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Due firstly and mostly to "Allah Almighty" who gave us strength

and potential to complete this assignment. We must acknowledge
the valuable guideline provided to us by our respected teacher
Mr. Salman Aizaz that enables us to complete this project.

The marketing manager of Wall's in Rawalpindi who provided us the

valuable information about Wall's would not out of place to endorse the
co-operation extend it.

In the end we give full credit to our class teacher Mr Salman Aizaz who
gave full morel support, also his inspiration gave us confidence to
complete this project.

Once upon a time, hundreds of years ago, Charles I of England hosted a
sumptuous state banquet for many of his friends and family. The meal,
consisting of many delicacies of the day, had been simply superb but the
''coup de grace' was yet to come. After much preparation, the king's
French chief had concocted an apparently new dish. It was cold and
resembled fresh fallen snow but was much creamier and wetter than
any other was after dinner dessert. The guests were delighted, as was
Charles, who summoned the cook and asked him not to divulge the
recipe for his frozen cream. The king wanted the delicacy to be served
only at the Royal table and offered the cook 500 pounds a year to keep it
that way some later, however poor Charles feel in disfavor with his
people and was beheaded in 1649. But by that time, the secret of the
frozen cream remained a secret no more. The cook, named DeMirco,
had not kept his promise.
This story is just one of many of the fascinating tales which surround
the evolution of our country's most popular dessert, ice cream. It is
likely that ice cream was not invented, but rather came to be over years
of similar efforts, Indeed, the Roman Emp=eror Nero laudius Caesar is
said to have sent slaves to the mountains to bring snow and ice to cool
and freeze the fruit drinks he was so fond of Centuries later, the Italian
Marco Polo returned from his famous Joanne to the Far East with a
recipe for making water ices resembling modern day sherbets.


Ice cream contains most of our favorite flavors. What do chocolate,

potato chips and ice cream all have in common? They all contain high
proportions of fat. Fat tastes good. That's why we all like those foods.
Another favorite is sugar. Again ice cream has a high level of sugar. The
addition of fruit or confectionery (chocolate, caramel. Etc) makes ice
cream irresistible. The temperature that ice cream is consumed at
makes it a pleasurable treat during the warmer months of the year. Ice
cream also contains a portion of air. The air provides a softer texture
making the product more pleasant to eat. The air in the ice cream also
carries the flavors to the nose to enhance the taste sensation.

How Popular Is Ice Cream?

Here are some figures showing ice cream consumption (1998) in

different countries.

Country Consumption Per-Capita

(1,000,000 liters) (liters per Person)
New Zealand 53 16.3
Pacific Islands 4 1.2
United States 379 21.7
Australia 325 18.1
Japan 968 7.6
Canada 367 12.78
United Kingdom 461 8.9
India 665 0.7
Pakistan 347 2.48


 Milkfat: >10%
 Milk solids not fat: 9% - 12%
 Sucrose: 10% - 14%
 Corn syrup solids: 4% - 5%
 Stabilizers: 0% - 0.4%
 Emulsifiers: 0% - 0.25
 Water: 55% - 64%


Lever Brothers Pakistan Ltd. is a subsidiary branch of British

Company UniLever. Unilever established in 1880 in Britain. Its
founder was SIR LORD LEVER. Its has a chain of directors, which are
responsible for its management. Its head office is in London. It's
started its business in Indo-Pak Subcontinent in 1888 with the name of
Hindustan Lever Brothers.

After the independence of Pakistan, Lever Brothers with name the of

Lever Brother Pakistan Ltd. Started its business in Pakistan 1949. First
product they manufactured in Pakistan was sunlight Washing Soap.
They started manufacturing Edible Oil in Rahim Yar Khan in 1952
and soon started manufacturing of Lux after tow years.

Now lever Brothers Pakistan has many branch factories. Their Main
branches are in Karachi, Lahore, Rahim Yar Khan and Rawalpindi.
The Head of each branch is the branch manager.


Lever Brothers Pakistan limited brought Wall's ice cream to Pakistan

in 1995. The instant success of Wall's and clear consumer preference
for the brand proved the willingness of the Pakistan market to support
high quality, hygienic, innovative product. Keeping in view3 the
strategy, Wall's Launched five new products at the start of the 1997 ice
cream season, namely Cornetto Mango, Feast Kulfa, Split Strawberry,
Mini milk sammar and Solo Cola. These products have not only fuelled
volume growth but also helped in maintaining and stimulating
consumer interest. Moreover, the drive of volume growth continued
through geographical expansion with the addition of new
concessionaires and satellite towns.


