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Predisposing Factors Etiology: Haemophillus influenzae Precipitating Factors

¤ Age ¤ Lifestyle

¤ Environment ¤ Poor Oral Hygiene

¤ Diet

Person to person (hands) Contaminated food/water Animal pets

Ingestion of Pathogens

Invasion of the GIT

Enterotoxin production Affects the vomit Destruction of epithelial reduced absorption Systemic Invasion
receptors cells of fluid &

Interacts with mucosal lining Vomiting center Superficial ulceration of Inflammation of

in the brain is mucosa layer of tissue
stimulated beneath epithelium
abdominal spasm to limit of mucosa
Alters permeability mucosal injury
Cellular metabolism
r/t underlying injury
Profuse secretion of fluids Abdominal Blood, mucus to GI
and electrolytes cramps in stool

Hyperthermia and edema

Abdominal pain

Abdominal cramps
Diarrhea Excretion of Access to
General weakness Interstitial fluids Systemic circulation

Fluid and electrolytes loss

Infection in other
part of the body


Deterioration and collapse DEATH Septicemia Meningitis