus, where the students deep understanding of outdoor
live in modern dormitory-style life.
Hundreds of resources for the buildings or Kelly Campus, For more information, visit
the historic original campus, www.tetonscience.org or call
homeschooler living in California
where they sleep in r ustic 307.733.1313.
www.CaliforniaHomeschoolingToday.com cabins located inside Grand
Teton National Park. All of the “Must we always teach our
buildings located on the Jack- children with books? Let them
son campus were designed and look at the mountains and the
built with high performance stars above. Let them look at
design standards.
A Complete Guide For BeGinninG HomesCHoolers
In rtic at
A re
sid les

Beginning the beauty of the waters and



By BarBara fraNk
By shelly WilsoN
Regarding meals, Ms. Dal- the trees and flowers on earth.
toso noted that Teton Science
page 8 page 14

leaviNg school
By maria a. fousT
The NuTs aNd BolTs
of homeschooliNg
By mary & michael They will then begin to think
Schools provide a wonderful
page 13
lepperT page 10

and to think is the beginning

Home of Free assortment of healthy options of a real education.” -- David
at each meal.” Polis
Sample Resources By taking great advantage
for Homeschoolers
www.HomeschoolMagazines.com Grammar and Creative Writing
continued from page 72
basic language skills.
Limiting the first stage to The point of driver’s ed. isn’t
creativity and the second stage to discover or train the next
The #1 Resource to analysis actually reinforces Dale Earnhart Jr. It’s to make
Homeschooling Publications
for All of Your
good grammar habits. Sure,
the rough draft may be ugly.
safe, practical drivers who
can brake, accelerate and use
Homeschooling But after your student replaces turn signals without conscious
“kat” with “cat” twelve times, thought. And the point of early
Needs she will start to recognize the language education is basically
correct spelling naturally. In to build good language habits
www.Homeschoolnewslink.com the future, she won’t have to and inspire a love for commu-
think about the correct spell- nication (expression, story, and
ing of the word while writing a meaning.)
rough draft. She will have built That’s why I suggest allow-
To Advertise On Any good spelling habits during
the second stage of a previous
ing your students to complete
their creative writing assign-
assignment. And her future ments in two stages.  Asking
of the Above Websites rough drafts are more likely to
be filled with “cats.”
a kid to be simultaneously
creative and maintain good
Creative writing instruction grammar is a bit like putting a
Please Call Mary at: 805.492.6529 is limited at younger ages be- new driver in the Indy 500. Or
cause, although young students telling him to turn right at the
Or Email: mary.thelink@verizon.net have a broad imagination, they next street -- without slowing
lack life experience and many down. D.S.
Page 104 www.homeschoolnewslink.com

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Bryce Monument Valley Caravan.com tours are priced from
Cruise Jeep Ride $995 to $1295, taxes and fees extra.
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Rim, including Hermits Rest Lookout. You
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Restoring the Homeschooling, Pop Culture
SAVE ON “Original Bible” and Creative Expression
K12 ONLINE Why this new Bible continued from page 10 tance to these schools. Instead
COURSES. is making history! biggest musical accomplish- I began looking at the music
ment was my ability to play depar tments at liberal ar ts
SPECIAL SAVINGS • Books follow original Yankee Doodle at agitating schools, thinking I could pur-
DURING THE MONTH manuscript order speeds and with excessive sue my musical education in a
repetitions on my dad’s guitar. more forgiving environment.
OF MAY • Easy-to-read, faithfully
The extent that it annoyed my I was accepted to Bennington
reflects original texts
family may have been more College in Vermont, which ap-
memorable than my musical pealed to me as a liberal, self-
ability. At that point, I had no structured and open-minded
notion of pursuing music pro- community.
fessionally -- I was planning to I still remember my shock
run a horse ranch in Wyoming when I talked to a woman in
when I grew up. While this admissions at Bennington and
Expanded seems unlikely to my more re- discovered that I was “discour-
2nd cent acquaintances, my family aged from taking more than one
accepted this with all serious- or maybe two music classes the
ness. They not only believed first year”. It was at this point
Visit K12.COM, International
Society of Bible
“HEARTILY in my desire, they supported that I realized just how alter-
me in various ways as I spent native my view of education
or call 866.609.9578. Collectors: RECOMMENDED!” my time riding and working as really was -- I felt restricted
restoringtheoriginalbible.com an assistant riding instructor. by the structure imposed by a
When, at the age of thirteen, college advertising student-
I saw my first classical guitar directed education. I realized
concert and began to shift my that pursuing music full-time
focus away from horses and was my top priority, but I was
toward the world of classical beginning to question what di-
music, they shifted with me, rection I wanted to take. After
listening as intently about studying classical guitar for
differing inter pretations of several years, I was beginning
Augstin Barrios’ Julia Florida to lose the enthusiasm that had
as they had about horse confor- originally fueled me. I wasn’t
mation and days at the stable. touching the artistic essence of
For the next five years, my music; I was simply learning
h o m e s c h o ol e n v i r o n m e n t by the book. Again, the support
allowed me to practice clas- of my family gave me the space
sical guitar for hours every to redirect my priorities. This
day. Living in the quiet town prompted the next incarnation
of Crestone didn’t afford me of my musical journey -- a duo
many distractions, and I was with my sister Katherine, who
able to focus on my musical had also been studying solo
pursuits. In my mid-teens I instrumental guitar for some
began looking into college years previous.
music programs, believing that It was at this point that my
I wanted to pursue a career lack of exposure to mainstream
in classical guitar. I looked at media and pop culture resur-
countless conservatories, but faced, although in a slightly
I wasn’t at the level to receive less dramatic way than in the
any merit-based scholarship opening story. I haven’t re-
or even be very sure of accep- ally changed from the twelve-
Page 110 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
7498 NUVHS LHS ad:Layout 1 2/2/09 11:26 AM Page 1

year-old girl who asked “Who the universal appeal of music.

