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Oracle Customer Snapshot

ACNielsen Europe Leverages Business Intelligence in

its Core Business Discipline
ACNielsen, a subsidiary of European media group VNU, is a
ACNielsen Europe leading provider of marketing studies. The company measures
Wavre, Belgique
and analyzes market dynamics, consumer attitudes, and
purchasing behavior in more than 100 countries. Among its
clients are the main consumer-goods manufacturers, distributors,
Industry: and businesses specializing in the media, leisure, and the Internet
Professional Services sectors.
Annual Revenue:
$2.2 billion Challenges
Employees: Improve customer loyalty through more effective data analysis
22,000 and reporting capabilities while maintaining a high
customization level
Oracle Products & Offer manufacturers and distributors targeted, customized,
Services: online data access via dedicated business applications catering
Oracle Database to all key business areas
Oracle Partitioning Reduce IT costs by consolidating legacy production platforms
Oracle Application Server within a single European platform embodying the latest
technological advances
Oracle Consulting Services Solution
Implemented Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server to
“The power of Oracle Database develop a new, integrated production platform covering from
and business intelligence loading scanning data to producing customized datamarts
technology has enabled us to
tailored to clients’ needs
make more than 4,000
Enabled customers to access answers to their business
customized datamarts work for
our clients. This innovation is a questions online via dedicated applications
competitive strength and has Deployed several Oracle databases, with a total capacity of 75
helped secure those clients’ terabytes, to support the 15,000 datamarts required by
loyalty.” − Jean-Paul Moron, ACNielsen’s European clients
Director, Applications Design and
Delivery, ACNielsen Europe

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