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ro 3 : = Owne What You Need to Know at the Petrol Station See last page Drive Sensibly — Save Fuel Fuel consumption depends largely ‘on how the vehicle is driven and on the operating conditions. In order to save fuel you should: @ ensure that tyre pressures are correct not carry unnecessary loads @ remove ski racks or roof-mounted luggage racks when not in use @ not warm up your engine at idle and with the vehicle at standstill @ avoid frequent acceleration and deceleration © shift gears on time, do not exceed % of the individual gears’ max. speeds © have all the maintenance jobs specified by us carried out at regular intervals by a MERCEDES-BENZ service station. For consumption data, refer to page 63 Owner's Manual (Ay) 300 CE 260 E 4MATIC 300 E 4MATIC Type 124