is Cher?”, although I have But we were working from our
learned in the nine years since
that memorable episode to be
own palette, oblivious to the
standard paint box known to
24/7 Online High School
more judicious about when and school rock bands immortal.
how I expose my ignorance. It has been two years since
Nonetheless, my peers still find the birth of Washer, our art/
me curiously unaware of much folk /experimental duo, and
of the information, images and we are cur rently recording
music that saturate their daily our first EP. These days we
lives. Old friends find this are experimenting with a few
lack of knowledge amusing, of the basic conventions that
and kindly attempt to keep me we passed by in the beginning
somewhat informed, while my (think 1-4-5 chord progres-
“sheltered” view raises curios- sions), because we are curious
ity in new acquaintances. It what will happen when we try
has also caused some minutes to do things the standard way, National University Virtual
of embarrassment in various
social situations, as the open-
but we are so steeped in our
own way of doing things that
High School offers a comprehensive online
ing story shows. However, the we can’t help sounding like curriculum for students seeking to enhance their
inf luence it has had on my ourselves. It continues to be academic experience.
creative process is the prover- an interesting journey as we
bial silver lining to these some- work with other musicians in
• More than 70 courses in all subject areas including
times awkward moments. the recording studio and begin
Advanced Placement (AP®)
When my sister and I started to blend our artistic vision with
writing songs, we didn’t have a that of others. We are learning • Flexible scheduling that allows students to begin at any time
clue. We didn’t have a teacher to decide where conventional • Enroll in a few courses or earn a high school diploma
telling us how to write basic wisdom is effective and can
chord progressions, rhyme enhance and balance our per- • Media-rich instructor-led courses
lyrics or establish a standard sonal creative habits, now that • Accredited by WASC and NCAA approved
groove. The music that we had we know what those habits are.
been exposed to ran the gamut Working off the secure founda-
from reggae to Indian classical tion of lifelong homeschooling,
but was curiously lacking in we know we won’t lose sight of
most of what our peers were who we are and what we want

© National University System 2009.

listening to, or even what they to express.
would consider well-known I wasn’t born musical, and
“classic” recordings. There- music hasn’t even come very
fore, we had very little knowl- easily to me at certain points.
edge of conventions in song- Given a conventional educa-
writing, even in an abstract tion and learning environment,
or unconscious sense of what I don’t know how my life would
was standard and acceptable. have looked. Instead, I was al-
Instead, we experimented. We lowed and expected to discover
had something to write about what I was most passionate Learn more. Contact NUVHS
and we did our best to set it about through many years of
down on paper. We searched trial and exploration. Given
at 1.866.366.8847
for chords and rhythms that felt this freedom, and uninitiated or visit www.nuvhs.org today!
right to us. In the beginning into the world of what was “in”
we were almost too focused on and what wasn’t, I had to de-
avoiding anything we deemed velop my own framework, and
“normal”, and perhaps we ne- outgrow my love of imitation
glected to appreciate that some and repetition to find my cre-
recognizable elements add to ative voice. E.M. L An affiliate of the National University System

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 111


First Light Anne Frank’s The Water Seeker Anne Frank:

By Rebecca Stead • Read by David Ackroyd Tales From the Secret Annex By Kimberly Willis Holt • Read by Will Patton The Diary of a Young Girl
Also a Random House Children’s Books HC By Anne Frank • Read by Kathe Mazur By Anne Frank • Read by Selma Blair

Island of the Blue Dolphins Charles and Emma: Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Northward to the Moon
By Scott O’Dell • Read by Tantoo Cardinal The Darwins' Leap of Faith By Grace Lin • Read by Janet Song By Polly Horvath • Read by Becca Battoe
50th Anniversary By Deborah Heiligman• Read by Rosalyn Landor Also a Random House Children’s Books HC

Turtle in Paradise The Book Thief The Jaguar Stones,

By Jennifer L. Holm • Read by Becca Battoe By Markus Zusak • Read by Allan Corduner Book One: Middleworld
Also a Random House Children’s Books HC Also a Random House Children’s Books TR By Jon Voelkel • Read by Scott Brick


Visit ou r we b s it e t o h e a r a s a mp le o f t h e se a u d i o b o o ks a n d m a n y m o r e . w w w. l i st e n i n g l i b r a r y. c o m ®
A ll L istening Library titles a r e u n a b r id g e d r e c o r d in g s . Av a i l a b l e w h e r e ve r a u d i o b o o ks a r e so l d o r a t yo u r l o c a l l i b r a r y.
Turn Knowledge into
College Credit TheÊWorldÕsÊBestÊ
H ComputerÊGame
omeschoolers deserve to credit-by-examination programs,
get credit for all the hard including a new one called UEx-
work they do… college cel®, which is taking the testing FOR KIDS
credit. How can your student build model to the next level. The UEx-
up an impressive transcript that cel program was jointly created by AGES 8 to 88
documents advanced learning? two renowned educational enti-
How can you inspire your self- ties – Pearson and Excelsior Col-
motivated teen? Consider all the lege. Pearson is a global leader in
benefits of credit-by-examination developing educational products
programs. These programs allow for children, schools, universities, all the fun without
homeschooled students to earn adults and corporations. Excelsior of a real getting
archaeological your hands
college credit in undergraduate College is an accredited, nonprofit excavation dirty!
subjects while still in high school. distance education institution with
There are two other big advantag- nearly 40 years of experience of-
es: your student saves time on the fering credit-by-exam and online
path to higher education and you education programs.
save significant dollars in college Advancing the Testing Model
tuition costs. UExcel provides some unique
In brief, credit-by-examination advantages that other credit-by-
programs work like this: Once examination programs do not:
students feel they have sufficient Students who pass UExcel ex-
knowledge of a subject, they find a ams earn a letter grade and college
program that fits their needs, reg-
ister for a test and then go take it at
credit on a transcript from Excel-
sior College. All other testing pro-
Bring history to life!
• Discover Roman buildings, artifacts and
one of the designated test centers. grams simply provide a score that priceless treasures
These programs generally offer may be translated into credit or • Immerse yourself in the ancient Ro-
computer-based tests, so you get simply into a course waiver. Only man world with 3D rendered graphics of
your results right away. After the UExcel provides students with authentic artifacts, Roman buildings and a
test, as students apply to different direct credit that can be counted realistic excavation site
colleges or universities, they can toward graduation requirements. • Learn how to analyze valuable artifacts
share their results and request col- Because there are thousands of • Solve mysterious secrets about the
lege credit for the exams they have Pearson VUE test centers around lives of Roman kids!
taken. the globe, UExcel exams can be
Think Ahead: Comparing scheduled at the student’s conve-
Roman Town is perfect for home educators!
Credit-By-Examination Policies nience rather than at limited times • Engaging hands-on, interactive learning
As your homeschooler begins and locations. • Game-play develops analytical thinking and problem
the process of applying to a col- You get immediate results – solving skills
lege or university, first find out even on the College Writing essay • Content highlights the significant contributions the
if the institution has a credit-by- exam – so students know their Romans made to art, architecture, language and more
examination policy. Many institu- grade right away. After the exam, • The fun, in-game interactive encylopedia, L.E.A.R.N,
tions will grant credit -- but not students can request formal tran-
tests knowledge and rentention of new information and
all do. Some limit the amount of scripts from the UExcel website.
credit students can earn through Most credit-by-examination challenges kids to check, confirm and discover.
exams. And different institutions programs cover a range of sub-
may award a different number jects. For example, with UExcel,
of credits – or just a requirement students can prove their proficien-
exemption – for the same test. It’s cy in Calculus, College Writing,
worth looking into well before you Statistics, Introduction to Psychol- www.dig-itgames.com
make any decisions. ogy, Political Science and Physics. info@dig-itgames.com • 877.213.4448
There are many well-known continued on page 140

