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..urrIIJ) BY W ... ALLmI ~ 00., 11 W.lTllaLOO PL.lIm.

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Digitized by Goog I e


THE need of a modern English-Persian Dictionary can scarcely be questioned, the massive volumes edited many years ago by Richardson and Wilkins respectively being out of print and well-nigh unprocurable; in any case, also, for various reasons, they are by no means suited to the requirements of the present day, while the few other works which have appeared are, for the most part, compilations by natives of India, unacqainted with the spirit of tho English language, and at best they rise but little beyond the level of vocabularies. In these circumstances, as I know from personal experience, a student is beset with difficulties, and from this point of view no apology is needed for an attempt to fill a void so serious and perplexing. There is, however, another aspect of the case, respecting which an explanation is due to the publio. Reference has been made to the attempts of foreigners to cope with the difficulties of a strange tongue; the failure of an Englishman to grasp the endless shades of meaning of so ornate and mellifluous a language as Persian' would scarcely be less conspicuous. Indeed, for my part, I am quite prepared to admit that a Dictionary should be the joint work of two individuals, responsible eaoh in his own sphere for the accuracy of the work. Why, then, it may be asked, have I attempted single-handed a task for which 1 avow that a coadjutor is incumbent? The question is reasonable, and, considering that, by the inherent nature of things, a Diotionary must of necessity,

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for good or ill, leave "footprints on the sands of time," the answer is important. It seems right, therefore, that I should state precisely the grounds upon which I am tempted to hope for the accompanying work that approbation with which the public have been kind enough to receive my former efforts in the path of Oriental lore. It must be confessed that, from the very first, I was conscious that the fact that I have never had an opportunity of studying the language in the country where it is spoken placed me under an immense disadvantage, as compared with others more fortunate, who, from long residence in Persia, had the means of gaining a critical knowledge, which can scarcely be otherwise acquired. So fully alive was I to the difficulties of my position in this respect, that, had a more competent person been disposed to take the matter in hand, I should not have ventured to commence a task which, under the most favourable circumstances, could not be otherwise than tedious and, in some measure, unsatisfactory. As, however, time passed without an indication that anyone was willing to. undertake the duty of compiling an English-Persian Dictionary, I determined, though with diffidence, to make the attempt myself, and I resolved to reverse a Persian-English Dictionary. But, on reflection, it at once became evident that such a mode of procedure would not ensure a practical result, for the obvious reason that, when translating from Persian into English, the student needs the use of every word, however pedantic and scarce, which is to be found in any author of note; on the other hand, as regards rendering from English into Persian, the introduction of obsolete or neglected phraseology into a Dictionary would retard rather than assist the learner, who would not be likely to possess that knowledge and experience which alone could enable him to select fitting and suitable equivalents.

These considerations, while they induced me to abandon

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the' idea of reversing a Persian- English Dictionary, impelled me to adopt, if possible, some course which should at once ensure the omission of what was superfluous, and the introduction of such words as experience might dictate to btl requisite and advantageous. The dilemma was perplexing, and ultimately, as my only resource, I determined to enter upon an extensive course of reading, with the view of culling from newspapers and modern works as many terms as within a reasonable time might be possible. The labour was enormous, extending over a period of years; and in the end, so considerable a mass of material was collected as to justify the commencement of the undertaking upon which I had resolved. In this portion of the work' I received much assistance from Lieut.-Colonel Ross, H.B.M.'s Political Resident in the Persian Gulf, who obtained for me collections of words and idioms the value of which it would be difficult to overrate. Matters were in a fragmentary and unsettled state, when, about two years ago, the native translator to the Bushire Residency, by name Mirza Baker, came to this country, and, on his arrival, placed himself in communication with me, in order to assist in a work rumours of whioh had reached him. A very short conversation served to indicate that my new acquaintance was a ripe scholar. Not only was he familiar with the Arabic and Turkish languages, which supply so many of the words in modern use in Persia, but, possessing a truly remarkable critical knowledge of his own tongue, he was enabled to afford the explanations so necessary to me. I gladly availed myself of his services, and, trusting to his revision, I also added to my collection some thousands of words, respecting which, as I had not absolutely met with them in the course of my reading, I had some doubts whether they should be introduced or omitted. I may mentionnot in any spirit of arrogance or presumption, but simply


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. as a fact which may tend to enable the public to form an estimate of the value of the work now presented to them -t.hat six months were consumed in the mere revision of the fragmentary matter which I had collected, a task whioh Mirza Baker conducted throughout in personal communioation with myself. At this stage I deemed myself justified in allowing an announcement to appear in a literary journal, intimating that the Dictionary was approaohing completion. But, alas! for the vanity of human plans and schemes. .A few months after the statement to this effect was published in the AthenQl'Um, I found that the task of working up the rough notes would involve a labour, not of days or of months, but of years. In despair, I almost contemplated abandoning suoh a Herculean task, when one morning, to my surprise, I received an offer from an unknown correspondent in this country to place at my disposal papers which were deemed of possible use in connection with the work which I was understood to have in hand.

In due course the documents arrived, and, to my' amazement, they turned out to be nothing less than a miniature Dictionary, com piled some years ago by a gentleman during a residence in Persia. I examined the production most critically, and could find scarce a fault therein. Somewhat perplexed as to what course to pursue, I ultimately determined to defer the publication of my own larger work, and to revise this "Pocket Dictionary," intending to resume my own labours on the appearance of its less pretentious companion, an event whioh I had hoped would not be long delayed. My correspondent was Mr. R. Monro Binning, and loan only regret that it did not fall to his lot to undertake a task for whioh he is so eminently qualified, whether as regards practical experience gained during a residence in Persia, or critical knowledge of the minutim of the

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language. Commencing the revision of his Dictionary, I soon perceived that, accurate as it was in all respects, it was too concise for my purpose; indeed, with the modesty which has characterised all his prooeedings in the matter, Mr. Binning would never allow that his book was more than a mere vooabulary. In these circumstances, I was again compelled to change my plana, and instead of placing before the world a Dictionary which I felt was very far from complete, I determined to add thereto to a degree sufficient for ordinary requirements; the result is the work now before the public. As, however, I increased the bulk of Mr. Binning's text to at least twice its original size, I did not deem it fair to that gentleman to burden him with the responsibility of authorship, seeing that many of the sins-at any rate, of commission-must

be laid to my charge. .

I should wish to guard myself against the presumption that the present volume is in any degree complete; as previously stated, the preparation of a Dictionary of such magnitude as would be requisite to ensure the introduction of all the words in common use must of neoessity be a labour of years. In my own case, the comparatively limited amount of time at my disposal will still further tend to defer the appearance of the larger work which I have undertaken; meanwhile, the accompanying compilation is presented in the hope that it may serve for ordinary purposes of reference. Small and insignificant as it is, a considerable degree of care and labour has been expended in its preparation. That numerous omissions will be found I freely acknowledge; but I should wish to state, with reference to the faults of "commission," that I have inserted nothing on my own individual authority, so far, that is, as "coining" words is concerned. I do not attempt to disguise that, not improbably, in some instances, I may have placed erroneous interpretations upon terms

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with which I have met in the course of my reading, in which case errors would, 8S an inevitable consequence, have crept into the Dictionary; however, when any doubt existed in my mind, I have preferred to omit rather than to mislead. With regard to the large array of words in colloquial use, which now for the first time have received "a local habitation," I am privileged to quote, as the authority for their introduction, the names of Mirza Baker, Mr. Binning, and Lieut.-Oolonel Ro8S, each of whom has supplied me with information derived from a residence in the districts where the words in question are used in ordinary conversation. As to the mode of spelling and the accuracy of transliteration in such cases, I cannot avoid assuming a large degree of responsibility; indeed, it was impossible to do otherwise than choose a path for myself, in a direction where none had preceded to mark the way. ~,however, Mirza Baker was constantly at hand to guide and counsel, I have some confidence 88 to the soundness of the results.

It will be observed that there are comparatively few renderings given for verbs, the object being to save space; but the omission will not, it is thought, occasion much inconvenience to the student, who can refer to the substantive, and add thereto an auxiliary verb, a process of " coining" which is strictly legitimate, and not more open to objection than the construction of such English phrases as, to "do repairs," to "make way /' to "have confidence," &c.

For a similar reason, also, it has not been deemed necessary to give numerous equivalents for words whioh can be found under their various synonyms. A compendious Dictionary must be deficient in some points, and omissions of this nature commended themselves, with the view of providing for the introduction of more uncommon words, the absence of which would

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not unlikely occasion the student difficulty and embarrassment.

It may be urged as an objection that, in the transliteration, no attempt has been made to discriminate between the various letters which, though entirely distinct in Persian, are rendered by the same equivalent in the. Roman character. It was thought, however, that, as the original words are always at hand in case of doubt, no difficulty would be likely to arise, and the adoption of a striot system of transliteration, owing to the numerous diacritical marks whioh it involves, would have materially added to the size and cost of the work, a consideration whioh also rendered necessary the omission of any marks to indicate the language to which. the various words owe

their origin. .

The adoption of a "v " in place of a "w" as the equivalent of the Persian letter J is open to criticism. Mirza. Ibrahim, in his Persian Grammar, uses the former equivalent, while Mr. Binning, who, having resided in the country for a considerable period, is of necessity a high authority upon such a point, also adopts the" v." It is true that words of Arabic origin not unfrequently retain the original pronunciation of "w" assigned to them in that language, while in some districts the use of the "v" is comparatively rare; but I have been unable to gather that there is any fixed and invariable rule on the subject, On the whole, it seemed to me preferable to use a "v" as the equivalent of J, as being, in most cases, nearer to accuracy. Should the student have occasion to visit Persia, he will probably find no difficulty in adapting his pronunciation in this respect to the usages of the people by whom he may be surrounded. It is a matter of regret that the inquiries which resulted in this determination on my part were not completed till several pages of the Dictionary had been printed, an explanation which will,

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it is hoped, account for numerous inconsistencies in the earlier sheets of the Dictionary, and screen the' author from the charge of want of care in the revision of the work. It would be hopeless to attempt an apology for the many errors which are to be found scattered throughout the pages of this volume, especially as regards the transliteration into Roman characters, a task, in some measure, hurriedly undertaken at the .last moment, in deferenoe to the views of those whose authority it would have been presumption on my part to have questioned. I can only hope that, while, on the one hand, all that is worthy of commendation will not be attributed to me personally, so, on the other, the whole of the mistakes will not be chargeable to ignorance or carelessness on my part. It is, I believe, the universal experience of literary men, that, as regards works of magnitude, especially of the nature of a Dictionary, flaws will creep in, despite all efforts to prevent their appearance-a. poor apology, admittedly, but the best it is in my power to offer.

No attempt has been made to arra.nge the various Persian equivalents according to a strict philological system; at the same time, when words in English have distinct and totally different meanings-such as "august," which may refer either to a person or a month-care has been taken to direct attention to the point.

In regard to the Oriental portion of the text, I cannot speak in too high praise of the care and attention displayed by the Publishers; few, save those who possess personal experience, are aware of the endless mistakes in Eastern literature which owe their origin to the ignorance and carelessness of the printer. It is self-evident, however, that a revision of the proofs by a " reader" who understands the language cannot be otherwise than ad vantageous. Messrs. Allen are fortunate in possessing

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such a gentleman, and I gladly avail myself of tendering to him my obligations for the intelligent assistance which he has afforded me in this respect.

No attempt is made to disguise the fact that the smallness and somewhat peculiar shape of the type are open to objection; but I may, perhaps, be permitted to explain that elegance has been sacrificed at the shrine of economy, as, for reasons which could scarcely be understood by an uninitiated reader, considerable space and time, and conseqent cost, have been saved by the use of a fount of letters specially designed for works, of the nature of a Dictionary, where Oriental and English characters are continuously printed side by side.

It is a pleasant duty to express my warmest gratitude to Sir Frederic Goldsmid, who has not only from time to time afforded me the benefit of his experience and advice, but has invariably lent me that encouragement which can only be appreciated by those who have toiled for years at a work which, though a labour of love, is none the less, of necessity, more or less tedious and disheartening. Nor must I omit to tender my best thanks to Dr. Rost, the librarian of the India Office; not the least of the many advantages with which I have been favoured has been the privilege of a constant reference to that gentleman, whose profound learning and vast experience are only equalled by his courtesy and readiness to afford to others advice, the soundness and value of which it would be diffioult to overrate.

The debt of gratitude whioh lowe to Lieut.-Colonel Ross and Mr. Monro Binning may be measured by the extent to which they have assisted me in my labours. I have endeavoured to explain fully the important part they have played in the preparation of the accompanying work, and I trust I have not claimed for myself any merit which is their due. That I should freely avow the extent to

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which I am indebted to them, and gladly acknowledge my obligations, is a duty no less pleasant than incumbent.

Lastly, I would add that, frequent as are the mistakes which mar the accompanying pages, the errors would have been far more numerous and glaring, had it not been that I was fortunately enabled at every turn to have recourse to the profound learning and experience of Mirza Baker, who, as previously stated, has afforded me most valuable aid, for which I tender him my warmest thanks.

A. N. W.

GLBN HILL, WALK.B, January, 1882.

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ABACK, ~ pusht, ~ 'a.ka.b. ABAFT, ~ pusht, ~ 'Ilokab.

To ABANDON, ~'M guzashtau, ~i <:J~f tark kardan ("ide To Lu VB).

ABAYDONED, ~,~ matruk, J,~ makhzul, ~'M guzashtah.(.hamelu.) ". ..:J bC-sharm,..:J .vt' bl-ab-ru, ~..:J bi-haya.

ABANDONER, ~)Ii tarik. ABANDONMENT, ~j tark, J'P'b hajr, e '_"" hi j ran.

To ABASE, (:)~)" ~)t furtid awardan, (:)..t.eJ'~f' ;'1'- khwar gardanfdan, <:J~f ~ past kardan, ABASEMBNT, ~ pastf', 1.S)'1'khwarl.

To ABATE, vide To Drarsrsa (kuen).

ABA-UKBNT, ~ kamf, ~ takhf!f.-(in priu) Jti'" tanzO, ~\A) ri"yat.

ABBEY, Iu..~ khRnakah. ABBOT, ...AA..' uakuf.

To ABBREVIATE, <:J~f )~, ikhtisRr ka.rdan, I:)~f ,..,. mukhta.Bar ka.rdan.

ABB&ETIA.TION, J~' ikhtisar, ~ mukhtaaar.

To ABDICATB, flick To LUTB, To WITBD ..... ". To R.SIGN.

, ABDOXBN,,.u. ahim, I~ mi'dah, ,ABBRlU.TION, ~'.1'- kharamat,

I ....J1.6 zaJalat.

To ABET, <:J~,..s ~I....,.. musa'id nimu-

I dan, <:J4 ~.w madad kardan.

To ABBOR, ~,~ ~'f karah{yat dash tan, (:)~Jf -Ii nifrat burdan, ~,~)~ manU.r dbhtan, v<:J""" mukrih shudan, <:J~" ,w... mut:Ulaffir budan, (:).It.l>, -II nifrat warz{dan .

ABBORRENCE, -Ii nifrat, If karih, ~'f karahfyo.t, I~' lstikrah, ~ bughz, ~)_ raghm, ~ klnah.

To ABIDE (d1OeU), ~f ~, watan giriftan, (:)~f ~j tawattun kardan.-(.tay) (:).u~ mandan, ...All <:J""" tawakkuf ahudan.


ABILITY, JtJ'1 taWAna,!, o.a.-) da.at, .....Ii tab, -J~ kudra: ~.»J' iktidar, ),J,J,. makdur, \J kabiHyat, ..w\e! liyakat, J~ mijRl, -~ kuwat, ~J r sar-rishtah.

-(jacuUie.) JIc 'akl, ,,_'t fira-

sat, ~~~, idralr, ~J zihn, _,1Sj zakawat.

ABJBCT, (:))~ dun, ~ put, J'1'khwar, JelJ zalli.

ABJECTNESS, ~ past!, ~)~ dW, ...J'JJ razalat,_~)fr khwarl.

ABJtl'IU.TION, ~ j bar-guhta.gl.


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To ABJUBB, ~ " bar-gashtan. ABLATIVB (clUe), .. Jr,"- maf'Ulu I bihi, ""' J,... maf'ulu 'anhu.

ABuu, ,=,'J,.. suzan.

ABLB, ~JJ zaring, .-l,aJ zirak, ~I.r chabuk, ~ chust.-(capable) J,,\I kadir, u'l tawana.

To be ABLJII, ~'I tawanista.n, <:).tt" "fA- -,.. bi-kuwat-i-khUd dfdan, '='~ Jf\l kabil bUdan.

ABLUTIoN (pretliOUl to prayer), ,.., wuzu, -=-~, ab-dast, JW .,._" da.st namaz. - (after dejilemen.t) _} .. tahairat, ~ tathfr, ~, istinja.-(of the whole body) ~ ghusl.-( with ,and, in defauU of wafer) ,...s tayammum.

ABNBGATION, ~\.I.z,.' imtina'. ABNOB.llU.L, Jub-' istisna,!. ABODE, ,=,'IS:.. makRn, Jy..e ma.Dzil,

~ maskan,,._1.1,,. makaim, cIJ"'khainah, ~.\.o ma,bid,,.,. makarr, ,...,.._ mustaka.rr, ',\.0 mawa, ",. ..)o\f bUd-bash.

To ABOLISH, <:),,; t,....,... ma.nsukh kardan, ,=,"'" t;:-J naskh nimudan, ~\.. ,.,,-. ma'dum s8,kh-

tan, ,=,"f ",. u ua-bud kardan, ,=,,,;...s,,,,. mauk(lf kardan, Jlo.-e '='~'''I mubta.l gardanidan.

ABOLITION, t,....,... ma.nsukh, ,.,'-' ma'dUm, t;:-J naskh, ABOHIN.A.BLB, a,f-- makrUh, 6tf kar!h, J~ manfur.

To ABOlllINATB, ~,,, J~ manfur dashta.n, ~,,, a.lf-- makruh dashtan.

ABOJlINATION, .... P nifrat, afkarib, II~' istikr&h.

ABOBTION (miecarria.ge), J- lolA..' iskat-i-ha.ml, J- 1oJ'- sILkut-ihaml, ~ Io\a.., iskSt-i-jo.nin.Uruit of a miscarria.ge) ~ janin, J.el.$' rttA ~ ja.nln-i-ghair Umil, I~J" ~ jan! n-i-na-ra.s!dah.

ABOBTIVB, l!fw d.,i', I~ ~ btU,idah.

To ABOUND, ,=,,u, ),.". maufur

ahuw, <:)"Uo ~ ki.air shudan, <:)"Uo .f', w&ftr shudan.



ABOUT (around), "1'''' gird-a-gird, ,,~ bar-gird, J,l'~ hawala, )," Q&ur, ~~ pairamuD.-(nearly) ......~ karfb, ...s,.,... mushrif, ..l.,a"'i na.zdik.- (concerning) "',- }" dar khusUs, ~ ,,, dar hakk, a)\f )" dar b&ra.h, ~\f blr.bat, 1"''' bar sar.

ABOVB (upon), Jf bar,1"''' bar sar, J\f bala, .v ru, 1.5", )" dar rM.(over) J\f billa, "J zabar, JP 'ala, J,. fauk,; '" faraz.


)"'j"_ ma.zbUr, J/-- • masf6.r, J"" makul, A.a1' )'u..a mushar ila.ihi,

A.a1' Jre". muma ilaihi, ;JJ' Jt\.. sabiku-'z-zikr.

ABBASION, ..)0'''' khiraah.

To ABBIDGB, ,=,"'" )\.:A.' ikhtisKr nimddan, ,=,,,;~, mukhtasar kardan.

ADDIDGED, ~ mukhtasa.r, J.e..-e mujmal, yt-". mujaz, ~ mulakhkhas, )t't', waJiz.

ABBIDGMENT, )~, ikhtisar, J~' ijb, J~' ijmal, _)\4 kasarat.

ABROAD, '=',,.. birun, ~ bi-eafar. To go ABBOAD, ,=,"; *" safar kar-

dan, ,=,4 ...-.\0.. siylr.hat kardan.

To ABBOGATB, "ide To ABOLISH. ABBUPr, "ide STBEP, SUDDEN. ABBUPTLY, a\S"u na-gah, ,=,V \f d-

gaMn, -&:!At baghtILtan.

ABBUPTNBSS (in anlwer), ~'''' "",.~ jLwab-haziri.

ABSCBSS, J.e., dumma.l, J-I., dumbal.

To ABSCOND, ,=,oUo '='~ panUn shudan, ,=,,,Uo ~ makhf{ shudsa, ,=,";;'oj firar kardan, ,=,,,Uo..)o,,,,,, ru-push sbudan.

ABSENCE, ~ gbaibat, ~~ ghiyab, 1.5"~'" ghair hbirl.

ABSENT, ~\b gh8,ib, '~juda,,.. r'~ ghair hazir, ol,..". J 1& maujudo

To ABSBNT (oneeelf) , ,=,,,Uo ...,...J\A ghai,ib ahudan,

ABSOLUTB (1ur."ing free power), )'u,;.,. mukhtar, JI'- mustakill, ~mutlak.

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ABSOLUTBLY, -w.. kat'an, 1.e\r kal.. milan.

ABSOLUTION, -".,. maghfirat, 1'-

'afw, v'ojJ'"1 amurzish. I

To ABSOLVE, (:),JI r: 'afw kardan, ~'''' )'~ ma.'zur dashtan, o.J\a,. (:)"'1 mU'af kardan, (:)~ bakhahfdan,

To ABSORB, (;).t.oI4- khlaan£dan

(:)¥j nush£dan.

ABSORBENT, ...... l\~ jazib. ABSORPTION, ~ na.ahf, ..... ~ jazb. To ABSTAIN, (:),J~~» ra:rh£z ni-

nnidan, (:),J,..s J'r--' Ihtlraz nimu. dan, (:)"'/ ..... u:..:' ijtidb kardan, . ABSTBlIIIOUS, )\r ~'" parMz.gar, J'- ha.aur, I.~ muhtat, lI'l;sye murtaz.

ABSTINENCE, ~-" parhfs, c.!J)\r ,)OA", parMz.garl, ..... I..u.t-, ijtinab, ...... r.) riyAzat.

ABSTBA.CT, ~ mukhta.sa.r, jl.r:.' (jaz, J.e..-e mujmal.

In the ABSTRAOT, ,J~' .. , J,I.A 'ala wajhu-'t.tajarrud.

To ABSTRACT (alrl'idge), (:),J:f r:wmukhtaaa.r karda.n, ~L.. J.e..-e mujmal snkhtan. - (carry off) (:),J,r) rubddan, ~',J " bar·dash. tan.

ABSTBACTION, ,J"'; tajarrud, "'l"'; tajrfd - (abduction) J,J,r) rubUda~i, JoUi4) rubayanda.gl.

ABSTRUSE, ~,J dakfk, ~ mugho

lak, .&.;S gung (tlulg.).

ABSTRU8ELY, ....J~ bi-dikkat, ABSTRUSENBSS, ....J,J dikbt. ABSURD, 1I.l~ blhUda.h, IIj,. harzah,

J,.... \; na.ma'kul,." puch, ~ 'abu, J, wil, ~ bl.ma'ni, .t.i)'t charand,)~ HcMr, ~ jafang, =r \; naI..muwajja.h.(an absurd ezplanation) \; '*/ .. ". taujfh-i-na-muwajjah, Jo..6i J,.... \; tafsil·i.naI..ma'kul.

ABSURDITY, (:)lUot butlan, J.l~ bf-

hudagi, c.!JJ'S JL.. \; na.s&Z.karf.





ABUS:B (bad language), ,.w.,J duahnam, ~ fuhsh, ..,_ sabb.(ill-Ullage) c.!J)\.:u) ~ bad.raftarl, ul~' ~ bad'lsti'maH, ..;;.. ~ bad.suluk£.

To ABUSE, (:),J'" ,.w.,J dushnal.m dadan, (:)¥w.., dushnamldan, (:),J'.l ~ fuhsh dal.dan.

ABUSER, c.!J~ mufta.r£, lloUA,J ,.w..., dushnam dihanda.h.

ABUSIVE, (:)\tJ ~ bed-saban, J~,J (:)\tJ zaban·diraz.

To ABUT, (:),u. ~~ nazdlkishudan. AByss, J"l b'r, ~ hazlz, ...,s lujjah, AI.), warta.h .

ACACIA (gum-tree), ell- talh, I.r... sant.-(nlk-tal.elled acacia) JS' ~", gul.i.abrlshumi.-(1tII66t.cented) ~ JS" gul.i.fitnah.

ACADBlIIICIAlf, &..)~ JIb' ahl-i-ma, drasah.

ACADElIIY, ,.faJ'},J daru.'l.'ulum, "-J~ madraaah, ~ maktab.




To AOOBNT, (:),JI .Wi ta.la.ffuz br. dan.

To AOCEPT, (:),Jy! Jpi kabUl karda.n, (:).l,..s ._,~, ijal.bat nimuda.n, ~.ft~ paziruftan. - (moflBtary term) (:),J/..a...J,tti kabUHyat ka.rdan.

ACCEPTABLE, J,..... ma.kbul, l:,.s... matbu',)fu- ma.nzUr, 1I"'l~ parsandidah.

AOOEPTATION, 00II00f~' ijabat.-('BMe of a tOOTd) u'- xna.'u{, rJS ,;.,.,. fahwa,i.i-kalam.

ACCBPTER, IN ka.,il .

ACOESS,)\t bar, II~ rah, ..... ~ takar· rub, ,.,~ kudtim, Jr,J dukh6.l, ~~ madkha.Hyat .

ACCESSIBLE, Jr,,,n ~ mumkinu'd.dukhUl.

ACCESSION (increase), ...... \.i, izUat, ...:/,-.) fuzuni.-(to throne), U'"y.. jurus, ~ .....,,;J takht-niBhuu.

ACCESSORY, ~ za.m{m; 1,J\t) ziy'.

dab. (Vide AocoXPLICII.) .

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AOCIDD'T, II,,\. hadisah ..... \.. .anihah, ~'II:. 'arizah, rt- aahw, r: ~ aar-guzaaht. ",1M' ittifak, ~ khata.

ACCIDENTALLY,'rt- aahwan, "\i1M' ittifakan, -W;ua 'arizan, 4J~\f \J na-gahanah. -u. khatan, u., I ~,.) bi-na-daniatagl.

ACCLAJt[ATION, ~j' afirin, ~ tahafn,

To AOCOJO(ODATB (.ettle a di.pute amicabZv), ,=,i' ....s'- muaala.ha.h kardan. (V,de To AGRBB, To ADAPT.)

AOCOM:JItlODATION (jUne •• ), ...._u... munaaabat, ........ ,,.. muwAfakat, ~y liyakat.

To ACCOlltlPANY, ~) 6',... hamrah raftan, ,=,",. ........ '- muaahib biidan, ~) ...... \wot bi.aa.habat raftan, ~,,, ~ suhbat daah'an, ,=,"'; .....JU) rafakat kardan, ~) ,...r. ba-ham raftan, ........ ',.,=,"1 m ur&rakat kardan.

AOCOMPLICB, oali,. sharfk, Jo') raffk, ¥ ,... ham-tahd, to".. ,... ham-ahart,

To AOCOlltlPLISB, ~'''ft pardakh. tan,,=,"),'J! har·awardsn, ,=,~L.;]f bar.raaanldan, ,=,"_'" ~ tatmlm nimudan, ,=,"1 ,.1..1 tamam kardan.

AOCOlltlPLIaBBD, tlide ABLB.

AOOOlltlPLISBlItlBNT, ,.1..1, itmam,

,.\.:.:.L, ikhtitftm, JWl ikmai. (Vide GUCE, SKILL, LKABNING.) To AOCOBD. ,=,,,w' ),..y farakbUr


ACCOBDING TO, ~'''' muwafik, ]f ~, bar wafk, /01' J' az karar, .....--: bi-hasb, ...,_. hasb, ),..y farakhur, ).aIt bi-kadr, ~u... munftaib, ~ ]f bar tibk.

ACCOBDINGLY, ,jotS lihRza,'~ J,lA 'ala hba, ~,.?u., banahar In.

To ACCOST, '='~ ..... ~ khitab kar-

dan, ,=,"_'" .....,J.~ mukhatib


A.CCOUCBBlItlENT, .,.,/ tauHd. AOOOUCBlIl1S., 1.11,.. muwallidah, ... " kabilah, .,.\,;\,.. mam&chab.


ACCOUNTANT, Jr- muata.ufl.vwmuharrir, ~\we muhuib. o..J,.,... muahrif.

ACCOUNT-BOOK, ~.l daftar, .a1.z..., .....\...... daatak.i-hisab.

ACCOUNTS, ..... \...... hisab, )........ sbimar.-(to .ettZe ClCCountl), A.e-\we ,=,4 muhaaabah kardan.-(na,.ratitle) ~ khabar, ..... ki88ah, ~\,s;. hikayat, J» nakl,

I To AOCOUTRB, ,=,~\t,~ t1.. sllah pushan{dan.

AOC01JTBBD (eqttipped). t'rtl kibragh, 6"\"" amadab, ~ musta'idd.

ACC01JTBBlItlBNTS, ",,~ yarak, t1.. silah (pl. A..J-' aalihab).

ACCRBDITBD (diplomatic term), ,.-. muklm.

To ACCR1JlI:, ,=,,,w' "h warid 'madan. To ACCUlItlULATB (traM.) ,=,.lj ~ jl.m' kardan, '='~ chfdan, ,...'Ij ,=,.l)" faraham 'wardan.-(intr.) ,=,,,u, ~ jam' shudan.

ACCUlItl11LATION, )I.L", iddikhar, ~ jam', ~ ma.jma'.

ACCUMULA.TOR, ~~ jami'. Acc1JBACY, ....... .l dikkat, u1-).l durustf, ..a-J~ mat&nat, ......... eihhat, t~ sa.b&h.

ACCUUTE, -=--).l durust, .,._l; raat, ee-- sahfh, J.e1S' kamil, ~~ dakfk.

ACCUBATBLY,-~ II8ohlhan, u1-).lt bi-durustf, u1-']f bi-rutl, ~ bl-dikkat,

Acc1JB8BD, ,=,,-1-- mal'Un, ~ la'ln, '=',... mat'Un.

ACCUSATION, ~~ shikaiyat, J,~ shakwa, ~ tuhmat, ,-J zamm, .l"'-' ian&d .

ACCUSATIVB (calf), J,... maNli. To AccuSE, ()f) ,=,"1 ~~ ahikayat kardan (bar), (]f) ,=,"_'" u:J1f nalish nimudan (bar), ,=,.lJ ~ tuhmat zadan. - (to acct"e faZ,ely) ~ 'r" iftira baatan, ,=,.lj ~ tuhmat zadan, '='~ ~ buhtan baetan.

AccusBB, ~"w mudda'i, ,=,J _1- malamat-Z&Il.

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To AOC11ITO. (onaelf), 1;).)1 -.)~ 'adat kardan, ~;f I'- khU. giriftan.

AOCUSTOIIED, ~,..~ aimukhtah, .)\.;;a.. mu'tad, oj;.\" ma,luf, ~ musta'mal.

ACHE, .)).) dud, {;, waja', ~) ranj. To ACHE, I;).J)I'- .)).) dard khurdan. TQ ACHTBvE, ~'.)Jt pardakhtan,

I;).))'~ \Ip: bi-ja award an, I;)o¥\..) ft bar-rasanldan.

ACHIEVBD, a.)\..~ amada.h, J-IS' I kamil, ,.w tamam.

Acro,.Joj turah, v"-I. hBmiz, }tI tiz.

ACIDITY, ~ turahl, ...... ,.... humuzat.

To ACIDULATE, 1;).)1 .Joj turah kardan, 1;).)I}tI tlz kardan.

To ACKNOWLBDGII, I;)~ ojr- mu'tarif shudan, 1;).),..... ;'0}' ikrar nimudan, I;)~"" muldrr shudan, 1;).)1 oj',,=' i'tirRf kardan.


oj',,=' i'tiraf.

ACME, ~ muntalni.

ACONITE, ~.lI'Ji I. khaniku- 'z-z, ib. ACORN, I.;' balut, or bullut, ACQUAINTANCE, vide KNOWLEDGE,


ACQUAINTED WITH (aware 0/), ~ mustahsar, I!}J- muttali', ...Al', wakif, ~ mukhbar.-(to be acquainted with a per.on) ~LI.e. shinakhtan, ~'.J ...JuA~ &.shna,i d&.shtan, ~,.) .j-,.)

dUsti dashtan.

To ACQUIIISCE, I;)~ Y) riza shudan, I;)~ ~~ razl shudan, I;).JI J_,.J kabul kardan.

AOQUIESCENCE, Y) rid, I.5.u..Y; rizamandi, 1.5,J,a1'- khUshnudl.

AOQUIRABLE, ...,w~ yRfta.ni.

To .A:CQUIlU:, ~,~, andukhtan, I;)o¥\..) f"'YI hi-ham rasanfdan, I 1;).)1 Jol.. Msil kardan, J~ 1;).)1 ta.hs{l kardan, 1:).),.... ~, I iktina nimadan, ~i>. vafta.n, i ~,.., amukhta.u. . I

AcqUI8ITION, J"_' tahaO, J-I.. hi.ii, \.1.11' iktina.



I To ACQUIT, 1;)t:J.) 1.5"; tabarri nimudan, 1:).) 'Jf' ibra kardan, 1;).)1 Ub) rih kardaa, 1;).)""" ~ 11 ru aafid nimridan.

ACQUITTAL, ,= 'afw, J-:: bihil,

~\..w:: bakhsMyiah, _~


ACBB, ~~ jarib.

ACRID, o1.IJ tund, }tI tlz, vt-t.) dibash.

ACRroNES8, 1.5..uJ tundf, ~ tizl, J-j turshi.

ACROBAT, f.ij~ baz{-gar, ;f u.w tamaaha-gar.

AcROSS (over),)~ 'ubur, r'r sara-sar, oj';-' an taraf, J'), \.. ma wara,i, r: I;)~ an sar.

ACROSTIC, eAr muwashshah.

Acr (deed),/.! kar, ).)1 kirdar, J.a 'amal, JU e-i,

To ACT, 1;).); kardan, 1:).)1 J.a 'a.mal kardan, 1:).)"'" J.u fi'l nimudsn, ~\.. saklitan.

ACTION (legal teJ'm), Aal\y- mur&fn.'ah, J,fl.) da'wa.-(military term) ~ jang. (Vide DBli:D).

ACTIVE (alert), ..d!~ chabuk, ""I.:chalak, ~.JJ zaring, y.v. sb&tir, ..J~ ghucuak. - (active verb) vide VERB.

ACTIVITY,uOl.:- chalAkl, u'f"t cha-

bukf, JJ.JJ zll.ringf.

ACTOR, .. mukallid.

ACTRBSS, a.ll.l.e mukallidah. ACTUAL, 1.5r- ma'nawf. ACTUALITY (.tate of real eriBtence)

~ fi'liyat, ........ " waki'lyat.

ACTUALLY, "lU fi'lan, JIIAl~ hi-'l-fi'l. ~,;, ~ ff-'I-wRkl'.

ACUTE ~)1 zaring, "']I) zll'll.k, ..d!1.:- chabuk, .........,. chust.(sseere) ~ sa.kht.

ACUTENESS, JJ)j zaringi, ...1]1) zfrakf', ~..i zihn,"';',a hUsh.-(severity) ~ sakhtf.

ADA.ANT, IJ'"W' almas, ),..\..


ADAXANTINE, ~ sakht.

To AnAPl', 1;)4 ,.-.z.e mansub

kardan, 1:).)""" ,,.. muw&faka.t

nimudan, ~~ paiwaatan.

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hAft.A.ftOS • .......;; tutib. To .A.Dn;J)IUU, B4 J-.. faial

'1', A:.o 't:1UI., JiJaNJIJ. d"5 ~ b- i.J.D.. ¢I\.) ~ lat .. a d&.iaa.

:~ &lob:... ~ ...:.... jLID..&h To ADlt"8T. ~ 6trJ t.uaiJ"ab

hria.a.- '~J ~.,,_ .umuhD, ~~. aakhWl.

·u.....o ~:hn. ~'afzoi- AD.rrl'4ST .... .,'Il ... ar.-{Adj • .,.

<iAA.. ~) ~ ~\.),., &J l..,iaD-

Az,:,a.;" mir. ~, ai-a.-f d.f buhi.

",Un,; .. ;:- .a.t-llr-mir. To ADJDImru, td-'i IJ'.)\ idUah

A:.:tITIf ..,..JIJ i.Ui",- ~ z.amI- karo.lau.. .

~ _, ilh&k, .tot,,;' iz,diJ"ad, ADJDIlSTUno •• ~,." idArah..

a.y. ·uW'ah., ~'i' afuyian.- AD.ISlIlTUTIT&, ~ ma1ki • ...;....

,. entAadie) ~ jam'. ~ ut,li.

j'.ur.!ah.. AD umu.roa, J~ III uli:hta...

T'i bIlL&, ~.L;$ ~!1.j.i.lua. oaU malik.---ito • rr·;11 • ..,.,

T, f,: A.rIIILD. ~ ~ lat Iha- wasC •

• iaa. AD.ru.rB. ~ whang.

ADr,&E..4 ('if. kItw) :.. r .... - AD.~ (IIaNl cq-.-.G.d~r). 1tJ"'

k~~~t.'_' r ac-namah, ,.... , ,.,. ..;.., dalya begi.,_.I\ ,...\ amira-

aam ... makam. ~...:..,,.,. Dam 'l.bahr.-{rear-adainJ) AlItJ ria-

wa rL..:'iD.-I'J~r, ~l",rltl&l': .. /1 _, lab (e"r.) •

... ~jr.., ~, .. az'. AD.DU.LTY. ~"', I}.)\ idUah-i-

T', A.rID.UI. ~ ~Jfta.n. ".I·uru.-{l'ir,t Lord of tlt~ Ad-

1'., A.rIDt"C&, ~ J~' izh.ir brolan. ..uNit y) "~J!j, .. uir.i-loahriyab.

A.r.&4t'An, J,s oH. Jrv ULi·. AD.I.UIOS ........... ta·ajjub. ~

",",',... ma .. &fik. shikift,

T,. ADBD&, ~ ehubidan. To AD.laB. 1:1.tt~ pas&ndidan.-

~ ~ mawk Ibu.lan. (Vid" ToAJoPlWu 01'. To Lon.)

.AJ,HDUC. (tJai"1'), ~r-( pai- AD.I>l8IOll ("7Itral£CI'), J,..., dakbul,

.. dAt.a~i ~ huG. J.l--; J-.- ruadkhaL-(conJe .. ion) J';J'

,.!.;yrl;:~";_ - (~"".;, ..s;'~;' ikrar, ..J\rD\ i'tinif, 1:1~' iz'An.

hraf-diri, ..s;".r.; .. j.n-d'ri. To AD.IT -let il.), ~,.) J,..., du-

.AJ, ....... T, J'~;' taraf-d.ar. JtM" kb6.l daidan 1:1.)\.»)4 bardadan.-

jao-dir, ~J raftk. (confu.) 0,;)4 J'J' iknir kardan.

Alura",., ~ llLlUk, .....s,.\,. mu- f:1"'~ ..J're{ i'tiril nimluian,

.. a.aJat. ~\.) ,J.:- MUS Lllam diU!ht&n.

bBUIT&, ~ cb .... bandab. ~ ;4'" mulrirr b6.dan, 1:1~\

ADIG. tt", aida', ,jJrt pidrud. ,=,.),_J iz'an nim6.dan.

AbU.l!UT, J.:..e mllttaail, Ji..... To AD.OllI8R, ~ ............ Da.\~ibat

maj ... ir, ~ J"' dar Ibaruf. kardan. ,=,4 M, wa'z karJaa.

~ pahlUi, J"' dar jam},. 1:1.)\.) ~ pand dad&D.

A.w.:nn, ,...' iam-i-lifa.t. I AD.Ol9'ITIOlf, f7ide ADVICII •

...... , " ... f, na't. ' To ADoPT (child, .tc.), ,=,.),s ._r..J

Tf, AsJ"rJI.. ~ ~ mattaail tahanoi kardan. '

Ibutian. I ADoPT&» (child, cfc.l Jre- mut&-

To AIIIQVas. ,=,4 ..J,a". maukUf, banna, 1.Ii'~ khwandah.

kardan. ~'011\,...11 J,j dar takhlr ADoPTION (child), J.Ii'1'- J""1l'iaar-

antlakhtan, ,=,.),_J .,._"'-" bar- ,: khwando.~i, ._r..J tab"noi.

kh&lt nimudan. ADORATION ~ paraatiab, _.,~

AD.lOO ••••• T. -"'-]I bar-khut, J 'ibadat.

J"v-' imh.l. \JI1" ta'"Ck, ~1'~,j To ADOKB. '='~-" parutldan. aaru.'l-wr.kt. ,=,4 _.)\,a "ibadat brdaa. , "

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AnoBBB (tt/M'lAipper), ~lA 'abid, "'t-\.. sajid.-(lot1er) ~lA 'ashik, ....._. muhibb, .:J~ ma'shuk, u,.to- ma'shukab.

To .AnOBN, ~~~ arasta.n, ~,~ pirastan; '='..I,..I ......... J zinat dadan, C;)..If ~~~ ariyish kardan.

ADOBNBD, .u..~, arastah, .u.."", pirastah, <:>lye muzayyan, JsLWo muhalla.

ADoBNKENT, ~~, arayish, ......... J zinat, ~J sfb, vt-!'~ plrayish.

ADROIT, ~ chashm-band, .alSI,.:-..1 chalak-da.st, -=-..1 aJll":" chirah-da.st.

ADBOITNBSS, ~~ ehaahmLandi, ._r...1 ..,SI,- ch&l&k-da.stl, ._r...1 aJll":" chlrah-dasti.

ADULT (adj.),~ kablr, ~4 baligh. (Bub.) I.A!J ~\.. sahib-rlsh.

To ADULTBBATE, ~\.. I._r.o..

makhlut sakhta.n.

ADULTBBATED, ~~ makhlut,

oJo~ maghshush, ~U fasid, J'ye muzawwar.

ADULTBBATION, ..1\.-6 fasad, .....w taghallub.

ADULTBBBB, c.i'J zani, J\S'\lJ zidkRr.

ADULTBBBss, ~'.I zaniyah. ADULTBBY, \lJ zid, ~}\S' \lJ zinakarl, ~ JUJ zina,l-i-muhsinah, cIA.. sifah.

To commit ADULTEBY, ,=,OJ/ \lJ zid kardan, ,=,OJ/ ~J\S' \lJ zid-karl karda.n.

ADVANCB (o/money), ~ plshgi, ...A1- sa1&f.-{to peaBa!I&t. to enable t1&em to cultivate) a~ \-. musa'adab, ~j\..', wa-sad.

To ADv ANCB, ~J ~ pfeh raftan, '='~~ ~ pish ama.dan, f"l.Joil ,=,..I_,.s takdlm ninnidan.

ADVANCBD-GUOD, JM pfsb-rav, Ai».l. talayah.

ADVANCB.BNT (promotion), ...:rI1 tarakki, \liJ' irtika, ~j'.tr sarfarbl, ~/;f bartar!.

ADvANT.A,GB, a~ fR,idah, ~ naf', ........u.. manm'at, ..1,- sud, Al,.. u.rfah.



ADVANTAGEOUS, ~ mnfid, ~\I nati', ,=,\..J ~ naf'-rasan.

ADVBNTUBE, w, wak'ah, ';..I\. hadisah, '".. \.. ma-jari.

ADvBNTUBBB, 0J04,' aubash, J~\I


ADVERB, ojf zan.

ADVBB.8ABY, vide ENBIIIY, RIVAL. ADVBB.SB, ...Al~ mukhalif, "a\A..

mugh8.yir, ~,,..\I d-muwRfik, ejUl.Ne m unakiz.

ADVBB.SITY, ~.l.t bad-bakhtt, ._r.;- sakhtl, -J'I». shakawat, ......tl~ mukhalafat, ......u... ma.shakkat, 1t bala, ~ nakbu.t, ....._.. musfbat.

To A.nvBBTISB, ,=,..I,..s ..!~, ishtihar nimudan, ,=,..I,_.J ~'i'lam ninnidan, ,=,..I_,.s ,=,b' i'lan nimudan.

ADVBB.TISBKBNT, )~, ishtihar, ~, i'lam, ,=,l\c' l'lan.

ADVICE, ~ pand, ...._... nasfhat, ~~ ra,i ]01'" tadbir, ~ JD808- 1&hat, U, wa.'z, ..1)"\1' anduraz, e1.o sa.l8h, ~,.. mau'izah.

ADVISABLE, ~1.Ne munasib, JlI.I IMk.

ADVISABLBNESS, ~1.Ne munall&bat, ~ salah.

To ADVISB, ,=,..1'..1 ~ pand dadan, ,=,..I_,.s ...._... nasf'hat nim udan.

A.nVOCATB, JJ; wakil.

To ADVOCATE, ~;f oj;' taraf gi-


ADZE, u.,; t!shab.

AOONAUT, ,=,,14 ..I,.. mard-i-bRluu. AlSTHBTICS, _~ ~ 'ilm-i-mah-



AFFAm, J\S' kar, 1'" amr, ~ 'a.ma.I, .u..~ mu'amalah, J~ ,r sar wa kar, ...,,,.. khusus, ..... \t bab, ...... \t bRhat, JI. MI, a..ll.o maddab.

To AFFBCT (feign), ,=,..If AJ~ baMnah kardan, ,=,OJ/ ~ takHd kardan. - (produce e,fect) ,=,4 I' asar ka.rda.n, ,=,..If ";.I's ta,sir kardan.


bJ'BCTIONATB, ,=,4,va mihrba.n,

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JeIIo aWft, ~ muahfik, ...,,» I mukAbil, oWt bi-sidd, oW I bar

• Uf. zidd.

To~CB, ~ ~\i dm.zad I AGATB,,..,.. yuhm.

firmiidan. AGB, ~ 'umr, IJ\.. salab, ~ siun,

A.:rPDITt,"'_' nisbat, ";":'-", wa. I ""J zad.-(M'a, tifM) ¥ 'ahad,

butagi,~jihat,""'_\NomUDa. ,=,l.-j Z&lDRn.-(old age) ~ phi,

.bat. ~'_,.s'kibaru.'s.sinn,,,. haram,

A.nu.lu.T101l, JIM ta.adlk, ~I.r:.' ........,a... ma.ahlb.

ij.b, -\,.' isbat. I To AGB, '='~ ~ per shudan, ~

..tUnaJUTrU, ....,t.. musbit, olJ". '='~ musinn shudan.

mu,ayyid.-{particle) ..... \oJ,...,~ AGED, ~ musinn, ~ pfr, ,..,.

harf.j.isbRt, ~\; ...,~ harf.i. I mu'ammar, I.at~\.. sal.d{dah.

tak{d, ~I.r..' ...,~ harf.i.{j4b. AGBNCY, .....sl!, wak&lat, c.$)US )I!

To AFFLICT, ~\.. ,=,Uott, parishRn, kar.guzan .

.akhtan, ~\.. ~. mubtala I AGENT, JeS', wakll, w.\J gumish-

sakhtan, ,=,ol)j~ azurdan, '='~\..) ,.n I tah,._ru na,ib, ~)I! U!.kun,

a.la.m J'&8Rnidan. )I! r sar.kRr, ~~ mubasbir.

A.7FLICTIID, .al\.w.A gham.dk, ~ TOk ArRAn-n, C;14 ,.". badtar

gham.gin, I~ wham.zadah, A ar an. .1 - - • lab

--_~.., dil-gfr a~ ranjfdah ~ GGR~GATE, - JUDl ,t,..,.

~ 'J ,r m~m~

malUl, .al1.:.A,"'" anduh.dk, ~ J'

muztarib ~ mukhabbat ~ AGGRESSION, Ioi'-ol,lfj zabar.da.atf,

mukad~, ,J.\.;.. muta,llim.) ,.,... zulm, ..,_ hamla~. •

AFFLICTION, tride GRIEF. AGHA.8T, ~~,... sar.8slmah,.,_,....

A ,- _ •• - h tk . 'b ' • I muta.havYlr, ~,lM.e muztanb.

FPRONT"II -- a ·1·1l ·ru, ~ A .aLiI... habuk. .alSL hal&k

shatm, ~ khitIat, ~ ,... GILB, • C U, "V C ,

sar.shikastagl, ~\.. ...:I b{. A -. chu:.~. b1b kl _<'01' OOL

sakhtagl. GILITY, :'""'~ e K, U '1oS" • .,. a-

To AFFRONT, ,=,4 _"., o.&l.:o hatk-i- 18kl, ~ ch~stl.

ab.r{l kardan, ,=,~'ol rWo.., dush- AGIO (differeme m 11alue oj money),

dID dadan. ...,,. sarf. . .

AJ'IRE ,. U· To AGITATE (put uz moho,,),

A ,,=,~~ __ ~ zan'a .. C;1 .... ~ jumbilnldan, ,=,olrJ ~_,..;

J'~AkID, ~~7kh~;fs n:,O&;"'-ht Lta,rs., tahn1c nimudan. - (diltre •• )

na ,~- a,l '. '=''''"'' IraSIU1. <.ri,...' bhuftan, ~\.. C;1Uot"

AnuH, :..,~ mUladdadan,; r: j' par(shin BRkhtan.

az saN·nau. , . AGITATION,...rt,.u tashwish, ~,)w,

Anu, '-"'" pall, .a., ha d, '"" pal, iztinb, J.»I.l Ashuft&gf.-{mo.

~ 'akab, ,,,, a.aar, JI.,J., dum. lion), ~ jumbish, ~,..s ta.h.

bal.~(one a!~ tk~ ()ther) t..:l. rlk .

..:I. pal dar Pa.l,I'~ m~ta~ tlr. I AGO (lately), 11ide NBWLT.-(pat

AJ'TERNOOll, ~ .a., ba. d-i-zuhr, time) ~ guzashtah, U"\.. mRzi',

~ 'ur. J.,l kabl, ~\.. sabik.-(a Zittkl

AJ'TBRW.u~., "".;' ..., }",',} az an, wkik ago) ~, j' ~ c..5~ yak

.a., ~ mID l""(l, vi "" j' az an chaudf pfsb az in, ~, J.i.i J"'"

pas, I..., ha.'dahu. andaki kabl.i.in.-(a jevl day.

AG.A.llI,j\t ba1J, ft .. tHrcar,j''' digar, alJo> ~';' ~j» oU!t chand rilz

\, "a, '-""", "'-rJU, 1);'- mukar- plsh az In, ~, jr J.,l j» oU!t chand

ramn, ,r" J\t JJar.i.tligar, JIf fa., rilZ kabl aZ in, _, j» oU!t chlUld

d{gar.f>ar. rilz ut, ~ j» oU!t chand r6s

.A.G.ulllT, ...,t. kbiJ&f, J.I- 'ali, Jr""", .hud.-{long ago) vide LollG.

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AGONY, "ide PAIN.-(of death) t:i ' AIRY, t» 4 ba·r6h.

nas', -1'- sakrat, ..,I~ (:)~ jan. I AKIN, JI'ft bar.a.bar, "'"" sh.bih.

kandanf ALABASTER, rr: marmar.

To AGRBB, (:)4 J_,.J kab(II kardan, ALACRIl'Y, "ide SPBBD.

(:),u, ~') rad shudan, ......wi',.. ALARM, ~l ashuftagi, JfP" ta-

(:).J,...s muwRfakat nimjidan, JfU hayyur.- (caU to a.rlM, ,ignal)

(:).Jjt kn,il budan, ~)!~ paz!. ~ Ij',l awazah.i.jang. ~l

ruftan, 1:j.J'.J )'~ karat' dlidan,)~ ahang.