Before Wall's introduce in Pakistan, Polka was the market leader but it
had to face competition with Yummy, and Rocco soon after. Polka
dominated the local market between 1980 - 1990s. These were the only
three ice cream companies in Pakistan during that period. Polka had
almost 80 - 85% share of the market, the rest was shared by Yummy
and Rocco. Due to their heavy investment and sponsorship Polka was
the name that came into one's mind when one though about ice cream.
But that was in the 80s, then came Wall's in 1995 and that was it the
turning point for Polka's Sales.
Wall's had a very different strategy than polka, they projected
themselves as very strong company, plus they had a very strong
marketing Plan, Which removed Polka out of the Market in to no time.
Hence today we see Wall's SPD's on the streets of Pakistan selling all the
variants of ice cream.
Presently Hico has also captured the market, due to the result of there
changed recipe and stronger marketing strategy.
According to the survey conducted by the Lever Brother of Pakistan the
Current Market situation of the market is somewhat like the following.

Market Share



10% Wall's

Competitors Analysis
There are major steps in an analysis of competitors after identifying the
present and potential close rivals. The analysis consist of examine
objectives strategy performance, strength and weaknesses and than
predicting the feature behavior of each, including the likelihood that
each will change it’s strategy and how it will respond to move make by

Competitors Evaluation Process

Competitor Objective

Competitor Strategy

Competitor Success

Competitor Strength & Weaknesses

Competitor future behavior


SWOT analysis a method that help to identify the product or company

Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threads.


 Financially Strong.
 Wide distribution, due to establish distribution.
 High Quality
 Good image in the mind of Customer.
 Aggressive Promotion scheme's.

 Pure milk is not used in ice cream
 There is no variation in Taste

 Gap in Mkt. for diet ice cream, which Wall's can cover because they
are more, establish than other's.
 Walls proves itself to be quality oriented product and maintain good
taste and standard, than it would be able to create a strong position
in all (Pakistan) for a long period of time.


 Hico is also new comer, but rapidly increase in their Market share is
a big threat for Wall's.

The objective of wall's as under: -

 To defend current Mkt. share

 Sale Growth.
 Customer satisfaction.
 Continue product modification and improvement effort to increase
customer benefit and reduce cost.
 Expand production capacity in advance of increasing demand to
avoid stakeout.
 Develop a multiple line extension offering targeted to the need of
several users segment in the market.
 Meet and beat lower prices or heavier promotional efforts by
 Increase satisfaction, loyalty, and repurchase among current
customers by building on existing strengths apple to late adopters
with same attribute and same benefit offered to early adopters.

Walls market Segmentation,
Targeting and

The market

Product Positioning Process

(A, B, C, D, E, F)

Market targeted
(A, E, F)

Product Positioning
Each target segment

Marketing programming each

Target segment

A market segment consists of a large identifiable group with a market.
Buyers are differ in their wants, purchasing powers, geographical
location, buying attitude and buying habits Walls have segmented
market according to consumer characteristics and consumer response.
Walls take advantage for both these strategies. In identical consumer
characteristics those whose geographical, demographic and
psyhographic characteristics are common and from an other those
customer who give much attention to benefits, occasions and brand.

Walls have divided market into these segments: -

1. Demographic segmentation.
2. Geographically segmentation.
3. Psychographic segmentation.
4. Behavior to word Product.

The wall's segmented the entire market into such segments, which are
differentiable through:-

Demographically Segmentation

Age: Teenage, 20to40 years.

Family Size: 4 to 5 members.

Gender: Both male and female.

Income: RS 15,000 to RS 35,000.

Occupation: Professional, Technical and Students, businessman

Social Class: Middle Class.

Walls introduce the brands for the younger as well as the children's.
Wall's targeted both high as well as low-income gourds. In simple word
we can say that wall's introduce of all income and all age groups.


Region South Asian Region Pakistan, .

Density Urban, rulers

Climate Both Northern & Southern region

of Pakistan.

This is segmenting the market on basis of location the factors

contributes in it is mainly, the number of population of that area and
the living standard of that particular location. The wall's has been
targeted both urban as well as rural areas.

Behavioral Segmentation

Occasions: For regular occasion.

Benefits: Quality, taste

It is the process of evaluating each market segmentents attractiveness
and selecting one or more segments to enter. Some time companies are
able to target every segment, because they are financially strong and
they can arrange a vast product line.