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 113

Writing Strands
e believe that Writing book subjects for younger stu-
Strands is the perfect dents are directed toward con-
tool to simplify your crete thought processes. Middle
day and teach your kids how to grades are logical, and upper
write. Here are nine great reasons levels are abstract.  No abstract
our program might work for you. assignments are given to young
It has a great reputation.  children.
Writing Strands has been teach- It’s kid-friendly.  Most kids
ing kids to write and to under- have trouble narrowing down
stand literature for over 20 years. topics and selecting one thing
We’re recommended in The to write about. Writing Strands
Well-Trained Mind and have won gives specific directions, but still
several ‘best writing program’ allows for personal creativity.
awards. At Writing Strands, we want to
It’s economical.  At $20 per help make the process of teach-
L earn or T each book, the program is affordable ing  kids how to write  as easy,
by Coni for just about anyone. effective, and affordable as pos-
S ewing F rom T he It’s realistic and practical.  sible.
SUPPLIES & CLASSES e xperT Lessons in  Writing Strands 1 Here’s what our customers
N EW S T UD IO SEWIN G SKILLS through Writing Strands 4 take say:
DVD only about 20 minutes a day, “I’m so impressed with the
Sewing programs are evolving.
and kids write only every other results that my daughter is
In a time of busy schedules and limited
budgets, Connie Crawford’s Sewing week. This schedule helps kids achieving in her writing skills
and Fitting DVDs save the day. This assimilate language skills natu- after using your program I just
is the ideal solution for today’s new rally while helping them develop had to write and say thank you.
sewers or experienced sewers looking their own voices as writers. I’ve been homeschooling my
for a convenient way to brush up on
their skills.
It’s easy to use.  Teachers daughter, Nicole, for 5 years. Her
don’t need to do any lesson plan- writing skills have been the most
BOOKS AND DVDS AT HER WEBSITE: ning. Lessons are directed to the difficult to develop. I’ve never
WWW.FASHIONPATTERNS.COM students; objectives are clearly felt confident with any of the
PO Box 370 Hansville, WA 98340 explained, and there’s always curriculum I’ve used in the past.
PH: (360) 638-2629 FAX: (360) 638-0296
an example of what the finished This is our first year with Writing
work might look like. Strands. Right from the begin-
It’s logical.  Assignments are ning of the school year when we
organized by skill levels, not cracked open Writing Strands
grade levels. Each book Level 3 Nicole began to improve
teaches with a “first things dramatically. It felt like we un-
first” approach, and develops locked a door we just couldn’t get
skills a little at a time. open until now. So, I thank you,
It’s relevant.  Kids learn to Mr. Marks, for putting together
write in a structured way about such a fine program.”
their world and experiences, “I have to tell you that as a for-
instead of writing from generic mer high school English teacher,
prompts. I am very impressed with the
It’s college-preparatory.  All Writing Strands texts. I find
the preparation for college writ- them far superior to any writing
ing is here. We cover creative, textbook I have ever encoun-
argumentative, research and re- tered. My philosophy of teaching
port, and explanatory writing. writing has always been that one
It’s age-appropriate.  Work- learns to write by writing, not by
continued on page 141

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Giant Campus High School: Helping Students Prepare for
FREE 1-Month the Global Economy Online
Math Trial
Seattle-based company Campus courses help children in-demand courses. We are
is helping high school gain the leadership, technology excited to team with parents to
st udents get on the and business experience they kick-start their child’s higher
cutting-edge of technology with need to get their feet wet with education and professional
elective courses they take on- today’s 21st century careers. goals.”
line, from home and for credit. The Elective Dilemma Giant Campus Academy pro-
ALEKS is an online math The school, Giant Campus As homeschool st udent s vides students with personal-
program that provides Academy, offers Digital Arts, reach high school age, parents ized instruction from certificat-
individualized assessment Computer Science and Business are increasingly challenged to ed teachers in a community of
and learning for grades 3-12. & Innovation courses that not keep pace with their children’s like-minded students—all with
only captivate students, but help elective interests. Reaching far the flexibility and convenience
them prepare for college and ca- beyond basic computer or art of online instruction. And since
REQUEST FREE TRIAL (new users only): reers in the global economy. classes, many students want to instructors are subject matter
www.aleks.com/pr-184 Inspired by today’s youth— take applied technology courses experts, parents don’t have to
and the creative ways they ap- like Graphic Design or worry about “having all the
proach today’s technologies— Digital Video Production. answers.”
Giant Campus is dedicated to Pa re nt s m ay v iew t he se The Giant Campus Differ-
providing learning experiences classes as off limits for a variety ence
that feature instruction in the of reasons.  First, many online Giant Campus Academy is
latest technology topics, such schools don’t offer these types helping parents meet the chal-
as Game Design, Web Design, of specialized classes in their lenge of offering elective cours-
Flash Animation and more. Par- bulk course offerings. Second, es that align with their child’s
ALEKS® is a registered trademark of ALEKS Corporation
ents and students agree: Giant some parents aren’t comfort- interest, are challenging and
able having their child take a hold meaningful value for the
course they are not (or cannot student over the long term. In
quickly become) an expert in fact, one of the most compelling
themselves. Finally, some par- aspects of Giant Campus is that
ents don’t think these courses parents can choose classes a la
are even an option because they carte and without any long-term
lack the appropriate equipment. commitment. In other words,
Si nce w it h hold i ng t hese they can continue to work with
courses can have a negative im- their main curriculum provider,
pact on a student’s learning ex- and then layer on high tech
perience and overall happiness, courses from Giant Campus.
a growing group of parents are On the other hand, parents
partnering with Giant Campus i nterested i n st reamli n i ng
to close this gap. Giant Campus their curriculum providers can
helps parents better nurture choose to partner with Giant
these interests and begin cul- Campus for the full menu (core
tivating skills in high demand requirements and electives).
career areas. And in specific states, like
“A large number of high Washington, these courses are
school students don’t find that tuition-free.
their elective courses align with “My school doesn’t have  an
their college or future career Online Game Design  class,
interests,” said James Peters, and when I saw I could take
Head of School, Giant Cam- it for free from home and get
pus Academy. “Giant Campus credit, I really wanted to sign
Academy is dedicated to filling up,” said  Josh L., Giant Cam-
this gap by helping parents eas- pus of Washington student. “It
ily and confidently offer these interests me and it was cool to
Page 116 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
finally learn more about Online Giant Campus’  Online Game
Game Design in an online class Design course  is aimed at stu-
setting. My instructor was re- dents that want to learn how
ally knowledgeable and helpful to design Flash games online.
too.” The curriculum helps students
Giant Campus offers more develop the skills they need to
than just rote learning, with a design a variety of games for
focus on building collabora- the Web using Adobe Flash, the Bring Learning to Life with
tion, communication and criti- world’s most popular authoring
cal thinking skills. For nearly tool for online games and the Brain Noodles®
fourteen years, Giant Campus’ basis for such hits as Bejew-
emphasis on teaching cutting- eled and FarmVille. Students Brain Noodles® stems are a big twist
edge technology, along with also learn basic programming
teamwork skills, has helped concepts using ActionScript, on an old favorite! These giant pipe
thousands of youth reach their the native scripting language cleaners are 18” long and 1 ¼” wide.
full creative potential. In fact, of Flash.
last year alone Giant Campus’ The Giant Campus Advan-
certificated teachers provided tage
instruction to more than 3,500 Giant Campus Academy is an
online high school students in accredited online school target-
34 states. ed to high school-aged students
Enrollment is now open for across the globe. Students work
the fall session. In addition to individually and with peers
offering core English, math- to gain strong collaboration,
ematics, science and social teamwork, and problem-solving
studies courses, Giant Campus skills. Giant Campus Academy
Academy will offer the follow- is the first exclusively online
ing electives in fall 2010: school to offer core require-
Digital Arts ments, together with classes
- Computer Aided Drafting concentrated in Digital Arts,
(CAD) Computer Science, and Busi-
- 3D Art I and II ness & Innovation disciplines. +
- Digital Arts I and II Giant Campus curriculum is
- Digital Photography and project-based, giving students
Graphics the unique opportunity to roll
- Flash Animation up their sleeves and put their
- Web Design I and II new skills to the test. For ex- • Great for tactile and
- Digital Video Production ample, Online Game Design visual learners
- Audio Engineering students develop a fully func-
Computer Science tioning multi-level game that
• Promotes kinesthetic
- Intro to C++ Programming they can share with peers online
- Game Design 1 by the end of the course.  Giant • Model concepts as simple as letters,
- Online Game Design Campus also offers career- and numbers or complex geometric shapes, DNA
Business & Innovation college-focused students degree
• Lesson plan ideas online at www.brainnoodle.net
- Green Design and Technol- information, internship guid-
ogy ance and more.
- Introduction to Entrepre- To learn how Giant Cam- Email us to request a sample
neurship I and II pus can help your child meet Brain Noodles stem at xbrainmal@aol.com
- Introduction to Marketing I graduation requirements while
and II providing 21st century skills in
Nominated as Best Instruc- design, business and technol-
Brain Noodles LLC, 10 Clapp Road N, Windsor, CT 06095
tional Solution in the Software ogy, visit www.giantcampusa-
Phone 303-941-7829 Fax 860-688-2967
and Information Industry Asso- cademy.com or call 1-888-904-
Email: xbrainmal@aol.com www.brainnoodle.net
ciation (SIIA) awards program, 2267.

