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Stephens, Rodney Thompson.

A Jedi Master suggested forming a small task

Introduction force composed entirely of relative unknowns – peo­
ple the terrorists wouldn't immediately recognize as
members of Valorum's security staff or the Jedi
Shadows of Coruscant was originally published by
Order. Their job would be to check out suspected
Wizards of the Coast on the original Star Wars Role­
Flail activity and, if possible, stop it before it caused
playing Game Core Rulebook. It was adapted for for
any further harm.
the Star Wars Roll & Keep Roleplaying Game with
story adjustments to fit the Clone Wars period. The
adventure is designed for Rank 1 characters. These
brave but untested heroes have a chance to prove
their courage by foiling a plot against Senator Valo­ Region: Core
rum, the former Supreme Chancellor of the Repub­ Climate: Temperate (urban)
lic. The heroes’ skills and prowess are put to the test Gravity: Standard
as they discover that even on Coruscant, the very Moons: 4
center of peace and justice in the galaxy, there are Length of Day: 24 standard hours
those who serve evil. Length of Year: 368 local days
Sapient Species: 78% Human (native), 22% other
Government: Republic
Background Capital: None
Major Exports: None
Finis Valorum, the former Supreme Chancellor of
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, medicinal goods
the Republic, has recently been removed from office
due a corruption scandal. Though he vehemently
Coruscant is one of the oldest and most popu­
denies the charges and his supporters have
lated planets in the galaxy, its surface com­
rallied to his side, his reputation has been
pletely covered by cities. Coruscant long
suffering in the Galactic Senate ever since.
ago became the seat of galactic politics,
Valorum, however, has chosen to con­
and it is from this planet that all major
centrate on his job. He hopes that even if
interstellar governments have ruled.
he is removed from his position, he will
Coruscant relies on vast weather control
do some good before he goes. To that
stations to regulate everything from
end, he has concentrated on ending
temperature to humidity.
once and for all the threat of a
Coruscant is not only the
terrorist group known as the
governmental center of the
Flail, a subversive organization
galaxy but also the cultural
that has been attacking public
center of the galaxy, where
utilities on Coruscant in protest of
new trends and fashions debut.
government policies. The group's
Despite the fact that most of the
actions have caused power failures, disrup­
wealthiest members of galactic society live
tions in Coruscant's weather-control sys­
on Coruscant, the world is also home to mil­
tems, and traffic accidents – with no con­
lions of poor and destitute people, many of
cern for the resulting property damage,
whom eke out meager livings as servants
injury, or loss of life. Thanks to Senator
and laborers. In the lowest depths of
Valorum's increased efforts, the terrorist
Coruscant, citizens of the planet have
group has been rapidly dwindling in
degenerated into barbarism or scaveng­
ing, making the city depths dangerous to
Recently, the Coruscant civil authori­
all but the most prepared.
ties managed to capture one of the ter­
Coruscant is home to the Black Sun
rorists. After a lengthy interrogation,
crime syndicate (and other noteworthy
they learned that the remaining mem­
criminal organizations) and has a flour­
bers of the group were planning a strike
ishing black market where illegal goods
against Valorum himself, acting in retali­
are trafficked on a daily basis.
ation for his pursuing them. Having
recently formed closer ties with the Jedi
Order, the Supreme Chancellor called
upon them for help and advice.


notation 4k2 means that four dice should be rolled

Basic and two of them chosen to be kept and added
together; if the player rolled a 3, 6, 7, and 9, the

Mechanics: the player would likely choose the 7 and 9 for a total of
16 on the roll.

Roll & Keep Target Numbers

System A Target Number is a measure of the difficulty of
any given task, as determined by the Game Master.
A task that should be easy will be assigned a low TN,
At its core, the Star Wars R&K uses a very simple whereas a difficult task will have a higher TN. While
mechanic. When a player wishes to have his charac­ individual Game Masters are encouraged to use their
ter take an action, the Game Master determines own judgment to determine the difficulty of any
what abilities the character should use to determine task, a general idea of how difficult a given task
success or failure (these abilities most often consist might be is as follows:
of one Trait and one Skill used in conjunction with
one another). The Game Master must also decide
TN Difficulty Physical Mental
how difficult the task should be, and choose a Target
Recognizing the
Number (TN) based on this difficulty. The player rolls None Mundane Getting out of bed
back of your hand.
a number of ten-sided dice based upon the abilities Striking an Recognizing an old
on the character’s sheet that the Game Master has 5 Very Easy
immobile target friend
identified as necessary for the task. The player then Carrying half your Finding a misplaced
adds the total of the dice rolled and compares the 10 Easy
weight item.
sum to the TN chosen by the Game Master. If the 15 Average Remembering
Lifting your
total meets or exceeds the TN, the character suc­ someone you’ve
cessfully completed the task in question. If the seen once
total is less than the TN, the character 20 Moderate Recognizing
Jumping a 3m
has failed to complete the task. someone in
It is rare that a player will keep all disguise.
of the dice rolled when his character 25 Difficult Scaling a cliff Finding a well-
is taking an action. Typically, a without rope hidden object.
player can keep a smaller num­ 30 Very Hard Remembering
Diving safely from
ber of dice than the amount someone’s exact
a waterfall
rolled, and in almost all situa­
40 Heroic Naming all of your
tions the player will choose the Out-wrestling a
ancestors… in
highest rolling of the dice, Wampa beast
although he may keep 60 Impossible Shattering stone Outwitting Master
whichever ones he chooses; if with bare hands Yoda.
for some reason he wishes for
his character to fail the roll in
question, he may Raises
choose lower
rolling dice. There are times when simple success is not
When denoting enough. When a character needs to accomplish
the number of something truly spectacular, Raises are the
dice that should means by which that can be accomplished.
be rolled and When a player declares he is making a
kept, the format Raise, he is choosing to voluntarily
used is XkY, where X increase the TN of the task his character
represents the number of is attempting, by an increment of 5 per
dice rolled, or “rolled Raise. Raises are generally made when a
dice,” and Y the number player feels his character’s abilities will
of dice kept, or “kept allow him to easily exceed the TN for a
dice.” For example, the given task. The most common use of

