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Unit 1 Writing Assignment Rubric – Short story

Requirement 4 3 2 1
Organization / Organizes ideas in a logical Most of the ideas are Ideas are not well Limited
Ideas way to help reader organized in a logical connected or there organization of
understand the character. way to help the are few ideas. ideas.
Ideas flow easily with the use reader. Reader gets
of transition words. a sense of the
Reader feels part of the story character.
and knows the character.
Plot/Conflict Skillfully develops plot line Plot line may not be Plot line and conflict Limited plot
with an exposition, rising developed in certain may not be fully line with
action, climax, falling action, places. Internal developed. limited conflict.
and resolution. Story onflict is not clear or
includes a protagonist with a completely
clear internal conflict. developed.
Characterizatio Includes well developed and Includes acceptable Limited use of Absent or
n a wide range of examples of and some range of examples of direct ineffective.
BOTH direct and indirect examples of direct characterization or
characterization. and indirect indirect.
Voice/Diction Language effectively Language gives the Language rarely Absent or
(Word Choice) creates image of character reader a sense of the helps the reader ineffective.
and makes the reader feel as character. understand or see the
though he knows the character.
character. Use of purposeful
diction and imagery
engages the reader.
Conventions Minimal editing required. Some editing Needs extensive Errors impede
Almost no errors in spelling, required. editing. meaning.
capitalization, grammar,
or sentence structure.

Points Points
earned Earned

Organization/Ideas 4 3 (____/20) Voice/Diction 4 3 (____/20)

2 1 2 1

Plot/Conflict 4 3 (____/20) Conventions 4 3 (____/20)

2 1 2 1

Characterization 4 3 (____/20) OVERALL GRADE

2 1 ___________/100