Wall's have been introduce different verities with different pricing of

which some of are has high price that can only attract high income
group and wall's has also different brands with low price which can be
easily purchase by low income groups.
Wall's is easily available in urban and rural areas all over the country.

Wall's has been targeted every segment and we can say that wall's has a Fragmented market.


After realizing the need, potential in market and rapidly increasing
growth and market share of the product. The company launches a
WALL ice cream and expands its product line. Company tries to
position it as an economical, qualities, and variety of features. Which
can be easily sell at any times anywhere in the country. Company
existing position in the market also helps to position it successfully in

Brand C Brand B

High Price Brand

Pakistan economy.

Brand A

Brand E
Low Quality High Quality

Low Price

Market Attractiveness

Wall has identified and described the various segments in given market,
it must determine the attractiveness of each. Relevant factors to
consider here pertain to the market, economic and technology,
competition and the general environment Wall undertaking an
attractiveness analysis would have added and delete factors according to
its own needs.

Market Attractiveness Factors

_ Size
_ Growth including stage in product life cycle
_ Differentiation possibilities
_ Bargaining power of customers
_ Cyclicality and Seasonality
_ Distribution

Economic and technological

 Investment intensity
 Industry capacity
 Technology
 Barriers to entry and exit
 Access to supplies


 Competitive structure
 Competitive groupings
 Substitute products
 Price
 Individual competitor analysis



Wall's is a consumer product with a very long range of ice cream
brands. Which are shown in the annexed table.

Products Flavors
Cornetto Mango, Classico, Strawberry
Feast Chocolate, Kulfa
Split Mango, Strawberry
Solo Mango, Kola Raspberry
Mini milk Samar, Kulfa
Paddlepop Banana, Rainbow, Chocolate-Fudge
Fruiti -------------------------
Topten -------------------------
Star Cup Vanilla, Mango Slash, Vanilla, Chocolate,
Family Pack (1 liter) Mango, Chocolate

Wall's has introduce a lot of brands with different flavors, the

customers has so many options to select the brand according to their
taste. This creates a good image in the mind of the customer which
resulting the customer loyalty about the Product.

Product Differentiation

Difference in product features or performances are not the only way a
business can differentiate its offering. The customer services can also
effectively have maintained and advantage over competitor.



To attain a substantial competitive advantage in product quality wall’s

has understood, what Dimensions customers perceive to under line
difference in quality across product. The Wall’s manufacturing prestige
ice cream have emphasis the first Dimension of product quality.


Walls have different brand ice cream that provides excellent

performance of various attributes as taste, quality, and nutrition. On
the other hand Wall’s has emphasis aggressively promoted a different
quality Dimensions.

(Related attributes of ice cream)


Absence of defect has been a major focus of the Wall’s. It has been the
primary focus of ice cream’s quality improvement program. Wall’s
relied heavily on broad product line.


Wide variety of features both standard and optional to offset this

shortcoming on some of the other quality Dimensions.


The reliability quality Dimensions of Walls ice cream refer to the

consistency of performance form purchase to purchase or to a product’s
up time that it perform satisfactorily over its life. Walls maintain a
competitive advantage based on reliability by deign product with
several attribute, due to this reason walls ice cream maintain a strong
position in Market segment consisting of large scale ice cream user.


The quality diminution of service ability refers to customer ability to

obtain prompt and competent services when customer needs ice cream.
Wall organization decided to provide 24-hour ice cream service any
ware in the city.

The many of this quality diminution can be difficult for customer to

evaluate particularly for consumer product. As a result consumer often
generalize form quality Dimensions that are move visual or qualitative.

Fit and Finish

A fit and finish Dimension helps convince consumer that a product is of
high quality. They tend to perceive attractive and well design as
generally high quality.

Quality Reputation of the Brand Name

The promotional activities of Walls that sustain that reputation are

strongly influence the consumer perception of a product’s quality in
pursuing a differentiation or cues the customer use to judge quality and
to pay attention to the seemingly less important but move visible
attribute features of product. Due this quality Dimension Walls become
a market leader and enjoying high profit rate.


Product life cycles that can have a direct bearing on a company's
survival. The life cycle of a product can be divided in to four stages,
which are as under:

1. Introduction
2. Growth
3. Maturity
4. Decline

A product life cycle consists of the aggregate demand for all brands
comprising a generic product category. A Company's marketing success
can be affected considerably by its ability to understand and manage the
life cycles of its products.