Raises is to allow characters to perform Maneuvers
in combat (described later in this chapter), but indi­
vidual GMs can allow any number of different effects
with sufficient Raises. Players who wish to try uncon­
ventional or creative actions that are not covered by
the basic rules should simply ask the GM how many
Raises will be required to succeed. A character can
Making Skill Rolls
make a maximum number of Raises per roll equal to Skill Rolls combine a Skill and Trait. To perform a
his Skill Rank. A character with Skill Rank 2, for Skill Roll. roll a number of dice equal to your Skill +
instance, can make 1 or 2 Raises per roll, but not 3. Trait and keep a number of dice equal to your Trait.
Some mechanical effects grant a character Free This Skill Roll is set against a TN determined by the
Raises. These give the benefit of having made a GM.
Raise without actually increasing the TN of the roll in
question, and do not count toward the maximum UNSKILLED ROLLS
number of Raises that may be made per roll. Free
A character may attempt to make a Skill Roll
Raises may also be used to reduce the TN of the task
without the appropriate Skill, but faces a number of
being attempted by 5 instead of augmenting the roll
penalties for doing so.
in the same way as a normal Raise. Raises are not
1) The character must roll his Trait alone, with no
without risk, however. If a player declares Raises on
additional dice.
a roll, and the result of his roll fails to meet the new,
2) No Raises may be declared on an unskilled
increased TN, the roll fails. This is a failure even if
Roll, and Free Raises cannot be used.
the result of the roll meets the original TN but falls
3) An Unskilled roll is always subject to a -5
short of the new, increased TN.

Force Points Knacks

Force Points represent a character's knack for
A Knack is some sort of special ability granted by
using the Force to aid her actions. A character need
a more sophisticated training in a given skill.
not be Force-sensitive to use Force Points; they rep­
Having the Knack allows you to perform the
resent the presence of the Force in all forms of life,
actions described in the Knack description (such as a
and though some call it luck, others believe that it is
Lunge combat maneuver or a Surgery) using the
the will of the Force that grants a person aid. For a
Skill associated with the Knack. If you don't have a
Force-sensitive character, it represents a conscious
Knack and want to attempt that action any way, you
decision to call upon the Force for assistance. Non-
can, but you are considered Unskilled for that roll
Force Sensitive characters don't realize that the
(and take the appropriate penalties). This means you
Force is aiding their actions, only that they are trying
must make any rolls with your Trait alone, can't
hard to succeed.
make any raises and suffer a -5 penalty.
Each character has a number of Force Points per
day equal to their Force Rim. You may spend a single
Force Point to enhance the results of any given roll. SPECIALIZATION
Spending a Force Point can have a variety of effects, Most skills allow you to take the Specialization
but the most common is to roll and keep an extra Knack. Specialization is a special Knack that applies
die. Spending a Force Point can have other effects to a very specific use of the skill. For example, while
instead, listed on the table below. Only one Force the Blaster Pistol Skill gives mastery of several types
Point may be spent per roll. of pistols, the Specialization(Heavy Blaster) Knack
 Extra die, rolled and kept. gives greater ability with that specific weapon. Like­
wise, while the Strategy Skill gives one a general
 knowledge of battle, the Specialization (Skirmish)
Free Raise (this Raise may not be used to
Knack grants a keener understanding over small
lower TN).
 When using a Skill in an area where it's Special­
Gain one Rank in a Skill for one roll.
ization applies, you may add your Skill Rank to the
Spending Force Points to enhance a roll must be total of your roll. If more than one possible Special­
declared before the roll is made. Only a single ization applies to a single roll, you only gain the
enhancement may be made on any given roll. Cer­ bonuses of one.
tain effects may increase the number of Force Points
that may be spent on a single roll.


Leave the Action Die where it is, making it a


Held Action. (Held Actions will be explained in
just a moment.)
Combat is an important part of Star Wars. If more than one Hero or NPC wants to perform
Scenes of blaster fighting soldiers through futuristic an Action in the same Turn, each adds up all his cur­
cities or lightsaber duels on the edge of a perilous rent Action Dice to get a number known as the Ini­
cliff are the heart and soul of the genre. The rules tiative Total. Note that Action Dice that have already
for combat are pretty much the same for everything been spent do not count towards the Initiative Total.
else: you roll your dice against a Target Number and The character with the highest Initiative Total goes
compare the result. It's when we get to results that first. If there is a tie, the character with the highest
things start to get complicated. Reflexes goes first.
When the GM reaches Turn 1 everyone must use
all their remaining Action Dice or lose them. Once all
Initiative Action Dice on the table are spent or forfeited, a new
Round begins, and the process starts all over again.
At the start of a combat round, you roll a number
Held Actions: Once you've held an Action, it
of dice equal to your Reflexes+Heroic Rank. This is
remains on the table. It is considered to match any
your Initiative Roll, and the dice explode normally.
later Turn called, but the number showing on the die
After the Initiative Roll, you will choose to keep a
doesn't change. This is important when adding up
number of Dice equal to your Force Rim. These are
your Initiative Total.
your Action Dice. If the sum of your Reflexes+Heroic
Interrupt Actions: If you didn't roll high on Ini­
Rank is lower than your Force Rim, you get the dif­
tiative, but you really need to get your Action off
ference in extra Actions showing Turn 1.
before the bad guys, you can perform an Interrupt
The numbers shown on the Action Dice are the
Action. You exchange any two Action Dice showing
Turns in which you will get to act. If you roll the
later Turns for one Action Die showing the current
same number on more than one Action Die, you will
Turn. You must still compare Initiative Totals if some­
simply be able to act more than once during that
one else wants to act in this Turn to determine who
goes first, but at least you have a chance to act. You
Example 3.9: Rod-Mon, a rank 2 Scoundrel has
cannot use an Interrupt Action to make an attack,
Reflexes 4 and Force 3. Therefore, he rolls 6 dice on
but you can use it to perform an Active Defense or
his Initiative Roll and chooses 3 at the start of every
assume a Full Defense.
combat round. In this instance, he rolls a 7, a 2, a 5,
a 4, a 9 and a 0. The 0 explodes, and becomes a 14.
This means that Rodriguez will get to act in Turns ACTIONS
14, 9 and 7. During a combat Round, every character may
take Actions on their Turn. Although many circum­
Next, your GM will begin to count down from the stances can limit what kind of Actions they may
highest Turn rolled, until he reaches Turn 1. When he take, in general a character may take one of the two
calls a Turn in which you get to act, you may do one following options:
of two things with each die showing the current
 One Complex Action + Free Actions

