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What is a function that is associated with the access layer in a hierarchically designed network?

performs routing and packet manipulation

supplies redundancy and failover protection
provides a high-speed, low-latency backbone
serves as a network connection point for IP telephony devices

What can be broadcast over the wireless network to help a user connect to the network and use
wireless services?
WEP keys
VLAN parameters
WPA encryption keys
VPN authentication information

What is the advantage of choosing EasyVPN for a new VPN implementation?

to provide encryption algorithms unavailable in other systems
to ensure that remote workers actually use the VPN for connectivity
to allow a greater variety of network devices to be used for VPN connections
to simplify the configuration tasks for the device that is used as the VPN server

A company has help desk staff that is not highly trained in VPNs. What two features or
technologies must the network designer identify as training needs in order for the help desk to
support secure remote access for teleworkers? (Choose two.)
QoS operation
VLAN configuration
tunneling protocols
IPv6 and IPv4 dual stack
encryption algorithms
Frame Relay configuration

Which statement best describes the VPN feature called split tunneling?
It creates separate pathways for different VLANs
. It creates two tunnels, one for user traffic and one for management traffic such
as CDP and SNMP.
It allows user traffic that is destined for the corporate network to travel across
the VPN tunnel, while traffic destined for the Internet travels through the local LAN
of the VPN client.
It allows separate tunnels so that high priority traffic, such as voice and video,
uses the higher bandwidth tunnel, while all other user traffic travels on the lower
bandwidth tunnel.
The network infrastructure at the headquarters of an organization consists of Cisco network
devices that are running RIPv1. As part of an upgrade project, a portion of the company
backbone will be increased to 10 Gb/s and needs to support unequal cost load balancing between
routers. The IP addressing scheme is also changing and needs to support VLSM and CIDR.
Which routing protocol should be selected for the network?

A NetworkingCompany engineer is on a support call resolving technical problems for a client

network. After the issue is resolved, the engineer also provides a training session for the network
support staff. What role is the engineer filling on the networking company team?
post-sales field engineer
pre-sales engineer
network designer
account manager

Refer to the exhibit. What can be concluded from the output that is shown?
MDF_R1 has a MAC address of 2294:300F:0000.
MDF_R1 is connected through FastEthernet0/1 to C2960-24TT-L_IDF1.
Device C2960-24TT-L_IDF1 is running Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(25)SEE2.
MDF_R1 is installed in the main distribution facility on floor 24 of building L.

Refer to the exhibit. In the Cisco IOS filename that is shown, what is signified by the underlined
file format
feature set

A network administrator has removed a router from the network for maintenance. A new Cisco
IOS software image has been successfully downloaded to a server and copied into the flash of
the router. What should the administrator do before placing the router back into service?
Delete the previous version of the Cisco IOS software from flash.
Copy the new IOS into NVRAM to create a backup copy.
Restart the router and verify that the new image starts successfully.
Verify the free space available on the router to store the new IOS image.

A network technician needs to install a four-port switch module in an operational Cisco 1841
router that has an available HWIC slot. What should the technician do first?
Turn off the power to the router before installing the new module.
Install the hot-swappable four-port switch module directly into slot 1 of the 1841.
Move the existing WIC-2T module to slot 1 and install the four-port module in slot 0.
Shut down all Fast Ethernet ports on the router until the switch module installation is
Refer to the exhibit. An administrator installs a WIC-2T module into a Cisco 1841
router. Attempts to configure the S0/0/0 interface are unsuccessful. As a first step in
troubleshooting the failure, the administrator issues the show version command.
What is a possible reason for the failure?
The WIC was not physically installed properly.
The WIC was installed into slot 1 instead of slot 0. The interface type and
number are invalid on an 1841. The configuration register is the wrong value for
adding new modules.