Management must recognize what part of the life cycle its product is in
an any given time. The competitive environment and resultant
marketing strategy ordinarily will differ depending on the stage.


During the first stage of a product's life cycle, It is launched in to the
market in a full-scale promotion and marketing program. The entire
product may be new, or the basic product may be well known but have
a new feature of accessory that is in the introductory stage. There are a
high percentage of product failures in this stage. Operations in the
introductory period are characterized by high costs, low sales volume,
net losses, and limited distribution. However for really new products,
there is very little direct competition.

Introduction Stage

The introduction stage is very crucial stage, because if the product is not
launched properly it will not be able to survive in the market for long.
In introductory stage the prices are normally high because normally
innovators adopt it and they are not price conscious. Wall's also adopt
this pricing strategies.


In the growth, both sale and profit rises, often at a rapid rate.
Competitors enter in the market in large number, if the profit out look
is particularly attractive. Number of distribution outlet increases,
pricing may come down a bit. Typically, profits starts to decline near
the end of Growth stage.

During the first part of this period sales continue to increase, but at a
decreasing rate. Marginal producers are forced to drop out of the
market. Price competition intensifies.


After maturity stage the product start to decline, It is very important

stage for the product to survive in the market. The company should take
steps to add new features in their existing product.



Wall's is standing on maturity stage with 65% of total market share and
Wall's is a leader in ice cream market. To survive in the market Wall's
introduce time to time their new flavors and different promotional

Features of Product

Brand Name
A name, term, sign, symbol, design, or a combination of these intended
to identify the goods or services of a one seller or group of sellers and to
differentiate them from those of competitors.
The brand name of product is "Wall's" which can be easily vocalized.

Brand Mark
Brand mark is a part of brand that appears in the form of a symbol,
design, or distinctive coloring or lettering. It is recognized by sight but
may not be expressed when a person pronounces the brand name. The
management of Wall's uses blue color for name, Red, yellow and white
background, which is very attractive.

The activities of designing and producing the container or wrapper for a
product. Packaging serves several safety and utilitarian purpose. It may
be a part of a company's marketing program and it is help full to
identifying product among the competitor. Today, however, the
marketing significance of packaging is fully recognized, and packaging
is truly a major competitive force in the struggle for markets.
As walls is a perishable consumer product so it is carefully packed, so
that it can protect the product in its way to the consumer, provide
protection after the product is purchased, help in acceptance of the
product from middleman and help persuade consumer to by the
product. Packaging of wall's also containing information about the

Labeling is another product feature that requires managerial attention.
A label is a part of a product that identifies the product, describes
several things about the product who made it where it was made, when
it was made, its contents, how is to be used and how to use it safely. A
label may be a part of a package, or it may be a tag attached directly to
the product. Obviously there is a close relationship among labeling,
packaging and branding. Finally, the label might promote the product
thought attractive graphic. Descriptive label is used for Wall's as it
contains ingredients, nutritional contents and flavor of the ice cream.

Design and Color

One way to satisfy customers and gain a competitive advantage is
through skillful product design. In fact, a distinctive design may be the
only feature that significantly differentiates a product. Many firms feel
that there is considerable glamour and general promotional appeal in
product design and designer's name. In the field of business products,
engineering design has long been recognizing as extremely important.
Today, there is a realization of he marketing value of appearance design
as well. Color often is the determining factor in the consumer
acceptance or rejection of a product.

Wall's is using very attractive design and beautiful colors for the
customer attraction. All the wrappers provide some ideas about the
flavor, taste, quality and freshness of the product.

Pricing Strategies

"Price" is one of the most important "P" of the marketing Mix. Pricing
is important because it is a reward to the company and must be in hand
to complete the other three "P" of the marketing Mix. The pricing of
the goods and services performs a key strategic role in many firms
because of the deregulation intense global competition, Slow growth in
many markets and the opportunities for firms to strengthen market
position. Pricing decision is very important because the survival of a
company in the market depends upon Pricing decision. Pricing stratigy
depends on pricing objectives.

Pricing Objectives
Companies use their price strategies to achieve one or many of the
several objectives. They may price for results (sales, market share, and
profit) for market penetration or positioning. Pricing objectives may be,
 Sales volume
 Profit
 Market growth

Pricing objective of Wall's are market growth, sales volume and also
making profit. To achieve these objectives Wall's oftenly add new
features in the product and also decrease its price.