 Spend the Action Die in order to act in that  Two Simple Actions + Free Actions
 Start a Full-Round Action + Free Actions

Free Actions Simple Actions Complex Actions
Draw a weapon (small) Draw a weapon(medium or large) Make an attack
Speak (up to five words) Move Action (Grace x3m) (melee or ranged)
Move Action (Grace x1m) Dismount a Dewback Activate a Force Power
Drop a weapon/item Guard someone (see Raises) Reload an Empty Blaster
Pick up a weapon/item Close the Gap (in melee)
Speak (more than five words) Mount a Dewback
Stand up (from Prone)
Free Actions are minor activities that do not dis­ the room to another, and a Scoundrel might run
rupt a character’s ability to perform other tasks dur­ across a hallway to shoot a group of Stormtroopers
ing the course of their Turn. Unless otherwise speci­ and take cover on the other side. This is normal
fied, a character may only perform each Free Action movement during a round.
listed on the table below a maximum of once per However, use some common sense when moving
Round. around. A bunch of guards aren't going to let a Hero
Simple Actions are tasks that require more of a just walk around them to get to the Villain they are
character's time, but are not so complicated that he protecting. But if the Hero can use Athletics or Acro­
is not capable of taking more than one action at a batics to jump over their heads and drop down
time. behind them, that's an entirely different scenario.
Complex Actions are elaborate or time-consuming This applies to NPCs as well. If a Hero has blocked a
efforts that require all of a character’s attention in stairway to protect another Hero's retreat out of the
order to complete. fight, the Villain can't just ignore the dramatic stand
A Full-Round Action is not more complicated than that Hero is making.
a Complex Action, but one that takes an amount of
time that is unaffected by the character's speed to
do it (such as retrieving information from a Attack and Defense
terminal). A character must spend an Action Die to
start a Full-Round action, but once started the Action
is completed only in the following Round, during the
same Turn in which it was started. While completing When you spend an Action Die, you may choose
a Full Round action, the character may take other to attack an opponent with that Action. You roll
actions, as long as they don't interfere with him per­ Accuracy/Skill (for the weapon or fighting style being
forming his current action. used). This is known as your Attack Roll; remember
Example: Jus-saki is slicing into a DataNet termi­ its total for the next step. If you roll equal to or
nal. While he does it, Sia-Lan jumps trough a win­ higher than your opponent's TN to be Hit, you are
dow pursued by a group of droids. While slicing into going to hit him, unless your opponent uses an
the terminal, Jus-saki can use a Complex Action to Active Defense successfully.
shoot the droids with his blaster or a Simple Action TN to be Hit: Your TN to be Hit is equal to 5 +
to hide behind a desk with the terminal's keyboard, your Reflexes x 5, plus any bonuses you may have
but if he steps away from the terminal to fight the from Skills, Advantages or other
droids, he forgoes slicing the terminal and must sources. This is the TN that your
start again later. enemies are usually rolling
against in order to hit you.

Characters can move a certain amount per
round depending upon the Action or Actions
they devote to that task. Actions corre­
spond to the following movement rates:
Free Action: A number of spaces equal
to the character’s Grace.
Simple Action: A number of spaces
equal to the character’s Grace x2.
Complex Action: A number of
spaces equal to the character's
Grace x5, but only in a straight
Characters have a lot of
freedom to move during com­
bat. Star Wars R&K
encourages this to
make combat more
dynamic, as it is in
the movies. A Jedi
Knight may jump
from one side of

Once the attacker has rolled equal to or higher As with any Skill Roll, Raises may be declared in
than your TN to be hit, you get one last chance to combat for additional effect. The risk of using Raises
avoid the damage. First, you must spend an Action during combat can be much greater than normal. as
Die showing this Turn. You then make your Active a great deal of the time you will have no idea what
Defense roll. Your TN is the attacker's Attack Roll -5. TN you are rolling against. Raises can be used in
If your roll equals or exceeds the TN, you have suc­ combat for any of the following effects.
cessfully avoided all damage from that attack. You
may use Held Actions or Interrupt Actions to pay for
an Active Defense roll. Called shots inflict no additional damage
What you roll as your Active Defense depends on (Increased Damage Raises are, in effect, called shots
the type of attack that was made against you: aimed at such a result), but might have additional
Melee Attacks: Accuracy/Defense (Active Defense) effects depending on the situation. A vain enemy
Area Attacks: Reflexes/Athletics (Jump) might become enraged by a called shot to his face.
An opponent standing on one leg might fall if an
You can't perform an Active Defense against a attack is directed to that leg. A specific limb can be
Ranged Attack (with the obvious exceptions of Jedi targeted with 1 Raise, a hand or foot with 2 Raises,
using the Deflect ability). You can use the Full the head with 3 Raises, or an eye, ear, finger, or
Defense action to protect yourself from ranged other similarly small part with 4 Raises. There is no
attacks though. specific mechanical effect for striking a particular
body part in this manner, although individual GMS
may rule that a certain amount of damage may
FULL DEFENSE sever or destroy the body part in question, and any
You turn every effort toward self-preservation, items held or worn on that part may be dropped or
moving slowly and watching all enemies for any sign destroyed.
of attack. You make an Reflexes/Defense Skill roll
and add the result to your TN to Be Hit. This bonus
can apply only to a number of opponents equal to There are very few ways to perform two attacks
your Force Rim and of which you are aware, and in one Action. This Maneuver allows anyone to gain
cannot be used against an unseen enemy. The bonus an extra attack per Action Die, however, as long as
of your Full Defense lasts until you decide to take they have the skill necessary to pull it off. To gain an
any different Action other than a Free Action (per­ additional attack, a character must make 5 success­
forming an Active Defense doesn't remove you from ful Raises on the first attack roll. These Raises confer
Full Defense). no benefits, but if they succeed, the character may
If you perform any actions illegal during Full immediately make a second attack roll as soon as
Defense or move more than a Free Action, you lose the first attack has been resolved (including dam­
the benefits of Full Defense. age).
The Extra Attack Maneuver may only be used
once per Action. The initial attack in this Maneuver
must be successful, but the second may miss with­
While you are lying on the ground, your TN to be out affecting the first.
Hit drops to 5, and you must make two Raises in
order to use your Active Defense (see Active GUARD (0 RAISES)
Defense, below). It takes one Simple Action to stand Guard is a unique combat Action that does not
up, and during the Turn you are standing up, your actually require an attack roll. However, it has been
TN to be Hit remains a 5 and you cannot use any placed here for convenience, since it is used only in
Active Defense. combat. During a skirmish, a character can choose
Alternatively, you can try to attack at the same to dedicate himself to protecting another character,
time as you stand up, as a Complex Action. It is a making it harder for enemies to attack that person.
risky maneuver, but it may work. First, you must Guarding is a Simple Action. When you declare a
make 2 Raises on your attack. If you fail, you remain Guard Action, you must designate one other person
prone. If you succeed, you stand up, but you remain within 2m of you. Until your next Turn, any time that
unbalanced and your TN to be Hit remains 5 until the person is within 2m of you, their Armor TN is
start of the next Turn. increased by 10 and your Armor TN is decreased by

