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Pathways, Overview

The 3-D animations in this Pathway to Cancer section focuses on a single pathway that regulates growth and protein production.

Educational standards - statements

Complex interactions among the different kinds of molecules in the cell cause distinct cycles of activities, such as growth and division. Cell behavior can also
be affected by molecules from other parts of the organism or even other organisms.| AAAS#5C/H5
Cells have particular structures that underlie their functions. Every cell is surrounded by a membrane that separates it from the outside world. Inside the cell is
a concentrated mixture of thousands of different molecules which form a variety of specialized structures that carry out such cell functions as energy
production, transport of molecules, waste disposal, synthesis of new molecules, and the storage of genetic material.| NSES#C 1.1
The work of the cell is carried out by the many different types of molecules it assembles, mostly proteins. Protein molecules are long, usually folded chains
made from 20 different kinds of amino acid molecules. The function of each protein molecule depends on its specific sequence of amino acids and its
shape. The shape of the chain is a consequence of attractions between its parts| AAAS#5C/H4a
Communication between cells is required to coordinate their diverse activities. Cells may secrete molecules that spread locally to nearby cells or that are
carried in the bloodstream to cells throughout the body. Nerve cells transmit electrochemical signals that carry information much more rapidly than is possible
by diffusion or blood flow.| AAAS#6C/H3

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