(:)~, kanar alnadan. To ALUM, (:)J."Il...i ta.rsanidan,

AGBBEABLE. 1.loI~ pasandfdah, ~I... IJ'"'" hirb sakhtan.

~~.J dil.pazlr,~.J dil-pasand, ALARMIN,G, ~ mahfb, .-lW,.

_Lw munRsib ~'''' muwafik ha.ul-nllk.

\r jl sRz-gar 'J!:I lark J""'; ALAS! al ah, a', wah, t;).J dirlgh,

~akbul e~ matM" ~ ~).J dirigh&, c.$', wai, IJ'",_..J'

marzi ' , &fsus, Alt, wailah, (:)w figban,

AGRBBM'BNT, .Jw, ittifak, ..-u',.. ~"'kwha-~I~1f'hc.$~h' }'t' ai.wai, t,l

'f_1. t \) 'f'k ,_, itti IlWa., -- ILl Il.

muwa ;u.s. , .J ., WI a ,..1_ I 1- ALBUMEN .- a~ f'dab .

had, ¥ 'ahd, _~l..o mu'ahadat, tukhm'''''' sa 1 -1-

~,.. ,shart, (:)~ paim~n, &AJ, ALcHBlIII~T, ~ W k{miya.ga.r.

ws.slkah, ,J,., ka.ul, .J'~ brar, ALcBEMY,~' a.l.kimi a, ~

.J'.J)'J karar-dad, U. 111nR. I . kim' ~ (' ~y ,

. __ lY" wa s mlY".

AG~ICULT,U~B, ~'.J) ZI~R.'at, I,$)~ ALCOHOL, .J~ 'au-ak.

kisht-kan, ...-.16 fa.lahat.., ALcon, ~l6. sMb.Dishin, .Ju,

AGRICULTURIST, (:)Ia.J dihkan, tak, ~,_,_... mihrab.

J~ kisht-kar. ALDIIB.TRBB • .1 ..... ).J dirakht-i.gr.z.

AGUE. jt , ....... tab wa lara, ALEMBIC, vide STILL.

AID, vide ASSISTANCE. AL::a:RT, J.J a.») zindah-dil, .JI,. ch8k,

AxGBETTB (ornament worn by woo )~,. liush.yar, ,.,r garm.

nun), Alooi tiy~ta.h.-(,·oyal, worn ALUTNESS, I,$)~'" hush.yan.

by princu), ~ j(ka. 1,$""'''' hUsh·mandl.

To AIL, (:),u, Jo,.. \J na.khUsh ALGBBBA.,,,..s' al-jabr, Alt\a.,n,,,..s'

shuda.n, (:),u,) ........ b{mar shudan, al-jabr wa.'I-muUbaJah.

AILJ(ENT, vide COMPLAINT. ALIEN, .u~ blganah, ~ gharib.

AIM, (:)w nishR.n, ...._. shist.-(to To ALIGBT, (:)~, ~ pa,in ama-

tak~ aim) (:)~ .loI.J did ksrdsn, dan, (:).J,.-i J»' nuzul nimuda.n,

~~ » ru girlfta.n.-(to take a.it'" ~ nishistan, (:)~, ..I". furud

from a re.1 or ,upporl to a. gun) amadan.

(:).Jf .J~.J da.yak kardan, .J~'.J ALIKE, -,,'j bar.a.bar, (:)~ vak-

~E dayak giriftan. san, ],}J» nazlr, J\:,. misal, jt~

AIR, ',.. hawa, ..14 lJad.-(melody) mumasil.

Ij'" awaza.h, 'I na.wa.-(deport. ALIMONY, ~\S' kabin, ..... na.fa.ka.h. ment) .. , wa.jh, ~,waz'.-(to ALxv::a:, aoU) zindah, ~ hayy.

gif7fl oneBelf air.) (:).Jj ~:I laf ALKALI, \,I1i kalya.

sadan, (:).loI.IJ, ~ takabbur war· ALL, &..a hama.h, J!kull,~ ja.ml·,

zldan. AI..,.. jumlah, (OW tamam, 'jo , ~

To AIR, (:).J,...s cJ.Jt ta.rwili nimtidan, kullan wa. turran, ~'ajma·.

(:).J,...s~ tasbammusnimudan. {na.",-.. jumhur, (:)~ ham·

AlB-BED, 105.J\t ..let,.J dushak.i·badi'. kunlln.

AlB-GUN, c.$.J4 .4.JIi tufang.i.badf. To ALLAY, (:)..1'..1 ~ tuk£n

AIB.SOLB, ~ manfaa. dadan, (:).»\.tJ nishAndan.


Digitized by Goog Ie

ALLEGATION, ")\.r...' ianad, }~\ ikrar, ",;Ii takr(r.

To ALLEGB, <:J.,),..s ")\.r...\ ianad nimtidan, <:J4 }i' ikrar kardan,)I;11 <:J.,)'" takrfr nimMan.

ALLBGIANCB, ~}.,)Jf <:J'w;,i firmanbardarl.

ALLBGORIC, ""~ mutaahabih. ALLBGORY. ~ tamafl, J\J.. miaal, 4t\.l.{ kinayab, jl.,;e majlz.

To ALLEVIATB, <:J")\") ~ takhf(f dadan, <:J.,)_,..s ~ taskfn nimridan, <:J")\") ,.~, &ram dadan.

ALLEVIATION, ~ takhfff, ~ taakfn, ,.j' aram.

ALLEY, '-t~ kuchab, <:J\f~ khiyabRn.

ALLIANCE (c(nmezion), &i1A 'alRkah, IJ1ai ta 'alluk, JL.,) dakhl, ....._s nisbat. (Vide TREATY.) ALLIGATOR, ~na.han~. ALLITBRATION, ~ talnfa.

To ALLOT, <:J->f"_ biaaa.h kardan, <:J")\") dadan, <:J->f ,...-Ii tauCro kardan.

ALLOTMENT, .._ hiasa.h, ,...-Ii taksfm.

To ALLOW, ~'.l! guzasbtan, <:J")\") dadan, <:J"){") (ro.,) daatur dadan, <:J.,)'.,) .... )~\ ijRzat dad an, <:J.,)" JIU ka,i1 bud an, <:J.,)'.,) <:JJ\ izn dadan, I ~\.l! \, wR-guzashtan, ~;,i I <:J")\") fursat dadan, ~ hish- I tan. I

ALLOWABLE, il.,;e mujaz, \» rawa, ' J~ hala\.

ALLOWANCB, ~),.,. ~ mablagh-imukarrarl, l)tf ba"hrab.

ALLOY, ~:;.. makhlut, ~,amizisb.

To ALLUDB TO, <:J.,)$ 4t\.l.{ kinayah kardan, "<:J.,)'" I}"" isharah nimudan.

To ALLUBB, <:J.,)I 'tb\ ighwa kardan,

, (;)4 ~ targliib kardan, ~;,i firlftan, <:J~ kashldan, ..... l.. <:J.,),_.s jazb nimlldan.

ALLURE]I[BNT, 'tb\ igbwa, ......... , targhfb, ~ ka.sbish.

ALLURD, ~ J.,) dil-firfb. ALLUSION, ~, Ima, ~) ramz, I)lt.'



I ishRra.h, ,.41' iham, .... )4a 'ibarat, 4t\.l.{ kinliyah.

I ALLY, ..::.-r dust, JA:.e muttafik, ~;'" sharlk, Joi) raflk, ,.~ bam-


AL]I[ANAC, ,.ai'S takwfm,

AL]I[IGBTY, ~ )")\1 kndir-i-mutlak.

J,l1ai o- hakk ta'{,lil.

AL]I[OND, ,.'.,)\f badam, iY la.uz.(wild almond) I:)"t} arjun, <:)*)\ arjin.

ALMOND-CAKB (made 0/ almond. pounded, and a paste of BUgar, cream, &c.), ',u\f bakliwa.-(of Bplit almond. and brown .ttga7·) <:J"l.. sahUn.

ALMOST, ~J karfb, oalt->y nasdfk, ~ takrfban, ~_,&:..c 'an-karib.

AL]I[S, .s.;""" sadaka.h, ..... ~ khairat, ,_;Jb") dihish, ..... ~ zikRt.-(nlmB preBcn'bed by law) ..... ~ zikat.(tJoluntary alms), 41""" aadakah.

AL]I[S-BOUSE, .u1.:f.JJ langar-


ALOB (plant), ,... ..... ).,) dirakht-isa.bir.- (drug) r: sabir.-(lignum aloe.), ,J~ 'ud.

ALOFT,j'J faraz, '\f bRla.

ALONB, ~ tanhR, ~ e:j tan-itanbR,.,)~ munfarid, ~ mujarrad, .,)~ munhand, ... , wahd, ... ~ wahid, .u~ yag4nah, I")\J"\"" bl-infiradah.

ALONG 'VITR, "ide 'l'OGETBBR. ALOOF, ».,) dur, 1)\.1.{ kanarah. ALOUD, ~ buland.

ALPHABBT, ~ ...JJ'" hurM-i-taha.jj!,.~ hija,. (Vide LETTBB.) ALPHA.BETICAL, uW 1.l&!\.It bika'idab-i- ta.hajj f.

ALRBA.DY) i~ hanuz, w=-J~ ham!n-wakht. (Vide YET.)

ALso, ,.. ham, ~ nlz, "Ut' aizan. ALTAR, et.l.e mlt.zbah (pl. t;I'.l.e ma.zabih), 1\t,I\f_f kurban-gah.

To ALTER, <:J.,),_s ~ taghYlr nimudan, <:J.,):f Jao\ti tabdil kardan. <:J.,)I ~~ 'awaz kardan.

ALTERATION, ;eM taghayyur, Jao\ti tabdO.

ALTEBCATIOlf, 1.:.4- mubahasa.h,

Digitized by Goog I e

.uJu.. munakashah, Uju.. muna. za'ah, f-Y niza',I_,s1.)..muIGakarah. A1",~ mujadalah, )'fJ ta.krar, JI.i, Jel kll.u.kal, J,~ da'wa, ~ sitlza.h.

ALTBBNATE, (:)~)'" ..ua yak dar miyan. - (altemtUtJ day,) "\.,A ghibban, (:)~ )'" ),fa yak ruz dar miyan.

ALTBRNATBLY, "'.t'f bi-naubah,

~i naubatan,

ALTHOUGH. ~f' agarchih, ~yf garehih, It oUot fb har-cband kih, (:), ~ 'ala an,.s "',.., It ba.wujM. kih.

ALTITUDE, f-1A'i)' irtifs', 10.5~ bu. landi. - (to take the altitude) (:)4 f-1A'i)' .Ij'.»' andazah.i.irtifl\' kardan.

ALTOGBTHICB, JSlIt bi-tl-kull, 1_,..J1t I bi-T-marrah, -~ jaml'an, ,...'r sar.R.sar, ,.Ult hi.'t.tamam, ..... ) (t'tlJ). _&.eA hamah rU!.ham raftah, ")s kullan, -~Ii ~ 'lS' kullan wa kM,ibatan.-(taking aU into COnIidl'raiion), ~ ~ hi. hamah jihat.

ALUM, ~ t'j zaj.i.saf(d, ........ sbibb.

ALWAYS, oI.~ hamisha.h, I},.... hamwarab, ........, fb har wakht, 1;)\.0) ;A har zamlm, ,.,~ mudam, "'", da,im, ,.", fb har dam, ,.,,~, ~ 'aIR.'d-dawsm, ..... ~ paiwastah, ,.¥'" dam hi-dam, ~ muttasilan, _Ii,' ~ I hamishah aukBt.

AMALGAM, ~ malghamah (eur.),

I."'_" makhlut.

To AMALGAMATB,~, amfkhtan. AMANUENSIS, ....,;I.S' kaitib.

flJ AMASS, (:)",; ~ jam' ka.rdan,

(:)"'),' ,...". faraham awardan.

AMATBUR, ........... muft.

AMATIVB, Jio\o 'ssbik. AMATIVBNIC8S, ..:IA\o 'ashiki, J-U


To AMAZB, I;)"''''........,u ta.'ajjub nimudan, (:)",;..,~ hairat kardan, (:)"'''''' ~ muta.'ajjib mmudan.



AMAZBD, (:),~ hailin, ~ mutahayyir, ~ muta.'ajjib, "'_',... sar.asfmah, (:)''''''.r sa.r-ga.rdan, _l.e mat, "'*" !shuftah, .Jo,.~ madhush, .:.<;", dang.

AMAZEMBNT, ~, ashufta.gi, ..,/,,: hairat, ~ ta.ha.yyur, ._... 'aJab, ........,u ta'ajjub, fA hakar, ~", dihshat, ).u... shish.dar, ""'fJ ta.lwasah.

AMAZING, vide WONDBRFUL. ' AMAZON, AS::ij zauakah. AxBASSADOR,~' [leh], J,..) ro.s(ll.

;eA- saffr, ~ paik.-tatraordi. nary) ~ ,eA- saffr.i.kabir.

AMBER, (,J'i"kah.ruba., ~'ambar. AMBBRGRIS, ,.:.1:. 'ambar, JH" 'abir. A~B~GUITY, I~' ishtiba.h, ,.41'


AMBIGUOUS, ~ mubham, oI..pW..o mushtabih, ~~ mashk{lk. JIa.e mughla.k.

AMBITION, ........... ~ 'uluw-i-himmat, .u...,... hausalah, ...:f4t"b ~ bulandhimmatl.

AMBITIOUS, )~, istikbar, .u1r ........... buland-himmat,

To AxBLB, ~) AI:,a yurghah, raftan.

AMBUSCADB, ~ kamin, ~ makman, 6~ kamin.gah.

To AMBLIORATB, (:)",,j ~ bihtar kardan, (:)4 ~Y'- khUbtar kar. dan.

AMBLIORATION, 10.5~ bihtarf,

To AxOD (tranl.), (:)4 .a-)", durust. kardan, (:)4 e-"" taahlh

I kardan.-(intranl.) 6"'~' _r " (:)"'"w bar sar istAdah nimudan.

AMENDMENT, ~, isl&h, e-"" tu· hili, 10.5~ bihtarf.

AMETHYST, 10.5"...... -_,lit y&kut.i. khamrl, ..Jl.e) ..,_,I1t y&kut.i.rum. manl, ",tt! ...... _,I1t yakut-i.ka.bUd, ,.~ jal>allakum.

AMICABLE, ...AoIoI latif, (:)It,... sh {rln. ~"".. marghub, (:)~~ mihrbsn.

AMIOABLBNBSS, ~"... shlrlnl, ~ mihr, ..J4~ mihrba.nl.

AxMONIAC (plant), Jio' uahak._,... (tal'),)"~i D8ulhadur.

Digitized by Goog I e


A.JnrolfITIOlf, ~ ..... ~, aabab-ijang.-(pouch) ~ kif, (:),-, A1S gullah-dan.

Axlf.8TT, .... \t ",. 'afw-namah, ",. 'afw.

AHOlfO, (:)~ miyan, I,;)~ )" dar miyan, ~ bain, ~\.. ma. bain, J'»' all dar, J la (VlI.lg.)

AxOBOU8, J.6o\A 'ashik, A.::....tl" dilba.atah, ~ shlftah.

AHOUlfT. (6Um), .rJ.... jumlah, ~ jam', J.1.. hRail, ~ mablagh, hOUR, 105}4AU 'ishk-bazl, ~

ta'aahshuk, .... \a.e mu'sshakah. hPHIBOLOOT, ,.41' (ham. AxPHITHBATBE,~ mazhar.

hPLB (,pace), ~ pa.hn, ~', wasi', t.Pe;A 'ariz, Iioo-f baait.(quantity), t'" farakh, "', wKfir, )t', wufur.

AxPLEN.8S (.pa.ee), ~ pahuah, ~,. 'arz.-(quantity) ~'" fA.rltkbl, .....,., wafrat.

To AlKPUTATB, vide To CUT. AlKPUTATION, ~ kat', l:UoiII' iukita', hULBT, .la,., ta'w{z. J~ hirz, ~'-


To AHl78., (:)",,, 16.. slt.f... uadan, (:)4";:'1" khUsh kardan, .... ,ij (:)",., lazzat dadan.

AHU8BH.lfT, ~j\t bazi, 81' tafarruj, 16.. safu,..,....l la'b, AHUSIlfO, W II' t,afarruj-nima, ,_;.sJ., dil-kash,

ANACHRONISH, (:)I...j )'" lolA gohalat

dar zaman, a~, ishtiMh. bAOBAH, ...Af.,-' tabrif. AlfAOBAHHATIST, ...J,..,. muharrif, AlfALOGOUS, ,...._ mutashabbih,

..,_\.a,.. mun&8ib.

ANALOGY, Je.W taman, .........,.l niabat.

To ANALY8IC, (:)"''''' "'-'ft"" tajsiynh I

ninnidan, .

ANALYSIS, J.e.oII tafsll, ~ takslm, Jl.1' tafrik.-(r.hemieal) Jol-"tahIn, "'-~ tajziyah.

AlfALT8T, I.JJ.;S "'-~ tajziyab ku- ' nandah.

Alf.t.BOHY, J~ ghadr, ..,.._I.-o ~ bi-siY'lat, \ltJ'" Ib urilh.



I ANATOHIST, (:)''''t:!-rU tashrih-dan. ANATOHY (the leilmee), t:!-rU ~

! 'ilm-i-tashrfh.

I' ANclCsToR, ..... ' n.h (pl. 4~ aba), ~ [add ( pl. ",,~, o.jd,id), ..AI... salaf

(pl. ~1..' aaIKf), ~ mutakadJim(pl. ~~mutakaddilUin).

ANCBSTRY. ..,......J naeab . ...._. niebat.

'ro ANCROR, ~,.», f.-J langar anJilkhtan.

ANCHOR, f.-J lungar, - (to w('ig/' anehor) ~,,,, " fJJ langdor bar da8htan.

ANCHORAGE, I\S" f;J lan~ra.r-~Rh. ANCHOBITB, oIA'J zKhid, ",,\A 'abid. ANCIBNT, f'!J.i kadlm, ~ pishln,

I Je.:A 'lltik, cl.liJl'" dfrfnah, ..AI... &alaf.

The ANCIBNrB, (:)Y,' IIovvlloliyan, (:)~ pIshlnRn, ~1 .. ' aslaf, ~~ mutakaddimm.

AND" wa" u.-(alld llf)juTth, cfe.) I~, wa.ghairah, tl' a.lakh.

ANBCDOTE, (:)~,,,, dRat8o, t.;SJ nuktah, oI.iW, RfsKnah.

ANEMONB, JfIAeo aha.kli,ik, ~ I,;)~' 8haka,iku-'n-nu'mall.

ANGBL, 4.:.60". flrishtah, ...u.. mnlak, -(angel of df'alh) -,..s' .all..e ma.laku-tl-maut, Jf\)jP 'izrK,il, IoFIIi t',)~' kiLbizu-'I-lll'\\'ILh. - (gUQ,rdia» angel. aff·'IICL.lILt IJn man), .l.eAi ka'ld, ~u tabi'.-(two angelll who interrogate the dead), ~ ~ munkar wa na.klr.-(illvi.ihlt' angel whale eoice i. heard) ";:"r' surush • ....AlIA hatif.

I ANGELIC, ~ Malak t, ..;:., .s.o..,. firisbtah-waah.

A.NGER, ~ gbazab, ~ kin, ~ kinah, ,..... khishm, t..D ghaiz. ;ti kahr, ~) ranjish, -),.. saurat, ~ ta~hayyur, loa- sukht,

...... hiddat,

ANGLE, 6.6,t g(lIihah, ~ kunj, "'-,\; zalwiyab.-(aellt(! angle) 1",1. "'-,\; zKwiyah-i-hKddah. - (obtu.e an!lle) fMt.~ oI.t,'J zawiyah-i-IDlln-

farija.h. --(Tiqlr.t a1l!Jle) wli ",-,'j zawiy.h- i- kil, imah.

Digitized by Goog I e

ANGRY, ..e!~ gbazab.dk, ..e!~ kbishm.nak,~'ft bar.{lshuftah, ~ kuj-khulk, t::o.. mutana.ffir, ~ garm, 6.1)), Kzurdab, J'»'" mukaddar, 6.l.tR'J ranjfdah, ' ,.. Jol dar-ham, ~ khafA (obI.).

ANGUISH, vide GRIEF, PAIN. ANGULAR, ;'.1 &t,Ij zawiyah.dlir, }01 1Jt.,r gushah.dar.

ANIMAL (livinp being), }.»\.t. jan. dar, ..... \e.. ,J zu.hayilt, ~ I.5J zl nafas.-(domeltic animal, cattle or fish) (:ll~ baiwan.-- (wild animal, reptile or insect) J/I.t. janwar.

To ANIMATE, (:lol; 6.») sindah kardan, (:lollol (:ll.t. jan dadan, ...... ~ (:loll .I hayat dadan, - (incite) (:).1'" ~F tahn'k nimUdan, ~I angikbtan.


ANISE, ~ shaht, -=-- sabt, (:l,.-=!I anfsun, U"'» Ai~)I) rbi. s nnah.i.rum!.

ANKLE, ~\;;,e,I ishtiilung, ~ ... much-i-pa, ~ .iiI kllzak.i.pa" ~ ka'b, ..e!),r gll<lak.

ANKLET, (:)'I"'ft 1.5~ p{ll.haranjan, ~) ~ pa.z!b, Jl~ khalkhal. -(of small bells) .:d..,.. susk.

ANNALI8T,I.5J~I akhbarl,I.5,I) rawi. ANNALS, J~I akhMr, t!-Jli tawa.


To ANNEAL, t:rJf ~ garm kuftan. To ANNEX, (:).1; JWI ilhRk kardan. ANNEXATION, JWI illulk, .u~I izn.


To ANNIHILATE, (:lol; ",""'mn.'d{lm kardan, (:lol; .I" \; nfl.bud knrdan, 1:101_"'; ..,..J.. salh nimudan, ~ l:1oleilolf munkuli' j.(ardlinidan.

'1'0 bp. ANNIHILATED, (:loUt ..,..J.. salh shudan, (:l.1.6. ....,y..-. mas}{lh shudan, l:1oUt ","'" IDI\'d {lin shudnn, (:lol" ~!a.;.,. uiuukali' bluJan.

ANNIHILATION, ~ Illsti, ,,'.lol!l i'daDl.


To ~NOTATE, .,;,o.;A./ &.eA1.. bRRbi~'ah DlWlIlhtan.



ANNOTATION, A.e6oI.. halshiya.h, c,.. sharh, (:l4f bayan.

ANNOTATOR, C)\.6. sharih.

To ANNOUNCE, <:r"'l. 6\$1 agah sRkhtan.

To ANNOY, vide To VEX.

ANNOYANCE, )r zara.r, r!1J ranj, -=--j zahmat, l.ia' iza, )1;' azar. (Vide TRoUBLE.)

ANNUAL, 6J4!L. saliyanah, ~rsaaaw],

ANNUITANT,)1'-~' wazifah.kh{lr, )'.1 Ai4!L. sRliyanah.dar.

To ANNUL, (:lol; JI.\t hatil kardan, (:)oI_"i t;-i naskh nimadan, t,-w (:lol; mansukh kardan.

I ANNULAR,), 6.11. halkab.war.

ANNULLED, JIo- mu'attal, t,-w mansukh ..

ANNULMENT, JUo,I ibMl, ,.,. mahw, t;-J naskb ..

To ANOINT, (:l.loell.e &» raughan malfdan, 1:1.1,-.' eo- mash nim(l. dan.

ANOMALOUIl, ~~ ~"'" khilaf.i· tabi'at.

ANOMALY, ..... .1~ JI- khark-i-nidat, ANONYMOUS, "Y- U ...,.....' lsml.d. ma'Iurn.

ANOTHER, ~01 digar, fol digar, reb ghair,

ANSWER, ....".,... jawab, t":'~ plisukh. To Al~SWER, (:lollol ....,1.,... jawab d{Ldan. - (Bucceed) (:lol~I .-.1) rast uftadan.

ANSWER.ABLE (reHpon8ibl~), )1."".,... jawlih.dRr, ~~ zamiu, ,-rI'" multaziru.

A~l'l', ),... mur, ~),... m{lrchab.(lar!le black alit) ~h ... ),... Illur.i. lluwRrl.-(1/·hite ants) Ai~),... mur. ~'il1lllh, ~),... murj.mab.-(ant. hill or 111'81) ~),... J~ chal-i- 1Il (Ire hah,

ANTAGONIST, viele ENEMY. ANTAltcTIC, Jr+..,...Joi kutb-ijanubL

To ANTECEDE, ~.,I ~ pfsh raf. tan, l:1oUt "J.l,elllukl\{ldam shudan, ANTECEDENT Vrralllrllafit'al tenn).

JaU ,...' wm.i.U'it.

Digitized by Goog I e


ANTBCItUlBBB, ~ ~ ka.fsh-kun, ANTEDILUVIAN, (;)UY. j' j.i kabl az tufan.

ANTELOPE, ,.., abU, J'~ gbazal. ANTBRIOR (antecedent) ,..,..,. mukaddam, ~ pfshfn, Jt~ .. sabik, J,' anal.

ANTHEM, ~ na't, ee-J tasbfh. ANTICHRIST, J"'-" dajjal.

'To ANTICIPATE, ~,~ pindasbtan, (;)~ 14 (;)l.S ~ pfsh guman kardall ahudan.

ANTICIPATION, ..,.....:-J, ~ pfshwakti.-(by anticipation) j' ~ ..w, pish az wakr.

ANTIDOTE, J~i tirYllk. Jl,tf timik,

,tb) ~,,, dilfi'-i-zahr. •

ANTIMONY, ~~ rllsnkht.-(1WWder for the eyes) 6,..;- surmah, J-.S' kuh!.

ANTIPATHY, =J'i nifrn.t, p tauaffill', If karih, ~) raghm.

ANTIQUARY, .... ~~, ~I.. jlimi'u- '1- ·ajMbilt.


ANTIQ'O'ITIES (rtlim of ancient build. ings, &c.), ,-I"" )lo; RIlIIt--ikadim.

ANTIQUITY, r.lIli I,.. Ilui-takaddum, JI\.. ,.~, ayyam-i-s{dlik, ,-loll (;)\,..j ;lamnn-i-kadim.

A.OVTITHESIS, .1.6 sidd, ,,1,4; tazridil. ANTLER, tl.e. shRkh.

ANTLERED, }" tl.e. ~IUlkh-d8.r. AN'O'S, (;)1 kim, ~ ma-taht,

"L.... ~,.. mauza'-i-mu'tad, Jwe ",-J mahall-i-ku'(id.

ANVIL, (;)'.u.... sindau.

ANXIETY, ~" dil-tangf, -r~' iztil'ab, ~ gham, fJ fikr,..;.t.yAJ I tashwIsh.

ANXIOUS, ~" dil-tang, -r;'" I muztarib,)'»'" mukaddar, v-~ musbawwash, ~ mutafakkir.

ANy, hich.-(anyolle)..s-S kRSI,

v-S hieh kB.tl . ...,.-... shakbal. I

-(anything) IoSj~ ebizl.-(anywhllre) IoSI.t-: bi. jlli.-(negative) 1.... bi-bfch jll. - (anyhow) ..il't"~ bi.wajhf, f.,f ,. bi-har nau'.



-(neg(l'ive) ... , ... bi-hfeh wajh, );. ... bi-hich taur.

AORIST (of a verb), E,,\.i.. muzari'. APACE, ",; zUd.

APART, ' ..... jida, I .. J,l&I 'alahiddo.h, J.-w mufassal, ~~ mubain, Ai\S1 ..... jidRgaUa~.-(a8ide) )~" dar bnRr, ...Jy.]I bartara.f.

APARTMENTS, J~ manzil. APATHETIC, "'r sard, Jo-- J hi. mail.-(to be apathetic) 1,;).1"-; J,.." zuh{Ll nimadan.

I APATHY,~",.. sardf, 4la1,..... mUlin.


APE, ride MONKEY •

To APE, (;),,; ~ takHd brdan. APERIENT, Je- mus-hil, J,...


APERT'O'RE, t'),.. silrAkh, ...J~ shiHf.

APEX, s,' auj.

APHORISM, J:..o 1Ilu.s1~1. Ju.. misal. ~ tamsfl,

ApOCRRYPHAL, ),}'" musawwar, .Jat. ja'li.

APOCOI'JI: (cutting off the final ,yllable), ..;';' bazf.-(clltfi",y oJ' a ,ho,.t vowel) ".. jasm.

I ApOGEE, 8,' IIoUJ.

APOLOGETIC, )i~ JojJt p(lzish.paz{r. 'fo APOLOGIZJI!, (;).J; }~, i'tizar kardau, ~'''' "",).la.. ma'zirat khwastau, I,;)":I)~ 'usr kurdan, 1,;)""-; V-jr.. p{lzi~h nim udall.

APoLOG'O'E, J:.. mnsal, Ju.. mil aI, ~ tamstl.

APOLOGY, )~ 'uzr, )'~, i·t.iznr, .... ).la.. ma'zirat, Joj~ puzish.

APOPLECTIC, I~ sss: saktahzadah.

APOPLEXY, A;S:.... saktah.

APOSTACY, ~" )~, inUr-i-dln, ..li .:.J.e tark-i-millat, ",~} irtidad.

ApOSTATE, C)'l'" ~ nnmkir-i-din, ~r- murtadd,

Po ApOSTATIZE, '='''''-; "'~)'h·tidild nimudau, (;)~ =r murtadd shu. dan.

APOSTLE, J,..) rasul.-(Ilf Ohri,i) loS)',. hawRr{ .

APOBTLI~8Hll' • .....J~) ra.aAla,t.

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ApOSTOLIC, I.S~ paigbam-baef', ~~~ paigUm-bari.

ApOTHBCARY, )v.. 'attar, ...;.,~ ',,) I dawn - furush. - (apothecary" 'hop) 6J~ ',,) dawa-khRna.h.

APPANAGl!l, ...u.. milk. APPABlTUS,J'",a yarak, ..... '-, asMb, -=-) rakht, .... ~, alat,)L. SRI.

APPAREL, "ide CLOTHES. APPARENT, '.Ii,. huwaidR. ..1,1", padfd, )\S:6.' asbkRr, 1i)\S:6.\ ashklira.h, _,..~ dhir, (:)~ 'iyao, ...;.u faen, ~» raushan, e", wazih, ..}~ 'a.lan{, ~ mubfn, uti"" badfhf, ,~ paida.

APPARBNTLY, .".~ zahiran, .\;~ 'iyaoan.

APPARITION, J\c6. khiyal, ,_;,.; ta.jal1l.

ApPEAL, ...,...JJ. talab, ........ '.r- muraja'at, ~,...) ruju', .....J',.. hawnla.t.

To APPEAL, ~,~),) dar khwastan. - (legal term) (:),),..~ l.,...) ruju' firmudan, (:),),-.' ........ ,,.. muraja'at ninnidan.

To ApPEAR, (:)'),._J nimddan, ,.u. (:)J.do za.hir shud.a.n, (:)"--, ..I,I~ padid amadan, (:)J.do ro;- ma'Ium shudan, (:)J.do ,_;,.. mara,; shudan.

ApPEARANCE,,.,, ... auhur, .... )r sUra.t, J~' ashk,(f, vtJ'~ paidil,ish.

To ApPEASE, (:)¥')' aramidan, _;-:; (:),),,) tasalH dadan.

APPELLATION, --" lakab, roU nam. To ApPBND, (:)4 y.,~ aw(z kardan, .

(:)",-.' J\...n ilhAk nimUdan. I

APPENDAGE, ~ satnfmah, JW' I ilhak, J.-, wasl.

APPBNDIX, Jtl zail, ~ zamlmah. I To APPEBTAIN, (:),),-.' ~~ raji' nimudan, (:)J.do ~,.,.. ma.rbut shudan.

ApPETITB, ~, ishtihn, v-" hawas, Jo.o mail.

To APPLAUD, (:),)/ ~ tahsln kardan, (:).Ii,)~ ),' ~ bulandawaz gardfdan, (:),); ~i taus(f kardan, ~ ~,.. marhaba

. guft&n. I APPLAUIIE, ~ tahaln, ~j' I amln.




APPLE, .._.. sfb, ,; siv (wlg.).(crab-apple) ~ .._.. sfb-ijangall.-(of the trye) ~ <&l.e').rmardumak-i-chaahm, ,.,. b6.b6..

ApPLIANCES, ..... ~, asLab, .... ~, ahit, )L. SILZ, J',a yarak.

ApPLICABLB to, "",.,....,. tna.khs(lS, )"'W-" munha.sir.

ApPLICATION (assiduity), ~i tawajjuh, ro'.lit ikdam, ~ tabyyud, J\A:.6.' ishtigUl.

To ApPLY, ~,~ )" dar khwastan.

To ApPOINT, (:),)_,..; ~ ta'yin nimudan, (:),);..,_..; nasb kardan; (:)";)r muka.rrar ka.rdan, (:),,; ..l~ mumtaz kardan.

ApPOINTMENT (office), ._.... mansib, ~ ta'yin, I¥ 'uhdah.

To ApPORTION, "iae To ALLOT. ApPOSITE, ",,_u... mundsib, ~'''' muwafik.

To ApPRECIATE, ~,,, ~ ghan{mat danishn.


ApPRENTICE (to a trade, &c.), ,,~\.6. shagird.

To ,APPBlINTICE, ~L. ,,~\.6. ahagird stikhtan.

ApPRBNTICESHIP, 1.S"~\.6. shligirdi. ApPROACH, ..... j1i takarrub, ~j kurbat, JJ." dukhal.

To ApPROACH, (:)"--, ~~ nazdfk amadan, (:),),-.' "r-l,Ai takiib nimudan, (:).1,.. ~J.Ii ta.kdim nimudan, ApPROBATION, ..... t_,..:-, istiswab; ~ pasand, J~ kabril.

ApPROPRIATE, ",,_u... munaaib,

jfli kabil, ),'r- sa.zawar, ~'''' muwlifik.

To ApPROPRIATE, (:),,; ~ takhsis kardan, (:),),.. ",,~, ikhtisas nimudan, (:),)/..,,..... tnakhsus ka.rdan.


To ApPROVE of, (:)..I,I~ pasandfdan, (:)4 ~ tahefn kardan, ~,,, ~ mail dashtan, ........ )~ ~,,) dust dashtan, ~,,, ret nlku daehtan.

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ApPBOXnu.TB, ..al!~ nasdfk, ~ nazd, ~ karfb.

A,pPBOxnrATION, '-rl.p takrib,

~)iJIj takRrub, c.s4~ nazdiki.

ApPURTENANCE8, _\AIA:;.O muta'allikilt, ~rs-- multasimfu.

APRICOT, y'''')j zard - 81(,.-( pl'e,erved and dril'd) ~ kaisf, ..;41'- khubanJ.

APBIL, J!),' avril, ~l-oi nai8an. ApRON,6J,. f{ltah, ~,,,, ~ pfshdamanf, oUf '="",,,, dRwan-band.

A PROPOS, JW" 4 ba-maball, .. bija, ....... , Jf ba.r wakt.

APT, &)j za.ring, .-Iftj zirak, ...AI') wakif, _,..\,. mahir.-(mitable) ...-1.:... munuib, ...u,,.. muwnfik, ~~ Wk, Jtli kabil.

APTITUDB, JJJ) zaringi, f"b hunar, .:a-'" fim8at. - (,uitability) ~I.:... munasabat, 1o&ooIi',.. muwafakat.

AQUAJ'ORTI8, vide VITRIOL. AQUARIUM, 6J~ uO\" mahi-khRnah.

AQUATIC, '"'" lib!.

AQUBDUCT,~ na.hr, )~, Rb-guza.r, ..s,... JUI, J, ..... jadwal, ~,... juh (v"lg.).-(chann.el leading ouel' a I holw,w) ~~ pulkhung, Ii},- , suwarah.-(,ubterraneotu aquedu.ct) _Lr.l hnRt, )!)\$ karlz.-(a channel of ,tone work built in an indined plane, through which water flow, into tanh 01' ciBterlll at inte1'VaZ,), "''''''''''' shurahurak,

AQUILINE, f,,$,-J nasrf.

ARABE8QUB (ornanle.mal pattern). ..;.» naksh.

ARABIA, ~~ 'a.rab, ~u.....~ 'arabiatan.

ARABIAN, ~~ 'arabi', ..sjlJ tazi.(an Arab) ~~ 'arab.-( a Bedoui» or desert Arab) ~,~, a'rab, ..s,~ , badawl.

ABBITBARY (de'potic),)Ua,.. mukhtar, Jllo.e mutlak, JA--o mustakill.

ABBITBATI0N, ~ muhakamah, J.,A faisa.l, ~ hukm.

ABBITBATOR, o£.J~ salis, """"~


miyan-chf, ,.s- hakam, u.... munsif, ~ muslih.

ARBOUR, ~ chiftah, ""IS. )"t char-

tak, ~41,al.. aR.ytiban.

ABC, U-,; kaus,

ABcADE, ""IS. tak, ~ gum bad.

ARCH, ~W' kaman, ""IS. tRk,

~'''_'' mihrab, ..;.~ 'arah, c!Uo; kita'.-(oj a bridge) ~ cha.abmah.-(jizlse arches, indented pattern on a wall) \.e.U1S. Uknims.

To ARCH, ~"'J ""~ tsk zadan. ARCB.UC, ~ 'atfk,

I ARCHANGBL, ~~ mukarrab.

ARCHBISHOP, ot.S)I t..A,I..' uskuf-i-

buzurg, ~'i- ma.tran .

ARCHDEACON, JW ~ plah-namaz. ARcHDUKB, "',~} arah{duk. ARCHBD, u-r mukawwa8 . ABCHER, J'.»',,; tir-andaz, )'.»W'


, ABcHEBY, f,,$j'.»' ]fI tfr-andi.zl,

~ (:)W' kaman-kashi.

ARCHBTYPE, J..', sal, ~ nuskhah. ABcB.PIIlND, ~\Ioe.e. sha.itan. AB.cHITEcT, ~ ",l.\..' uatlld-i-banna, ~4 ) ........ mi'mar-bR8bl .

ARCHIVE8, ~',a'" dfwan, 6.11. '»'" daftar-khanah.-(Keeper of t"e A·,.chives) }", '»'" daftar-dlir. ARCHWAY (narrow paBBage or close

i7t a street leadill,g 'under an atch), -lJ\.. sa,'iblit, _* 8a.hblit.

, ARCTIC, JI.6. vi- taraf-i-shimal.

ARDENT, v-s _~ ghairat-kash, o.\.!,oe =~ ghairat-mand,

ARDOUB, =~ gbairat, ~) raghbat .


ABBA (e:cpa71le), A..~ 'araah, W. fa.za, ....... l.. aRha.t, r hayyiz.(oj a "ou,e, ~c.) ~ sahn, 4l.\c. hivlitah.

ARENA, ~t.~ maidan, A..~ 'a.rsah. To ABaUB, ~"'f ~ bahs kardan, ~"'f IVI.:... mUDRzarah kardan.largument accordillg to reason) ~ j.l.l daHl-i-'akH.-(according to heaTBay or tradition) j.l", .JM da.lil-i-nakH.-(to argue CIe-

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conling to rea.Bon) ~. ~ )y.. (:)oJf bi-ta.ur-i-'akli babs kardlloll.

ABGlTJI[BNT, oJ..-. bahs, .u.\.,.e mubahasa.h, ........... hujjat, J.e]oJ dala (pl. 1M a.dillah).-(dispumtion) vide ALTERCATION, DISPUTE.

ABID, ~ khushk, I.M.r sUkhtah. ABIDNEsS, ~ khushki.

ABIGHT, o.s-l_, rast, o.s-)oJ durust. I To ARISE, (:)~'''' bar amadlUl,

~"'- i bar khBsta.n, (:)"'" )oJ\.. sadir shudan, (:)"'" ~ jl bar pI. shudan,

ABISTOCRACY, 'r-' umara. ABITHlIIETIC, ..... \-.. ~ 'ilm - i -

hisab, oJ'~' ~ 'ilm-i.a'dad.

ARITHMETICAL, u'\-.. hisabi. ARITHMETICIAN,;"I..-. hisab-gar. ARK (coffer) J,.u.. aanduk, .... ,.\i

tabUt.-(of Noah) d .~ kaahti-i-nuh, ti DA..r..eA- aa.fina.hi-mih,

ARM,,;4 bbu, J4 bal.-(from elbOtD to wrist) ~I... slVid, ~ 'azud.(armpit) JAi baghal, lot' ibt.(to croBl the arms) 6..Ie- jl ..,._oJ (:)oJ\tl daat bar si'nah nihBdlUl.

To ARM, (:)oJf ,..l- musalla.h ordan, <:)~y, t1.. si1ah puahfdan.

ABXADILT.O, ~,J ~ naheng-i-


ABxI't1L, ~~, ngh(lsh. ARMISTICE, ~'I;... mutarakab. ABMOBIAL-BEABINGS, (:)w nishan,

......... l\c 'alawat.

ABMORY, Ai"'- ~ jabbah-khdnah, Ai~ c1.. silah.khanah, ~, Ail.!. kbRnah·i.aalibah.

ARMOUB, BJ) zirah, ~,... jausban, c1.. silah, ~ jabbah, l;)oJ dir'.(chain armour) B)j zirah.-(plat6 armour) &.IIl)~ chahal' a,iDah.

ABlKOUB.BBABEB, ),.-.1.. silah.dar. ABMOUREB, ~ jaisb-gar, JAo.o saika.l.

ARMS, cJ- silah, Jl;i yanik, ~ barg, _" alat, jl... s8.z.-(jire. arms), A!)~ 4.aJ-' aslihah·i·nariyah.



ABKY, B~ sipah, 'ro sipah, ,s..tJ lashka.r, ? 'aakar, It" {auj, J-ort. jadsh, ~ jund, (:)"u kushUn. (Vide REGIMBNT.) .

ARoMA, ,. bu, "'-") ra,ihah. ABOMATIC, ,. ~r khush.bU, ;.mu'attar, ,.~ maahmum, ARoMATICS, )~, abzar.

ARoUND, oJ.t. gird, t'oJ.I gird.a. gird, ..J'f' atra, ),oJ daur, J,!',.. haw81a, ~''''' pairamun, -..J~ )II bi-har janib, B),oJ)oJ dar

daurah, 1;,oJ dauran.

To ARoUSE, "ide To RoUSE.

To ABBAIGN, ~I... ~ muttahim sakhtaIl, (:)oJ'oJ -...ei tuhruat dadan.

ABBAINGMBNT, -...ei tuhmat.

To ARRANGE, ~'.J' arasta.n, """";1 (:)oJ"'_; tartlb nimuda.n, (:)oJf ...... nasb kardan, (:)oJ~ ..l)'.JJ tada. ruk nimUdlUl, (:),J~ ,.UW' inti· zam nimtidan, ~"'" piraa. tan.

ABBANGEMENT, ,.UW' intizam,

~I ta.rtlb, .fo-')' arbtagi, ~ tanzlm.

ABBANT, 1:)'I.:i~ ba.dta.rin.-(an

arrant lmave) )~~ na.bi.kar, ~4,' auhllsh. ~oJ dast-ka], :;.,. sharir.

ARRAY, ~ saff.-(attire) ....... ) rakht, v-ltllib8s, ..l\.6,~ puah8k.

I To ARRAY, ~'.J' ~ sa1f ftrastan. - (attire) ~"'" pfr8.sta.n, ~'.J' arastan, (:)~~ pushfda.n, (:)~I...~ push8ni'dan.

ARREABS, ui4 b&.kf, \a~ ba.kaya, .s..::s tatimmah, J,It \.. ma·baka.

ARBEST, ~ habs, ..foJ;f girif. tag!, c,;.tJ kabz.

To A.u.EST, (:)oJf )UJ;f giriftAr kar. dan, . (:),J"'" yo! gil' nimuda.n, <:)oJf Je..S kisff karda.n, rg»;f B'.J r: aar.i.rah giriftan.

ABBIV AL, oJ.», wurud, <:)~, ityan, JroJ dukhul,

To ARBIVE, (:)"'0000) raaida.n, ~',J (:)"'" dakhil shudan, ~ ,J_h warid gashta.n, (:)oJ,.w oJJJj wurM nimuda.n.


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,.rtI~_~ .. 0:."-: .. _

. ~

~-~: .• = ..

-~;--: ..

. . , .. :." .;- =----


.. ':' :-,.;;,_ __ .. -,,'" .. --

:. ... :-~ - .................

._'_:., :-':"' =-_

.. 0 .. - ."'_~_

.• ' .. 1.




_ .~ \A. ~~ :....___ -

. ,


° .;"



- ...

--_ .. 1":-":' ..

\ -: .-- .... .:.... .. ~


J~ ..•• :-_~

.. - .... ~. - _ ..

-; .. ", ..

~ ":.:-:



.~ - ... ---_ .. -

.... _ ... -.

_---..-:. ... .:- _ ..

1. ---. - ~

...... _ .. -:::...

.: : 1-

.--_. -

....... _... _ .. "-_

•• '0"


-: .....

- .. ~ .=. ••. : ... - .........



-~ !~ .. "I'"

,_ ..

..,~ _~ .I._-: - - .:! .... ~ ~: .. e-, ..,~ ..;..., "':':"'_a:'~ .... ! ... -n: ~ .... !~.~..;..

to> ,-

. ._"' ..... __

• - ... ,..., r"

--~- ...




..-._ ._ ... _


...s:._ -:!....-

. -=

.... .:.....a.--. : - ....... - .. _


..::..... ",_--'



-~- ..... _ .. _


... :.-.:

... -



---..... ..._-


- .... -- ..


..... .:. .

1. ....

, .. ---...:._

\- -

.. .._.. -- ::-


.... _



_....ot _,.,..:: _...,._

- .

.... - - ---

,," --

.. --


L .. ··.i ..


........ _..

.... _..


c : ..


,. ~""'" , .

.... - .,._

.......... ". ": ... -':::-

II -:' ... - •• ~ -.~

... -

'.-'" : .. :--




.. , ....... I~

'. :11 ..... ·.1 .-

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AsBESTOS, ~ ..s:... saag-i-pambah.

To ASCEND, ~) J\t hala raftan, (:)"'"w ..,,.. lI&'ud nimudan, I$,~ (:)..,f 'uruj kardan, (:)~~ ]l bar &madan, (:)J.60 ~\.;:.. mutass'id shudan.

AsCENDANCY, .._.\A ghalabat. ASCENDANT, t}u. tali', m- ma'raj. I ASCENSION, 1$';- mi'raj.

ASCENT, S_,... ma'raj,"''''' sa'ud.(.lope) :),. farb.

To ASCBRTAIN, (:).>f IJoIb' tahklk kardan, ~..,,.. eoI.Ii tankfh nimridan, (:)'¥ y.,r tajwiz kardan.

ASCBTIC, ~'J zahid, ~~ JA' ahli-riyazat.

ASCETICIS_, ~~ riybat, ~~'J zabidi, ~j zuhd.

ASCLEPIAS (BWallow 1OOrt), ..J~ khark, ~ kharg, ~ 'ushar, ,...' ishkhir.

To ASCRIBE to, (:)..,; ~j taullif kardan, (:)..".., ...._.,i nisbat dadan, (:)"'"w ..,\.:..., isnad nimUdan.

Asu (tree), ,..' ahar, ~ (:)\tj zaban-i-gunjashk.

AsUA_ED, I~'" sharmandah,)\......,.. sharm-sar,~ khijiI, JaA.w munfa'iI,,,....,... mutakhaffir.

ASUES, _r-S'1oL khakistar, ..,l..J ramad.

AsU-PIT (place where a.liu, aweepingl, and rubbil1r.are thrown out), ~) ...... )~.... ja,l-i.rasht-riz!, Ioijye mazbalah.

AsIDB,)'vS J'" dar kanar,....J}- Jf bar taraf.-(in rpeaking) ..)o~ bigush, ""'".... makhsus.

ASININB, ~J""'" himari, ~~ kharl. To AsK, (:).t.e-"e pursfdan, (:)..,; J'D):' su,A! kllol'dan, (:)..,~ r\eA,::.' istlfham nimUdan, (:)"'''' JI.....A.:..' istifsar nimudan.-(beg, demand) ~,~ khwutan, (:)~ talbfdan, (Vide allo, To BBG.)

AsKBw, rI kaj, ...-'_' U nA.rRst. ASLANT, -,; kaj, Jf"" ma,iI. AsLBBP, .... '1" J'" dar khwAb, IJ.ot'~

khwabida.h, &;;M. khuftah.

Asp,J .... mar, J,U' af'a.



I ASPARAGUS, 4tJ't Jl.. mar.chubah,

I~ ',. hawa-i.jiwah, s;.-'


ASPBCT, ~, wajh, 1J8't chihrah, ~.v rM, ~ mauzar, ..... ),. sUra.t, J'" zuh6.r.

ASP.EN, J'~ sap!dar.

ASPBRITY, ~).., durusht!, ~~ khushuna.t, ~.lN tundi, ~ tlzi.

To ASPERSE, (:)..".., ._..-; tuhmat dAd an, ~ o\f bad guftan, r\.r..60.., (:)..".., dush.nam dadan.

ASPERSION, (:)\tJ o\f bad-zaban, ru....., duah-nam, 'ri' iftira, ~ fuhsh.

I ASPHYXIA, Ju. khunaik.

, To ASPIRATE, (:)..,; ~ !I.61i talaiIuz.i. hR kardan,

I To ASPIRE, ~,.., 'iJ~ arzu daishtan, (:)..,; \.loti tama.nna kardan.

Ass, t" khar, J""'" himar, ..)o,r J'.>'"

I diraz-gush, tJ' ulagh.-(riding

I a.I) ~},.. tJ' ulagh.i.suwari.-

'I (wild a.,)~),r. gur.kha.r,)ygur.

AsSA.J'<ETIDA')~' anguzah,~'

1 ingisA, ~J't charkhmAH

I (tlulg.).

I AsSASSIN, I.:i~ khuni', ..JIA.. sa.ffAk, JLtl kattail.

I To ASSASSINATE, ~ kushtan,

, (:)"'/ ~ ka.tl kardan.

I ASSASSINATION, .1» katl, ~

I kushish, c.$)it~ khUn.rlzi.

, ASSAULT, ..)0)". yurish,.u- hamlah, r"'" hujum.-(robbery) ..ljb,'.; rah.zan!, 4l,.. sarikah.-(n.ght attack) ..l,..... sha.b-khUnl, J,. bauk.

To ASSAULT (attack), (:)..,; 41... hamlah kardan, (:)J.60), cJJ...:. ham. lab-war shudan, (:)J.60 )'~ r"'" hujum-Awar shudan, (:)"'J'~ r"'" hujrim awardan, (:)"'-1..)0)". yurish kardaa, ~.,) r: ]I bar sa.r rfkhtan.

AssAY, ;~ 'iyAr, ~~ chashn{, ..;.al..J' azmayish.

To ASSAY, (:)..,; ~I.t chsshnl kardan, (:)..,; )~ 'iyar kardan.

AssAYBB, J~ ......... sahib-i.'iyar. To ABSE_BLE, (trans.) (:)"'J'~ ~,,.

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faraba.In awa.rda.n, (:)~; ~ jam' I brdan, (intraftB.)~' ,...'" faraha.m 8.ma.dan, (:).1.60 ~ jam' j shudan.-(court), (:),);} ~\ ijlas I

kardan. I

AsSEMBLY, 1,1 guruh,~"_ jams-

'at, jam'lya.t. ~ maj-

ma', (:)',a~ diwain, f"jl hazm, \;,.. shUra, ~ majlis, JA- mahtil, r-- ma'shar, ~l anjuma.n, .J.,. ma.la,.