INCREASED DAMAGE (1 OR MORE RAISES) you are wielding and your own Strength. Each
You may declare a Raise on an attack roll to weapon has a Damage Rating (DR), which partially
increase your damage on that attack. A single Raise defines the amount of damage it does. A weapon's
increases your damage by 1k0. Two Raises increases damage is described in a manner similar to the fol­
your damage by 1k1. You may make any number of lowing:
such Raises on a single attack roll, up to your normal Vibroblade DR: 4k2
maximum. To determine the number of Wounds inflicted on
the enemy, add your Strength to the number of dice
rolled by your weapon, then roll normally. For exam­
Unarmed Combat ple, a character with 3 Strength wielding a DR 3k2
Vibroblade inflicts 6k2 damage. 10's explode nor­
When engaging in unarmed melee combat, you mally on damage rolls.
inflict (Strength)k1 damage. There are no additional Force Points may not be spent on damage rolls.
penalties for using unarmed combat against armed However, strategic expenditure of Force Points can
opponents, as many weapons already offer powerful make it much easier for you to successfully make
advantages (like superior damage) against an Raises for additional damage.
unarmed combatant. With that said, a typical Star
Wars fight will include lots of kicks, punches and
throws. The Martial Arts skill allows for many Knacks Step 1 - Wounds
that, while less damaging, give many interesting
options to use during a fight. All damage is subtracted from the target's
Wounds. Wounds are divided into seven levels, each
of which contains a number of Wounds equal to the

Damage and character’s Stamina x 2. Any time you take more

Wounds than you have on a given level, you drop
down to the next level and suffer the appropriate
Wounds penalties to movement and TNs. You reduce the
penalties listed here by your rank in Willpower, with
the possibility of taking no penalty on some Wound
When you successfully Ranks.
strike an opponent, the Note that your movement can be reduced to zero
damage dealt is deter­ through these penalties, in which case you are so
mined by the weapon overcome by your wounds that you can no longer
walk (though you might still be able to fight).

At this level you are basically unharmed and
suffer no penalties.

You are mildly injured and
get a -5 penalty on all rolls.

You have taken some dam­
age, but are still functioning
reasonably well. You get a -8
penalty on all rolls.

HURT (-12)
At this level the pain begins
to interfere with your ability to
move. You get a -12 penalty on

all rolls and your Grace is reduced by one for the
purposes of movement.
Step 2 - Condition
Any time an attack deals Damage equal or higher
Your injuries are such that you have a great deal
than your Body Rim x5, you go down one step in the
of trouble focusing, and even Skills you ordinarily
Wound Track.
perform with ease take great effort. You get a -15
A creature, droid, object, or vehicle not affected by
penalty on all rolls and your Grace is reduced by two
any debilitating conditions is assumed to be in a
for the purposes of movement.
"normal state," which represents one end of the con­
dition track. Each debilitating effect to which it suc­
CRIPPLED (-20) cumbs moves it one or more steps along the condi­
You are barely able to stand upright. You get a tion track. A creature pushed to the last step on the
-20 penalty on all rolls and your Grace is reduced by condition track falls unconscious (see Falling Uncon­
three for the purposes of movement. scious, below).
DOWN (-30)
 Normal state (no penalties);
You are effectively incapacitated. You cannot
move and can speak only in a whisper. You must
 Struck (-1k0 on all rolls, -2 TN to be Hit);
spend at Force Point to take any action whatsoever,
and even then you suffer a -30 penalty to all your
 Staggered (-2k0 on all rolls, -5 TN to be Hit);
rolls, and move as if your Grace is reduced by five.
The wound penalty for this Rank cannot be reduced
 Stunned (-3k0 on all rolls, -10 TN to be Hit);
by your Willpower.
 Disabled (-5k0 on all rolls, -15 TN to be Hit)
You are completely unconscious, barely alive and  Unconscious (unable to act)
unable to take any actions at all. On the plus side,
this Wound Level contains a number of Wounds
equal no your Stamina x 5, allowing some possibility REMOVING CONDITIONS
that your comrades might yet rescue you. Once you You automatically improve one step in the Condi­
have depleted all Wounds on this level, you are tion Track at the end of each round. You can improve
Dying, which is never a good thing. your condition prior to that by spending an Action to
recover, moving + 1 step along the condition track.
DYING (N/A) You can spend as many actions recovering in a single
When you reach this Wound Rank, you must round as you want. Some causes of debilitation,
immediately make a Stamina Roll. The TN equals the such as poison and hunger, may prevent a creature
last Damage Roll made against you. If your roll fail, from improving its condition or returning to its nor­
you are Dead, and no amount of healing can help mal state until the cause of the debilitation is treated
you. (see Persistent Conditions, below).
If the Roll is successful, you survive, but you are
not out of Danger yet. You must make another Roll
again at the end of each combat round, until either
you die or someone performs First Aid on you (see
After receiving First Aid, you must make Stamina Use of Medpacs and the Medicine Skill can
Rolls to avoid dying only once every 10 Minutes. This increase your recovery dramatically.
persists until someone performs a Surgery on you First Aid: As a full-round action, you can admin­
(see Healing). ister first aid to an unconscious or wounded crea­
If you survive the Surgery, you are back in the ture. If you succeed on a TN 15 Medicine Roll, the
Out wound rank, and you can start healing normally. creature regains a number of Wound Points equal to
its Stamina, plus 1 for every point by which your Roll
result exceeds the TN. Using a medical kit grants a
Free Raise on your skill Roll. If the skill Roll suc­
ceeds, the tended creature cannot benefit from addi­
tional first aid for 24 hours.

