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September 28, 2010

Song #7 – O How I Love Jesus

Opening Prayer
Song #9 – Trust & Obey
Scripture: Acts 19:1-41


Select the best answer as it relate to the chapter

1. When Paul came to Ephesus he found disciples there who had not received the:
A. Right-hand of Fellowship C. Holy Spirit
B. Oracles of God D. Articles of corporation

2. When Paul questioned the disciples regarding the baptism in which they were baptized,
they responded "John's baptism", which is a baptism of:
A. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit C. Repentance
B. Jesus the Christ D. Jesus only

3. When does one receive the Holy Spirit?

A. When he receives the right hand of fellowship from the pastor
B. After being baptized
C. After being baptized and the elders have laid hands on him
D. At the moment of Salvation

4. Can one be saved without being baptized?

A. Yes No

5. In Acts 19:8, it states that Paul went into the synagogue and spoke boldly for three
months, reasoning and persuading some of the Jewish exorcists concerning the:
A. Sabbath Day C. Things of the kingdom of God
B. Third missionary journey D. Old testament
6. What happen when the sons of Sceva commanded the evil spirits in the name of Jesus
to come out of those who were sick?
A. The spirits came our of the man as commanded
B. The spirits refuse to come out because they didn't recognize the voice of the one
who spoke
C. The evil spirits leaped out of the man onto them, and they ran out of the house naked
D. The evil spirits came out of the man and entered the herd of swine

7. Paul was determined after his second missionary journey to see:

A. China C. Rome
B. Europe D. United States

8. Demetrius stirred up a commotion, and claimed Paul persuaded the people:

A. That they were the gods of the great goddess Diana
B. That they served the true and living God
C. That they are gods which are made with hands
D. That he is one of the gods who all of Asia and the world worship

9. Diana was known as:

A. Hermes C. Artemis
B. Asarchs D. Zeus

10. In the midst of all the commotion the city clerk:

A. Quiet the crowd
B. Encourage Demetrius and his craftsmen who had a case against anyone to bring
them to the court.
C. Dismissed the assembly
D. All of the above