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 117

Dig It! Games’ Interactive Archeology

“ ”
Need Help
Yes Teaching Music? Computer Game – Roman Town
I can! http://dig-itgames.com
By Michael Leppert
found as well as their daily
life in Fossu ra. T he game

continues through the find-
o m a n To w n b y D ig ing of a number of artifacts
It! G a me s is a f u n , and then concludes with the
unique and interesting player completing quizzes or
computer ga me developed games, identifying artifacts
softwa by professional archeologist, when they are placed in a Ro-
re Su z i Wi lcz y n sk i t o br i ng man room, piecing together
games awareness of archeology (the a broken pottery bottle and
study of ancient people, their matching Roman items with
activiti artifacts and culture) to any their moder n cou nter par ts
es child via the computer. Ro- – two perfume bottles, for
books man Town is set in the town instance.
of Fossura, Italy, that was Roman Town can make an
Homeschool history abandoned in 79 A D af ter excel le nt b eg i n n i ng for a
students love the eruption of Vesuvius that unit study of Roman times.
buried Pompeii and Hercula-
SuperCamp. neum.
Some of t he a r t i fa ct s a re
coins, which can provide a
www.supercamp.com 1-800-430-3840 Roman Town is guided by deeper discussion of basic
800-285-3276 Where Teachers’ Good Ideas Are Shared a n a n i m at e d a r che olog i s t math and ancient coins; the
FREE CATALOG • ONLINE STORE through whom is explained professor explains that the
supercamp ®
www.musicedmarket.com the essentials of the “dig” Romans were very adept at
that comprises the game. The glassblowing and even had

American School
professor provides the player g la s s w i ndow p a ne s. T he
with a set of archeologist’s professor also explains that
tools, an explanation of what the furniture found in these
HIGH SCHOOL BY DISTANCE EDUCATION they are used for and “digger” a ncient sites is ma rble or
figures who use the tools in stone material and that pieces
excavating a section the pro- of wooden furniture are not
The American School
fessor marks off. Whenever found in these digs because
has been providing quality a digger finds something, he wood biodeg r a des a nd no
educational opportunities since signals with a speech bal- signs are ever left behind,
1897 for people who loon, the player click s on but archeologists know from
it and is taken to a screen writings and pictures that the
have needed a different approach
consisting of a background of Romans used wooden f u r-
to reaching their educational goals. earth, slightly hiding an arti- niture. With a bit of thought
fact – a piece of pottery, glass and creativity, an entire year
Our Programs Offer or the like – and the player of unit study could be devel-
• Secure Access to then “scrapes” away the earth oped using Roman Town as
Grades Online with the computer mouse un- the starting point.
• Accredited Courses You Have Options! til the artifact is completely Roman Town is very reason-
• Chat Rooms • Full High School Program revealed. Then the professor ably priced and offers hours
• Homework Websites • Credit Recovery explai ns what the a r t ifact of quiet, valuable enjoyment
wa s u se d for, how it wa s and learning to any child who
• Course Help Sheets
made, etc., and the player can read and comprehend of
returns to the “dig” screen to
CALL US AT 1.866.260.7221 continue excavating.
age 7 to 10. Visit the website
http://dig-itgames.com for
(REFER TO CODE 165) OR VISIT A Roma n boy a nd g i rl complete information and a
WWW.AMERICANSCHOOLOFCORR.COM enter the pict u re and help
explain some of the pieces
sample of the game.

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Oak Park Unified School District
Open Enrollment Independent Study Program

Oak Park Independent School

“A Place to Grow and Learn”
A Home/Independent Study Program
K - 12
Enroll Now for Fall, 2010
JUNE 3, 2010 - 6:30 to 8:00 PM
Red Oak Elementary School
4857 Rockfield St, Oak Park 91377 | 818.735.3217 | www.oakparkusd.org
Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

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People Builders
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Emp werWriter
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We Think In Pictures

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Empower Writer helps you identify and arrange the

spatial elements of your "image thinking" to
dramatically improve your writing. Through the use of
engaging photographic images, Empower Writer
teaches you how to design effective sentences and
write coherent paragraphs and focused essays.