You can administer first aid on yourself, but you
take a -10 penalty on your Medicine Roll.
Other Uses for
Surgery: You can perform surgery to heal
Wounds to a wounded creature or remove a persis­
Force Points
tent condition. Any of these operations requires 1 Force Points have uses outside of enhancements
hour of uninterrupted work, at the end of which time on rolls. A number of Advantages, Talents and Force
you must make a Medicine Roll. If you fail your Roll, Powers require Force Point expenditure, or are
the surgery does not yield any benefit (but any improved by it. In addition, there are other ways
resources used are still lost). In addition, if you fail that all characters can spend Force Points.
your Roll by 5 or more, the creature takes Wounds
equal to its Stamina x5. If the creature reaches the GAIN AN ACTION
Dying wound level, it must immediately make a
Stamina roll against the damage taken to avoid You may spend one Force Points to gain an addi­
dying. tional Simple Action during one of your Turns.
You can make a TN 20 Medicine Roll to perform
surgery on a wounded creature, healing a number of PERSISTENCE
Wound Ranks equal to the creature's Stamina, plus You may spend a Force Point before making any
one Wound Rank per Raise. If you fail the Roll, the Skill Roll (including an attack roll) to negate all
creature instead takes Wounds equal to its Stamina Wound Penalties for that Skill Roll. You may spend
x5. If the creature was already Dying, it dies unless more Force to enhance this roll normally. Penalties
it can spend a Force Point to save itself. You can per­ imposed by effects other than Wounds (such as a
form surgery on yourself to heal Wounds, but you disease, range, armor) are not negated.
take a -10 penalty on your skill Roll. Performing
surgery to heal Wounds also removes any persistent SPEED
conditions afflicting the target.
You may spend two Force Points before rolling ini­
tiative to roll and keep an extra die on your Initiative

Using the roll.

Force On your turn, you
may spend a Force Point
The Force is a mystical to increase your TN to Be
energy field that surrounds Hit by 10 until you start
and binds all living things your next action. This in
in the galaxy. More than no way interferes with
just a source of power for your ability to act this
those sensitive to its pres­ turn, and may be com­
ence, the Force can affect bined with a Full
the fates of even ordinary Defense.
citizens who have no apti­
tude for its use. In the Star WOUND
Wars Roleplaying Game, REDUCTION
there are two ways that
You may spend a
players may call upon the
Force Point to reduce the
Force for assistance. The
number of Wounds you
first way, usable by all
take from a single attack
characters, comes in the
by 10. This negates the Wounds
form of Force Points. The second way,
before they affect you, so it
usable only by characters with the Force
may potentially save you
Sensitivity feat, is through the Use the
from death. This may be
Force skill and associated Force powers.
done once per Turn.


Force Powers Force Power

Force powers are special abilities available to any­
The following Force powers are available to any
one who takes the Force Training advantage. They
character with the Force Sensitive advantage (see
allow characters to do astonishing things such as
page 00). Each Force power includes the following
play tricks with the minds of others, move heavy
objects, see into the future, and even blast foes with
terrible arcs of lightning. FORCE POWER NAME [DESCRIPTOR]
If a Force power has a descriptor, it appears in
square brackets after the Force power's name. Some
USING FORCE POWERS Force powers are more strongly tied to one side of
Each Force Power is associated with one of your the Force than the other. These Force powers carry
Rims; Body, Grace, Mind, Spirit and Force. either the [light side] descriptor or the [dark side]
When your character uses a Force power, make a descriptor. Powers that target creatures' minds carry
Rim/Use the Force roll (using the Rim associated the [mind-affecting] descriptor.
with that force power) against that Force power's Dark Side: Using a Force power with the [dark
TN. The roll result determines the power's effect. side] descriptor increases your Dark Side Score by 1.
Some Force powers have all-or-nothing effects. You cannot use a Force Point to modify your Use the
Other Force powers have multi-tiered effects, and Force roll when activating a Force power with the
your Use the Force roll result determines the maxi­ [dark side] descriptor. Dark side powers stem from
mum effect you can achieve, although you can powerful negative emotions and include dark rage
always choose a lesser effect. If your Use the Force and Force lightning.
roll is too low to activate the Force power's baseline Light Side: If you have a Dark Side Rank of 1 or
effect, nothing happens and the action is wasted. higher, you cannot use a Force Point to modify your
Spending Force-powers: You can use each Use the Force roll when activating a Force power
force power once per encounter. If you have selected with the [light side] descriptor. Light side powers are
the same force power more than once, you may use generally beneficial and include sever Force and vital
it more than once per encounter. transfer.
Regaining Force Powers: You have different Mind-Affecting: A Force power with the [mind-
ways to regain spent Force powers so that you can affecting] descriptor has no effect on creatures that
use them again: are mindless (that is, creatures with no Intelligence
trait) or creatures that are immune to mind-affecting
 When combat is over and you have a chance effects, such as Droids.
to rest for 5 minutes, you regain all of your The name of the power is followed by a brief
Force powers. description of the Force power's effect.
Activation: The type of action needed to use or
 If you roll double 10's on a Use the Force roll, activate the Force power.
you regain all spent Force powers at the end Target: The targets affected by the Force power.
of your turn. TN: The basic TN to activate the power.
Raises: The results of raising in your Use the Force
 You can spend a Force Point as a free action check when you activate the power.
and immediately regain one spent Force Special: Some Force powers have special rules,
power. which are covered here.
Whenever a Force power instructs you to make a
 Some unique abilities (such as the Force Focus Use the Force roll, you roll a number of dice equal to
talent) allow you to regain spent Force powers the Rim associated with that power plus your Use
in other ways. the Force skill, keeping the Rim. The results of the
Use the Force roll will be described in the power's
The following is a list of Force powers, organized
by Rim.