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of application communication model best describes
this network?
client-client client-server farm client-enterprise edge client-enterprise

If traditional phones are used when introducing VoIP to a network, what component would be
required to convert the analog voice from traditional telephone signals into IP packets?
Multipoint control unit
Power over Ethernet switches
a router that acts as a voice gateway
Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Which characteristic should be considered by a network designer when

implementing a VoIP solution?
VoIP traffic is generally classified as low priority. VoIP centrally routes calls in
the same manner as a traditional PBX. VoIP traffic is highly reliable because of
retransmission of dropped packets
. VoIP can make use of QoS features to help reduce interruptions in

Which feature relies on prioritization of network traffic and is used to ensure successful delivery
of real-time services?
quality of service

When implementing an IP telephony solution, why should VLANs be used?

to allow the use of a single IP gateway
to separate voice from data traffic for ease of prioritization to allow the PBX
to use VLAN IDs to filter both voice and data traffic to allow connectivity between
traditional phone devices and IP-based telephony devices

A customer of a large multisite organization has asked a network engineer to

compare a new IPv4 addressing strategy with an IPv6 strategy for their new network
implementation. Which tool is appropriate for testing and comparing both
addressing schemes?
NBAR Cisco SDM Network Assistant
network simulation tool
A network administrator wants to configure a router that is running EIGRP so that it
will advertise a route that will summarize the networks that are shown. Which
network will summarize only these networks?

A network administrator of a middle-sized company is asked to upgrade the routing protocol of

the network to support VLSM and route summarization. The current company network contains
both Cisco and non-Cisco routers. Which routing protocol should be used for the upgrade?
During prototype testing, a LAN switch fails. As the switch re-initializes using the default
parameters, a port that has a PC attached transitions to the forwarding state within one second.
What protocol would support this feature?
When designing a prototype network for a new server farm, a network designer chooses to use
redundant links to connect to the rest of the network. Which business goal will be addressed by
this choice?
Refer to the exhibit. To provide better customer service, the network management decides to
implement a new server farm, which is located in a data center. Which two technology
implementations will address the requirements for strict security policies to prevent unauthorized
access to the server farm? (Choose two.)
Install firewalls and IDS capabilities on the network.
Apply ACLs to permit only inbound TCP traffic to the servers.
Apply filters that permit traffic only to required ports on the servers.
Configure a flexible IP addressing structure that allocates a single subnet per VLAN.
Configure a fast-converging routing protocol with authentication at the core layer.
Create a management VLAN and provide access to the data center devices through Telnet.

A wireless survey has been conducted before the deployment of a wireless network. What would
be the benefit of the survey?
provides initial configuration of the access points
determines the channel settings of the access points
determines the security settings on the access points
finds the optimal number and placement of access points

Refer to the exhibit. What does the TOR router do with traffic that is destined for a
web server with an IP address of
The router sends the traffic out Serial 0/0/0. The router sends the traffic out
all interfaces other than the one it came in on. The router places the packets into
a queue until a better route is discovered via RIP. The router sends a request to
neighboring routers for paths to the network

A user in a large office calls technical support to complain that a PC has suddenly
lost connectivity to the network. The technician asks the caller to talk to nearby
users to see if other machines are affected. The caller reports that several
immediate neighbors in the same department have a similar problem and that they
cannot ping each other. Those who are seated in other departments have
connectivity. What should the technician check as the first step in troubleshooting
the issue?
the power outlet to the PC that is used by the caller. the trunks between
switches in the wiring closet.
the status of the departmental workgroup switch in the wiring closet. the
cable that connects the PC of the caller to the network jack. the cable connection
between a PC and a network outlet that is used by a neighbor.