"I have truly enjoyed... learning to

write... The clear and concise
method you have given us has
shown that writing is not a
mystery but a system...
conceptually beautiful and
remarkably simple."
Barclay Bauman

Empower Writer Online Program Features:

• Uses Moodle Online Learning Management System
• Appropriate for high school and college students as well as adults
• Narrated lessons with closed captions provided
• Fourteen sequential instructional units and
• Workbook I - self assessment with immediate feedback
• Workbook II - optional teacher directed assessment component for schools

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Meet the Camp Club Girls
Fun Fiction for Girls Ages 8 to 12

When six girls from different parts of the country end up as roommates at a camp, they learn they all share one thing in common:
an aptitude for intrigue! They form a super sleuth group and call themselves the Camp Club Girls. Each girl uses her special skills
to help the whole team stump adversaries and solve the mysteries they encounter. It’s adventure with a capital A!

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Motor and Sensory Skills Boost Brain Development
By Cindy Roth Pahr, Education Specialist & Founder of EduCLIME, LLC

y experience with that movement integrates and more diagnosed with learning is also improved by using mo-
tea ch i ng ch ild ren anchors new information and disabilities and more who ex- tor movements, auditory and
over the past 29 years experience into our neural net- hibit ADHD behaviors. Though visual stimulation during the
has afforded me the opportunity works. As we move our muscles, the Center for Disease Control learning process. Activities and
to see the importance of build- we build skills for learning. reports 7-9% of school-aged lessons that incorporate some
ing motor and sensory skills Over the years, curricula children have a true diagno- movement and different sensory
first hand. I am passionate about placed less emphasis on in- sis, ADHD is over- reported. forms give the student the best
helping those who teach, under- corporating the fine and gross Much of the perceived ADHD opportunity to build stronger
stand how children learn and motor activities that build skills, behavior is really a motor skill neural connections and to learn.
giving them the resources to including handwriting instruc- problem. It seems so fitting that Brain engaging strategies,
help children move beyond their tion. Handwriting has taken a we address how to apply motor direct teaching and guided prac-
stumbling blocks. Did you know back seat to computers. What a skill activities in our instruc- tice assist students’ progress to-
that learning and memory are mistake! There is no substitute tion. Not only will it help train ward improvement and success-
heavily influenced by our ability for learning proper letterform the brain, it will make learning ful completion of schoolwork.
to interpret sensory information and having fluency in writing. easier and more fun! Fun learn- A multi-sensory approach to
from our environment, under- Research supports that learning ing makes interested students learning is particularly helpful
stand our body’s movements to handwrite properly and using with increased attention and for students in kindergarten
and sense our body in space? the handwritten word strength- retention. through sixth grade and those
Brain connections are influ- ens brain connections as well as Early learning starts with with Attention Deficit Hyperac-
enced and strengthened through thinking. motion. It does not take place tivity Disorder or learning dis-
movement and sensory stimula- In today’s society, we see an by staring at a T.V. or computer abilities. The integration of mo-
tion. Dr. Carla Hannaford as- increasing number of children screen and watching “objects tor activities into the classroom
serts, in her book Smart Moves, who struggle with learning; go by”. Through the movement and home environment can be
of our bodies, particularly as a tremendous help in reading,

American School
infants and young children, we writing, attention, and memory.
send vital information to our Students who learn to develop
brains helping them organize specific motor movements can
HIGH SCHOOL BY DISTANCE EDUCATION and respond to the world around incorporate such skills into suc-
us. Messages taken in through cessful participation in learn-
touch (pressure), motion, sight ing.
The American School and sound are called sensory At EduCLIME, LLC, we
has been providing quality information. The more sen- understand this approach. The
educational opportunities since sory experiences we provide our CLIME® (Classroom Learning
1897 for people who children the stronger and more to Improve Motor Efficiency)
organized the brain becomes. Program was designed to be a
have needed a different approach
Amazingly, sensory informa- resource to assist in providing
to reaching their educational goals. tion, interpreted correctly in the activities across critical motor
brain, helps us to organize, learn skill areas. The program pro-
Our Programs Offer and respond appropriately! vides the instructor with some
• Secure Access to Jean Ayers, an occupational background knowledge and a
Grades Online therapist and pioneer in the variety of activities to help the
• Accredited Courses You Have Options! area of sensory integration de- student improve. The Living
• Chat Rooms • Full High School Program termined that one of the most Letters® Handwriting incor-
• Homework Websites • Credit Recovery critical times for developing porates color, multi-sensory
sensorimotor skills is between activities and a memorable story
• Course Help Sheets
3-7 years of age. Movement to engage the brain. Through
activities include large muscle fun practice and repetition, chil-
CALL US AT 1.866.260.7221 (gross motor), small muscle dren quickly learn proper letter
(REFER TO CODE 165) OR VISIT (fine motor), writing and speak- formation and the ease of writ-
ing. Ingersoll and Goldstein’s ing. For more information, visit
WWW.AMERICANSCHOOLOFCORR.COM research found that memory www.educlime.com.

Page 124 www.homeschoolnewslink.com

What Type of Learner Is
Your Child?
By Michael & Mary Leppert ing styles, and then implement

your own personalized teaching
inding out what type of plan for your child, based on
“learner” your child is your findings.
can mean treading on Learning styles analysis can
foreign ground for most par- also be used in the home to
ents. “Learning styles” might understand the relationships
be a relatively new, largely between family members. By
uncharted territory for a parent understanding ourselves and our
contemplating homeschooling. family, we can build a healthy
“Learning styles” is a way of family of individuals with a
viewing people – adults as well strong, unique self-image. They,
as children -- that recognizes in turn, can go into the world
that we all perceive and process and work with other people
information in unique ways. with different personalities and
Discovering your own or your learning styles and, in general,
child’s learning styles is time- be tolerant, understanding, and
and energy-consuming—but happy.
worthwhile. How We Discovered Our
The majority of schools and Child’s Learning Style
teaching institutions are barely Before we knew anything
starting to consider “learning about learning styles, we real-
styles” as a meaningful way to ized that certain ways of learn-
analyze how children learn, and ing would make it possible for
few have a clue how to use the our son to really learn—have
information. Given the limita- the knowledge at his fingertips
tions of mass-schooling, school “forever,” the authority to dis-
systems that choose to analyze cuss it, and the ability to use it
and sort children by their learn- when necessary and repeat it
ing styles may find it a logistic when desired. If his particular
impossibility to accommodate learning way was not followed,
all learners. Or perhaps it could the “learning” would be like
be done along the lines of the writing in water—gone imme-
magnet school method. For diately after he went through the
instance, all students whose in- motions.
telligence is predominantly lin- For example, the math book
guistic could attend one school, we first used introduced skip-
those with primarily musical in- counting (1, 3, 5 . . .) by each
telligence another, and so forth. number from 1 to 9 as pre-
Still, given the highly individual paratory practice to learning
nature of learning styles, it’s multiplication. The author said
unlikely that institutions like that multiplying these simple
public schools will ever use this numbers is the same as fast
valuable tool. addition, and skip-counting
Fortunately for the family who teaches that. So we began and
chooses to homeschool, there quickly realized that incorporat-
is no logistic problem. You can ing skip-counting into a game
read the excellent material avail- would facilitate the learning. So
able on learning styles, possibly we began playing catch with a
visit a counselor who specializes beanbag, each one saying “his”
in advising families about learn- continued on page 139

