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DRAMA – 2nd week

In the second week, firstly we did some activities and played some games.
The first game was the mirror game which helped us to predict the behavior of
the opposite person of us by feeling empathy for him/her. The second game,
finger game, made us manipulate the person we interacted with. In the third
game, which can help us to teach emotional expressions in the future, there were
three chairs, each of which standing for a happy, sad and angry person. The last
game, setting up an imaginary home, is a useful game to develop our students’
memory, attention, imagination and creativity.

Secondly, we talked about the differences between actors and teachers.

While actors improvise less in a play, teachers improvise mostly in the class.
Actors perform many roles and short performances, whereas teachers perform
“an identity” and long performances. We also added that communication in the
class is the essence of interaction.

Thirdly, we talked about that teachers who act and use gestures, postures,
mimics are more successful in teaching process. In addition, teachers’
enthusiasm affects learning process in a positive way and creates willingness for
learning. Teachers have two instruments: body language and voice. One of the
things we should do is to use these two instruments effectively in the class,
because if we use them effectively, it’s likely that our teaching will be effective.