To ASSERT, (:)4 hi' ~krar kardan, (:)~,.... ]1" t&h11' mmudan, ~ ~ yakin guftan, (:)~rtl ~ tahklk nimudan.

ASSBBTION, j.jIi takrir, J'J' ikrar, JW! guftar, ~ mudda .. a, ,."." taujlh.-(mere auerlion tDiOaout proof) ~ tahakkum.

To ASSBss, (:)4 8'.1'- khiraj kardan.

AssBSSJDNT (land-taz),I1:"'" khiraj. AsSBSSOB, J~lD .Ub\6. sbahld - i'adil.

AsSETS, J',..' amwal, .-11.-, amlak. To ASSEVBR, (:)~~ c...III,,-J ta'rff nimudan, (:).,,.... -.I'r'" i'tiraf oimudan.

ASBBVEBATION, u'ra' i'tirif, c...III,tJ

ta'r£f,,,,:I' takrir.


To AsSIGN, (:).,; J,.... muhawwal kardan, (:).,\., dM&D, (:).,; 'IIoD 'ata kardan.

AsSIGNATION, ~ muhlat, ~ ta'yin.

AsSIGN.B, J-S', wakfi.

AssIGNMENT (of gootU, cec.), a'~ tankhwah.

To AsSIllILATB, ~\.. "'" bar-abar sakhtan, (:)"J,' .._u tashbfh iwardan.

AssIKII.ATIOIl', o.a.-JA\,.. muwafakat, JeW taman, ...114.- mum&sa.lat.

To AsSIST, (:J"f ~ madad kardan, (:).,,.... .,,~, llDdM nimudan, ~

1;)4 pusbt£ kardan, (:)~,~ ~ kumak d&da.n, (:)~,.s ...... lD' i'aut



nimudan, (:)~,.s ~;'- mu'awanat nimudan, (:)~,.s .....a.a\...... musa'aciat nimudan.

ASSISTANCE, ~ madad, ~,~, imdM, ~ pu.ht!, ~ kumak, (:),e 'aun, ~lD' i'anat, ~,.._ mu'awanat, 4oSJ" yar!, ~\i ta,ayYUd,~ Dusrat, 4oS~~ clastg!rf. pecunitwy tVNttJnu) \, 4oSJ'I... w -w!, loWl\...... musa'adah, .u~ hai'inah .

ASSISTA.NT, J'If"~ m.adad-~, ~ mu'In, (:)J'- mU'awm, (:)',. 'iwain, J" yar, ~~ dut-gir, J'" yawar, ~ nas!r,..,.J\t n& lib, _,..\,;

nisir (pI. J\M' &DSar).

ASSIZE, ...-... mahkamlloh. As8OCU.TB, JeiJ raflk, ~ sharik, ~ ham-dam, .... ~ mus&hib, a',- ham-rab ~, anis, J ..... yar, r- ham-II&I', J~' ambb.

To AsSOCIATB with, (:).,;....M\r" murifakat kardan, (:)4 .... C mU'aaharat kardan, (:)4 ' ikhtilat kardan, (:).if ........ suhbat kardan, (:),),.... ..wi, wfat nimudan, ~,., voJ' UDS dashtaD, (:),),. J\......~ dlml-S8z budan.

AsSOCIATION, ........... suhbat, ..... J rafkat. - (public company) J'~ .}~, daru-'t-tijarah.

AsSONANCE, u-oUo. jinas.

To A8S0RT, (:)~ cbid&D, (:)~,,) ....,;; tartfb dadan, (:)~,... • .,~, amadah

nimudan, ~'J' arastan.

AsSORT.ENT, ~ tab'!z, ""';1 tartfb, .-IJ'oJI tadaruk.

To As8uAGE, (:)~~ramidan, r'.>' (:).,,~ aram d ,(:).,\., ~

taaall{ dadan, (:),); ~ takhf!f kardaD.

A.sBUA.GBMBNT, ~ tUhf!f, hi karar, r'.>' aram, ~ taaal.JJ.

A88UA.8IVJ:, .J6: ~ taakiDbakh8b, ~ r'J' aram-bakhsh.

To AssuKE, ~,~ pindbbtan,

(:)4 J'- taaa.WWUl' kardan.

AsSUJ[PTIOIl', k' akhz. AsSURAlfc. (cmainty of fulfiltMnt), J~' istikm&l.-(comfMf'ciGl term) ...... b£mah.

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To AssuBB, ~ ~ haJdkat guftan.

ASSUREDLY, ~ yaklD&D, ~ yakini, -w.. kat'an, ~I.t bi-tlkat', IJ~' la-mahalah.

ASTERISK, (:)W Dishan.

AsTmlA, \..", dama, ~, ~ sfku'n-nafas, ,ea-J zah{r.


ASTRAGALUS (tragacanth plant), (:).1 gawan.-(the gum) ~ kaUra.

ASTRAL, ~",. DujUmi, "'~ r1"'" nuj um-palwand.

ASTRAY, I'rf gum-rih, a"'" bl-rah. -(to lead a.tray) ~.t firiftan, (:)",1.) "rolJ' firib dadan, (:J",f J'" izlAl kaidan.

ASTRIDE,},.. suwar. AsTRINGBNCY, "".u1 tundl, ~ tid, ~ kabziyat.

AsTRINGENT, u6t\i kabiz, 1.u..iS kashandah.

AsTROLABE, ~'i-' usturlab, ~'r' usturlab.

AsTROLOGBR, ~ munajjim,

~u fal-chi, .Ir' akhtar-guo AsTROLOGY, ,.1"'" ~ 'ilm-i-nujUm, ~ tanjim, s''''_' ~ 'ilm-ilstikhraj.

AsTRONOlKER, ~J.e' 'ahl-i-hai,at, ",\..; rassad, V"u. IJ\z.. sitarahshinas, .J.If oWJ rasad-band.



AsTRONOIlY, ~ ~ 'ilm-i-hai,at. ASTUTB, vide ABLE.

AsUNDBR, ,~ jida, J.A- mufa.ssa.l. ASYLUM, I~ panah, ~ bast, ~

malja, .l)... malaz, ".,. mafirr, ~"\,. ma,man.

AT, ~ bi,)'" dar, '!:i nazd, J fi.(at lea.t) 11' aKaJlan, ",,)'-f barf, JI' , la-akall.-( at mOlt) ~Itl nihayat, ""j zMd, fS" aksar.(at aU) aeAh{ch.~(atpruent,jUlt not.o) J~ hal, (:)r" aknun, ~, J'" ...... , da.r in waktd.r- hanuz.-(at aU evem.) 0&»,. If' bi-har surat,



,-J ;et bi-har kism, U ,ef bi-har nau'.-(at length) _,.., akhar, .".~\t bi-'l-akhirah, ,.." &..iu. 'akibatu'l-amr, ~Itl niMyat, 1oS)1.t M.rt. -(at onee) "U.U", daf'ata.n, ~ 1)1.t yak barab, J;1.t od! yak baragi, a,-s:a yak sarah.

ATHEISM,,.,,, dahr, ",\ ... " ilbH.d. ATHEIST, ~"'j zindik, loS"'" dahrf, Neither of these words properly expresses an atheiat, for which there is no Persian term. It must be expressed by a periphrase, such as 1..5'~ "',..., ~ munkir-i-wujud-kbudM, a denier of the e:mtenee oj a God, &c.

ATHLETB, y." pa.hlav, (:)';'" pahla.-

van, f ~ kushti'-gar.

ATIlOSPHBRB, '''' hawa,,... jaww. ATOM, 1J'1 zarrah, ~ shammab. To ATONB, (:)",f aJ'IAr kafUra.h kar-


ATONBIlBNT, a)'IAr ka.ffarah, ,oAfJ takffr.

ATROCIOUS,,,./i' sharir, "" bad, ....-.. sakht, ,.ni,· zalim.

ATROCITY, ~ zulm, IoSJIii ta'addi, ",w fasad, ~ sitam.




ATTACK, vide AsUULT.-(medicaZ term) J"y nuzUl.

To ATTAIN, vide To ACQUIRE. ATTAINABLE, ~ mumkin, ~\t yaftan!.

ATTAINIlBNT, Je.d tahsil, ~\...r$" iktisab, J,- husul, ~, iktin&.

To ATTBIlPEB, (:)",f Ji',.- muw8fik ka.rdan, (:)",f J.u- mu'ta.dil kardan.

ATTJIIIlPT, ..,... sa'l, .wi ka.sd, ". 'azm, ~I kushiah, .,;:.ts taJA8b, rs&r.

To ATTBMPT, (:)~I kushlda.n, (:)"'1, .wi bsd kardan, (:)"'''-J' az. mudan, (:)",~ ..,... sa'! nimudan.

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To ATTlIIND, C)..".., ...;:.,r gush d8.d&n, C).l.6o ~ multa.fit shudan, ~~ C)..,,, mutawajjih bUdan, ua' C)"'r.! i'tinai nimudan, C)"'", ...,11.;1\ iltlfRt nimudan.-(to be present) C).l.6o 1'1.. bazir shudan.-(1DQ.it upon) C)"'f~.w. khidmat kardan.

ATTENDANCE (1DQ.iting upcm)'''''J\.;..'' parast6.rf, _.w. khidmat, J~ timar.

ATTENDANT (oomequeflt), "1""" ma.nut, ~~ mansub, I:)f.,- ka.r{n, ~ muta.'allik.-(a .e1"t1ant) _~ pish-khidmat, ,...,1cL

khadim, ~\i tabi', ~\; tabin (f}ulg.).

ATTBNDANTS (dependants, relinue), ,.'.w. khuddam, ~ , ,..li&. khadam wa halham, Jo-'y lawahik, ~~, 8otba', ~'i tawabi', ~'" Ii naukar-bdb, ~ mnta'allikin, \ez.of\i t6.binhal ("ulg.).

ATTENTION, ~ tawajjuh, J~' ishtighRl, ~ J.., dil-basta.gi, ...,\6.d\ iltifat, ...,'4-- mubAlat.

ATTBNTIVB, ~~ mutawajjih,

J~ mDBhghul, al.S1 agah, ~ multafit.

ATTBNTIVELY, ...... ..\i bi-dikkat,},,» r(l-bi-kar.

ATTBNUATE, ~J rak!k.

To ATTBlfUATB, (;)..,; ~J ra.k!k b.rdan.

To ATTEST, C)"''''' }'-' ikrar nimud&n.

ATTBSTATION,]11' takrir, ~.wJ tasd!k, ",,~\A; shaibidi, ...,..,Ip sha.hadat.

To ATTIBE, ~,~ p{rastan. ATTITUDE, tt, waz'.

ATTOBNEY, J.;S', wakll.-( power of attomer) A.o~ ....J\S'1 wakala.t-namah, A.oU Ju... mukhtar-namah.

To ATTRACT, C)J.e.*S ka.shldan, ~~ C)..,,.t jazb nimudan, (;)"''''' ~ jalb nimud&n.

ATTRACTION, ~~ jazb, ~ jalb, ~ka.shish.

ATTRACTIVB, ~J~ jazib, .....s~ jalib. ATTBIBUTB, ....... sifat,~, wasf.


To ATTRIBUTB to, C)"'"" ..,~, isnftd nimudan, C)""'" ...._J nisbat dad an, C)"'/ ~~ mansub kardan.

AUCTION, s'fb harraj, "'lye malad,

,-1o!lailam (eur.).

AUCTIONBBB, ~~ ba.rraji. AUDACIOUS, "isle BOLD.

AUDIBLB, ~,..- masmu'. AUDIENCB, ~\.. sami'ln, 1:)f..r'I..

h&zir(n.-(intertJiew) J" huzUr, J'" bar.

To AUDIT, (;)..,;'_\we muh8.sa.ba.b


AUDITOR, ~ mustami', eeBami'. (Vide ACCOUNTANT.) AUGBB, ""Jt barma.h, ~ matah.

To AUGMBNT, (;)~ ..,ltj liyad kardan, (;)..,,,., 8ofzudan.

AUGMBNTATION, 1.:1,.,., afzu.n(, ..,ltj ziyad.

AUGUR (.ootuayer), ~U fal-ah{,

,r .r¥" akhtar-guo

To AUGUB, ~,r JU fA! giriftan. AUGUBY, JU, tal, C),r.. shugUn. AUGUST, ,-u' a'zam, ~J""" mubara.k,

(;)Jil.t.e humayUn.-(montI&) .... , ab, .a-b' aghust, .a-,r' &gust.

AUNT (patemal), .... 'a.mma.h.-

(maternal) .s11cL khAlah.

Au REVOIB, ""''''j~ \I t6. bi-baz.d(d. AUBICULAB, ~~ samaC.

AURORA, ,..., ~ subb-dsm, ~ sha.fak.

AURORA BORIIALI8, ..)'I.A. ~ Bha.fa.k-i-sbimaH, ..)'I.A. Ji nUr-ishimaH.

AU8PICB8, Ail.. saya.h, ...... \... himayat.

AUSPICIOUS, a~ fa.rkhundah, (;)JI~ humayUn, ~, ...Lei n!kakhtar, ~ khujistah, (;),..... maim un, ~J4-- muh&rak, ..... sa.'id'J~ bakht-yar, t,i farrukh.

AU8TBRB, ~ muta'abbis, .... ).., durUlht,,-,.. muw8okkar.

AU8TEBITY, ~J'" durushtf, I,$JJJ tundi, ..ra- 8akhtl.

AUTHBNTIC, e-o- s&hlh,. ~ muha.kkak, <:)'lIlt yak in, ,.,_. musalla.m.

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To AUTHENTICATE, f:J4 ~I: sabit ' kardan, f:J4 ~.wi tasdfk karda.n.

AUTHENTICA.TION, ... ~, isbat,

~.wi ta.sdi'k.

AUTHENTICITY, ...:1-)') durustf,

...:1-') rast!, ~A.. hakfkut, AUTHOR, ~ musaunif,)~ muharrir. (Vide INVENTOR.) A.UTHORESS, ~ (:)j san-i-musannif,),w- (:)j san-i-mubarrir.

AUTHORITATIVE, )')\1 Hdir. AUTHORITY, d~ ,.s- hukm-ninf', J~' istiklal, ¥ zabt, ........ ~ hukumat, 1.5),'') dawar(, I.5JJ,~~ khudawandl •. -. (power) .... )oli lrudrat, }.w' lktldar, ,.,s:. hukm, -=-,) dast, 1.5"\1'1 ta.w~na,!, ....J1t' iyaIa.t.

To AUTHOIUZE, f:J,)_"" .......... ) rukhsat nimadan,

AUTOCRACY, J~' istiklal, ~


AUTOCRAT, Jh- mustakill. AUTOCRATIC, ~~, ist.iklaH. AUTOGRAPH, ~,) dust-khatt, AUTOMATON, (:)'» ,)y.. khnd-rawan,

.-l~ ,)y.. khUd-mutaharrik.

AUTONOMOUS, ~~, istikltil{,

~ mustakill.

AUTONOMY, J~' istiklal. AUTOPSY, o!..I!\a.. mU·'lyanah. AUTUMN, (:)~ khizsu, ~:f' khar{f,

~ pa'IZ, (:) ..... ~ mihrjan, (:)'y../" barg-rfzan.

AUTUMNAL, d ..... ~ mihrjlln(, AUXILIARY, 4.l.rj rllbitllh, (:),\a.. mu'Ilwin,,..u nasir, )\5,)~ madadgar, ),4. yllwn.r.-( au;eiliary verbs, ill grammar) ...... 1'.2) Juu' a.NI-irawnbit.

To AVAIL oneself of, U) I.:Y-./ .~ bahrah giriftan (az}, AVAILABLE, )')\1 kadir, ~4. yllftanl.

AVALANCHE (of 8now) , .yo ahapa.h.

AVARICE, rJ)"" hirs, j' hZ, ~ tama', 1.5)~ tama'-kRri, ~ bukhl, __.... khasisat, ......... khissat, .-l\-., imsak, ,."y lu,m.



AVARICIOUS, VII)"" harls, )\SAJ. tama'-kar, ~II. Mmi', ~ hakhil, ~ I.,lm, ~ mumsik, ~ khasfs,

To AVENGE (take vengeance .for), (:)~ ,.\1.::1, intikihn kaahtdan, (:)~ ~ kfnah kash(dan.(avenger of blood) r~'~' waHu'd-dam, "y.. ~ kmah-kbwah.

AVENUE, (:)\t\o.L. khivaban.

To AVER, vide To STATE. AVERAGE, AIle-- miyanah, ~,.. sa.-

wiyat.-(on an a"erage) (lib 1.5.2) 6..l:)) rM-ham raftah.

AVERSE, t!'i.. maui', .}! karih, ...Al~ mukhalif, ~') raghim, ~ zidd, ~ muta.naffir, If-mukrih.


To AVERT, <:)~',).f gardanfdan, ~,,,) " WIl dashtan, <:),)/ edaf' kardan, <:)4 ,)) radd kardan.

AVTABY, AI~" kush-khRnah. AVIDITY, ~) raghbat, oJ,. sbauk, ~ tama', rJ)"" hirs,

AVOCATION, J'" shaghl,}! kllr.

To AVOID, <;),)/~;t parhiz karda.n, <:),)_,... ..... w..-, iJtinlib niunidan, <:),),-.' j'.r--' ihtiraz nimudan,).i... <:),)~ hazar kardan, <:),)/ uti y." panl{l.tuhl kardan, <:),)_,... ~ ),,) dur-kashf nimridan, ~) )'W huRr raftan.

To Avow, vide To ACKNOWLEDGE. AVOWEDLY, .r..'r4 bi-'s.sarlih.\h, 1~ 'amdan.

To AWAIT, vide To WAIT. AWA.KE,;I~ bfdar, ~ mutanabbih.

'ro AWAKE (trans.), <:),)I)~ Mdar kardan ; (intTan8.) (:)~}~ bldar shudan.

AWARD, ~ faisal, ,.s. hukm.


AWARE, .\!~ agah, ~ muntakil, ~ mukhbar.jt» ~ kbaber-dar, ~ Dlusta.hzar, ~ multafit.

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AwAY, ),'" dur, ...,...r\b gha,ib, ~ ba'Id.

AWE,.........a haibat, ,... sum, ........ nihfb,

AWJ'UL, ......... mahfb, .alW,a haul. nak.

AWHILE, ..... ~ muddat, ,.'" dam. AWKWARD, J-S' kasil, (;J"'I bu. dan.

AWKWARDNESS, J-S' kasal, ..J"'I kaudan!.

AWL, ~)'" dimfsh.

BABBLE, ~/a.l\aj ziyndab.g6.l.

To BABBLE, (;J.l_"'; At' llibah nimi •• dan, <:rJS a.llaJ ziyadab gufta.n. lIABBLBR, ." pilch, Jr' fUZ(ll, ,r a"'\.!J ~iyadah.g(l.

BABY, ~ bachah, ~ tift. BABYHOOD, ~ tift!, -.J". tufuli'. yat.

BABYISH, Piy. ~ tifl.mizlij, ..;0, ~ baebah- wash.

BACHELOR, ..... ~ 'azab, '..IlL. .» U nRkad-khuda, "'"..- mujarrad, ~,~ a.lfl 'arusi-na-kardah.

BACHELORSHIP, ~.l"..- mujarradf. BACK, ~ pusht, ft- zabr (pl. ~, azhur and),elo zuh(lr).(again), ;4 blLz, " wa, 1.I"i', wa. }IllS, fa.l dlgar,;f.l digar.

To BACKBITE, (;J.lf ~ gMbat kardan.

BACKBITER,~~ sa'i,,.W nammaru. BACKBI'l'ING, d4j "" bud-sabanf', ~ ghibat.

BACKBONE, ..,..l.o sulb, ~.aI~ tfrak-i-pusht, ~ lift"" muhrah-ipisht,

BACKGAMMON, .ll nard.

To BACKSLIDE, (;J.l_"'; .l'~)' irtidad nimudan, (;JoUo ~~ murtadd shu dan.

BACKWARD (tardy), ~ batf, J.,.ai tambal, ~ kund, _ suet,



AWNING, (:)411.. sayaban. "

I chatr.

I AWRY," kaj, JI'I.- ma.il.

AXE, rti tabar; u...s tlSha.h.

AXIOM, a~u ka'idah, ...J\I.. makalat,)~ guftAr.

AXIS (lJIIlle).~· tlr, J..- mn, ~ kutb,)~ mihwar.

AZIXUTH, ...-1, 1IoII-sa.mt.

AZURB, 1.5",).,...' lajawardi. 1.5,'samsw(, "'It! ka.Md, (;J~ nngun.


BACKWARDNESS, a'~ ikrah. ~I.s

taku'ud, "-"'I" i'rftz, ~


BACKWARDS, I.I"i pas, J'1' faliz,)4 bRz,"""'" bi-'akab, ~ At lJ ru bi - 'akoLb. - (rlll7flr,ed) IJ"~ ms.'k(IS.

BACKWATER, ..... '."". murddb. BACON, JY~,r gusht-i-gurb. BAD, "" bad, ~I.i fRsid, a)\$\i na-

karah, JIIot ba.ttR.l, (;JIJ zabUn.(bad language, abfUe) ,.1.16.", dushnam, ~ fuhsh, ." pucb, a.ua harzah.-(bad habit or practice) eri kubh, "" ..... .lU! 'adat-i-bad.

BADGE, (;JW nishan,....-~ 'alRmat. BADGER, e:!)1 kur-kan. BADINAGE, ~,. shukhf, J)ti


BADNII8S, ~"" bad), wu;l:;*' shararat, ..J}fJ zabuoi.

To BAJ'J'LE, (;J~'''';f ,.,,..,. mabrum gardlinfdan, (;J.lf 11:11 .a-.l dast

klltah kardan, •

BAFFLED, ,.,t- mahrum, 1J",a1.t ma,vils.

BAG, ~ kfsah • .sl.a~ kharCtah.(leathern) (;J~ himyaD, (;J~' amban, ~ mashk.-(trat7elling) J'.,... jUWR.I, Jo,.,. mifrash, I,.. khurj.-(mddle.bag.) J'.,... juwal. ~I:I tachah.

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BAGATBLLB (trV's) , Joli u'- shaii-kaHl.-(game) ,J/ nard.

BAQGAGB, ~) rakht, (:)\..\.. sRman . .......u\t' aSRS, ..... ~, asbaL, JI....' JI5\ , ahmal wa askal.-(tmvelling, tent., cfc.) oIJ"'-}, bArkhRnah. - (of an CJrmy) &.:.f bunah, .J~' aghruk.-(,mall quantity of baggCJge carried by a waveller) ~,Jye ~,Jj&- khurdfmurd{,)l) 1i,J)1'" khurdab-rCz.

BAGPIPB, oIJ~' d nai-i-ambanah, ..u... d nai-i-tnaahk.

BA.lL (,ecurity), o.a-i4.6 zamAnat, ....JWS' kafalat.-(.pon.or) ~~ zamin, JeAS' om, ~ mutahllil.

To BA.lL, (:)oUt ~~ zamin shudan. BAILII'J' (dun), J- muha.ssil.(agent) .leS', wakO.

BAIT, i..'t . tu'mah, oIJ',J dAnah, ....-. chinah.

To BAIT, (:),J~ oIJ'" danah nihadan, (:).,\ei ....-. chCnah nihadan.

BAIZB, ~ paahmfnah.

To BUB, ~ pukhtan, (:).,f ~ tabkh kardan.

BAXBHOl1SB, oIJlA. Jrs tannurkhAnah.

Bu:u,)9'U nan-paz, ~'llJ DRnwIH, J~ khabbaz.

BALANOB (,caleB), »'1 tarazu, (:)'.>!mizan.-(large bCJlance for weighing heavy good.) (:)~ kabb8.n. (Vide RBKAINDBR.)

To BALANCB, (tram.) (:),Jf (:)j, wazn kardan, (inlranl.) (:)oUt (:)J'Y" muwazin shudan.-(to balance O'I&Uelf) (:)~ BlIoIlj (dan.

BALCONY, oIJlA. J4 b81A-khAnah, t\S' kakh.-(jlat terraced roof) ,.4 bam, (:)4 ban. (Vide VUANDAB.)

BALD, J' kal, &0' asIA', E.t' akra', vo\l. r aar-i-tas.

BALDNBBS, ...... aala'at, r: 1oS"'\I. t&aC-i-sar.

BALB (of cloth, gooa., d:c.) , &z...t ba.stah.

To BALK, (:).,f ...... w nakAzat Drdan, (:)4 lili,s -=-,J ru.st k(ltah



kardlloD, (:)~,.,.I,.~ mahrum gardanCdan.

BALL, ~,r gU{, ,r gu, lif kurrah. -(for fire-arm.) dJ,a gbululah, dJYS . gulalah, &1S" gullah.-(of thread) ~~ guruk.-(for playing with) 'ir tllpah, u'-\S' 'if- tupahkAshC.-(dance) c.riJ raks.

BALLAD, vide SONG.- (ballad,inger) vide SINGBB, MINSTRBL.

BALLAST (of a ,hip), ,.,.". nilam, (:)\aIo ta.'An.

To BALLAST, (:),J\ei (:)J, wazD niha-


BALLOON, (:),s4 balUn . BALLOT, 66!j kur'ah. BALM, (:)Ut bala.sAn.

BALKY, ;.- mu'attar, ,.,...,_. mash-


BALSAM, (:)\..Jt balaaAD.

BALUSTBR, J'.»' ...,_., da.st-andb. BAMBOO, ~.t.r.a d nai-i-hindi, (:)~~


BAN, I:J~' i'IAn, ,-h' i'lam. BANANA, JY" Ii~ miwah-i-muz. BAND (tie), .t..If band, .t.I~ paiwand,

I,JUJ rifadah.-(company) ~ ta,nah, I,'! gurUh, ~ khail, &z..., dast&h.-(of mwic) (:)\01..,,musikiyan.

To BUD, ~ bastan.-(together) (:),J,., .,,-,,, ittihad dad.a.n, ~ ~\.. muttahid sakhtan.

BANDAGB, I"UJ rifadah, oUt bed,

ol.t~ 'isabah.

BAND-BOX, ~,.u.. aa.nduk-chah. . BANDIT, (:)j a'J rah-zan.

To BANDY words, (:),Jf J"" .,) radd-

badal kardan.

BANDY-LEGGED, ~ kaj-pa.

BANB, ,eJ zahr, ,... samm. BANEFUL, J'oJ J'bJ zahr-dar, r-


BANG (blow), ..... yb zarb, &.loS l&tmah, .......,&..e musht, "",,\Jo tapeehah, u-J I UB.

To BANG (t'·am.),(:).,f ..... yb zarbkardan, (:),J,_.s ....J latt nimudan.(intranl.) (:)"1 h' 8.waz kardan.

To BANISH, (;)4 .._jd naf( kardan, (:)4 oIlt 1'.1"-' ikhraj-i-balad kar-


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dan, l;)oJf J~ bi-dar kardan, l;)oJ,._J ~, .:p. jalM-i-watan ni·m(idan, 1;)-»11 ran dan.

BANISH.ENT, d'i naif, ~ jalM, ~ s~' ikhraj-i-balad.

BANJO, J~ tambur.

BANK (mound), Jr tall, ~ pushtah.-(dam) oU.t band.-(ol a ritJer, cfc.) J~ kanAr, a;~ kanarah, loa. ahatt, .....s lab, ~\.. aAhil, I;)'f karan.-(place where 'I1W'1I.61/ i" ,tored) IJW',. sarraf-khRnah, IJIy- khizanah.

RANK-BILL, .... \,.. Ia khatt - i - &anaf.

BANKER (or money changer), .... \.raarrAf.

BANK-NOTE, .... \1 kaimah.-(hundred pound note) Jo'" ""- .... \1 kafmah-i-aad-furuani.

BANKRUPT, c...rJA.. mufiis, J\oJ \j DRliar, ~ J' war-shikastah, J40JI ~,r idbar-giriftah.

BANKBUPTCY, ~I iflusp ~ J' war-ahikastagl, J4oJ\ idbar.

BANNER, I;)W uisnan, .s...~ 'alarua.h, ~ 'alam, ',s liwa.

BANQUET, ~~ ziYRfat, ~l.tlllihJDRnf, J'" aur, ....." waHmah. (Vide FEAaT.)

'fo BANQUET, I;)olf. ~ JI J'" B(ll bar piL kardan, I;)ol\ol ~, walfmah dadan.

BANQUET-CHA.BER, I""-jf bazmgah, IJI. ...J~ ziyiLfat-IchRnah.

BANTER, t- tanz, ...... ,~ zarufll.t, ~\ istihza.

'fo BANTBR, I;)olf ~ ta.nz kardau, I;)olf ~'t zlI.rafat kardan, ~\ l;)oJ_ri iatihza nimudau.

BANTOBB, a"_' maskha.rah,"_\" sakhir.

BANYAN-TREE, ~ ..... Jol dirakht-ibanan.

BAPTIS., ..._..; ta"mfd, ... ol,.- ma"mudfyah, ......... aabg1ui.t, tl..l-' iatibagh.

BAPTIST, ........ mu'ammid, ..._..; a~ol ta"mid-dihandah.

To BAPTIZII, ~oJ'; ~ aabgh kardan, I;)ol_ri t~\ istibagh nimu-



dan, I;)¥S .... , .b kaahidan, ..._..; l;)oJ_ri ta"mid nimtidan.-(to bt baptiled) ~It tl..l-\ istibagh yaftan, ~It ..._..; to/mid yRftan.

BAB, . ~i tir, J,... maftUl.-(ol wood), .......... .....r.; chilb-h8.llt.(of a door) ",de BOLT.-{bar Ialiened on a gate, cfc., to ,trmgthen it) oU.t ~ puahtband.

To BAB, ~ bastan, l;)oJf ~ chift kardan.-( prevent) I;)olf eInana I kardan.

BABB (01 an arrow, "'ook, cfc.), JI. khar.

BABBABIAN (BUb.), ~\ a'jami, (adj.) ..pol daahtl, ..... ~ bCmuruwat.

BABBABITY, ~ zulm, r aitam. BABBABOUS, ..s'-, wahshl. ( Vide



BABBBR, ..iJoJ dallak, ,. ...... hajjRm, 1:11)'" muzayyin, ~I..J- salmani (vulg.)

BABBEBBY, "'-1> ziriBhk. BARD, J"\6. shabr.

BABE, IWAj barahnah, 1;)1tJ" 'uryRn, "'J\a 'arl, oJ_"" mujarrad, .:....I lukht, ~,s ltikht (tndg.)

To BABE, I;).lf IWAJI bamhDah kardan, I;)ol_ri ol_"" mujarrad nimudan.

BABlD'ACED, t'u-S guatakh, ,.,. J bf-sharrn, t,... shtikh.

BABEI'ACE1>NBSS, c.:J4'u-S guatRkhf, ~J" J bl-aharmi, c.:J4"" shukh{' BABBI'OOT, " IWAJI barabnah-pa. BABEHEADIID, ,.. IWAj barahnahBar.

BABENBSiI, ~JI barahnagi. BARGAIN, I.".i. shart,;t_,J karar, .aea 'ahd.-(money tra1&Baction) .u..I..e mu'amalah, aoAal..e mu'ahadah.

To BABGAIN, l;)oJ_ri h4 uazar nimti-


BARGE, vJ.I kala, t DU. BABGEJIAN, t1- m8J.lah, ..it nutl. BABK, .,._" puat, yt.J ki.hr.-

(dog) 'at'at, ,.,. 'au'au.-

('hip) aafinah, ~ kaahti.

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To B'uJ[ (a dog), (;)oJi....wa 'ahf kardan, (;)oJf ~~ gliaughau kardan, (;)oJ,..,c,c '&u'au nimudan, (;)~J la,{dan.

BARLBY,,.. jau, ,r-"to sha.'ir.-(bal·ley-b,·ead) 1;)'1,.- (;)U nan-i-javin, ~~ kashklDah.-(barley-corn) ~,... javI, aJ"l"At sha'irah.-(barleymeal} ,... oJ), ard-i-jau.-(young • hoot. of barley, ou which hor.eI as» fed) ~ khasil, ~ kas(r.-(chopped .traw and green barley ,hoot. mized, for hor'eI) I ~ tilit, ~ tilid.-(claopped .traw and dried barley grain mized) ,... alS' klih-jau.-(barley.,'gar) (;)'~oJ .... ~ ab-i-dandau.(barleY-1DQ,ter, decoction of bar/;Y) ~ I,.. ma-sha'ir, ,.. .... ~ .ih.ijau.

BARN,)~' ambRr.

BABBACKS, Ai~ j\tr sa.rb8z-khanah. BARRn, ~J't a_"" khumrah - i -

chfibfn, ~J't ~~~ tapUf-ich(lbfn, ~j barmf], ~ pCp (eur.).-(of a gun) fJ,s l{tlah.

BABBo, j .J bi-bar, a),.. sh(lrah, ~ ,-6 ghair-musmir, ,.p 'akfm, Ai']!, wairanah.-(wtnna·n) .s.-.r'I! ya,isah, &"P 'a.kimah, a,.\.o 'akirah.

B.l.BBBNNBSS, ";"l~ ~ hi-hasili.(wom(ln) dU-~ ~ khushkvietani.

B,UBICADIIi, ~ band, .L..o sadd, ~ .L..o zfk-i-eadd.

To BUBICADB (j~)rt~fy), ......... J.._. <:1",w m uhair.108at uimllda.n,~"_' <:1",w muh8faza.t nimudan.

BABBISTBB, ~, wakil.

BABBOw, 41 ~)I.f gari-i-kuchik. B.\'BTBB, ..... )l~ tijarat.

T" BUTER, (;)oJj _)l~ tijamt kardan, ~,,' furukhtan.

BABUBBB, (;)1S;';\t bftzargan.

BAlfE (vile), ~~ kamin, ~ kamlnah, Atl,..,! furu-mayah, jaJ) I riz{l, ,.-.1.e muzunm. ~ khasie, J'.r. khwar, doJ dan], <:1,0.1 dun, jeJJ zalil, 4.lA... siflah, ~ baldr, .4- )"t pida.r-_~ (,,11.19·).



To BASE, ~"'oJ v-.". mU'&88a8 dAshtan.

BASBNBSS, _\-~ kha.eAsat, ~ khissat, d,'" dunC, ....JJ zillat, ~ shan'at, ~)'''' khwari, ~~ khaba.nt, JJ zull, ~ sag{Yllot (wlg.).

BUHl'uL, )'t..-J'o sharm.8ar, J~ khijil, ~ mutakhaffir, ~ hayi .

BASHI'ULlfBSS, ~ khijlat, ....Jl~ khijalat, ~J't..-"... sharm-sari.

BUlL (ocymum baIilicum.) (;)10.-." mihan.

BUIN, ~ lagan, ...... ~ tasht. u-11. 1&8.-(of a river) ,~ mabdA, '"... ma.jr{L .

BASIS, At~ pavah, u-l..' 8.8aS, 0.I~ hunyad, (;)~ bunyan.

To BAU, (;)o.IJ'-' .... w, ftftab khwurdan.

BASJ[BT, ~ sabad, ~; zambfl, &l.. sallah, arttf gfrah, BASKET-MAKEB,...I4 &l.. sallah-bAf, ;!~ aabad-gar.

B.18-BELIEJP (flgurel, cfc. carved in ,lUjl.t relief), ~ munahhat, ~)~~ munabbat-karf.

BUTABD, aoJ'r~ harAm-zadah, Uj .», waJad-i-zina.

BASTABDY, ~0.I'r~ haram-zadagi. To BASTE (.ew in 'Wide ,litehe,), (;)oJf ~ bakhyah kardan.(meat) (;)oJ,w JJ.t; tablil nimudan.

BUTIN ADO, oIJ1) falakah.

To BASTINADO (beat on the .oiel of the feet), (;)o.Ij ~ ....M kaf.i.pit zadan, (;)o.Ij .... Jt chub zada.n, ~ .... ff. bi-chub bastan.(to be blutinadoed) (;).J),-. .... Jt chub khUrdan.

BASTION, t!;j burj.

BAT (animal), a~ shab-parah, ax- sapperab, )~ sbab-kue, .joIM. khufUsh, )f ...Lt.". mushkkllr.-(club) (;)~J't chaugan, oal» kutk, Jl...t ehumak.

BATCH, ~.) daatah,

BATH. (1"-- hammam, Ai~ ghuslkhanah.-(Joot-ba.th) At,.. ~ pashuyah.-(outer apGrlment, Of'

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undreuing room oj ba.th) I.I.at bina.h.-(inner or bathing room) ......... , garm-khanah.-(tank of hot water) "'1- khizanab, ~ kullata.in.-(batking al'es,) ...... ) ,.4.-rakht-i-hammAm.-( wrappm· worn while bat/ling) ~ lung, ~J ~ lung.i.rashtl.-(tDrapper put on after bathing) AAeI-i kat{fah.-( per,on who ,eMlb" ,/wJf1IPOOB, &e. bather,). "".l dallak.-( Order oj the Batll) (:)UJ ,.4.- niIUn.i.hammm. - (the Fint OIa8' oj the Order oj tlt6 Bath) ,.4.- (:)UJ ~ 4l)1 1;).l;1 k6rdun.i.buzurg - i. ma.lakfyah - i·nishan.i.hammam.

To BATHE, (:).J/ ~ ghusl kardau, (:).If ~ shust-shu kardan, (:).if uA .... , ab-tanl kardan, BATHER, ~ mughtasil, .."....4.hammum.chl.

BATRING, ~ ghusl,,.. , -=--Ao

shust u shu.

BA.TON, \..:&! 'asu, .... ~ chub. BATTALION, (:)\03\1.4 bauHiyAn(eur.). BATTER,,,,.. kharnfr.

To BATTER, vide To BEAT. BATTERY (raised work, on whieh

cannonB are plaeed), "tJ'" mtirehah, ... .l.e.l damdamah.-(electncal), ",;'4 bAtar!.

BATTLE, ~ ja.ng, .l~ nabard, ,..» razm, .... ~ barb, ,,)1...- muhRrabah, ,jo16t. purkbasb, ~ haija, h J'S kar-zar, ..I~ jihad, )\.¥. paikllr, J~ kitiLl, .......111A.e mukatalat" \b, waghll, '.;b Ilhaza.

BATTLE-ABRAY, ~')' ...A.. satT.ara!, ~')' ~ t{!J.arai.

BATTLE-AXE, pi tabar, ~J "" tabar-


BATTLE.FIELD, vide FIELD, LIST. BATTLEMENT, a:fJ! kungurah, BA.UBLE, jC'tU na-chiz, ~-:i4 Litz{.


BAWlJ, AI,..1 dallalab.

BAWDINBSS, ~ fuhsh, J-i


BAWDY (ob,eene), vl-U fahish, .~ puch, IJJA harza.h, J". bazi!.



BAWDY.ROUSE, Ai~ UJ zina.khRnah, cIJ~ ~ khai1.khanah, .. ~ J;,IS kawaTa.khanah .

To BAWL, (:)..I'.l h' awRz dadan, 1;)4 ~4 bang kll.Ma.n.

Bu (gulJ),)~ khaur, ~C maraa, IaJ.l r- kunj-i.darya,. khalij. -(tree), J\b ghar, ~.l dahInast.-(colour) J,r' ahwa.(kor,e) ~ kahar.-(ligkl bay ',or,e) .......s kumait.-(to kt't'P at bay) ~'.l J4 baz dashtau.

BAYONET, ~ naizah, I~ r: Barnaisah, o4.Mi ~ r sar.naizahi-tufang.-(pruent bayonet.) ~ ~ naizah.plsh.

Bu • WINDOW, ~\6, shah.


BAZAAR, hlf bazar.

To BE, I;).lj budan, (:).l6. shuda.n.(be it '0) .l6.4 bRSha.d.

BEACR, J.\... sabil, ~J.l ......s lab-idarya,)'uS ka.nar.

BBACON, I;)UJ nishan, _lUt 'ala. mat, -Ju... ma.narat.

BEAD, "",., danah, I}... muhrah, ..,. shabah.

BBA.DLE, ;'\6, sbatir,)~ pa.kar, ,jo'1' farrAsh.

BEAK,)I.AN- minkal.r, ..JI nauk, ... \i take

BEAKBD!;t.l )1I.Na minkar.dAr, ~ J'.l chIng-dar.

BEAM (oj eood, &c.), ~ "... shahHr,"; Hr, &$), wargah.-(oj a balance) »'1 ~\.t" shahln-itarlizu.-(oj the ,un) it. partav, I;)~ karn, E\M shu's'.

To BEA., (:)~).l dirakhshfdau, (:).lj AIM shu'Iah zadan, BEAMING, ~» rauahan, <:Jlu).l dirakhsban, ~, lami'.

BEA.N, l\i4 Lakila, cIli4 bakilab, 6.eli lubiyah.

BEAR, U'"I" khirs, .... .l dubb.(Great Bear, 'tar) ~ .... .l dubbi.akbar.-(Little Bear, ,tar) .... .l _,..., dubb-i-aaghar.

I 'fo BEAR, ~'.l ft bar dbhtan, (:).1" burdan.-(nffer) ~'.l " Lar dashtan, (:).l~ J-' t&bammul

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nimudan, (:)~ kashfdan, (:)")r khurdan. - (bring forth), <:,l.)'j zadan, <:,l,JI J- ~, waz·.i·haml kardan,

BEARD, vt-!) rfsh, 6.e.J lahys.h, ~ .. \we mahaain, s-. kha.tt.(young beard, or fir,t appearance of the beard) l.I.. ('., dam-i-khatt.

BEARDED, }.u.!) rlsb.dar. BBARDLBSS, vt-!) ~ bf-rfsh, BRARER (porter), J~ hammiil,

~ }t 1.IIlr.kash, ),.,,, )~ bar.

bardar. .

BEARING (mien), ~, waz', ~, wlI.jh.

BEAST, 1'I~J't charandah, ~ bahfm.a.h, )11.. jauwar, (:),~ haiwan, \oS\t)\e.t chahar.pai, .,.1 dad.

BEASTLINESS, J-) fuhsh, ~-l fisk. BUSTLY, ..J~\i na.pak, ~ ghaHz, ~ najs, )'''ye murdar.

To BEAT, <:,l.)j sadau, ~I kuftan, <:,l~1 k{lbidan.-(conquer) ~ <:,l~ fath karden, <:,l~' ~~ ghalib amadan, ~~ ~ zafar yaftan.-(to beat down) <:,l.)f J~~ pai.mal kardan, <:,l.)/ ~ past kardu.n.-(to beat fur game) JI <:,l"'ol~ bar kh{zauidan. - (to ezcel 01' BuriJaBs) (,,) <:,l,J" .......a... sib kat burdan (bar), (:).)" ret bihtar budan (1Iide also fro EXOEL).-(Ikrob) <:,l"; <:,l~ nabazAn kardan.

To BEATIFY, (:).)1 .I"'_ mas'{ld ka.rda.n, ~1.. ..J}.~ mubarak sukhtau.

BEATING (wa·ves), ,.soli talatum.(pul,e) <:,l~ na.bazan.

BEA.lITUDE, ..... .)~ sll.'adat, ~)4-mubal.ra.kf.

BEAU, U","IJ. ta,us, ~)u .).r- mard. i.uazniu, ~ kashang, (Vide also Fop.)

BEAUTIFUL, ~y&- khush-mansar, ..... ),..,y&- khub.s{lrat, t,,$,"" khabrue, .u.:... munakkah, ~.I.A.i kashang, Jt6.r khush.gil, J~~ nfk-manzar, ~j sfb, 4lj dba, ~ hasfn, ~ jamfl, ~ latif, u..) ra'na, :Il naghz, ~,



anlk, ~ ka.sIm, J_,let buhlUl, A.e~, wajfh, J,~ makbal, ~ khujir, <:,l,.. jun (tJulg.).

BEAUTY, ~-... husn, Jl..~ jamal, -.:WUol latAfat, d'Y nazakat, ~j z{b,t,,$~) ziba,i, Jill rauuak, _)'.M nazarat, .......A1.t.1 wajnhat, ~ zfnat, •• :i,.. j{lU (tJulg.)(regulari.ty of featuru), ~4,. sab8.hat.-(sprigktly look, fasci. nation) -=-~ m:l.lahat.

BUVEB, ~, ~ 8ag.i.abf. BEOAI1SE, ~ chira kih, AS"']!j z{ra kih, 'ft) z{ra, JILl, banabn,r, A'-I )' az bas kib, AS" .......... ~!' j' az in jihat kih.

To BEOKON, <:,l"1 _}60' ishal'lLt ka.rdan.

To BEOO!l[B, <:,l"'" shudan, ~ gashtan, <:,l"l",r g&1·dfdan.·(befit), <:,l~) zfbfdan, ~.,1.60 shayistan, <:,l"" ~!:I lMk budan.

BECO!l[ING, )r)" darkhwur, )h" 8azawar, _u... munasib.

BED, r-I bistar, U"1. farsh, ....... ) ..... 'r l·akht.i.khwllb.-(bedsttJad) ~ palang (kind.), ftr sllorir. -(of a garden) &;:l luttah, <:,l')~' ab.khuran.-(border of a garden. bed) J". marz. - (of a river) "", All. rUd.khAnah.-(for a kOrBe) t:1'~ ......... takht.i.pi,{n.-(to go to bed) (:)"'oI4'r khwabanfda.n, ~) ..... 'y&- ~JI bi-rakht-ikhwab rattan.

BED.CHA!I[BBR, 1'I\t,'fL khwab-gah. BEDDING, ..... ',. ..... 4-., aabab-i, khwab, ~~ pashish.

To BEDEW, <:,l.)1 j tar kardan,

<:,loll ..... f.r- mllortuu karda.n.

BEDOUIN, I.S,~ badawl, ..... '.7'" a'rab. BED·RIDDEN, t,,$r-I bisturf.

BEB, J- )tt'J zamullr.i.'8.IIal.(a swarm 0/ bees) )~j ~ khail. i.zambur.-( Qlleen.bee) J-. jahl .

BEEF, ,'.! ..,..,..,r gUsht-i.gb. BEEF.TEA, ..,..,..,r /bY" jauhar-igusbt, ..,..,..tS ..... , nb.i.gusbt.

BEE.HIVE, J kund. ~ J.:S kundi.·asal, ,_;... mash.

I BUR, I)" buza.h.

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BBBB.SHOP, &I~ mai.khRnah. BBBS-WAX, ,.". mum, ~ sham'. BEETLE, ~ ju'al, .a.l.oS' Aly a,f guh.

hllah-kunak, ,)j,f gauzad.(.maU beetle, very de.tructive to plant,) ~ sin.

BEET-ROOT, )~ chukundur, )oIoi1t chiindar (vulg.).

To BUAL, vide To HAPPEN. BEJ'ORE, ~~ pfsh, J..l kabl, J,' ana.l, ~~ pish."-pish.(in front) ;.. jilav, ~),) dar pisb, JtlA.e mukabil.-(,oone1·) jo.l,j zudtar, ~ J' ~ pfsh az pCsh, J,l kabl.-(in prlJlence of, opposite to) J,J\we muhRza, 'Jf~ ru-bi.ru, JtIA.- mukabil, ~'.rmuwajih. - ('lIentioned, "ide ABOVE. MENTIONED).

'fo BBFRIBND, 1;)4 ._r-,0.1 dustC kardan, 1;)000f ........... sbafakat kardan, 1;)0.11 ..J4]&- mihrbanC kardan,

To BBG, ~'f" kbwastan, "'_'f")0.1 1;)0.1,...1 dar. khwast nimudan, I;).ij V'"\.t.;l' iltimas kardan, u..s 1;)000ytJ tamllnna nimudan, j\.J I;),)} niyaz kardan, I;)"'iJ\.J niyaz(dan, 1;)000ytJ ~~, ilja, nimudaa, 1;)0.IJ' I;~ mustadi' Ludan, ~0.1 I;).ij du'" kardan, 1;)000ytJ u!"""'" istid'a niml1dan.-(al11&') r'r kbwaBtan, 1;)0.I} ~.!t'~ gada,! kardan, I;)"'} ajJ!)o.I darj {Izab kardan.

To BEGET, l:J"'ytJ ".,)1 taulfd nimu. dan. (Vide To PRODUCE.) BEGGAR, ,~ gada, JA. sa,il, )ol!)0.1 dar-bi-dar, ,e» fakfr,


To BEGIN, ~:f giriftan, I;)",f ~,1'shuru' kardan, I;)"'''_; j\b' "ghilz nimtidan, I;)"'f ~olZl' il.Jtida kardan, 1;)4 \..If binll kardan, ..... ),)~ I;).lij), mubadarat wllrzidan.

BEGINNER, ~~ mubtadf, J.r-' f na.u·amuz.

BEGINNING, j\bl aghaz, \..If bid, 1;,1'- sh uru', J,' avval, Jt'" a.vaa, r: Il80l', ,JIf badw, '.t.l;f' ib-



tida, "\~ mabde, , ~",\,..o maLadl,

loJof badH, , ·,oJof bada,at, ..... )0.1~

muLadal'at., .,..~ mubaabarat,

BEHALF, Jo-. hakk, 410...1, \VRsitsh, }-''6 v-~ pas.i-khHti r,;ff bahr, ~Ij baral.

To BEHAVE tow-ards, (oI.!) 1;)"'; ~~ harakat karda.n (bi), (oI.!) 1;)4 l») raftRr kardan (bi).

BEHAVIOUR, ~, waz', )Ifl at war, )w) rai'tRr, ~~ harakat, JotoII 'a.mal, ..Jy.. suluk.-(bad beha. viour) ~0.11 ..Jj tark.i.adal..(good behaviour) ~0.I' adab,

To BEHEAD, I;).lij r: sar burulan, I;)"'J I;)",:f garda.n zadan.

BEHEST,,..' amr, ~ hukm, 1;)\..1' firman.

BEHIND, I.J"'i pas, 1.J"'i)0.I dar pas, ~ khalf,..,..AD)o.I dar 'akab, "'.;, w!tra" J\.,Jo.I dumbal.

BEHOLD! .aW.!I inak, I;)~ bRn, ~ hin.


BEHOLDEN, I;)r- mamnun, )I~ minnat -dar,

BEHOLDER, fl; nRzir.

To BEHOVE, ~u. shayista.n, ~4 bayistan.

BEING (creature), ~ kR,inat, Jy..... ma.khluk. - (f'ziBtence)

..JoJJ' budanf, "'''''' wuj t'ld, ...r-'" hast i,

BELCH, e~' 8rugh.

To BELCH, 1;)"'; e~' ar{lgh karcLLD.

BELI'BY, &116. v-".. jara.s.khanah. BELIEF, vide RELIGION, FAITH, TRUST, CONFIDENCE.

To BELIEVE, I;),),! ),4 bRwar kar. dan, I;)"'~ 0.I~~ j'tiklid nimudan, 1;)0.I} ;lj"' ikr8r kardan, ...... ~ ~I,) 'akidat ddlhtan, I;)"'i,,r giraw!dan, 1;)"'),' I;)~I iWKll awar. da.n, ~Io.I ,J-- musnllam dllsh. ta.n. I Vide To THINK.)

BELIEVER, ~ mu-tukid, ~.rm,umin.

BELL, v-".. jams, .a.(i j za.n~, ~~", ds.ri{.-(nnall bell,) Al_r.;j zan.

Digitized by Goog I e

gUllloh, oaL.,.. susk.-(hung round the neck of' cattle) U'",;'u naikus.(diving-bell) 1oJ""',tb .u..,.e. ahfshahi-ghaWW{LSi. - (bell-metal) Sy. tuj, ~""c- chudan, "',.. mafrak.