A company would like to ensure that the failure of a single access switch does not disrupt service
to the mail servers located in the data center. What can be done to ensure maximum connectivity
to the mail servers?
Enable CDP to ensure all neighboring devices are known.
Create a separate RSTP specifically for the mail servers.
Configure a routing protocol so that paths to all Layer 3 devices are cached.
Install redundant access links between the servers and the access layer switches.
Refer to the exhibit. An extended ACL has been created to deny traffic from the network to the web server with IP address
According to Cisco best practices, where should the ACL be applied?
RTB Fa0/0 inbound RTC S0/0/1 inbound RTD Fa0/0 outbound RTC
S0/1/0 outbound

The main office of a NetworkingCompany customer currently connects to three

branch offices via three separate point-to-point T1 circuits. The customer network
uses RIPv2 as the routing protocol within both the LAN and the WAN. The account
manager proposes a change to a Frame Relay network because the costs are lower.
A single local loop connection can be installed at the main office with three separate
PVCs to connect the branch offices. How can the main office edge router be
configured to enable the customer to continue to use RIP as the WAN routing
Enable Inverse ARP on the serial interface in order to learn the routes to the IP
addresses of the remote routers.
To prevent the Frame Relay network from causing a routing loop, disable split
horizon on the serial interface
. Create three separate point-to-point subinterfaces on the serial interface and
assign a different subnet IP address to each one. Configure the serial interface
with a single interface DLCI number and create frame-relay map statements for
each remote site address.

A company is concerned with protecting internal e-commerce servers against external attacks.
An application layer firewall is installed at the network edge and a host-based IDS system is
installed on the internal LAN. What should be done to ensure a fast response and minimum
server downtime in the event of an external attack?
Replace the host-based IDS with an IPS.
Place the e-commerce servers in a DMZ.
Install a logging server to monitor all attacks.
Replace the application layer firewall with a stateful one.
Which two security best practices are recommended for a router deployed as a WAN endpoint?
(Choose two.)
Turn off unnecessary services.
Enable HTTP for web administration.
Configure easy to remember passwords.
Apply timeouts on VTY, AUX, and console ports.
Enable Telnet access to allow for remote management.
Company XYZ requires a WAN solution that provides flexible bandwidth options and
supports one physical interface at the head office that would provide simultaneous
connectivity to various remote sites. The distance from each site should not make
the solution more expensive. Which WAN technology meets the requirements of the
DSL cable
Frame Relay T1 leased line

Refer to the exhibit. A pre-sales system engineer receives a diagram of the current
WAN from a customer. EIGRP is the routing protocol used on the WAN. Based on the
default operation of EIGRP, which statement is true about the routing table on
router R1?
There is a single route to the LAN using the T1 connection.
There is a single route to the LAN using the DSL connection.
There is a single route to the LAN using the Metro Ethernet
connection. EIGRP installs all three routes to the LAN and load
balances the traffic.

Which feature of network design and configuration would be considered a


Choosing a flat network model. Choosing to implement an IPS instead of IDS.

Choosing to disable Telnet and allow only SSH connections for remote access to

the core routers. Choosing not to broadcast the SSID for wireless access points.

Refer to the exhibit. What can the field engineer conclude about the EIGRP
authentication between Router1 and Router2?

Authentication will fail because only one key is configured. Authentication will

succeed and EIGRP updates can be exchanged. Authentication will fail because

the key chain names do not match. Authentication will fail because the key chain
names must match the router names.
Refer to the exhibit. A networking engineer is characterizing an existing network for
a new customer. The engineer issues a show running-config command on the R1
router to gather configuration information. What is the engineer able to determine
as a result of viewing the output of this command?

The R1 router has two specific routes to the main office LANs in the routing

table. The default route for the R1 router points to the Edge1 router. The R1
router will load-balance traffic to the main office LANs by using both DSL and Frame

Relay. A connection through ISP-1 will be used to reach the main office LANs if
the Frame Relay network is unavailable.
Refer to the exhibit. Which username and password combination will correctly
configure PPP authentication on routers RTR_A and RTR_B?
What are two accurate descriptors of a DLCI? (Choose two.)
Frame Relay Layer 2 address
one DLCI allowed per local loop
locally significant circuit endpoint
signaling standard between DTE and DCE
establishes the data transfer rate through a Frame Relay network
Which two values represent valid IPv6 addresses? (Choose two.)
::::1 FF01::1 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 2001:DB8::47::2A4 2031:0000:04AC:34