www.homeschoolnewslink.com Page 125

Teach Yourself The Five-to-Seven Year Shift
to Play By Dr. Marcie Zinn, consolidate earlier processes they
Accordion! Attainment Center for grow, but this happens across
32 Bass Accordion Neuroeducation many domains. Children do not

available in various hat is Cognitive Devel- change their thinking across all
colors FREE $19.95
opment and how does domains and competencies all
instruction book with CD at once. During the time period
it help us educate our
children? After all, as parents, it between 5 and 7, these processes
is really obvious that children at change quickly and drastically.
different ages, have capabilities Theor y of M i nd ( ToM )
that are roughly commensurate How do we all understand one
with their age. 6-month-olds can- other? Like other processes, we
not walk, toddlers do not present are rarely aware of our own ToM.
their ideas in the same manner as We all utilize intangible but neces-
Only a 10-year-old, and teenagers are sary entities such as intentions,
42500 closer to adults than children. So,
how does developmental science
desires, beliefs, and knowledge
to make the behavior of other
FREE Shipping
in the USA help a parent when they have a understandable and predictable.
“case study” right there, in front If you have ever been with an
of them, every day? How can de- autistic individual, one of the most
velopmental science give a parent, salient components of the problem
Toll Free 1-800-935-0013 who is constructing a curriculum, is the lack of a ToM. Theory of
Phone 801-485-5840 real help? mind is the ability to mentally
1760 South 450 West
The reader may have heard of represent and interpret (make a
Salt Lake City, UT mental “model”) cognition and
Piaget and knows what Develop-
www.accordioninfo.com emotion, regardless of reality. The
mental Psychology is. That alone
alerts one that there are develop- development of children’s ToM
mental differences that may be is currently receiving a great deal
hiding or not readily apparent of study and focuses on mental
• Comprehensive,
to a child’s parent. However, if states, such as beliefs, knowledge,
enjoyable, & fully desires, emotions, and intentions.
one steps back for a moment
and thinks about the differences There have been many studies of
• Comes with tutoring young children’s developing un-
between a child who is nearly 5
• Includes movies, lessons, derstanding of false beliefs. The-
and a child who is about 7, the dif-
practice tools, ear
ferences are really marked. That’s ory of Mind (ToM) involves False
training, worksheets, and why Cognitive Science is inter- Belief Understanding (recognition
quizzes ested in this time period between 5 that others can have wrong be-
• Group discounts available and 7. It is the time when children liefs), and interacts with the child’s
are in Pre-Kindergarten and Kin- personal and social domains. The
dergarten, as well as being able to ToM research exemplifies Devel-
opmental Psychology’s emphasis
An Online Music Theory participate in several other outside
activities that were not available on finding how higher cognitive
functions develop.
Course for Homeschoolers
to the child even at age 4. In short,
since the child, between the ages One such cognitive function is
of 5 and 7 is very “educable,” it fol- making predictions about what
lows that the more we know how people will do in situations where
to approach that child, the more their desires conflict with rules: Is
Free tour and sample lessons at
effective we can be, and the more desire more important than rules,
www.theoryinabox.org/tour or are rules more important than
interested the child will be.
Piaget tells us that children’s desire? Studies show that there
www.theoryinabox.org/solo are no significant age differences
intelligence develops over time,
info@theoryinabox.org between 4 and 7 years in predict-
with each stage building on prior,
successful stages. As children continued on page 128

Page 126 www.homeschoolnewslink.com

Music is Childsplay

Music is Childsplay

At ainment
Preschool Piano Kids!

Piano Kids Program

Center for
Special Needs Piano Kids

Preschool Piano Kids!

Where Cognitive
Neu Piano Kids Program

Center for
ence Meets the Arts

Special Needs Piano Kids

Where Cognitive Visit us online: www.neuroedcenter.com
The Five-to-Seven Year Shift
continued from page 126 shift. Around age 4-5, children
ing that people would comply with have no idea that attention must
rules that intruded on the personal be focused, while 6-7 year olds
domain (such as what to play with, understand the concept of focus
what clothes the child likes and and know how distractions disrupt
dislikes). However, in situations the focus. What a large body of
Mr. Everybody’s Musical Apartment involving moral rules, predictions research tells us is that children
of compliance with those rules acquire a basic understanding of
significantly nearly doubles from attention during the late preschool
age 4 to 7. 7-year-olds are twice as and early elementary school
likely to follow rules for morally years.
essential situations than 4-year- Attentional focus is largely me-
olds (a situation may be taking diated by the child’s neurological
a toy away from a child who is abilities. The brain takes nearly
threatening another child with that 30 years to develop, so what is not
toy). Another related finding is that developed at age 5? Age 7? The
older (7 & older) children tend to answer is, a lot. Attentional focus
judge that the characters in the sto- is one excellent place to observe
This mnemonic story device has the notes represented ries presented to them would com- brain development taking place.
by memorable characters who live in the apartment. This ply with rules significantly more How old does a child have to be to
book and Cd note reading method can be related to often for moral-essential than for respond to a parental command to
playing recorder,piano, guitar,horns, or any treble clef personal-essential trials. “Leave the cookies alone?” Most
instrument. The Mr. E system is used in method Your children will have their parents know that they cannot rely
classes in many major universities. theories of mind, which will be ap- on their children to inhibit their
Item #012 parent to you in their descriptions cookie-taking behavior. That is
of everyday events involving other a good example of immaturity
Also try Mr. E Recorder Method
people. As their theories of mind (an immature brain). Attentional
grow, integrate it into reading “focus” takes a lot of time, and in-
comprehension. Ask them about volves many sub-processes in the
what the characters in the stories brain. Here is a short list of some
are thinking, feeling, etc. Be inter- facts that may help you.
ested in these stories yourself. Talk The two brain sites that medi-
about the books they are reading at ate “focus” are not working at age
the dinner table and in the car. As 5. One of them begins to work
Homeschool Family their abilities come “on line,” you about age 7, and the other “joins
Recorder Package 1 will know it via how their concep- in” about age 10 or 11. However,
1) T000h00’s )))k 1 & CD tions change and become richer. they are not fully developed for
)) 0t))0nt )))k 1 & CD Children’s Reasoning About At-
3) )0p0)))00b00 - T000h00’s )0n)00
many more years. Therefore, your
tentional Focus child will have a limited “attention
4) )00)0)00 ))000tin ))00) C00)s
Attentional focus is an often- span.” Most parents have a hard
(shows character, staff note
& fingering chart) discussed topic among most par- time accepting this fact, probably
)) )0) ) )00)))0 ) 00000 )00)0)00
))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ents and educators today. Many because they fear the child has
parents I meet are worried that “ADHD” or a related disorder. If
)0g)000 00000 $5980 their child does not have adequate you want to help your child in-
“focus” to do well in school. Look- crease his or her span to the limits
00000000000$3990 ing at attention from a child’s point of her physical ability, use effective
Item #106 of view, research indicates that reward systems. Explaining these
children can believe that atten- systems is beyond the scope of
tional focus can be divided among this article, but know that rewards
several tasks at once, while others and incentives not only work but,
know that it is possible to focus on if used correctly, result in a natural
www)my00sm)s00)0)m only one thing at a time. Basically,
the division is within the 5-7 year
continued on page 142