BELLE, JJfr khuL-ru, ,.'1- khiram, ~j'u ~) san-i-uaanfn.

BELLES-LE'l"l'RES, .... ..1, ~ 'ilm-iadab.

BlilLLICOSE, and BELLIGERENT, ".. ~ jang.jll, ),l ~ jang, atwar.

BELLOW, I~ na'rah, ~4 bang. To BELLOW, ~..I) l_,.u na'rah aadan, ~..Ij ~4 bang sadan,

BELLOWS, t\A.I.. minfakh, ~)"'..1 dam. zan.

BELLY, ~ shikm, 1"- mi'dah, ~ batn,

To BELONG to, ~..I.tf J\.. mal budan, ~..I.tf d J' az an budan, ~..I.tf ~ muta'ilollik budan, ~.u. ... I.D 'Aid ahudan, ~'..1 ....._.J nisbat dashtan, ~..I.tf ...,,...... makhsus badan, ~..I.tf .... 4 bab Mdan.

BELONGING, ~ muta'allik,

.... ~ mansub.

BELOVED (miBtre8'), AJ~ mahbubah, ~'u~ janan; Ai,.,.... milo'· shukah.

BELOW, .t-) zir, ft))..1 dar zir, <.:1'A pH,ln, ~)..1 dar pa,in, ,j furu, .._,,;: taht, ~'..1 daman, ~,..1 duman (vulg.).

BELOW.MENTIONED, JiJ )..1 dar zail.

BELT, ~ rs kamu.r.IJand,_,.s kawar, JIo.w mintak, ,.~ hizaw.(leathern 'trap) J',..1 duw81, 6..,.-J tasmah.

To BEMOAN, ~..I; &l'u nalah kardan, ~..If ~ n&lish kardan, ~..If ",}J zari kardan.

BENOH, F saku, ~ nishfman, -(legal term) ~''''..1 dfwan, ~ ma.bka.mah.

BEND, ~ pich, ~ pichish.

To BUD (tranB.), ~..If ~ kham kardan, ~.t.oi~ ,P{chanldan, ~..If ~~ munhani kardan.-(intra",.), ~~ khamidan, ~


~.u. kham shudan, ~~ pichi. dan, ~..IJf Jr\.. mH,il budan.

BENEATH, vide BELOW, UNDER. BENEDICTION, ..:W'j barakat, o.£I.!_,..,; tabrlk, dJ'4-- mubRraki, ..1»..1 durUd.

BUEJI'ACTION, ~ ni'mat, ~I.-..' ihsim, ..i_,..,; tabarruk.

BENEJI'A.CTOR, ~ ~, wali-i.

ni'mat, ~ mun'im.

BENEJI'IOENT, vide KIND. BENEFIOIAL, ~ mufid, .,\,W..I,.. sud.Ina.Dd, e'u naft'.

BENEJI'IT, ~I.-..' ihaan, ~ ni". mat, ,.ltu, in'am, ,.; karam, :i' aliL.-(aduantage) oJN fa,idah, ..I,.. sud, ~ naf', .....-w man. £a.'at.


BENT, r! ka], s~, a'wlIoj.-(bia,) J=-o mail, ~) raghbat.

To BlilNUMB, ~..If 1..1"";' afsurdah kardan.

BENZOIN, ""~ jawi, ~~, anguyan, YJ' a.ngu, ~\tlluban.

To BEQUEATH, ~..I_"'; &"., tauliyah nimudan .

BEQUEST, ...u, wakf, """iI.., wasayat, Mr}". maukUfah.

To :BEREAVE, ~\.. ,.~ mahrlim sakhtan, ~..If Ioa;f barahnah kardan.

BEREA.VEM.BNT,~",..... mahrum{. yat.

BBBEJI'T, - ... ..1 t'..1 dagh.didah, ,.",.....

mahrUm, ~ f&ok{d.

BERBY, &1'..1 danah, ....... habb, BEBYL, ~j ~ sang-i-tarshfsh. To BESEECH, vide To BEG, To


To BESET, ~..If ~\., ihatah kardan, ~..I_"'; J.o\6. sh8.mil nimudan.

BESIDE, ~ )..1 dar jamb, ..Ij nazd, ;')..1 dar pahlu,

BESIDES (moreovtlr), r.;» 'a.lai.wah, ~l JI,.. 8iwB.,!.i.an, ~')'f". bi. juz.i.a.n, _1- t}al kat'.i.n8.zar.(ezcept) ~ magar, ',.. siwa, ~,~ bid Un, ~ bi-gha.ir,,)'t' juz,:i' illa.

To BESIBGB, ~..If ..I~ gird kardan, ~ol.e' ),tJ daur amadan, ~..If 1".1...-

Digitized by Goog I e

mllh8aara.h kardan, (:),,~ rhair nimudan, ~\..),...,. mahI(lr lakhtan.

To BESPEU:, (:)"1 ~ hukm kardan, (:)"/.1""' amr kardan,

BEST, ~.ftt bihtarin, ~~~ khubtarin, ~j~ nikutar{n,~' ahl8on, JM' afzal, J,1&' a'ia.

BESTIAL, ~,~ haiwanC, ~, wahsht

BESTIALITY, ~,~ haiwanCyat. To BESTOW, (:)~ bakhshidan, (:)"'01 dadan, ~,,, ~'JJ' arzaDI daahtan, (:),,~ \loa 'ata Dim(ldan.

BET.I.~ shart, ~ bahl.

To BET, ~ I.~ shart ba.staD, ~ (:)'ll bahs kardan, ~),ij nazr bUtRD.

BETEL-NUT, J'_,I faufal.-(kaf) J,..-'I tamMI (hind.).

To lJETRIlIIK, (:)"),l ,,~ yad "wardan.

BETIJlES, "JJ zud, wW, Jf bar wakt. To BETOKBlII, (:),,~ -)"'" ishRrat uimadan,

To BETRAY, (:)"1 "..J~ khiyaDat

kardan, (:)"I)J.A ghadr kardan.

BETRAYAL, "..J\.e60 kbiyaDat. BETRAYED, ~,;- matruk. BETRAYBR, ~ kbll,iD.

To BETROTH, fJi"/~""- maDlub kardan, (:)"r "yeU dm-zad kardan, (:),,~ ~,..,. makhtub nimudan.

BETTER, ... bih, ~ bihtar, ~~ kh6.btar, ~ Dlktar,~' akhyar, ~, ahaan.-(.o much tM better) .ftt (:)l an bihtar.-(better and better) ... )~, ... bih andar bih, ~ J' T4t bihtar az bibtar.

To BETTBB, (:)"" ret bihtar kardan, (:),,~~,.. khubtar Dimudan.

BETWBElII, (:)....,. miyKD, (:)....,. )" dar miyan, ~ bain, ~\.. ma-bain, J'_' )" dar khilAl, W\)" dar 808na.

BEVEL, )~ hanjar.

BEVERAGE, ~,.,.. sharab, ~~ shurb,

BEVY, I~ guruh, ...u. tR,ifo.h.-(of birth} 1.1.,. allah.



To BEw ARB, (:)011 )J. hazar ka.rdan, (:)JJl )J. )t pur-hazar b{ula.n,)'J,,'" (:)JJf kha.bll.r-dKr bUdau, (:)011 ~Ir parhiz kardan, (:)J~ ~~, ihti, yilt nimudan,

To BBWITCH, (:)oJ/ oISJ~ Dairang kardan, (:),,; (:)~, afsun kardan.

BEYOND • .,j)oil an-taraf, '_'l an-Iu, "J' wa.r",. - (f2ceedi7&g) IJ\,tJ siyadah, I;» 'alawah.

BEZOAR, raj "4 bad-zahr,,aJ " pa-

zahr, I)f- ,aJ zahr-muhrah.

BIAS, ~ mail, ........ ) ragh bat.

To BIAS, (:),)1 J..- mail kardan. BIB, (:)',.,,, dushwau.

BIBBER, ..... -)t ~ mai-para.at. BIBLE, v"~ ~ut kitAb-i-mukad.-

das.-( Old Te,tament) ..,.., • 'ahdu-'l-'aUk, ...... )i taUrl.t, (:)~ f'i.l.l paiman - i - kad.im.-(Nev Te,tament) oli~' • 'a.hdu-'ljadid, oli ..... ~, w808lkah-i-jadid, J.." anjil, IJII (:)~ paiman-itazah.

BIBULOUS, ~J~ jazib, I~ khiaaDdah.

To BICKER, (:)"1 ~ sitiz kardaD, (:)"1 -J~ munaza'at kardan.

BICKERIlIIG, ~ litiz, -J'u..e mllDam'at.

BICOLOURBD, oISJ) ," du-rang.

To BID, "ide To COJlJlAXD.-(CJt II Bale) (:),,; ,.',.. Illwam kardan.

BIDDER, 1.u4 ,.',.. IllwaLD-kunan-


BIER, _ji" tAbut, vt-aJ Da'sh. BIFOLD, ""Ii ," du-tA.

BIFURCATE, ",,\6, ," du-shakhah . BIG, ...tJ.)f buzllrg,,..t kablr, ~

'azim, J)S kaLin, ~ j808lm, ,.I. khatfr, .....MS kllluft.-(tJide 'BtTLKY).-(p1'egnCJnt) ~l abi .. tan, A!,..1.. hamilah.-(big-beUied, fat) 1ja.J kumatrah,)y.J katllr, _\.,or, bajbaj.

BIGlilESS, .JJ.)f buzurgl, ....... "- ju&mat..

BIGOT, U""'':i ~uwasl, ..,.._,.. mu-

ta'usib, khuahk, e'~ J'"


BlGOTBD, U""''''' WMWUC.

Digitized by Goog I e


BIGOTRY, .....-; ta'usub.

BILB, "'"' sa.fra, I"aJ zahra.h. BILGB.WATER, ~ ..... , ab·i.khan.

BILIOUS, ~''''' safrM.

BILL, "ide lIBU, AOOOUNTS.-(of ezc1w.nge), .... 'fl barat, ,"".u.e hundavl (hind.), )J ~~k&ghaz.i. zar. - (of .ale) &l4J kabala.h, """Uaat bai'. namah. - (note of 1w.nd) .".,~..1 dast.bCz.-(bond) .A-.; tamassuk, ~ hujjat.(Parliamentary) "J lMhab.

To BILL, (:)..1'..1 4...Jl blu!a.h dadan. BILLBT (note), Al..'r mUr&salab, W) ruk'ah. - (of 1DOOd) A;:....1 dastab.

To BILLBT (military term), AlW. )..1 (:)..If ...... 11' dar kh&nab ik8mat ka.rdan.

BILL.HOOK, 1.1"'..1 das. BILLOW, Ii,.. mauj.

BILLOWY, Ii',.. ma.vva't.j, ,-1.1:.- mutalatim.

To BIND, ~ bastan, (:).Jf ~ I.and kardan, (:).Jf ~ rabt kardan. -(a book) (:)..If ~ JiM karnan.( one' •• elf by a 1101D, promise, d:c.) ~\.. ~ ~..I1" khwudra mukay. yad sakhtan.-(otIer, legal term) (:).Jf JoAS' kam kardan.-(an ap· prentice), (:)..I/..Ifu- sbagird kardan.

BINDBB (of books) ..tJ...- mujallid, ~ ~ jild-gar,.,j~ B!IobMf.

BINDING (of a garmmt, cfe.), ~ Ia.bak.-(Btitching of the leaVeB of a book), ~~ 6J tab-band!.(Bilk cord at top and bottom of the leaVeB), IJ'_"'" sh{razab.

BINOC'OLAR (glas.), 0IIf ),..1 dur·bin. BIOGRAPHER, C),.. muvarrikb, Joe'

r ahl-i-siyar,

BIOGRAPHY, r siyar, t;l)1S tArlkh. BIPARTITE, "",\.I.e munasafab. BIBeH, vide ROD.

BIRCH-TREE, &a.,A ghulhab.

BIRD, t~ murgn, I~~ paranda.b,;el. tair. - (bird-lime) ;J,~ ~ kishmishk-i-kavalC.

BIBD'S·BYE VIEW, J'~' ,..,. chasbm andaz.



BIRTH, ~,~ paidayish, ..... .J1I". vila't.dat, ..lie- m{lad, .JJ,. tavallud. (Vide DBSCBNT.)-(to give birth to) (:)..Ir,J ~,. taulfd nimjidan, (:)..I1J zadan, (:)~'J zRidan.

BIRTHDAY, ~..I.~ J,) ruz-i-ruadat.

IfJ\.. sal.girih, ;"),. J,V ruz-i.ta. vallud.

BTRTH-PLACB, .JJye maulid, ("Jl ..I'J

zad.bUm. '

BIRTHRIGHT, """iJ,s:t ~ hakk-ibukurijat, uftJIJ J,' ~ hakk-i· avval-zadagi.

BIRTH-WORT (aristoloc1&ia), ~hj zaravand.

BISWIT, .al.,u,sIJkumaj.i.khusbk, ..,.\..,_.. baksuma't.t (only 'Used in thet.lural).-('maU BtlJeet bileuit) "'t kuhicbah.

To ISECT, (:)~ burfdan, &A.\.I.e (:)..If mUDRsafah kardan.

BISECTION, MI.I kit'ah, &A.~ mu-


BISHOP, ...I"_" uskuf.

BISHOPRICK, ~,...., usk6.f(yat. BISON, ._,:.to..l ,'S gav.i-dasbt(, (:),,)ef

blzun (eur.).

BISSBXTILB YEAR, 6w-.S J\.. sal.i. kaMsah.

BIT, I}t parah, ~)~ parchah, w tikkah, ......, lafchah, Ij) rlzah, &by kurazah, ....as lulilnah, IJJ za.rrah, "'1'" sharbah, MI.I kat'ah. '""~ juzv!. - (in bit.) &)~ .)~ parah parab.-(of a bridle) ~.J dahanab,),..., ab.khwur.

BITCH, I.,\" .a(.. sag.i.madah, I.1"J IRs.

BITE, J~ gazCdagi, J~:f gazan. dag£.

To BITE, (:)~ gazidan, (:)olf.,1.t. ja. vfdllon, (:).i.,JIA. kh&,idan, (:)~ ja,ldan, ~~ (:),~., dandin girif. tan.-(be pungent) (:)~ ]iii tiz shudan.

BITTBB, t}J ta.lkh, r: murr. BITTBRN, ,4.JJl b{lt(mar. BITTERNBss, ,-,1ioIi talkhl, 1,1ya ma-


BITlJ'lI(JCN, S. naft, IoloM naftah, _,Ai kafr.


Digitized by Goog I e

BLACK, I\eo. aiyf.h. ,_ aiyn.h, 1]11 I tirah, ... ,..' alYRd, ~AA hindavl. -(blaek and bltu) ~{ kabM.(black aAd _ite) ~, ablak, I~ .AeA- , liyah va aafid.-(lampblack) I"),") dudah.

To BLACK, 1.:)"'1 I\eo. aiyah kardan. -(bo()t.) I.:)"'J ...s:J) rang zadan.

BUCKBIIRRT (bramble), ~f ... / tut·i-kuhi.

BLACKBII\D, )\.. ur. .

BLACKGUARD, Jt4,' aubash, .)\el ~ bad-nihad, .joy lllti.

BLACKING, ~1,;. siYKhf, ._;.A{ ...s:J) rang-i-kafah,

BLACKNESS, ~\e- siyahf, , ... ,.. saud a, "",.. Bavad, JyJ tfragf.

BLACKSMITH, ~, ahan-gar, ... ,_ haddad.

BLADDBR, IJ\.:.. maaanah. (Vide BLISTBR.)

BLADE (of fJ'"O-M" .!c.), .d}t ba.rg, J), varak, IV )t IJlLl"-i-giyah, ~ 6~ khaa-i-giyah.-(of a nrord, .!c.), .... tighah. - (of tM ,Iwulder), 1J\.t, ahanah.

BLAIN, '"'" abilab, J/ tuvul, Al,' auiah (tI,dg.).

BLAMABLE, ~ mukaaaar, ~ JlJ laik-i-mafam, ...-1.- )h- liazavar-i-maJamat ..

BLAMB (fault), ~ .bir, IUS gunah, u-. khata, ~ 'aib,),.-J kllsur.-( cenlUre), ~j zajr,_1.malRmat, v'-' j r: aar - zanish, 1Ik'-,.. mu,akha.zah, 6)~ paighanLh, .... ~ 'itab.

To BLAME, 1.:)"'1 _:Le mal_mat kardan, ~ ~ 'aib guitan, I.:)J/,w zamm ka.rdan.

BLAMELEBS, IUS ..:I bf-gunah, ..:I ~ bi-'aib, ~ ..:I bi-ta.Jtsfr, ..I" p'k.

BLAMER, j"WI. ghlmlDlaz, ,s:..... 'aibguo

To BLANDISH, I.:)J~ I,.... 'ishvah ka.rdan, 1.:).I,_.s ..j4i tamalluk nimuda.n.

BLANDI8HIIENT, jll nKz, Jojl,i nn.yuish, .,.. shfvu,a. .,.... 'ishvail.


BLANK, IJ\.. Mdab.-(in lottery) a.,\" MI) ruk'ab-i-aAdab, ~ ~ bad-bubt. - (in writing) '1'" khava .

BLANKET, ~ giHm, Jo/"," mifrasb, ...II;.! lihaf.-(for a loriI') J.. jul, ~ Jot. jul-i-namad.

To BLAIIPHEIIE, ~ ;IIf kufr guf-


BUSPHBIIBR, ~,r;llf kufr-gM. BLUPHE.OUS, jl$ kafir. BI.ASPHEIIY, ;S kufr, ....... taj-


BLAST, ........... 4 biLd-i-aakht.

To BLAST, 1.:).)'.1 ... 4 ft bar bRd dK-


BLAZE, vide FLAM ••

Til BLAZB, vide To BURN.

To BLAZON, 1.:).1'; J""'" maah-hllr kardan, 1.:).11 j\ez.i,' iahtihAr br(ian.

1'" BL1:ACH, I.:).lf ~)j\f gburf br. dan.

BLBAK, .lr sard, .I" bard, .1)4 bArid.

BLuKN.n, ~r lard., \.er sarma.

BLBAR-BYBD, ~ tr surkhchaahm,)J .... ) ~ chaahm-i-

, r&lDad-dar.

To BLEAT (al a .keep), I.:)Jj ' .... lI&da zauian, c:J"'ll4 La' kardan,

To BI.BED (opma a vein), 1.:).1/ ..... faad kardan, ~~ 1;)1'" khim giriftan, I.:)"'J ~ rag zadan.-(i,,traM.) I.:)~ 1.:)1'- khun chakidan, 1.:) .... , 1;)1'- khun amadan.

BLEEDING (medical term) ...-~ hijamat, I.:)j .afj rag-zan, ~ ..... faad-kun.

BLEIIISH, ~ 'aih, f"J"" jurm, ofJJ lakkah.

BLBIIISHBD, .... ,.- ma.'yub.

To BL.SS, 1.:).1'.1 .....sj barakat dadan, ~ JffA- Jvs.' dU'a,i-i-khair guftan, ~ .I»'" durud guftan, 1;).1/1;)'11" afirfll kardan -(make prOlper: ~\.. ..I)'\.,.e lllubarak sakhtan, 1.:).11 )\.,,;IJ&: bakht-yar kardan.

Digitized by Goog I e


BLB88BD, ~)4-- mub8.ra.k, ol,.mas'ud, ~~ mairmin, BLB88BDNB88, ..... ol\a.. sa.'&da.t, ...i;4-mub8.ra.kf.

BLB88ING, f1ide BBNBDICTION. BLIGHT (mildew), ~\iJl yara.kan, .:.(;j zang, oal.e)" plirmlk, oal.eJt purmik.

BLIGHTBD, 60lj ~j zan g-za.da.h , I 6.lj .,d..)" p{umik-zadah.

BLIND, \.&or\; ua-bina, )1 kur, ~, a'ma,)lf' zarlr.-(curtain) 6.lft. pardah.-(Venetimi. blinds) ~ff kirkirf (hitul.).-(blindof ems eye) ~ ~ yak-chashmf, )~, a'var, ~, """", vai.hidu-'l-'ain.-(nightbZitul),)~ 8hab-k6.r.

To BLIND, ~L. ;1 kllr sakhtan, ~"),']1 ~ ehashm bar-avardan. (Vide '1'0 DBCBIVB.)

BLINDJ"OLD, ~1t ~ chashmpushfdah,

To BLINDJ"OLD, ~~1t ~ chashm p6Bhldan, ~ ~ chashm ba.sta.n.

BLINDlIU.N'8 BUR, .,d..\.. r: aarmamak.

BLINDNE88, ~\; na-blna,i, <.5)1 kllri, ~ lama.

BLIS8, "ide JOY.

BLI8TER, Ji tuvul, "'" abi~ Alt au1a.h ( "ulg. ).-( plaBter) - balastar (eur.).

BLOATBD, 60U0 r"), vara.m ahudsh, 6~\..' alOK8idah.

BLOCK (of wood, &c.), 6oU! kundah. 'In BLOC)[ up, ~ baatan, U"',).l.e I;)olf madrl'ls kardan, ~L. J,~ lOasd6.d sakhtan.

BLOCKADB, 6J"'\we lOuhasarah, rhasr.

'fo BLOCKADB, vide To BE8IBGB. BLOCJDlBAD, "'" abla.h, I;)olt kaudan, ~'ol \r nR-dan, ,... \; n -fahm, ...J"~ bf-vukm, ~r khwaplah, ~, ahmak.

BLOOD, I;)r khun.-(breed) ~ rag, AS) ragah, .I'y nizhad, BLOODLES8, I;)}'- o.! bf khUn. BLOOD-lIlONBY, 6.tol diyat, Ieti}'khUn-baha, ...,..Ja... ma'kulat,


BLOOD8HBD, ~ btl, ..sJ.:i}'- khlinrid. (Vide BLAUGIl'l'BE, MURDBE.)

BLOOD8HOT, .Ii' ~}'- khlin-lU6.d, tr surkh.

BLOOD-STONB, f""'l' ~ hajaru-'ddam .

BLOODTBIBBTY, Jili kaill, ,.s\i.

ZIUim, 1;)1..t.MJ'" kbtin - fishan, ~r )'}'- kbun-khwar.

BLOODY, ~I- khlinin, "i' ~J'" khUn-{Uud.

BLOOM: (bloBBO'In), ... ~ shikufah, ) .... baUr, ~ gLunchah.-(oj youtA) ~,~ 'unfuv8.n, ~\ai) ..... ~ rai'an-i-8habab.

To BL0880lll, ~t't. 8hiktifta.n, ~ shikuftan, ~Jj &.yA ghunehah sadan.

BLOT, ~ la.kkah, t'" dagh.

To BLOT, I;)olf )'~'.1 dagh-dar kardau.-(to blot out) ~L. ,.,. lOahV 8akhtan, I;).lj s. khat zadan, I;)"f .al~ pak kardan.

BLOTCH (on the Bkin), ~ kaklDll.l, ..w:! kakmak.

BLOTTING-PAPEE, ..ut <&I- .... j oil\$' kaghaz-i-tar-khu8hk-kuna.k.

BLOUIlB, ~ bmls, ~,~ p{rahan.

BLOW, ..... f' zarb, ~ musht, "tY- tapanehah, uoJ Ius, olj zad.

To BLOW, I;)~j, vazidan, ~~.l dalOfdan.-{witA the breath) ~ I;).I~ puf kardan, ~olf ~,- ftit kardan.-(at a jl01lJ61") ~t't. 8hikUftan, I;)¥" daxnfdan.(tAe ROBe) l;).If J~' i8tinahll kardan, ~~ t\...l dinuigh giriftan.-(a trumpet, &c.) ~'" na.vakhtan, I;)¥ol damIdan, ~~ ka8hidan.-(j"ro,,, the mouth of a cannon, a common "lOde of ezecution), ~.l)U.r 'T'i ~ dam-i-ttip guzardan.-(hot and cold) .l.Jj &,,'.1 tara.ddud dlishtan.-{out) l;),Jf...J1t pm kardan.-(tAeftre) ~,Jf t'IIi nafkh kardan, ~4 ..... ,fut kardan, l;).Jf ~ puf kardan. - (to blow up, 1Dith gun-

Digitized by Goog I e


potDder), (:I~' 'J'f hi-haya a.fka.ndao, (:1")1 'J'f bi-hays burdan.

BLVBBlCR, ~1': eharbf, ~ pih. BLVDGBOlf, .... J't chub.

BLVJ:, AleJ nilah, Je5 nil, ~,n.; nilgUn, ""s Iro.bUd, \,$,"- Bamavi.(dari bit".) .... r surmah, ..r-),- I 8Urma,i.-(liglt blue) ~, abi, I~ firuzah, J"-' aamani.(ml1id or intenSe blue) \,$,,),...' lijayardi.-(Pruuian blue) jeJ 1..1"»' nil-i-pru8.

BLVlC-BOOK, ~, .... U:S' kitih-i-abl.

BLVJC-BO'l"l'LlC (fty),f"'& 'antar. BLVBNB88, J~ nil-gtinl, U--\ALei

nil-faml, \,$"",s kabltdi.

BLUNDBR, ;;iJ zillat, I.I.b ghaJat, .,..&.. _kat, u... khata, ,... Bahy.

To BLUlIDBR, (:I"f u... khata kardan, (:I"~ ,... B&bv kardao, y:Ji f:)"f talc81r kardan, ~l.. )yei kuBur 8akhtan.

BLUNDBBBUBS, A.T.ot'.,i karablnah (eur.).

BLUNDBRBR, )IS U. khata-kar,,... )IS sahv-kar.

BLUNT, ~ kund.- -(lIlupid) J-\

ahiuak, Jb .yJ hi-'ak!.

To BLUlIT, 1;)"1' .lJoS kund kardan. BLUNTlIESS, ~~ kundi.

BLUSH, -=-¥ khijlat, ~~ khijalat, f"J*- 8ha.nn.

To BLUSH, (:I~ ....J~ khijalat ka,shldan, ~\" ,,1" sbarm dashtan, ~,,, \a. hayai da8btan.

ROAR, h! gurb, t4l1'" khiIk, or ..t.f1'" khllg, Ji~ kliinzlr.-(wild buar) ~, ..J1'" khiIk-i-vahsh!.

BoAlW, ~ takhtah, ty Iauh.-(of a book) J"Ioe wukaTVa. - (diet) ,,1.1. ta,'aim, a".... sufrah.

'1'0 BoARD, f:)"f ~~ ~ takhtbandf kardan, L Thill term i8 not applied to a floor.] - (a perllon) 1;)"'" I".... sufrah dlidan.

BOARD-ROO., ~ ~~\ utak-inishfmanf, ~ ~II._" utak-iwa.jlil, "'~"Jl" divan-khanah.

BoARD-WAG":H, ..:/\;1'" .khwuraki.


BoARI8H, l:.." rllsta, lolttIa'i U natira8bida.h, .,..." ~ bi-adab.

BoAST, ~ fakhr,..}\tJ "r khtidnima,i ..... J"-\A.. mufakharat, .ult ~j'»' huland-parvazi.-(of tMat one las done) ",,\M gizaf.-( of VJhaI one ron or will till) "'" lAf.

To BOAST, ~) Ji 1.01 raftan, ~",.w .... J"-\A.. mufakhara.t Dimudan, 1;)") ""'f gisaf zada.n, "'" 1;)") laf zada.n.

BoASTER, J.r" fuzul, (:It' Illf-za.n. BoASTFUL, (:It' lRf-ZB.o, J"-U Ukhir, ~ wufta.khir.

BoAT, ~ kasht], f OIl.U, I_r..mllo8huwwa.h (hilld.). - (ferryboat) ~ mi'bar,

BoA.TMAN, t10e mallah,,..1.t- jUhu,

..it nut!.

BOATSWAIN, .4,;.A r sa.r-hang. BOB, ~ jumbish.

To BoB, ~ jumbidan.

BoBBIN, ~ chihrab, 1),-"- mll- 8umh.

BODICE (tDlJI .. by WOllin,), ~ (:I~ pilltin-band, oUf)l bar-band.

BOlHLKss, r.:J' ...:J hi-tan,~.., ...:J hibadan, ~ ...:J bi-jasad, ,.\~, ...:J hi-a.ndam.

BoDILY, ~ mutajusim,

..}"'-+ jisll1anf, J'" ba.da.ni. ( Vide F~NTIRBLY.)

BoDKIN, 1;)1,- SllzaO.

BoDY, r.:J' tan, 1;)'" badsn, ~ jasad, "...... jism, ,.\~, andam, ",..., vujUd, ~ 8ha.kh8, .,..JU kalih.-(corpBe) JIt' lash, oLIo' la8ha.h, ....... ma.,yit, ~ mayyitah, )'''y- murdar, Iju.... janazah, ~ jaifa.h. (Vide CROWD.)

BODY-GUA.RD, ..:lIS; ~ ghulam-irikahl, db .... ~ ghuIam-i-8hRhl.

BUG, Iofl\s' ~ilal,o.h, ~ w&dhila.h. To BOGGLE, 1;)4 ~,U"'i pas va. pish kardan.

BoHEMIAN (bad damcil"') .....,sJy~'>j'" murtakib bi-dusdi.

BOIL (tumour), Joe.> dummal, ~" dumbal, t4l)f kllrak.

To Bon., (to·aM.) f:).t.eJ .... ,... jllshanidan, (:I"f Jo,... jllsh ka.rda.n,

Diqitized by Goog I e


- (intf"~"'.) rrr jfuJhidan, r:J"w' ";'1""- bi-jush ama.da.n.

BoILBD-MEAT, .>' ~, ~,r gusht-iab-paz.

BOILBR (pot), ~., dig.

BoILING, ..;.,.. jush, J-A,.. jushish.

BOISTBROUS, oIt-'60 shadid,.).Ii tund, ........ sakht.-(,ea) ,Job- mutalatim.

BoISTEROUSNESS, (,$.).Ii tundf, ~ sakhti, ..... ..1060 shiddst,

BOLD, pS" diHr, J"" dilavar, .al~ bf-hak, j~\ot. jan-baz, ~~ shuja', ~ shaji', (,$fr jari, Jo.I\ei bahadur, .",. ~ shfr-ma.rd, ..... ,fr 4 bA-jurit, ~} rashfd.

BOLDNESS, (,$_,.J., dilfrf, (,$J,)ol dila-

varl, ..... ,fr jurat, }_. jasarat,

~~ shaja'at, ~ ghairat,

~ }tf-baki, ~'''' shara'at.

BOLSTER, ~4 balish, ~4 balin, ~4 j'J naz-balish.

BOLT (of a door), r:J'iS kulan, oW$" lruland.-(of iron) ..1e4i tamHk.

. To BOLT, ~ bastan, r:Jolf "'.If band kardan, r:Jolf ~ chift ka.rdan, r:Jolj oW$" kuland zadan.

BoMB, IIJ~ -r.Jy& guhilah-i-kumbRrah, IIJI.;- -tJys guhilah-ikbumparab.

To BOMB.urn, ~ 'v'.rt bi-ttip bastan, ~,~, 'T'i tup andakhtan.

BOMBARDIER, ~ IIJ~ kumbarahchi, ~ IIJI.;- kSumpmh-chf.

BollBARDMENT, ~,~, 'T'i tup andakhtan.

BoJlBAST, u1~ mubRlaghah, .J'.Jb' ighrak.

BoJlBASTIC, ~ mutantin.

BOJlBAZINE, .._j,..",-;! garmasUf,

~,,..... mashrti'.

BoN-BON, c..3"iP" ahfrfnf,

BOND (contract),...l.....i tamassuk, ~ hujjat.-(bond, tie) 1.1.ti} irtihBt, AIot'; rabitah, ~ 'alakah. -(obligation to pay) ~ hujja.t, ~.lI5 ...u-. ta.ma.ssuk-i-na.kdl, ,.'rl' ~\S' kaghaz-i-iltizam.


I BoNDAGE, ~ " va-ba.stagl, ~ kaid, "'.If band, (,$)W;! giriftari, r' usr, (,$_,-' &S(rl, ~ol.tt'" 'ubuMyat.

BoNDJlAID, ~ kaniz. BoNDJUN, iJ.b ghulam.

BoNE, r:J'~' ustukhwan, r:J~' ustukhall (wlg.), ~ 'azm.(bone-,etter) .u, ~ shikasta.hband.

BoNELESS, r:J'~' ~ bf-ustukhwan.

BON-FIRE, ~, atish.

BoNNET, a'jS kulah, ..;.". r: 8a.rpush.

BoBY, r:J''''''''' ft pur ustukhwan. BOOK, ~\.oS' kitab, .... u namah, "'- sabifah.-(BeCtioR or chapter) ,.... safar.-(acco1u£t-oook) ~ol da.ftar, ~\-. .al.:w., dsstak-ihissb, ~ saflnah.-(book-co"er or en"elope) Jlf,. kau,iluk, Jl,. kauluk. - (memoranduJn - book) &a....- majma'ab, v6\'" baysz.

BOOK-BINDER, .._j\....e su.hhaf, ~ muja.llid, ;! ~ jild-gar.

BOOK-BINDING, (,$;! ~ jild-garf. BooKING-OFFICE, ~ol daftar, ~ .u~ tfkat-khanah.

BooX-SBLLER, "';',J' ~\.1:S' kitab-

furush, ~\e..- sahhaf.

BoOK-WORM, ..:I\.oS' kitabl. Boox, y; tir, ~,j farvand.

BOON, ,.'-' in'am, ~ bakhshish.

BOOR, r:J\Ia., dihkAn, ..11 turk, ,_}\;-J) rusta,l.

BooRISII~ ~ol' ~ bi-adeb, Ja~ jahil.

BoORISHNESS, ..:I'" ..:I bf-edsbf,

~\laol dihkanlyat, J~" u na-tirishidagi.

BOOT (COf16ring for leg and joot), ~ ehakmah, I),.. muzah (obi.). -(top-boot.) ~ chakma.h.(Vuu GAIN).

BOOTH, .u\.t,,1! kRshanah, ~ kappar, AJkumah.

BoOTKAKER~ j'o.I ~ ehakmahd{lZ, j'l- ~ cha.k~-saz, ~ j,ol ka.fsh-duz.

Digitized by Goog I e




Boora (*,"",,,t). 1/ naukar, II.; 'I BOTTLB (of gl4a), u..e. shishah.-

chakar. (of 6IIrtAentDtJre) ,.-. baatu.-(o/

BOOTY, vide PLUNDBB. lIlat/tet") I;u... mat&ra.h, lji-

BoBU, J\Wi tank81, oJ',,. bUrak. , matharah, ~ khig. - (loag-

BORDO (margin), ~I.. huhiyab, I necud bottle or phial) ~'''''

;'uS kanar, 1;'uS bn&rah, (;)'1 surahi.-(large gl4a bottt. or

karan, 4J'I kaninah, I) zih, ~,,, I jl.fuk} At'J kanibah.-(.maQer

dama.n, .;...J lab, ~ hadd, j.r- I ditto) ~ baghali.-(Eaglilh

marz. (Vide BoUlIDS.) black gta. bottle) .}J4 butli

To BoRDU (;),,\eI ~1.. hUhiyab (eur.) , ~}t butrf (eur.}.-(de-

nilWlan; (a4ioift) ~..r.~ canter) t4.A tung.-(1q1Ulre de-

nazdik shudan, (;),u, ~ nazd canter or t:aI6 bottle) ""I.; ch&rpar.

shudan. To BoTTLE, ~':I u..e. At bi-

BoRDBlUNG, ..... ~ nazdik, ~ n&zd. shishah rikhtan.

To BORB (pierce), ~ suftan, BoTTO., Ai tab, C:1f bun, ~ pa,i'n,

(;).._,_ sumbi'dan, (;)4 tl;,.. ,u ka'r, ._A$ kaf.-(ol A coffe&-

surakh kardan. cup, ,tand, or holder) (;)~ Ji)

Bou.u, JI.Io,,\i bRd-i-shim8l. zir-i-tinjan, ~f zarf. - (,tand

BouR, I~ tl;,.. surikh-kunan- or foot of A WIIel, cfc.) ..,...!

dab. ka'b.

BOBll, .,~". maulud, -»,r- mut&- BorroKLEIIS, Ai ~ bi-tah, C:1f ~

vallid, ''''-' paid&, ",_, zad. bi-hun,,....:1 bi-b'r, ~ ~ bi-

To be Boss, (;)",_, z&da.n, (;)...nj kaf, ~ ~ M-p',ln.

za,idan, (;),u, ''''-' paida shudan, BoUGH, t\.eo shakh, .. \.eo .hakhah,

~~ -»j tavallud yaftan, -»,r- EJ' far' (pl. E.v' furu').

(;),u, mutavallid shudan, BoULDU, ~ sang.

To BoRROW (An Article which. 71'ut To BOUNCB, ~ jutan, (;)~

iteilf be rutored), ~,s ;Y! jumbfdan,

'ariya.t giriftan, (;)4 )""'-, BOUND (leap), _ jut, ,,_;...;..

iati'arat kardan. - (moltey or jumbish. - (COfI,pelled) ;,.....

other tMag, for tDhich. an equitHJ- maj bur, .totS labudda, ;I.tu na.

leJtl it to be rutored) ~~ ~ char.-(book) ~ mujallad.

karz giriftan, ~; ,.', vam To be BOUND to, <.r-a\t bay {stan,

giriftan. (;),u, .totS labudda. shudan.

BORROWSB, ;'olJ>j karz-dar. To BOUND, ~ jastan, (;)~

Bosox, ]l bar, ""- B{nah, Jo,c' jumLidan.

aghu.h.- (of a female) vide BOUNDLB8S, ~ ~ bf-badd, 'P\ ~

BRKA.ST. bi-intiha, (;)I.t" ~ Li-p'yan, ..:I

BoBS (of a ehield, tfc., ,tud, OTfttlo -=--i\el bi-nihRyat .

• eat) ~ gnl-mfkh, .... kubbah. BoUNDLE88NB88, ~~, ~ bf-

BoTA.NIST, ~ ~ 'alaf-ehfn, and intihR,i', ~ .... ~ bi-nihayatl.

BoTAlfY, ~ o.AI& 'al&f-chinl.- BoUlIDS, ~ hadd, ~r aar-hadd,

[These are contemptuous terms ;~ sughur, lUA" da.ha.nah, (;)\f

for a science which the Persians karan,;'uS kanar, J\!.- ma.,ail, J,a'

hold in no repute.] akaa, 'PI intiha, ,.".lr" marl-

BoTH, ," j6 bar du, ,..~ ham- bllm,.lr" man,;r- aunur.

d£gar, ~'isnain. (Vide ALSO.) BoulITEOUS,.It~ jaid, ,..; karim,

BoTHU, v..r ta.shvlsh. "rJ',.. javRn-mard.

To BOTBICB, (;)",,, ,~, iZK dadan, HOUlfTY, ,.; karam, ~'f karamat, <;)~~; _j zahmat raBanidan, II. "ata, ~- sa.kha, ..... ,~ .. sakha-

<;)"\,, .... \"- 'azab dadan. ,vat, "'" jlid, J.1.t bazl, ..,,,.,...\ ....

Digitized by Goog I e


javan • mardf, ..... r muruvat, ~~ sam&ha.t.

BOUQUET, 4.:1.." dastah, 4.:I...w.! guldaatah.

B011RSB, Ail. ~'.r- sa.rraf.khAna.h, Ai'*'}"; tijarat.khanah, .u..1 .. 1\ J'" d8ru.'l.mu'ama.la.h.

B011T, AU" daf'ah, <:)~, imtihAn, If karra.h.

Bow, <:)IJ ka.man, 1,)"',. mus.(t1iolin) <:)W ka.man. - (pelletbOtD) <:)W &l~ gulula.h. ka.man, 1Ab".1 <:)W nmn. i. gardh8.(bo1D-.trifl9) &l.t chillah, 6J zih.(bOtD-caB6) <:)I,J kirban, <:)',- misvan.-{Aonu of II bow), <:)I.S u.,r gusha.h.i.ka.man.-(bow or pom· mel of II laddie) ~J u.f kUha.h.i. ZIn, I,)"'JfJl ka.ra.bus.-(minbotO) ej 1,)"',. ,k,!,uS-i;kuza.h, ~ ~ shawsblr-J.·al!, .a.\U <:)W broan. i-falak, - (bow. maker) yf <:)W

kamim-gar. .

Bow (ret7t'rence), ,~ r sar-furu, ~Jf k(u'nish, t-fJ ruku'.

To Bow, <:)"f ,-L satHOl kardan, <:)"f ". r: sar.iuru kardll.u.

BOWBLS, 6"» rudah ( pl. \A,,» rudaha), J,- mi'a (pl. '-, 110m'''), 1.4 hash. (pl. u..., absha).

BowBB, vide ARB011R. BoWL, .... ~ kasah.

To BOWL, <:)-¥II.LA ghaltanldan, <:)olf j4 1,$.1 gUI.biz kardan.

BoWLER, )1, \.$.1 gUi.baz, J4 'i1-


BoWLS (game) 1,$)4 'if- t(lpah.bazl. BOWSPRIT, ... W' kamanah.

Box (chat), J,..u.. sllond(lk, <:),~ ya.khdan.-(maall chell or bO'..IJ) ..... ,..u.. sandukchab, ..... Ii kab.(tree) ol~ shimshAd, v-II bakS,}ol ~ kfshah.dHr.-(little btr.J, lUCk 1M muff' • boe, pillboz, &c.) dJl kuti.-(caBket, or boz bound to,th iroi clamp.) \.$"... mijri.~caBe or boz oj wood or leather) ....... ja'bah.-(boz or • ,neall prea, like a medicine cke.t, lull of dmwer. and co""part. menu) ~ pilh-takhtah.-


(earthenware boz for laving money in) .aUS' kulluk. - (at tkp,atre) j lazh (eur.).-(private boz) ...,,,..,.. j lazh.i.ma.khsUa (eur.).

Box on the ear, .J.- sfH, Jw..,r gush.mal.

To Box (jigkt), <:)"J .......... musht


Boxaa, (:)J ~ musht-zan. BOXING, <:)"J ~ musht-zadan. Boy, rl pisar, ..Joll kudak. (Vide


BOYHOOD, vide BABYHOOD. BRACE (pair), ~ juft, J'" jur. To BRACE, ~ bastan.

BUCELET, ~" dast-ba.nd, I;lt

yarab, ~, ala.ngu.

BucEs, .Uf J';' shalvar.ba.nd. BRACKET, • .,\;0..\ iet&da.b. BRACKISH (1M we&t6r), J'" shur. BRAD, ~ mfkh,

To BRAG, vide To Bour. BBAH.AN, ~ barha.man. BRAID (lace), <:)Il.ei kaitan.

BBAIN, y"" maghz, tlv-ol dimagh, ~ mukhkh. - (hare.bmined.) J y..- bi-maghz.

BIU;.~LE, (~laclrberry), ~f -1 tut-l.kuhl.

BRAN, I,)"'~ sapUs, AI"'" nukhi\lah. BRANCH, ",de B011GH.-{of a "t1er) ......... shu'bat, \.$,... jM,~,.. jub (vulg.).

BRAND (mark of cautery), t'" dagh.-(burning .tick) , j,.-oi nim.sUz.

To BRAND, <:).,.1 t\ol dagh kardan. To BRA.NDISH, <:).lIW' afshandan, (:)~ kaahidan.

BRANDY, J~ 'arak.

BRUS. 1Jf birinzh, f!!Jf birinj,

1,)"''-< nabRs.-(bTalet~) ~Jf


Bu VII:, f1ide BOLD.

BRA VO, -~,. marhaba.n, ", ", vab. dh, I:)'!j' alidn, v'o4\..eo sha\bRsh, cIlllAolv- mashallah. - (a bravo) Jf6" ~, ahan.khwur .

BRA WL, I~,.c 'arbadah, Joo\.w6\ ightishuh.

Digitized by Goog I e


To BRAY (CU aa au), (:).Jf ~ , 'arar kardan, (:).J\.J IJ'J zarah dadan.

BBAZlD,·~ mia-gar. BRAZIL-WOOD (a red dye), ,...

bUm. .

BBllACH, ..J"'" ahikaf, '_J riklmah, ~ ahikastagl, IJ\A.. mugharah.

To BRBACH (a toall), ~\.. IJ\A.. mngb&rah aakhtau.

BRUD, (:)\1 nan, "'J~ cburak.-

t "ale4"ened bread), ",,.w (:)'u nani-fatirf.-(lea"eaetl bread) r:Ju ~ nan - i - khamiri. - (tAid: bread cake) sW- knmaj, .wknmich.-( bread baked OR an iroa ler&Ier) u't"~ (:)'u nu-i-aajl. I -(bread baketl oa leated !lra"el) ~ 1:J'u n&n-i-aangU.-(thi1&,' bread in ,heet.) Jo'; r:JU nan-ilavaahl, .. ,. r:J'u nan-i-yukhah.(barley bread) 1.1l,... r:J'u nAn-i- I javin. ~ kaahkinah.-(,tGle bread] o=.>~ r:J1J wln-i-bayi,t, r:Ju I lolil.. nan-i.mKndah.

BRBADTH, ~ pabn, "'s~ pahna,i, ~:r 'arz. '-""'J farakhi, }>I kutr.

BRBAK OF DAY, ,_. aahar, e.subh,

To BREAK, (traM.) ~ Bhikaatan, r:J.JI ;;,~ l.arab kardan.(intra1ll.). 8hikaatan, IJ~ r:J,u, pKrah Bhudan.-(cu a tough ,ulntall('e, to ,nap), ~ gusfkhtun, ~ gU8uBtI~n.(traM.) 1:J""oiW' gU8i18nidan.-(a promue, etc.) (:).J~ ~ faakh nimudan, ~ ahikaatau, r:J"j 1':. jir zadan (vrtlg.).-(tallU!) ~ I:J"'.J ta'Itm dadan, j.r"' _.J r:J.J:f daIIt - alUuz brd&n. - (ia piece,), r:J.,f IJ'4 IJ~ parah p&rah kar.lan, ~~ .JJ~ khwurd aakh. tan, r:J.J:f ~ pakh8h kardan.(a .ml) ~'.J " bar·daahtan.(to 1weak witA tJ per'01&) }J ~ j' 1:J,u, r:J'''~ as kaai ru-ganUn 8huuan.-(to break up, AI "" a •• enrbly) (tnMu.) ~ ~



salam .hikaatan; (inlmM.) ,.-]1 r:J"J~ bar.ham khwurdan. - (to bred: down) (intrcm •. ) r:J.J" ~ shik8.lltah Mdan.

BRBAD'ABT ("ight _I takeR very l'arly), \;aU naebta.-(mI'41 taI.:en nl'4r noon) J'" nabar, y...t,1.t cha.ht.

BRBAlT, ""- a{nah,]I bar, J,w udr. -(brecut. of tJ tD07II4II) ... ~ piat&nha, ~~ lutain.

BRBABTWORKS, ... \" • \ istihka·

mat, J=.- aangur.

BRUTH, ,.., dam, ,,_,..M nalaa.(bAd brlltllA) r:J'ub.J ..,..J,- 'urlinati.dah&n.-(lcutbretJl1)~Jramak. -(.lwrt-brI'4tA) v4'1' ~ sib'n·nafaa.

To BRBATHB, r:J.Jj ,.., dam zadan, r:J~,,_,..M nafaa kash{dan.

BRucHD, }y. lhalyar.-(lmee. breechu) IJi ,.cJ }y. aha.lvar.i. nim.tana.h.

BRBECH.LOADBB,JJ Ii tab-pur. BRBED (race), J-' 8.111, J-I nasI, ~ jins, "'1 nizhad, ""'JJ surriyat. -(cTo ... b'·fll'd), ~ ,., uti. rag. (ride FAMILY, TRIISB.)

To BRBKD, vide To BRING I'ORTH. BRBBZE, "..-J naaim, .J~ bad. BREVET, ~J rutabi.

BREVITY, J~' ikhtiaar, JI..:;J' iktillir.

To Buw, ~~ aakhtan.

BBlBE, .... ,.J riehvat, Jo,' irsh, IJ~ pal"a.h.

BRICI[ (unbumt), ......u. khisht.(burnt) _,.., ajur, J"" ajlir.(kil") IJf kurah, ~ _,.., 1;/ k{U··doh.i.llj ur.pazi.-(dut) '-""r Burkhi. - (brick-burntr) J' 1'" ajur.paz.-(brirklayer) \.If banna. - (brick. maker) r:J_r&oL khilht· zan. - (brick. making) .JI....;.M,. khiabt-lUali.

BRIDAL TROUSSEAU, j\eo. jab liz, "'''J, vardak.

BRIDB, 1.1'"»" 'aruli. BRIDB.CHAJ(BKR, ~ hijlah, 1;"jilvab, J~' ......, hlloitu. '8 • aurur.

Diqitized by Goog I e

BRIDEGROOM, ')\.0,') damad. I BRIDGE, ~ pul, r+ jisr, ..s.f I kurpi, ,)ft purd.-(BUBpenBion bridge) ~?) ~ pul-i-zanjiri.(of the "ose) 4111' anfah, J~'" t,\.o') bar - amadagi-i-dimagh.-

(of Paradise) )~ janfvar, 1.".. sirat, 1.'1" ~ pul-i-sirat, .

BRIDLE, (;Jw,. 'inan, ,.\.0) zimam.(bit of bridle) &.IA') dahanah, )r.' ab-khwur.-(frontlet) v-L (;J'ft magas-paran.-(chain) &.60) rashmah.-(nose-bridle), J~ mihar. - (reins) ,.~ lijam, ,.W ligam, y.. jilau. - (ornamented tIJOTk 0" the head of a bridle), J 4lS" killah-gi. - (head-stall), )W' afsar.

BRIEl', ~ mukhtasar.

BRlnLY, )\.;;.L')y., bi-taur-i-ikhtisar.

BRIG (two-masted veuel) ,,) )\e.

..}J,) jahH.z-i-du-dakaH.

BRIGADIER, ",s J'C"" mfr-i-liva., BRIGAND, (;J~) rah-zan. BRIG~D;'-GE, ....J~) rah-sanf, If'~


BRIGHT, ~.2J raushan,)r- munavvar, ~ munfr, ),,) fb,... jauhardar, ~, lami',...;. jalf, (;J~),) dirakhshan, (;J~\; tabRn, )'olf\; tabdar, ~\.. sati', (;Jw.) rukhshRn. (Vide MERRY, CLEVER.)

BRIGHTNESS, ~Jl raushanf, ....J~\; tabini, ..... \; tab, ~\; tlibish, J~) rakhshandagi.


BRIMSTONE, ,);!,r gugird, ~~ kiLrit.

BRINE,),. ..... , ab-i-sh6.r.

To BRING, (;J,)),' avardan, (;J,)),' ~\.. hazir avardan.-(forth, to bear) (;J,)'J zadan, (;J~) za,idan, ,~ (;J,)~ paid" kardan, (;J,)~ J- ~, vaz'-i-haml kardan.-( up, to rear) (;J,?-V' parvardan, ~j (;J,)~ tarblyat uimudan, .,...iWo.. (;J')_rW hizanat nimudan, - (to bring back) (;J~',).f]l bar-gardanfdan, (;J,)),' ..l,,"'j nazdik avar-



dan.-(to bring before) (;J,)f )\.a' ihzar kardan.-(to bring together) (;J,)),' ~"'j nazdik bardan.

BRINJAL (tgg-plant), (;J""',)~ badin-. jan.

BRINK, ~ Ja.b,)US kanar, ,,)US kanarah, (;J'f karin.