Activation: Free Action TN: 10

Activation: Free Action TN: 15 The Force enables you to jump great heights and
distances. You gain a +15 bonus on Jump rolls until
Target: You
the start of your next turn.
You become enraged as the dark side flows
1 Raise: As above, except: +30 Force bonus on
through you. You gain a +3 on melee attack rolls
Jump rolls.
and melee damage rolls until the end of your turn.
2 Raises: As above except: +45 Force bonus on
1 Raise: As above, except the rage bonuses
Jump rolls.
increase to +6.
Special: You can spend a Force Point to increase the
2 Raises: As above except the rage bonuses
power's bonus on Jump rolls by 15.
increase to +9.
Special: While consumed by rage, you cannot use
skills or perform tasks that require patience or con­
centration. You can spend a Force Point to extend
the duration of your dark rage until the end of the
encounter. BATTLE STRIKE
Activation: Free Action TN: 15
Target:: You.
Activation: Complex Action TN: 20
You use the Force to enhance your battle
Target:: You
prowess. Gain +1k0 on your next attack roll and
You use the Force to protect you from damage deal an additional +2k0 damage if the attack hits.
caused by energy, sonic, fire, cold and electrical 1 Raise: As above, except you deal an additional
sources. You gain DR 5 against energy damage until +2k1 damage.
the beginning of your next turn. 2 Raises: As above, except you deal an additional
1 Raise: As above, except DR increases to 10. +2k2 damage.
2 Raises: As above, except DR increases to 15. Special: You can spend a Force Point to extend this
3 Raises: As above, except DR increases to 20. ability to an additional attack.
Special: You can spend a Force Point to use this
power as a Free Action. You can maintain energy FORCE DISARM
resistance from round to round, extending the nor­
Activation: Complex Action. Target: One creature
mal duration. Maintaining the energy resistance
within 6 spaces and within line of sight.
power is a Free action. If you take damage while
TN: See below.
maintaining energy resistance, you must succeed on
You try to disarm an opponent by using the Force
a Body/Use the Force roll TN = 15 + damage taken
to pull the weapon from his grasp. Make a contested
to continue maintaining the power.
Use the Force roll against your Target's
Strength/Weapon Skill. If your disarm attack suc­
FORCE CRUSH ceeds, you may choose to let the item drop to the
Activation: TN: Target's Body x5, 15 if ground by the target's feet or have the item fly into
Complex Action it is an inanimate object. your hand (in which case you must have a free hand
Target:: One target within 6 spaces or within line of to catch it).
sight. Special: You can spend a Force Point to damage or
destroy the target weapon instead. If your disarm
You use the Force grasp and crush your enemy. attack succeeds, the weapon takes damage equal to
The target takes 3k2 wound's, and can take only a your Use the Force roll result. You must declare that
single Free Action with his next Action Die. you are using this option before making your disarm
1 Raise: As above except the target takes 6k4 attack.
points of damage.
2 Raises: As above except target takes 9k6 points FORCE SPEED
of damage.
Special: You can spend a Force Point to deal an Activation: Free. Target: You. TN: 10
additional 3k2 points of damage.

The Force enables you to move quickly. You Special: You may maintain your concentration on
increase your Grace Rim by 1 for the purpose of the targeted creature to continue damaging it from
movement until the start of your next turn. round to round. Maintaining the Force grip is a Com­
1 Raise: As above, except Grace Rim increases by plex Action, and you must make a new Use the Force
2. roll each round. If the target moves 1 or more steps
2 Raises: As above except Grace Rim increases by down the condition track,
3. the condition becomes persistent until the target
Special: You can spend a Force Point to increase is treated with a TN 30 Medicine roll to perform
your Grace Rim one additional Rank. surgery. You can spend a Force point to increase the
damage to 6k6.
Activation: Active Defense.Target: One attack
made against you that deals energy weapon dam­ Activation: Complex Action. Targets: One object or
age.TN: Damage dealt by the targeted Attack. character within 12 spaces and within line of
You spontaneously negate a single attack that sight.TN: Target's Body x5.
deals energy weapon damage, such as a lightsaber You use the Force to push a target away from
or blaster. The attack is negated and you take no you. You push it back 1 space plus an additional
damage. If your roll result is less than the amount of square for every 5 points by which you exceed the
damage dealt, you fail to negate the attack and take TN. If you push the target into a larger object, the
damage as normal. target takes 2k1 damage.
Special: You must be aware of the attack and able The target adds its size modifier to this power's
to defend yourself properly to negate it. If you are TN: Colossal, +20; Gargantuan, +15; Huge, +10;
successful, you can spend a Force Point to heal Large, +5; Medium, +0; Small, -5; Tiny, -10;
Wounds equal to the damage of the negated attack. Diminutive, -15; Fine, -20. In addition, it gets a +5
increase if it has more than two legs or is otherwise
exceptionally stable.
Activation: Free. Target: One creature within 12
spaces and within line of sight.
TN: Target's Spirit x5
You summon the power of the dark side to instill
fear in your enemies. This is a fear effect. The target
can take only Simple Actions with his next Action
1 Raise: The target can take only one Simple Action
with his next Action Die.
2 Raises: The target can take only Free Actions with
his next Action Die.
3 Raises: The target looses his next Action Die.
Special: When you successfully use this power on
an opponent, you can spend a Force Point to impose
a -5 penalty to all of the opponent's Defenses until
the beginning ofyour next turn.


Activation: Complex Action.Target: One creature Special: You can spend a Force Point to add 3k0 to
within 6 spaces and within line of sight. your Use the Force roll when using this power. Addi­
TN: Target's Body x5. tionally, if you successfully push the target into a
You crush the air pipes of your target, painfully larger object, you deal an additional 2d6 points of
injuring them. It takes 5k4 damage. The target adds damage from the extreme force of the push.
a size modifier to this power TN: Colossal, +50; Gar­
gantuan, +20; Huge,
+10; Large, +5; Medium and smaller, +0