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Music Theory Software
- Ear Training - Music Lessons
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o from beginner to and still easy.” - Andras Z.
master is less time Developed for and with
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strength. With 66 types of sicGoals. Find it only here.
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The Developmental Potential of Music

ot uncommonly, a Music Together speech development to improving his social dren,” Janet Campbell said. “Tapping a tam-
class will include a child who has an skills. “Some of his first vocalizations were bourine requires eye-hand coordination and
obvious physical or mental disability. in class,” she said, “where they do repetitive enhances small, fine motor development,” she
Parents of young children with “special needs” music sounds, rhythms, and tonal patterns. All explained. “Swinging in beat to the music and
are often attracted to music classes as therapy, of a sudden one day, when he was two-and-a- waving scarves improves rhythmic coordina-
with an eye to helping their children develop. half, Harrison was able to do that.” tion and other gross motor skills. Even simple
And while there may be controversy over Music therapists, in fact, have long drawn rocking sends incredible amounts of informa-
whether music will make you “smarter,” there on the power of music to aid in language de- tion to the brain. When you shift your weight,
is no doubt that music and movement together velopment. A common example is the way you are actually falling and recovering.”
aid in child development. they work with stroke victims who have lost An important developmental byproduct of
Think of it this way: The brain feeds on function in the brain’s language areas but not the Music Together curriculum, Janet said, is
stimulation, and there are few, if any, activities in the areas which control music. “People who that learning to enjoy and make music, often
that provide stimulation to so many nerves at have strokes can often remember lullabies and gives a special-needs child “appropriate leisure
once, as music. In addition to its most obvious early childhood melodies, so what you do in skills” that can help her function more fully
roles in encouraging appreciation of and pro- working with them is to pull the words out in society. “The music experience is often a
ficiency in music, music instruction has been through rhythm and melody,” explained Janet special-needs child’s first opportunity to be
shown to be influential in nearly all the ways Campbell, a Music Together teacher in New able to participate fully as a member of a group
children develop. It facilitates language acqui- Jersey and a certified music therapist. “You in a recreational way,” she said. “After all, a
sition, hones fine and gross motor skills, pro- teach them to sing, ‘I want my razor’ or ‘I want function of music is to enrich life, which is
motes socialization, and encourages emotional a drink of water.’ They can’t say it, but they can developmental in and of itself.”
growth. Kenneth K. Guilmartin, the founder sing it.” As Joan Hammond explains it, music is vital
and director of both Music Together and its The same theories are often applied by not only because it promotes Harrison’s devel-
Lab School in Princeton, New Jersey, puts it music therapists when they work with young opment directly, but also because it makes her
this way: “Music and movement classes are de- children. A standard music therapy practice, son happy. When he is upset, playing a cassette
velopmental for all young children, regardless she said, is to couple lyrics about everyday tape calms him down. When he listens to a
of whether we think of the child as “normal“ or needs and home life with familiar tunes. Sing- song, his attention span increases noticeably,
not, “talented“ or not. ing “this is the way we tie our shoe, tie our thereby facilitating further development.
No one knows what a profoundly disabled shoe, tie our shoe” often helps teach children “I can’t say enough about how important
child is actually hearing or whether she is to accomplish tasks that they are unable to do it is with a developmentally impaired child
experiencing a song differently from the “nor- otherwise, Janet said. to find what makes him tick,” Joan said. And
mal” child next to her, but she can enjoy the ex- Another common technique of professional with Harrison, the spark that lights him up is
perience just as much — and may be getting as music therapists is improvisation, which is music. “When you find whatever makes him
much, or more, from it. As Ken says, “Music important for children’s growth. “It develops tick, then you find the child,” she explained,
intelligence is one of many independent intel- the child’s sense of self, sense of control,” “and you bring out things in him that you never
ligences human beings have. A child might be explained Ashley Scott, a certified music thought possible.”
at the low end of the bell curve in one type of therapist and a Music Together teacher in Music Together is an internationally-recog-
development — say, his ability to speak — and Virginia. In Music Together classes, she said, nized early childhood music and movement
be at the high end of the bell curve when it improvisation happens often during the play- curriculum for babies, toddlers, preschool-
comes to music-making.” alongs. “I can play the way they play. If they ers, kindergarteners, and the adults who love
A powerful example of the developmental are banging their cymbals on the floor, I can them. Originally offered to the public in 1987,
potential of music-making is Harrison Ham- bang my tambourine on the floor.” In this way it pioneered the concept of a research-based,
mond of Plainsboro, New Jersey, who started she meets each child at his level and affirms his developmentally appropriate early childhood
attending Music Together classes when he was contribution by mirroring it. “My goals are to music curriculum that strongly emphasizes
just six months old. Born very prematurely, he develop children’s fine and gross motor skills, and facilitates adult involvement.
had mild cerebral palsy at five years old, could to work on their speech and language develop- Music Together classes are now offered in
not walk unaided, and had difficulty with fine ment, to develop socialization, and to work on more than 2,000 communities in over 30 coun-
motor control. In the mind of his mother, Joan cognition, as in counting.” tries around the world. Teacher trainings are
Hammond, the effect of exposing Harrison to Nor should the playfulness of music and its also available as are our award-winning CDs
musical experiences can’t be overstated. She ability to energize be overlooked as powerful and “Music Together® Family Favorites®
credits constant musical stimulation with hav- developmental tools. “Music facilitates move- Songbook for Teachers.” For more information,
ing done everything from helping Harrison’s ment, which is so important to young chil- visit www.musictogether.com/TheLink.