BRINY,),. shur.

BRIOCH, ~f (;JU nAn-i-kuchik, sW"kumaj.

BRISK, vide ACTIVE.-(l,·ade) s'JJ rav"j.

BRISTLE, ,.. mu.

To BRISTLE, (;J,u, ~ ]I bar pa shudan, (;J,)~' -=-') rast fstRda.n.

BRISTLY, ~ khashin.

BRITISH AGENT, ... .:.oJ,') JcS, ~, vakil-i-daulat-i-bahfyahi-inglfsf, U'",J~ b&lyUs.

BRITTLE, ~;\. nazuk, ...w tunuk, ~ abikastanf, ')j turd (vulg.).

BROAD, ~ pahn, l.Iel pahna, !.I'!,a

'ariz,~, wasi', t't farakh .

BROADCLOTH,~,.\.o mahuL BROCADE (cloth of gold,&:C.I, ~)) zarf. BROKEN-IN (horse), ,.? r;m.

BROKER, J',) dallal,) simsar.

BRONZE, (;J~ chudan.

BROOCH, 4..\._ JS gul-i-sfnah, IJ~ sanjAk.-(t{) wear a brooch), (;J,)J IJ~ sanjak zadan.

BROODING, ~ gham-gfn. BROOK, ~,... jUl, ..... ,.. jub (tJUZg.). BROOM, ..... JJ~ ja-rub. - (plant)

~)~ barishln, ~) ratm.

BROTH, ~),. shurba, ..::-e.,s ..... , ab-ig{lsht.-(of rice) .w. shullah.

BROTHEL, .u16. ~ khail-khanah, .u16. J},IS kavala-khlmah, .u16. I.Ij zina-khimah.

BROTHER, ),)'.JI biradar, t' akh.(full) ~ ),)'" biradar-i-tain.e+ (half) ~ ),)'.JI biradar-sulbi, ~ ),)'.JI biradar-i- batnf. [The first IS a brother by the father's, the second by the mother's, side.J-(elder) r..- ),)'" biridar-imihtar, Jo',)',) dadashi, vtJ''',,) dada,ish (mdg.). - (younger) ,. ;,)']1 bir'dar-i-kihtar, IS\! Uk. (tJUlg.). - (aOOpted) ),)'.JI


Digitized by Goog I e


~'''' biridar-khwanda.h.-(fOBfer), ~ J"~ binldar-i-ham, shir, .,s:'y) )"'ft birRdar-i-rizu.'i.(-in-law, wi/e's brothcr) '=') )"~ biradar-zan, ~rA ham-rish.(Ia""band's brother) t-,. )"~ biddar-i-ehauhar. - (twin brother) ,.-'j )"'J biradar-taua.,m, )"~ .J~ biradar-jumbUli. - (sister'. A""band) At)l' ayaznah.(wife's Bi,ter'. lamband) ~'.t.t.lb ham-d&ma.n.

BROTHERHOOD, 1.S)"'Jf biradari, ... ,..' ukhuvat, ..... ~,,.. mu-,' vakhat. (Vide &cIETY, BAND.) BROW, vide FOREHEAlJ, EYEBROW. BROWN, ),. bur, "...' asmar, r.JJS I ,=,1 gandum 'g(m, &) a~ timh-

l'&Dg.-(dark broum) ~ mlkhaJd.-(a hOTBe) ~ at karahkahar,)" bur.

To BROWSE, '='.IiJt charfdun, BRUISE, ~I kuftagi.

To BRUISE, ~I kUfta.n. BRUNETTE (of dark complexion),

>'- sabz.

BR178H, ~»~ ja-rub, ~ .tl~ plikkun.-( clothes-brlUh) ~\.. ..... ,..\.. ~ mu.hut-su.f-kun.-(hair-bTu.h) ~ ~\.. I.S,.. mM - sRi - kun.(paintcr's bru.h) ,.. ,Jl kalam-imu.-(nail bl'u,',) ~ ~\.. ~\I nakhun-saf-kun.

'fo BRUSH, ~) ruftan, ~\.. ..... ,..\.. 4 ,=,"';'.tl~ ~ bli-mahut-sM-kun pak kardau. - (to bl"U8h off) '='~~ takRnidan, ,=,";.tl~ pak kardan, ,=,.IolW' afshlindan.

BRUSHWOOD, \ei,. buta.ha. BRUSQUE, ~", ..:I bf-adab. BRUSQUBNESS, ..:I'" ..:I bf-adabf. BRUTAL, d',... haivani, --")"


BRUTALITY, ~''''' haivRniyat, ~)" durushtf.

BRYONT, I.SjIfrU tajrizi. BUBBLB,~~hubab.-(toblowbubblu) ~\o. ~~ hubab sakhtan.

To BUBBLE, '='~~ jushidan, ...;.,.,.. '='~, bi-jrish ama.dn.n.,;l ~~ '=''')" hubab bar-avardan.



BUBO, .tl)~ khiYRrak, "4 bad. , BUCK, '='J,s gavazn.

BUCKET, y" daly, J," dul, ",~4 baldi (Aind.) - (of metal) Jlsatl.-(large leathern bucket for drawing teatef') ,IS a"t J," d(lli-chILh-gRV.-(bucket of Jlezibl,. hide eztentied on a Map) 11'- J," dul-i-aufrah.

BUCJCLE, ~ saga.k. BUCKLER, w- sipar.

BUD, 6J,u. shikUfo.h, .....,.. gh unchah, &yi tunza.h, ...ss tukrnah, y-.;.! guml)'

To BUDGE, ,=,"; ~~ ha.ra.ka.t kardan, '='~ jumblda.n.

BUDGET, fi~ , J6." At,',.. wuvlizo.nah-i-dukhl u kharj,

BUFFALO, ~IS gamish, vo,.."'jnm(ls.

BUFFET, ,=,',." divan, y-A" da.fto.r. BUFFETING (lIXWt"), ,-Jo1::.- mutn.iiLtim.

UUFFOON, a~ ma.skharoJl, ..)-y luti.

BUG, voL. SRS, ~ lIurkha.k.(larye paiB01wUI bug) 61.- millah.

BUGBEAR, J~ gh ul, y; lulu.

I BUGLE (hOT,,), )~ awfur,)~ shaipur.-(oblVl'9 bead) Al; lula.h.

BUGLER, .,ft)~ IIhaifur-chi. BUGLOSS (kerb), ,=,4) ,IS gILv-zabu.ll, )fl' ,=,W lisanu-'s saur.

'fo BUILD, ~I.. saldlhm, ..... )~ ,=,"; 'imarat karda.n, ,=,"; ~ ta.'mir kardan, '='.)~ bid kardan.

BUILDER, l.It bll.DDa, d4 bani, J......,_mi'mar.

BUILDING (house), l.It bina, "'J~ 'imarat, '='~ bunyan.

BUILT, loUt U, bina-ahudah, ~ mabni, ),..- rna'mur.

BULB (bulbolU root), )~ piyaz,

J.t basal.


BULKY, JUj tUfal, ,._.... jaafm, BULL, ,IS t nar-gllv, i ,IS gRv-i-

oar,)1 saur,

BULLKT, Al:}b ghululah, Aly.s gulrilah, 6IS gullah.


Digitized by Goog I e


BULLY, (:)j u, Uf-zan. To BURY, (:),l~ ~,l dafn kardan,

BULRUSH, ~,lJ'b hirdf, &r khunag, (:),l~lo£ll&. khak kardan.

~ khunag. BURYING-GROUND, (:)\:;....),f gunstan,

BULW ARK, ~ sangur, »4 baril, (:)I.....pi kabristan, 1I;ti'- makba.ra.h,

11)4 barah, IJ"r matars. (:)u....;~ mazaristan, v-) rams,

BULWORKS (0/ a ,hip), a},.,l d{varah. (:)u.,.-I&.,... shahr-i-khamu.shan.

BUMP, vide LUMP, SWELLING. (LiteMUy, " city 0/ the silent.")

To BUMP, "ide To DUH against. BUSH, Ii,. butah, 0,:..6),l dirakht.

BUMPTIOUS, ~u. taghf,;"... magh- BUSHY, tu. ~ pur-shakh, Ii,. ~

rur ~y. yaghl, ~ r: sar-kash. pltr-Mtah.

BUN, ",j kurs. BUSINESS, )'I! kar, )\f J )'I! kar va

BUNCH, u-,-. khushah,~,l dastah. bar, ~ 'amal, ,...' amr, JA60

-(0/ f!"apes) ),t:J' U-r khUshah- shughl, J\.. hRl.-(concern) J&.,l

i-angur.-(o/ dates) ~ pan", dakhl, lot) rabt, )IS Hr, Al~

.)F 'ankud.-(a ,trand or por- 'a.lakah.-(important affair) ,..,.

tion oj the bunch) Al\...; risalah, muhimm (pl. ,.\e-o mah&mm).-

~ tilingah. (hoU6e 0/ busineB') AiI&.)1S kar-

BUNDLB, &.o-f bastah, ~ buk- kbanah.-(to do b1UineBB) &1.eu...

chah. (:),l~ mu'ama.la.h kardan.

BURDI:N,)4 bar, J- haml.-(beaBt BUST, f-"'" mu~assam, ....... ,_.".

0/ burden) }oJj )4 bar-bardar,)4 4JJ mujaseam-i-nisf-tanah.

,Jbar-g{r. BUSTARD, ~~ hubara, IIJI"- hu-

BURDENSOME, -=-- __ sakht. ba.ra.h, IIj"-' ahubarah. - (large

BUR.AU (of administration, &c.), bustard, otis) ~y. tM, t'.) u,,l

(:)'JloJ divan, Ail&. ~.) daftar- dUf-dagh. - (,nw.U b1Utard or

khanah, Ail&. )IS kar-khalnah. florican) J~j zangibal,~charz.

BURIAL, ~.) dafn. BUSTLE (hurry, tumult), \b_,b

BURIED, ~.) dafin, (:)J'.l.e madflm., ghaugha, ~ ghulghulah, ),.

BUBLY, ,_.". mujassam, ~ I shUr.-(padding) ~U) rifa'at.

zakhlm. I BuSY, J,u.- mashghtil, "r r: sar-

To BURN, (traM.) (:)~'j,- suzan{· garm.

dan, (intrans.) ~,- sukhtan. BUSYBODY (officiou, per,on), Jr'

BURNING, (:)'j,-suzan, lJ"_'muhrik. 'I fuzul, u~ taftaf.

BURNING-GLASS, u-t-'1 ~ 'ainak- BUT, ~ Hkin, ~ lakin, \..,

j;~tishi: ~, ~ 'ainak-i- amma,~, vaH, ~ balkih.

aush-gtr. (Vide EXCBPT, UNLJ:88.)

To BURNISH, ~L. ~ mujalla BUTCUKR, ~W kassab.-(butcher',

sAkhtan, (:).),.») zidUdan, ~'.)Jt ,tall) ~W (:)IS.) dukan-i-kasub,

pardakhtan, (:)4 Jae.o saikal Ail&. ~w kassab-khanah.-

kardan. (butcher', rowo/meat-hookB), II)W

BURROW, t'),.. surakh, ~ nakb. kannRra.h.

To BuBBOw, (:).)~ t'),- surikh kar- BUTI:EB, II naukar, ~¥-- sufrah-

dan, (:).)j ........ nakb zadan. chl.-(rqyal butler, wlw accom-

To BUB,ST, (:)J.clj tark {dan , o£ll.;- paniee the king when travelling)

(:)ol.Io chak shudan, (:)ol.Io a)~ parah }oJ ~, ab-dar.

shudan, (:)~j tarak{dan, (:)~ I BUTT (target), u~ hadaf, AiUJ

pak{dan.-(as a boil, or ab,ces,)' niahanah. - (wine) lot bat (e"r.),

(:)ol.Io ~ munfajir shudan, 6.!J ~ pipa (eur.).-(oj' a mu,ket)

(:).)~)4 rah-baz kardan, (:)~ I 1J'.u.i &i tah-i-kundak.

pa.fddan.-(/orth, as a ,prilJfJ 0/ To BUTT, (:)oJj A1S' kaJah zadan, r

water, .fc.) ~ j bar-jastan. (:).)j sar zadan.

Digitized by Goog I e


BUT'HB, If karah, ,IS If karah-igav, .u:.;.... maskah (obB.).-{clari- I fled butter) ~» raughao, ,IS ~» raugban-i-gav. - (butter - milk) I t,~ ~, ab - i - dtigh. - (melted butter) ~ raugban.-(mlt butter) )",s..; af karah-i-namak-dar.

BUTTBBJ"LT, Ai'~ parvanah, .,)~ a\.l. shah-parak.

BUTTOCKS, ~,.. surin, -=-, ust,]I~ dubr, ~ ~ ja,l-i-nishastan, JAS' kafa!.

BUTToN, &.J~ dugmah, ~ tukmah.-(hole) J.l .... madagl.

BUTTREss, SJf burj.

To BUT, (:).If~ kharldan, (:)o.l~ 'r--' ishtira ninnidan, (:).If t~' ibtiya' kardan, ~'.l ]I bar-dashtan.-


(to buy back) ~J"- U"i pas khandan.-{buying ar«lselling, tmlk) ...;.". ,~ kharid u furush, .ll.l ~ , dad T& sitad, A1.e\a.. mu'amalah, ,,... , l!e' bai' u shirR.

I BUYBR, ~r-- mushtari.

To Buzz (aB a fly), (:).If Ai) rinnah karJan, (:)4 w, vizvaz kardan.

BY, j' az, j zi, ~ bi, AI bi, \r ba, ~.r. pahlui.-(by chance) -U\Ail ittifabn, "\b_,e 'arzau.-(by degrees) t!;i!)"'-=i bi-tadrij, oLt.).lf oLt.)" darajah bi-darajah, ...... ~ ...... , ahistah abistah.-(by all means) AA,l' albattah, ""').r" ]II bi-har surat, ~,;fl bi-har vajh.

BuwAT, ~I kucbah.

CABAL, .lW fas&d, ~ man.

CABBAGB, ,J$ kalam. i

CABIN (in a ship), ;,Ju.., utak,

~jl kutarl (hind.).

CABINET, ~ pish-takhtah. CABLE, voJi kala, £\Ioi kataj,)\.s! 'umar (esr.).

CACOPHONY, ~ lahn, j',l.lf bad-


CAD, vide BLACKGUARD. CADDIS-WORK, Ai,.. surfah. CADENCE, Aoil.i kafiyah. CAGE, v.Iai kafas, vaAl kafas.

To CUOLE, (:),,~ ""''.J'~ mudarat nimudan, (:).l~ ~ tahmfk nimudan, (:).l~ 1o.S~) rfshkhandf nimudan.

CUOLBBY, ""''.J'~ mudarat, ..rf~.:'-t ch&plusi,Io.S~) r1shkhandl.

CAU, a.l:! girdah, ~ kulfchah, s4Skum&j.

CALABA.8H (cup or bowl made from the shell of the caJnJxuh. fruit), IN' kachkUl, J~ kashkul.

OALA.JlITY, ...... , Mat, , aslb,

.........- muslbat, ~ bal&, I.e",,", sadm&h, ~ nakmat, ,j#'. .If bad-ba.khtf, ~ sakht£.


To CALCULATE, (:)o.lf ~\..... hisab kardan, (:).l""" shimurdan.

CALCULATION, ~\.-. hisl&b,"_~ muhasabah,)4t. shimAr, J~ shimurdagi, "l.w ti'dad, Ajf.lol' andalzah, "),']1 bar-avard.


CALF, 6lL.,s' gusalah, ~ kahrah.(of the leg) JL. u-e.,r gusht-i-sak.

CllIBRE (of a gun) A.IA.l dahauah, )r 4l:JS guhilsh-khwur, )~ 'iyar.

CALICO (chintz), ~ chit, i~ kalam-kar.

To CALK, (:)..I~ ~JI! ~ fatllah-

karl ninnidan. .

To CALL (su1Ilmon), '='~'" khwandan, (:)"f ..,...J.L talab kardan, ..,...J.L

~,,, talab daahtan, ~'" khwast&n.-(in the morning)}~ (:)4 bfdar kardan.-(alotull ~4 (:)o.lj hang zadan, (:).l'.l jl,~ avaz dadan, (:)"j '''''"' sada zadan.(name) (:)~I; namfdan, (:)o.l)lM,.1;

nam guzardan, (:)",,, ,...' ism dadan, ~ guft&n. - (proclaim an ititUlTatnt trade, sale, &c.»)~ (:)..Ij jar zadan.-(to ,naie a call) ~J ~ pfsb raftan, <:J""J J)M'l

Digitized by Goog I e


bi-manail ra.ftan, ~) .it., J\t , .it., dfd u baiz.did raftan. - (ta be caUed) ~,.) ,...' ism daahtan.

CALLBD (entitled), J,.- musamma. CALLIGRAPHY, .." f""') rasmu.'l. kha.tt, ....... ~ khwush.khatt.

CALLOSITY, 6.1\., danah. (ViM CORN.)

CAL)[ (f1o,cid) , Ii~)' armidah, Ii.,,.., asudah, ~\.. sakin, r')' aram.-(as v:eather) ,-t~ mula. yam.-(ta be calm) (:)"_,.s ~}.,.,~ I khwud·darl nimtidan.

To CALM, (:)~'.J' aramida.n.-(to calm onuelf) ~~ r'J' aram giriftan.

CALMNBSS (plo,cidneu), J~)' armldagi, J""" asudagl, --'J rahat, ,.'J' aram.-(,ea) ~~ mulayamat.

CALO)[mL, Ii,* jivah, ...... Ii~ jivah.i.safld.

CALTHROPS (a kind of tAi.tk; alto a ball of iron lUrrounded tDith tpike" to tOOund the feet of an in· tJading army), ..l....L khasak, ~ khanjak.

'ro CALUJ[NIA.TB, ~ ~ bad guftan, (:).1/',.' iftira kardan, ~ (:)~ buhtan bastao.

CALU)[NIATOR, J'.»' (:)~ buhUn. andaz, (:)\tJ .1! b&d·zaban, ,.W nammam.

CALUMNIOUS, ~ mufsid. CALUMNY, .-..; tuhmat, 'r" iftira, (:)~ buhtan, ..._A ghibat, """'lla.. si'ayat.

CA.)[BL,~ shutur,~, ushtur, J... jamal, I,.) divah.-(riding) ~ bukhti, },.. ~ shutur-i-suvar, -(,he) • .,\,e ~ shutur-i-madah, I AlU nakah.-(camel-dri"er) fA I (:)\t ahutor.ban, (:)~;l.. sarban.

CAMBLmON, \f_,. hirha, (:),..u,. bu. blamun.

CABBLBOP ABD, 4 ,IS,.... shuturgav.palaog, U')J za.rr8.f.

CABBL'S.THORN (a prickly ,"rub), ,.... J'I. khAr.i.sbutur.

CABmo, t.:5Jl.. "s .... khatim.sazi. CABOMILII, 6i,.\t babUnah.


CABP, 11S:f-t.l lashkar.gah,,s-mu'sekar, ,.)} urdu, ~ hasham, oj,,,, uturak. - (camp.market) )'J~ ,.)} urdu.baizar.-( camp fol• lower,) f.tJ lIS 4..\f bunsh-gah-ilaRhbr, &l~) rajjalah.

To CABP, (:).)j ).,Iot chadar zadan, (:)."., )'" ,"} urdu brar dadan.

CABPHOB, J_,J'" kRfl1r.

CANAL,:;eJ nahr, ~ft" jUl, ~r jub (wlg.). - (IUbterraneotu Wle AQUEDUCT.

CANABY, (:)u..., )~ ha.zal'.dastan. To CANCEL, (:).)f ,..,. mahv brdan, ~,.) j ha.r.dashtan, (:)"_,.s t:-S naakb nimudan, (:).1/ ~ fukh kardan,

CANCEB (di.eale), (:)u.".. saratan, I)~ khwurah.-(Iign oflOdiac) "ide ZODIAC.

CANDBLABBA, "ide CRANDBLIEB. CANDID, ~ mukhlia, 6.Iu.,.. mukblisanah, ~k' ikhl&s. mand, oJ.ll.. sadik.

CANDIDATE, h~' umld.var.

CANDLE, ~ .ma.m'. - (,tick)

(:),~ sham'.dau, J~ pi.suz. [The la.tter is a tall candelabrum, having a little cup on the top. in which a wick is placed in melted tallow.]

CANDOUB, t.:5J~'; rast-buI,~' ikhlas, oj ..... aidk.

CANB, d nai.-(,tick) ~rt chub, ~'asa.

CANNIBAL, }~ ,..,~ mardumkhwar,}~ r.l' adam.khwar.

CANNON, ...,.1 tup.

CANNON. BALL, ..:I.i oily! guhilah-i-


CANOB, os,u faluka.h.

CANON, liolAU ka'idah, (:)iU kanuo. CANONICAL, diU kanun!. CANOPUS, Jet.. suhail.

CANOPY, (:)~l.. salaMn,M' chatr, (:)'».1\.6, sh&durvao.


CANTBJilN, 6.1'1. ..s- mai.khaoah, 1Jw..:rto shurb.khanah.

To CANUB, ~) .s..J.)Jl yurta.mah raftan,~) ""Jj1 y6rtamab raftan.

Digitized by Goog I e


CABTIlABIDBS (SpaAith fly), t'.J'; zurrah (pl.r:J.})J zararlb),.&un1 ala kuIang.

CANTO, 1J\I.e makAla.h.

CANTON, ,.)~ buhik, CANTONJ[BNTS, ,');\ urdu, a\! ;LtJ

laahkar-gab. .

CAlIVAS (cloth), ~ palaa.

CAl', Il! kulAb, AI! kuIab, ~.f' 'arak-chin.-(Perrima cap of b~k lamb-IkiA) uZ-Jl Il! kulah - ip6sti.-(cap of brown Jelt, tDOm by 1M l-oorer claaeB) "'~ Il! kulah-i-namadi.-{ piACh. or incltmtatim& iA the PerMA cap) .... ;. Il! taraf-i-kulah, ai$' u.,r gu.hahi-kulah.-(cloth top of the PerMA cap), ,.)rJ! kalla.tark, Il! AI! keJla.h - i - kulab. - (,ivU - cap) ~ 'arak-glr, ~ 'a.rak"Ch!U. - (Aight-cap f a~ shabkulah.-(Turkith cap) oJ",1l kR,uk, ~ kalpak.-(Darvish', cap) s\i taj.-( percuuio1& cap) ~ IU$" kulah-i- tufang.

To CAP (tier,eB), (:J,)f 1_,e\.L.e musha'a.ra.h kardan. [ A fa ... ourite amusement with tbe Persians.] CAPABILITY, ~\J kabiHyat, -=,. kuvat.

CAPABLB, Jt\l kAbil, JaS laUk, )')\1 kadir, u'i tavana.

CAPACIOUS, !.I'!.f' 'ariz, ~, ... asl', ~', ... asi'.

CAPACITY, y liyakat, ~\J ka-

biHyat, )-'i kudmt, )'.uJ' ikti-

dar')J.iIo- makdur, .... \i bib, ')'.-:..1 isti'dad, ~ bais{vat, ~J r: sar-rishtab.-(,ite) aj'.»' and'zah, J-'i kadr, ~ gunja,uh.

CAn (point of land), VO') ras, r sar, .... ;. taraf.

CAPER (.hrub), r-S kabar.

CAPITAL (chief city), .LI.I...J' ;t,) daru-'s-sa.ltanab, li~' J',) dam'l-kbilafat, .L.~';to) daru-'Ihukumah, ~ "'~ pa{-takht.(of a pillar) £li taj.-(,tock) "ide STocJ[.




CAPITULATION, ,.J--l ta.sHm. CAPON, ~ ty- murgb-i-khasf,

. ~ VO~ khurus-i-khasl.

OAPRICB, (lib, vabm, J\eoL. khayal,

"'r,)~ khwud-sari.

CAPRICIOUS, loS"\; '),. khwud-rai, (:Jywe muWavvin.

CAPRICIOUSNBSS, ","'J '),. khwud-



OAPSTAN, f=JJ tJ't charkb-i-Iangar. CAPTAIN, vo-f) ra,is, (:J',)~ kapudan

(eur.).-{aatJal) vo-fJ ra,is, ',)ru nakhuda.

OAPTIV., r' ulr, )\;;J;f giriftar, 1,))1 bardah, vo,..,. mahbu., ja.) dCl (vulg.).

OAPTIVITY, 1oS)\;;Jf giriftarl, ~ bandagi,.t.If band, -'01 bid, IoSr' &sid, ,..' USf, ~ habs, oJu....,) dust&k.

OAPTOR, eli fatih. CA~UBB, 1oS)\;;Jf giriftAri.

To CAPTURE, vide To TAKE prisoner.


OARAVAN, (:J'»IS kanan, cIl..'.J rahila.h, .wU kafila.h, ~ '{r.

CARA ... ANBARY, ",\;-,'»IS karvanBarRi, (:J~ khan, 104) ribat, loS',.. sa.ral, AIlS, vakalah. - (smaU caraf1Q,1UIQ,ry wkere fll4Avfacturer, lodge) ~ timchah.

CARAWAY, . It,,$' karviya.

OARBINB, ~ tufang, A..r.ot'J mabfuah (cur.).

CARBINBBR, ~ tufang-chl. CARBONIC, .J'l.AJ zughali, ~ fahml.

CARBUNCLB (gem) oj'» ravak. CARCASS, ~, lash, u.S laahah, J',)ymurdar, ..._. mayyit, A.ze..- Inayyitah, ~ jaifah, v..s na'sb.

CARD (paBte-board), J,,a.- mnkav... a. - (E"1li.k playing caTCh) ~ ganJ ffah, ~ ganjifah, oj), varak. - (Per,m1l pkr.ying caTCh) vo\A..1 &so&s.

To Ouo (cotton), (:J.)f ~,. ha.lIaji

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ka.rdan, (:)..!j ~ pambah zadan. (Vide COTTON.)

CARDA.UKS, J.ca hil, JAo hil, 6li\i kAkulah.

CARD-CASE, (:),., ~ tikat-dan (eur.).

CARDER, (:)j ~ pambah-ssn.

CARli: (attention), ;S-i fikr, ~, aigahi, IIt-/ tarajjuh, ~.»' andish&h, ~ himmat,? khabar, J4eo sbughl, Jw., ishtighlH, ..... ,~ mubalait, u.a., i'tina.(caution) r khabar, ~;'..!J"'khabar-dar], l.~' ihtiyat,).i.. hazar, 6\"'=>' intibaih, ~)~,.. hlish-yairi, ..... ]It"'i basirat,..J4 Ii.ll..! didah-bRnI.-(anzietyor BorrOW) ',~ parva, ~ gbam, Ii,.»\ andUh, ~o.l dil-tangi,.,j'Vi t&,annl, u.a.\ i'tina, .... \jw, iztiraib, ,-3' alam, .j-!~ tashvlsh.-(attena.. ance) ~)u..ft pa.ra.stari, )I..."i tim{lr, ..J4 liollo.l didah-baini.( tDant of care, protection., or patro7WA}e) ,-",",1.o..:J bi.sahibi.(to take care) (:).Jf l.~' ihtiyat ka.rda.n, (:)""" )~,.. hUllh-yair budan.-(to take care of ) ~)\:;..,ft (:)o.lf para.stairl kardan,

To CAKE, ~,,, '.2t. parva ~sh~. CAREER, Ni.f tarikah, .:£U.. silk. CAREFUL, ;\..!~ khabar-dar, )~,..

hUsh-yar, IIt-~ mut&va.jjih, Ii\!' aigUh,)J- \t bR-hazar, jr-- muhtariz, ...;.,.. 4 bal-hush, ..rmu'tanf.

CARELESS, ~ bf-khabar, Ji~ ghailll, \Jr.d bi-parvai, l.~' ..:J bf-ihtiyat, Uoi'»' ..; bf-andfahah, JAoIS' kahil, ...;.,.", bi-hush, JAo\j zahil, ..... ,~ ..:J bl-mubalat, oIooi' la-bid.

CARELESSNESS, ~ ghi1JlIot, ..:J u'-~' bi-ibtiyaiti, ~·',ft ..; bfpIIorva,i.

CARESS, ~j'.rl" dil-navazi, ~ talattuf, j't navaz.

To CARESS, (:)..!f "';'j'l navaizish kardaa, ~'I navaikhtan.

CARGO, jleot- )4 bar-i-ja.hilz, J- I ~ haml-i-kashti.

CARIES, (:),~, ~'" pusldagi-iustukhwan.

CARNAGE, ~ kushish, )'w.!


CARNAL, ...s-M nafs!, ._1L..M nafsanl) ..j""_' jismani.

CARNATION, fl oW ~ mfkhak-

i-sad-par, JA'_,J ka.ra.nful.

CARNIVAL, J'tj kamaval (eur.). CARNIVOROUS,).r ...;.,r gnsh-khwur. CARP (fish), )",u. hapur,)~l.S'kal'ur,

,._ ~I.,. mahf-i-sfm.

CARPENT1Ut,)1.F najjar,.fo.l»o.ldarudgar (ObB.), I»" daru-gar (obi.)

CABPBT (large), ~ gilim.-(fi7UI catpet) .J\i kall.-(smaU catpet or "'"1) .s.,.esU kaHchah, dJr suzanl.-(large catpet in untre oj a room) .JU HU, ,.JS giHm. -(Bide carpet. oj thick felt doubled) ~ namad.-(feU layer at upper end oj the room) )\.»\ r: aar-andaz. - (feU layer. goi1'9 down. the IJiclu oj the room) ~)4 barikah.-( cotton cloth cO'Denng the lelt.) ..s-~ hara.mf.-(llnen cloth covering the Jeu.) ...;." » rufarsh.-(praying carpet) lio.l~ aujjadab, l.M muaalla.-(catpet weaver) vY\i kali-baf, v~ gilfm-baif.

To CARPET, (:)",-.' "';'1' farsh nimudan.

CABPETBD, ...;.»"," mafrush. CARRIAGE (t7Bhicle) , ""'r' 'arabah, lio.l\_t! 'arrada.h, ~)\! garf (hind.), ~IS' kaliskah (esr.). - (open) ~)4 » ~I.S' kaliskah-i-ru-bazl. (cla.e) ..... ~r ~I.S' kaliska.h·isar, pu.shida.h.-{ line of carriages) )Ilu kitar.-(oJ loads, &c.) )~ u>'''ft bar-bardarl.

CABRIBB (porter), J'- hamm&l, ..;s )4 Mr-kash.-(pigeon) j,.-f )'If kabUtar-i-bar, )\t r'" kaftar-ibar.

CARRION,}o.l_"'- murdar, ~ maita.h. CARROT, )y gazar, .,),,)) zardak.

To CARRY, (:)o.lJP burdan, ~'o.l ft bar - dRshtan. - (tranlport) JII (:)o.lf nakl ka.rda.n.-(IU a gun)

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~IoiII andakhtan, (:)") zadan, (:)") ""\..aJ niBhRnah zadan. - (to carry ovt) ~I" J,,.... mujra daBhtan, (:),,/ ~I ijra kardan, I'

(:)"1 u, vafR kardan. .

CART, Aflf\ 'arRbab, 11,,',,- 'arradah, 'I II"'.,' arrAdab.

CARTBR, ~ II""" 'arradab-chl. I

CARTIL.A.GB (gmtle) • ..JJr'b ghuzrtif,

..lJff karkaruk, ..rs.:.s kutkutl ! (tm[g.). - (of the note) ,.,.,.... I khaiah(lm.

CARTOGRA.PBY, "",'.,1 ;I.'" tanlr-i- ' arazl.

CARTRIDGB, ~ flBhang, ~ fIBhak.-(boz) ~ ~\J kab-if{shang, ~ kIf.

To CARVJI (mf'at, efc.), (:)~JI burrfdan, (:)"1 "'t)~ .,.)~ pan·hah parchah kardan.-(oa ,tone, wood, cfc.) (:)~ kandan, (:)o¥II tiruhldan, (:)"1 ~ naksh kardan.

CARVI:n-WORK, \.S)'IS ~ munab-


CARV.R,"';''' nakkaBh.

CARVING (,culpture), ~ nakBh. CUOAD., )\.t.t, ab-shAr, ~, Ab-


CUB (bo:r) , ~~ aand(lk.-(for ItDOTd) ..Jli ghilBf.-(for inst,.... men.t., &-c.) ~ ganj, (:)1" y.- [us, dan, (:)I",~ Juzv-dan.-(.tate of affairB) JI.. hRI, _,..I amr, ......,,_,.. maratih.-(the truth of the cau) JI.. ......... haklkat-i-hAl,_,..Jl ~ nafllu-I-'amr.-{,uppoBe the cale/) ~ ubt farz bi-kun, -~ farzan, ..,..1.I.t/' agar chuoanchih.-(in grammllr) ~I.. hRlat, ~I_,&' 'irab. -(in cale) AS WU)r-)" dar B6.rat kih.-(inany cau) JI.. It )" dar har hRI, ... , It har ayinah.

CABB, ~ na.kd, J" p6.I, )J zar, ... ~ nakdinah. - (book) ~)" Rvarjah.-(keeper) ~~ khazanchl, )1" ""'t" khizanah-dar, )I'»"~ tahvn-dar.-(to pay Cal") (:)"1,, ~ nakd dadan.

CUHIBR, )'.1J,.1We Band(lk-dur.

To CUBIIIR, (:)"1 J,yw JD8.'z6.1 kardan.


CUB.BRII (cloth), ~ ,...:.s kaahmfr-shikan, rl kazmir, A.al tirmah.


CASKBT, S)" durj, ..... hukka.h, ..._ ja'bah.

CU8I.A., ~ )~ khiyar-Blwnbar, V'"Yl fUlus.

CABT, .... IoiII andakht, ~jloil' andAd.

To CUT, (:)~I afkandan, ~'oiI' andakhtan.-( in. a mould) ~." rikhtan. - (anchor) ~IoiI' ~ langar andakhtan. - (loti) ..,. (:)~, kur'ah a.fkandan.

CA8TANBTB, ~j zang.

CUTB, (:)\..",_" dudmao, ...... l.e mazbab, '¥ firkab.

CASTBLLAIN, ),,, 6alJ kal'ah-dAr, 6alJ ~ kal'ah-begC.

CASTLII, 6alJ kal'ah, )'-- hiBAr, ~ hisn, ..l)' ark.-(garrilon of a (,alttr) I.alJ J-' ahl-i-ku.l'ah.(ctUtle in the air, hope, or fancifill project) .)'1.,6. ~ pilb-ikhay{lll.

CASTOR (plant), JG"'" .., bCd-anjCr, ~ kinnatu.-(oil) JG"'" .., <:1"» raugban - i - bCd-anjir, rJS <:1"» ra.ughan-i-kinnatu.

To CA8TRATE, (:)"1 ~ khasC kardan.-(men) (:)"1 "'"',. khwAja.h kardan.-(horBu) (:)SI oLM.' akhtah kardan.

CA.BTRATED, ~ makhs]. CA8TRATION, ~, ikhtiBK.

CASUAL, 060"1.. badia, ub)'u! 'ariz • CAT, Afl gurbah, - (lony - hairl'd

IBpalllln cat) ~'Jl Af~ gurl.ah-ihurr{lk.-(wild cat), ~" Afl gurbah-i-deahtf.

CATALOGUE, rJ" daftar, -". fihriBt.

CATAJIITJI, I.;" mulut, (:),,~ ma,b(lO, ~ mukhannaa, J,-.. maf'(ll.

CATAPULT, ~ manjanlk. CATARACT, ~, .th-lIhCb, ~, ab-lIhibah, )\.t.t, ah-sbar.-( in the eye) ~,{lh, .It.J',_,.. ~, ah-i-marvarfd.

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CATCH (Blaple of a door), 'j) risah, 'Ja) rizah.-(chain or kasp fitti1l!J on t1ae .taple) ~ chift.

To CATCH, ~~ girift.a.n, ~.)f )'W~ girift.ar kardan, ~.),.w ~ kabz nimUdan, ~.)f """" 110khz kardan, ~ol,,) rubudan,

CA.TBGORICAL, ~ kat'i, I.oaIu kat'iya.h.

CATBGORY, V"""'t- jins, 1.,.-) zumra.h, ~ kabn.

CATBBPILLAB, ~ oW rtf kirm-i-sa.dpa, .s6)ol ,.; kirm-l-dirakht.

CATIlA.RTIC, Je- mns-hil, CATHOLIC, ...1.,)jl! katuHk (fltW.) , ..J,,~ papu,i (eur.).

CAT-O' -NINK-TAILS, 1J1i)\,; taziyanah. CATTLB, ~',ol davabb, '-'*",.. mavuhl, "'U',... haivanat, ) .... 'ikar, ~~)\art cha.har-pAha.

CA.UL (of a c1H.U), I~ pa.rdah, ~ ma.shimah.

CAULDRON, ~ol dig, ~I.A)I ka.zghan, ~l,ii tiJan, Jei~ patfl, J...,.mirjal. - (Bmaller Ned ditto) ~~ patllcha.h, ~lof tiyancha.h.

CAULDLOWBR, ~J) ,J! ka.la.m-irum!, )'~ ,JS kalam-i-gul-dar.

CAUSAL (verb),)".....- JU fi'l-i-majbUr.

CAUSE, ...._ Babab, ~,.._ mujib, AIo...'J. vuita.h, A1e-o, VIIo8ila.h, "'-, vulla.h, ......... jiha.t, ~It ba'ia, ~, ajl, J-' asl, l.5ol-,.. mu,addf, ¥'ol da'iyah, ......1A 'il1a.t, ~,.. muna, .s.., vajh. - (caue and effect) ~" , ~, 11081 u far' (pl. t~ , J,...' usul u fur6.'.

To CAUSB, ~.u. ...._ saba.b shudan, ~ol,.w ~ musta.lzim nim6.dan.

CAUSBWAY, ... .c, .. sang - bast, ...;.,tSw- sa.ng-fa.rsh, ...;." I#" ta.~ta.h-fa.rsh, ~It~ khiya.ban.

CAUSTIC, y1 tlz, o1Ji tund.

To CAUTBJU:ZJ:, ~f t'ol d8.gh brdan.


To CAUTION, f1ide To WARN.


CA V ALCWB, ,.,,_ ha.sham, 1.5)',.. auvad, ..,..s,.. maukib, CAVALIBR,)'r suvar.

CAVALRY, Ih .. suvara.h.-(body of cavalry) ~.) dllo8ta.h, ....,.J tip.

CAVBRli, )~ ghar, 1I)\A.e mughR.ra.h, --¥ kahf.

CAVIABB, uAt... rP' tukhm-i-m&hi,

J .... ,.v. hbiar, ~, a.shpil.

To CAVIL, ~olf u6'.ra' i'tiraz ka.rda.n. CAVILLBR, (:)'IIi II,)),. khwurda.h-bin. CAVITY, uyt- jauf.

CAWING (of a crow), ~ na.'ik, \aU kAka.

To CEASB, ~.)i ...J,.,.. In&uk6.f bud&n, ~.u. ~ mankati' shudan, ~.)lL..,a' " va-lstadan. I'!iJ ~.u. kat' shudan, ~olf ..... '" faraghat k&rdan, ~"'t... J~ bazmandan,~.u. Iu\.. aakit ahudan, ~.u. ~ munbriz shudan.(witiwat ~) Il..U It bila. fasilah, 1.J'~' istimraran.

CBDAB, ol'Jl r sa.rv-i-azad.-(red cedar) sl! kalj.

To CBDB, ~.),.w ....... 'If guza..ht nimudan, ~'lf', va-guzuhtan. ~ol'" ~ taslim nimudan, ~ol,.w &1\,. bavalah nimudan.

CBILING, ..AI.. sa.kf, "';';11 'a.rsh.(ler1eZ ceiling) I#"..AI.. sakf-ita.khta.h.-(ceiling with the lHiafIW rounded and carued) ~,.,.". ..AI.. sa.kf-i-marja.va.k.

To CBLBBRATB, ~'ol I~ nigAh dUhtan.

CBLBBRATBD,),...... mllo8hhltr, ...J,,-,.. ma.'ruf, u,...,.. In&uBuf, )'~\J nam-dar, ),.U nam-va.r, "us._. nik-nam, t,"- In&md6.h.

CBLBBRITY, .... ,... shuhrat, )~,



CELBBY, ~f ka.ra.fs.

CBLB8TIAL, f1ide HUVBNLY. CBLIBACY, ...... _tl 'uzbat, ~ tajar-

rud, ~~) ruhb6.niyat.

CBLIBATB, ~_tl '110mb.

CBLL (of a reelue), If.,') lIaviyah, u.,r glisha.h, ~ ta.kyah, I),..... Dl!l.kaurah, ... ,.. sa.um&'a.h. -


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(PUIll t'OOIrI) ,j"'-,' {IUk, 6Ugh. ,jUo' uUk.

CEJ.LAIt. ,.\6. Ii tah-khauah, ~J J!J dr-zamiu, At'7- sanLlbah.

C .. an (for gkJa), Jo, vaal, ~~ paiTaud. t.rtr Barish. I Vide GLUB, PI..urrBR.)

C.K1rrBItY, "ide BURTING-GBOUlfD. CanaR, fij'.l Jr: bakh6r-dau, r.-. mijmar (pl.,..~ majamir), Ja:..e mankul.

CENSOR. ytS ~ nnktah-gfr, ~ ~ 'aib-bln.


CBlfIlUS (Of population). aar-Ibimarf.

CItJrTIPBDIl, \t .... l18d-pa, I.S~ J'tt

hazar-pRl. •

CaHRAL, ..sf,.. markazi'.

Ca.na, J..., vaaat, .. \eo- mivanah, -H- markaz,}.l.e ma.dar, ..,..Ji Yalb.

CZII'l'URIO •• Jo\t JJi! yuz-bashl. Ca.TUKT, Jl.. .... lad lal, II .... sadah,

(:)" urn.

CnEAL. AlA ghallah.

CBltaKOIUAL (adj.), "'-J ra.sml. CBREKon, ("-J ra.sm, ~ takal-

luf, ~.l' adab, ...J;1.i ta'aruf.(1Ditlwvt cerBm01l.y) ~ 0.:1 bftaka.lluf, ~ 0.:1 bf-takHf.(maBter of urt:mOni~) ...,..;~,.u taahrlfat-cbf, Jo~ U""\,i1' 0IIl..t.t' lshak-a.kAsf-basht

CERTAIN, ~ vakln, »'- mukllorrar, ~ muhakkak, ~ tahkfkl, ~ mu'ayyan, eo-- sahfh, ,.,.._ musalla.m, eI)'" sarfh.-(to make certain) (:).l_""; ~ muhakkak uimudan,

CBRTAINLY, ~, albattah, ~ b{-shak, ~ bila-shak, (:)w:ot bf-guman, "\.\oIl! yakinanah, j ~, ff-'I-hakfkat, &.l~' Ift-

mahalata, -u.. hakkan. ,

Clt:RTAINTY, ~ Ja.kln, JI-" twk- I' kuk.

CDTII'ICATB, \J!-'oJ tasdfk. - (of I forgif161&U. aM .arefy) (:)~, ~ khatt-i.itmi,nao.-( recommenda-

t);," tio" ) ~\; J4;a' i'tibar-namab,

~\i JltJIA.. lifarisb-namchah. CBRULUN, .l,.s kahud.

CE88, ~,,,, alm'b.

CaSSATION, ...Alj tavakJruf, ..::-Je.. muhlat., ~'" fanlghat. CUSION,}M', va-guzRr.

CILUP, V"~ sap{IS, J\a,~ pUahil. - (fa,,) ely- mizah, J-" sh(lkbf.

To CHAPF, ~'M ely- ..;u., bini,ii-mizah guzashtan, (:).,_,...; ~ kbandah nimudan.

, CHAFING-DISH, Ji:..e mankal.-(of earthmware) ..us- kalak.

,-,)4.t. r ' CHAGRIN, vide REMORSE, SoRROW. CHAIN,)'C'I"'j zanjir, A1-1.. 8ilsilah.(of kilh) \a If .u.. silsilah-ikuh-hR.-(for door) ~ chift. To CHAIN, ~ bastan, ~ J'l""j zanjir bastan.

CHAIR, ..s.f knrsf, .-J;." takht, .j"'" sanda.li.

CJU.mE, f1ide CARRIAGE. CHALIClt:, tJide CUP.

CHALK, ...... JS' gil-i-saffd, r-"~ tabRsbir.

CHALLBNGE, .:.>~" da'vat, J"D" da,'va, \e." iddi'a.


CHALOT, \i~ ganda.oR, ~ sirmu. CHAMBER, ",Uo,' utak, ,jUo' utRk, t,'u,' (ItRgh, II".... hujra.b.(Ohamber of DeputieB) (:)IS~ ~ ..,..J... mab'uSltn-i-millat-imajlisi.

CHAMB&BLAIN, U""u, ~, ishakakasl.-(Lord Ohamberlain)~' Jolt U""li' Isbak-altRsi.bnshl. CHAMPAGNlt:, 6."i\;--le. sbampRuiyah (eur.).

CHA~P~ON, (:),~ pahla.van, I.Sj~ ghazl.

CHANCE, vide ACCIDENT, FORTUNE, Dlt:STIlfY, By CHANCE. CHANClt:LLERT, fij'".., divan. CHANClt:LLOR OF THE EXCHEQUBR, &03\.0 JlJ, vazfr-i-maliyah. CHANCRE (venereal), J,1i tRvul. CHANDBLIER. t,,~ chil-chiragh. CHU'DLBB, Jill bakkal.

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CIUNGB, .,..JJ bib, ~lI&' inkilAb, I Jt~ ta.bdH.-(BmaU 11W'1Iey) 11.1;'- I khurdah, II.I_'" J" ptil-i.khurdah. i

To CIUNGB, (;)~ J~ badal kardan, I (;).I~ Jt~ tabdfl nimudan, ..;~ (;).if 'ivaz kardan, (;).1"'" ~ I taghYlr nimadae, (;).1; Vol' Klish I kardan, (;).I.ei\.I.f J~ mubaddal I gardAnfda.n.-(one'. r/lind) ~ (;).1\.1 II.)~\ ~ taghylr bi-iradah I dada.n.-(11I,oney) (;).)/6.)_'" khur- I dah karda.n. - (hand.!) .I~' ~'.1 istib'ad dashta.n.-(to be I changed) (;)~ J~ mubaddal shudan, ~It Ja~ ta.bdil y8ftan, (;)~ ~ mutaghayyir shuda.n.



CHANT, 'y nava, ~'.i ta.rana.

To CHANT, (;)~\J"- 1Ijl,' aviLza.h khwAndan, (;)~'r sadyldan.

CHAOS, ~ 'adam, ~ nlstl. CHAPEL, .\$J.I~ 'ibada.t-gah, ~ ma.'bad. - (chapel- malter) y.. Jt4 mihtar-bashi.

CHAPBBONB, .u)~ badraka.h.

To CIUPBRONE, (;).1; Ai)~ badraka.h ka.rdan.

CIUPLBT, Jf II> taj-i-gul. CHAPPBD (cracked, (JI the akin), II~ ta.fsfda.h.

CHAPTBR, J-' fa.s1, ~4 bab, 1'- aifr, ,.,-J kism.-(of the Kur,(i.n) 11),sura.h (pl.),- suvar).

CHARACTBR (written), l.. kha.tt, ,-l) wm, ~f nivisht, 6.:;J;"f nivishta.h. - (reputation) ~ shuhrat, o.;PJ'! 'll'Z, »,' ab-ru, ,.u nam.-(quality) ..:...Ao sifa.t, ..... , vasf, ........L-. kha.slat, ~~ khass(ya.t, _;- sirat, ~ tab', ~ kaifiyat.

CHARCOAL, J\bj zughal.-(buming) ~, atish, ~, Ju,j eughal-iatishin, ~ kharg,c jamr.

CHARGB (cUltody), Al r havala.h, ...... \.0\ amanat, d~ nigab-ban], (Vide DBpOSIT, CO •• AND, AcCUSATION, AS8AULT, EXPBNSE.)

To CIURGB (load), (;)~)4 ]i) dri-balr kashidan.-(a gu,,) (;).11 ft pur kardan, - (entrUlt) ~W" gumashtan, (;).1". sipurdan, Al'r (;).11 havalah karda.n.



CIURIOT, "ide CARRIAGB, CART. CHARITABLB, )~'w: 'inaya.t-kAr. CHA.RITY (affection), ......_... mahab,

bat. - (alml-gi"ing) t1ide KINDNBSS, AL.s, LIBERALITY.(charity commi .. ioner) ~u,' ]i),

vazir-i-a.ukaf. .

CIURLATAN, )~ 'ayyar, I.3t ~ a,inah-chl.

CHARLES'S WAIN (the conItellation), ~, .... l.I, banatu-'n-na'sh.

CHARM (enchantment), ,.I~ jadu, r- sihr, (;).r-" afsun, ,_u. tilism. - (amulet) ~,.. ta.'Yiz, JA- hama,il.

To CHARK, vide To PLBABB.-(enchant) (;)4 (;),....., &fsUn kardan, (;).1; r- sihr kardan.

CHAR.ING, t1ide PLEASANT. CIUBT, .u..u na.kaha.h.

CHARTEB, ~ saDad, .... 'Jf barat, (;)\.0" firman. - (royal) ~i tauk!' , _),.:.- manahur, (;)\.0" (;)\4\A firman-i-'aHBhAn.

ClUS3, or CIUCE, 11ide To HUNT. CHASED ABTICLBS, ..;.~ mank{lsh .. CHASTE, .,)~ pu, ajcS'~ pakizah,

(:)"",~~ pak-daman, \..)~ parA, ~ 'afif, ,..\A 'Rsim, _,..u. tahir, ;'I! ~~ parhiz-gar, ),- huUr, 1.\.:,We muhtILt, ,.,,-. ma'sum.


CHASTISE.BNT, "ide PmUSJDIBlfT. CHASTITY, ~ 'asmat, ..::..AA 'iffat, ~,~ pak-damanl, ~"\..;~ parsa,l, ~) zuhd, =,IR ta.kbut, ~~) ;uhban{yat, I.S)~~ pa.rhlz-garl.

CHAT, vide CONVEBSATION. CHATEAU, tJIlt.f kuahk, yeJ kasr, CHATTEL, tl=.. ma.ta' (pl. .sa..:.e\

amti'ah), ~~, aabab (only fl.ed in 1M plural).

Digitized by Goog I e


To CJU.TUB (pra.ttk), ~ ~ pur guft&n, <:)") ~ gap zadan (Aitad.). - (IU the teeth) <:)',)J" <:)"_rU dandin fiahurdan.

CJU.'1'TY, u'_'" harraf.

CBBA.P, C:1'.b' arzan, \et rJ kambaha.

CJDA.PlU:88, ""''»' artani, ...J'- rJ kam-baha,l.



CBIlCK (control), ~ zabt. (Vide CsBss.)

CBBBK, tJ rukh, IJ~J rukhs8ra.h, o..J>J~ 'anz, J'lA 'izar, ~ khadd, IJtf gUnah.

To OUBR, vide To ApPLAUD. CBBBBJ'UL, ..;.,. khwush, ~,a.~ khwush-vaklit, ,,\.6, shad, "'W,, dil-ah8d, C:1\.e,,\.to shad-mm, .-Iu.j farah-nak, J'''- masrur, <:)'.u.. khandan.

CBBBRlI'ULNESS, =r-: muarrat, tj farah,...,.,. khwuahi, '"""""~ bashashat, ~,,\.to ahad!, ~,..,. khwuah-vakhtl.

CBUSB, .reJi panir. - (rennet of cheue) 't\.e ;e-'t panar-mayah.(cream-chee.e) Io'JI kurut, ..us kushk.