Product Line Pricing

Setting the price steps between various production in product line,
based on cost difference between the production, consumer evaluation
of features, and competitor's prices.

Wall's has very long range of its line of products. The various product
line of Wall's is as follows:

Products Flavors Price
Cornetto Mango, Classico, Strawberry
Feast Chocolate, Kulfa
Split Mango, Strawberry
Solo Mango, Kola Raspberry
Mini milk Samar, Kulfa
Paddlepop Banana, Rainbow, Chocolate-Fudge
Fruiti -------------------------
Topten -------------------------
Star Cup Vanilla, Mango Slash, Vanilla, Chocolate,
Family Pack (1 liter) Mango, Chocolate

Price Adjustment Strategies

Wall's uses the same price strategies for all regions. They are giving 5%
discount to their wholesalers and 7% to their retailers. Company
provides off-season quantity discount (3 extra ice cream pieces on the
purchase of a cart on to their dealers.)

Pricing strategies

There are two main strategies for pricing, which the companies

 Market-Skimming Pricing
 Market-Penetration Pricing

Skimming Pricing
Market skimming involves setting a price that is high in the range of
expected prices. This strategy is particularly suitable for new
product because in the early stages of a product life cycle, price is
less important and competition is minimum. Product user is from
high-income group and they are financially strong and they are not
price conscious. Profit margin is high. We can not set this strategy

for a long period of time because after some time competitor arrives
in the market and competition among them start.

Penetration Pricing
In market penetration pricing, a low initial price is set to reach the
mass market immediately. This strategy can also be employed at a
later stage in the product's life cycle. Some companies adopt this
strategy to puss out the competitor from the market because new
arrival can not survive in the market with low price for a long time.

Wall's Pricing Strategy

The management of Wall's intelligently using both the skimming

and penetration pricing strategy.The brands witch having price
more than Rs. 18 is skimming pricing stratigy and brands having
prices less than Rs. 18 adopted penetration pricing strtegy. By
adopting skimming they are earning more profit and by penetration
they attract the customers and consolidating position in the market.

They have to adopt both strategies because they are facing

established competition in the market, e.g. In beginning the main
competitors for wall's are Yummy & Polka, now their major
competitor is Yummy after Purchasing Polka. It is necessary for
company to purchase Polka, because "Nestle is well established
company with good reputation they are willing to enter in Ice cream
market by purchasing polka, so it would be a thread for walls that
they may not be able to achieve desired profits. Starting the
production requires more time than purchasing of any already
established business. "Keep in min the expected of Nestle, Lever
Brother Purchased Polka.

Placing Strategies


Placing is also a one of important "P" of Marketing Mix. A
product has to be available at its appropriate place. Wrong placing
of product could prove to be very harmful to the company. Placing
dose not mean just the availability of the product, in fact the time at
witch the product is available matter too.
When a product is being advertised in the market, the customer at
once hunt for it and if there is no sign of the product, it creates a
wrong image in the customer's mind.

Following facts has to be considered while placing the product.

 The local market situation

 The buying trend of the people
 The nature of the product

The approach towards the product for the customer should be easy,
providing inconvenience to the customer should be avoided, as the
customer would at once shift towards the alternative product.

Wall's is an edible product and it is easily available at these spots.

 All convenient stores

 Superstores and Bakeries
 Restaurant and Hotels
 Spot Point Dealers (SPDs)

These spots are where people go out for purchasing, for eating
and enjoyment and oftenly makes impulse buying. Through this
Wall's increase its sales.

Distribution Channels
A distribution channel consists of the set of people and firms involved in
the flow of title to a product as it moves from producer to ultimate
consumer or business user. A channel of distribution always includes
both the producer and the final customer for the product in its present
form as well as any middlemen (such as retailers and wholesalers).
Designing and selecting the right distribution channel is very
important task.

The right distribution channel can help to promote a product a
lot, plus the distribution channel is a very good source of
feedback from the market and from the customer. The most
commonly used distribution channel in the market for tangible
products to ultimate consumer, are:

Producer Consumer
Producer Retailer Consumer
Producer Wholesaler Retailer Consumer
Producer Agent Retailer
Producer Dealer Retailer
Producer warehouse Retailer

Wall's Distribution Channel

Wall's used this distribution channel:

Producer warehouse Retailer


Wall's select this channel because its target market is urban as

well as rural area and it is not possible for the Wall's to place its
product to all the segments directly or with short channel.

