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ASSEMBLY No. 1 ASSEMBLY No.2 Unvented Attic Unvented Attic Ye E af teynend ASSEMBLY No. 3 ASSEMBLY No, 4 Unvented Attic Vented Attic max 10° attic max 6" f of leynen® of loynene”™ thermal bari celing thermal barir celing thermal barr celing max 10" of loynene! max 3%! crawl space of eynene® \ thermal barr colin COVERING: Safecoat Latex (A) Aidocost 757 (RK) Prescriptive Ignition Barrer (A) oR Frottee 88 (8) max 6" of leynene® loyneng® instlles without a thermal fr igntion barter onthe foam surface: loyneng® installed without a thermal ‘ignition barrier onthe foam surface: ~ under the roof sheathing = under the floor sheathing “not on vertical wal. + under the roof sheathing + under the floor sheathing “on vertical wals, loynend® installed: = Under tho roof sheathing under the floor sheathing “on vertical wal {A) Only leynene on the walls needs to be covered, of (8) Firetree 88 needs to cover all foam surfaces. Icynend left exposed on the attic floor. NOTES 1. SEE SECTION 4.42 FOR GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. 2. ATTIC OR CRAWL SPACE ASSEMBLIES WHERE: 2.1 ENTRY TO THE ATTIC OR CRAWL SPACE IS LIMITED TO SERVICE OF UTILITIES. 2.2 THERE ARE NO INTERCONNECTED BASEMENT OR ATTIC AREAS. 2.3 AIRIN THE ATTIC OR CRAWL SPACE IS NOT CIRCULATED TO THE OTHER, PARTS OF THE BULDING. 3, MAXIMUM THICKNESS OF ICYNENE‘'S 10" ON ROOF SHEATHING AND FLOOR ASSEMBLY, 4, AN IGNITION BARRIER CONSISTING OF EITHER A 1.5" THICK MINERAL FIBER INSULATION, 0.25" THICK WOOD STRUCTURAL PANEL, PARTICLE BOARD OR HARDBOARD, 0.375" THICK GYPSUM WALLBOARD, CORROSION-RESSISTANT STEEL HAVING A BASE METAL THICKNESS OF 0.016" OR OTHER APPROVED MATERIAL, 5. LEGACY REPORT ESR - 1826 IS AVAILABLE ON WEB SITES: wuw-ieynene.com AND wonwicesate.org 6, FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONTACT THE ICYNENE ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT. 6 ICYNENE 1-800-758-7325 www.icynene.com Figure 1 - Attic and Crawl Space Application DETAIL -29 without a Prescriptive Ignition Barrier caine yong