CROTAH, j,. yUz. CBEKISB, ~ kamas.

CRBKIST, Ju.. 'attar, ~~, ajzachi,:I ~ kimiya-~.

CBEKISTRY, ~ kimlya.

CHBQUB (draft) -'Jf barat, J) .al.( kaghaz-i-zar.

CRBQUBRBD, IJ~ J .... chahar-khRnab.

To CBBRISB, C:1"J»' p.vvardan, ~'/ navakhtan.

CBBBOOT (cigar)'J~ aighar (esr.), ~ chuttah (Aind.).

CBBRBY (white), ~ gl1as.(.o"r) 4WtJ_ vaabnah. - (blaclr) i4;l al6.h&l6.. - (eating) volJ Jf-'l.. gOas-i-ma.,kUl.

CHBBUB, ~,I karrub. CBBBVIL,;-" ~ 'alaf-i.mu'attar.



CBBSS, rrJJ- shatranj .-(board) lo\...f rrJJ- biaat-i-ahatranj. - (BqUre Of& tAe board) IJ~ khRnah.(man, or piece) ..,... muhrah.(opening) "I.t.$ guabad. - (king) l\.to ahah.-(queen) 0iiJi farzin, )I)) vazir. - (biBhop) J.eJ fl1.(knight) .._, asb. - (castle) tJ rukh.-(pawn) J.l.et baizak, I"~ piyadah. - (check) ,._;.."s kiab.-

(check-mate) \.e mat.-(to check.

mate) C:1"! \.e mat kardan.-(to

be cAeck-mated) C:1~ .... \.e mat ahudan.-(to m0116a piece) <:)",,,-s~ harakat didan.-( to take apiece) ~,,, Jf bar - daabt&n. - (.talemate) loi.oel ~ glr-amadah.(chu.-player»)4 rrJJ- ahatranjbaz.-(to play at che88) ~)4 rrJJ<:)"1 shatranJ-bazi kardan.-(to attack) <:)"Jf ";'Ji- yuriah burdan, C:1"J,l ~ hamlah avardan.

CHBST (boz), .Jrw aanduk, C:1'.iIk:. yakhdan.-(thoraz) ...._ a.nab, J,w aadr.

CHBaTlfUT, 1o_,1l l\.to abah-balut.(colour of a 1or.e) C:11 kuran.

CBIlVALID,~)l buzurg, <:)'y.-~,.. khwub javan.

To CBEW, <:).l.of'w. kha,idan, <:)~ ja,ldan, <:)-'l,~ jb/dan, <:)~ khuldan.-(the cud) <:)"1 },-.u niah-khwar kardan.

CHICA.lfBRY, ~,. firib, ..... ~ khiyanat, .J'" nifak.

CRICKBN, ~y.- jujah, 6)~ ch6.zah

(ob •. ).

CBICKBN-POX, .-IJf) zabrak. CBICK-PBA, "1*' nukb6d. CUIC][wBBD, t)~ J.. jul-i-vazagb. CHICOBY, 4.ua hindaba, ._s-Ii kaa-



CBIBI' (principal), ~ pfshfn, J,' anal, ,..,.,. mukaddam, Ttmihtar.-(cAi~in)J'" raar.aar, JJ\.. aalar, ,.,.~ kad-kbuda,~' amir, v-IJ ra.,ia, ~) za'im, ~ mukaddam, ,~ p{sb-va, ~ plah-rau, '-'I.,. aharlf, Ira kid-

Digitized by Goog I e

vah, r~ kalantar, olt.t.W sfndfd, (;)j)Vt. narin, lot'" zabit, ~ H,id, ~ cain, ol.I!\J H'id, ~ 'akfd, )",.. sar.Tar.-4_chief of an army, commander· in • chief) ;U\- "0- aipah.salar, ,.\11,1 r' amJr·nizam. -( chief of noJPUJdic or wandering trib_) '"'~, Hkhanf, ~, flbeg£.-(elder, or headman of a clal. of peopre) ,,\.::.., uatad, "\.::..,, 6stad, t;ttf. shaikh, .&Sj)l buzurg, v-J) m,ia, ~ mukaddam, ~ kablr, re-- mihtar, »r: sar-ver.

CHIBI'LY, ts' aksa.r, ~, aghlab, "\,l\A ghaliban, ~ bfsbtar.

CHILD, ..,.. baebah, JAIo tift, ~,,; kUdak.

CHILD.BIRrH, J- ~, va.z'.i-lwnl. -(pai", of child-birth) 6) ")" dard-i-sih, JIl. talk, v6~ makhRz.

CHILDHOOD, ~ bachagf, ~,.,. tufuHyat, ~ sighr.

CHILD.LIEB, ~~ bachagRnlloh. CHILLY, -r sard, 6.1oA"t chaM· dab. - (to be chilly, per.on), (;).1oA"t chab£dan. - (weather) (;)"u, ,,)"" sard ahudan.

To CHIMB, (;)"f ~) ~, .... sada,f.i. zang kardan.

CHIMJ:BA, (lib,. vum, Jl-4 J~ khiyal-i. batil.

CHTXNBY, ~",,, dud.ka.ah, (;))j) muzan. - (fire-place) ~)..... bu. kharf.

CHIN, eJ zanakh, Y kachah.(doub1£.chin) ......... ghabghab.

CHnu. (porcelain ware), ~ oJ,f zurUf.J-chin£'-( china-root) ..... r. ~ chUb.i.chln£.-(mender of broken china) oUt 'fS kalva. band, I ~ga.ngu.gar.

CHIU·ASTBR (the flower), lJ.e.e JS' gul-i.m{na.

CHINTZ, ......-. chit, )~ kalamk&r.

CHIP, I_)l) ..... r. cbUb.r{zab, ""'J" kbiraabab, ""'I ti.r8shah.

To CHIP (tranl.), (;)~'I tirRsb£dan, (;)~,~ khirBsb£dan.-( intranl.) (;)"W{ uft6dan.

CHIROJUNCY, ...AS ,.lD 'ilm.i.kaf, ~ ~u. tali'.bfn(.

To CHIRP (al a bird), (;)"f ~ jikjik kardaa,

CHISBL, &..TJ:.t.' iahkanah. CHIT.OHAT,"'_ suhbat, JU, J.ei kG u HI, ~ gap.

CHIVALROUS,,el" diHr,},.. shah.


CHIVES, UoUS ga.ndana.

CHOCOLA.T, 'I,. .hukula (eur.) CHOICB, ~ pasa.nd, )~, ikhtiyar,

~y guzin. (Vide RuB, NICB, BBAUTIFUL.)

CHOIB, (;)U',.. ""'" surud.khwanMn. To CSOEB (be suffocated), (;)"u, &¥. khafa.h shudan. - (in eating, swallowing) (;)"u, ~ y.! guhi-gfr shudan.-(throttre) (;)"f &¥. khafab kardan, ~ ,." dam bl\8tan, (;)"f ~ '.J-AI nafa.sra habs kar. dan.

CHOLBRA.MORBUS, 4, vaba. CHOLBRIC, alytJ')",... mahruru·'I. mizaj, s\yo y; tiz.mizaj, ~'ye JoJi tund.mizaj.

To CHOOSE, (;)"f ~ pa.sa.nd kardan, (;)olt~ Jl bar-gusfden, )~, (;)",_.s ikntiyar nimddan, ..... ~, (;)"_,.s intikbab nimudan, "'~, (;).ij ikhtis&s kardan.

CHOPPBR,]ti tabar.

CHORD (of an arc or 'egment of a. circle),I, vatar.

CHoRua (of a 'ong), ~J zamfn, ~) zam{nah. - (at a theatre) (;)u,~ pfsh • khwanan. - tin c!wl"lu) 'y (;)4tt bi-haman nava.

CHRIST, J,-eA 'lsa, ee- masfh, J,-- ma.s{ba, ee- r..:I'-P 'isa,{.i.ma.s{h.

CHRISTIA.N, ~,..-oIl ')savI, ....,-:-ma.sihf, d~ naaranf (pl. J,)~ naaara), \-j tarsa. - (religion) ~,..-oIl (;)!,) dfn- i • 'isa.vI, .....J,.. ~ mill at • i • maalbiyah.(priest) uo-l kiss{s.

CSRISTIA.NITY, ~,..-oIl ....J,.. milla.ti.'lsllovfyah, ..._._ ....J,.. millat-i-

Dia8{h{yah, """'" nasrBniyah. .

CSRJSTIU8, J,-a ~,.. maulud-i-

Digitized by Goog I e

'iaa, ~.)l\o-e ~ '{d.i.milad·i· '18a.

CBBONIC, cU\..oj zanuina.h, ~ muzo min.

CHRONICLE, tj.J'J tRrikh (pl. tj.;l,. ta.varCkh), )~, akhbar, ~11J, vakM', ~'.2J rivayat.

CHRONICLER, t),.. muvarrikh. CHRONOLOGY, tj.)1J tar1kh. CHRONOMJilTER, ~L. sa' at. CHRYSALIS, ""..,4 badamah. CHRYSA.NTHICMUJ( (flower), Jr I

<.$..,.,'.) gul-i-da.udf. ,

CHRY80L~:E',I(j ~ 'aklk.i.zard.

CHURCH, kaHsiya, ~ kani-


CHURL, ~ .4.JJ tang-chaahm. CHURN, ~ khlg, ~ mashk. [These words both aignify a. vessel made of the entire skin of a sheep or goat. This, which, in Persia, supplies the place of a churn, is hung up and shaken to and fro till the milk it contains is churned.]

CHYLE, IJ'fcJ kllUI (esr.). CHYME, 1J',.:i k{mus.

To CICATRIZB, f:J..,f t'''' dagh kardan. CIDER, .,....._ 6')y~ paludah-i-sih,

.,....._ ..... '.r6' shirab.i·aib.

CIGAR, )...s:_ sigRr (eur.), )~

slgbRr (eur).

CIGAR.CASJil'.)~ ..... \i kab.i-lI{gar. CINDER, ~ I£. khtikistar. CINNABAR, 6jtf'j zinjifrah, ~~


CINNAMON, c.i'c't ;l.) dar.chlnl. CIRCA.8SIA, v-S]"; charkaa. CIRCASSIAN, ~]"; charkas], ..sfJ


CIRCLB, al'.) da,irah, cI.II. halkab, "chambar, 6),~ mudavvarah. - (of people) AolI. halkah.(centre of a circle) of,.. markaz. --(diameter) ;U kutr.-(radiWl) }oil' ...... nisfu.'I.kutr.-{circum. ference) 6J'.) da,irah.-(.egment) ~\I.i kita'.-(.emi-circle) ai'.) o..A.I niaf • i • da,irah, 6l'.) (WI Dim. da,irah.-(to form a circle) Il'.) f:J.)j da,ira.h zadan.


I CIRCUIT, ...;...,,r gardish, )'.) daur, I),.) daurab, ~';' tavaf.-(legal term) j.L. , t-'''' dair va sMr.

CIRCULAR, ..s)',.) davvari. )'~ mudavvar, .),r gird.

To CIRCULATE, ~ gashtan, f:JoIt.)}, gardida.n.-(money) ~\I f:JoIa nash{ shudan.-(new.paper) ~~ )\.£..:;j, intishar yMta.n, r!') f:J"u, ra,ij shudan.

CIRCULATION, 6),'~ mudavarah, ._;..),r gardish, f:J~ miyan.(money) ~')) ravaj.-(t~eWBpaper) )~, intlshar. - (to put in circuhltion) f:J.)'''' ~'.2J f'dovaj dadau, -(to take out of circulation) j' ~'.Ioi' )~, az 'itiuilr andakhta.n.

To CIRCUMCItiK, f:J"'_"'; ~ khutnah uimudan. - (/0 be circum .• cised] f:J"u, f:J~ makhtun shu. dan, f:JoIa ~ khutnah shudan.

CIRCUMCISION, ~ khutnah, or khatnah.

CIRCUMFERBNCE, .)}' gird, a,f\.) d~,i.rah, ~\}o, atraf, .J'r havah.

To CIRCUMSCRIBJil, ~L. .),~ mahdud sakhtan .

CIRCUMSPECT, ~ mutanabbih, ~ mustabsir, jrw- muhtariz, 1J'Lr.t.)1S kar.shinas.

CIRCUMSPECTION, j'r' ihtiniz, 104-' ihtiyllt, ....,~ uallirat, ". hazm.

CIRCUMSTANCE, .r-' amr, JI... hal, 4ai', vaki'a.h, ~,., vuku', ~ kaif{yat, .........,... hakfkat, ..... if bab, ~ r: sar-guzasht.-(in the.e circum.tance.) <.A»Y' ~, ).) dar In s{lrat.

To CIRCUMVENT, ~ I~ rah bastan, ~,r 6') r: sar-i-rah giriftan.

CIRCUS, f:J''''''' maidan, 6\$;1),... jaulan.gah.

CISTERN, ._pr hauz, ~j hirkah.(large Te.servoi1·) )~, ..... , iLU.am. bar.

CITADEL, ~, arg, ..l)' ark, Aa1i hI'ah.

To CITE, f:J.)~ .)'Jl' irad uimudan

Digitized by Goog I e


-(at lato) (:)..I"w ~", iddi'a nimadan.

CITIZBN, ",_,p shahrf, "'~ balsd], CITIZBN8HIP, -=--!~ baJadiyat. CITRON, rH turanj.

CITY, _,p shahr, II~ baldah, 4..1.!~


CIVET, ,,4j zuMd. CIVIC, ..J~ madanf.

CIVIL (polite), ~ khalfk, ~"~,,. mu'addab, ~ latif,~' ...;.,. khwuBh.akhlak.

CIVILIAN (civil functionary, not military), ,J.i ~4} arbab- ikalam, ,.u JAI' ahl-i-kalam, CIVILITY, ~", adab, ~, akhlak, '.J'~ mudara, ..,_.j\lol la.tRfat.

CIVILIZA.TION, ~~ madanfyat, (:).l.tl tamaddun.

CIVILIZlilD, (:)~ mutamaddin, CIVILLY, .u4,,' adabanah, ..,_.j\I.J 4 ba-IatRfat.

CLA.D, ~ mulabbas.

CI,UM, J,,r'..1 da'va, ~..I' iddi'a, ..,..n. talab, -=-'1'" )..1 dar-kbwast, \.A:;i, iktizai, ~ mubtagha, &,lu... mutalabah,

CLAIMANT, ~~ mudda'I,

CLAMMINBB8, ..::.-.-.,) luzujat,

J~ ehasbandagf.

CLAMMY,~} lazij, II~ ehasbandah,

CLAMOUR, ..I\l_,. faryad, \b_,b ghaugM, I,$~ 1,$1.Jb hM-hM, &iw, Bha.matah, <4ly. shuluk (vulg.).


CLAP, vide GONORRH<EA. - (of thunder) ~\.o sa'ikah.

To CLAP (hands), (:)..Ij ~ chapah za.da.n, (:)..Ij ..l:o:-..1 dastak zadan.

CLARIFICATION, A.,!Wi taafiyah.

To CLARIFY, (:)..I} ~ ta.afiyah kardan, ~L. \A.- muda Bakhta.n.


CLASHING (of BtoOTd8), .aI~ .aI~ chRk-cMk.

CLASP (.fa8tening of a beU, cfc.) , ..._'J , ~ chap u d.8t, 1.1"' , I nar u las.

To CLASP, vide To EMBRACE. CLABS, ~ jins, ~ kahfl, ~


kism.-(school) cJ.w 8inf.-(the middle cla8SeB) l.1"u 10..',' avasit-inas.

CLASSIFICATION, ..,_ij tartfb, ,_..s taksfm.

To CLASSIFY, (:)""w ..,_ij tartlb ninnidan, (:)..Ij ,_..s taksfm kardan.

CLATTER, Jla.e, J\i UI va ma.kRl. (Vide NOISE.)

CLAUSE (sentence), II_'» faka.ra.h, ~jumlah.

CLAW, ~ chang, ~ chan gal, J~ changal, (:)"-u oakhun, ~ penjah, ~ mikhlab, ~ khinj.

CLAY, Jf gil, ~ tin, J., vaha.l.(pottery clay) ~ .alIA. khRk.i. ehfnt,

CLEAN, 4.;:.....to ahuetah, ~1ctak, II~

pakizah, ...J\.o 8M, nazlf,

."L. sadah, u" oak{.

CLBANNES8, J ~ pakiza.gi, ..,_.j\liol oazafat.

To CLBAN8E, (:)..I}.aI~ pak ka.rdan, (:)..I} 6.,IW tankiyah kardan, (:)~ najfdan,

CLBAR (transparent),...Jw, shaffH.f. - (limpid) ...J\.o saf. - (bright) ~j) raushan, Jr- munavvar, ~ munfr, ..J'J" nu.ranl, (:)41> taMo, )'~I> tab-dir, ..;.. jaH, ~, lami', ~L. sati', (:)Uo.J..I dira.khshan.~etJident) J~' ashkar, IIJ~' aahkara.h, _,eu, zshir, \..I!,.. hu. vaida, ~j) raushan, ~ mubin, ~', vazih, Ci' IMh, (:)~ 'iyan, .,..4 Mhir, e-T" sa.rlh, ~~ badfht,

To CLEAR (a drain, a toelZ, cfc.), (:)4 6.,IW ta.nkiyah kardan, (:)~j) rub!dan.-(to clear atoay, table) (:)~ Jf bar-ehfdan.

CLBARLY, '.J~' ashUra, ~" vRziha,n, '.Iet- jiddsn,

CLEARNBSS, \A.o saf&, .:.J\.6, vaza,a.t. To CLEAVE, ~~ shikftfta.n, JAo (:)..11 shakk kardao, (:)..I} .aI~ cbak kardan, (Vide To ADHBRB, To CRACK.)

CLEAVING (of the eartA) , ~ kbasf.

Digitized by Goog I e


CLBI'T, vide Cuc.:.

CLBKENeY, ~ye marhamat, rf karam,

CLBKBNT, ~ u.. khata-bakah, ,..'; rahim, J"", narm-dil.

To CLENCH (tlae flat), ~ '.J""_" (;)4 dastra musht kardan, ~ ~us ,.. panjah bi-ham guzlishtan.

CLERGYJUlf,)W ~ pfah-namb, ~ ka.ahiah, ~ ]';aa1a.

CLERK, ,.u L'" ahl-i-kalam, CLBVER, ..l,'\- chabuk, .al_,tj zlrak, ~ chuat, .z.(fJj zaring, J,j zakf, ~~ ]auza'l, _" a,-. ehfrah-daat,

CLBVB1I.lfBaB, Jj.j zlrakl, ~» zariugf, -=-'J' firRaat, .... ,I!) zakRvat, ~,j zihn.

CLBW «(If thread), .u).! bl8fab.(guide) ....J,,, daWat, ~) rahbarf, ....... 'oUII hidayat, f.'r auragh.

CLIENT, J!,.. muvakkil, ~ munfb,

CLDlATE (fI1eather, cfc.), '_" hava.(clime of 1M world) ,...u' ikHm, ),-u kiahvar, ~ khuttah.-(the • ellen clime.) ~, ~ haft iklim, ),-u ........ haft kishvar.

To CLIKB, ~) ,~ bala raftan, Jf

(;)~, bar-amadan.

CLIKBER (plant), AI.t.A 'ashikab. CLIKB, "ide CLIKATB.

To CLINCH (a nail), (;)4 ~ '" pur-chin ka.rdan, (;),,; ,-. " purcham kardan.

To CLING TO, (;)~ cha.sh!dan, (;)"" .u..~ pa.ivaatah bUdan.

To CLIP, (:)¥.- ehfdan, (:),,; ~~ mikrb kardan.-(to clip one'. word.) (:)")~ '.J"~ ~ sukhuni-khwudra. khwurda.n.

CLITORIS, ~ bin, ),.s) zambur. CLOAK, ~'.J~ baranl, ,_ jubbah, ~.r. chugha, uti\! katibl, JI7i farghul • ......a:'J" durra'at, a"lJ libRdah, ~ 'abs. (;)I!]l ba.rra.kRn. (Vide RIDING-CLOAK.)

CLOCK, ~ ......a:l.. 8a'at-l.majlis!. -(two o'cloclr, lie.) ," ......al.. aa'at-i-du. &c. - (clock-maker)


jl.. ......a:l.. aa'at-sAz. - (to go by ciock-tDOrk) (;),,')I! ....-l.. ~I.i ... bi-ka'idah-i.aa'at kar kardan.

CLOD (of earth). tfS kulukh.

CLOG, ..... \A,J kabkRb. (Vide OBSTACLE.)


CLOSE (.hut 'Up), ~ baatah,.,,"_' maedad, ~ band.-(.uffocating) ... kha.fah.-(near to) .u..~ paivaatah, ~ mulhak, ~ karib, ~ J" dar jamb, '>i na.zd, J-:.mutta.sil, ~~ nazdik.-(taar. rOtD) o4,;i tang, ~ chnat.(occult) (:)'-'" panhan, ~ makhfC. a~~ pushfdah, (;)'ItJ nihan. - (.tingy) ~ bakhll, ~ khaa!s, ,.:J la'im. - (a ptUIIIIgB in a .treet, leading ""der a building or archtDay) .... I.JIsa,ibat, ..... l.,t.. aahbat, AJI.s.. J~ loft»'" bala-khanab.i.khur6j I,

To CLOSB. ~ baatan. (;)4 ~ band ka.rdan, ~l.. ",,,_. maa. dud sAkhtan.-(an account), u\.. (;)", hf brdan, (;),,; t~ Inafrugb kardan .

CLOSBNBSS (narrotDne8.), ~ tang!, ~ chustl.-(neames.) J-toJj nazd{kl. JlJ' ittia8.I.-(.tingineu) ~ bukhl, ...-. khissat. ~\fl la.,ama.t.

CLOSET, AJ'*y. khalvat - kh&na.h, a~y.. khalvat-gab.-(for prom.ion., cfc.) 41\6.. fit,. hava,ijkhRnah, A.,4 ganjah. - (for clothe.. fJaluabZe., and arms) AJI.s.. &.toj tusha.h. khanah, ~ pastu. - (pri"1l) AJl:!<:,,' adabkhanah. k: klui.l&, JJt-- mahraz.

CLOTH, "t)~ p8.rchah.-(piece or fI1eb of cloiA) QUo takah, "t)~ parclut.b •.... j tup. - (fDOOUm cloth) ..... _,.I.e mah6t. - (COlI,..., tDOOUen cloth) ~ pa.t1.u. - (of gold), "'» zarf.-(of nlk and coUon mized) u~ garmaauf. t."..... maahru'.-(coUot& .tuff) "ide COTTON. - (linm) tride LINBN.-(lilk cloth) "ide SILK.

Digitized by Goog I e


-(Backcloth) ~ paJ8.s.-(nap. kin) ~~ futah, J~,) dast.mal, I

~ pisb.glr. I

CLOTH.MBRCHANT, j~ bazzaz. I

To CLOTHB, (;)~,. pUshldan, ~) (;)~" rakbt pushidan.

CLOTHES, &.e~ jama.b, ~). rakht, oflle." pusUk, ~.n pfiahish, V'"~ lib as, ~" pUsban, I.Sj zl . (pl. "\ij' azya,).-(old clothu) 64 . kuhnah.-( old clotheB man) 64 I ..Jo,j kuhnah , furush. - (plain clotli.ea) 6"'\.. V'"~ libas.i.sadah.(under·cZothea) ..Joy.]lj zfr-pfish.

CLOUD, ".' abr, ..... ~ sahAb, I!:e-mfgh, &.el.A ghll.mamab.-(clouda in BUmmer) l'f kua,r.

CLOUDY, )'''']1' abr-dar, 4.;;j~ giriftah. CLOUT, ~ kahnah, ~ pinah, &.oJ Ia.ttah.-(fUlU) t:;eA mfkh.

CLOUTED (patched), 6"'j ~ pfnah zadab, (!r murakka',

CLOVB, .d~ mfkhak, J61J karanfuI.

CLOVEN (divided), 1I"u, 4.;;j~ shikAftah.shudah, }~~ chak.dar. 6"u, ..,~ ehak-ahudah, ~ shakk.

CLovBR, J=if tad",).at. shafdar, )~ shabdar, 45'". A... sih-bargah.

CLOWN, I.S"\;;..» rusta,l, (;)\.1.11'" dih- I kan.-(buffoon) 6~ maskha- I rah.

CLUB, ..... ~ ehab, .a1;;S' kutk, ~ 'aaa, "'~ chumilk.-(of metal) tJide ?tUm!:.


CL1JXSY, ~j ..:I bi.nazakat. CLUSTBR, u..". khUshah, 6-* 'ikdah. To CLUSTER, (;).wl '),r gird &madan. CLUTCH, vide CLAW.

CLYSTER, )r-'" dastur, AJ\.e' imalah, ~huknah.

COACH, vide CARRIAGB. COACH-HOUSE, .u:..J\! AiIoL khanah. i.kaliskah, )~, ambBr.

COACH.HAN, ~ .u:..J\! kalisk9.b. ehf.

CO-ADJUTOR, ),I.a yavar.

To COAGULATB, (;)"u, I.z-f bastah shudan, (;).». ~ muujamid shuda.n, (;7"u, ~ ghaHz shudan,



<:I'»' ........... sift shudan, (;).10. &..5", dalamah shudsn.

COAL, Jl~j zughal.-(a live coal) J-Jl .t;~ kharg-i-absh, fo-' akhgar, J"'}- j smr, "~jl1zva.h. COAL-CBLLAK, <:I'''' J~j zughal.dan. COAL.MINB, J~j (;)-'- ma'dan-izughal.

COAR3l!:, ~'-S kuluft, 1.10.\$" gundah, ......!o),) durusht, ~~ khushn, or khashin .

COARSBNEi!lS, ",,~"'~urushti,....J_rtA khushrinas, ~ gnndagf.

COAST, JUS mar. (;)'f karan, ~\.. sahil, ...J)- ta.ra.f.

COAST-GUARD, <:Il, J"'\" sahlI.ban, ~\.. ~ musta.hfiz-i·sahil.

COAT, l"i kaba, (;)~ kaftan, (;)\;;M. khuft&n.-(i1l.1ter coat) JlIoL)' arkhalik, ~~, aJkhalik, J~' alkhuluk (''''ig.). - (wt away coat) ",,"4"; nlmtanl. - (frockcoot) ~J! kulijah.-(great-coat) ",,60ft Sl, bfthi-p{lShl.-( of paint, &.c.) I~ pardah,

To COAX, ~'" navakhta.n, ~) (;)"'_"'; I.S.I..W. rish-khandi nimddan, (;)"'1 o.S"",4.'b: chaplusi wdan, (;),); I.Sjl, ("'" da.m - bad kardan, (;)"'_""; J4i ta.ma.l.luk nimudan, (;).IooJ~ (;)S\;t ~ plzar bi·palan chapanidan.

COBBLBR (mender 01 old .hoeB and leathern ariiclea), j,'" ~ pfnsh, d{lZ.

I COB-NUT, ",oU. funduk.

COBWEB, ~~ 6~ pardah-i-tankabut, Ir~ kinatrah,

COCCULUS INDICUS (poiaon-berry), ..,.\.e ~ marg-i-mahl.

COCHINEAL, y"~ kirmiz.

COCK, V'"~ ldlurus.-( of a matchlock gun), u..1.e mashah.-(o/!l ftrelock) Ai'b: chan'!~, cUJ't chUnah, V'"~ khurus. - (01 a ciB~, water-akin, d:c.),.. ~,) dahan-ishlr.-(ol a detonating. gun) .a(I",

ding, ~ chakuah: .

To COCK (a gun), (;)"'J,l 4.r IJ~ chakmakra sar-i-pa livanlan.-(to hal/-f!OC" a gun) "';:J 'J~


Digitized by Goog I e

~_ "! • .:':.W'"~&:& ."i:':' =-; .. ~ ::.,.. ..

~~ -z. --. .....

:.,., ........ ~_ a..- ..::.-: ~:. ". ...

