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‘DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE From To The Director of Public Hee!th Ait@ortimissioner of Corporation, and Preventive Medicine All Commissioner of Municipality, 359, Anna Salai, AlbBxeoutive Officer of Town Chennai - 600 006. Pétichayats R.No.62520/VCIN/2008/S4, dated: _ 11.10.2008 Sir, ‘Sub: Public Health and Preventive Medicine ~ Vector Borne Disease control ~ approval of Larvicide, insecticides and Fogging Machine ~ Orders ~ issued Ref: G.O.(Ms).No:297, dt:'16.09.2008 of Health and Family Welfare (P1) Department. A copy of the Government order cited is communicated for informaiion and necessary action Further, the following guidelines are issued to the corporations, Municipalities, Town Panchayats and Medical College Hospitals regarding the purchase and utilization of Larvicides, Insecticides, PortabieswamimicTiverital Fogging Machines/Fogging Machines etc. , 1) Sample Testing: The laniicide, Insecticide, purchased by the corporations, municipalities, Town Panchayats and Medicai Colleges before utilising in the field, samples to be sent for chemical testing to the designated laboratories and field testing to the concerned Senior Entomologist, Zonal Entomological Teams. After receipt of the results only (as per specification) the materials to be used and payment should be made. The cost of chemical testing and field testing should be borne by the company concerned. The Deputy Director of Health Services, District Malaria Officers/District Entomoiogist, Municipal Health Officers, ‘Corporation Health Officers will concur the purchase of the suitable larvicide. insecticide and fogging machine 2. Less than six months expiry product should not be purchased 3. The quantity of larvicide or Insecticide required for six month perioa only to be purchased and stored