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Winner of 9 awards Winner of 7 awards NAPPA Gold Award
including a Parents’ Choice including Dr. Toy’s Winner
eXPerience the Joy
Silver Honor Award 10 Best Audio-video
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Winner oF music togeth r !
Products e
Since 1987 our classes have brought families together to make music in a joyful,
relaxed setting just right for children’s learning. This spirit of musical play has inspired
Visit www.musictogether.com/thelink to find a class near you,
thousands of families—and you and your child can join in the fun, too!

learn about our teacher training, or purchase our

award-winning CDs and Family Favorites Songbook for Teachers.

Winner of 9 awards Winner of 7 awards NAPPA Gold Award

including a Parents’ Choice including Dr. Toy’s Winner
Silver Honor Award 10 Best Audio-video
NAPPA Gold Award

Visit www.musictogether.com/thelink to find a class near you,

learn about our teacher training, or purchase our
award-winning CDs and Family Favorites Songbook for Teachers.

(800) 728-2692
(800) 728-2692
•• mmusictogether com/thelink
u s i c t o g e t h e r .. c o m / t h e l i n k
The Keystone School and iQ Academy
– How Are They Different?
nline learning is an expanding market, with a plethora of school graduates receive a diploma from the state of Pennsylvania
articles and advertising announcing its value. Hard to dis- that is widely accepted at colleges and universities nationwide.
cern amongst all of the information and hype is how online Keystone supports parents committed to homeschooling their
learning works, how it serves the homeschool market and how on- children with classes that prepare their students for college or ca-
line schools differ? reer. Keystone also provides continuity of homeschool learning by
The majority of K-12 online school options fall into two catego- offering both middle and high school courses to homeschoolers.
ries: Parents have the flexibility to enroll their student in as many or as
Private online schools like The Keystone School or Virtual char- few courses as they want or need at any time during the year. Some
ter schools like iQ Academy parents choose to enroll their student in ‘harder to teach courses’
A Day in the Life such as AP® Calculus while teaching other subjects themselves.
A day in the life of an iQ Academy virtual charter student may Unlike iQ Academy, students can enroll in Keystone anytime of
be very similar to that of a student attending a private online school the year and are not bound by a traditional school schedule. This
such as Keystone. Both types of schools give students the flexibility means that Keystone students do not have to finish their courses by
to work from home, provide rigorous online courses and are com- the end of the semester. Students have a full calendar year to finish
mitted to a quality educational experience from licensed teachers. their courses and many choose to focus on one or two subjects at a
However, there are some significant differences in pace and flex- time rather than five or six.
ibility. iQ Academy
The Keystone School Virtual charter schools like iQ Academy are publicly-funded
The Keystone School is a private NAAS-accredited distance online schools that are typically governed by a group or organiza-
learning school with more than 30 years of history, partnering with tion under a contract or charter with the state. Because of the public
homeschool families. Keystone has worked with more than funding they are tuition-free; whereas Keystone is a tuition-based
200,000 students in all 50 states and 70 countries. Keystone’s high continued on page 141

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Grammar: The New Black Dress Discover the excitement!

ne could argue that noth- authors, including two-thirds of
ing has so frequently all Nobel Prize-Winning authors,
fallen in and out of vogue three-fourths of all Pulitzer Prize-
as grammar. Even the once-cov- winning authors, and all authors
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grammar now accounting for provides hundreds of writing tips
two-thirds of the writing score to ensure that students can apply
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on the SATs and more than half the grammar they are learning to through your own home-based
of the ACT English Test score, their writing. Alaska Book Series
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Grammar now accounts for two-thirds of Ask about becoming
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Real Life
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forced to acknowledge that gram- dardized Testing. Grammar-
mar study is the new black dress. logues® explores virtually every
Unfortunately, its haunting size- grammar concept on the SATs,
six tag raises the question: “If I ACTs, and AP English Exam.
couldn’t fit into it ten years ago, Provide Access to Online
how will I ever be able to fit into Grammarians. No longer do
it now?” teachers need to feel like a hu-
Welcome your new trainer: man answer key for all grammar
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Times, CBS, and BusinessWeek cludes hundreds of teacher notes
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Grammarlogues® cuts through the ers can make grammar matter
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we do it: Teachers can assign additional
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over 200 grammar concepts using wish and receive immediate,
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Betty Lukens Felt Products
Love to learn. – Timeless Interactive Learning Toys
By Michael Leppert ment.

ith the plethora of Other interactive felt prod-
electronic toys avail- ucts available by Betty Lukens
able today, it is some- include felt play boards with
what surprising to realize that the pre-cut felt figures and interac-
term “interactive toy” does not tive, soft story books. Play sets
strictly refer to one that is com- include themes such as Animal
puter-based. A toy that requires Park, Days of the Dinosaurs,
the child to become involved Firefighters, Fun In Space and
and active, rather than passively Fun On the Farm. This category
playing with the game or merely also includes a variety of differ-
reacting to it, is interactive. The ent dress-up dolls with accesso-
felt products – character figures ries. Beautiful backgrounds and
and play backgrounds -- of Betty moveable characters develop a
Lukens Inc’s Felt provide an ex- child’s imagination as they cre-
cellent example. ate their own stories over and
Betty Lukens’ Felt Products over again. This independent
are most well known for their play is significant in the child’s
Through the Bible in Felt Sets. development. The felt sets pro-
These sets make the Bible vides hours of learning fun while
come alive, with over six hun- developing a child’s eye-hand
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and a variety of backgrounds Betty Lukens felt visuals are
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• Enjoy a vibrant online community both the Old and New Testa- information. MjL
• Get personal support
Sonlight customer Ariana H.
and her daughters. Spring, TX. ENDINGS for HANDWRITING
continued from page 73
are top-to-bottom. Then they
Let us share a favorite book with you! Others have handwriting prob-
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lems. However, it is not difficult
The Great and Terrible Quest for free. cursive where lowercase letters
to take the print-script letters,
start at the baseline and some let-
and develop the flow of BFH into
ters change shape. This transition
them. The characters are not that
means unlearning a fine motor
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habit of movement and relearn-
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ally writing patterns and letters
students revert back to the print-
with their eyes closed.
script and acquire a reasonable
Page 138 www.homeschoolnewslink.com
What Type of Learner Is Your Child?
ceived tremendous satisfaction would run laughing through the
continued from page 125
number aloud as we threw the from actually teaching him and den/kitchen/living room t