. .,.. '-... ' - .. -" ..

~~~ 11'-....... _.~.. ... a ~ .. ~.

• u.-. -r:»: ,.I :2; .... ~.=.: ... /,;,~.. --. :. ...... ~ ~ : -&.:.-

....... r"1I.

~,.I)w. ..... • .... a : 1:. _. Lo:' ,.:__

..... ~-!" .. M."'.~ ... ~:!..~:'" ... 3: ... m ~ a: 1-

1"'/ ... 9'7-!~ ~ L ... !-,,~.- ~~.I _.

-,'1n"l.. - "-K.~ '1Ii' ~i- .~ ~..1r ..... ~~Tl..l. __ ~ i. ~A':':-

_ ... ··.!lD.- J." ~ '1Ii' '1; -:. • ...:.-:1i..L ~ ..". Mo1;'~1:' z - "J' .;; ..... :t:- ... :1.-. ",1 J f ~ . ." ~.'- ,.,: '" ~ ~ ~;: t ;-':"'::.p::..-' • "",:, ~ .,.....w.l?u.-"~=--· . f~".... t« 1v-'J"7, ~ I1fIi' 1:.. c, T ~ ~h ..

(/,V7IfVI.,,-' \m-i:.

(/,.,7: ... ~ _n.: -;i. ~~.~ .. :-:_ (/.4. ~ .. ~ ian .. :.l:.~~.

(/Ar:-:~'"::r..Y" Yr.-:, 12, .. w::-r,.., .. ('/A~::r •• ~? &::.a. V. _~


(;;;.."",..., '(I.IJ111.:, •. 2;1.,." '&"'si:~npo.

T·) (./,~ .. I!"" ~ .... -- m~u; ... ~ n:m,l<1an.

O-,.,...Ulrr .&711)". ....-- Jr, 'lZaja· .. h,

~,... ham-lr~,'II'a}A-" •. (h1rY.U"CK, =.t; r~;',· . .;-" j:hik. (./'1DR~lM', l.~ m,.~ ':'t.

(/,JJ7.~rl)" ( 1;.,.']. _~ JAi-

Y34+olci-, 'r- r .. ,ya""!,,,t.

(;',rL ('1 T"P'-, h:.). ~ halkab. 0-"". ~ ,,':'1, ". r..ald.-{ falPI'/M) J}w j,c ,,':'i.j.b,ia},i. J~ .J-~ ",j).j..ma~b~b;.lIb.

Tt, (;',r., ~ '""'7'" zarb kardaD. (/""r;r"..t:E, ~r- mUT.fabt. .JJIIC JUifak.

(/" • ." (PHd), t".. mokbtara'. (;,,, ... (WATRper of coin) •.... 'r arra".-{ ""'"" of faUe cQi,,) f4j J'J koll&tf-zao.

Ctn...u..... .."" paIUua.b, ~',,~ ",lb'n.

C9t.D (tUlj.) • ..,. II&r,], oJ)" bbid.-


......-:._ -=-:- .... ----

~ ~.. .-;.~ ";':- :..L,-_ ~ ~.L - .-:-= • .., -~~:. - -~

z: •• : _~~ -::"'L.:. -=- _-.~ ~ ..._ ~ a...:.. ....... ..: ~ ..-.,;....... :-:....u.....1

- . .

L'::...a.:.... - ,. I ~ •

:-- ., • __ ;.- -:-- A:':'-!-~_ .... :-


...... 1- .. 0 ~--~


( ~L.i.': ., ~ j .:-: .... - r· ." _:...-,a-_-.:.-:._____..:. 11 .. _

(-:.:=-..;-:..-- ~-.-:...!...-:.~ ... ;~..:.::.:. r::- ~ --=-:. r-'!-: . .:.... (.:.:.....a..1 ... ··I·.~-_~ ... _.;,, __ ..!.::-_-

.. z; "C! -: ~'L_ ~ T.=..&L ~

'!-':~- -·i ... =,> :.,..

.,. ... c ... -i~ :~-

i _ i.L!:. : .. -_ J i :":-l':_ T-. ('.:.~~ ~~ ..,""" ::.-~~--: =..-:..:.-~-

{..:.,=-:....r..~.:s .. ~ .. ::::.-~l:. ... ~~_ r ~-~ B.L .... ~~ ..

(·'-':':"L."7~ ~.. ~~_~ .... ~; T&!.&. ; .. ~ ~~-~.lL

T .. (' .... :..:.I: • rt ..... -wf l- ;~'io:.L:'~ ~, ",,!.!'_ :.k!'"I.~)... a • .:.:-.i~ ..

~ ..-!'.:.a~ '~{ k&~ -; .!.1.!1

rt,;.}:_'.- r ,..._., : .",-# .... :-:6,

~-.;+ k!..:: ... ~ h:-·LJL

C".1LLItCrIO:S. ~ ju:', l'-4' ijrima', ~ j~u.';:.st. ~ u.~;=.a', ~ j=:.h. _~ jurala;i. - I ·1.:Jr..!':~#. «:.1 ~ m~jmU·4n.-' '1 :.:JU~I .. ,,",-, tab. s.L

C·:>LLE4:'TITELY. ~" t,~-·I-j:lII.:.lh. -.._ j mr'aa, -~ jamr'an,

CoLLECTOK "," TPr""IU. t . .u<#,.te. ' • J--- muLassiL p:4" I :1j.;!ir, )-..:..a ·asbshar. "';;,~ .lBnigaolb. Jr-- mUlItauG •

COLLEGE,'_~ madrasab. COLLIBIOS. I .... n,_ musidamah. ~ hsadum, - (to t'OJRI! iRt~ t'l)lli,iQ,,) ~J1'- ,.. bi-hamkbwurdan.

COLL1:'BIOlf, rid, Ilf'l'Iui}t'E. Cox- 8P1JU.CT, PLor.

Digitized by Goog I e

CoLLYRIUJ( (for the e!lell) , A,.r I surmah, J-S kuhl, '.cit tutiya ..

COLOCYNTH, ~ hanz~. COLONEL, 1oS1, r mir-alai, ""'-';r sartlp, Jsyf kulunal (eur.), COLONNADE, ~ ,,.') rah.rau-i. musakka.f.

COLONY, ~ kabflah. - (the colo. nies) ..... ur:-- mutasarrafat.

COLOSSAL, ~ zakhim, ..t;j


COLOUR, 04J) rang, I;)Y la.un.-(in compo.ition) ,.U fam, 1;)" gun.(to change colour) 1;)"'-'; .4J)\J:J) rang-a-rang nimudan, 1;).l4t I;)fmula.vvan shudan,

To COLOUR, I;)"J .4J) rang za.dan, 1;)"; 04J) rang kardan.

COLOURB.D, ~J rangfn, I;)r mu-


COLOURLESS, .4J) d hi-rang. COLOURS, vide FLAG.

COLT, If kurrah.

COLUKN, I;)r autun, ~ rukn, ,J~ 'amud, ,J1.t.c 'imad, Jo-- rna. -(baBe of a column) &i~ payah.

-(capital) ali taj.-(in a book)

J,~ jadva.l.-(to be draW-ii up if, colum''') 1;),Jl;;...a' I;)':.)y.. bi-tauri-sutun lstadan.

COJ(B, 6J\.6. shaua.h. (Vide CURRYCOJ(B, HONBYCOIIIB.)-(of a cock) ali taj. - (cotnb-fnaker) j\- 6J\.6. shRnah-saz.

To C01lB, I;),JJ 6J\.6. shanah zadan, 1;)~\.6. shandan (ob •. ).-(Io comb olle'. 1&air) I;).,f 6J\.6. \;"r- ...AlJ zulf-i-khwudra shanah kardan,




CoIIIBINED with, ~ zamlmah. CoJ(BUSTION, ~_,-i tahrfk.

To COJ(E, 0oW' ama.dan, I;)~) rasidan.-(it came to pas.) .l4t ~ cbunfn sbud, ~ ~', vaki" shud. -(to come about) I;)~) t,,.,, hivuku' rasfdan.-(to come aero .. ) I;).,\;rj, uftada.n.-(to ~ d01fm)


l;)oW' I:A pa,m &madan. - (to come up) l;)oW' 14 haIa amadan.


COIII,EJ?Y, IoSJ4 bad, IoSj4 ~ lu'bahbazl.

COJ(BSTIBLII:S, uS\)r-khwurak{, &ilb'

a.ghziyah. .

COIIIBT, }., 634>., I)l:.. sitara.h-idumbalah-dar.}oW" I)l:.. sitarah. i-dum-dar.

COJ(I'ORT, \-1., dil.asa, ~ taa~H, ~ ,Io1.L khatir - jam'C, J'r kbwushi, ,.'.J' aram, ufol\-' auyish.

To COJ(PORT, 1;)"'" ~ tasaJJ.i dadan, I;)~ e" ~ bakhahCdan.

COIIIJ'ORTBR,loWI" .J-1 taaalH dihandah.

CoIIIIC, ~ muzhik. - (comic journal) t\y- A,.\l.»> ruz-namah-imizah.

COJ(KAND, ~ hukm, I;)\...) firman, ~" firma,ish, 1..1,.." ~rmuda.h, "..' amr, ..1\.6.;' !rsh&d, -=--, v.siyat, ~ kadghan, Jo)'IA.. sifarish.

To COJ(J(AND (order), 1;)..1,.." firmudan, 1;)..1'" ~ hukm nimuda.n, 1;)"'" ,..f amr nimudan, I;).,t ..I\.6.} irshad kardan, 1;)..1; Jo)'IA.. sifarisb kardan, I;)"f ~~ kadghan kardan.

COJ(J(ANDBR, 1oS\..1' 1;)\..1' firmRnfirmai, )US 1;) ..... 1' firman-guzar, ",s'- hakim, v-J) ra.,ls, ]0"" amlr. -(com11l41Lder-in-chief) ,.u.. r' amir-Dizam,_)1\- '..- sipa.h-salar. -(of an Order of OhifJtl.wy) I;)W ....-\.. sahib - i - msMn. -(of an army) v.s ~ laahkarkash,;l..lr sardar.

To COJ(J(B¥ORATB, 1;)..11 ~».' ..lit yad-barl kardan, 1;)"'-'; ~ ta.zkir nimudan.

CO~J(B~ORATION, p zikr, )I.f ..lit yad-gar.


Digitized by Goog I e



COMMKN8AL, I~ ham-sufrah. cha.man.-(i"1I common, i1ulucri-

To COMMBNT, (:')"_"; t~ sharh ni- " "'inately) .-}r-- mushtarak.

nnidan, (:')"_";'_'" tafslr nimu- COMMONLY, - .... r: 'umlunan, f!1

Jan. aksar, ~ hfshtar.

COlIUIENTABY, ~ tafsir,""'-; House of COMMONS, (:,)'S~ u-l..-

ta'bir, t~ sharh, J!/u ta.,Vli. majlis-i-mab'(iean, "I". JU,I atak-

COMMENTATOB, r'- mufaasir, t)\.io i-'a.va1lllll.-(an Addres« of fJ&e

ahal'ih. House of (JOIlUilOllS) jl .... U;~

COMMERCE, ~f'''r sauda - garf, "I". JU,I I.5~I ..,_!~ ba.yan-

-=»'w,J tijllrat, ~ mat jar, .u..\a.. namah a.z janit-i-a'zal-i-atRk-i-

mu'amalah, ~ , ,,1') dad u sitad, 'avamm.

I~ , ~ bai' va shira, 're-I ish- COMMOTION, .... ~ hangamah,

tira. - (Chamher of Ccnnmerce) \b~ ghaugha,

-=»~I )1" daru-'t-tijarat. To COMMUNICATE, (:')"_"; ~'r.

COMMERCIAL, .. :iJ~ tijaratl. sirnyat nimudan, ~I" II; rab

To COMMISERATE, (:')"_"; ......... ) rah- URsbtall. -(m.euage, &C'.) ~

mat nimUdan. (:,),,; tabHgh kardan, (:,),,; t~I

COMMISERATION, ....-) rahmat, ,..) iblagh kardan.


COMMISSARIAT, "~4-e mubasha.rah. COMMUNICATIONS (nlilitary term),

COMMISSABY, .u...W'" gumashtah, -=>1,,;1.,.. mav&radat.

JeS, va.kil, ~»',) darughah.- COMMUNION (intercourse), ..... ~)

(Commiaary - General) ~I rifaka.t, dI~ shirakat, -",Ir-

-\.,5,';, amin-i-nzUkajat. muravadat, )4 , )'IS kar va bar.

COMMISSION, ~W'" gumashtll.gi. I (Vide INTEBCOURSE.) - (fJ&e

- --(ml goods, /Jules, etC'.) ~I IJa- Sacrament), .,j4) ~ 'asha.,-i-

Imkku-'s-sa.'{, - (body of men), rabbanf, U"'.t.i kuddas.

(:,)"._,-; kumfsiyun (tur.I.-- COMMUNIST, ~".,s kilmimist

(mwpd commissW"n) (:,),_...,.; (ellr.).

~ kumlsiyim-i-mukhta.liti. COMMUNITY, d)\..:..e III ushRrakat ,

- (10 ulldertake a eommiesion] ..,...J... millat.

(:,)"f J~I istihmRl kardan, COMPACT, vide AGREEMENT, PRO-

'1'0 VOMMISSION, ~W' gumush- MISE,801.1D.

tan. COMPANION, Jei) mfik, ~ sha.-

COMMISSIONAIRE, .u...~ gumash- rfk, ,..,.... ham-dam, Jw. hamal,

toll. ...;.,~ ham-dnsh, J~ ham-raz,

COMMISSIONER, ~~ mubsehir. J~" dam-8ftz, ~ ham-

fru COMMIT (intrust), (:,)~ sipur- uishfn, \.lA, ashoa, J~I ambaz,

duu, (:,).l_"; r,,/>l.I' ta.fvlz nimudau, ",_w..e musahib, _\.0 sahib

~"f 1Il1,... hllovAlab kardan, ~ ( pl. 1t\... sahabab. or .... ~I

(:,),,; tasHm kardau.-(do) .... ~)I ashRb).

(:')"_"; irtikab nimudan, (:,)oJ/ kar- I VOMPANY, Vide SOCIETY, BAND.-

dan, ~\.. sakhtan, (:,),)_,.; ,,'.t.il, (of soldie1'B) A,o.." dastah.

ikdam nimudan. COMPABABLE, J"\a.. mu'adil, JI1

VOMMON, ,,\A 'amm, ,,~ 'um(lm, ~ In,ik-i-tashbih, ~ uasfr,

~r-- mUl.lhta.rak,...JJJ""" ma'rur, COMPABATIVE (degree), J.,.Mi .....JI..

...J)\a:N. muta'arif', J,I~ mu- halat-i-tafzil.

tad{lval, ),.:- mash-bUr, J,.- COMPARATIVELY, ~4 bi-'n-nis-

ma·mul.-(people),,~ 'amm, ,.I~ bah, .u.UI., bi-mukabalah.

U"UlI 'avvamu-'n-ruis, ~\.t,' &baH, To COMPARE, (:')"_"; .u.1Ire mukS.

~ khalk.-(open space) ~ balah nimudao. (:,),,; ~ wh-

Digitized by Goog I e


hih kardan, (;),)f ,)J,']I lmr-avard kardan.

COMPARED with, At A.,-i nisbah hi, At ~4 bi-ln-nisbah hi.

COMPARISON, ~ tams il , ~ taahbfh, Aft\.:- muahabahah, Al,\i.. mukabalah, ),... jur, ~]I'.:rI hllorabarl. ~ tatbik, ,)J'~ ]I baravard.·_(degreeB Of comparison) JeJD ....... 'J'" mariltib-i-tafsil.

VUMPAIIS, J\S'r. par gar, JIS'r. parkar. - (mariner'B), W ..,..J.i kuthuima, W .t.4i kiblah - nima.- - (poilttil of the comptl.8B)-N. J\...a. , shimal; N.E. ~r-- , J\...a. ~ \.. ma-bain-i-ebimal va mashrik; N. W. ...,,.. , J\...a. ~ \.. mabain-i-sbiunil va maghrib; S. ...,_r.. jumib , S.E. , ...,_r.. ~ \.. ~r-- Ilul-bain-i.junub va mashrik; S. W. ...,,.. , ",,_r.. ~ \.. ma-bain-i-junub va maghrib; E. ~r-- mashrik, ~.,... shark, ~ matla'; W. ...,,.. maghrib, ~ gha.rb.

COMPASSION, ~J rikkat, ........ Bha.fa.ka.t, ~J'" ma.ra.hmat, ~) ruhm, d4,... mihrbauf, ........ "'; m,fat, ~")~ ha.m-dardi.

eo.PASSIONATE, JU-- muahfik, ~ shaak, ,-..) rahfm,

To COMPASSIONATE, (;),,~ ........ shafaka.t ninnidan, (;),)/ ~) ruhm kardan, (At) (;)"f rl tamhhum kardan (bi).

CO.PEERS, (;)\.t-\ , J~\ amsal va. akhiran, I~' aehbah.

To COMPEL, (;)4"~ jabran kardan, ~\,) (;)']1 bar im dushta.n, (;)4 ),j bi-Zllr kardan, (;),)_,...; ,.'.:rI' ihrim nimitdan, (;),),.1 )~ majbur uinnidaa.

CO.PKNDIUM, ~ mujmal, yt-". mnjaz, A&!,.... majmu'ah, ~, vajiz.

'fo COMPENSATE, (;).,\,) J>,e 'avaz dadan, (;),)_,...; -..,'- mu'avaza.t nimjidan,

CO.PElfSATION, J>tc 'avaz, 'J.- jaza, J');J talRfi, va'"'' padash,!!\ ajr, ...,~\ ujrat, _u~ mukAfat. I



To COMPETE, (;),)/ ..:..It\..... musalmkat ka.rdan, (;),)_,...; I~l .... mujaihadah nimudan.

COMPETITION, I~~ mujaha.da.h, Al,\i.. mukabala.h.

COMPILATION, ...Aol"\i ta.,Hf.

To CO.PILE (a book, tic., from other 1IJ1"itingB), (;),)f .... J~l; ta,Hf kardan.

To COMPLAIN, (;),)]1 """i~ shikiyat burdan, (;),)f J,~ shakva kardan.

COMPLAINANT, "ide PLAINTIFF. COMPLAINT, oil! gilah, ~u nalish, lJu nalah, J,~ shakva, """i~ shikaya.t, ,.&; taza.llum, "11". fa.ryild, ~;\) zari. - (malady) J>ye marz, 6,$)~ bfnuirf, ~ 'illat, frl) ran], ;\J' azar, ')J') dard, ~r-u na-khwushi, sr ~ ta.kasllur-imizaj.

COMPLAISANCB, ..J4,... mihrbftni, UI.a; ta'attuf.

CO.PLAISANT, ~'''''' mutavKzi', (;)4)f'" mihrbau.

COMPLEIKENT, &..:5 tatamma.h. CO.PLBTE, J-e1S' kKmil, ,.l; tamm, ,.w ta.mam.-(completely) flide ENTIRBLY.

To CO.PLETE, (;),)1 ,.w tamluu kar?a~, (;)~l-) ,.1.,.<4 bi-anjam rasamdan.

COMPLBTELY,""\..W tamauian, ~ bi-kulli.

CO.PLBTION, &..:5 ta.ta.mmah, J>\,,-\ inkiraz, ,.W\ itmnm, Jl.Sl ikmal, ~ ta.kmil, ,.~\ ikhtitam.

COMPLBXION, ~» ~) rang-i-ruf, COMPLIANCE, U) raza, ~.u...U) mzamandi, J~ kabul, ...,1.,.:\ ijab, """",-\ ijlbat, ~\Ii' ittifak, ,)""" ittihRd, .....a\,.. muvAfakat.

COMPLICATED, ~ muta'asair, ~ mushkil, ~ mukhtall, ~ mukbtalit, ,... ),) dar-ham.

COJlPLICATIOlf, J~' ishkAl. COMPLICITY, ~\lil ittifllk. CoMPLIMENTS, ~ salam, ,.1.., ~,)

du'" u salam, 6,$~' Jor- khwush. Amadl, ...,')\ adab, ~ tama.1luk, f¥'" , ,-. cha.m va kha.m, ~ t&h1yat, ';\.w mudari.

Digitized by Goog I e


To COJ[POSB (arra1&ye), (:1"\" -.:ij tartfb dadan, ~l.. .....s.,.. nmrattab sRkhtan, (:I",-.J ,.\li,,;;;, iutizam uimUdan.-(a . book, tfc.) ~ (:I"f tasn if kardan, (:I"f ~"\i ta.,Hf kardan. [This latter term signifies to compile from other booka.] - (to cOlnpo.e onetl6lf) ~f ,.'J' aram giriftan.

COMPOSED of, .....sJ'" murakkab. COJ[POSER, ,..l; nazim. COJ[POSITION (mi:l:ture, tfc.), ~,

ajza, ~j tarkfb, - (of an I author) ~ tasnif, ..A.:.- musannaf.

COJ[POSITOR (p"il£t6l"), .....s.,.. murattib,

COJ[POSURB, ~, amniyat. (:IL::..l.' itmi,nan, '-""~, &rami.

COJ[POUNDED, .....s.1'" murakkab, ...... r: sirishta.h, _y.:...- makhlut.


COJ[PREHENDING, vide CONTAINING. COJ[PREHENSIBLE, J,a- ma'kul, ..l)-w mudrak, ..tl~"1 J1\i kabil-iidrak,

COMPREHENSION, ,... fahm, ...... ~ J" dar-yaft, JIa 'akl, ...;.,. hUsh, "r- khirad, ...,_\_,i firasat, .al)" darak, .al\_;')' idrak.

COJ[PBBHENSIVB, J-1.6. shRmil.

'fo COMPRISE, (:I"f o!J.\,o.' ihRtah kardan, (:I"Jl J-l6. shamil budan.


COMPULSION, ),J Ztlr,),.. jaur, 1,$.1IU ta'addf, ~ zuIm, ,.\j' ibnim, )y..' iztirar, \.6.za' iktizR, ~ jabr, J6i kahr.-(by compulsion; forcibly, unwiUingly) J;,J zurakC, 1~ [abran, 1;ti kahran, ~ -anfan, &:"'J"" na - khwRstah,

-~';w.' istiraran, ~I kirahan,

)~, ul bl-ikhtiyRr.

COJ[PUTATION, ~L-. hisilb, ) ..... shimar.

To COllfPUTJ:, (:1"1 ~L-. hisRb kardan, (:I"""" shimurdan, (:I"'t) ..... shimaridan.


COMRADE, vide COMPANION. CONCATENATION, ,J-1-i tasalsul, CONCAVE, ~,.... mujavvaf, ~,..,

ajvaf, ";16. khaH, ~ muka"ar.

To CONCEAL, &¥ nihuftan, I:)~ft pushfdan, (:1"1 (:I~ panhan kardan, (:I"~ (:lie' nih an kardan, I:)",-.J v.-( ikhfil nimudan, ~ ~l.. makhfi sakht.a.n, I,$J'r~,,, mutavar! dashtan.


CON~EIV ~BL,E,.).r""'" mut.a.savvir.),.. j!\i klllnl-l-t&.sa.vvur.

'fo CONCEIVE, ~~ yHftan, ....... ~),) I:)"f da.r-yaft kardan, I:)~ fahmiuau.-(in the l(lomb) ft ~ J-i ~:I n:Ullra bar - giriftan, .u..\.

I:)~ hiuuilah shuda.n. .

, To CONCENTRATB, (:1"),' f"'b'~ £araham avardau.

I CONCENTRATION, f"'b''; fa.raham .

CONCEPTION, cide 'I'HOUGHT.-(in. the ,(>oJl&b) J- haml,


To CONCERN, (:I",-.J ~~ raji' nimddan, ~,,, Jla.i ta.'a.lluk dashtan, ~,,, ~,) dakhl dashtan, ~ (:I"" mukhta.ss budan,

CONCERNING, ~4 )" dar bab, ~4 ),) dar bilrah, 4l ......_; nisbat bi, J' az, ~)" dar hakk, "',- )" dar khusus.

CO:WERT, vide UNIoN.-(muaic) J',' , Jl....J~ mmmanl-i-sRz va. RVH.Z.

CONCE811ION, ~j tarakhkhus.-. (to make cOIJ.CeBSiona) (:I"f ~ guzasht kardan,

CONCH (.heU), ~Jl buk. CONCILIATION, ,.\e.:;l\ iltiyam, "'-''musalahah.

CONCISE, ,...,.. mukhtasar, Jt+oe mujmal,)tI't', vajiz.




muttafik, ~w\ ittifRkC.

CONCORD, ....... \,.. muvRfakat, .JU,

Digitized by Goog I e

v£fak, .>Iar., ittihad, JJ'S.,. yaga. nag!.

CONCORDANCE, ~u... mutabakat. CONCOURSE, vide CROWD. CONCRETE, ~~ jamid.-(gramma.

tical term) .1~ mukayyad. (Vide PLASTER.)

CONCUBINE, ~ mut'ah, tJ,..~ madkhalah, J &.o~ kh{lSS:,h.g(, )\.;..~ parast{lr.


To CONDEMN, (:J'>,_.s ~ tahakkum nimudan, (:J'>''> Js_ri fatvA dadan, . (:J'>,_.s 1"1"'" mujram nimUdan. CONDENSATION'J\..e:&.' ikhtis8r,~ mukhtasar.-(waler) ~ taksif.

To CONDBNSE, (:J'>~ )l..0.00i.' ikhtisar kardan, (:J.>f ~ mukhtasar kardan. - (water) (:J'>,_.s ~ taks£f nimudan,

CONDESCENSION, ~i tavajjuh, t;"'i tav&zu'.

CONDITION (Blate) , JI.. hal, .....JI.. halat, t;", vaz'. - (stipulation), 1..,. ahart,)'i karar, \:., binI', ~ ·ahd.

CONDITIONAL (mood 0/ a verb), ..;..,. shartiy.


~, J# 'ala an, :rAt bi-shartf-


To CONDOLE, (:J.>f ..s}"'~ 'azA.d{U"1 kardan.

CONDOLENCE, 'Jl 'aza, ~yu ta'· ziyat, U""'~ ,-i\.e matani-puref, ..... L..,,.. muvasat.

To CONDONB, vide To FORGIVB. CONDlJCr (guidance), \oS1....IA) mho uima], ..s_r,A) rah-bari, ..:oJ,.> dalalat, ~,~ hidayat.-(behaviour) t;",va~', u...s~ harakat, )'.>f kirdar, )'W) rnftar, hI.' atvHr • .,}~ suluk.


CONDUCTOR, "ide GUIDE.-(O! a band) Jo'" r+- mihtar-bashi.



CONE (0/ fiT, cfc.), tit J~ jaua-ikalngh,;i bar, t~ ..J,.>~ girdu.fi.kalagh.-(conical body) ~~ makhrutah, u.li kalamf.

CONJ'ECTIONER, .>W kaunKd, ..s'>w kannad(,..j\r halva,i.

CONJ'ECTIONBRY, ..sf'a shakarf,

~_",a. shirinl. .


To CONFER, (:J'>,_.s 6~~ muzakarah nimadan, (:J'>,_.s 6..J~ muka. lamah nimudan, (:J~ 1I),\~ mUBhavlI.rah nimudan. (Viae To BIi:STOW.)

CONFERIi:NCB, 6f',i.. muzakarah, c41~ mukalamah, 6),~ musha\. varah.



CONJ'ESSION,}j' ikrAr, ~~, i'tirRf, ~ tashahhud, (:J~J' iz'an.

CONJ'IDANT (,ub,.), J'rA ham.raz, ~ ham-dam, ,.,.,. mahram.(adj.) ~ mutma,inn.

To CONJ'IDB in, (:J.>f )~, i'tiM .. kardau, (:J'>,_.s .>1..=\ i'timad ni. mudan, (:J'>ft .>~, i'tika'&d bur. dan, (:J,u, ~', vasik shudan, J$i (:J'>_,.s tavakkul nimudan, (:JI...~' ~,.> Im4n daahtan.

CONJ'IDENCE, ),.~ bavar, .>~, i'ti. kl,d, .>~, i'timlid,)~' i'tibar, J!i tavakkul, .>\.!.;;,.,., istinad, oj;' vusuk, (:Jl..!' imHn, ~\ umid.

CONJ'IDENTIAL, ~ makhff, CONFINED, IJ"'~ ma.hbus.(limited) .>,.1w- mahdud.-(air) ~ ha.bs. - (to be confined, woman) (:J.>'i zadan, (:J~"J za,idan, (:J'>,r J- t;",).> dar vaz'.i.haml budan.


CONJ'INlilS (limit,), .. hadd, .>,.l. hudud, ~.r. sar-hadd, <I..IA.> dahanah, (:J'r karan, Jsooi' aksa, )~ augbur, \p' intihli,.lr- marz,)rsunar,




(:J",_.s Ji.wt tasdlk Digitized by Goog I e

- _ - _._ .. _ --- -----

- 4 _ ...



nimudan, (:).Jf .:,..fU sabit ka.rda.u, ikhtilat, JLL khalal, J1;r.L" ikhti-

(:).J_roJ JA- muhakkak nimUdan. la1, ~ j bar-hamf, ~~ tash.

-(in an a.ppointment) l.S)'j j vfsh, ~ ~ haia-bais, 1S.r- Sf

(:).J_roJ bar·karari nimudan, barj-marj, ) ..... .» tar u mar,

CONFIBHATION, ..... \.;' isbait, ..... ,; )!, ,j kazb u vizh (vulg.).

sub lit, 104M' iuzibat, ~Yi tak- CONFUTATION,,M .J; radd-i-kalam,

viyat, J!,w; ta.sdik. To CONFUTE, (:).Jf ,.~ mulz~U1 kar-

CONFIRMED, vide ESTABLISHED, dan, (:).J_roJ ~ .J) radd-i-kalsm

CERTAIN. nimudan, (:).Jf c,... jarh karda.u.

To CONFISCATB, (:).J~ lI).J'- musa. To CONGEAL, vid#' To COAGULATE.

darah nimudan, (:).Jf ~ zabt To FREEZE.

kardaa, (:).Jf ~ kabz kardan. To CONGRATULATE, (:).Jf ~ tab-

CONFISCATION, ~ zabt, ~ kaLz, niyat kardan, (:).Jf .. pi tabrfk

~ ghasb. kardan.-(to congmtulateoneIJelj)

CONFLAGRATION, Ja".. harik, Ji,.. (:).J'.J ~ tahniyat dada.u,

suza.gi. (:).J_roJ .Ju...,.;;_, istis'ad nimudan. .


CONFLUENT, J,..,.. mausul. 1i.Jr- muzhdah, l.S.J\f t4l) ..... muhR·

To CONFORM, (:).J,... ........ ,,.. muva- rak-bad],

fakat nimudan, (:)..\010 ......,u.- mu- Tn CONGREGATE, (:)..\010 ~ jam'

t1iba.'at shudau. shudan.

CONFORMABLY, J",.. muvatik,]I CONllREGATION, .:...&~ jama'at,

J', bar va.fk, ~]I bar trbk, ~~ majDlll.', ),..... jamhur,

JrUo.. mutabik, ;r-'I fa.rakhwur, .......... jam'iyat, ~., anju •

......_, bi-hasab, _\ow munasib, man.

)\j j' az kd.rllr. CONGRE811, ~~ ~ majlis-i-

CONFORMITY, ....a,,.. DluvRfakat, muzllkara~, ~f kimga.ra.h

~ tibk, J'~ vafk.-(i1l confor- (mI'.).

mity with) J.,Io ]I bar tibk, CONGRUITY, .......,u... mutabakat.

To CONFOUND, (:).Jj ,... j bar-bam CONIC sections, .:.olJ.,,_.. makhru.

zadan, (:).Jf ,... ).J dar. ham kar· tiyat.

dan, ~\.., ...Joy:- musha.vvash CONJECTURAL,~, vahmi. ~~

s&khtan, (:)¥'.Jf ~ mukhtall khiyitli, ,-,""\oJ kiYlisl.

gard{midan. To CON.JJI:CTURB, (:).J,-.J V"~ hads

To CONFRONT, (:).Jf »' J) ril bi·ru nimudan, (:).Jf ~ takhmin

kardan, (:).Jf .... ',.. muvajahah kardan, (Vilk To bIAGINB.)

kardan. CONJECTURE, V"1.ei kiyas, (:)I.J gu-

To CONFUSE, vide To MIX. Jllan, ~ sann, .,.a,. ma1.innah,

CONFUSED, li.Jj,... j bar-ham zadah, ~ takhmin, V"~ hads, I)'~'

~ mukhtalit, ~ mukhtall,' alldazah,,..., vahm, J\eos. khlyal. ,...).J dar-ham, (:)~t. parishan, CONJOINED, Jor- mutavasail, ~~ pfch-a-pfch, )1.- , )Ii tar u Jo'''''' mutavasil, ~ mutta.sil. mar.-(in mind) (:)~ hairan, CONJOINTLY with, ,.~\f bi-inzi-

...Jor- mushavvash, 4.OA6t' ashuf. mam,

tab, ~\r-.J dast-paehah. -(to To CON.JUGATE, (:).Jf ur- sarf b,T.

be confused) (:)..\010 j.,.. khijil dan.

shudan, (:),u, ~ mutahayyar CONJUGATION (of a "erb) , --.At,..

shudan, (:).J" (:)~ hairan budaa, tasr{f.

(:)..\010 ~\r-.Jdast-pachah shudan, CONJUNCTION (part of 1I1)('t'('/,),

~'" bar.ashuftan. ~ 'atf.

CONJ'1J'SION, ..;~ pa.rfahani, J.1;r.L,' CON.JUNCTIVE, ...;., vasIl.

Digitized by Goog Ie

CoB.nJNOTUBJ:, f1id6 OPPOBTUNITY. COBJUBEB, ,s;.,~ jadu.ga.r, ~ muaha'bicf, 'J~ 1.1t&fo sbu'badah, baz, J~ ,. hukkah.bb, ,..l.. aibir,)~ sabUr, ~~, Msun. gar.


To COlfBEOT, fIide To Jom. CoNlfJ:OTliDLY, ~ mutta.ailan, JI.JJ' ..p 'a.la.'l.ittiaal.

CoNlfBCTIOlf, Jo, vaal, J""" ittiaaI, ~., duhI, ._,...J niabat, IJla 'alakah, »,_. paivand, .._~ paivaat, ~~, ilhRk. - (carnal) '-~ mujama'ah, "tJ\a.e muka. rabah.

To COl'lNIVB at, <:)""w v'w' igb. omz nimudan, 1:)"'; ~" ~ chaahm.puahl karcfan, <:).jf ~~ tajahul kaMan, 1:)"; .... ,,\we muhIlbat kardan.

COlfl'lOISSEUB, ~" vakif, .... JUl


To COlfQUEB, 1:)"'; e=' fath kardan, <:)",; ~ gha.la.bah kardan, ~ 1:)"'" shikast dadan, ~It ~ zafar yattan, I:)"\,£,f gushadan, ~It .... ,.. nusra.t yalft&n, J'~ 1:)'»' f£ruz shudan, I:)~' .;:J~ ghaIib ama.dan.-(to conquer II nbjecf) ~It .._., ...,...JJ... j bar matlab daat yRft&n.

COlfQUEBOR, J.ve' f£rnz, p... muza.f. fa.r,)~ manaur.

COlf8A.NGUIlfITY, ~ ham.


ColfSCIElfCE, J" dil, ~ zam{r,

......u bIb.

COlfSCIENTIOUS, ~ munaif. COlfSCRIPTIOlf, .... u J6 nafar.namah.' To COlfBBCBA.TII, <:)~'''.1 ~ mn-

kaddaa gardanidan, I:)""w U""I-'Ii takhdfs nimudan, <:).,~ ~ ta.khs!s nimudan, I:)olf ar- mnnazzah brdan.

COlfSBCBA.TIOlf, U""l-'li takdfs, ~ takhs{s.

CONSBCUTIVB, ";'~. mutavaI{,

I'~ mutadtir, "")., "" paf dar par.

CONSBlfBusofopiniOD,~)~'~ i,tilaf.i.a.fkarl.

COlfBElfT, -JI.s..' ijazat, \.6) rad, ~.u.e\.6) raza.mand!, \.6r-' iatirU, J_,.J kabUl, .a.-t~' ijlbat, ",\81 ittifRk, ~''''' muvafa.ka.t, ~~ khwush!, a.,'J... mutba'a.h. (Vide LB&.VB.) - (toit1 ORe co",_) "\M;:.. muttafikan.

To COlfBDT, t1ide To AGBEB. ColfSEQUBlfCB (rault), I..,.zf naUjab, ,.\.p, anlam, i' aaar, J\I,. ma.,al. (Vida !xPOBTABOE.) COlfSEBVATOB,)'~\S:J nigah.dar.

CONBERV ATOBY, 1J'I.;;-.1 garm.kh&nab.

To ColfBIDEB, <:)~», and!sh!dan, 1:)"; Uo,t»' and!sbah ka.rdan, ~ <:).J; fikr kardan, ~.,; .j.--U ta.,ammul ka.rdan, <:).>j),. g6a.ur kardan. - (deem) 1:)'" .... ,.._. mahsub kardan, ~,., danistan,

<:)"""'" sbimurdan.


To CoNSIGlf, f1itk To CoJ[XIT.

To CONSIST, ("t) <:)"" .u-, baatah b6.dan (hi).

CONSISTBlfCT, Jl'1 tavafuk, us.-ii',..

muvafa.bt, ..._u.- mun6.aa.bat.

COlfSISTOBY, ~ maj1is. COl'lSOLATIOB, trifle ColIrIll'OBT.

To CONSOLIDATE, (;J"; uG yak! kardan, <:)";~' •. ' ustuvu hrdan, 1:)"", • musta.h.kim

nimudan, 1:)"" ,."--' istihkam dadan .

COlfSOLIDATION, 1:).... uG yak! shudan, ;',;-, ustUVRr, ~ tam. kin, ~ tasb!t.




CONSPIBA.CT, ~U, vifak, JoJ'- .a· zish, .~\a.e mu'abadah, ~"..,.. ham-'ahdf.

CONspiRATOB, ~ ,.. ham.cabd, JoT" ,.. ham.shart.-(to coupir.


Digitized by Goog I e


To COMPOSE (arrange), <:)"1,, ~j tartib dadan, ~l.. ...,..sr- murattab sakbtan, <:)"_ri ,.\lIo.Ai' intizam nimUdan.-(a . book, &c.) ~ <:)"f wnif kardan, <:)"f ~"\i ta,lif kardan, ['fhis latter term signifies to compile from other books.] - (to compose oneBelf) ~;f ,.';' aram giriftan.

COMPOSED of, ......sr- murakkab. COMPOBBR, ,..U nazim. COMPOSITION (mizture, &c.), ~I

ajza, ~j tarkfb. - (of an author) ~ tasnff, .J.:-o muII&nnaf.

COllPOSITOR (pl'iltter), ...,..sr- murattib,

COllP08URB, ~I amnfyat, <:)\.;,.tJ.' itmi,Dan, U""I;' aram!' COMPOUNDED, ......sr- murakkab, ~,.. sirishtah, -;-.. makhhit, To COMPREHBND, "ide To UNDERSTAND.

COllPREHENDING, "ide CONTAINING. COllPREHENSIBLE, J~ wa'ku1, ~).w mudrak, .&l,)", J!U kahil-iidrak.

COMPREHENSION, ,_.. fahw, ~~).) da.r-yaft, JIID 'ak1, ...;.,. bush, '>1- kbirad, ...,._\j firasat, .,)).) darak, .,)1;,,1 idrak.


'fo COMPRISE, (;)"f &b~' ibRtah brdan, (;,)"j J.el.e. sMmil blldan.


COMPULSION, )Jj zur,),.. jaur, ~.»1 ta.'addi, ~ zu1m, ,.'Jf' ibram, )y..' iztirlir, \.w' iktiza, J"'t" jabr, , :fti kahr.-( by compulsion, forcibly, unwiUingly) J;,J zt'1raki, "'~ j a.b ran, .",.. kahran, ~ 'anfan, .u...'J"" no. - khwastab, "'-"_,1M' istiraran, -'llbf kimban, )~I d bf-ikhtiyar.

COMPUTATION, ..... l..... hiBI\b, )I..A shimar.

To Co.pun, (;)"f ..... l..... hisab kardan, <:).",.... shimurdan, <:)oIt)1..A .bimaridan.


COMRADE, vide COMPANION. CONCATENATION, .)-l-i hsa.lsu1. CONCAVE, ~,.... mujavvaf, ~,~I

ajvaf, ,J'6 khali, ~ wuka."a.r.

To CONCEAL, ~ nihuftan, <:)~~ pi\sh{dan, <:).>f <:)~ panhsn kardan, <:).>$ <:)Iei nihan kardan, <:)"_ri ~( ikbfa nimridau, ~ ~l.. makhfi sakhta.n, ~},_,. ~,.) mutavarf dasbtan.

CONCEITED, "ide PROUD, VAIN. CONCEIV~BL,E,.)~ mut.asavvir.),... J!U bl111-1-tasavvur.

To CONCEIVE, ~\& yUfta.n, ~~).) <:)"f dar-yaft kardan, <:)~ fahmiJau.-(i/£ the 100mb) Jf '.J J-l ~f n:ulra bar - giriftan, 4l.e\. <:)~ haunlab shudan. .

To CONCENTRATE, <:)"),' ,..'" fa.ra-

I rum Ii vardan.

CONCENTRATION, ,..\j faraham. CONCEPTION, vide 'l'HOUGHT.-(in the womb) J- haml.


To CONCBRN, <:).)_ri ~~ raji' nimudan, ~,,, ,",W ta'alluk dasbtan, ~,,) J'-" dakhl dasbtan, ~ <:)"j mukbta.ss budan.

CONCERNING, ..... ~ ),) dar bab, ~~ )" dar bltrah, '" ..._..I nisba.t bi, J' az, ~ ),) dar bakk, "',... )" dar kbusUs.

CO!'lCERT, "ide UNIoN.-(mUBic} ]1,' ,jl....J""'" mihmlinl-i-s8z va avtlz.

CONCESSION, ~j tarakbkhus.-. (toO make concl'BsionB) <:).>f ~ guzasht kardan,

CONCH (shell), .3" buk. CONCILIATION, ,.\.e.:d' i1tiyam, '-01'musdlabah.

CONCISE, ~ mukhtasar, ~ mujmal,)I:'t", vajlz.




muttafik, ~\Ii' ittiflik£.

CONCORD, ....... ,,.. muvaf&ka.t, ,JU,

Digitized by Goog I e

vlfaik, ",\a..1 ittihad, JJ'S.,. yaganagf.

CONCORDANCE, ~u... mutabakat, CONCOURSE, vide CROWD. CONCRETE, ~~ jaIDid.-(gramma-

tical term) "'~ mukayyad. (Vide PLASTER.)

CONCUBINE, Aa;:.e mut'ah, Al.r~ madkhulah, J 6.0~ khalesa.h-gf, )\.w~ parasmr.


To CONDEMN, <:)"',.. ~ tahakkum nimudan, <:)""'" J.s_ri fatva dadan, . <:)"'" r;"'" mujram nimudan, CONDENSATION ,)~' ikhtisHr,~ mukhtasar.-(waler) ~ taks!f.

To CONDBNSE, <:)"'~ )~, ikhtisar kardan, <:)oJ; ~ mukhtasar kardan, - (water) <:)"',.. ~ takslf nimudan,

CONDBSCENSION, "t-j tavajjuh, (:I"j tavazu'.

CONDITION (Btate), J~ bal, .....JI... balat, (:1', VRz'. - (Btipulation), 1.;6> shart,}j karar, U, binR, ~ 'ahd.

CONDITIONAL (mood of a verb], d-I'shartty.

CONDITIONALLY, I.,r-- mashrut, ~, JP 'ala an, AS.e1>_rt-t bi-sharttkih.

To CONDOLE, <:)"'; ~)''''~ 'aza-darl kardan.

CONDOLENCE, ~ 'aza, ....... -.1'" ta'ziyat, ~~ ,,;..... matani-pursf, .... l-,,.. mUvftSat.

To CONDONE, vide To FORGIVE. CONDucr (guidance), ~~) rahuimH.i, ~~) rah-bari, ......JJoJ dahllat, ...... 'oUII hidayat.-(behaviour) ~,val', o.::-S~ harakat, )''''; kirdar, )W) raftar. )';.' atvar. "'fsul uk.

To CONDUCT, vide 'fo BEAR, To LEAD.

CONDUCTOR, vide GUIDE.-(of a band) ~\f y.. mihtar-bashl.




, CONE (of fir, &c.), t.it j~ jauz-ikalagh,;i bar, t~ ..J''''~ girdu,fi-kalagh.-(conical body) Al.~ makhnitah, u.1i kalami.

CONFECTIONER, oJW kanmid, ~"'W kannadf,..JIy. ha.1va,i.


U""!;e" shirinf. .


To CONJ'ER, <:)oJ,.. 6.fr muzaka.ra.h nimddan, <:)oJ,.. A.l~ DlUkalamah nimudan, <:)"',.. 1I),l~ mUBhavarah nimudan. (Viae To Bli:STOW.)

CONFERBNCE, 6f'~ muzakarah, &.ollS:.. mukalamah, 6),u... mushdvarah.


CONFESSION,};' ikrar, '_".fD' i'tirRf, ~ tashahhud, <:I~J' iz'an.

CONJ'IDANT (Bub •• ), j~ ham-raiz, ,.~ ham-dam, ,.,.,. mahram.(adj.) ~ mutma.,inn.

To CONFIDE in, <:),,; )~, i'tibal .. kardan, <:)oJ,.. oJ~' i'timad nimudan, <:)"'j oJ~' i'tikad burdan, <:),u, 1Ji', vasik shudan, ~i <:)"''-'; tavakkul ninnidan, <:)\.t.!' ~'''' im4n dashtan.

CONFIDENCE, ),.~ bavar, "'~, i'ti-

kild, "'~, l'timad,)~' i'tibar, ~j tavakkul, ",lr.;;." istinsd, oJj, vusuk, <:)~, {man, ~, umid.

CONFIDENTIAL, ~ ma.khf{ . CONFINED, IJ"~ mahbus.(limited) oJ,~ ma.hdud.-(air) v-o-- habs. - (to be confined, woman) <:)""; zadan, <:I-""'j za,idan, <:)"',r J- ~')'" dar vaz'-i-haml budan,


CONFINES (limit.), ~ ha.dd, "','-' hudud, ~ r. sa.r-ha.dd, A.\AoJ dahanah, <:)'fkaran, J.soei' aksa, ,,,,s sughur, ~, intiha, J.r- marz,)rsunur.

To CONFIRM, <:I"'''' ~".. tasdfk

Digitized by Goog I e

nimudan, 1;).>I..:,...fU sabit ka.rda.n, 1;)..1"" JI- mubakkak nimudan, -(in an. appointment) ~J'i " 1;)..1"" bar.brairl ninnidan.

CONFIRJlATION, ..:.>\.;, isbat, .,..,,; sub lit, 1.4M' inzibat, -=--l.jIi ta.k. viyat, J!.w; tasdlk.


To CONFISCATE, I;)'>"w IIJ.>\... musa. darah nimudan, 1;)..11 ~ zabt kardan, 1;).>1 ~ kabz kardan.

CONFISCATION, ~ zabt, ..;..ti kabz, ......... ghasb.

CONFLAGRATION, J!~ harfk, J;,...


CONFLICT, vide BATTLE. CONFLUBJI'T, J,..,.. mauaul.

To CONFORM, 1;)..1"" ......16',.. muvafakat nimudan, I;)~ ......,u.. mutaba'at shudau.

CONFORIUBLY, Ji',.. muvsfik, " ~, bar vafk, ~]I bar tibk, Jt\lo.. mutabik, Jr't fanikhwur, ~ bi-hasab, _u.. munasib, J\j )' a.z brar.

CONFORMITY, ..:.-A6',.. muvaifakat, ~ tibk, Ji, vatk.-(ill confermity 'With) Jtlo ]I ba.r tibk.

To CONFOUND, 1;)..1) ,... " bar-bam zada.n, 1;)4 f"'b J..I dar-ham kardan, ~\... v-r- musha.vva.sh sakhta.n, 1;)~'..If ~ mukhtall gardanidan.

To CONFRONT, l;)..If }]I 2J rit bi-ru kardan, 1;)..11 .... ',.. muvajahah karda.u.

To CONFUSE, vide To Mu:. CONFUSED, 11..1) f"'b" bar. ham sadah, IoI..;a;,.. mukhtalit, ~ mukhta.ll, ",)..1 dar-ham, 1;)1..:.it. parishan, r.~ plch-a.plch,) .... J J\:; tIlr u mar.-(In mind} I;)~ hairan, Jor- musha.vvash, 10.:660, Rshuftah, ~\r-..1 dast-pachah. -lto be confused) I;)~ ~ khijil shudan, I;)~ ~ mutahayyar shudan, I;)..IJlI;)'_r-. hairan b{tdan, I;)~ ~\r-..1 dast.pachah shudan, ~'Jl bar-ashufta.n.

CONP11SION, ._,II..:.i)l pad.hanl, l.~'

,- _c

. -



ikhtilat, ~ khalal, J~' ikhti. lal, ~ ]I bar-hami, ~~ tsshvi~h, ~ \.I'~ hais-bais, sye s"a harj-marj, J .... J JI'i tar u mar, JJ , 'f kazb u vizh (uulg.).

CONI'11TA.TION, rJS'>l radd-i-ksblm. To CONFUTE, l;)..If &-- mulz~Ul k~r. dan, 1;)..1"" rJS '>J radd-i-kalam nimudan, I;).J} eft" jarh kardan, To CONGEAL, mdt' To COAGULATE.


To CONGRATULATB, 1;).>1 ~ tallniyat kardan, I;).J} .-l,a,_; ta.brik karda.n.-( to COJtgratulate oneself) 1;)..1'.> ~ tahniyat dlidan, I;)..I~ ..I\a...;;...' istia'ad nimadan.

CONGRATULATION, ~ tahniyat, Ii.>"".. muzhdah, ~.>\f ~) ...... mubarak- Mdi.

Til CONGRBGATE, I;)~ ~ jam' shudan.

CONUREGATIOJl', o.=.-A4.- jama'at,

~.... majDlJl.', J"'" ja.mhur. ........ ~ jam'Iyat, ~., anju-


CONGRESS, ~~ ~ majlis-i-

muzi,kamfi, ~f k{mga.ra.h


CONGRUITY, ~\lo.. mutithakat. CONIC sections, .,..,lJo,,,... makhrut.iynt.

CONJECTURAL, ~, vahmi, .}~ khiyali, ~\ei kiyitsi.

To CONJBCTURB, 1;)..1"'" V"~ bada nimudan, l;)..If ~ takhmin kardan, (Vide To bUGINB.) CONJECTURB, V"\oJ kiyaa, I;)ltS guman, ~ sann, ~ masinnah, ~ takhmin, V"~ bade, 11)'-'1'

• auulizah. f"'b, vahm, J~ khiyAl.

CONJOINED, J-r- mutavessil, Jo'r- muta.vRsil, ~ muttasil.

CONJOINTLY with, ,.1.wI\f bi-inaimam.

To CONJUGATE, 1;)..11 ...Jye sarf kR.Tdan.

CONJUGATION (of a t1erb) , ~,.tasrif.

CONJUNCTION (l'a.rt IIf 1I11f'f'rh). ~'atf.

CONJUNCTIVE, .J-, vasli.

Digitized b~ Goog I e

OON.nJNCTUBB, vitk OPPOBTUNITY. CoNoTlJRBB, ,s;,,~ j&du-gar, ~ muaha'bitt, 0j\t 6~ ahu'badahbu, J\t ,. hukkah-baz, ,..l.. aahir,)~ aahhar, ~~, &.faUngar.


To OONNBCT, f1ids To JOIN. CoNlIBCTBDLY, ~ mutta.aila.n, Jl.i" ..p 'a.la-'l-ittiaal

CoNNBCTIOll, J., vaal, J""" ittiaaI, J&." dakbl, ~ nisbat, .ula 'alakah, »,_. paivand, Y&.-~ paoivaat, ~~, ilMk. - (caf'Ral) ..... ~ mujama'ab, ~)~ mukarabah.

To OONNIVB at, (:).,~ u6l.A' ighmaz nimuda.n, (:)4 ,-",,, ~ chaahm-puabl mrttan, (:).Jf J-~ tajahul kardan, (:)4 ..... ,,\we mnhabat kardan.

OOllNOISSBUB, ...Ai', vakif, ...J)Ul 'arif.

To OOllQUBB, (:)"" ~ fath karda.n, (:)4 ~ gha.la.bah ka.rda.n, ~ (:)",,, ahikaat dAdan, ~\a ~ zafar yRftan, (:),,\.£.f gushadan, ~\a _1"" nuarat y&ftan, j,~ (:).... ffritz ahudan, (:)~, .;.:J~ ghalib Rmadan.-(to conquer a Ivbject) ~\a ..,_" ..,...u... j bar mat1ab daat yRftan.

OONQUBBOB, J~ ffrUz, p... muzaffar,)~ mAnsur.



OoNSCIBNCE, J" dil, ~ zamfr,

~ ka.lb.

OONSCIENTIOUS, c...A...w munaif. CONSCRIPTION, .... U J6 nafar-namah; To OOllSBCBATB, (:)~'",r ~ mn-

kaddaa gardauidan, (:),,~ U"'I-'Ii takhdfa nimudan, (:)~ ~ ta.khsis nimudan, ~ are munazzah kardan.

OOllSBCRATION, U"'I-'Ii takd!a, ~ takhs!s.

OOllSBCUTIVB, ..;'~ mntavall,

I''''''' mutavatir, J,)" J, pal dar paC.


OONSBNSUS of opinion, ~)"'" ...Jlzn i,tilaf-i-a.fk&rf.

OONSBlIT, ... JI.s..' ijazat, ~) rad, ~.t.W~) raza-mandt, ~r' iatirza, J"; kabUl, .a.-t~' ijabat, ",,,,, ittif8k, ..... ,,.- muv&fabt, '-"'~ khwushl, u,V- mutava.'a.h. ( V'ide LUTE.) - (toitA ORe co",_) ""\M.:,. muttatikan.

To OOllSBNT, t1ide To AGREB. OoNSBQUBlICB (tWUlt), ~ natijab, ,.""" anjam, l' asar, J\I,. ma.,al. (Yide !lrPOBT.lBCB.) OOll'8BBVATOB, }oYI\tJ niph-dAr.

OOllSEBV ATOBY, 1J've".~ ga.rm.-kha. nab.

To COllSIDER, (:)~J.Il andtsh!dan, (:),,/ Uo,t»' andisha.h kardan, '" (:).if fin ka.rda.n, ~4 J..-U ta.,ammul brdan, (:).lj),. gMur ka.rda.n. - (deem) (:).tf .~,_. mahsub karda.n, ~,,, danistan,

(:)"""'" shimurdan.


To OONSIGlI, tJide To Oo .. IT.

To CONSIST, (~) (:)"Ji I.:-t baata.h bUdan (hi).

OONSISTBlICY, .:Jl'i tavUuk, us.-ii',..

muvafa.ka.t, ...._u... munasabat.

OONSISTOBY, ~ majlis. C01UOLA.TIOll, "ide COJD'OBT.

To OOllSOLIDATE, (;14 uG yak! kardan, (:)4~' ., ustuvar hrdan, (:),,~ - mustah.kim

nimMan, (;1"" ,."--=-' istiWm dadan.

OONSOLIDA.TIOll, (:).... uG yak{ shudan, h;.'" ustuvar, ~ tamkfn, ...._:s taablt.




CONSPIB4CY, ",U, vifak, .jJ}1.. s!. zisb, 6oY1\a.e mu'&hadah, ~.,..,.. ham-'ahd!.

CONSPIRATOR, • ,.. ham-cud, I.,. ,.. ham-Ihart.--{to COIIIj'M.


Digitized by Goog I e

agaiul) ~~. ,.a ham.'ahdi baata.n.

ColfSTANOY, ~;l.r-' uatuvarl, )'J ka.r&r, _,\').II mudba.ma.t.

CoKSTANT, )'J ft bar.karar, t-\; rasikh, ..... It .abit, )'.r-' ustuvar.

Col'STANTLY, "ide ALwAYS. Co.STBLLATION, r"'-' akhtar, 1ft burj, ',s' ulva.


To be CoNBTIPATBD, (:)..\010 ~

munkabiz shudan.

CO.STIPATION, ~ bbs, ,.s:. ._I.;J,! shikm· giriftagi, ..,_~ yub68at.

CON8TITUBNT, ~,.,. mufrad (pl. ... ,~ mufra.dat), r- munlr.

CON8TITUTIO. (gotlemment), ~ ma.mlakat, ..,_\t) riyaaat, ~)U~\...t firman.guzarl, J~ hukm.ranl.-(oJ the body) Ir mizaj, .,\el niUd,.........,J. tabi'at, .....,_ jibilla.t, ~ tinat, ...... r .irisht.


To CoN8TBUCT, flck To M.u:B, To EBBCT.

CoN8UL,~' nchl,~vakn,J~4 b8.lyuz (euT.), J-JI kunsaJ (euT.).

CON8ULATB, ~:fJ-J1 kUnsaJ·bd (euT.).

To CON8ULT, (:)~,_.; I)~' istish&. rah nimudan, (:)oJf "').r*-'- mash. va.ra.t kardan.

CO.SULTATION, ..uJ~ mashva.ra.t, I»u... mashavarah, Jv,.. sMra, .:a....J- masla.ha.t. - (medical term) Vo\ .... J~ mashva.ra.t-i· atibba.

To CONBU¥B, (:)oJ'; '-'r sa.rf kardan, (:).,:; c..AIi talf kardan, (:)..1)". khwurda.n, (:)~f IjL kharj kardan, (Vide To BUB s. ) - (to be con· IUmed) tlick To be EXPBNDBD, To be Alf.IHILA.TBD, To WART •.

To CO.SUJDU.TB, ~\.. ~ munwi 8akhtan, (:)4 ,.1..; tamam .bnlu, ~\..) ,.~It bi-anjam



ra.s&nldan. - (marriage) IJ'"'" (:)..If '&rUS! kardan.

CONSU¥JlATION (marriage), 1J'"J;4 'a.ru.s!. (Vide COMPLBTIO •. ) CO.SUMPTIO., '-'r sarf, ...ali talf, (di8ea1e), J.. sill, '-'\woo suUf.

CoNSU¥PTIVB, JJ.- maslUl. CONTAGION, ,J~ t&,8ir, }' asar, ..... \..\ iaabat, ...... 'r sirayat.

CONTAGIOU8, ~)\.. sarl,~,..- muarf, - (contagioul duealU) ub'.1-' .Ii,\.. amraz.i.sariyah.

To CONTAIN, (:).J.oJ~ gunjanldan, (:)oJ~ ~ mushtamil budan, ~'..1 dashtan, (:)~j ~ mutazammin budan.-( to be contained in) (:)~ gunjldan, (:)"j IJ.u... mundarij bUdan, (:)oJj ~\.t. ahA. mil Mdan.-(to contain onuelJ) (:).,,_.; ~ \;oJ". khwudra zabt nimMan.

CONTAINING, ~ muta.za.mmin, ~ muahtamrll •



CoNTBMPLATION, oU.a-'i\ andlshah, J~ ghaur, G .. tasavvur, J--U ta.,ammul, mul&ha.zah, f.' fiu, ~ tafakkur, .... '.1- mura. bb8.6, ..ut}J tilavat.



CoNTBMPOBABY, (:)~ hun·

zaman,,.\a.e mu'asir, I:>lJ karfn, CONTBMPT, ._w\6\ ih&na.t, '>t-' istihza, _J... maza.mmat, ~ tahklr, ~~ nikuhish.

CONTEMPTIBLB, ;\". khwar, Jel,j za.lil, (:),oJ dUn,? hakfr, AlA... siBah, .lil".,,,. furu.mayah, ,.".J... masmnm, J~ mubtazal, I""'~ nikuhlilah.

CONTENTED, ~~ nzi,";'". khwush, ~"''1'- khwush-nud, .JJ..;4 khursand, ~\J kani', ~ mustaghni, r sfr, loJ,..' asudah, ~ mutma.,inn.


Digitized by Goog I e

CoNTBNT8, ~ zimn, e"'" m&Z.



CONTEXT, ~~ kadnah. COlfTIGUOU8, J.-:w muttaail, ~

nasd, .alt~ Dudik.



CONTINGENCY (tDhat may happtm), "',," dirk, 1.b)U: 'arizah, 4aJ', va. ki'ah, t;i". mauki'.

CoNTINGENT, I.,r-- mashrut.-(mi-

Zitary) e,.w kushu.n.

COlfTINUAL, "ide PERPETUAL. ColfTIlf11ALLY, "ide CONTINUOU8LY. CONTIlfUAlfCE, ~'If bakf, ,.'," da-


CONTIN11ATION, ~}t:f. paivastagl. To CONTINUE, tJide To RE)(AIN, To LAST.

CoNTINUITY, ~}t:f. paivastagi. (Vide a.z.o CoNTINUANOB.) CONTINUOU8LY, J\.oi" ~ 'al&-'l. ittis&l, 1'.rJ' ~ 'ala.'t-tavatur, tr. mutavatir, ~}t:f. paivas-

CONTORTION, ~ pfeh. CONTRABAND goods, _\&t_r- mama nu"ato


CONTRACTION, f1ide ABBRBVIATION. -(grammatical) fWI'-I tarkhfm.

To ColfTBADICT, e.lf ~~ takzfb kardan, e",s riJ.!.,) radd.i·kalam kardan, e"f ~ '-'i.I. khilU.i. sukhun kardan, ~ ~ ;f bar zidd guftan. - (MlUBlj) 1.I'I'ui ~ tanakuz guftan.

CONTRADIarION, riJ.! .,) radd-ikale, ~"'"' takh&J.uf, d"iUs tanlluz, J,. .,_,., tamarrud - i . kaul.

CONTRADICTORY, d"i\.u.. mutana.. kiz.

CoNTBABIETY, .a.ot~ ziddfyat,

'-'_, ikhtilaf.

CONTRARY, ""'~ khil&f, ~~ muWlif, ~ uakfz, u'lu.. muna. kiz, ~ zidd, ~ ;f bar 'akB, ita. mugh&yir, Jt~ mukabil.-



(on the contnJ"Y) ~ ;f bar 'a.ks, 4.Or balkih, '-'~ ;f bar khil&f, ~ ;f bar zidd.

CONTRAST, w:..Al~ mukhalafat,

.....,y,. muzaddat.

CONTRAVBNTION, w:..Al~ mukh&. lafat.

CONTRE-TB)(PB, .....J, 1..:1 bf.vakt, ,.~ u na-hangam.

CONTRIBUTION, Jolt baal, J" ,...-!I takafm.i-pUl, .._ hiBBah, ."., dad.

CoNTRIBUTOR, u....., ...wU:' i'anatdihanda.h. (Vide AUTHOR.) CoNTRIVANCE, .,""=., fjad, ~? tajvfz, l'r' ikhtira', l:\.ar' ibda', ""~ maDsubah, ~ tamhfd.

To CONTRIVE, e"'" .,""=., fjad nimudan, e"f ~~ tajvfz kardan, e"'" l'r' ikhtira' nimudan,

~, angfkht&.n. .

CONTROL, s..,. zabt, 1.3),'" davari, JOf.JJ tadbfr.

To CONTROL, e.Jf 1..,6 zabt kardan, e"'" 1.3),'" davad nimudan, e""" JfIf.JJ tadbfr nimudan, " ~,., va-dUhtan.

CONTBOLLBR, ~ musta.hfiz, ,1Sr aar-kar.



CoNT11XACIOU8, ~\a.. mu'&nid. COlfT11I1ACY, .,\.Ia 'inad.

To be CONTUBED, C:l.,),.. -;e part khwurdan.