FORCE STUN -3k0 to -5k0. You can maintain Force whirlwind from
round to round, extending the
Activation: Complex Action. Targets: One creature normal duration. Maintaining the Force whirlwind
within 6 spaces or within your line of sight. power is a Simple Action, and you must make a new
TN: Target's Mind x5 Use the Force roll each round. If you take damage
You call upon the Force to overload an enemy's while maintaining a Force whirlwind, you must suc­
senses, potentially stunning it. The target moves -1 ceed on a Use the Force roll [TN = 15 + damage
step along the condition track (see Conditions, page taken] to continue maintaining the power. If a target
11). For every 5 points by which you exceed the TN, within a Force whirlwind is attacked or otherwise
the target moves an additional -1 step along the damaged or moved down the condition track by you
condition track. or one of your allies, the effects of the Force whirl­
Special: When you use this power, you can spend a wind end immediately.
Force Point to move the target an additional -1 step
along the condition track. MOVE OBJECT
FORCE WAVE Activation: Complex Action.Target: One character
or object within 6 spaces or within your line of
Activation: Complex Action. Targets: All targets sight.TN: See below.
within a 6-square cone and within line of sight. You telekinetically move a target up to 6 spaces
TN: See below. in any direction using the Force. Make a Use the
You pound one or more creatures with the Force. Force roll. The result of the roll determines the maxi­
Make a single Use the Force roll and compare it to mum size of the target you can lift (see below). If
each individual target's Body x5. A target hit takes the target is a creature that resists your attempt,
5k4 points of Force damage and is knocked prone. If your Use the Force roll must also
the result is less than any target's Body x5, it takes exceed the target's Spirit x5. You can hurl the
half damage and is not knocked prone. This is an target at (or drop it on) another target in range
area effect. using your Force/Use the Force roll as the Attack
Special: When you use this power, you can spend a Roll. Both targets take damage determined by your
Force Point to deal 6k6 damage instead. Use the Force roll result.
TN 15: Move object up to Medium size (deals 3k2
Activation: Complex Action. Target: One crea­ TN 20: Move object up to Large size (deals 4k3
ture or droid within 12 spaces and within line of damage)
sight.TN: Target's Body x5 TN 25: Move object up to Huge size (deals 5k4
You call upon the Force to surround an enemy in damage)
a swirling vortex of Force energy. The whirlwind lifts TN 30: Move object up to Gargantuan size (deals
them about a half a meter off of the ground, spin­ 6k5 damage)
ning them in the air and buffeting them with Force TN 35: Move object up to Colossal size (deals 8k6
energy. damage)
The target is captured within the whirlwind and Special: You may maintain your concentration on
immobilized until the beginning of your next turn. the targeted object to continue to move it from
Any attack rolls or skill rolls the target attempts round to round. Maintaining the move object power
while within the whirlwind are at a -3k0 penalty. The is a Complex Action. If you use move object against
target falls prone when the effect ends. The target a hovering or flying target (such as a speeder or
also takes 1d6 points of Force damage. starship) the target can oppose your Use the Force
The target adds a size modifier to the TN of this roll with a grapple roll. If the target wins the
power: Colossal, +50; Gargantuan, +20; Huge, opposed roll, you are unable to move the target.
+10; Large, +5; Medium and smaller, +0. You may spend a Force Point to increase the max­
1 Raise: The target takes 3k2 points of Force dam­ imum size of the object by one category (maximum
age. size Colossal [frigate], 10k8 damage).
2 Raises: The target takes 4k3 points of Force dam­
3 Raises: The target takes 5k4 points of Force dam­
Special: You can spend a Force Point to increase the
penalty to the target's attack rolls and skill rolls from


Spirit 1 Raise: You may choose to turn the Force power

against its creator, who suffers the effect.
Special: If you successfully reflect a Force power
AFFECT MIND [MIND AFFECTING] back at its originator, the originator may attempt to
rebuke the power as well. If he reflects it back again,
Activation: Complex Action.Target: One Intelli­ both you and the originator are affected by the Force
gence 3 or higher creature in line of sight and within power. You can spend a Force Point as a reaction to
12 spaces of you.TN: Target's Mind x5 suffer no ill effects from a Force power that has been
You use the Force to alter a target's perceptions rebuked twice-once by you and once by the power's
or plant a suggestion in its mind. You may choose originator.
one of the following effects:
 You create a fleeting hallucination that dis­ RESIST FORCE
tracts the target and enables you to use the Activation: Complex Action.Target: You.TN: 15
Stealth skill even if the target is aware of you. You use the Force to protect yourself from an
enemy's Force powers. You add +2 to the TN of
 You perform a feint so that the next attack Force powers used against you until the beginning of
you make against the target can't be avoided your next turn.
by an Active Defense. 1 Raise: As above except the Defense bonus
increases to +5.
 You make an otherwise unpalatable sugges­ 2 Raises: As above except the Defense bonus
tion seem completely reasonable to the target. increases to +10.
You must be able to communicate with the Special: You can spend a Force Point to extend the
target, and the suggestion can't obviously protection provided by this power to two creatures
threaten the target's life. The target won't other than yourself.
realize later that what he did is unacceptable. You can maintain resist Force from round to
round, extending the normal duration. Maintaining
 You fill the target with terror, causing it to flee the resist Force power is a Free Action. If you suffer
from you at top speed for 1 minute. The damage while maintaining resist Force, you must
affected creature stops fleeing if it is succeed on a Use the Force roll (DC = 15 + damage
wounded. The effect is negated if the target's taken) to continue maintaining the power. You may
Heroic Rank is equal to or higher than yours. have multiple instances of resist Force active at
This is a fear effect. once, but maintaining more than one requires a Sim­
ple Action each round, and each one must be acti­
"THE FORCE CAN HAVE A STRONG vated by a separate use of resist Force.


Activation: Complex Action.Target: One Force-
using creature with a Dark Side Rank of 1 or higher
Special: If you are making a suggestion, you may that is within 12 spaces and within line of sight.
spend a Force Point to improve the target's attitude TN: Target's Force x5.
by one step, plus one additional step for every 5 You can block another Force-user's access to the
points by which your Use the Force roll exceeds the Force, preventing him from spending Force Points
TN. and making it difficult for him to use Force powers.
The target cannot spend Force Points for a number
of hours equal to its Dark Side Score.
REBUKE 1 Raise: As above, plus the target moves -1 step
Activation: Reaction.Target: One Force power along the condition track (see page 11) each time it
directed at you. uses a Force power in the same time frame.
TN: Attacker's Use the Force roll. 2 Raises: As above, except the target moves -2
You harmlessly absorb or deflect one Force power steps along the condition track each time it uses a
or used against you, perhaps Force power in the same time frame.
even turning it against its creator. Make a Use the Special: This Force power has no effect on targets
Force roll. If your result equals or exceeds the roll with a Dark Side Rank of 0. You can spend a Force
result of the power directed at you, you harmlessly Point to double the duration of the effect.
redirect it and suffer no ill effects.