Physical Distribution
Physical distribution consists on all the activities concerned with
moving the right amount of product to the right place at right
time. For manufacturer physical distribution includes the flow of
raw material from the source of supply to the production line
and the movement of finished goods form the end of the
production line to the final users location. Ice Cream is very
delicate frozen food, and as they say "Ice Cream is a Game of
Temperature", so it is very important to manage the physical
distribution in a proper manner. We intend to follow the
following steps in this regard:

• Establish distribution centers all the cities where the Ice-cream to be
supplied, these distribution centres will have a storing facility i-e a
large freezer room for storing the ice-cream, the temperature
maintained in the freezer room will be -50 degrees Centigrade.
These distribution centres will be responsible for the flow of
product. They will take orders from a market, fill them and provide
on time delivery to the retailers. These distribution channels will be
run by the whole salers, they will required to keep a certain level of
inventory to fill the customers orders promptly, completely and
accurately. Each city will have one distribution centre that will cover
the whole city.

• As set earlier that ice cream is a very delicate food and should never
be allowed to rise above -18 C for super market products. Scoop ice-
cream should be stored and transported at -18 C, but may be
dispensed by retailer at -15 C. ice-cream is stored at colder
temperatures than most other frozen food and needs extra special
care. When ice cream is allowed to rise above these temperatures
then this is called "Temperature Abuse". This will lead to "Heat
Shock", where large ice crystals form and the product starts to
shrink. These defects can never be reversed. So it becomes a very
important to transport ice cream in truck with heavy-duty freezers.
The distributor should always take care of trucks and keep them
properly maintained. Smaller trucks are used for deliveries within
the city and big one for the transportation of ice cream from
production plant to the distributors.

Innovation in Placement
Wall's introduced first time in history of Pakistan door to door service
facilities. That is Spot Point Dealer (SPDs), these are the mobile
sellers. That is great achievement of Wall's Ice Cream. Tricycle provides
door to door services that is way Wall's is easily available in every
where city, town, street, market etc. In tricycle the soft music
continuously singing a bell witch is the identification of Wall's. Through
this Wall's also make sales promotion and people oftenly made impulse
buying which increases sales.

Promotion Strategies

The marketing mix activities of a product planning, pricing, and
distribution are performed mainly within the organization or between
the organization and its marketing "partners". However, with
promotional activities, the firm communicates directly with potential
Promotion is the element in an organization's marketing mix that serves
to inform, persuade, and remind the market of the organization and its

Promotional Methods
The promotional mix is the combination of personal selling, advertising,
sales promotion, publicity, and public relations that helps an
organization to achieves its marketing objectives.

• Personal Selling
Personal selling is the presentation of a product to a prospective
customer by a representative of the selling organization. Across all
business, more money is spending on personal selling then on any other
form of promotion. Its example is "SPDs" which is introduced by

• Advertising
Advertising is the promotion of product or services through wide
variety of messages transmitted through different media.

• Sales Promotion
Sales promotion is designed to supplement advertising. Include
promotion activities as contests for sales people and consumer, trade
shows, in store displays, samples, premiums, and coupons.

There is a difference between advertising and sales promotion,

"advertising" describes messages carried in media owned and
controlled primarily by people other than the advertiser, and media
controlled by the company itself carries "sales promotion" messages.

Wall's Promotional Method

Wall's select to promote its product, personal selling, advertising, and
sales promotion. For personal selling it introduced "SPDs", for
advertising, and sales promotion it used printed and electronic media.
Advertisement of Wall's are eye catching and attractive. Through
advertising it informs the consumer about new brands and flavors.
For sales promotion Wall's introduced different Schemas which are:

• In solo ice cream, one ice cream piece is free in the packet.
• In max-cup the Wall's gives bubble gum free.
• The Wall's launch the scheme for 15% extra in top ten.
• In family pack i-e "Polka Red Top" special discount price scheme.


In the end we are going to give some recommendation to Wall's that

how can they increase their sales and gain maximum profit.

• There is a gap in the market for Diet Ice Cream. Wall's should
introduce it because they are financially strong company. Through
this they can capture a big market of the people who are health

• Wall's should increase its distribution area and should goes in that
area where Wall's is not available.

• They should continuously advertised on different media.

• Concentrate on delicious taste not too sweet or too fruity.

• Saving schemes should be introduced on special events like

Ramazan. Through this their sale will increase.