CONTUSION, .... .t. part.

CON11NDR11X, )6S lughz, J,.- mu'· amma.

CoNV ALEBOBNCE, \At. Bhifa, ...._. sihhat.

CONVALEBOBNT, }e'!-)~ bfmarkhlz, t~ saJi&h. - (to be conINIlacent) ~It \At. shifa y&fta.n,

~It sihhat yaftan.

CONVENIENT, ~u.. munisib, .......... , an8ab, oJ.z....t\,e, sbayiBtab, ~', vajib, '» rava, 'r- saza, h'rsazbar, "" la,ik, \J6'". muv6.fik, ,.J'lazim.

CONVENT (religiow howe, fJIOf&CYtery),:}') dair, 1\8W. WDkAh.

Digitized by Goog I e

COlfTBJlTIOlf, t1itU TRuTY. COllYBlfTIOlfAL, r}J-e muatala.h. COlfVBBIJATIOlf, ~ guftugu, ..... ,~

J"',.. javab Sll,aI, .....J~ mukaw.uat, ",,_,a.'- mu'uhamt,.......suhLat, J\i, Joi kfi u kAl.

ColfVBBBAZIOlfB, ~ majlis,

.......l~ muj&lasa.t.

To ColfVBBBB, (:)4 ..._ suhbat I brdan, (:)"J ,j~ _barf zadan, (:)"1 ..I'- DUtk£ brdan.

CollYBBSIOlf,..,..1J kalb, jeeIi taghyir. - (f'eligiou) .-is J4 bazgasht, J~ bada.l.

CoXVBBT (JWoMlIte), '''1 .-is J4 baz - gasht - ka.rdah, 6.orI1t)" J~ bada.l-da.r-y6ftah. - (conwrt to M uAam1llClClG.um) ott.... ja.dfd.

To COllYBBT, vide To CILUfGE.(f'eligiou term) (:)4 .-is J4 bugasht ka.rdan, (:)"'" J-" badal mmudan.

COllYBX, ........... mukabbab, Ja"'~ m&hi-puaht, .......... muha.ddab.

COlfVJI:XITY, ..... ".; ta.haddub.

To CoJl'VHY, (:)"),' ba.rd&n, (:).t.el\..) ra.sinfda.n, (:)tlj' .}If naId brdan.

To CoNVlcr, ~1.. ".).e mulzam s&khtan, ~"t .,.~, i1iam ka.rdan, (:)tl»' ... "" IBbat avarda.n, ,.,.... ~\.. mujram s&khta.n.

COlfVICTBD (oj /I crime), ,.y.. mulzam, ~ multazim, ,.,.... mujrim.

CONVICTIOlf (oj /I crime), ,.'}n i)zam. (Vide FAITH.)

To CONVIlfCB, (:).t.el'tlj' J~ muata.daJl ga.rdanfdan, ~\.. r+mulzam sakhtan, (:).t.el,tlj' ..... ~ mujab ga.rdanidan.

COllVIJI'CD (tnat.k HUible by JWoo/), J~ mustadall, f"f- mulzam, ..... ~mujab.

CoNVIVIAL, 61\at ,.. ham-piy&la.h. ColfTOCATIOlf, l;4..' ijma'.

To COllVOKB, (:)tll ,...~ fa.r8.ham k&rdan, (:)tll ~ mun'akid brdan.

ColfTOY, "')-" badrlkah, ...... u... muah&ya.'at.



To COlfVOY (M"tical term) ...Aitl'" (:)-'-' bi-radif &madan.

CoJl'V11J.SIOlf (tpaam), ru tashanDUj.

COOK, ~l"h-paz, t\,Jo tabb8.kh. To COOK, ~ pukhtan, (:)tll t:Jo

tabkh ka.rdan.

COOKBBY, t;.L tabkh.

CooK8JlOP, Ai~' Uh-kh8.nah. COOL, ..u... khUDUk,,,,.. B&rd, .... '"


To Oooz, (:)4 ..u... khunuk ka.rdan, (:),):/ -r B&rd brdan.-( OMHIJ) ~\.. ~\i tazah sakhtan.

CoOP (JOf' JotJJltI), vM kafas, u-AI kafas.

COOT (black di116f', water-jOtl1l), \1"-" ghavvaz.

CoPABTlfBBSHIP, ~J~' ambazf, ~u... muah8.raka.t,....sl"... shirabt.-( in profit. oj .tock and labo"r) I.tJ ..... muzara.bat.

COPIlfG, AtJ labah, COPI011S, vide PLBlfTB011S.

COPPJlB, u- mis, U"''-' nah&s, ;4- sifr: - (boiler) vide CA11LDBOlf, KBTTLB.-(IIdj.) ~ misfD.

COPPBBAS, I'J ~' ':'1 tutiya.

COPPBB8XITH, mis-gar, ) ....


To COP11LATJI, (:)tlf l;4.. jim8.' brdan, (:)tlr' ~l,. mubuhara.t nimudan, (:)oJ/ l:~' ijtima' brdau, ~"" paivasta.n, (:)tl\f g8.dan, (:)~ ga,fdan, (:)~ ~ ~am' shudan, (:)tlf ........... muzaJa'at ka.rdau, (:),,/ -~ mujama'at ka.rdan.-(u animal.) (:),,:/ ~ juftI brdan.

COP11L.A.TIOlf, ........... muzaja'at, -~ mujama'at, l:4.. jima'.

-(animal.) ~ juft£.


Con, JIf uaJd, ~ DUSkhah.(r0"9" copy) tl',.. B&dd, Itl,.mU8&vva.dah.-(/air copy) ~ oj\.. Du.khah-i-Balf.-(~ to copy Jf'om) ~ maahk.

To Copy (imitate), <:>->:/ oJ.,)II taJdfd ka.rdan, (:)'7' JIi n&kl kardan.(a IIIf'ilittg, .te.) ~I »J' as rU

Digitized by Goog I e

niviahta.n, ~\'>]I JB nald bard&shtan, (;J.Jf ~ nuskhah brdan.

CoPT-BOOB:, .... U ~ ma.ehk-


COQUBTBY,)U naz, I,.... shlvah, l"u 'ishvah.

COQUB'l'TB,j~ 'ishk-ba~,jl.t I,.... shlvah-balz, ,nyU 'ishvah"gar.

To COQUB'l'TB, (;J.>f I,.... 'ishvah brdao, (;JoJ/ ~ gbawzah kardan.

COBAL, (;J ..... ". murjan, ~ busadd, -(cllild'. coral) A.,.J lu'bah. .... .,)I.t bazlchah.

CORD, (;J~ rlSman, ~) ra.8&D. (Vide RoPB, STRING.) - (.ilk cord) (;JUooi kaitan.-( maker of tJilk cord) ~ ula 'a.lakah-band, .... \i t~ charkh-tab.-(umbilicGl cord) ~ khasm, 1.,.- surrah.

CoBDIAL, f1ide SINCBBB, DBINB:. CoRDIALLY, '"\JJ ka.lban. CORDUROY, ~ pattU.

CoBB, .,..J lubb.

COBLUfDBB, ~ gishniz, I]lf kuzburah.

COBB: (.topper), ~ r: aa.r-i- 8h{shah, ,ft: bujH.

COBB:SCBBW, aet pfeh, 'IA,r ~ shlshah-gu.ha.

COB.OBANT, J/\ aikUl. - (bird), .>~\ isfa.rucf, "tlf,!i:'vvu.

COBN (groin), IU g , )~ bur.

-( com-chandlH) ~la 'alla!, 6J. ..Jo". gha.lla.h-furu.h.-(brviBed c:orn»)~ IU ghalla.h-i-bulgh6.r, A palkO. ( .. lg.). - (parc/uul c:orn)~ IU gh&lla.h-i-burshtah. -(grovAd com) f1ide MUL, FLouB.-(on tAejoot) ~ p1nah, "'" pinah, ......... sakht (obi. ).(corn-ftower) ....rol , JS" gul-l-dugmah.

COUBLUN, ~ 'akik.

CORNU, ~ kunj, u.,r gu.ha.h, Ath zaviyah, 6J~ paighUh.h, loP bah.

COUICB, ~J"- mukarnaa, (;J'».J'IA ah&durvan.

COBONA.TI0lf, 1J"y... julu..


COBONBB, ~W kuhah&f. OoRPOBA.TION, ~ majlis, ~u...\ una! (U88d only in plural).

COBPOBBAL, "......,. mujusam. COBPS D' A.B.", (;J,.u kuah6.n, ~ la.ahkar.

COBPS LBGISLA.TII', ...,~,.. ~ IDIIojlis-i-ahur8.l.

COBPSB, vide BODY, CABCA.8S. COBPULDCH, f"~ jusUm, ,,_... juim, uti:} mrbihl,_),w kutur.

COBPULBNT, ... , farbih,)fu kat6.r, l;.w kumatrah, S~ bajbaj.

COBBBCT, ~ol durust, ~') rast, eo-- sshfb, J.-\S' Umll, ~ maUn, loa ..; bl-gha.la.t.

To COBBBCT, (;JoJl ~ tas-hili karda.n, (;J",s ~ tasllh kardan. -(reprove) (;J""'" .... \~ 'azab nimudan, (;J""'" .....-tol-\i ta.,dlb nimudan.

OoBBBOTION, tl-o\ ialah, r:;owei taa-hlh. (Vide RBBUB:B.) COBBBSPONDBNCB, .....,r\S:.. muki.tabat, ...J...7- murasa.lat.

CoBBBSPONDBlfT, ),..,. muha.rrir,

v-t:l )~\ akhbar-nivI8.

COBBBBPOlfDllfG to, Jtu... mutabik. COBRIDOB, (;J"" d&l&n.

To COBBOBOBA.TB, (;JoJ,.... ~ takid nim6dan, (;J"\.J ..... ,. takviyat dadan .

COBROBORATING (confi""ing or BtrtmgtAe1dng), .J.a~". mu,ayyid, ...,,.,. mukavvi, ~ mU'ayyau.

COBBOBOBA.TION, f"~' istihkaLID, ..... ,. tarnyat, ..... ,.J subut, ... """ isbat.

COBBUPT, oI..U fasid, I~ tabu, ~ mukhta.ll, ..... '1- kharab.(perBOn) )1"''') rishvat-khwur.

To COBBUPT, (;J"~ olU\ if.ad nimudan, (;JoJ/ .... ~ kharab kardan.

COBBUPTBD (lafl9"Gge) , I~ At\~ kharabah-shuda.h.

COBBUPTIBLB, Jl~ W fana-pazlr. COBBtJPTION, olU fuad, olU\ ifaad, ~..... tabahl, ~/A 'o£unat.

COBTEGB,""'!". maukib.

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Cos.OGUPJIY, ~~ (:)1-. juan- I (pritIY councillor) (:),."' Ja' ahl-i-

lUlDa£. divan.

CoST, ,j~ JIl&IU'8f, £~ kharj, -=-oJ C011l'l'8EL, "ide ADVICE. - (to taIce

kaimat. couuel) (:)"',... J'!folt tadblr Dimu-

To Co8T, ~'"' .....,..J kaimat duh- da.n.

tan, (:)~, ~ldan. COUN8ELLOB (of State), JlJ, vazir,

C08TIVB, ~ munkabiz. J'!f"' dabfr, j~ mudabbir, ~

COBTIVBlfBB8, ~~, inkibaz, ~ mushfr, )r-oJ daatur. (}Tide

kabz. MUUSTER.)

Co8TLY, "ide DUB,· PBBCIOUB. C011lfT, 0.:;...4 kant (eur.).

COST8 (la1l7 term), B)~ makharij. To COlTlfT, (:)~ Bhinlurdan, ~\-..

C08T1JJ[B, t1ide CLOTBB8.-(i. the (:)4 hiUb ll:ardan, (:)"',... ,,'-"Ii

co.t1lJ116 of) ~) )"' _dar Zl. ti'tlad nimudan.

COTTAGB, A.,lS' kulbah, l!:"'r Bipanj. C01JBTBlfAKCE, vide FACB.

(Vide HUT.) C01JlfTEB (board}, IJ/IJ!I takhtab.

COTTON, ~ pambah, ~ kuto.- To ColT~TBBACT, (:)"'1 4\a.. maka-

(plant) ~ )"' dirakht-i-, balah kaMan.

pambah, ~ ).) dira.kht-i- I COlTNTBBACTIOK, 4\1,. muklibalah.

kitu (fItIlg.).-(pod of cotton) COlTlfTBBJ'BIT (jictitiou), td-

IJ" ghuzah, ~),.. jd.uzak, IJrs ja'H, ~I.. ukhtagl.-{coi.)

kuluzah. - (cleantxl cotton) ~ ~ bIb, uill kullabi, .Jo,.,. ..

chillah, ~ chullah.-(dreaer) magh8h6.ah.

,j'oii naddlif, p. hallaj, (:)J...... COlTNTEBI'BITBB, ~1I kallab. pambah-zan.-(tAread) ~ A.Vo) C011l'l'TBB-.llTXPBB, (:)1S.l Ja' ahl-i-

riBhtab-i-pambah.-( calico) 0.=.0-. daUn.

chit, J'IS..U kalam-kar. - (coar" To Co1JlfTD.AlfD, (:)4 ~ ~

stuff) U"\Jf karbas, ~ tafti.- DaBkh-i-bukm karda.n,.r-' ~

(cottonplaatatiot&);\J~pambah- (:)"'1 khilaf-i-amr kaMan.

zar,)lj.~)ft:jauzak-zar,~ ""~ CoUlfTEBPAlIB,,j~ lih&f, ..}\-')

aahra,l-l-kitu ("",?). - (cotto. raza,l.

cloth) ~ "t)~ parchah-i-pam- COUlfTEBPART, loS,... nimUnah.

bah. - (strong cotto" stUff for C01JBTBBPOIBB (eqaitmltmt fD8i.glt),

coati, .te.) ..,~ kadak. - <""'ite I ~,.._ muaaVI, 1oS)',.- muvaza-

.tuff for d,irtiag) ~)'i-: chilvan. nab.

COUCB, "'\e- mihRd, Jlr Barlr, ~ Co11l'l'T"'BCABP, hI." dlvar.

paJanl{ (}lineL). COlTlfTEB-TEKOB, (Itf bam.

COlTGB, J~ 8u'&1, oUr surfah, COUlfTEBB, ,-."'- kbanam.

To COlTGB, (:)~ kbafida.n, oUr COlTNTING-BOUBE, 1oS"'-~.) daftar-

~f 8urfah kardao, (:)"'1 J~ kh&nah.

Bu'al kardan, (:)4 ~ tanab- COlTNTLE88,)~ b1-shimRr.

Doh kardan. COUNTBY (f'e9iot&) • ..u.. mulk, ..... "

COUNCIL, ~ majIiB, )\J).J darblir, valayat, ),-tS kimval', .s. khat-

e',." divan, ~ mahfil, "",.. tab,..it balad, "'it bilad, J'It.)

8h6.ra.-(g1!7&Br'l.ll council) r\4 )~)"' diyar,,-li' ikHm, ASJ' ulkah, _),.

darbar-i-'&mm, (O\a e'"."' dlvan-i- yUrt, ,." , )J'" man u bUm.-

'amm.-(privy council) V""'- (:)',..) (not t01DR) _\a., dihat, ,j'''_'

divan-i- khu8. - (member of atraf.

council) e',..) Ja' ahl-i-divan.- COlTNTBY.AX, ~» rUata,i.-

(room) ~ ~u., atak.i-niahi- (fellotD count,.",.",,) u4, ,.,.

man, 1oS"'- (:)'"."' dlvan-Wnah. ham-vatanl,~,...... ham-ahahd.

C01JBCILLOB, ride M.IKIBTD.- Co1JllTBY-8UT, ~ 1&,il&k.

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COlJP D'CIIUIL, 1»-- ma.nzar. CoURTBBY, ..:>'-""'" muduat.

COlJPLB, \i}., du-ta. (Vide P..uR.) COUBTIBR, .1$)., f"~ mul&zim-i.

CouPLBa (for loutadB), U"_"" miraua, dargah, ,-i.li na,d{m.

U"'.J-- mu-as, U"~ mard.8. Couanf, ."'J ~ 'ammu zadab, T"L.,)

COlJPLBT (1Hlf'ee), ~ bait (pI. ,.. dllkhta.r - i - 'ammu, ,... ,=,,'

.... \et, abyat). ibn - i - 'ammu, ."'J ,l\~ khalu-

COUPLIlfG, oUt band. z~ab, ."'Y~ khal-zada.h, ~ ~

C01JBA.GB, ~'''ye ma.rd&nagt, ~.,.,., dukhtar-i-'amm, ~ ,=,,' ibn-i-

dilfrf, ~)"., dilavarl, .......... him- 'amm, ."'J ~ 'amm-zadab.

mat, '".. jur,at, -~ shu- COVll:XAlfT,. 'ahd, •• 'uhdab,

ja'at, ,.. ghairat, ..:»4 jaaa- (:)~ paiman, )',-. karir, ."., )'iJ

rat, -=-\po 8hah&mat, ..:..e- ha- karu-dad, 1.~ shart.

miyat, -=--- 'asabfyat. COVBB, yt.e." puhish, ..Jo" pUsh,

CoUlU.GBOUS, vide BoLD. ..Jo" r: aar-pub, .... " puhah.-

CoURIBR (footman), ~U lliid, (fJ7&tJelope) ~ ghiIaf, ",\61 lilA-

ru"ahatir, ~ paik.-(mounted) £a.b.-(of a 0001:) ""'" ka.u,lluk,

)~\.:- ch&par, ~ chapar. ~~ kaulugh.-(boardB) J"I- mu-

COUBSB (progreu, custom), )\;J) Ita.vva.

raftar, ..Jo» ravish, .... ,,_ atrat, To COVBB, (:)~" puhidan,

AIt-, vajh, ,.-) raam.-(of a rifJer) (:)oIoelu"" puahanfdan.

~ majra. - (of inriruction) ConBLIIT, ~\.J libaf, J'-6) raza,l.

U")" .... ),. sUrat-i-dars.-(in 1M COVBBT (nIn.), ~ takyab.-

course of) ~).l dar bam, ~,L ).l (adj.) ~" pushldab.

dar zarf. To COVBT, (:).lJf ,»' anu burdan,

COUBSBB, I.5jU taZl. (:)oli», ~ tama' varzidan,)\t.a.tJ.

COUBSBS, vide 14BlfsB8. (:)"" tama'-kar budan.

COURT, .1$)., dargah, .1$)4 bargah, COVBTOUS, ~II. tami',)~tama'-

)4).,) darbar, ,u~,., daulat- kar, ~.w' anu-maud, V"I~haria,

khanah, ;Ai b8r, I.t.z& 'atabah, ~. la,fm, ~,., dam', ~

(:)l:..' aBitan, .~ suddah, (:)',.' k:ini8.

aivan.-(of justice) ~ mab- COVBTOUSlfB88, vide AVABICB.

kamah, tJ'- ,u~ khanah-i-shar'. Cove (of birdB), 6l.f gaJah, Jao'-

-( criminal court) Ao-jt' ~ khail.

mahkamah - i - jarmiyab. - (of Cow, ,'S gay, • .,\.. ,'S gav-i-m'dab,

auditmce) ,u1.l6',.., dld.n-kh&nah, I ._,.. bakarah.

)4)" darbar,.1'''' (:)'}!.l dlvan-i- COWARD, »r: \i na.mard, J.l )! bus-

'amm.-(yard) ~ aahn, Io\e.. (HI, (:)It.. jabban, J~ bf-dil, JW

hayat, ~\.. sahat,.,.,.... hazirab. kam-dil, ri tarsu (valg.).

-( aUendant. of a prince) ~ Cow ARDICB, ~'7- \i Di-mardl,

,._w- J hashm va khadam, (:)I.,.j'l.. ..)~ bf-dilf, ~ jubn.

mulazim&n, ~'i tavabi'. - (to COWABDLY, J., ... bad-dil; a,.ej ,.s

loW a court) ~ rJ- aal8m kam.zahrali.

mahastan. COWDUlfG, ~ aargi'n.-(dri«l for

COURTBOUS (polite), ~ khaHk, fuel), 4~ p8chak, 6ly tapalah,

.... .,.,.. mu,addab, ;',1o'..Jo~ )\rj\.. saz-gar.

khwuah.atvar,~' ..Jo~ khwU8h- COWllBBD, (:)'1t ,'S gav-charin. akhlak. COW-HOUSB, ,'S ,Jt. j',i-i-gav.

COURTBBAlf, .u..U f&hiahab,"_' COWL (cAimaey), ~ .14 bRd-gir,

kabbah, ~~I.t. jafjaf, ._,..u fa- t.# .,.,., dud-kaah.-(Aeczd..piece)

jirah, ..}y luU, u-S kasbi, ..},IS r..J-eAS 4$' kulah-i-kaah{ah.

JmwU (1*lg.), ~ jindab (nlg.). I COXOO.B (fop), ~ ka.ahang,

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(:»ftJ,j1'- khwud-bCn, oj~' ijlaf, . ~ khwusb-gil.

CUB, ~ ~ khar-cha.ng, ~ 4l! bllab-cha.ng,.alt~.~pa.n~&aya.k, JI.,I-f ka.ra.njal, J~ 11 njAr, (:)Uor aa.ra.tan.

CUC][ (fta,VI), oj~ ahikaf, ~ ahakk, .allot ch8.k, ,.~ jarm, .alj t.a.rak,,,. mu,.1J,j da.rz.

To CucJ[, ~~ abik&ftan, ~ (:)~ ahakk shudan, (:)~j wakCdan, (:)~ .allot chak shudan, ". ~,., mu duhtan.-(tI&e joint., by ptdli"11 tI&e limln) ~ L.a' lI.'za abibata.n.-(u tM ground Jt'om tI&e heat oj t1l6 fUn, Of" to NcC>JM chapped 118 tI&e .an) , (:)J.r-M tafaCdll.ll. - (a nut) ~ akibata.n. - (118 a ",hip, cfc.) .aI'J (:)4 tank kardan.

CRACJ[BD, }.,,,. mu-dar, I~ ~ ahakk-abudah, I~I tB.rkidah.(to be cracked Of" light tDitUd) ~,., t, .... ., ~ kbabt-i-dimagh daahtan.

CBACKBB (firework), Ai;' ta.ra.k.


To CBACJ[LB, f:),jf ,""'- aada k&rda.n. CBADLB, I}jt! gabvara.h, J+e mabd. CBAI'T, fJide ABT, ABTII'ICB. CBAI'TY, J~ makkar, J' ~ hflah-

'V&l', j\f ~ hHab-baE, .aI~ Una. pak.

CBAGGY (uneven, a8 a hill-top, cfc.) I 4J'~" dandana.b.

To CUll, ~Y' ampaahta.n, (:)~

llindan, (:)~\010 tapRnidan,

(:)~~ cbapAnidan.

CBAIIP, ~ pichiah, ~ taaba.nnuj.-(tJJ6 tJJ6re cramped), .4.J,i lot. ,jJf ja tang bud.

CUNB (bird), ~ kulang.-(fOf" railing Vleight.) ~ manja.nfk,

CBANNY, JIo'- kbaJa.I, ~ manfu,

sj farj, rt kunj.

CBAPB, I\,.. "'tJ~ pArchab-i-aiyab. CRAVAT, oU.eS'i. gardan-bsnd.

To CRAVB, 11ide'ro BBG, To HAlfJ[BB.

CaA.VBlf (c01l1arclly), .,~ U na-ma.rd,


JJ.af bC-dil,,...1 wau, J~ kamau

CRAVIlfG, Ie;;.e.' iahtih8., lV' Uzll, ~'''' khwahiab.

CRAWI'laB, 11ide CRAB.

To CRAWL (reptilu), (:)~~ kbuldan.-(men) (:).ltjA ghaz"hCda.n.

CBATOlf, ,.u kala.ni.

CBUJ(, ~ r a&r-i-ahCr.-{thickmed Of" clouted) ",4.,J kaiJUk, Afft ch&rbah.-(tI&e but par' oj anything) Ill.. au lilah, .... ,. kbul&ae.h, l..\fj zubdah.

CBBABB, Ii ta, ~ ehfn,

To CBBABB, (:).,,., Ii t& wmuda.n, (:).,,.... ~ cb{n Wmuda.n.

To CBEATB, ~j' afirCda.n, (:)"f ~ khalk ka.rda.n, (:)4 ,~ paida kardan.

CBBATIOlf, 1:)I,,tJ tabin, uWtj' afirfwah, ~ kbilbt.-(lord oj creation) .... U;... oj,..' aabrafi-ma.khlukat.

CBBATOB, ~~ kh8.lik, .,Jk kbalUk, l.u..ttj' &firinandah'J~' 'firCd&gar, tJ\. .ani', (:)r mubvvin.(Creator of the tDOrld) I:)I,j' (:)~ jahan-anr{n, .... 1i_,1.Ml' ~~ kh&liku-'l.ma.khlUkat.

CBBATUBB, "'r--- makbluk, Air--makblukab, ~ kha.llkab, ~ ka,ina.t, loltj' anridab, .,,,..,,. maujUd, At,. bariyab. - (lil1ing creaturu), _\.,. ",J (:)~ jumbandagan-i-z(-hayat.

CBBDENTIALB, ... U )\eM.' ikbtiyar.

namab, ... U .,~, i'timad-


CBBDIBLJl, .,~:t' ~,). vajibn-'li'tikad, ,~, Jt\J kabil-i-i'tib'r.

CBEDIT, fJide DIGlflTY, TBUIT, FAITB.-(money) A£,.J nia,ab.

CBEDITABLB, ~ mu'taba.r. CUDITOB, )~ talab-kar, I',.. r.hl karz-khwah, l:)I,'oJooo mudayin, J'tS (:)~ biait&n-kar (wig.).


CUB][ (small NY), It;., rs kunj-i-

darya. - (back - toIIter) ..... ,.,~


To CBBBP, f1ide To CUWL.

Digitized by Goog I e





OBBEPEB (plant), I.'f buush, ..u. I OBOOKEDNESS, ~J'! 'avaj, c.sf~

bunak, u-l Ii,. bUtah-i-la.ms. khamidagl.

OBBPUSCLK (red gleam befors ,,&n- I OBOP (of a fieUI), J,-. mahsul, me and after ,uud), JMo sha- I Jol. hasil, ~,~ paidayish,"\-

fak (pZ. Jw., ashfak). I hasad.-(of a bird),.u...~ hausa-

OBBSCBNT (half-moon), Jb hiW, lah, (;),,, ~ chlnah-dan.-

,. II\.. mab-i-nau. (reaped crop) lloi,!.2)" J,........ mah-

OBESSES, ..l-y; j tar-tfzak. sUl-i-darvidah. - (,tanding crop)

OBBST,II.2)J zirvab.-(heraldic) (;)w 1I.i,!""U J,........ mahsUl-i-na.darv{.

nishb. dah.-( crop ,own and grown up)

ORESTED (bird),J'" ~\; taj.dar. ~kisht.-(e'timats of growing

OBEVICK, vide OBAllNY. crop) Jol. oi,!"j4 basdfd-i-baail.

OBBW, vide OBoWD.-(of ship) ~ OBOSS, ~ chalipa, ~ salfb.

'amala.h. (Vide ANGBY.)

OBICKBT (iusct), ~J't charghad, To OBOSS, (;)4 J~ 'ubUr kardan,

..lJY" khazuk, ..Lo,.. sUsko ~ 1.S.2) Jf az rut guzashtan.

OBIKB, ~ J~ jar.chi, ~u.. mu- OBOI!SW'&Y (place where four roads

n8df.-(to praysrs) (;)J",..mu,az. meet), II~ J~ 1..Ia" dahanah-i-

zin. chahar.rah, r: JI..: char·sU.

OBIXE, IIUS' gunah, A4 gunah, J"""i OBoup (complaint in children),

takafr,J,.a kuaUr, ~ jarCmah, ..L.J~ khuruaak.

f]'t' jurm, ..:..t~ jan'yat, \I.L OBOW, t:ts ka.lligh.-(grey-throated

khata, ,." ism, ....... J zamb, ~ crow, like a jackdaw) t'J zagh.-

'aib. (iron lever) ~" dilum, ftb'

OBumu.L,)\S'IiUS' gun&h.kar, J\S'u... ahrum.-(of a cock) U"J~ .s(I\f

khata-kar, ....... J..e muznib, (WI' bang-i.khurfls.

asfm, ~ mufsid, ",""U faaik, To Oaow, (;)"j &4 bang zadan.

'-.2) ru-silah. (Vide OULPRIT.) OBOWD, -~ jama.'at, ~ jam',

o.1)[SON, ~J lak{, ,.ill kanC,..sy-j II~' ambUh, .... \$J.a bangamah,

kirmizl. IIJ~ guriih, ~ gbalabah, "i-

O.JIPPLB, Jet sbal.-(cripplerl by mala, Jol' bUsh, ,.\-)j' iadiham,

maiming) JS.r. ehul&k, I.L. sakat. ,.,... hujum.-(in crowds) ,.I."j"

To OBIPPLB, (;)->1 ~ za'ff kar· bi • izdiham, II,~ 6»f guruh

dan. guruh.

OBI818,.r~ ma'ra.kah, .... ~ han. OROWDED (fiUedfuZZ),.ft pur, J~

gama.h. - (of a dueass) , (;)\r. janjal (vulg.). - (thick, clo,s)

buhrb. J.;:.. muttasil. - (BUfocating),

ORITIC, ~ ~ nuktah-ehfn, ~ 10K. khafa.h.

U"\.\.I. dakCkab-shinas. OBOWN, r;\; taj, r-" afsar, ~,

OBITICI8)(, ~ ~ nuktab.chlnf. iklil, -»)J' aurand.-(o{ the head)

To ORITICIZE, (;),,; ~ ~ nuke J,i fark, AotooU nasiyah.

tah-ehfn! kardan. To OROWN, (;),,; 1.5)'M r;\; taj.guzhC

OROCODILK, ~ nahang, el....i kardan.

timsah. OBOWNED, rl" hi.afaar,}" ~\; taj-

OBOCUS, (;)'PJ za'faran. dar.

CBONE, tJide il.&G. OBUCIBLE, Ii,. buta.h.

CROOKKD, ~ kham, II~ kha.mC. ORUCnI'IX, vide OBOS8. .

dah, t!ka.j,jka.zh, ~ mun- ORUCIFIXION, (;)"J ~ bi-salfb

hanf, I:_'- mU'avvaj,. r;J'!' a'vaj, zadan.

J"\" ma,il,j,r gauzh (vulg.), J.r. To ORUCIFY, ~\.., ..... ;- maslfib ehaul (vulg.), Il~chaula.h (mtlg.). sakhtan, (;)",-.' __ I. tasF" nimri-


Digitized by Goog I e

dan, t)""w ~ aalb nimadan, t).)E......J.o salfb kardan.

CRUDB, )~IJ na-hanjar, ,.w.. kham. CRUBL, )IS \Aot. j&fa-kar, ,..~ hIruhm, ....... ).1 durusht, J~ sang-dil, ,-l~ zalim, -,ret Mmuruvat, )"* jabbar, JIS..:;.. sitam-kar.

CauBLTY, ,.u. zulm, ~ sitam, .J~ sang-dill, y,J,_u khushunat.

CRUET, Ii/ ku.zah.

CRUJ(B, ~) rlzab, I~ khurdah, 4.1~ kurazah. - (.oft part 01 bread) ~ kbamir.

CRUKPBT, J"W fatri.

To CRUKPLB, t).)f ,~ ~ , ~ pfch va chin paida ka.rdan.

CRUPPBB (01 a saddle), '="'J "AI\.,I.) dumbalah-i-afn, t),uJ kushku.n.

CRUSA.»BB, ~ saJThl, -ft....,..1.. salfb- parast.

CRUSH, li./ kuzah.

To CBUSII, ~\.. ")1'- khwurd sakhtan, ~\.. roJ narm sakhtan, t)"yU fishurda.n, (;).)f J.I"; pakhsh kardan, t).),..s J- sahk nimudan. - (to beat .olt) t).)f AI lih kardan. - (to cnuk against, a wall, efc.) t)..\oI4-t cha.sbanldan.

CausDD, AI lib, ")1'- khwurd, J.I"; pakhsh.

CBUST,..-.~ pl1st.

CBY (.hout or e:ulamation), ~If bang, ,.~ ghar lV, IjU na'rah, ,,~ faryad, i"~ avaz.-(ol joy) JS kill,,. hau, ..1,~ habaibak, Je1ei tabUl.

To CBY (aWud) , (;)"J ..s::IIf bang zadao, (;).)f.u~ sbamatab kardan, (;)",.) J',~ avaz dadan, tlyt).)i surakh zadan, t).)f \A_,A gbaugha kardan, t)')J "'-ooe saihah sadan, (;)")'~ ,. IjU na.'rah bar avardan, t).I),']f ,,~.f faryad bar avardan.-(proclaim) t)~) ...... jar kashfdan, (;).)f ,~ Dida kardan, t)"'.1 )~, ishtihar dadan. -(weep) ~:f girfstan, ~:f t)"f giryah kardan.

CRYPT, J'Ib. ghar, 1;1IMe mugharah.


CRYSTAL,)~ bulur.-( tmalZ cry.talliMed body) ,-lJ kala.m.

To CaYBTALLIZB, t).)f ,-lJ ka.lam


CBYSTALLIZBD, ~ munjamid. CUB, 4or- baehah.

CUBB, .....s ka'b. •

CUBBBS, "'tlet kababah, c..r-t "'tV kababah-i-chlDl.

CUBIC, ~ muka."ab, ~ h'M. CUBIT, t)J zara', t~J zira', 8)' araj, ..-..1 dast.

CUCKOLD, t)~ hltabAn, "',a.l dayyu.s, .J"'_~ kurmsak, .))t't (;)J zan-bi-muzd, (;)J 1.1 ~ kus-dihi-zan.

CUCKOO, // kUkU.

CUCUJ[BEB,)\.,,6. khiyar, ~If balang.

CUD (01 rumiJUJting animalt), },-..u Dush-khwar, h"''' nushkhwar.

CUDDY (01 (J .hip) , VOJf.l daMs,

I~ ka.da.h.

CUDGEL, vide BorUI', CLUB. CUB, &)\.1,' isharah.

CUI'I', ~~ r: ear-astln.

CUIIU.SBB, <:)lIt".. ja.ushan, '.» zirah,

~~ ) ....... chahar ayinah.

To CULL, t).l.eot chfdan. CULPABILITY,?"'1 takslr. CULPABLB, viele BL,UUBLB. CULPBIT, JIS &1.1$' gunah-klir, ,.,.....

mujrim, ,J' asim.

To CULTIUTB (land, efc.), (;).1,.... E"J zar' nimudan. - (plant8, efc.) t).)'" ~I tarbiyat dadan.

CULTIVATKD (118 (J country, diBtrict, efc.), .,If, abad, Jl'" dMr, ),.lDa'mur.

CULTIVATION, ~~J zira'at, 1.3)~ kisht-karf, ~ falabat.

CULTIVATOR, t;lj zan', eli faJlah, fj.\t bazr-gar,)~ kisht-kar.

CULTIVATORS tpea8amry), _~ l)'J hazarat-i-zari', ~){J zari'in, It~) ri'ay&.

CULTURB, ~'ro 'umraulyat, ~I tarbiyat, ..... ." adab.

CUKIN, ~i zirab. CUNIUNG, f1id6 CBUTY.

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CUP, """ piy&lah, ,..... jam, eJJ kadah, 11.:. saghir, .... \S' kaaah, IJ~ pa.unanah.-(for tea, coffee, efc.) ~~ finjan. - (large teacup) .... \S' kwh.

To CUP (bleed), ~.Jf ~~ ha.ja-

mat kardan.



CUPOLA, "'+4 gumbad. CUPPING-GLASS, ~ mihjam,

,.~ tu. sh8.kh-i-hajjam.

CURABLB, JlJ.e tl-o' I8lah - pasfr, ...,s\a.. JfU kabil- i - mu'ala.jah, \UJ' ~ mumkinu-'sh-sbif8..

CURATOR, Jl\S' kafil.

CURB, ,.\$3 ligam, ,.~ lijam, y...

jila.u. .

To CURDLB, (:)~",.,...,... munjamid ahudan, ~ bastan, (:),,_,...., afaurdan, (:)~ _.. sift shudan, (:)~ A.l., dalamah shudan.

CtrBDS, .a-\.. mast, vo\.. mas ("ulg.).-(dried and ,alted) ..w kashk. ~~ kurut.

CURB, 1M. sbifa, sb 'ilaj, ...,s\a.. mU'alajab, »'" daru, a)~ cbarah, \r dava.

To CURB, (:)J,..s sb 'ilaj nimuda.n, (:).J~ ...,s\a.. mU'alajah kardan, 1M. (:)J'.J shira dadan, (:)",..s ,.\:.:1, ilti,am nimtidan, - (be cured) ~,aJ.e ,.\:.:1\ ilti,am pazirurtan, (:)~ .. bib ahuda.n, ~It 1M. shifa yUtan. - (to ,alt) (:)~\.. .a4I namak maHdan.

CURIOSITIES, .J)W ta.farik, ).J't navadir, ~~ na.fCsat, u.:...' I.....t:M amti'a.-i-na.fCaah.

OURIOSITY, voJi tafahhua, c.:/,.. j'.J raz-ju,C, \.&;:.., istikaa.

C'OBIOUS (inquiBiti"c), ,.. j') raz-ju, ~ musta.fsir, ~ mustakai,,.. r: airr-ju, ~ mufa.ttiah.-(singuZa.r) )JU nadir, 'ri,A gha.rib, ~ 'ajab, ~ 'ajili, t}.Jf bacH'.

CURL (of laair),,_r gisu,'" halkah, .,... ja'd. (Vide Looz.)

To CURL, (:)~ pichfdan, (:)oJ'" --'



pfeh dadan, (:).J'" .... \; tab dadan.

CURLEW (bircl), &lJi tallailah. CURLING-PAPER, a,!. turrah. CURRANTS, ~ kishmish. [Thia

word strictly means "Sultana raiBin •. "]

CURRENT, loS) .... jan, fII) ra,ij, c".. muravva.j, loS"...- mustamarr!, (:)'» ravan, a,.. sarah.-(stream) ~ sail, loS,.. JUI. - (as money) "..) ra,ij, loS)"'- jari.

CURRIBR, ,~ -=-~ .pust-pCra, t\t.J dabbagh .

CURRY (the diBh), IJ\JI... aaliyanah (hind.), ~Yl... s8.liyan (hind.).

To CURBY (leather), (:)"f tJ., dabgh kardan.-(a horse) (:)4 )'I..J tCmar kardan.

CURRY-COMB, ,.u kaaheu, a,w kashavah.

CURSB, ~ la'nat, ~I' nafrln, ..,_ sabb,

To CURSB, (:)",.s ~ la'nat nimudan, (:)Jf ~ la'n kardan, ~jf ~Jf nafrin kardan,

CURSBD, ~,-Lo ma-Pun, ~ la.'in. CURSORILY, "'\.;l~ 'ijalatan.

To CURTAIL, (:)J,..s yai kur nimudan.

CURTAIN, a.J_ft pardah, .... ~ hijab, a_r.. sutrah, ~ tijir, 4.loJr 8&rdakah. - (surrounding a tent) a.Jft'r 8&l'&pardah, .J"'r saradak.

CURVATURB, SJ'! 'ivaj, s .... J'!, i'vijaj. CURVE, ~ pfchish, ~ pich. CURVED, r! kaj.

Oosaros, I,;JI.t b8.liah, ~ takyah. ~ muttaka, ~I.t haHn.

CUSTODY, ..,.J\.., amanat, cIJ',... haV8- lah, -=-\_,. hirasat, '7r supurd, (legal term) ~ habe, .tool bid, }>i tl...,.J dusakh-naza.r.

CUSTOM, ,.-) rasm, ..)02) ravish, ....,\A 'ada.t, a,.... shfvah, \Jlf tarik, ..ly.. sulUk, y~ vatii-ah, ;r-.J dastur, s'» ravaJ, I~\i k8.'Iaah, (:)'Ill' ayin, ~, va.z', 1.31'- khUC, (:)yU kanUn, ~\.6 zabitah, oU.o&

pfshah, .... '" dab. -(~) s~ khiraj, ..lr! gumruk, ,\t baj,

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J,...... mabs61. - (cutom.1&o'IUe) I Al~.r! gumruk- khanah, 6~\t baj.gah. - (colled{W of C'U8tOml) I ~.r! gumruk- chi, ~\t baj. giro - (fee to Bhop.boYB, given by C'IUtomerB) ~\.l.f\A, shagirda. na.gr.

CUSTOMARY, fJide USUAL. CUSTOMER, 4.$~ muahtarl.

CUT, ,.,~ majzum.-(as a jetDef) 6~'i tirashidah. - (in facets) )\~ pakh.dar.-(convez), JS' gul. -(table.cut) t!-- musattah, 4;:,i!I takhtah.-(Bub.) c\;,... surakh.(of a coat) Jo)l burish.

To CUT, (:).li)l buridan, or burrfdan, (:).If ~ kat' kardan, (:)~\I tirashfdan. (Vide To CLIP, 'to PARE).-(to cut i'n two) 6)~ ,.l (:).If du-parah kardan, (:).If ~



kaiehl brdan, (:).>1 ~ ,.l du.nim kardan.-(to cut B/wrt, abridge) (:).l"'_; )I...¥.\ ikhtisar ninnidan.


CUTLER, fJJ.r- saikal- gar, 0-1'sayyaf.

CUTTER (fJeBBel), ..)J.l ~ jltt- jaMz. i.yak.daka.li.

CUTTING, vide SlURP, Cmp.

CYCLB (period of time), ),.l daur, 6),.l daurah.

CYLINDER, Al\;"\ ustuvanah, ,.u blam.

CYMBALS, l!:"- san j.

CYPHBR (foJure or number), .>~ 'adad, &..oWb hindisah.-(ought) jw sifr.

CYPRESS, ,,... Sl\rv, ..."..).1 .l\j) nzaddirakht.

DAFT, (:)~ majn6.n.

DAGGER (Btraight, Bingle - edged), .l)\$ kalrd, ~ sikkin.-(curved, double-edqed) ~ khanjar, ~ jambiyah, <Wo.l dishnah.-(large, or cutlaiB), 6.W kamah.-(Bmall, or poniard), .aU}' gazlak.

DAHLIA (flower), ~I J$ gul-ikaukab,

DAILY, ~J" ruzinah, Al\J» r(lzanah, ~JI. yaumlyah, 6J» jb har ruzah, -\,o~ ~.,a yauman fi.yauman.(every day) J» fb har ruz, J»' J» r6.z bi-r6.z, ~~ ~JI. yauman fi.yauman.

DAIRY, Al~ JC'o shfr.kha\nah.

DAIS, ~ 6\A, shah.nishin£. DAISY, J'~ -AlJl\t balb6.nah.i.sah.

ra,f, 4.$.l,\.> J! gul.i.daUdl,)\yb Al\., hazar.danah.

DALE, 6).l darrab.

DALLIANCE, JIJ Ilb, JoJ\1 navazish, \.Sj~ 'ishk·bbf.


To DAlI, (:)4 &1., vaelah kardan,


(:).ll .1.If band kardan, (:)-¥ .l,~ masdad kardan.

DAMAGE, (:)\t,) ziyan, ...._, aslb, ~ naks, (:)1.Ja nukean, .)J~ gazand, »" zarar, ~ kha1&1, _)""- khasarat.

To DAXA.GK, e ... \..) »" za.rar rasani· dan.


DAMASXED (Bilk), ~ mushajjar. -(Bteel) )\.l fbf't" jauhar-db, )\~, ab.dar.

DAME, ,_;~ khanam, 1..:11..:1 MM. DAMNATION, Cj,.l ~fA 'ukubat-i. duzakh, ~ .... \J.A 'azab.i.ja.ha.n. na.m.

DAMNED, .... \.0 CJ,.l duzakh-ma.,ab, t),.l JA\ abl-i-duzakh.

DAMP, i tar, ,.. nam, )",..s nam· dar, .al1..I..J nam-nak. - (BUbBt.) ~Y.) rntubat, ~ namf.

DlllSEL, r.l dukhtar, ~ kaniz. DAMSON, ~;, aluchah.

DANOE, voi) ra.ks.-( national dance) ~ voi) raks.i.millatl.-( of der.

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,,"Au and religiotu fafl4l.iu) AS_'" harvaJa.h.

To DANCE, (,;)~ val) ra.ks kardan, (,;)~) rakslc1an, (,;)olf }II"- , -=--jut u khlz kardan.

DANCER, v-u) rakk8a, a.u...i) ra.ksandah, fo.J~ bbl-gar.

DANCING, val) ra.ks.-(tight - rope dancing) ~J\f .t.If band-bazl.

DANDELION (plant), j~ A1S' kallab cbumakl, ~~U JS gul-iUsidl,..,?tol ~.JJJb hindaba.i-id&8htt

To DANDLE, (,;)~4- jumbanfdan, (,;)olf ~h' 'T- baehah-navaz! kar. dan.

DANDY, vide POP.

DANGER, )-- khatar, a}-- khatrah, a}o\awe mukhstarah, (W:f bfm, . oIA-'6. khadashah, tJ-iy:.J tashvfsh, .-l\f bilk, ~ tangna,l.-(in danger of) f""l.)ol dar bfm, DANGEBOUS, .-lui--. khatar - nak,

.-lWtA haulnAk, ~ muhlik.

DANGLING, Jl- mu'allak. DAPPLE~, .,;.~, ab~ah,;,ol A.Cla.kbh-dar, }.i!1.&.. khal-dar.

To DARE, &6"ol ........ himmat dbhtan, &6"ol -"'r. jur,a.t dBshtan, (,;)olrJ ~;eSol dllirl nimudan.


DARK, ~)\i tBr{k, ay; tfrah, ,.u... muzlim.-(a, a colour), r--- afr, ay; tfrah.-(complezion) r-- sabz.

To D ... BKBN, (,;)ol$ ~ tira.h kardan. DARKNESS, ~IIi tarlkf, ..:f.,; tlragl, )\i tar, ~ zulmat, ,..,... zal8m, S'ol daj.

DARLING, .... ~ mahb6.b, ,.i ... ·· janf, (,;)u~ janan, _)I~ 'adz.

To DARN, vide To SEW.

DART, ~ naizah, y; tir.-(blunt dart 'IUIed in _cile) .lifr [srfd,

To DAlH (a.gainBt), (,;)olJ f* bi-ham zadan, (,;)ol)r- 4.e-W sadmah khwurdan, (,;)ol"_; ,.ol'wii tasadum nimiidan. (Vide To FLING DOWN, To BBllK IN PIECES.)



DATB (time), tJ.J11 tarlkh.-(out of date) .-l,_r-- matr6.k. - (fruit) 'l..i'" kburma, ~ tamr.-(green datu) Jk khilAl.-(a little riper, but green) ~ busr, - (unripe dried datu) .-l)~ kh&rak.-(ripe, butfruh)..,..J.) rutab.-(date-,tick, ,tem of leaf) .lifr jarfd, .,;." push.-(chuter of datu) olAf'khUahah, ~ pang. - (each Bflrand or portion of the clUlter) AS\..) riaalah, ..s:JJJ tilingah.(tree) ~ mukb, 'l..i'" """_'ol dirakht-i-khurma, JI>' nakhl.(date-grove) (,;)\.i....Jot.1 nakhliatBn.(fibre or eoir of the date) UeJ Hf, ~) r1ahah.-(leave, of the date dried for thatch, &c.) J,,11 tapul.

To DATE, &6't.lS" tJ.J11 tBr£kh gnzaahtan.

DATED, t/". mU,arra.kh.

DATIVE (eese), AeI J,.... maNu flhi.

To DAUB, (,;)ol~' andudau, (,;)~\.e maHdan, (,;)ol.r" paludau, (,;)ol.r' al6dan.

DAUGHTER, 1*-.J dukhtar, ..s-If bint (pI. -u. bauat).-(-in-law) (,;)J -»J,I san-i-farzand, U"'_" 'arus.

To DAWDLE, (,;)olf.Jf!'-"U ta.,khfr mdan, (,;)olrJ ~ maka nimtidan, (,;)olf ~ \C pa bi-pa kardan.


DAY, J» ruz, ,.". yaum (pl. ,.It' ayyam). - (twenty -four /&our.) J» &1\,4 aha.b8nah-ruz.-(oppo.ed to niglt) J,) rUz,)"ItJ naUr.-Urom day to day) J»' J» rUz bi-r6.z. -(nowaday,), (,;),,- &l,an, <:>t )ol .....J, dar in vakt.

DAY-BOOK, A.eU J» r6.z-namah, J» ..,.._U r6.z-namchah.


To DAZZLE, (,;)olf ~ ~ chaabmkhfrah kardan.-(to be dauled) (,;)oUo a? ~ chashm-khfrah shudan.

DEACON (of a church), U"4A. shammaa.

Dun, 1'7- murdah, (,;)~ t.:I bl-jan,

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...s'r-- mutanffl, ........ mayyit., 6~ -t faut.ahuda.h.-(middle) I.._, va.aa.t. - (tke dead) (:)~"r' asudagau, (:)~.",. murdagau, (:)~ guza.shtagan.

DEADL~ (fatal), JA1t& halabaI, JiU litil, ~ muhlik, Ji\l.e muka. til.

DEAlI',1 kar, ',.u. U na.shinava, ,...' a.aamm.-(to be deaf) ~ ..;.,r (:)~ guah.sa.ngfn ahuda.n.

DEAL (fir.wood), ",:..0 ~'"' chub.i. ain&ubar.

DEALBll., jt'li tajir.-(in compon. tUm) .JoJJ' fnrUsh.


DUR, (:)Y giran, AaW'J' giran. mliyah, ~'f giran.baha, ~)' arjmand, .J'u.. ghali, ~ kai· mati.-(beloved) jlj'! 'aziz, ~,_.. ma.hbUb, .. ,_.. ma.hbUba.h, •• i'+ jani.

DBARNESS, d'~ giranl. DE.&BTH, vide &ARCITY.

DUTH, ~ marg, -yo maut, _l..mamat, -t faut, -~) va.f&t,. \.6i k&za, ,.\.,; sam, Jot-' aJaI, J~)' irtihal.-(natural death) J..' ajaI. -(sudden death) _I.t-\A.e =r: ma.ut-i-muUjat, ~U zaif, =r -~ In&ut-i.fa.j,at. - (painB of death) vide AGONY.

To DEB.&B, ~\.. ,.".... mahrUm sakht&n.


DEBAUCHBD, dlS"'J "" bad. zinda.gani.

DEBAUCHEE, "') rind, (:)~~~ khwusb.- guzran, ..;.-» kallun, ..;.I.t,e 'ayyaah,j4 ~ shaid.biz.

DEBAUCHERY', \oS'») rindf', .Jor d~.)S khwuah-gusraaf, J>'jJ kallaani, J>\"A 'ayyaahf, ~V-" havas-nitkf.

DEBILITATED, ~ za'lf, ~ nahlf, (:)'i'1S na.tav8.n.

DEBILITY, f1ide WlI:.&l[NBSS.

DEBT, ...;,J karz, ."" bidih, ,.'J vam, ~" dain.-{to be in debt) ~


(:)~ makI'Uz ahudan, <r-A (:)Jl~ mad yun ha.atan. - (to pay one's debts) (:)"'t.}M ,.'J vam guzanda.n, (:)"rJ ,." ada nimedan, (:),,; t~ mafrugh ka.rda.n.

DEBTOR, )~ ."" bidih.kar, }ol.bo} karz-dar, 1.1>,,,,. makruz, )'" ~, vam.dar, )'''''''-'' dRin-dar, ~,., dMn, ~.u.. mutadsyyin.


DECA.GON, r- mu'a.ahaha.r. DBCANTER (of gltus), o4.JS tung.-

(square decanter).ro"t charpar.

To DBCAPITATE, (:)") (:)4 gardan zadan, (:)~ r: 8&r buricIa.n:.

DECAPITATION, (:)"J (:)¥ garda.n. zadan, (:)"'t.Jl r 8&r burfdan, DBCAY, \..r.i fan , J',J zaval.

To DBCAY, <r-\S' kaatan, (:)..,.\t kahida.n, (:)",.._,J fa.raudan, JonJ (:)~ za,il ahuQan, (:)~ ~\.b zai' ahudan, (:)~ sa,idan, (:)~ r!: kam shudan, (:)"1 J'lJ z&val kardan.


DECBIT, ~j firfb, ~\.. aakhtab, J_,f gul, r. makr, .u... hflah, \oSj4 AJ.". hliah.bazi,.u\et ba.hanah, )~ ghadr, ~ ghaban, .:0) rang, ~ kaid, ~J\,".2) ruba.h. bul, ~ khud'at, 1t.J. riya, \b., dagha, ~ talbfs, ~ ghill, A.e.toe" damdamah, vt-A ghiahsh, ~),., du.rangf, .....w takallub.


To DECBIVE, ~"firifta.n. (Vid6 To DEFRAUD, 'ro WHBBDLB.)....:... (to be deceived) (:)"Jr J,r gUl khwurdan, (:),,),.. ~ firlb khwurda.n.

DBcEIVBK, ~j firlba.nd&h. DECENT, vide RE8PBCTABLE.

To DBcIDB (determine), (:)"'t."y",_ muaammam gardidan. - (eetUe) (:)"''')'J ka.r&r dada.n, ~.,,, »'mubrra.r daahtan.

DBCIDBDLY, \oS)' an. - (finnly) ,.1..1 ~ bi.aakhti.i-ta.mam.

DBCIIIAL, )~, a'ahar.

To DxcnuTE, (:)"rJ ~ t&'.hlr nim6da.n.

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Daorsrva, ~ kat'!, ~\J kati'. DBCK (of a. ihip), 4.!.J'1 'arshah. To DECK, t1ide To ADORN.

To DECLAIM, ~J"" "w' insh&d Dimudan.

DBCLAKATION, "W' inshad. DECLARATION, )Ita, ishtihar, cl.4a' {zah, ~, i'llin, ,-la' i'l8.m.

To DECLARB, ~",... ~, i'lan nimu. dan, ~".rN r!'- ma'l6.m DimU. dan, ~.Jf ...!'~ 'arz kardan.

DEOLBNSION, J'» zaval.-(in gram. mar), o-AirJ tasrlf, Jar tahvH.

DBCLINATION, ~'.F' inhiraf.


DJilCLIVITY, ...,._.t.J nishfb, ~ shfb,

.... '" part.

DBCOCTION, II~~,.. jushandah.

DBCOIlPOSITION, JIl.a..l' inhilal, ~ ta'a.1fun, JJ.o..oJl, pus{dagC.

To DECORATE, ~')' arastan, ~,~ plrastan, C:)"'" ~J zlnat dadan, ~.l"". (:)'fIll, tazyin nimtidan, ~.lf.ND tll'azldan, ~\.. ~.r muzayyan sakhtan.

DBCORATION, vide AnORNMBNT.(of honour) C:)W nishan,

DBCORATOR, lloUi'.J1 arayindah,

loUi'~ plrayindah, ~ye muzay. yin.

DECOY, A:.t.,.~ parmushtah.-

(deroy.bird) r'" ~,.. murgh-idam.

To DBCOY, vide To ALLURB. DBCREABB (in quality), ~ naks.(in quantity) ~ ...... nuksan.


DEoRBB, ,.t. hukm, ~ faisal, J\.a¥' intisal, W ma, J,_ri fatva, .1'" amr, J..- sijil, ........ hujjat, )r- sunur.

To DBCREB, ~",.... .r-' amr nimudan, ~."" J,_ri fatva dadan, ~",... ~ hukm nimudan.

DBCREPIT, .... i,. fartut, ~ za'lf. DJlCRBPITUDB, ..:Ii,. fartut{, ...a... za'f.



To DBCYPHBR, ~.,,... Jii\i to., va mmudan,

To DBDICATB (con.ecmte), ..lJ" ~J"" tabarruk nimudan, ~ ~\.. mukadda.s sakhtan, ~ ~",... takhsls nimtidan, V'~, ~"f ikhtisas kardan, ~olf are munazza.h karda.n.

To DBDUCE, ~",... tJ.p ta.fr{, Dimu. dan.

To DBDUCT, ~Jf \eN- minh8. kar. dan, ~Jf ~ kam kardan, DEDUCTION, J'~' istidlal. (Vide SUBTRACTION.)

DEED, )IS kar, ;',,; kirdar, J.a 'a.ma.l, IN ti'l, ~ san"-(fDl"itten) )l.,Ii_J dast.blz, ~ hujjat.-(of gift) A.oU A.ta hibahn8.mah.-(of Bale) Al'-ti kab8.lah, A.oUae! bai'.namah, ..,.._u Al4i ka • bala.h.namchah.

To DEBM, ~'J danistan, ~\ti, angashtan.

DEEP, ~ 'amlk, ~)j zha.rf, Jj bul.-(tke deep, ,ea) &.,l lujjah.

DEER, ~j.r gavazn.-(antelope) ,..1 ahU, J~ ghaz8.l.

To Du AOB, ~Jf ,_. mahv kardan, ~-r suturdan, ~Jf .al\c pak kardan, C:)Jf tJ.\.b zal' kardan. . .. J DUAMATION,...!'~ ~ hatk.i.'irz,

'r'iftira. .

To DUAME, ~Jf...!',. ~ hatk.i. 'irz kardan.

DUAULT (failuTe), ~ naks, ....JJ killa.t, r~ 'adam,),.. kusar.

DBFEAT, ~ shikast, ......... ~ hazlmat.

To DBJ'BAT, ~"'J ......... ;a hazfInat dadan, ~.l'J ~ shikast dadan. -(to be defeated) ~J)1'- ~ shikast khwurdan.

DBJ'ECT, t1ide FAULT, BLBMI8H. DBJ'BCTIVB, rW U na.taniam, vaiU nakis, ~ muka.ssa.r.

DBFBNCE, ~~ hifazat, J.6.. hifz, II~ panah.

To DEFEND, C:)"'" -=--t~ himayat dadan, C:)""" ~~ hifazat nimudan, ~"f ....... \e.- siyanat kar. dan, ~J"" o;;,-)'I."e muh&ra.sa.t

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mmudo.n. - (ezctue) <:J.l,s ),J.a.e ma'zUr karda.o, <:J"~ )'~, i'tizar nimjidan,

DEFENDANT (at laW), Aol' ~ I

mudda'a ilaihi. I

DUENDER, ~1. baml, WI. hafiz, h" daet-glr.-( OJ the faith) ~J\A ghbf.

DUENSIVE, ~,,.; tad&fu', ~U.l difa'.

To DEFER, 'Vide To DELAY. DUERENCE, )~, i'tibar, I!"'i tavazu', ,.'r' ihtiram.

DEI'BRRBD, J..-,.. mu,ajjal, J,mu'avvak, a"w, ~,-; )" dar ta'v{k uftadah, loWtt '''f ~"ts ta.,khlr. kardah shudab.-(to be deferred) <:J.lW' JII"'-l=t bi-ta'khfr uftadao.

DEFICIBNCY, Jt""i tablr. (Vide DBCREASE.)

DEFICIENT, ,.s kam, ye\J kasir. DEFILE (narrow pcus), I~ o4.JJ tang.rah, ~kuta.l, <:J"~ garda.o, ......... sba'b, .ai,..\! gad uk.

To DUlLE, <:J~' ...fo. ...fo. yaki yak{ amadao.-(.tain) <:J.I'" aludao, <:J4.a1\c u na-pak kardan, ~r ~\.. mulavvas ~akhtan, v-F <:J4 oajs kardao.

To DEFINE, <:J.lf eye. sha.rh kardan, <:J-¥ <:J\.ot bayan kardan.

DEFINITE, "'~ mahdud, ";JJ'W ma'rUf, ~ mU'ayyan, »"- mukarrar.

DBI'INITION, ~J'" ta'rif, <-4.0, vasf,

J.,..tai tafsil.

DEFINITIVE, vide DECISIVE. DBI'LEXION, ..;1lo.I' in'itaf.

To DULOwBB, <:J"f _)~ 4J~' izalah.i-bakarat karda.o.

DUORIIED, ~ chu}ak, ~Jr. ehjilagh, ..... ",- ma'yub.

To DURAUD, ~j firman, ~ <:J"'" firfb dadan, <:J~\;" J.I gul khwuranfdan, <:J"J Jf gut zadan, <:J",....)~ ghadar nimadan, 4J.c. <:J"f hflah kardao.


To Duy, <:J~ ""'.lJ~ Al bi-muba, razat talbfdan, <:J"f ~ o.::.>~" da.'vat-i.jang kardan.-(bra"e, or



slight) "ide To DBSPISE, To OPPOSE.



DEGRADED, vid.e ABANDONBD.(military term) ~''''' ~) J' az rutbah andakhtah, '~'''.f ~ past garda.nfdah.

DBGREE, )olJ kadr, J'J,J,. mikdar, ~ye martabah, Al~ m&8abah, IJ'~' andazah, ~ hadd, &1t\l.e mukabalah, Aq.)" darajah.-( proportion) ._...,J nisbat, ..._l.\.. mUnRsabat, ~u.. mutabakat, ~,W tasavl, JI, vafk, 'J''''' andazah.-(rank) Aq.)" darajah, I\.t. jah, <:J\.6. shan, .i.Jr"'" manzilat, 6.AJ. tabakah, ~) rutbah, ~ye martabah, cI.i\e payah,)olJ kadr. -(mathematical) Aq.).l darajah.(by degrees) ~ ,..u kada.m bikadam, Aq.)~ ~" darsjah bidarajah, (!)l)..t..=t bi-tadrfj, ~J"; tadrijan, cI.i\e cI.i\e payah payah, &.L..A' &.L..A' ahistah abi8tah, A.:J) cW raftah raftah, ~ sang.

na~. - (to a degree) ~ye " bar martabah. - (to the lcut degree) ~I.AI' J" fauku.'l.ghayat.

DEITY, vide GOD. - (Godhead) ~;, uluhfyat,


DBLAY, ~Jl" dfrf, ~)" dirangi, ...JJi tavaklruf, ~~\,; ta,khfr, Je.mahal, .:.Je.. muhlat, JIt--' imh&l, d'i tavani, I-f'-'t tarakhf, JL.A' ihm"l, ~,-; ta'vik, au, ana" d\; ta,ann{, <:J'~ tahftvun, J~ khumul, ~ maks, ~~ mukas, Jal , ~ lait u la'a.n, ......J,n ~" daf'u.'l·vakt. - (without delay) .stJ)" ~ bf.dirang, ? au ~ bila

ta,khir. .

To DELAY, ~,~, ~r ).l dar ta'vik andakhtan, <:J.l~ ~-IJ ta'khfr nimUdan, <:J.lf ~Jl.) dir! karda.n, <:J"f ...JJi tavakkuf kar· dan.-(to be delayed) ~,-; ).l <:J"w' dar ta.'vik uftadan, J,..,~.I.6t mu'avvak sbudan, <:JoWtt ~.,..

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