SLOW each round, and each one must be activated by a
separate use of Valor.
Activation: Complex Action. Target: One crea­
ture or droid within 12 spaces and within line of VITAL TRANSFER [LIGHT SIDE]
sight.TN: Target's Spirit x5.
The Force enables you to slow your targets as if Activation: Complex Action.Target: One creature
they are encumbered by an extremely heavy load, touched.TN: 15
making it difficult for them to move. Target's speed You use your own life force to heal another living
is reduced by 1 space until the beginning of your creature, using the Force as a conduit. The target
next turn. The target is also encumbered, as though heals Wounds equal to 10 x it's Heroic Rank.
carrying a heavy load, taking a -15 penalty on Acro­ 1 Raise: The target heals Wounds equal to 15 x
batics, Athletics and Stealth rolls, and rolling -3k0 on Heroic Rank.
Initiative (if the target ends up rolling less dice than 2 Raises: The target heals Wounds equal to 20 x
he has Force, he may take the rest of his actions at Heroic Rank.
Turn 0). Each time you use vital transfer, you take half as
1 Raise: As above except the Target's Grace is much damage as you heal (rounded down).
reduced by 1 for the purpose of movement. Special: You may spend a Force Point to avoid tak­
2 Raises: As above except the Target's Grace is ing any damage when you use this Force power.
reduced by 2 for the purpose of movement.
3 Raises: As above except the Target's Grace is
reduced by 3 for the purpose of movement. Force
The target adds a size modifier to its Fortitude
Defense: Colossal, +50; Gargantuan, +20; Huge, FARSEEING
+10; Large, +5; Medium and smaller, +0.
Special: You can spend a Force Point give yourself Activation: 1 Full-round.Target: One creature you
+3k0 to your Use the Force roll when you use of this know or have met before.
power. TN: Target's Force x5
You gain a vague, momentary impression of
VALOR [LIGHT SIDE] events happening around a particular being in some
distant place. You can sense whether the target is
Activation: Complex Action.Target: One ally within alive or dead and gain a vague sense of its
12 spaces and within line of sight. immediate surroundings, what it's currently
TN: 15. doing, and any strong emotions it is presently feel­
You call upon the strength of the Force, reaching ing. A dead target has a TN of 30 for purposes of
out to your ally and sharing your strength with them. this Force power.
The target gains a +1 bonus to Attack and Damage If your roll result is less than the TN, you gain no
rolls, and increase the TN of all mind-affecting and information (including whether the target is alive or
fear effects against him by +2 until the start of your dead) and cannot use this Force power against the
next turn. same target for 24 hours.
1 Raise: As above except the bonus to Attack Rolls Special: If you successfully use this Force power,
increases to +1k0 and the TNs increases by +5. you can spend a Force Point to gain a clear mental
2 Raises: As above except the bonus to Attack Rolls image of the target's surroundings, as well as other
increases to +2k0 and the TNs increases by +10. creatures and objects within 6 spaces of it.
3 Raises: As above except the bonus to Attack Rolls
increases to +3k0 and the TNs increases by +15. FORCE LIGHTNING [DARK SIDE]
Special: You can spend a Force Point when you acti­
vate this power to have the bonus apply against all Activation: Complex Action.Targets: One target in
effects that target a character's Willpower, Spirit or line of sight and within 6 spaces of you.
Mind (not just mind-affecting and fear effects). TN: Target's TN to be Hit.
You can maintain valor from round to round, You blast an enemy with deadly arcs of Force
extending the normal duration. Maintaining the valor energy. If the attack hits, the target takes 10k8
power is a Free Action. If you suffer damage while points of Force damage and moves -1 step along the
maintaining valor; you must succeed on a Use the condition track (see Conditions, page 11). If the
Force roll [TN = 15 + damage taken) to continue attack misses, the target takes half damage and
maintaining the power. You may have multiple does not move along the condition track (except if
instances of Valor active at once (affecting different the damage exceeds his Body x5, as normal).
allies), but maintaining each one requires a Free

Special: You can spend a Force Point to move a tar­ held by you, even if it is hovering nearby and not in
get an additional -1 step along the condition track your hands. You attack rolling Force/Use the
when you successfully hit it with Force lightning. Force(Kinetic Combat). A successful attack deals
normal melee weapon damage, substituting your
ION STRIKE Charisma for your Strength for damage. Talents and
knacks that would normally enhance a weapon's use
Activation: Complex Action. Target: One target
do not do so while you are using kinetic combat to
within 6 spaces and within line of sight.
wield the weapon (for example, you cannot use
TN: 20
Lunge or Riposte while wielding the weapon). If the
You call upon the Force to overload electronic sys­
weapon is adjacent to you, it can make Active
tems and droids, damaging or even destroying the
Defenses for you rolling Force/Use the Force(Kinetic
unit. The target takes 5k5 points of ion damage.
Combat). Any Attack or Active Defense made by he
1 Raise: The target takes 6k5 points of ion damage.
weapon uses your Action Dice.
2 Raises: The target takes 6k6 points of ion dam­
Special: You can maintain kinetic combat from
round to round, extending the normal duration.
Special: You can spend a Force Point to increase the
Maintaining the kinetic combat power is a Free
ion damage dealt by this Force Power by 3k3.
Action, and as a Complex Action each round you
maintain it you can direct the weapon to move up to
KINETIC COMBAT 6 spaces and make a single attack against a target,
Activation: Complex Action.Target: Your though the weapon must remain within 12 spaces of
weapon.TN: 20 you or the power's effect ends. If you suffer damage
You use the Force to manipulate your chosen while maintaining kinetic combat, you must succeed
weapon, allowing it to operate independent of your on a Use the Force roll [TN = 15 + damage taken] to
grasp. You can telekinetically move a Medium or continue maintaining the power.
smaller melee weapon you hold up to 12 spaces and You can spend a Force Point to gain +1k0 bonus
make an attack with it. The weapon is considered on attack rolls with a weapon wielded using kinetic